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International President Wise of the Ironworkers Talks About the “CHOICE” We Face This Election

Today the President of the IronWorkers, Walter Wise, put out a new message to all of the IronWorkers in America.  “This election is about choice” he said.  Pres. Wise is absolutely right.  Do we want a President who wants to reinvest our country by rebuilding our nations roads and bridges, therefore putting more workers on the job? Or do we want to elect a President who fights for “corporate people” and the Associated Builders and Contractors?

While this message is directed to the members of the Ironworkers union, it is the same for all people who work in any building trade.

The Presidents Message

As a Union Ironworker, you have a choice to make this Presidential Election.  When President Obama urged Congress to pass a vital infrastructure bill to put more Americans back to work, Romney’s political party said “no.”  Now, where is the investment for our future? The answer is simple: Job-creating infrastructure investments have been blocked by Republican filibusters in the Senate.

A special video message from General President Wise: You have a choice to make in this Presidential Election.

Fairness & Equality For All: A Special Endorsement Message From General President Wise.

Mitt Romney Wants To End Big Bird

Did you watch the debate on Wednesday night?  Did you see where Mitt Romney told people that one of the ways he would reduce the Federal Deficit was to make cuts to programs like PBS.

Mitt Romney said “I am going to stop the subsidies to PBS…I like PBS, I love Big Bird…

Mitt Romney’s statement about PBS and Big Bird started a firestorm of comments of people asking why PBS, why Big Bird.  Well Big Bird and Sesame Street cost money.  You have to pay the Muppets, those little furballs don’t work for free.  Actually PBS (which also includes National Public Radio) gets about $445 Million dollars from the Federal Government every years.  According to a PBS Statement released on Thursday PBS stated

“For every $1.00 of federal funding invested, they raise an additional $6.00 on their own”

PBS is an investment in our future.  The high quality programing on PBS is watch by over 80% of children between 2-8. I remember watching Sesame Street when I was kid, and now I watch Sesame Street with my children.

For more than 40 years, Big Bird has embodied the public broadcasting mission – harnessing the power of media for the good of every citizen, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay. Our system serves as a universally accessible resource for education, history, science, arts and civil discourse.

So now the people are up in arms to defend Big Bird, on a America’s most beloved TV characters.  I do agree we have to deal with the National Debt, but cutting PBS will not even make a dent in the debt. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, had tweeted the best comment of all,

You do not have to be an astrophysicist to know that the pennies it cost to fund PBS and NPR will not solve our budget problems.

(below the graphic is the full PBS statement referred to above)

Full Statement from PBS on Presidential Debate

ARLINGTON, VA – October 4, 2012 – We are very disappointed that PBS became a political target in the Presidential debate last night. Governor Romney does not understand the value the American people place on public broadcasting and the outstanding return on investment the system delivers to our nation. We think it is important to set the record straight and let the facts speak for themselves.

The federal investment in public broadcasting equals about one one-hundredth of one percent of the federal budget. Elimination of funding would have virtually no impact on the nation’s debt. Yet the loss to the American public would be devastating.

A national survey by the bipartisan research firms of Hart Research and American Viewpoint in 2011 found that over two-thirds of American voters (69%) oppose proposals to eliminate government funding of public broadcasting, with Americans across the political spectrum against such a cut.

As a stated supporter of education, Governor Romney should be a champion of public broadcasting, yet he is willing to wipe out services that reach the vast majority of Americans, including underserved audiences, such as children who cannot attend preschool and citizens living in rural areas.

For more than 40 years, Big Bird has embodied the public broadcasting mission – harnessing the power of media for the good of every citizen, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay. Our system serves as a universally accessible resource for education, history, science, arts and civil discourse.

Over the course of a year, 91% of all U.S. television households tune in to their local PBS station. In fact, our service is watched by 81% of all children between the ages of 2-8.

Each day, the American public receives an enduring and daily return on investment that is heard, seen, read and experienced in public media broadcasts, apps, podcasts and online – all for the cost of about $1.35 per person per year.

Earlier in 2012, a Harris Interactive poll confirmed that Americans consider PBS the most trusted public institution and the second most valuable use of public funds, behind only national defense, for the 9th consecutive year.

