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The Professional Fire Fighters of NH Explain Why Scott Brown Is Not Right For NH

Firefighters put their lives on the line for you and me every single day.  They are the first people there when something bad happens.  They do everything they can to make the bad stuff go away.

What about the Firefighters, who is watching out for them?  The International Association of Fire Fighers (IAFF) and their New Hampshire chapter the Professional Fire Fighters of NH (PFF-NH).  Both of these organizations are putting firefighters and their families first, so when they say that Sen Scott Brown is not right for firefighters, I am listening.

Senator Shaheen has always been there for the firefighters and our public safety professionals from the time she was a State Senator to this day in the US Senate.  This is why the PFF-NH has endorsed Sen. Shaheen in her campaign for reelection.

Below is a short video from the Professional Fire Fighters of NH talking directly to members about the major differences between Sen. Shaheen and Sen Scott Brown.  This video is intended to reach out to firefighters, but I am sharing it because it shows us exactly how Scott Brown is not out for us.  Scott Brown voted to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires over protecting our nation’s bravest.

Scott Brown is not right for me, and not right for New Hampshire.

Watch the video on YouTube.


Teachers, Firefighters, and Police Picket Local Government Center

LGC Protest 1

Image from PFFNH Twitter (Kayla McCarthy)

This evening over 100 active and retired employees, teachers, fire fighters, and police came out to picket the Local Government Center and express their displeasure over rising health insurance rates.

They attended the public hearing to tell the Local Government Center’s HealthTrust board that, as employees and taxpayers, they not support the overcharging of their health insurance, wasteful spending on attorney’s fighting their regulators, and the refusal to comply with the Don Mitchell final order.

Many attendees, including labor leaders, testified before the LGC HealthTrust Board.

“Raising health insurance rates on employees, while continuing to increase excesses in surplus, is an overcharge and an injustice. HealthTrust needs to get their house in order before asking cities and towns for more money. The Local Government Center needs to make whole everyone who has been damaged: active and retired employees, and taxpayers,” stated Dave Lang, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire.

“If the current policies and practices of HealthTrust are resulting in the overcharging of our communities, then that is taking much needed budget dollars away from local cities and towns. This means less money for education, less money for safer streets, and less money for firefighters and paramedics,” stated AFL-CIO president Mark MacKenzie. “This situation creates great tension at the bargaining table between our workers and their employers forcing employees into concessions on health insurance that may not otherwise be needed,” he went on to state.

The HealthTrust Board took about 3 hours of public testimony and will make a recommendation on rate increases later this month.


Image credit Kayla McCarthy (PFF-NH)


Image credit Kayla McCarthy (PFF-NH)


Senator Shaheen A Proven Fighter For New Hampshire By PFF-NH Pres. Dave Lang

Shaheen and Lang

Senator Shaheen and PFF-NH President Dave Lang

When an emergency strikes in New Hampshire, fire fighters respond to the call, no matter what the situation is. Every day, fire fighters and paramedics go to work and get the job done. In New Hampshire, we are lucky to have a leader that acts the same way.  Jeanne Shaheen has a long history of working hard here in New Hampshire, and on our behalf in the Senate.

As fire fighters know, it is not just hard work alone that makes you effective. It is the thoughtful, prepared, and unwavering way you approach matters that makes you effective. Strong, steady, and determined is the way Senator Shaheen works. She cares most about positive outcomes and less about credit. I’ve always found that the people who are more concerned with getting results than they are with getting credit are the ones who get the most done. Jeanne Shaheen is that kind of person.

In the past few months alone we’ve seen Senator Shaheen score big wins for New Hampshire and the entire country on a wide range of issues. Along with the rest of New Hampshire’s delegation, she successfully pushed for disaster funding for parts of our state that were devastated by flooding earlier this summer. She successfully fought for resources to continue funding the Berlin Prison in a key piece of legislation that was passed in July.  From protecting jobs at the shipyard in Portsmouth to helping secure the new KC-46A tanker at Pease, her efforts will have a significant economic impact on the region and boost Pease’s role in our national security efforts. She has been there time and again for our men and women in uniform.

While she is focused on our state she is a national leader in making our country stronger. She is on the verge of passing a historic energy bill that would help our country save money, create jobs, and lower pollution. She has pushed for government reforms to end wasteful spending on programs like useless catfish inspection programs. Her bill to provide additional veterans benefits for same sex military couples – named after Charlie Morgan, the late chief warrant officer in the New Hampshire Army National Guard – cleared a major legislative hurdle a few weeks ago. And she has been a tireless advocate for our veterans who have wrongly had to deal with an absurd backlog at the VA while they wait for their claims to be processed.

When fire fighters and paramedics are called upon we use the following thought process: assess what’s happening, develop a plan, and make the bad stop happening. We do not ask what neighborhood you come from, or whether you are rich or poor: we just act. Jeanne Shaheen has done this her entire career fighting for New Hampshire.

Jeanne Shaheen has accomplished a lot for our state. She may not always be the first to brag about everything she has done, but that shouldn’t discount from her leadership skills, her tireless work ethic, and her ability to get things done in a place as dysfunctional as Washington. As a first responder, I know that a lot of times the most important work is done behind the scenes, quietly out of the limelight, to make our communities safer, better places to live. That’s exactly what Jeanne Shaheen has done in the Senate on behalf of New Hampshire, and we should all feel very fortunate to have her looking out for us in Washington.

