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Hassan Goes On The Offense Against Ayotte On Protecting Women’s Rights

WMUR: Hassan Says Ayotte Has ‘Consistently Voted To Undermine’ Women’s Right To Choose

CONCORD — While Kelly Ayotte has repeatedly voted against the health and economic well-being of New Hampshire’s women and families, Governor Maggie Hassan has always fought to expand opportunity for New Hampshire families and to protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions — and Maggie will continue to fight tirelessly for these critical priorities in the United States Senate.

Click here for the full WMUR story or see excerpts below:

WMUR: New Hampshire Primary Source: Hassan says Ayotte has ‘consistently voted to undermine’ women’s right to choose

Gov. Maggie Hassan on Friday reiterated her support for Roe V. Wade on the 43rd anniversary of the landmark decision affirming the legality of a woman’s right to choose. At the same time, Hassan sharply criticized U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte for her opposition to the decision and for her support for defunding Planned Parenthood.

… In a statement provided first to WMUR.com, Hassan said Ayotte has “consistently voted to undermine” a women’s right to choose.

“As we celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, it’s critical that we redouble our efforts to ensure that women and families can make their own choices and stand up against attacks on women’s health care,” Hassan said.

“A woman’s right to make her own health care decisions is a matter of freedom, and it’s also a matter of economics. When women have to pay more for their health care, including paying out of pocket for contraception, or aren’t given the freedom to decide when to start a family, it creates a significant economic strain.”

“And that is why it’s so troubling that Kelly Ayotte has consistently voted to undermine a woman’s right to make her own health decisions.”

Hassan continued, “From her belief that Roe v. Wade ‘should be overturned’ to her six votes to defund Planned Parenthood and her support for allowing employers to deny women coverage for birth control, Sen. Ayotte has repeatedly voted against the health and economic well-being of New Hampshire’s women and families.”

“As governor, I have always fought to expand opportunity for New Hampshire families and to protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and I will continue to fight tirelessly for these critical priorities in the United States Senate.”

Hassan’s campaign pointed out that while campaigning for the Senate in 2010, Ayotte said she Roe V. Wade “should be overturned,” and that she voted six times to defund Planned Parenthood between 2011 and late 2015.

The Hassan campaign also pointed out that Ayotte in 2012 voted for the Blunt Amendment, which would have expanded exemptions to the Obama administration’s rule requiring birth control coverage to allow not only religious groups but employers with moral objections to opt out.

Kelly Ayotte (Again) Is Only New England Senator To Oppose Clean Water Protections

waves water lake by -jonathan-beanCONCORD – As Kelly Ayotte continues her undisguised attempt to mislead Granite Staters about her record of voting to undermine New Hampshire’s environment and beautiful natural resources, Ayotte voted this morning to oppose efforts to protect clean drinking water for millions of Americans. Ayotte was the only New England Senator to oppose these important clean water protections.

Try as she might to fool voters, Ayotte’s dismal environmental record speaks loud and clear: Ayotte has voted with the Koch Brothers 94% of the time on the environment, including voting multiple times to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and voting to block the Environmental Protection Agency from ever having the ability to reduce greenhouse gases. And Ayotte’s record has earned her a lifetime score of 23% from the League of Conservation Voters – even worse than Scott Brown’s lifetime score of 38%.

“It’s deeply troubling that Kelly Ayotte was the only New England Senator to vote against against important efforts to preserve our beautiful natural resources and protect clean drinking water for millions of Americans,” said Maggie for NH Communications Director Aaron Jacobs. “But siding with corporate special interests over New Hampshire’s environment is nothing new for Ayotte, who has fought to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and votes with the Koch Brothers 94% of the time on environmental issues.” 

“Governor Maggie Hassan has always been a strong champion for New Hampshire’s environment, and in the Senate, she will fight to put the Granite State’s beautiful natural resources first, not special interests,” added Jacobs. 