A key thing to remember is that public television and radio stations are locally owned and community focused and they are experts in working efficiently to make limited resources produce results. In fact, for every $1.00 of federal funding invested, they raise an additional $6.00 on their own – a highly effective public-private partnership.

Numerous studies — including one requested by Congress earlier this year — have stated categorically that while the federal investment in public broadcasting is relatively modest, the absence of this critical seed money would cripple the system and bring its services to an end.

Learn more at: http://valuepbs.org/.

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on September Jobs Report


From WIKIPediaThis morning’s jobs report confirms that the economy is finally beginning to build some momentum, as we work to dig out of the devastatingly deep hole that President Obama inherited from George W. Bush and a generation of flawed policies.  Now we need the President and Congress to build on this momentum and keep their focus on job creation, including by passing the American Jobs Act.

Thanks to the policies of President Obama and Vice President Biden, we have avoided what could have been the Second Great Depression. Instead, we have seen two and a half years of private sector job growth, culminating in more than 5 million new private sector jobs since early 2010. With the upward revision to July and August job figures, significant growth in household employment, and some wage growth, the September jobs report provides some grounds for optimism.

At 7.8%, unemployment remains far too high, but for the first time since 2009, it is below 8.0%. The monthly unemployment rates for Latinos and African-Americans ticked down in September, but remain unacceptably high, at 9.9%% for Latinos and 13.4% for African-Americans. Teen unemployment fell slightly to 23.7%, still too high.

President Obama and Vice President Biden have rightly pushed the American Jobs Act, an important measure that would create millions of new jobs and offer needed impetus to an economy that is still weak, years after the Bush crash.

A durable recovery and long-term shared prosperity require workers empowered to bargain collectively so that they can benefit from their increased productivity.

Wednesday’s debate underscored that on November 6th, we face a clear choice about the future of our country. The austerity and deep spending cuts proposed by Governor Romney will gut essential services and leave the most vulnerable worse off – all to pay for tax cuts for the richest 2%. In contrast, President Obama has laid out a concrete plan for shared prosperity policies based on investing in America and restoring our democracy. The labor movement is committed to the policies of ‘Prosperity Economics’ — reforms that will unite and strengthen America by creating jobs, promoting economic security and rebuilding our democracy.

Have You Seen The New Obama For America Ad?

With just over a month until Election Day, Obama for America today released a new, two-minute television advertisement in which the President speaks directly to the American people and lays out his plan to keep America moving forward, get folks back to work and make the middle-class secure again. Focusing on manufacturing, energy, education, national security, and a balanced plan to reduce our deficit, President Obama sets real and achievable goals that will grow our economy beginning with a strong, thriving middle- class.

It’s easy to forget where we were when the President first took office: the country was losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month, and we were mired in Iraq. Today, we are moving forward again thanks to President Obama’s policies. But there is much more work to be done, and this election offers a clear choice for voters across the country: continue to move forward with the President’s plan for an economy built to last, from the middle out — or go back to the same trickle-down economic policies of the last decade that crashed our economy and punished the middle-class in the first place.

HUGE Boost For President Obama

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center released some amazing news for the Obama campaign which is detrimental to the Romney Campaign.

With one month remaining before the November 6 election, Barack Obama has opened up a statistically significant lead over Mitt Romney in the battleground state of New Hampshire. In the most recent Granite State Poll, 52% of likely New Hampshire voters plan to vote for Obama, 37% say they will support Romney, 3% prefer some other candidate, and 9% say they are undecided. When undecided voters are asked which candidate they lean toward, Obama’s lead increases to 54% to 39% for Romney, with 3% preferring another candidate and 4% remain undecided.

There is a gender gap that continues to favor Obama — women prefer Obama over Romney by 27 percentage points, double the 14% lead he held among women in early September. Romney’s lead among men has disappeared –46% of men say they will vote for Obama while 43% say they will vote for Romney.

The Republicans edge in motivation has disappeared. Among those who say they are extremely interested in the election,Obama leads by 52% to 40%. Throughout 2012, Romney had held a slim advantage among voters who were most interested in the election. http://www.unh.edu/survey-center/news/pdf/gsp2012_fall_presapp100112.pdf

We must remain vigilant and keep pushing all the way to the elections.

