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The US Chamber Of Commerce Releases New Legislative Guide To Steal Workers Rights

Chamber of Commerce Labor Report

The US Chamber of Commerce releases a new legislative guide with suggested legislation gut workers rights and block union organizing efforts.


If you ever thought the US Chamber of Commerce was working on your behalf, man were you wrong. Their only agenda is to screw workers out of their rights so they can maximize their corporate member’s profit margins.

Yesterday, the US Chamber of Commerce released their 2016 “Tools for Growth” report that details how states can reform their labor laws to “promote a favorable business climate.”

The report is basically a guideline for state legislators to push anti-union, anti-worker legislation that serves to line the pockets of wealthy business owners and corporate executives.

These laws are not designed to help workers in any way. They are intended to weaken or outright break unions by attempting to legislate away our rights.

Here are just a few of their legislative goals in their “Tools for Growth:”

  • Passing Right to Work – A law that does provide any benefit to jobs or the economy and has only been proven to lower wages.
  • Prohibiting City Ordinances to Raise the Minimum Wage – This legislation would make it illegal for any city or township to raise the minimum wage above the state’s minimum wage. Dozens of cities have already enacted higher minimum wages including New York City, Sea-Tac, and San Francisco to combat the high cost of living in these cities.
  • Legislating a reversal of the NLRB’s “Franchise” decision – The NLRB ruled that corporations could be held accountable for labor law violations in franchised shops.
  • Banning Project Labor Agreements – PLA’s ensure that workers are paid a fair wage, provided healthcare and retirement options, and ensure strong workplace safety protections and workmen’s compensation insurance.
  • Legislating away workers rights to organize and demonstrate – This includes multiple legislative reforms like: Prohibiting card check agreements, prohibiting union-management neutrality agreements, and prohibiting mass picketing [strikes, boycotts, picketing businesses for any reason, or any other demonstration intended to bring harm or attention to a specific business].

This report is nothing more than a legislative roadmap on how to screw workers, allowing corporations to further line their pockets with our lost wages.

The majority of their supporting evidence and legislative proposals in this new report are backed by, none other than the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation, who have spent years trying to block unions and limit workers rights.

The US Chamber of Commerce will stop at nothing to prevent workers from organizing and forming unions and fighting for higher wages.

Fosters Editorial Board Puts Workers After The Almighty Dollar!

Workers vs greedI am sick to my stomach of this anti-union rhetoric that puts worker’s safety and financial security against a corporation’s freedom (or should I say greed).  This idea that workers should be paid the least amount possible to maximize company profits, is fed by the right wing ‘free-market’ idealists.  It is corporate greed and nothing more.

Take for example this recent editorial (Don’t just whine, compete) from Fosters Daily Democrat, one of the biggest right-wing loudmouths in a very small state.

The editorial is about how Boeing and the International Association of Machinists (IAM), are unable to come to an agreement for a new contract for building the new Boeing 777X.

The editor writes, “That term — compete — is what unions conveniently tend to overlook.”

The editor also explains a little about what the ‘deals’ Boeing is being offered by the state, and what Boeing is offering to their workers.

From the state, Boeing is looking for tax breaks and infrastructure spending.”  What Fosters is not telling you is the details of the deal with the state.  According to Reuters, the package on the table in Washington state is: $8 billion in tax incentives plus another $10 billion in transportation infrastructure.

Why would the State of Washington pony up $18 billion dollars in incentives to Boeing?  Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!  The state understands that if you have high paying jobs in your community the local economy will benefit the most.  High paid workers have more disposable income and that means more money at local shops, restaurants, and businesses.

The problem is that Boeing is trying to push their unionized workers down yet again.  They want more and more from the workers, so Boeing can put more and more in their greedy pockets.  Fosters puts it very mildly:

From the union, Boeing wants to restructure health care coverage and move from a defined-benefit pension system to a 401(k)-style defined-contribution plan.”

Workers sent a very strong message to both Boeing and their elected leaders that this type of deal is unacceptable.

You would expect this type of demand for concessions from companies that are just scrapping by or even upside down.  Boeing is not even close to that.

Boeing’s third-quarter sales increased by 13 percent to $20 billion from $17.7 billion a year earlier.” (NY Times)

Boeing reported net income of $3.9 billion for 2012, down 3% from a net profit of $4.02 billion in 2011 [due to a $2 billion dollar income tax change], on an 18.9% rise in revenue to $81.7 billion.” (Air Transport World)

Why should workers be forced to pay more for healthcare and more towards their retirement as the corporation rakes in billions in profits from an 18% increase in revenue? Who benefits from the $4 billion dollars in profits? Wall Street, and the corporate executives.  The problem is that Wall Street does not buy clothes, or go out to dinner on Main Street.  The rich get richer, while Main Street goes bankrupt from a lack of consumers.