Trump Takes Page From Kelly Ayotte Playbook With Sarah Palin Endorsement

Concord, N.H. — As Donald Trump works to maintain his status as the New Hampshire Republican frontrunner, he’s taking a familiar page from the Kelly Ayotte playbook: securing Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

Back in the summer of 2010, the Nashua Telegraph reported that Palin endorsed Kelly Ayotte for Senate, posting on Facebook: “It’s my honor to endorse a Granite State “mama grizzly” … “New Hampshire is lucky to have Kelly Ayotte as a candidate for the U.S. Senate this year.”

Kelly Ayotte With Sarah Palin

“Kelly Ayotte owes her 2010 election in no small part to Sarah Palin’s far-right endorsement that helped deliver the Republican primary for Ayotte, and Granite Staters should be deeply concerned that Palin is now seeking to deliver the New Hampshire Republican primary for Trump too,” said Maggie for NH Communications Director Aaron Jacobs. “As Kelly Ayotte repeatedly doubles down on her pledge to support Trump if he’s the nominee and even refuses to criticize Trump for his dangerous and outrageous comments, it’s hardly surprising that Ayotte’s top 2010 campaign surrogate Sarah Palin is now endorsing Trump as well.”

NH Alliance For Retired Americans To Tell Senator Ayotte To Vote No On TPP

Join us on the sidewalk in front of Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Manchester office to tell our NH Congressional Delegation and President Obama to vote NO on the TransPacific Partnership.

Trans-Pacific PartnershipPlease join us at Kelly Ayotte’s Office, 1200 Elm Street, Manchester, NH, Tuesday, January 12th at 12:30 PM 

President Obama is expected to push the TPP in his State of the Union address next Tuesday evening. Help us get a message to him and to our Congressional delegation that TPP is BAD for SENIORS, for the CLIMATE and for the WORKERS!  

BAD for SENIORS:  The TransPacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal will raise drug prices for all Americans, including seniors. It will block patent reform and jeopardize the U.S. government’s ability to negotiate lower prices for drugs. 

More Information Here

BAD for CLIMATE:  Our Alliance has resolved to work for climate justice but the TPP will leave us subject to further rapid decline in our environment as regulations are left to the discretion of non-elected tribunal regulators. 

BAD for WORKERS:  NAFTA promised 200,000 new jobs. The truth is almost 700,000 jobs were lost. The truth is New Hampshire lost 26,192 manufacturing jobs (or 28.2 percent) during the NAFTA-WTO period (1994-2015), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New Hampshire residents cannot afford another bad trade deal. TPP negotiations were held in secret. Congress tried to keep TPP out of the news. 

Don’t be silent. 

Tell our Senators and President Obama 

NO TPP!!!!

We will have signs or bring your own!


Fact Check Ayotte On Common Sense Legislation To Reduce Gun Violence

As President Announces New Steps To Prevent Gun Violence, Kelly Ayotte Still Opposes Common Sense Public Safety Measures

Yet Again, Ayotte Points to Sham NRA-Backed Legislation to Cover Up Her Obstructionism on Reasonable Gun Safety

AyotteFactCheckConcord, N.H. — As the President announces new steps to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from buying guns, Granite Staters are reminded that Kelly Ayotte has repeatedly opposed common sense gun safety reforms, including blocking a bipartisan criminal background check measure and even voting against an effort to prevent known and suspected terrorists from buying guns.

And to continue hiding from her real Washington record of blocking common-sense criminal background checks, she pointed to a sham amendment backed by the NRA (and introduced by Ted Cruz) that does not close the gun show loophole or prevent the dangerously mentally ill from legally purchasing firearms.   

Ayotte’s obstructionism on this issue places her well outside of the mainstream. A recent poll found that 89% of New Hampshire voters, and even 81% of Granite State Republicans, support background checks on all gun purchases. 

While her votes may defy the interests and wishes of her New Hampshire constituents, they line up exactly with what her special interest backers at the National Rifle Association have asked of her. Ayotte’s spokesperson confirmed that her vote last month to continue allowing known and suspected terrorists to purchase guns and explosives fulfilled a secret campaign pledge that she made to the NRA on their endorsement questionnaire in 2010.

“It’s deeply troubling that Kelly Ayotte continues putting her special interest backers ahead of the safety of New Hampshire’s people and attempting to mislead her constituents about her real record in Washington,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “This November, New Hampshire voters will hold Ayotte accountable for her opposition to common-sense measures that would protect our communities by preventing criminals and terrorists from purchasing guns.”