David Lang

President, Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire


This op/ed was also published in the Seacoast Online.

NH Firefighters (@PFFNH) Pushes For Expanded Gambling

Rep Kevin St James (Exeter Fire Fighter)

Rep Kevin St James (Exeter Fire Fighter)

The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire Remind Lawmakers that Public Safety Should Not be a Gamble: Support the Passage of Senate Bill 152

CONCORD– Today, members of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire (PFFNH) held a press conference to state the many benefits of passing Senate Bill 152, which would bring a casino to New Hampshire. Along with President Dave Lang were members from Nashua, Berlin, Concord, and Exeter, who also spoke on behalf of the bill.

Rep Andrews (Concord Fire)

Rep Andrews (Concord Fire)

Both Representative Chris Andrews (Concord Fire Fighter) and Representative Kevin St. James (Exeter Fire Fighter) called upon their fellow freshman to do what they were elected to do: make difficult choices, lead, and pass SB 152.

“I know that some freshmen Representatives are concerned about making a decision that could potentially change the fabric of New Hampshire. But making tough decisions is what fire fighters do and exactly what we were elected to do. Therefore I urge them to support SB 152” stated Representative Andrews.

Jim Kirk President of Nashua Local #789

Jim Kirk President of Nashua Local #789

Also speaking was Jim Kirk of Nashua Local #789 who spoke of an increase in people not able to afford mental health preventative care.   “I see a side of New Hampshire in the middle of the night that most of you don’t ever see. I see a side of New Hampshire that desperately needs help. I see mental health issues, domestic abuse, and people in real need of care, night after night. I see that this state needs proper funding to help curb these problems,” stated Kirk.

Passage of Senate Bill 152 would not only provide jobs, but it would also help to effectively and efficiently fund our state budget. The proposed bill would create a revenue source that would help ease the downshifting of costs to our cities and towns. Public safety departments across the state are being forced to make cuts. Passing this bill will make increases to our level of proper funding, staffing, and equipment.

Berlin Local #1088 President Roland Berthiaume

Berlin Local #1088 President Roland Berthiaume

Roland Berthiaume, fire fighter from Berlin Local #1088 described how Berlin is facing layoffs – the on duty fire fighting force could be reduced by 25%.  “The North Country needs economic help.  It needs revenue. We cannot continue to put the safety of our citizens at risk. In emergencies, seconds count, and time is ticking in the North County,” said Berthiaume.

Professional Fire Fighters Of New Hampshire Give Back To Their Communities This Holiday Season

Concord, NH – The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire on behalf of their 42 locals throughout New Hampshire are proud to announce that this holiday season their locals have raised thousands of dollars through fundraisers and toy drives over the last few weeks, to bring gifts to children all across the state.

“Each holiday season our members take time to help the families and children in their communities, whether it’s hosting fundraisers and toy drives to collect gifts, providing holiday meals, or delivering toys to hundreds of children on Christmas Day.   Local fire fighters’ care about their communities and the families they serve each and every day,” said David Lang, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire.

An example of what some locals have been doing for their communities:

  • Claremont Local #1571 is expected to raise $2,000 for Toys for Tots.
  • Dover Local #1312 and Dover Officers Local #2909 are continuing their 35 year tradition of providing toys to children age infant to 14 years old. Through their toy drive they expect to be able to provide 3 toys to each child in the community. Last year the local was able to provide gifts to over 900 children.
  • Hanover Local #3288 purchased toys to support Toys for Tots.
  • Hudson Local #3154 will continue their 20 year tradition of supporting one family (2 adults and 4 children) in their community to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.
  • Keene Local #3265 has purchased gifts for 2 families in their community.
  • Laconia Local #1153 supported the WLNH auction. The local raised over $3,000 and purchased over $1,000 dollars’ worth of items that were auctioned off.
  • Manchester Local #856 is doing a pajama drive in conjunction with Kid Café (a Salvation Army affiliate).
  • Nashua, Local #789 did a Christmas Basket drive, where they provided approximately 70 families with a basket of Christmas Dinner fixings. They were delivered to each of the families on December 20th.
  • North Hampton Local #3211 is helping 20 families, 42 children total, with toys and Shaws gift cards.
  • Pelham Local #4546 is hosting a toy and food drive for families in their community.
  • Somersworth Local #2320 is holding a toy drive for 185 applicants, providing toys to 400-500 children.
  • Portsmouth Local #1313 and Portsmouth Officers Local #4039 provided toys and gifts to 39 families in Portsmouth. They are also taking a trailer full of gifts to New York City tomorrow for the Fire Fighters families who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.

“We know that the holiday season can be a difficult time for some New Hampshire families, and we want to make sure we do our part to bring some comfort and happiness to the children of New Hampshire and their families during this season,” stated Lang.

Please contact your local fire department for more information on how to donate toys for children in New Hampshire this holiday season.

The PFFNH, headquartered in Concord, NH represents more than 2,000 active and retired fire fighters and paramedics.  More information is available at www.pffnh.org

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