Fosters also punches at unions by stating: “Construction of the Manchester Jobs Corp Center was held up for years due to demands the project be bid out under terms favorable to unions and which would siphon off more taxpayer money.”

I think that Fosters has conveniently forgotten the fact that the project was held up for two years by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and our former Republican Congressman Frank Guinta.  It is an easy mistake to make, blame the entire unionized workforce for wanting better working conditions and fair pay, or blame one Congressman for holding up the entire project.

It was Congressman Guinta who through a ‘hissy fit’ in Washington about the Project Labor Agreement (Read NHLN post). Without his objections, the project would have been completed by now, and workers would already be benefiting from their new training center.  The ABC was so happy with then Congressman Guinta’s anti-union, anti-Project Labor Agreement positions that ABC gave him their highest award of the year.

For the Fosters editors, workers do not matter, the truth does not matter, and the only thing that matters is their insatiable lust for money.

Sen. Ayotte hypocritical on Job Corps By Joseph Casey President of the NH Building Trades Council

By Joe Casey

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte (AP Photo/Cheryl Senter)

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte (AP Photo/Cheryl Senter)

Sen. Kelly Ayotte was quick to put on a hard hat and pick up a prop shovel for a photo-op last week to mark the groundbreaking of a federal Job Corps Training Center in Manchester. She and her fellow elected officials patted each other on the back for taking steps to train local workers for the jobs of the future. Unfortunately, thanks in large part to Sen. Ayotte’s efforts, workers who actually build our new Job Corps Center will likely do so without the benefit of a training program of their own, without health insurance and without important workplace protections. It’s hypocritical of Sen. Ayotte to leave New Hampshire construction workers hanging out to dry like this.

Everyone recognizes the importance of creating new ways to train New Hampshire workers for the 21st-century economy. That’s why I have always supported the Job Corps Center’s mission. I truly believe it will bring positive results to the Manchester community and to our state, and most importantly, to the young men and women who will get the training they need to enter the New Hampshire work force.

Unfortunately, this much-needed project has been delayed for more than five years, largely due to Sen. Ayotte’s opposition to worker protections. In 2012, Sen. Ayotte and others pressured the federal government to kill an agreement that would have required contractors on the project to provide an apprenticeship training program, health insurance benefits, important workplace protections and fair wages to their workers. She falsely claimed these protections would favor out-of-state contractors and make it harder for New Hampshire workers to compete for jobs. She has consistently misrepresented the impact protections for workers would have had on the overall cost of the project, and she is misleading the public about the harm her efforts to eliminate those protections will cause to workers and taxpayers.

The truth is, Sen. Ayotte’s efforts will make it easier for Job Corps Center contractors to use undocumented workers, to misclassify their employees as independent contractors and to avoid paying workers’ compensation or unemployment insurance. Skimping on training, health insurance and workplace protections will only serve to make a greater profit for the contractors, not save money for taxpayers or create more New Hampshire jobs in the long run.

I was disappointed to hear Sen. Ayotte tell New Hampshire Public Radio, “When you do remove onerous requirements from Washington, you can actually build projects like this for lower cost.” Unfortunately, this rhetoric couldn’t be further from the truth. Sen. Ayotte may find offering training and health insurance to workers “onerous,” but the truth is, healthy, well-trained workers will perform more efficiently and save the state of New Hampshire a lot of money in the long run. Workers and their families who have health insurance through their job don’t depend on state services when they get sick. Having health insurance means better access to preventive care, which means fewer days out sick. And ensuring the workers who build the Job Corps center have access to a top-notch training program will not only improve the quality of the work they do, it will help New Hampshire’s labor force perform better overall.

Workers in New Hampshire, especially in the construction sector, are still having a tough time. Eliminating requirements for training and health care on projects like the Job Corps Center will mean more workers depending on state services and a poorer value for the taxpayers who are paying for this project. Sen. Ayotte is being hypocritical by touting the importance of building the Job Corps Center on one hand, but insisting that basic training and health benefits for the workers who build it aren’t worth the short-term costs. She and others who pushed for eliminating these protections are missing the big picture. The state of New Hampshire will be more economically secure, healthier and more equitable if more workers have access to training and health benefits. It’s a shame we missed that opportunity with the Job Corps Center.
Joe Casey is the President of the NH Building Trades Council and an IBEW member.  