See below for a roundup of editorials following Ayotte’s votes against common sense gun safety measures: 

Concord Monitor Editorial: “Ayotte was the sole member of Congress from New England to vote against the Manchin-Toomey bill, a bipartisan effort that among other things would have required that background checks be done on people seeking to purchase a firearm at gun shows like the ones held in Concord at the Everett Arena. Ayotte’s vote triggered an avalanche of criticism, which isn’t surprising since nearly 90 percent of the state’s residents support expanded background checks.” 

Valley News Editorial: “Just how many deaths will it take before elected officials like Ayotte summon the courage to follow the wishes of their constituents rather than the dictates of the gun lobby?”

Keene Sentinel Editorial: “If she didn’t know a strong majority of voters favored expanded background checks, why not? Perhaps she couldn’t hear them over the din of alarmist rhetoric spewed by the National Rifle Association, which has embraced her as a poster-child.”

Portsmouth Herald Editorial: “If we don’t like how she voted Wednesday it’s up to all of us who care about this issue to show Sen. Ayotte she was mistaken by voting her out of office.”

Eagle Tribune Editorial: “If the government feels strongly enough about a terrorist suspect to bar him or her from stepping onto an airplane, then who among us wants to be the one sitting next to that person in a local movie theater or sporting event, knowing he has a legal right to buy and carry weapons here? . . . This bill is not going to solve the problem of terrorists or illegal weapons — committed terrorists will find other ways to get guns, or other ways to kill — but it’s a step. And in the war on terror, every step counts.

THIS WEEK: Maggie Hassan Continues Fighting For New Hampshire’s Children, Natural Resources

Maggie For NH Also Launches New Radio Ad Calling Out Ayotte’s Vote To Continue Allowing Suspected Terrorists To Buy Guns And Explosives

CONCORD – This week, Governor Maggie Hassan continued her advocacy for New Hampshire’s children and natural resources. Maggie for NH also launched a new radio ad calling out Kelly Ayotte’s vote against closing a loophole that allows known or suspected terrorists to buy guns and explosives and contrasting Ayotte’s commitment to Washington special interests with the Governor’s commitment to the safety and security of New Hampshire families. 

See below for a few highlights from the past week:

Advocating for New Hampshire’s Children

On Monday, Governor Hassan spoke at the Concord YMCA to highlight the importance of early childhood education.  

From NH1: 

The daughter of a college professor and classroom teacher, this governor knows the power of advocacy for early learning.

“Kids need to know they will have a grownup in their corner. And I am looking out at adults who have pledged to be that grownup in the corner for New Hampshire’s children,’’ says Gov. Maggie Hassan.

The pledge in part says, “We believe children are the bedrock of the granite state. We know that the future prosperity of New Hampshire depends on our ability to steward the next generation who will live, work and lead in our state.’’

This poses a marked contrast with Ayotte’s record of voting for Republican budget plans that would kick hundreds of New Hampshire children out of Head Start programs while slashing investment in k-12 education.

Preserving New Hampshire’s Natural Resources

Also this week, Governor Hassan highlighted the important work of the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program to protect the state’s natural, historical and cultural resources. The Governor fought to restore funding for this crucial program in the 2013 budget, and maintained the state’s commitment to the program in the recent compromise budget. 

From WMUR:

Gov. Maggie Hassan is applauding work of the New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, which has selected 32 projects to benefit New Hampshire’s most cherished resources.

The 13 land projects and 19 building projects, listed by regions below, will benefit both land conservation and preservation of the state’s heritage.

Meanwhile, Kelly Ayotte has repeatedly sided with the Koch Brothers while our beautiful natural resources pay the price – earning a lifetime score of 23% from the League of Conservation Voters. She’s fought to protect tax breaks for Big Oil, and she was the only New England Senator to oppose critical clean water protections

Maggie For NH Launches New Radio Ad Highlighting Ayotte’s Vote To Continue Allowing Suspected Terrorists To Buy Guns And Explosives

Maggie for NH this week launched a new radio ad highlighting Kelly Ayotte’s vote against closing a loophole that allows known or suspected terrorists to purchase guns and explosives. For the full ad, click HERE.

