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Liz Iacobucci

Liz Iacobucci is the former Public Information Officer for the State Employees’ Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local 1984.  Over the past three decades, she has served in government at the federal, state and municipal levels; and she has worked for both Democratic and Republican politicians.

  • Nightmare on Wall Street? Are Stock Buybacks Creating Another ‘Financial Bubble?’

    [caption id="attachment_14373" align="aligncenter" width="678"] Image by JayMallin.com[/caption] Some blog posts are easy to forget. But the ..Read more

  • Why the Economy Doesn’t Work for the 99%: Massive Payouts to Corporate Stockholders

    [caption id="attachment_18301" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo by Gawain Jones via Flikr Creative Commons License[/cap..Read more

  • What happened in the US Senate yesterday? (Hint: They’re not trying to overturn Citizens United anymore.)

    [caption id="attachment_17406" align="alignright" width="714"] photo by Light Brigading via flikr[/caption] Yesterday, t..Read more

  • Can We Overturn Citizens United? US Senate will vote again later this week.

    [caption id="attachment_16832" align="aligncenter" width="714"] (FLICKR LIght Brigading)[/cap..Read more

  • Think US Manufacturing Is In Trouble Now? Wait Till WALMART Jumps In

    [caption id="attachment_16392" align="aligncenter" width="554"] Photo by Kristin Hillery, via flikr[/caption] Hey, R..Read more

  • Proving Once Again That Tax Cuts For The Wealthy “Job Creators” Do Not Work, S&P Lowers Kansas’s Credit Rating

    [caption id="attachment_16299" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo from October 30, 2010 "Rally t..Read more

  • Public Pensions: Still Waiting to be ‘Made Whole’

    Looks like the Justice Department is settling cases with banks responsible for the ..Read more

  • Hey, Supreme Court: What about States’ Rights? (Harris Vs Quinn)

    It seems to me that today’s Su..Read more

  • Because those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it…

    … a reminder of what happened 81 years ago in Germany:

    ..Read more

  • 3 Things You Need to Know about Today’s Minimum Wage Vote

    Here's the first thing: Today, the Senate did not vote on raising the minimum wage.  (If they had voted, the bil..Read more

  • Taxpayers Are Paying Profitable Corporations To Create Jobs?

    ..Read more

  • The Supreme Court: LOOKING for Trouble?

    Can’t help noticing… when SCOTUS goes looking for a case, the Justices can get themselves really far into th..Read more

  • Wondering Where Your Retirement Has Gone?

      If you're wondering what happened to your retirement security, then you really..Read more

  • Can You Help Send Matt To Netroots Nation?

    [caption id="attachment_14278" align="alignright" width="150"] Matt Murray[/caption] Here’s the thing: my friend Matt M..Read more

  • Billionaire Sheldon Adelson holds the First In The Nation presidential primary

    Looks like New Hampshire is losing our “first-in-the-nation-Presidential-primary” status. ..Read more

  • 103 years later: profits are STILL more important than people

    ..Read more

  • Feel Like There’s A Target On Your Back? Multiple Lawsuits Target Unions

    [caption id="attachment_14057" align="alignright" width="346"] Image by ogimogi
    CC Flikr[/ca..Read more

  • No, It’s About Profits, Not “Free Speech”

    Don’t be fooled.  Yesterday’s ..Read more

  • Racing to Blame Public Workers for State Finances

    And… they’re off, on a new round of ..Read more

  • Worried About The Size of The Federal Debt? There’s Another Number That Should Really Scare You.

    $53 trillion.

    More than THREE TIMES the entire federal debt. According to Saturday..Read more

  • Excuse me, Mr. Donohue, WHO is “Taking from the Young”?!!