Jobs Corp Groundbreaking Today. Thanks To An Anti-Union Congressman It Is Three Years Late

2013-08-20 Manchester Jobs Corp CenterToday was the big ground breaking ceremony of the long, long, long awaited Manchester Jobs Corp center.

Senator Shaheen released a statement today after the event:

“U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) today celebrated the new Manchester Job Corps Center with a bipartisan coalition of federal and local officials at a ceremonial groundbreaking event. Shaheen was joined by Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Governor Maggie Hassan, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) and Mayor Ted Gatsas where the group celebrated the investments in New Hampshire’s youth and economic future that the groundbreaking represented. Once complete, the center will provide low-income youth with education and job training to build successful careers in today’s economy.

Over the past 15 years, Senator Shaheen has led bipartisan efforts to build the new Job Corps Center in Manchester. As Governor, she created the state’s first ever economic development plan and one of its key recommendations was pursuing a Job Corps Center. Subsequently, Shaheen led the effort through her Workforce Opportunity Council to submit the proposal to the Department of Labor in 2001. In the Senate, Shaheen has continued her leadership on the project’s development and construction. Recently, she secured report language in an appropriations bill for construction of the project. The bill was passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee in July.

Since its inception in 1964, over two million youth have received academic and career training through Job Corps. The Manchester Job Corps Center, which will provide educational opportunities youth ages 16 to 24, is scheduled to be completed in December 2014 and enroll 150 students by June 2015. The Manchester Job Corps Center will provide vocational instruction in the advanced manufacturing, construction, health care, homeland security, hospitality and information technology industries.

I want to make something very clear. I have been a fan of Senator Shaheen since she was Governor Shaheen. My great uncle was the President of the NH chapter of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE). He would tell me stories of how he and Governor Shaheen had a very close working relationship. He was at her inauguration and that picture hung in his home office until he passed last year.

However I am not as happy about this new Jobs Corp center as she is or some of the other elected officials who were at the event. That is because I know the true story of the Manchester Jobs Corp center.

You may remember that it was bid out in 2009. Since the Jobs Corp center was going to be build with federal dollars that required a Project Labor Agreement and a prevailing wage. Then the Associated Builders and Contractor (ABC) raised their dirty hands in protest.

This angered Joe Casey President of the NH Building Trades Council.

“The selfish actions of North Branch and the ABC stand to harm hundreds of people in New Hampshire: Young people will not be able to benefit from participation in Job Corps programs. Area businesses will not benefit in the long term from a greater number or professionally trained workers and in the short term from the economic boost of a $35 million project. And construction workers that are struggling through one of the worst down periods in our lifetime will continue to struggle to find work.

The problems did not stop there. After ABC helped to get then Mayor Guinta elected to the US House of Representatives, Guinta went right after the unions and Project Labor Agreements.

Congressman Guinta used his new power to block the Jobs Corp Center. He had the entire project rebid without a PLA. Of course it is going to come back cheaper. When companies do not pay for worker safety equipment or workers’ compensation insurance or apprentice training, then they can obviously charge less money. Corporations don’t care about the workers, they only care about the profits.

One of the key points to blocking the PLA on the Jobs Corp center was the fact that New Hampshire has a very small unionized population, and that the union workers would not be local to New Hampshire. Just because our percentage is smaller than Massachusetts does not mean we do not have good workers. I know there are at least 4,000 union carpenters here in New Hampshire.

There are already rumors flying around that the sub-contracts for the Jobs Corp Center are going to out of state corporations.

So while everyone else is celebrating today, I remember the real story behind this Jobs Corp Center. I am glad that Congresswoman Shea-Porter is back in her seat in Washington, because she would have never screwed the hard working men and women the way that Congressman Guinta did.

To be fair, I am glad that the project is actually being completed. We need a place for these people to go and get good training in a field they can make a career. College is not for everyone and this could really be a stepping stone in the right direction for some people. Maybe after they learn some of the basics at the Jobs Corp center, they can join the largest training program in the entire country: the building trades union apprentice program.

Congressman Guinta Is Gone But His Anti-Union Legacy Remains

Today it was announced that Eckman Construction of Bedford won the contract to build the Department of Labor ‘Job Center’ in Manchester.  I use the term won, very loosely because in actuality they were the lowest bidder, therefore winning the contract.