From WMUR:

Gov. Maggie Hassan’s U.S. Senate campaign on Tuesday launched its first radio ad of the campaign, accusing U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte of doing the bidding of the National Rifle Association in a recent key vote.

… It focuses on Ayotte’s recent vote opposing an amendment by Democratic U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein that would have allowed the government to ban the sale of firearms to anyone on the nation’s terrorist watch list.

… Hassan’s ad charges that Ayotte, by voting for what the Democrats have called a “watered-down” bill, “was caught putting the interests of the NRA in Washington ahead of ensuring our safety here at home.”

In an op-ed in the Concord Monitor, House Democratic Leader Stephen Shurtleff, who has also spent a career in federal law enforcement, criticized Ayotte’s vote to put special interests before New Hampshire’s safety:

By voting to continue allowing terrorists to purchase deadly weapons and attempting to mislead the public about her position on this issue, Sen. Ayotte put the special interest of a vocal few ahead of New Hampshire’s interests and our safety. The people of New Hampshire deserve better.

John Kacavas, former United States attorney for New Hampshire, and Mark Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut and co-founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, also criticized lawmakers for opposing common-sense solutions to make communities safer in another Concord Monitor op-ed:

Americans are demanding that their leaders set aside their ideological agendas and set out to find common ground and some commonsense solutions that make our communities safer places to live. Closing the loopholes in our background check system to help prevent a new brand of terrorism from visiting America’s shores would do just that.

After Refusing To Criticize Donald Trump, Trump Begins Fundraising For Ayotte


Image curtesy of American Bridge

The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s newly minted Donald Trump koozies are being hocked to fundraise on behalf of their slate of Senate candidates for 2016, including Senator Kelly Ayotte. This is the second time in two weeks that the NRSC’s Trump strategy has been revealed.  Last week, a leaked confidential NRSC memo detailed instructions to Senate incumbents and candidates on implementing Trump-like strategies for their 2016 campaigns.  Trump called the NRSC candidate guide a “compliment.” 

“Donald Trump’s hateful, divisive rhetoric and policies are as un-American as they are incendiary. Fundraising on Trump’s hate speech to re-elect Sen. Ayotte is desperate and outrageous. Sen. Ayotte has already said that the former reality star’s campaign is ‘a positive thing,’ and refuses to ‘criticize Trump directly,’ even after his call to ban Muslisms. Trump and Sen. Ayotte’s policies would hurt the Granite State. Their agenda would make it harder for New Hampshirites to get a quality education, crush women’s access to healthcare, and take away insurance coverage for children of low income families,” said Jessica Mackler, president of American Bridge 21st Century. “Just like the NRSC koozie says, Sen. Ayotte’s  policies show she’s ‘with Trump.'”

In June, Senator Ayotte said Donald Trump’s candidacy for President was “a positive thing.”

As reported by BuzzFeed, “Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire said Tuesday that Donald Trump running for president is ‘a positive thing’ because it gives people more choices. ‘Well I think I said before, anyone has a chance to win in New Hampshire,’ Ayotte told Boston Herald radio on Tuesday morning when asked about his chances to win the Granite State. ‘The thing about the Republican field right now is it’s obviously a very broad field and it’s got a lot of depth. So I think the more individuals that get in so that the people of New Hampshire and the country have a choice, I think that’s a positive thing.’” 

Last week, NHPR reported that Senator Ayotte would not rule out supporting Trump is he became the nominee. “When asked whether she would support Trump if he wins the Republican nomination, Ayotte wouldn’t rule it out. ‘Well, at this point, we’re going to let the people of New Hampshire sort this out. I’ll support the Republican nominee.’”

Also last week, the Associated Press reported that Ayotte also refused to criticize Trump over his “religious based tests for immigrants.”

“New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she opposes any ‘religious-based test for our immigration standards,’ but she declined to criticize Trump directly when pressed by reporters.”

Religious based persecution is outright wrong. Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the Muslim community is fascist and all to reminiscent of the persecution of Japanese Americans and Jews in Europe.  By refusing to condemn Trump for his remarks, Senator Ayotte is essentially saying that is acceptable to have a fascist dictator in the White House.