    No.  Just…no. As a parent, I am absolutely revolted by ..Read more

  • The Rules change that could end gridlock in the US House

    Record dysfunction in ..Read more

  • Is Detroit REALLY “broke”? Because The Math Does Not Add Up

    Can’t help wondering about thi..Read more

  • Today, public employee retirements; Tomorrow, the rest of America

    Yesterday was NOT a good day for public sector workers who think they can rely on long-promised pension benefits.

    • Detroit: Ye..Read more

    • Judge’s ruling: giving more power to Congress, jeopardizing Detroit retirees

      So, earlier today a federal judge ruled that Detroit’s “Emergency Mana..Read more

    • Will the Illinois Legislature Steal Public Workers’ Retirement Security?

      And so the campaign to eliminate our retirement security continues. As everyone was leaving for Thanksgiving weekend, ..Read more

    • The Courts could destroy even MORE of our rights while we wait for Congress to fix Taft-Hartly

      [caption id="attachment_12770" align="alignright" width="360"] 1947 Rally at Madison Square Garden[/caption] As I promised in yesterday's post,..Read more

    • Still Waiting for Congress to fix Taft-Hartley By Passing EFCA

      It has been a decade since Sen. Ted Kennedy first filed the <..Read more

    • Boeing versus its unions: de ja vu all over again

      Oh, dear. Looks like Boeing’s corporate culture is still stuck in that same old pattern..Read more

    • When can we stop adding teachers’ names to this list?

      To the family of Michael Landsberry..Read more

    • The real story behind Congressional dysfunction

      Take five minutes and watch... Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen explains how Speaker Boehner bends to the will of the Tea Party Caucus -- and keeps the H..Read more

    • Does The Government Shutdown Mean “The End of the World”? The Radical Religious Right Thinks So

      Ok, so maybe the government sh..Read more

    • “Let Them Eat Cat Food”: The Truth Behind The GOP’s Ten Year Push To Cut Social Security

      As the latest GOP-caused national crisis begins to coalesce around the Tea Party's demand for Soci..Read more

    • “GOP VALUES” — How The GOP Shows Favoritism to Unearned Income over Hard Work

      Something else I don’t understand about Republican do..Read more

    • “Negotiate” means talking about ALL options

      Golly.  The GOP still hasn’t figured out what’s driving the federal debt?  Let’s try… lack of revenues. Federal revenues, as a percentage of the country’s economy, are ..Read more

    • GOP in Congress: Keeping — or BREAKING? — Promises

      Can someone please explain to me... how can the GOP be simultaneously

        ..Read more

      • Translating from TeaPartyese: What “negotiate” really means

        Don’t let them fool you...Read more

      • Want to keep the government afloat? Here’s the list of House GOP demands

        Just like the old Ginzu Knife commercials… "But wait, there’s more!" Ye..Read more

      • GOP House Members still fighting? Gonna be costly.

        No, it's not de ja vu. It's just that... so much of it is still exactly on-point.  Wish it wasn't, but it is. So, with very few updates, here's a repeat of ..Read more

      • It’s Baaack! GOP puts US economy at risk (again) over the Keystone Pipeline

        Just like an unwanted dinner guest that you can’t co..Read more

      • Duct Tape is No Substitute for Emergency Room: why workers need immigration reform

        [caption id="attachment_12043" align="aligncenter" width="620"]..Read more

      • 1963 March on Washington – Caroline French was there!

        Fifty years ago, a quarter-million people found their ways to our nation’s capital for one of the l..Read more

      • Eminent Domain – who benefits now?

        You just gotta laugh. Eminent..Read more

      • Forget “The Decider”: WHO was President in 2005?

        No, it wasn't in The Onion. It was in the ..Read more

      • Study in Contrasts: Who’s feeding the hungry?

        In May, postal workers coll..Read more

      • The Tea Party’s ‘Penny Plan': is it really to cut $1 trillion from seniors?