The residential education and job training complex will serve low-income youth ages 16 to 24, with a focus on homeland security, health care and hospitality jobs.” (AP)

The job corp center became an issue for the unionized trade workers in New Hampshire when then Congressman Guinta wanted the bid changed to remove the Project Labor Agreement (PLA) that was required by President Obama on all Federal Projects.

In 2009 shortly after the project was announced the bid was pulled to remove the PLA.  This drew a large protest from Joe Casey President of the the New Hampshire Building Trades Council.

“The selfish actions of North Branch and the ABC stand to harm hundreds of people in New Hampshire: Young people will not be able to benefit from participation in Job Corps programs. Area businesses will not benefit in the long term from a greater number or professionally trained workers and in the short term from the economic boost of a $35 million project. And construction workers that are struggling through one of the worst down periods in our lifetime will continue to struggle to find work.”

“Project labor agreements, also known as Community Workforce Agreements, have a long history of protecting both project owners  and the workers who build them. In addition to setting clear, uniform, negotiated standards for all workers on a project, they also have  been shown to improve safety, minimize delays, and save owners money,”

Guinta ABC Award

Guinta Receives Award From ABC

In spite of the numerous benefit to workers and the community the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) worked with Congressman Guinta after he was elected in 2010, to get the project scrapped until it was re-bid without a PLA.   Even though Guinta’s amendment was rejected the ABC praised his efforts with an award.

Guinta’s connection to the ABC was again brought to the forefront durning his last election campaign.  ABC donated $20,000 to the reelection campaign on top of sending out mailers to all of Guinta’s district.

Guinta ABC Mailer

So even though Congressman Guinta is no longer in Washington his anti-union policies are still hurting New Hampshire.

NH Carpenters Union Business Agent John Jackson said of ABC  “If they had their way, all government regulation would be eliminated – no safety laws, no requirement to pay wages for all hours  worked, no requirement for worker’s comp coverage for all workers. Their anti-competition argument covers up business practices that decimate our community.”

Well Congressman Guinta, you got your way this time and the New Hampshire workers are going to suffer because of it.

The NH Labor News Looks Back Over The Last 12 Months

As we close out another year everyone is taking a moment to look back over the last year.  The New Hampshire Labor News has been focused on issues surrounding labor and the middle class in New Hampshire (and beyond).  I wanted to take a few minutes to go back and highlight some of our greatest posts and a few you may have missed.

What will you remember about 2012? 

For many of us the Presidential election was the biggest thing that happened this year.  For the NH Labor News the statics back that up.  Our biggest winner of the year was a post written by NHLN Blogger Bill Brickley.  As a Letter Carrier (NALC) Bill explained the issues surrounding the funding problems and the fallacy that the USPS is going bankrupt.  It was not until Bill connected Mitt Romney to the USPS that the NHLN became a facebook phenomenon with over 6,000 ‘likes’.  The post titled, Romney working to eliminate the USPS (July 2012) racked up over 13,000 views in one day and over 30,000 views overall.

Not to be outdone, fellow Letter Carrier and labor advocate Wayne Alterisio chimed in with his post on why we need to ‘Occupy the Election‘.  While Wayne’s post did not generate the same numbers as Bill’s it still rounded out the top ten overall.

The New Hampshire Tea Party Experience

As I said we try to focus on the issues in New Hampshire first and foremost.  The extreme right wing agenda in the New Hampshire House of Representatives created lots of content.  With Speaker Bill O’Brien at the helm, labor was on the front of every newspaper on a weekly basis.  O’Brien started with his straight forward repeal of collective bargaining and ended up taking up Right To Work (for less) for a second time.  There are too many posts to talk about them all (see some here) but my favorite was when the Speaker took aim at the USPS.   He made the claim that ‘Union Thugs’ at the USPS were deliberately delaying his mail in an effort to railroad his election (read post).  As it turns out the Speaker tried to blame the postal employees for his mistake.

The local elections presented more chances for the NH Tea Party to show their true anti-worker position.  Well known Tea Partier, Ovide Lamontagne, decided to make a run for the states highest office.  As a candidate for NH Governor, Ovide received endorsements from many different organizations.  None of the endorsements were as vile to union members as the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Endorsement. This endorsement and his statement ‘I will be Walker on steroids‘ was all it took for union members in NH to mobilize against him.