How important was it that President Obama worked to save the auto industry?

This election has been about many things and most importantly jobs.  The Right likes to say we have been “40+ months with unemployment above 8%”.  At the same time Left says that “we have seen 30 consecutive months of job growth”.   Technically they are both correct, however I believe it is the number of jobs gained that is really the important part.  Since President Obama took office the US has gained 4.6 million private sector jobs.


This recession could have been much worse.  Just imagine another 3 million workers on the streets.  That is what could have happened if President Obama would have “let Detroit go bankrupt” as Mitt Romney suggested.

President Obama is still being criticized by some for ‘bailing out’ the big three American auto makers.  However what did this stimulus do for the auto industry?

  • It saved more than 1 million American jobs and $96 billion in personal income
  • 233,000 jobs have been added in the auto industry since June 2009
    —the most growth in a decade.
  • GM is once again the top-selling automaker in the world
    —posting its largest-ever annual profit in 2011.
  • GM is investing $2 billion in upgrading 17 of its plants

The steelworkers would have been one of the hardest hit unions if Detroit went bankrupt.    At the beginning of the recession smaller manufacturing plants like Dana Auto Parts were the first to feel the pain.  Laying off hundreds of workers due to the decline in sales.

The video below tells the story of how the town of Fort Wayne Indiana was crumbling with the loss of their manufacturing plant that employed over 2000 workers at one time.  Then as President Obama promised to help the struggling auto makers, things suddenly turned around.

The auto industry loans saved over 350,000 jobs for Steelworkers across the country just like the workers at Dana Auto Parts in Fort Wayne.

“Saving the auto industry is symbolic of saving American manufacturing”
— Leo W. Gerard President USW

We need more investment in America now.  We need to get out there and hit the streets for President Obama.  President Obama has a jobs plan, the American Jobs Act, which has yet to be voted on.  His plan to save the auto industry worked so well that GM is once again the number one car manufacturer and has the capital to reinvest in new plants. Then I ask why would we not let the American Jobs Act do its part?

Rebuilding American Manufacturing is the key to making our national economy strong again.

How Obamacare Saved One Steelworkers Family

Labor has a long history of fighting to the health of their workers.  What about the children of their workers?  Do they fight for them? ABSOLUTELY. Here is the best part, that union who is fighting for their workers health, their children’s health, is also fighting for your child’s health.  Don’t believe me, I will prove it.

Labor unions have been fighting for the Affordable Care Act since it has been introduced.  Why, because healthcare is one of the biggest fights in a contract.
There are three major items that are discussed in a collective bargaining agreement.

1. Pay.

2. Vacation and Sick time.

3. Healthcare benefits and costs.


There are many other items that are discussed in creating a mutually agreed upon contract, however these three are the reasons that most unions and management end up in impasse.  For example, the most recent strike between Verizon and IBEW/CWA workers came down to the amount of money that workers would have to pay for health insurance and the pay cut they would have to endure.


Now the United Steel Workers are bringing the Affordable Care Act to the front of the Presidential race.  Both sides are talking about the ACA but the majority of Americans do not understand what the ACA will do.  This new video from USW tell the story of one families struggles and how the ACA has saved their family and most importantly guaranteed insurance coverage for their son.

My name is Karrie Turner. I’m a proud Steelworker wife – married to the love of my life, Craig, and a mommy to three young boys: Travis, Trenton and Tucker.

I’m writing to share my story and to ask you to please keep fighting for me and my family.

As a member of USW Local 7248, Craig works hard every day. In October 2005, when our first-born Travis was just 9 months old, our world was turned upside down. Our baby was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer.

Luckily, Travis’s father, a United Steel Worker, had health insurance as part of his negotiated contract.  The problem came when Travis endured multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy.   Travis had reached the one million dollar cap with their insurance.  Travis’s condition also prohibited him from every getting insurance in the future.


That all changed when the President signed the Affordable Care Act.  With the passage of the ACA, Travis could no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.  Now Travis and his family will never have to worry about getting insurance coverage again.