        Remember the health care Town Halls a few summers ago?  Remember a..Read more

      • GOP to Voters: ‘We’re taking the ball and going home’

        Say, what?! The ..Read more

      • Political Extremism in Congress is Stifling Efforts to Improve Social Security and Medicare

        Yesterday, about 60 people gathered in the Dover Public Library to celebrate the 78th ..Read more

      • Social Security: 78 years (and counting)

        Seventy-eight years ago today, President Franklin R..Read more

      • Why the economy doesn’t work for the 99%

        Today's New York Times has a really good picture of what's happened to..Read more

      • Starting in Detroit… next stop: Social Security

        ..Read more

      • Latest GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare: Texas Senator proposes to shut down Government – and Bully O’Brien equates O’care to slavery

        Written  by Matt Murray and Liz Iacobucci [caption id="attachment_..Read more

      • State “Shared Taxes” Cuts have been Drowning Detroit: is Grover Norquist laughing yet?

        The Bankruptcy Court judge overseeing Detroit’s “restructuring” is moving really, really fast. And – at least so far – he’s following th..Read more

      • Detroit: latest battleground in the war on the Middle Class

        There are times when I would really prefer to be wrong… and Wednesday was one of them. Yesterday afternoon, the federal judge overseeing Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings ..Read more

      • Who has rights when Detroit goes to court today?

        So… you think you’ve got rights?  Right there, written in the Constitution? Think again. Today everybody heads to court for the first hearing in the Detroit bankruptcy filing.  And I’m g..Read more

      • Detroit’s Pension Systems: not ‘unaffordable’, just battered by Wall Street

        No, no, no, no, no.  Whatever happened to checking the facts?  Asking the tough questions? Digging a little deeper? Today, at least one Main Street Media pundit – who is supposed to have..Read more

      • What happens in Detroit WON’T stay in Detroit.

        It’s amazing, the stuff you can find on the Internet these days. Step-..Read more

      • Think you’ve got retirement benefits? Think again.

        Really, truly: what is happening in Detroit is more important to you than the Zimmerman jury sequestration details.  Or the Rolling Stone cover.  Or any of the other things that have been distractin..Read more

      • Is it about Right To Work? No, it’s about profit margins.

        Boeing’s Dreamliner was in the news again last week:  one plane caught fire at Heathrow Airport; and a second experienced a "technical..Read more

      • Sen. Andy Sanborn’s ‘plane crash’: slips of the tongue can reveal politicians’ ‘inner lives’

        The things I learn while blogging! Turns out there’s a whole f..Read more

      • House Democrats Blast Senate GOP Leader for Blocking NLRB Nominees

        Looks to me like it was unanimous. Earlier this week, 201 ..Read more

      • America’s economy: socialized risks, privatized profits?!!?

        Orchestrated?!!? ..Read more

      • Race to the Bottom: another view of what “cheap labor” looks like

        [caption id="attachment_10365" align="aligncenter" width="460"] Patients working in a compound at the Kunming M..Read more

      • Even more workers die behind locked doors

        A blaze at a locked poultry slaughterhouse in northeast China has killed at least 119 workers.  Read the Reuters story ..Read more

      • America’s “Race to the Bottom”: Boeing is still outsourcing

        Yesterday, the Boeing Company announced it would “create engineering centers for future work in South Carolina and possibly in Kiev, Ukraine.” The perspective ..Read more

      • “Race to the Bottom”: This is what the Bottom looks like.

        ..Read more

      • Can You Feel It? Workers Standing Together In Strikes Across The Country

        Something’s happening out there.

        • Last week, fast-food workers at mor..Read more

        • Who thinks we should feed hungry Americans?

          REMINDER: The 21st Annual "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive is today, Sat..Read more

        • Profit margins from cheap clothing? Or worker safety? Where are our priorities?

          Yesterday, there was yet another fire in yet another garment factory near Dhaka, Bangladesh. This time eight people died, including the factory’s managing director and a top police official. <..Read more

        • Workers Memorial Day: Bangladesh reminds us why we mark the day

          More than 200 people rallied at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard yesterday to ..Read more

        • Thomas Perez: What are they so scared of?