The ABC also made another endorsement that caused a stir among union members in NH.  The ABC endorsed Congressman Frank Guinta. Guinta lead the charge in the US House to repeal Project Labor Agreements on Federal projects.  His anti-union advocacy even won him an award from the ABC.  Middle class families did not buy into Guinta’s Tea Party rhetoric either.  Now he is spending his last few days in Washington D.C.

ALEC Exposed

2012 was also the year that many Americans realized what an influence ALEC (the American Legislative Echange Council) has in State House’s throughout the country.  New Hampshire was no exception.

The NHLN worked closely with Granite State Progress to help bring awareness to ALEC’s influence.  GSP released their in depth research on ALEC in NH over the last 30 years.  This research reveled the connections between ALEC and Right to Work (for less), Voter ID, School Vouchers, and Union Wage Deductions. As Granite Staters became more aware the people of New Hampshire began to oppose ALEC and ALEC’s model legislation.  Throughout the year corporate sponsorship also began to distance themselves from ALEC.

Moving on

Now as we start 2013 I am hopeful that things will be different this year.  With the election of Maggie Hassan as Governor and a Democratic majority in the house, we can rest assured that Right To Work legislation will not pass.  This does not mean that we can relax in our due diligence on holding our elected officials responsible for their actions. We at the NHLN will continue to keep pressure on both sides to continue to do what is right for the middle class families in NH.

We Want To Hear From You

What was your favorite post from the NHLN this year?  What would you like to see more (or less) of in the coming year.  Go to our Facebook Page and let us know what you think.


The IBEW Local 98 Endorse President Obama

The IBEW Local 98 from Philadelphia put out a great video a why they are endorsing President Barack Obama for President.

Mitt Romney will start his anti-union campaign on ‘Day 1’.

  • He will repeal Davis-Bacon
  • He will push for a National Right To Work (for less) Law
  • He end Project Labor Agreements on Federal Projects

For these reasons the IBEW is supporting President Obama for President.

Be sure to get out and show your support by VOTING for President Obama TOMORROW!


Open Letter About Mitt Romney’s Record as Governor of Massachusetts

Open Letter to Building Trades
About Mitt Romney’s Record
as Governor of Massachusetts

I am sure that many of you share my frustration at trying to sift through campaign commercials and talking points to find out where the candidates for President really stand on issues that are important to you.  Part of the problem is Mitt Romney’s habit of changing his positions to suit his audience.

One thing he can’t change is his record.  I had a front row seat for Mitt Romney’s term as Governor of Massachusetts.  His positions and his actions on the issues that have a direct impact on Building and Construction Trades workers were not good for our members.


  • Mitt Romney filed legislation to Eliminate the Prevailing Wage on broad segments of public construction projects.
  • Mitt Romney Vetoed a Minimum Wage increase just two years after promising to support raising it in his campaign.
  • Mitt Romney Vetoed legislation to stiffen penalties on employers that cheat workers out of their proper wages.

Unemployment Insurance:

  • Mitt Romney filed legislation to reduce the number of weeks you could collect benefits, make it far more difficult for construction workers to be eligible for benefits, and cut premiums to the point of jeopardizing the financial health of the unemployment fund.

Construction Safety:

  • Mitt Romney Vetoed a bill to require OSHA 10-Hour Training on public projects.  Romney said it “would increase the cost of doing business for contractors” even though they are only required to maintain a copy of a worker’s OSHA 10-Hour card.  Ironically this was one time when Romney brought the Democrats and Republicans together when members of both parties in both the House and Senate voted unanimously against Romney and overrode his veto.

Apprentice Training:

  • Mitt Romney tried to eliminate the State Division of Apprentice Training in his first state budget.  He tried to undercut the Division’s funding every year after that.

Candidate Mitt Romney often changes his positions to suit varying segments of the electorate.  On issues impacting Building & Construction Trades workers he has been consistent:  Candidate Romney has vowed to repeal Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage, ban Project Labor Agreements, and pass anti-union Right To Work Laws. This is one area where Romney’s rhetoric matches his record. As Governor of Massachusetts, every time Mitt Romney had a choice between supporting workers’ interests and the interest of Big Business he chose Big Business every time.

Please keep this in mind when you cast your vote on November 6th.


Francis X Callahan Jr

President, Mass. Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO


Do you think Congressman Guinta is Working For Us, Think Again

Congressman Guinta receiving award from ABC Inc

I have talked about Congressman Guinta and his anti-union position before.  He has been endorsed by the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc who push Right To Work (for less) and lobby against Project Labor Agreements.  The ABC likes Congressman Guinta, they even gave him an award for his support of the ABC legislative agenda in Congress.