This is just one more reason to support President Obama this election.  It is for the millions of people like Travis who would never be able to get insurance are now protected.  Mitt Romney has already stated that he would repeal the ACA. This has become a priority of Romney/Ryan campaign.


Karrie Turner said:

I’m not a political person, or a union official or wealthy campaign donor. I’m just a mom.  And as a mom, I’ll do everything in my power to protect my kids.  President Obama fought for my son. Now, my family is fighting for him.

Your vote can help protect children like Travis.   Will you use your vote to protect children or protect ‘corporate people’? 


NHLN Labor and Election Coverage for 9/9/12: SUPER PACs Go After State Reps Who Oppose RTW in NH House, Guinta and Porter Debate on 9/17, Private Prison Bad For NH, VT Sen Sanders Speaks in NH, NH GOV News, Chicago Teachers on The Verge of Strike,

Speaker say private prison may not fit NH | New Hampshire NEWS02: “Caroline Isaacs, program director at the American Friends Service Committee in Tucson, wrote a report titled “Private Prisons, the Public’s Problem: A Quality Assessment of Arizona’s Private Prisons.” She spoke to a small gathering at the Nashua Unitarian Church last week, one stop during a three-day visit to the state.

“This is a very big decision in New Hampshire,’’ Isaacs told the group. “The biggest thing (in Arizona) was the promise to save money with private prisons. However, this has not proven to be the case in Arizona. We found we were losing money on our private contracts and paying more to those operators than we would to hold (inmates) in a state equivalent unit.””

Sanders “confronts” critics of Social Security at St. Anselm’s College: ““The American people should not be fooled by the misinformation that will be spread at these ‘grassroots’ gatherings backed by some of the most powerful Wall Street, insurance, and corporate CEOs in the country,” Sanders said. “The goal of these ‘town meetings’ is to convince the people of New Hampshire and the rest of America that the only effective way to address the deficit crisis is to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. Don’t believe it!””

Garry Rayno’s State House Dome: A smorgasbord for NH voters | New Hampshire NEWS0604: “READY FOR TUESDAY: Gardner says he does not expect the state’s new photo identification law to creat any problems during Tuesday’s primary. The law requires voters to show photo identification or fill out a challenged-voter affidavit to vote.

During Tuesday’s primary, voters will be asked for a photo ID, but they can still vote even if they don’t produce one.

Voters will, however, need a photo ID in the November general election or they will have to fill out the affidavit.

Gardner said his office held 10 regional meetings attended by about 2,000 election officials, and Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan has held an additional six or so meetings.”

Chicago Teachers May Strike, Teach Political Lesson | New Hampshire Public Radio: “Twenty-five thousand Chicago teachers are planning to walk off the job Monday if they don’t have a contract by midnight Sunday. As the Democrats look to unions to help them get out the vote, a strike by Chicago teachers might just put a crimp in those plans.

On Friday during rush hour, a handful of parents and students stood on a bridge over the Eisenhower Expressway, holding signs that read, “Honk if you support teachers.” Among them is Rhoda Gutierrez, who has two children in a Chicago public elementary school.”

Guinta accepts Manchester Chamber Debate, so Shea-Porter accepts BIA Debate

Today, Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter, Candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District, released the following statement about the proposed NH Business & Industry Association (BIA) Debate with Congressman Frank Guinta.

“Congressman Guinta refuses to debate in front of small business owners at the local Chambers of Commerce anywhere near the seacoast, home to thousands of business owners, but since Frank Guinta finally just decided 48 hours ago to accept the debate offer that was sent June 22 from the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Carol Shea-Porter accepts the BIA debate offer, with gratitude to BIA for helping to highlight Guinta’s refusal, and we hope they will now urge Congressman Guinta to debate in front of business members on the seacoast.”

Shea-Porter accepts invite to Sept. 17 candidates forum | New Hampshire NEWS06: “Former U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter has accepted an invitation from the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association to participate in a Sept. 17 candidates forum at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

The association is sponsoring the forum with the New Hampshire Union Leader, New Hampshire Public Radio and New Hampshire Public Television. The Institute of Politics is at Saint Anselm College.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus is going after current state reps who opposed Right To Work legislation this term as being anti-liberty.