“We know that Kelly Ayotte has vowed to back Donald Trump for President if he wins the nomination. Does she also condone her Washington backers raising money off of his hateful and un-American comments to support her campaign?” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “No amount of koozies will make voters forget Kelly Ayotte’s real Washington record of siding with her special interest backers against New Hampshire families and small businesses.”

National Republican Senate Committee Wants Kelly Ayotte To Be More Like Trump

Kelly Ayotte (Image Marc Nozell FLIKR)National Republican Senate Committe Instructs Senate Candidates To Embrace Donald Trump, Turns Out Kelly Ayotte’s Already Ahead Of The Curve 

Concord, N.H. – Yesterday, the Washington Post released a confidential memo sent from the National Republican Senatorial Committee to Senate candidates instructing them to be more like Donald Trump, and lucky for Kelly Ayotte, she’s already ahead of the curve. 

According to the Post, the Republican playbook notes that Trump exhibits the “same character traits our candidates should be advancing in 2016,” and “urges candidates to adopt many of Trump’s tactics, issues and approaches” — echoing the strategy Ayotte has already embraced in her own effort to save her political career. 

First, Ayotte met privately with Trump in April. Then, BuzzFeed reported that Ayotte said Donald Trump running for president is “a positive thing,” leading Trump to publicly state he’d consider Ayotte for his Vice President if she’s “hot at the time.”

And on issue after issue, Ayotte has staked out policy positions right in line with Trump.

  • Kelly Ayotte has voted 3 times to defund Planned Parenthood (and vowed to continue doing so). Donald Trump has said “Planned Parenthood should absolutely be defunded.”
  • On equal pay, Kelly Ayotte has voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act four times, and Donald Trump has said that the solution is for women to “do as good a job” as men.
  • Kelly Ayotte said she supported amending the Constitution to end birthright citizenship back in 2010, and Donald Trump found himself in hot water for advocating that same position earlier this year.
  • Both have even expressed skepticism that climate change is real over the years. In 2010 when Ayotte was asked if he or she believed that man-made global warming has been proven without a doubt, she answered simply “no.” This fall, Trump criticized President Obama’s concern over climate change and claimed, “you can’t get hurt by extreme weather.” 

“Kelly Ayotte is ahead of the curve in following the newly released Donald Trump Playbook,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Donald Trump has been making headlines for his extreme positions for the last few months, while Ayotte has been taking the same stances for years. She embraced his campaign in its early days, and now her party bosses are urging her to keep following the same playbook so she can continue to represent her corporate special interest backers in Washington.” 

For more on Kelly Ayotte’s real Washington record, visit AyotteFactCheck.com.   

Will Ayotte Vote To Take Away Healthcare For 40,000 Granite Staters Again?

Will Kelly Ayotte Yet Again Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood and Repeal Health Coverage For 40,000 Granite Staters By Supporting Mitch McConnell’s Plan? 

In Midst of Substance Abuse Crisis, McConnell Plan Would Hurt Access To Treatment by Ending Medicaid Expansion 

Concord, N.H. – Last night, Mitch McConnell presented his plan to Senate Republicans to end health coverage for 40,000 Granite Staters provided by Medicaid Expansion while also defunding Planned Parenthood. Now the only question is whether Kelly Ayotte, one of McConnell’s “closest allies,” will vote yet again with her corporate special interest backers and her party’s far-right leadership against New Hampshire families or continue her effort to rewrite her real Washington record to save her political career.

Since going to Washington, Ayotte has voted four times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would also repeal New Hampshire’s successful, bipartisan Medicaid expansion plan that now covers tens of thousands of hard-working Granite Staters. Medicaid expansion includes coverage for substance abuse, making the program one of the most important pieces of the battle against heroin. And Ayotte has not only voted three times to defund Planned Parenthood, but she has also voted to eliminate funding for thousands of family planning centers across the country.  

