Scott Brown Takes Big Money From A Company That Outsources American Jobs, Locals Discuss

New Hampshire Leaders Discuss Scott Brown’s Role On Board Of Outsourcing Company and Record Of Supporting Breaks For Companies That Offshore U.S. Jobs

Brown Is Cashing In Again, Collecting Quarter Of A Million Dollars On Board Of Outsourcing Company At The Expense Of NH Economy

Manchester – Today, following reports that Scott Brown is lining his own pockets with more than a quarter of a million dollars from a company that outsourced American jobs, New Hampshire economic leaders and elected officials spoke on a conference call about why Brown’s role on the company’s board of directors makes him wrong for New Hampshire. Berlin Mayor Paul Grenier, former DRED Commissioner George Bald, and Nashua State Senator Bette Lasky discussed the negative impact outsourcing has had on local economies in New Hampshire as well as Scott Brown’s record of voting to protect tax breaks for companies that offshore jobs when he was Massachusetts’ U.S. Senator.

“I was really disappointed to find out that Kadant’s focus really is not on creating jobs in New Hampshire or in this country, and that outsourcing is a major part of its business plan,” said former Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner George Bald. “I know what Senator Shaheen has accomplished and when you look at that accomplishment it’s pretty significant in terms of creating good jobs. And as far as what Mr. Brown has done for the state of New Hampshire, it is a blank sheet of paper.”

“It’s not only that Scott Brown is profiting from this outsourcing company, but in his first year in Massachusetts as Senator, he voted to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas,” said Nashua State Senator Bette Lasky. “In New Hampshire we value leaders who invest in our state’s economy and believe in our workforce. Scott Brown is wrong for New Hampshire and the people of New Hampshire deserve better.”

“There’s the politics of watching outsourcing and then the living of outsourcing,” said Paul Grenier, Mayor of Berlin. “Over the course of one generation Berlin has lost over 3800 manufacturing jobs. That’s the end result of some of the policies Scott Brown supported and I could never support him. I’ve worked closely with Senator Shaheen on a number of issues and I could tell you that protecting and creating jobs in the North Country has been of paramount importance to her.”

On Sunday, the Nashua Telegraph reported that Scott Brown has collected more than a quarter of a million dollars as a member of the board of directors of Kadant, Inc., a company based in Westford Massachusetts that touts its outsourcing of American jobs to China and Mexico. Brown’s involvement with the company fits his record from when he was a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and voted to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

This isn’t the first time Scott Brown has been caught cashing in on his Senate candidacy and selling his reputation as a former Senator. This past spring, Brown was caught collecting $20,000 at a Las Vegas hedge fund conference.  Separately, Brown was forced to resign from a beauty supply company turned weapons manufacturer that was paying him $1.3 million in stock options as an advisor, and whose executives had been sued for fraud.

As New Hampshire’s Governor and U.S. Senator, Jeanne Shaheen has worked to spur investment in New Hampshire’s economy and create new jobs.  Her support for Trade Adjustment Assistance grants supported the development of advanced manufacturing training programs that helped workers who had lost their jobs because of foreign competition.  Those job retraining programs have been cited by New Hampshire businesses as a reason they chose to locate, and create jobs, in the Granite State.

Brown: Employers Should Be Able to Deny NH Women Basic Health Coverage

Scott Brown  (2010 Image Mark Sardella FLICKR)

Scott Brown (2010 Image Mark Sardella FLICKR)

Concord — After days of public pressure, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown told New Hampshire women he supports the recent Supreme Court decision that would allow employers, not doctors, to decide what contraceptive health care they’ll cover for their female employees.

On WKXL radio, Brown said “I’ve supported in the past and will continue to support” the court’s ‘Hobby Lobby’ ruling, adding “even though that may be out-of-touch with social opinion.”

“Scott Brown knows that he is out of touch with New Hampshire women, that is why he tried to hide his radical position from them for 48 hours,” said Shaheen Campaign Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Believing that women’s health care decisions should be made between her and her doctor – not her employer – is not ‘social opinion,’ it is a deeply held New Hampshire value that Brown clearly does not understand.  It is insulting that Scott Brown would be so dismissive of women’s right to basic contraceptive coverage as if it was a passing trend.”