Garry Rayno’s State House Dome: A smorgasbord for NH voters | New Hampshire NEWS0604: “Rep. Lee Quandt, R-Exeter, who is exploring a run for House speaker to unseat Speaker William O’Brien, called the group “domestic terrorists” who want to beat all the Republicans they don’t agree with.

“Republican groups calling themselves Republican this or Republican that are going to bring down the Republican Party,” Quandt said. “People are walking away from it.”

While the Liberty Caucus is targeting the group, the Citizens for a Better New Hampshire, another PAC, will spend $33,000 helping the six targeted Republicans along with 17 other Republicans with direct mail pieces.

The 23 Republican House members supported by the group all voted against the right-to-work legislation pushed by O’Brien and others.”

This state election has been on the back burner – NashuaTelegraph.com: “DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY

Maggie Hassan: 47 percent.

Jackie Cilley: 44 percent.

Bill Kennedy: 9 percent.

Hassan came into this race with the perfect Lynch predigree to win this one going away.

She’d quickly risen up the ladder in the Democratic majority in the state Senate, carried plenty of water for Lynch’s cautious agenda and had already proved herself to be a capable fundraiser.

But Hassan ran into a pit bull opponent in Cilley, who parlayed organized labor dissatisfaction with Hassan over retirement reform into key endorsements from powerful public employee labor unions.”

Head or heart? The Dems’ choice for governor | New Hampshire OPINION01: “In choosing a nominee for governor, New Hampshire Democrats must decide whether to go with their heads or their hearts. If it is their heads, Maggie Hassan will win the nomination. If their hearts, Jackie Cilley.

Both Hassan and Cilley are liberals who want a larger, more active state government. Both despise the Tea Party, which they delight in denouncing, and both talk passionately about undoing what they view as the last two years of radical spending cuts perpetrated by extremist Republicans in the Legislature. And both support same-sex marriage and oppose the death penalty.”

Campaign 2012: Cilley, Hassan clashing | Concord Monitor: “The Democratic primary race for governor has focused on the pledge against a sales or income tax because it clearly divides the candidates. Maggie Hassan took it while Jackie Cilley refused to and then ran a political ad calling pledge-takers zombies.

But their voting records in the state Senate, where Hassan served six years and Cilley four, offer some interesting contrasts too. They differed on capping high-interest loans, a smoking ban in restaurants, a self-defense bill and penalties for employers who violate labor laws.”

NH House Democratic Leader Terie Norelli new president of national legislative group: “New Hampshire House Democratic Leader Terie Norelli is the new president of a national legislative group.

Norelli became president of the National Conference of State Legislatures last month. She succeeds Kansas Senate President Stephen Morris, a Republican.

NCSL is a bipartisan organization that serves the nation’s nearly 7,400 state lawmakers. Leadership alternates between the parties each year.

Norelli, who’s from Portsmouth, said it’s important to have a bipartisan group like NCSL because the political tone in the country has become divisive.

Norelli is serving her eighth term in the House. She served two terms as speaker — the only Democrat in nearly 100 years and only the second woman to hold the post.”

Letters: Mitt Romney Distorts the Facts – Nashua, NH Patch: “Before the ACA, the government overpaid private insurance companies that participated in Medicare Advantage, and these overpayments went to profit, not care. Many of these companies pay their CEOs obscenely high salaries, and offer millions more as “golden parachutes” when executives are shown the door. This sounds like corporate welfare to me, and it is one level of waste I’m glad has been eliminated by the ACA.

Mitt Romney distorts the facts when he says that the ACA cuts $700 billion from Medicare. He leaves out one important detail: The cuts come from corporate profits, not from our benefits and care. Medicare Advantage is actually working better since the ACA was passed. Premiums are 16 percent lower and enrollment has increased by 17 percent. Benefits have not been curtailed.”

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NHLN Election News Coverage 9/8/12: OBAMA In NH, Romney In NH, LTE for Jackie Cilley, Kuster Tops Bass in Fundraising, Candidate Profiles, and more

Great images from Paul Shea at Strawbery Banke of President Obama, Joe Biden, Sen Shaheen, Ann Kuster, and more.

