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Guinta cut FEMA money

Congressman Guinta has decided that it is important for congressional candidates to weigh in on state issues, yet in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, he has dodged questions about why he voted to cut funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Congressman Guinta voted for the Ryan budget which cuts disaster preparation and response, and passed a continuing resolution that provided $3 billion less in disaster funding than requested by the President.

“Congressman Guinta has a heartless record of voting to cut the funding for FEMA, money that  communities depend on for disasters,” said Carol Shea-Porter.  “Now, he needs to explain whether or not he agrees with Mitt Romney that FEMA should be privatized or left to the states.  New Hampshire, which has just received a federal emergency declaration, deserves to know why he voted against protecting the state and its citizens.”


  • Romney’s budget cuts FEMA, on its face, by 40%.  Romney has vowed to cut federal spending to less than 20 percent of GDP by 2016 without touching entitlements or defense. That means that non-defense discretionary spending–which includes FEMA aid–would have to be reduced by an eye-popping 40 percent. The Romney campaign won’t say whether FEMA would be spared from those cuts but stresses that the necessary funding would be available.” Washington Post.
  • On September 23, 2011, Guinta voted in favor of HR 2608, a continuing resolution meant to fund the federal government through November 18, 2011. The legislation provided $3.65 billion for disaster assistance, roughly $3 billion less than what the Office of Management estimated the federal government needed in funding. [HR 2608, Vote #727, Office of Management and Budget, 9/5/11; The Hill, 9/23/11]
  • Ryan budget could hammer storm aid, critics say:  Mitt Romney says he wants to give states more power to deal with disasters like Sandy. But his running mate’s budget plan would threaten states’ ability to respond to massive storms, some experts say.  Paul Ryan’s House-passed budget would cut non-defense discretionary funding by 22 percent starting in 2014, according to the liberal-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which said in an August report that about one-third of that money goes to state aid for a range of needs including disaster response.  [Politico, 10/30/2012]


Remember What Happened after Katrina

Remember this mobile billboard, used in protests after Hurricane Katrina?

Grover Norquist and his allies are still trying to “shrink government.”

  • Ovide LaMontagne wants to “shrink government.”
  • House Speaker William O’Brien wants to “shrink government.”
  • Charlie Bass wants to “shrink government.”
  • Frank Guinta wants to “shrink government.”
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to “shrink government.”

But where would we be now – a year after Hurricane Irene – without a government that could repair roads and replace bridges?

How long would it have taken to get electricity restored, after Irene, without all the state employees and municipal workers who worked 12-hour shifts every single day for weeks, to get the roads open so the linemen could do their jobs?

Those residents trapped by the rising Saco River – what might have happened to them, if there had been no emergency workers to rescue them?

Our government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

When President Lincoln was speaking at Gettysburg, he wasn’t talking about just the top 1%.  He wasn’t talking about the 53% of people that Mitt Romney believes are worthy of his attention.  (Remember the $50,000-a-head fundraiser video?  The full transcript is available here.)

President Lincoln was talking about all the people.  A government for all the people.

That’s your choice, this election year.  Candidates who want to “shrink government” versus candidates who –like President Lincoln – believe in a government for all people.

As Hurricane Sandy’s winds swirl across the eastern United States, think about the difference between our government’s response to Hurricane Katrina and to Hurricane Irene.

Think about what type of government you want to have, the next time a hurricane hits.


Photo by Rob Goodspeed



Granite State Progress Explains OVIDE’s Position on Medicare and Medicaid

Granite State Progress helps GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne brush up on his positions on Medicare, Medicaid, Block Grants & Vouchers in advance of VP Debate

CONCORD, NH – GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne has had trouble remembering where he stands on Medicare and Medicaid during his last few public appearances. In advance of tonight’s nationally televised debate – where Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is most likely to double-down on ending Medicare as we know it – Granite State Progress is providing a cheat sheet for Ovide Lamontagne to help him remember his own policy positions on the issues.


Ovide’s Cheat Sheet on Medicare & Medicaid

Ovide supports Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system. “And Paul Ryan is one of those brilliant Congressmen that’s got a plan that I subscribe to, that calls for the fundamental reform of Social Security and Medicare so that we will have a solvent system as we get older, some of us.” [Seacoast Republican Women Senatorial & Congressional Debate, 8/18/2010]

Ovide wants to block grant Medicare & Medicaid, putting health care for our seniors and disabled into the hands of Speaker Bill O’Brien . “I will also seek block grants of Medicaid and Medicare to deregulate health care, while working for free-market reforms to bring competition to our health care delivery system and insurance markets and ensure high-quality, lower-cost care and coverage for all.” [Ovide Website: Union Leader, 2/10/2012]


“Ovide Lamontagne is in lockstep with Paul Ryan’s radical plan to end Medicare as we know it,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. “Ovide supports turning Medicare into a voucher program, which leaves our seniors at the mercy of big insurance companies. He supports block granting both Medicare and Medicaid, which means states could drop seniors from coverage or lower the benefits they receive. It seems the only thing Ovide doesn’t support is the fact that Medicare is already working for our nation’s seniors. Ovide Lamontagne would take us in a radically different direction.”