          Yep, they w..Read more

        • Who’s counting? Corporate tax breaks are almost twice the Sequester cuts

          ..Read more

        • Why is the House GOP obsessed with the Keystone pipeline?

          So… President Obama met with the House GOP yesterday, trying to find common g..Read more

        • How many times can the Republicans count the same money toward the budget?

          1. Back in 2001, the Bush Tax Cuts were supposed to be temporary. All the old tax laws were supposed to kick back in, starting in 2011. The fact that all those “old taxes” were going to co..Read more

          2. Is there still a line between “government” and “business”?

            I’ve been reading through that 2009 Interim Report to Congress about de..Read more

          3. Fund the Government?
            House GOP protects corporate interests, instead

            The House has passed a bill to keep the federal government from shutting ..Read more

          4. Create your own job? NH Senate gives initial approval to “Pathway to Work” bill

            Earlier today, the NH Senate voted 21 to 3 to initially approve ..Read more

          5. How do we get an economy that works for the 99%?

            ..Read more

          6. What Does The GOP Stand For? Why Are More Republicans Not Pushing Back Against Their Current Direction

            [caption id="attachment_8207" align="alignright" width="176"]..Read more

          7. Sequestration to cost State of New Hampshire
            more than $6 million in federal funding

            The White House has released fact sheets showing state-by-state impacts of the automatic budget cuts known as “sequestration”, which are scheduled to go into effect on Friday. This year alone, st..Read more

          8. The Republicans Make an Offer on Sequestration

            GOP House members have clarified their position on what they’re willing to “compromise” in order to avoid sequestration.  From ..Read more

          9. Another stalemate?
            Or a chance to save the economy?

            The days are ticking by, as our federal government heads toward sequestration (March 1st) and a possible shutdown (March 27th). House Republicans have drawn the same ..Read more

          10. GOP House members still in a “fighting” mood?
            Could be very costly.

            Hoping for bipartisan cooperation, now that the election is over?  Think again. The wee..Read more

          11. Why Are GOP Politicians Agreeing With Al Gore?

            Can someone explain this to me? Why are GOP politicians suddenly agre..Read more

          12. Think you have union rights? What Happens if there’s no NLRB?

            Earlier today, ..Read more

          13. Less than a month to go! Republicans are chasing wild geese while the federal government heads toward default

            There’s less than one month to go until the federal government can’t fudge its deb..Read more

          14. Yep, They’re Still Trying to Privatize the Post Office.

            [caption id="attachment_6665" align="alignright" width="300"]..Read more

          15. Only Two Months until the NEXT Congress-Created Crisis

            Late last night, one-third of House ..Read more

          16. Adding ‘Headroom’ to the Debt Limit? Thank our Federal Employees and Postal Carriers

            A few days ago, ..Read more

          17. In One Chart: What Happened to the Middle Class

            This chart, by British economist Andrew Smithers, shows how the nation's income has been distribu..Read more

          18. According to Bush Economists: His Tax Cuts Don’t Really Improve the Economy

            Another thing to remember, as you’re watching the Fiscal Cliff negotia..Read more

          19. The Magical Math of Boehner’s Congress: tax cuts don’t ‘cost’ anything

            Another thing to remember, as you’re watch..Read more

          20. Speaker Boehner’s ‘New Offer’ is ‘to make top 2% tax cuts permanent’?!?

            Was House Speaker Boehner joking?..Read more

          21. Fiscal Cliff: Who is “entitled” to what?

            Something else to remember, as you’re watching news coverage of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations: The tax..Read more

          22. Sheldon Adelson: One Man’s Influence Over America’s Politics

            Remember Sheldon Adelson, ..Read more

          23. Another thing that went wrong in the Bush Economy

            Watch this employer-recruitment video produced back in 2004 by the National Corrections Industry Association in partnership with the US Department of Justice:

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