“From voting repeatedly to repeal health coverage for tens of thousands of Granite Staters to voting over and over to defund Planned Parenthood, Kelly Ayotte has consistently sided with her corporate special interest backers like the Koch Brothers and her party’s far-right leadership against New Hampshire families,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Whether Ayotte votes yet again to repeal health coverage and hurt access to women’s health care or continues trying to mislead voters and rewrite history, the truth about Ayotte’s real Washington record will be perfectly clear to New Hampshire voters next November.” 

For more on Kelly Ayotte’s real Washington record, visit AyotteFactCheck.com

VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Wants New Hampshire to #AskAyotte About Her Record on Women’s Health

Ayotte Pinkwashes Record on Women’s Health in New Op-Ed

Concord, NH — Planned Parenthood Action Fund today responded to an op-ed posted by Kelly Ayotte today, calling out Ayotte’s tenuous claims about her record on women’s health and her recent votes to defund Planned Parenthood.

Statement from Jennifer Frizzell, Vice President of Public Policy at Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund:

“It’s clear that when Ayotte talks about making ‘women’s health a priority’ she only means “some” women.  

Kelly Ayotte seems to forget that access to lifesaving breast cancer screenings and mammography go hand in hand with access to health insurance. This is clear in her unapologetic crusade against the Affordable Care Act —  which has allowed thousands of New Hampshire women the ability to afford health care for the first time — and her efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides thousands of breast exams in our state.  

Protecting women’s health takes more than a commemorative coin. If Kelly Ayotte were serious about saving lives and making women’s health a priority, she would stop insulting New Hampshire women by pink-washing her record and support meaningful policies to improve health care in the Granite State.”

Or watch here.

Let’s look at the facts:

FACT:  Kelly Ayotte has actively tried to undermine improvements to breast cancer detection after she voted multiple times to defund Planned Parenthood. Defunding the nonprofit would have cut access to breast cancer screenings and affordable birth control for thousands of New Hampshire women. In 2014, Planned Parenthood provided over 1,900 New Hampshire women with breast exams and over 11 thousand with birth control.

FACT: Kelly Ayotte is not doing more for women’s health. Kelly Ayotte has an extensive record of voting against policies that would expand women’s access to the full range of health care services, which include votes to defund Planned Parenthood, which in New Hampshire — in addition to providing thousands of breast exams and thousands with birth control — administered over 13,000 STI tests, nearly 2,000 Pap tests, and engaged in sex education and outreach to nearly 2,000 individuals in 2013. 

  •  Senator Ayotte voted for a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks nationwide. [H.R. 36, Roll Call Vote 268, 9/22/15]
  •  Senator Ayotte voted against an amendment to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (S. 178), which would create a Domestic Trafficking Victims’ Fund to provide additional resources to existing grant programs that assist survivors of human trafficking. The amendment would strike the Hyde Amendment from the fund, which would prohibit federal dollars from being used to pay for access to abortion care. [S. Amdt. 301 to S. 178, Roll Call Vote 156, 4/22/15]
  •  Senator Ayotte voted against an amendment to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (H.R. 2), that would have extended enhanced Medicaid reimbursement for primary care physicians,expanding it to include OB/GYN’s. It would have provided $500 million for the Title X family planning program and support training programs for women’s health nurse practitioners. Additionally, the “Women’s Access to Quality Health Care” amendment would have removed a reference to a harmful provision commonly referred to as the Hyde Amendment. [S. Amdt. 1117 to H.R. 2, Roll Call Vote 140, 4/14/15]
  •  Senator Ayotte voted against the “Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act,” which was a legislative fix to the June 2014 Supreme Court ruling in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. [S. 2578, Roll Call Vote 228, 7/16/14]
  • Senator Ayotte voted against an amendment to the FY2014 Senate budget resolution, sponsored by Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), that would “establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to protect women’s access to health care, including primary and preventative health care, family planning and birth control, and employer-provided contraceptive coverage, such as was provided under the Affordable Care Act.” The amendment passed 56-43.[Roll Call Vote 64, S.Amdt. 438 to S.Con.Res. 8, 3/22/13]
  • Senator Ayotte voted in favor of an amendment to, “create a point of order against any legislation that would provide taxpayer funds to the United Nations while any member nation forces citizens or residents of that nation to undergo involuntary abortions.”  [Roll Call 86, S.Amdt. 702 to S.Con.Res. 8, 3/23/13]
  • Senator Ayotte voted for an amendment that would criminalize doctors and close family members who help young people access a safe and legal abortion. [S. Amdt. 292 to S. Con. Res. 8, Roll Call Vote 64, 3/22/13]

What people are saying about Ayotte’s record:

Boston Globe: This Senate Race Ground Zero For Women Issues 

“…Democrats, meanwhile, called into question the seriousness of Ayotte’s legislative efforts. New Hampshire Democratic National Committeewoman Kathy Sullivan described them as “a sham.”