Obama supporters brim with optimism at Strawbery Banke | SeacoastOnline.com: ““He needs to finish the job he began on turning around the economy,” he said. “I also agree on his principals of allowing people to make choices on marriage and other things. I feel safe with him. The other side is scary to me.”

Elizabeth said she would vote for Obama if she could. She and her brother said missing school for the day was worth it.

“We definitely need to go forward with the president’s plans,” said Pat Dunnell of Manchester who was accompanied by her husband Bud.”

Obama keeps up push to get voters on board | New Hampshire NEWS06: “President Barack Obama brought his “Moving Forward” message to Strawbery Banke Museum Friday, less than 24 hours after accepting the Democratic nomination for President in North Carolina.

The campaign speech given by Obama in New Hampshire and heard by about 6,000 people at the museum was not much different from the one heard by millions of Americans during the Democratic National Convention Thursday night. It included a plea to New Hampshire voters for their support.”

Obama, Biden rally in Portsmouth the day after DNC – NashuaTelegraph.com: ““I am not just asking for your vote,” Obama said. “I am asking the entire country to rally around a set of goals for our country.”
Obama cited the August report that found private-sectors job had grown for the 30th straight month, but at a mild rate.
“That’s not good enough; we know it’s not good enough,” Obama said. “We need to fill good jobs faster. We need to come out of this crisis stronger than when we went in.””

An Open Letter to Democratic and Undeclared Voters: “Ten reasons to support Jackie Cilley for Governor on September 11.

Jackie Cilley and her Democratic primary opponent both have strong records on equality, women’s and children’s issues and the environment. Their differences are the reason I am supporting Jackie.”

Kuster tops Bass in fundraising | Concord Monitor: “”Annie is grateful for the thousands of Granite Staters who have poured their time and resources into this campaign because they know we need a commonsense approach in Congress that’s focused on creating jobs, growing the economy, and protecting seniors and the middle class rather than big corporate interests,” Kuster spokesman Rob Friedlander said in a statement.”

Political Standing For Sept. 7, 2012 » WMUR Political Scoop: “Sunday, 10 a.m., CloseUP: Are you sitting down, because get this,  for the first time in at least a decade, the Union Leader’s John DiStaso joins a special CloseUP post-gubernatorial debate panel. Joining DiStaso and host Josh McElveen are the other debate panelists for the week, NHPR’s Josh Rogers and the Nashua Telegraph’s Kevin Landrigan. Then, in a different segment, I come on to talk about the national political conventions and primary day predictions.

Monday, 7pm, WMUR, Primary Election Preview: A special 30-minute show will go over the candidates running on primary day and discuss the dynamics of the races.

Tuesday, 10pm, Primary Election Night: Coverage begins at 7 p.m. with cut-ins at the top of every hour and a crawl on the bottom of the screen when results begin coming in. Candidate speeches and major news will be aired on WMUR.com LIVE. Then, from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. we’ll have full coverage of the results, along with a look toward the general election.”

Candidate Profile: Lee C. Nyquist – Bedford, NH Patch: “I have served as the president of the Manchester Bar Association and the New Hampshire Association for Justice. Additionally, I have brought representatives of business and labor together in my role as the chair of the New Hampshire Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council, to which Governor Lynch appointed me in 2005. I have also been a member of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Advisory Board since 2008.”

Letter: I’d like to change tone in the House | Concord Monitor: “As a Democrat, I support collective-bargaining rights for public as well as private employees. I oppose “right-to-work” laws aimed at lowering wages. In a knowledge-and-skills-based economy, education is the key to economic growth and good jobs – so it is incomprehensible to me that the House tried to eliminate public kindergarten altogether and cut funding for the state university system by 50 percent.

As an attorney representing New Hampshire businesses, I support incentives for innovation, more targeted workforce training and more starter housing for working families. If elected, I will not vote for an income or sales tax in the coming session, because it’s not clear to me that we need one. But neither will I take “the Pledge” to vote against any broad-based tax forever and regardless of circumstances, because I just can’t see that far down the road. For more, please visit Moffett4StateRep.com.”

Letter: Here’s where I stand, voters | Concord Monitor: ” applaud the Monitor for its Meet the Candidates series. As a candidate for the House from Merrimack County District 6 (Bradford and Henniker), I’d like to expand on some of my responses.