As Massachusetts’ U.S. Senator, Brown took a “strong stand” in favor of the Blunt Amendment, which would have gone even further than the Supreme Court in limiting access to basic contraceptive health coverage.  Even his fellow Senate Republicans thought Brown was in the wrong.  Republican U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski called Brown’s amendment “an attack on women.”

For more than two decades, Jeanne Shaheen has been fighting to expand affordable access to health services for New Hampshire women.  In 1999, as New Hampshire’s Governor, she signed into law bipartisan legislation requiring insurance coverage for contraceptive services.  In the Senate, she has been an outspoken advocate for women’s reproductive rights. New Hampshire women need a Senator they can trust.

Shaheen Campaign Launches Online Petition to Let New Hampshire Know Where Scott Brown Stands

Brown’s Dishonest Statement on Supreme Court Decision Can’t Reverse Brown’s Record

Co-sponsored Blunt Amendment to Allow Employers to Deny Women Health Care Coverage

Concord – In the wake of a Supreme Court decision allowing employers to deny their female employees coverage for birth control, the Shaheen campaign today is launching an online petition, asking Granite Staters to spread the word on Scott Brown’s support for the Blunt amendment.  The amendment would allow employers to deny women coverage not only for birth control but also any health care service, even mammograms.

Brown’s response to the Supreme Court decision that he “supported access to contraception,” directly contradicts his record and efforts to pass the Blunt amendment – co-sponsoring the measure and pushing for its passage.  The Blunt amendment would allow restrictions even more extreme than those the court allowed in yesterday’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision.

“Scott Brown’s dishonesty is an insult to women all across New Hampshire, and it wont change his support for the Blunt amendment.  His record is clear.  Scott Brown fought for and voted to allow employers to deny women access not just to birth control but also to other health care services, like mammograms.  He pushed for a law that would double down on the supreme court decision and allow employers even more control over women’s health care,”  said Senator Sylvia Larsen of Concord, a co-sponsor of New Hampshire’s contraception law passed in 1999.  “Today, the Shaheen campaign is launching this petition because New Hampshire women deserve the truth and we can’t afford to have a U.S Senator working to strip away basic health services for Granite State women.”

As Massachusetts’ U.S. Senator, Brown took a “strong stand” in favor of the Blunt Amendment, which would have gone even further than the Supreme Court in limiting access to basic contraceptive health coverage.  Even his fellow Senate Republicans thought Brown was in the wrong.  Republican U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski called Brown’s amendment “an attack on women.”

For more than two decades, Jeanne Shaheen has been fighting to expand affordable access to health services for New Hampshire women.  As New Hampshire’s Governor, she signed into law bipartisan legislation requiring insurance coverage for contraceptive services.  In the Senate, she has been an outspoken advocate for women’s reproductive rights. New Hampshire women need a Senator they can trust.

The petition can be found here.

What Is Scott Brown Really Afraid Of? The Voters Of New Hampshire

Over the past few weeks the national news media has been talking non-stop about how Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, was ousted by an unknown primary contender. The main talking point of the post primary results is that Cantor “phoned it in.” He spent all of his time traveling the country rallying the GOP base for other candidates, and neglected to spend any time in his own home district. At one point Cantor was booed off the stage during a campaign speech.

How does this relate to New Hampshire politics?

There is an eerie similarity to Cantor and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s campaign for the US Senate seat from New Hampshire.

Scott_P._BrownScott Brown has been driving his truck all across New Hampshire in an attempt to convince Granite Staters that he is one of us. Telling people that by spending time in New Hampshire as kid or weekends at his vacation home makes him a real Granite Stater.

True Granite Staters are just not buying it.

If Brown were a real Granite Stater, he would understand that we are less about grandstanding and photo ops, and more about substance. We want candidates who talk about their positions and are willing to stand up for their beliefs.

Brown is snubbing the people of New Hampshire by refusing to participate in local debates.   Brown skipped a debate in Bedford in April, and now he is “booked up” an unable or unwilling to participate in the Merrimack Business Association’s debate tomorrow.

David McCray, chairman of the Merrimack Business Association and a former Merrimack town councilor, was less than impressed at the way that the Brown campaign treated him and his initiation to debate.