More Tax Cuts? Or Keep Social Security?


Something to keep in mind while you are watching tomorrow night’s debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan:

Back in 2001, then-President George Bush pushed through a package of “temporary” tax cuts that mostly benefited the wealthy.  Joe Biden voted against the tax cuts.  Paul Ryan voted in favor of them.

At the time, conservative pundits said the temporary tax cuts would generate 1.6 million new jobs by 2011 – and that would generate enough federal revenue to pay back the entire federal debt.  (You can read the 2001 Heritage Foundation report here.)

Instead, the tax cuts contributed to record-setting federal deficits.

In 2003, President Bush pushed through a second package of “temporary” tax cuts, which again mostly benefited the wealthy.  And again, Joe Biden voted “nay”; and Paul Ryan voted in favor.

A year later, the new jobs hadn’t materialized.  “Supply-side economics” hadn’t cut the federal debt.

But that didn’t stop the tax-cutters.  Instead, they pushed to have the “temporary” tax cuts made permanent.  Here’s the Associated Press report from February 13, 2004:

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Thursday that Congress should make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent and cover the $1 trillion price by trimming future benefits in Social Security and other entitlement programs.

Social Security?!!?

During the Bush presidency, Social Security was “running a surplus.”  More money was coming in through payroll taxes than was being paid out in retirement benefits.  And the federal government borrowed every single penny of that surplus.

Today, the Social Security Trust Fund is the single largest creditor of the federal government.  Over $2.7 trillion of the federal debt is owed to the Social Security Trust Fund.  And that’s about the same amount as the 10-year cost of extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 5%.

That’s what you should keep in mind during tomorrow night’s debate: this election is coming down to a choice between tax cuts for the rich and financial security for the rest of us.

Social Security has stopped running a surplus, now that the Baby Boomers are retiring. Will the federal government honor its IOUs to working families?  Or will the $2.7 trillion in federal debt get washed off the books by the proposed Romney-Ryan “reform” of Social Security?

Union members know what it’s like to see pension benefits vanish.  It’s become all-too-common for corporations to use bankruptcy court to get “relief” from their pension obligations; American Airlines is just one example.  More than 4,000 corporate pension programs are now in the trusteeship of the federal government.  (You can download the list — representing more than 2 million American families! —  here.)

Most of us have been paying into the Social Security system for decades.  We don’t want to see our benefits disappear through a Romney-Ryan “reform” of the Social Security system.  (One more reason why we don’t want to elect a President who will “manage” the federal government as if it were a corporation.)

Tax cuts for the wealthy didn’t create jobs in 2001.

More tax cuts didn’t create jobs in 2003.

Tax cuts in 2013 won’t create jobs, either – but they may cost us our Social Security benefits.

Please remember that, as you watch Joe Biden and Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debate tomorrow night at 9:00 pm.


Who does Paul Ryan Pledge Allegiance to?

Paul Ryan started his political career working as an intern in the office of Wisconsin Senator Robert Kasten—one of the people who helped launch ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council).

Then, Ryan went to work as a speechwriter for Congressman Jack Kemp – another of ALEC’s founding fathers.

Then Ryan went to work for then-Senator Sam Brownback – whose ties to ALEC are so close that he wrote the introduction to one of their reports, and just this past Monday headlined a political fundraiser sponsored by a group of lobbyists with ALEC ties.

When he ran for Congress – at age 28 – Ryan’s resume was already closely tied to ALEC.  His first campaign was financed by big-name PACS with ties to ALEC including: Koch Industries, Federal Express, Union Pacific Corporation, American Council of Life Insurance, National Auto Dealers Association, National Association of Home Builders, National Federation of Independent Businesses, and National Beer Wholesalers.  Even the Outback Steakhouse PAC made the maximum contribution of $5.000.

Where do you think his allegiance lies?

Just take a look at his signature piece of legislation, the most recent House Budget.  How many of its provisions were drawn from ALEC’s wish list?