“And if there’s one issue that each campaign plans to use against the other, it’s government funding for Planned Parenthood. Ayotte has voted three times to not have any government funds go to Planned Parenthood.”

Bustle: Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s Women’s Rights Record Has Been Placed Under Heavy Scrutiny. Should It Be?

“Earlier this month, Ayotte told Foster’s Daily Democrat that working parents shouldn’t be “so hard” on themselves — a suggestion that some feminists find ironic, because in 2013, Ayotte sponsored a bill that would have taken benefits away from working parents. The failed Working Families Flexibility Act, which The New York Times referred to as the “Family Unfriendly Act,” would have given workers, including low-wage workers, leave time that could be used with their families — at the expense of their overtime pay grade. Private-sector employees who worked overtime or more than 40 hours each week would be able to choose to have leave time, but they would be paid their regular rates when working overtime, rather than overtime pay rates.

“Ayotte’s other actions on women’s rights are similarly dismal, if not surprising. Ayotte has expressed her support for defunding Planned Parenthood in the past, but she also criticized her fellow Republicans last month for attempting to pass a bill that was destined to fail and could have caused a government shutdown. Ayotte also co-sponsored the failed Blunt Amendment, which would have allowed corporations to refuse to provide birth control health coverage for their employees. Still, Ayotte hasn’t done anything for women’s issues that most other Republicans wouldn’t have done — Carly Fiorina, a GOP presidential hopeful, is also anti-choice.”

What New Hampshire is saying:

 Concord Monitor: Letter: Seeing through Ayotte

“Fellow Granite Staters, please do not be fooled by Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s recent tactics with this latest GOP effort to defund Planned Parenthood and possibly shut down the government.

“Make no mistake. A look at Ayotte’s record opens a window that shows a much different image than the one she’s trying to create for herself now that her re-election is fast approaching. Facts don’t change, and once you get beyond her recent sleight of hand, the simple facts are that Ayotte has repeatedly voted to shut down the government and defund Planned Parenthood. The reason for her most recent stunt of a vote is to fool the masses and achieve her goal, which is to get re-elected – something that she’s clearly worried about.”

    Read the full letter here

Concord Monitor: Letter: Weighing Hassan vs. Ayotte

“She has also voted several times to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides critical health services to women, and wants to end traditional Medicare by turning it into a voucher program. She also would take health care away from 100,000 Granite Staters by overturning the ACA. All of this on top of protecting billions of dollars in special tax breaks for big oil companies and companies outsourcing jobs that support her.”

    Read the full letter here.

Concord Monitor: Letter: Ayotte has poor record on women’s health care:

“While Ayotte claims to be a big defender of women’s health, her record demonstrates otherwise. Ayotte has voted right along with her Republican colleagues as they continue, what some have termed, their “war on women.”

“Let’s look at the facts. Ayotte supported the misguided Hobby Lobby decision. She voted multiple times to allow employers to deny women access to contraception. She introduced a sham birth control bill that increased costs for women which, by the way, was opposed by the American Congress of OB-GYNs.

“Ayotte voted repeatedly to defund Planned Parenthood and other family planning centers. These centers provide critical health services including breast and cervical cancer screenings.

“While Kelly Ayotte and her backers are desperately trying to rewrite history, they can’t alter the facts. Ayotte has repeatedly voted to block women’s access to health care. She has supported efforts to allow employers to deny women coverage for birth control and other preventative screenings. One would hope that in 2015 a woman no less could do better than that.”

    Read the full letter here.

(Featured image is screen shot from PP video) 

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