“McCray is angry at the way his business group was treated by the Brown campaign. An invitation to the June 18 Merrimack event went out to the candidates by registered mail on April 23,” McCray told the Union Leader. “In early May, McCray learned that Brown would not be attending, not from Brown’s campaign but from a Union Leader reporter. Offer rescinded.

The irony is that McCray was a supporter of Scott Brown when he ran against Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.

“We went to Stoneham on the day of the Massachusetts election when he ran against Elizabeth Warren and held Scott Brown signs, standing out in the cold for eight hours,” McCray told the Sentinel Enterprise. “He knew that. And yet he didn’t even have the common courtesy to respond to our invitation to a debate in 16 days. That bothered me.”

Even ultra-right wing conservative blogger, Granite Grok, had some choice words about Brown skipping the debate.

“So, Scott Brown, you used a media outlet as a cover to screw over a forum in which you’d be a sitting duck in being directly compared to your competition. Sure, you’ve accepted the big TV event debate – but that’s not how campaigning works here in NH.”

This is not the first time that Brown has ducked constituent questions.

Twice in the last week Brown was confronted by real Granite Staters who asked him straight out if he supported raising the minimum wage.”

Brown’s response:

“I’ve supported a minimum wage increase before. It’s something that I think needs to be periodically reviewed, but it’s really important to make sure that everyone’s at the table, especially people who are hiring and growing,” Brown told the Concord Monitor.

Avoiding actually answering questions from real Granite Staters is quickly becoming a trend for Scott Brown.

What is Brown afraid of? Is he afraid to tell the people where he stands because he thinks it will hurt him with the ultra-conservatives who tend to vote in the primary? Or is he afraid that it will hurt him in a general election, if he actually gets through the primary.

Granite Staters take pride in being informed about whom they are voting for, and Brown thinks he can get away with B.S. answers and newspaper quotes instead of participating in local politics.   It is bad enough that he did not work his way up through the ranks in New Hampshire like many of the other candidates.

The Union Leader asked McCray why he thinks Brown is ignoring the Merrimack debate and the voters of Merrimack?

“He’s playing it as if he has already won,” said McCray.

I am sure that is exactly what Eric Cantor thought too.

Brown Plays Dirty Politics With Shaheen-Portman Energy Bill, Railroading The Bill

Massachusetts Senator BrownGranite Staters need to stop and take a hard look at the former Senator Scott Brown and his most recent actions trying to get elected to the US Senate from his newly adopted state of New Hampshire.

The Huffington Post was the first to post an article calling out Brown for lobbying against the Shaheen (D-NH) – Portman (R-OH) energy savings bill.

A study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) estimates that the Shaheen-Portman Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act will create more than 190,000 jobs, save consumers $16.2 billion a year, and cut CO2 emissions and other air pollutants by the equivalent of taking 22 million cars off the road – all by 2030.

The Shaheen-Portman energy bill should have been a slam-dunk, and would have been if Brown had not interfered.  It is not often that we see a politician create a piece of legislation that is truly bi-partisan and uncontroversial.

Brown used his influence to railroad the bill. At Scott Brown’s advice the Senate Republicans pushed an amendment to the Shaheen-Portman bill that included the Keystone Pipeline.

In a statement to Politico spokeswoman Elizabeth Guyton said, “Scott Brown was concerned that Senator Shaheen was refusing to allow a vote on the Keystone pipeline, a commonsense and bipartisan project that would immediately create thousands of jobs and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.”

The Keystone Pipeline has a multitude of issues and is definitely not ready for prime time.  This sneaky underhanded attack on Senator Shaheen’s legislation is Scott Brown punishing the people he wants to represent in a feeble attempt to win back a seat in the Senate.

Real Granite State businesses were quick to chastise Brown for his actions.

“I’m not someone who generally weighs in on political matters, but I was outraged to learn of Scott Brown’s behind the scenes deal to block Senator Shaheen’s bipartisan bill that would have created close to 200,000 jobs,” said Dr. Kedar Gupta, co-founder and CEO of ARC Energy in Nashua, New Hampshire. “Brown placed politics over New Hampshire families and our nation’s energy and economic interests. Scott Brown is motivated by self-interest, and this should be seen as a clear message to Granite Staters that he is plain wrong for New Hampshire.”