Ryan’s budget would convert Medicaid to a block-grant program, allowing funds to be awarded further away from prying eyes.  That’s been on ALEC’s wish list since 1996.  Block grants allow state and local officials wide latitude in deciding how the money is spent and who receives it.  The federal government is currently investigating how millions of dollars in block grants were spent in Wisconsin.

Ryan’s budget would “reform” the Pell grant program to focus on cost-per-student.  Targeting government aid to programs with low cost-per-student has been on ALEC’s wish list since 2009.  According to ALEC, “officials should recognize the value of for profit providers…which are primarily open-access systems that serve students at the least expense.”  Education by the Wal-Mart Method.

Ryan’s budget would eventually privatize Medicare.  Yes, that has also been on ALEC’s wish list for years and years.  Turning Medicare into a voucher plan allows the insurance industry to siphon off millions of dollars in fees.

If you went all the way through Ryan’s budget, how many other ALEC priorities would you find in the fine print?

Who does Paul Ryan pledge allegiance to?

One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all?  Or to all those “corporate people” Mitt Romney talks about, who have been bankrolling Paul Ryan’s campaigns and spoonfeeding him ideas?

Haven’t heard of it?  The American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, is
the ultimate smokefilled back room.
ALEC’s corporate contributors pay a king’s ransom to gain access to legislators and distribute their corporate-crafted legislation.  The result has been a consistent pipeline of special interest legislation being funneled into state capitols.  Read more in the American Association for Justice report “ALEC: Ghostwriting the Law for Corporate America” at bit.ly/9hddBp

Shocking News: Congress Research Shows Cutting Taxes Does NOT Grow The Economy

Well, it’s official.  Cutting taxes on folks like Mitt Romney DOESN’T “grow the economy.”

The week before last, the Congressional Research Service released a report concluding that reducing top tax rates does NOT affect “saving, investment, or productivity growth.”  In other words, the supply-side justification for cutting taxes simply isn’t true.

The Republican Party has argued for decades that cutting top tax rates would improve the economy.  Obviously, that didn’t work under President George W. Bush – instead, the nation had one of the worst economic crises ever.  Now, Congress has a report that explains why.

You may have never heard of the Congressional Research Service; it’s one of the best-kept secrets on Capitol Hill.  Established in 1914, the CRS “serves as shared staff to congressional committees and Members of Congress.”  The CRS provides “comprehensive and reliable legislative research and analysis that are timely, objective, authoritative, and confidential, thereby contributing to an informed national legislature.

In other words, for almost 100 years, their job has been to serve as fact-checkers for Congress – to tell Congress “what the truth is.”

And the week before last, the CRS told Republican Congressmen that cutting taxes on the rich doesn’t improve the economy.

But have you heard Rep. Paul Ryan mention this study?  Has he made any changes to his prescription for changing the economy?  Has he admitted that his House budget – which would have given the richest taxpayers a tax break of about $300,000 each – was based on an economic theory that has been proven wrong?  Do you think you’re going to hear any of that, in the final weeks of this campaign season.

You can read the CRS report for yourself here.  (Remember, this report is from the researchers Congress relies on to tell them the truth.)

And then tell people about it.  Put it on your Facebook page.  Send everybody you know an email.  Talk about it while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store.

Those of us who work for a living need to talk about this report– because Representatives Paul Ryan, Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass  certainly aren’t going to.


Romney/Ryan Plan Will Put Federal Workers On The Streets

The conventions are over and it is official it will be President Obama and VP Joe Biden squaring off against Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan.   The center of this debate is the ‘debt problem’.   How do we solve this problem? What happens next? Raise taxes or cut taxes? Reduce the size of government, what does that really mean?

For Federal Employees this election could not be more important.  I know both sides always say “this is the most important”, so let me rephrase it for you.  Vote like your job and your retirement depend on it, because they do!

Federal Employees have been the target of many of the attacks from the right over the last few years.  They make false claims that Federal Employees make more than private sector employees.  Mitt Romney help to spread these lies on the campaign trail. He said,  “I don’t think government workers should be paid a better deal than taxpayers who are paying for them”(Govexec). The truth is there is nobody to compare them to. For example how many non-governmental air traffic controllers do you know?  Do they work at the busy airports or some small rural airport? How can you possibly compare their salaries?  Like I said there are many positions in the Federal Government that have no comparison.

Now the GOP Platform is going directly after the Federal Workers.  They say flat out they want to reduce the “Federal payroll of at least 10%”.  Then for those left, they will go right for your wallets with “adjustments of the pays scales and benefits”.  The worst part is they will do it with a smile and say “we recognize the dedication of Federal workers and the difficulty in their thankless task”.