So it is not surprising that the Associated Builders and Contractors are now running advertisements in the NH Union Leader advocating for Congressman Guinta.

The Associated Builders and Contractors are so against Project Labor Agreements that they started a website called TruthaboutPLAs.com.  The site was good enough to tell everyone in New Hampshire how Congressman Guinta is working against the middle class and especially against the hard working men and women in the building trades.

The Trouth About PLA’s said

In the 112th Congress, Rep. Guinta was an outspoken critic of anti-competitive and costly government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) and took the following steps to protect free enterprise:

  • Inroduced an amendment to the 2011 Continuing Resolution (H.R. 1) restricting their use on federal construction projects.
  • Cosponsored legislation called the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act(H.R. 735) prohibiting PLA schemes on federal and federally assisted construction projects.
  • Voted in support of provisions that will restore fair and open competition in federal contracting by prohibiting government-mandated PLAs. (Roll Call No.’s302267413396, and 26).

The Associated Builders and Contractors were instrumental in the long delay on the Manchester Jobs Corps building that is now under construction.  Congressman Guinta and the ABC fought to ensure that the project would only move forward if it was without a PLA.  In fact the ABC donated $20,000 toward Congressman Guinta’s campaign and that does not include the money spent on advertising on his behalf.

Now the Congressman Guinta is opposed to the Stimulus money that was sent out from the Federal Government to help create new jobs.  However he was caught for opposing something after he asked for it (see Congressmen Guinta and Ryan Caught Asking for Stimulus Money To Create Jobs).

The Congressman is not working for us, and thanks to the “Truth about PLA’s” website it shows.

OVIDE Gets Endorsement from Anti-Union Organization Associated Builders and Contractors

Ovide Lamontagne

Last night, the OVIDE 2012 Campaign released a statement that the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) endorsed Ovide for New Hampshire Governor.

“Ovide’s positions on reducing business taxes, health care reform and his priority focus on our economy and job creation are important to Associated Builders and Contractors,” said

Via Facebook

Mark Holden, President of the Associated Builders and Contractors, NH/VT Chapter.  “Ovide knows our industry and has demonstrated he is not only interested in but passionate about our pro-free enterprise principa ls.  We know a Governor Lamontagne will fight to reduce regulations and will work to reform the culture in Concord to treat New Hampshire businesses as a partner, not an adversary.”

What the Ovide 2012 statement does not tell you is that the ABC is also pushing Right To Work (for less) laws, one of Ovide’s campaign promises.  In a statement from the ABC, they commended Gov Mitch Daniels of Indiana for passing a Right To Work law.

The Associated Builders and Contractors also have deep ties to ALEC.

The ABC’s 2009 Chapter Legislative Guide contained 18 bills listed as “property of” ALEC, while the ABC’s 2010 Legislative Handbook included 10 examples of copyrighted ALEC model legislation.

From the ABC Anti-PLA website

The Associated Builders and Contractors is the same organization to “demand” the repeal of the Davis Bacon Act and end Project Labor Agreements on Federal Projects.  Francis Callahan President of the Massachusetts Building Trade s Council told the Lowell Sun:

“Project-labor agreements do not raise costs. He cites the $80 million Taunton courthouse, which was built ahead of schedule and $6 million under budget, as an example.”

The ABC continued their statement by saying

“We will restore the rule of law to labor law by blocking ‘card check,’ enacting the Secret Ballot Protection Act, enforcing the Hobbs Act against labor violence, and passing the Raise Act to allow all workers to receive well-earned raises without the approval of their union representative.”

The raise act in a reinvention of an old union busting tactic, if you give extra money to the non-union workers the union workers will leave the union to get the raise.  The catch is that once the union is busted all those raises disappear and wages go down.

You would think with all their political might that they would be the leaders in the construction industry. The truth is the total number of ABC member-contractors amounts to only 1 percent of the total number of licensed or registered construction companies in the United States.

The Associated Builders and Contractors also talk about their fabulous training programs, another lie. The facts are much different.

“There were 429,578 individual apprentices enrolled in the JATC (union) programs from 2002–2011.  During the same period, there were 22,260 individual apprentices enrolled in ABC programs in participating states”.

While Ovide Lamontagne says

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Associated Builders and Contractors,” said Lamontagne.  “I know this industry well and recognize the important role the hardworking men and women in the construction field will have in revitalizing our economy.  I look forward to working with them to do just that in the years ahead.”

His support for the anti-worker ABC shows that he is just full of it.


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