“If reports today from the Huffington Post and Politico are correct about Scott Brown working behind the scenes to block the Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency Bill, this is appalling and irresponsible,” said Sean O’Kane of Hollis, New Hampshire, co-founder of Windward Strategies and Partners. “Energy efficiency is immediate and a critical component in addressing the looming crisis.  For every kilowatt we can reduce on the consumption side means there is a reduction of 3 kilowatts of electric generation.  That is how much electricity in lost through transmission.  Energy efficiency technology is available today, is highly effective and is a real solution.  How anyone can work to stop this significant of an initiative is beyond understanding unless it is simply to pursue other political ambitions.  This is not the kind of leadership we need in the Senate representing New Hampshire.”

O’Kane is right, this is not the kind of leadership I want to see representing me in the Senate. I think that more Granite Staters need to look at the actions Scott Brown took as a citizen to block important legislation, for his own personal gain.  Can we reasonably expect that, if he is elected, that he will truly represent us in the Senate?

As a Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown was all about protecting his Wall Street funders rather than fighting for the people of Massachusetts. That is why they booted him out of office!  I think the Granite State should send Brown the same message. Then he can move to another state and pretend that new state is his real home.

Veteran’s Praise Senator Shaheen In Her Debut Campaign Ad Of The Season

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 10.41.15 AM

Dwight Clark and Senator Shaheen
(Screen-shot of ad)

Concord, NH – The Shaheen campaign is releasing its first television ad today, highlighting Jeanne Shaheen’s work to make a difference for New Hampshire’s veterans.  The first spot will air between 6 and 7PM eastern time.

“From a family with a strong tradition of military service, Jeanne Shaheen puts Granite State veterans first,” said Campaign Manager Mike Vlacich.  “Veterans in the Keene area were promised for years that they’d get a veterans center.  Jeanne Shaheen took the lead, cut through the red tape, brought the right people together, and helped make it happen.

“In the U.S. Senate Jeanne Shaheen has worked to provide tax credits to businesses that hire veterans and led efforts to expand care for returning vets,” continued Vlacich.  “Jeanne Shaheen is a tireless advocate for keeping our commitment to our veterans and their families.”

The new 30-second television spot features New Hampshire veteran Dwight Clark of Keene.  Clark is a Vietnam Veteran and the former Commander of American Legion Post 4 in Keene. He worked with Senator Shaheen to bring the Veterans Clinic and Outpatient Center to Keene.

“Jeanne Shaheen puts New Hampshire first, and her work for our veterans is just one example of how she makes a difference for New Hampshire,” added Vlacich.

Scott Brown Dances Around Granite Stater’s Questions About Minimum Wage (VIDEO)

There are very few political issues that are truly bi-partisan, however raising the minimum wage is by far the one issue that Republicans and Democrats can agree on.  In a February poll from UNH, they found that 76% of Granite Staters support raising the minimum wage.  In the same survey 63% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats supported the NH minimum wage increase.  Even 50% of those people who “support the TEA Party” supported raising the NH minimum wage.

I cannot think of any other issue that has such high support by the people, except background checks on guns sales (91% support), that some politicians continue to reject.

In spite of strong bi-partisan support, Senator Scott Brown will not say whether he supports raising the minimum wage.  Twice in the last week Brown was confronted by real Granite Staters who asked him straight out if he supported raising the minimum wage.  This is a key issue because the Senate held their first (of many) votes to overcome the GOP filibuster on raising the federal minimum wage.

Brown’s answer ……..ummm……. You can see his official response in these videos.

“I’ve supported a minimum wage increase before. It’s something that I think needs to be periodically reviewed, but it’s really important to make sure that everyone’s at the table, especially people who are hiring and growing,” Brown told the Concord Monitor.

Brown repeated the exact same canned response when confronted by Arnie Alpert, a well-known advocate for low-wage workers, and supporter of raising the minimum wage.

Brown did say that he has supported a minimum wage increase in the past, but would like to read the bill and see what they are debating.  He also mentioned that, “everyone needs to have a seat at the table…so that everyone has an input.”

By “everyone” I think that Brown is referring to his Wall Street friends, or should I say funders, have to say (which is obviously a no) on raising the minimum wage.

Senator Shaheen is not shy about supporting a minimum wage increase: “New Hampshire workers deserve a fair wage for an honest day’s work, and I will continue fighting to increase the minimum wage so we can strengthen our economy and give hardworking Americans a fair shot at success.”