The GOP Platform want to quickly remove nearly 65,000 workers in the Department of Homeland Security.  They want to risk our national security by removing the workers in the Transportation Security Administration.  The GOP Platform states: “We call for the private sector to take over the airport screening”.   Please correct me if I am wrong but prior to 9-11-01 the airport screening was done by private companies?

According to the TSA.GOV Blog these are the top three catchs in 2011:

3) Over 1,200 firearms were discovered at TSA checkpoints across the nation in 2011. Many guns are found loaded with rounds in the chamber.

2) A loaded .380 pistol  was found strapped to passenger’s ankle with the body scanner at Detroit (DTW).

1) Small chunks of C4 explosives were found in passenger’s checked luggage in Yuma (YUM).


Now the Romney/Ryan plan is to cut the Federal Workforce by 10% and a three year pay freeze.

“Ryan unveiled a budget plan for fiscal 2013 that would cut the federal workforce by 10 percent, extend the federal pay freeze through 2015 and increase employee contributions to their retirement plans”. (Govexec.com)

Paul Ryan is also advocating for a “5% increase in retirement” contributions.  Couple this with an additional three year pay freeze it turns into a pay cut of thousands of dollars.

Then again this is only a problem for those who still have a job.  Romney to NBC News that he would work to combine or eliminate many of the departments of the Federal Government.  Romney did not explain which department he would target but he hinted:

Things like Housing and Urban Development, which my dad was head of, that might not be around later. But I’m not going to actually go through these one by one.

Like I said before, Federal Employees need to vote like your job depends on it, because it does!

New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie on Mitt Romney’s Upcoming Visit to Nashua

Just a few short weeks before the election, Romney is returning to New Hampshire without having presented Granite Staters with a clear picture of what the country would look like under his leadership.

At this point in the campaign, New Hampshire’s working men and women deserve to know just what Romney stands for. What is Romney’s plan for the economy? How will he create the twelve million jobs he has promised us? What are the real consequences for our seniors if his plans for gutting Social Security and turning Medicare into an unafordable voucher program are adopted? How will Romney, if he repeals the Affordable Care Act, ensure that insurance companies do not deny coverage to Americans with preexisting medical conditions?

We cannot afford a President Romney who will not be honest with American workers about his political positions, who willfully spreads untruths about the state of Social Security and Medicare and who refuses to “let his campaign be dictated by fact-checkers”.

While Romney has openly promised to give billions of dollars of our tax money to the richest 2% of Americans, he has repeatedly failed to present any solid evidence that he would be a good choice for working people. We are not stupid, and if Romney really wants to win the presidential election in New Hampshire, he will use his time in Nashua tomorrow to give Granite Staters some answers.

NHLN Election News Coverage 9/1/12: Bass Violates FCC Regs, Cilley will Tackle Hard Choices, Hassan Gains Momentum, Ryan Lies About Janesville Plant, and more

Ann Kuster Campaign highlights Charlie Bass’s Campaign is violating FCC Regulations
CONCORD, N.H. – The Kuster campaign today sent a formal letter to WMUR stating that as a result of FCC violations, the Bass Victory Committee is no longer entitled to lowest unit charge for the station. The Communications Act of 1934 stipulates that candidate campaigns are allowed to place their advertisements at what is called a lowest unit charge, a rate that is generally much lower than the rate charged to non-candidate commercials. In order to qualify for the lowest unit charge rate, candidate campaigns are required to follow certain rules laid out in the law. In this case, Congressman Bass’s campaign is in violation of a rule which states that within 45 days of the Primary Election, candidates must include “a clearly identifiable photographic or similar image of the candidate” for a period of no less than four seconds at the end of advertisements. Congressman Bass’s ad, “Not Working for Us,” fails to meet this basic requirement and includes no photograph or other image of the candidate for any duration at the end of the advertisement. According to the law, if a campaign fails to follow the rules, they are no longer entitled to the lowest unit charge. “Congressman Bass’s unwillingness to abide by these basic guidelines once again demonstrates his belief that he plays by a different set of rules than everyone else,” said Rob Friedlander, Communications Director for Annie Kuster. Kuster_Letter WMUR (PDF)

Cilley willing to tackle hard N.H. challenges | SeacoastOnline.com: “For years, we have extolled the “New Hampshire Way” as being low taxes. Even mentioning the subject of a broad-based tax has been the “third rail” for anyone of either party running for office. Everyone “takes the pledge.” A recent letter to the editor by Dave Lang, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, prompted me to add my voice to his. It is time that we have every option on the table, that we do not tie the hands of our elected representatives before they even have a chance to tackle the issues we face.