Right-to-work legislation as it has been discussed is thinly disguised union-busting. As a contract negotiator, I have seen how school boards and teachers can arrive at responsible solutions that are sensitive to the needs of students, parents, teachers and voters. I have also realized that the costs of that process must be shared by those who benefit.”

Letter: Let me represent you, Concord | Concord Monitor: “Jane J. Hunt, Concord”
Wants to help the students and families who are struggling to get by and trying to get an education at the same time.

NHLN Note: The Romney Plan still lacks any real substance. No real plans just vague statements.

Romney Victory Rally Under the Friday Night Lights – Nashua, NH Patch: “Romney outlined an abbreviated five-point plan for economic recovery if elected, which he urged his supporters to share with their friends if they ask why they’re voting for Romney in November:

1. Take advantage of US  energy resource including  coal, oil, and gas, and double the federal licensing and permitting on federal lands and waters, something the president “cut in half,” Romney said.

2. Open new trade markets and “crack down on cheaters when they cheat.”

3. “Fix our schools, and put our kids first,” Romney said.

4. Cut spending, balance the budget “and get America back on track.”

5. Be a champion of small business.””

Image for today
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Still waiting for a reason to get involved in this year’s voter canvasses?

According to the most recent UNH Granite State Poll:

The NH House of Representatives is up for grabs. Right now, 35% of poll respondents expect to vote for Republican House candidates; 39% expect to vote for Democrats.  Another 21% are undecided.

Voters still do not know much about the gubernatorial candidates.

·         47% of poll respondents don’t know enough about Ovide Lamontagne to say whether their opinion of him is “favorable”, “unfavorable” or “neutral”.

·         73% of poll respondents don’t know enough about Kevin Smith to have an opinion.

·         72% of respondents don’t know enough about Maggie Hassan.

·         74% don’t know enough about Jackie Cilley.

·         83% don’t know enough about Bill Kennedy.


This knowledge gap persists even among union households.

·         25% of union households don’t know enough about Ovide Lamontagne to have an opinion (and more than a third of union households view Lamontagne favorably).

·         62% of union families don’t know enough about Kevin Smith to have an opinion.

·         56% don’t know enough about Maggie Hassan to say whether they view her favorably or not.

·         58% don’t know enough about Jackie Cilley.

·         77% of union households don’t know enough about Bill Kennedy to have an opinion.


By November, voters may have forgotten this Legislature’s chicanery.   The summer break has been good for the Legislature’s favorability ratings.

·         In April, only 40% of NH residents believed that the State Legislature was doing a good job. Now that the Legislature has been in recess for a couple of months, their favorability rating is up to 45%.

·         The recess has been good for Speaker O’Brien’s reputation, too.  In April, his favorability rating was 15%; now it is 18%.

Read the poll results here and here.


The New Hampshire AFL-CIO is conducting “Labor Walks” throughout the state.  Here are the dates and times of the their local canvasses. 

Sat. October 6                        Labor to Labor Walk – Rochester

9a.m.- 1 p.m.                           IBEW 104 Hall, 312 U.S. Route 4, Barrington, NH 03825

October 9,10,11                      Phone Banks
5p.m. – 8:30p.m.                   NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

TEAMSTERS 633 Office          53 Goffstown Road, Manchester, NH 03105
9am -1pm

October 16, 17, 18                   Phone Banks
5p.m- 8:30p.m.                       NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Trnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sat. October 20                       Labor to Labor Walks — Nashua
9am-1pm                                   Nashua Teachers Union 7C Taggart Dr. Nashua, NH

*October 23,24,25,26            GOTV PHONE BANKS
5-8:30p.m.                               NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sat. October 27                       Get Out The Vote Walks – Manchester
9a.m. – 1 p.m.                          NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sun. October 28                      Get Out The Vote Walk —  Nashua
1p.m. – 4 p.m.                          TBA

*Oct 29, 30, 31  Nov. 1 and 2        Get Out The Vote Phone Banks
5p.m. – 8:30pm                       NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

For more information or to volunteer call: 603-623-7302

If these times do not work for you, consider walking for the Obama for American campaign.  They are walking all the time.  More details here 

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