Raising the federal minimum wage would help over 110,000 Granite Staters of which 67,000 of them are women, but you will not find any information about the minimum wage on Scott Browns website.

“Scott Brown needs to decide if he’s running for office or for Mr. Congeniality,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress. “Brown wants people to vote for him before he’ll share where he stands on major issues. That’s because Brown is likely to stand with the billionaire Koch brothers bankrolling his campaign over the working people of New Hampshire. He wants your votes and he wants his campaign contributions, so he’s trying to play it both ways by ducking voter questions. That won’t work for him in a state like New Hampshire.”

When someone asks you if you support the minimum wage, the answer should be simple.  This is just another reason not to support the carpetbagger, recently turned NH resident, Scott Brown.


(On a total side note, did you hear what Charlie (the sheet metal worker) said at the end of the video? When I heard it I about fell off my chair laughing.  If you did not hear it the first time, go back and listen again.  He told Brown that if he loses this race, he has some nice property in Maine he might be interested in.) 

Big Oil Launches Earth Day Attack Ads Against Senator Shaheen In An Attempt To Buy A Seat For Scott Brown

Big Oil Koch Brothers Spending More To Buy
New Hampshire’s Senate Seat For Scott Brown

 Already More Than $2 Million Has Been
Spent Attacking New Hampshire’s Shaheen

Concord — Scott Brown’s Big Oil cronies are launching new attack ads in New Hampshire, an Earth Day assault providing more proof they want Scott Brown back in the U.S. Senate voting to protect their interests, not New Hampshire’s. Total spending from Big Oil, Wall Street, and conservative groups trying to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for Scott Brown now tops $2 million.

“We know the Big Oil Koch Brothers are prepared to spend millions to buy Scott Brown our Senate seat. Here is more proof,” said Vlacich.  “Scott Brown voted for billions of dollars in special tax breaks for Big Oil, even when it meant middle class families had to pay more. Now the Koch brothers are spending big money on attack ads supporting Brown’s campaign because they want him back in the Senate again voting to protect their interests, not ours.”

“The Koch Brothers and Scott Brown don’t know New Hampshire.  You can’t buy a Senate seat here, you earn it by working hard and making a difference for the people of New Hampshire.  Granite Staters know and trust Jeanne Shaheen to fight for their interests and work to make a difference in their lives,” added Vlacich.

In his last campaign in Massachusetts, Scott Brown was caught on video thanking David Koch for his money and pleading for even more Big Oil contributions. Brown voted to protect Big Oil in the Senate, and he has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of campaign contributions from Big Oil for his campaigns.

For more information about the key difference in this race between Brown and Shaheen click here:

Rachel Maddow Eviscerates Scott Brown On Her Show. Brown Repsonds #BQHATEVWR

In truth, I do not know if Scott Brown actually responded to Rachel Maddow’s comments on her show or not, I only guessed that is what he would have said.

Here is the clip from the 4-7-14 Maddow Show

For more fun, check out the new BUZZFeed on Scott Brown.
Community: 10 Things You Don’t Do If You Want To Be New Hampshire’s Senator 

Shaheen Campaign Statement on Scott Brown Officially Entering New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate Race

Time for Scott Brown to Sign the Same People’s Pledge He Proposed and Signed for Massachusetts

Concord – With Scott Brown officially entering the U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire, it is time for him to sign the People’s Pledge for the Granite State and stop out-of-state third parties from spending millions on attack ads here.  Brown proposed and signed this exact same People’s Pledge in his last race in Massachusetts, and as recently as just a few weeks ago, bragged about how well it worked.

“In 2012, Scott Brown said Massachusetts voters deserved better than outside third-party attack ads.  Well, the people of New Hampshire deserve better too.  We hope, now that he is officially a candidate, Scott Brown will commit to the same standard he set in his last race on the other side of the border and tell the special interests to stay out,” said Shaheen for Senate Campaign Manager Mike Vlacich.

Vlacich continued, “As our Governor and now our U.S. Senator, Jeanne Shaheen has always put New Hampshire first. She is a common sense leader who makes a difference for people here: strengthening job-creating small businesses, expanding job training and opportunity, and protecting taxpayers and consumers.”