Jackie Cilley has had the courage to resist “the pledge” and I salute her for it. We need to rethink running this state on property taxes. It isn’t working.”

Hassan Gaining Momentum, NH Dems Say – Bedford, NH Patch: “Forty-three responses were collected.

Nearly two thirds (66 percent) of those responding to the survey said Hassan is best poised to win the general election. Twenty-nine percent picked Cilley, and 5 percent chose Kennedy.

When we asked that same question of our Democratic influentials in late July, Hassan received only 51 percent of the vote, compared to Cilley’s 42 percent.”

How to Fix Election ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ [VIDEO] – Hampton-North Hampton, NH Patch: “Frank Guinta is part of the problem in Washington, not the solution. His votes against women’s rights, against job programs, against the popular Affordable Care Act even after it became the law of the land, against middle class tax cuts and for tax breaks for the super wealthy show that the shrinking middle class are of little concern to him. ”

Ex-Janesville GM plant employee: Paul Ryan ‘ought to be ashamed of himself’ – Lean Forward: “Unique in their unanimity, for once, mainstream and more opinionated media outlets have been calling out Paul Ryan for the multiple distortions in his speech to the Republican National Convention Wednesday night. One assertion has received a little more attention than the rest: Ryan’s charge that Obama is to blame for the closing of the GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. One problem: the plant closed all but a few last operations on December 23, 2008 – and Obama was inaugurated as President in January 2009.” Video from the ED Show

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Political Standing For Aug. 31, 2012 » WMUR Political Scoop: “Sunday, 10 a.m., CloseUP: As we head into the final week of campaigning ahead of the state primary, WMUR’s Josh McElveen hosts a reporter roundtable with the Nashua Telegraph’s Kevin Landrigan, NHPR’s Josh Rogers and myself. Then, he runs interviews this week with Kelly Ayotte and Ann Romney that the station conducted via satellite from the RNC.”

A MUST READ: FactCheck.org : Ryan’s VP Spin: “Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention contained several false claims and misleading statements. Delegates cheered as the vice presidential nominee:”

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NHLN Election News Coverage 8/31/12: Hassan Makes Statement on Medicare, LTE- GOP Platform Removes Choice for Women, Paul Ryan Lies at RNC, and much more

Maggie Hassan’s Statement on Federal Government Approving Medicaid Managed Care Plan 

MANCHESTER, NH – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement today on the federal government approving the state’s Medicaid Managed Care plan.

“We have a responsibility to spend taxpayer dollars wisely and to be open to innovations that can save money. That also means ensuring that we are getting what we pay for – high-quality health care for the children, seniors and people with disabilities being helped through Medicaid. As Governor, I will issue by Executive Order a commission of consumers and financial and health care experts, to directly advise me on the state’s transition to Medicaid Managed Care.”

“A well-operated Medicaid Managed Care program can and should save money and allow New Hampshire to maintain important investments in health care. But financial savings cannot come at the expense of quality, accessible care. The transition schedule is ambitious, and the change will affect the lives and health care of thousands of New Hampshire citizens. As Governor, I will be directly involved in making sure that the transition to Medicaid Managed Care is done right, and that is working for taxpayers and people.”

Hassan announced plans for the Medicaid Managed Care Oversight Commission at a Children’s Alliance Forum in June.

LETTERS: GOP Platform Removes Choice for Women – Nashua, NH Patch: “Being a white middle-aged male, I am the last person that women would want weighing in on their reproductive rights – I would think they have had quite enough of that. I do however have two daughters and I am thinking of their future. The choice could not be clearer for me and my daughters agree.

I support the President’s plan of going forward with the health care plan where 47 million women across the country can now get important preventive health care with no co-pay or deductible. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act helps women fight for equal pay for equal work, and President Obama has defended a woman’s right to choose.”

LETTERS: Paul Ryan Speech at RNC = The Big Lie – Nashua, NH Patch: “Last night’s acceptance speech by Rep. Paul Ryan was a truly breathtaking display of brazen dishonesty. Paul Ryan looked America in the eye and without a hint a shame, lied to our face.

Ryan lied about President Obama’s auto-industry rescue, blaming the administration for a plant closing orchestrated by President Bush. Ryan lied about Medicare, falsely accusing Obama of undermining the system, when he in fact strengthened it. Ryan lied about the debt downgrade, falsely blaming the president for a downgrade caused by Ryan and congressional Republicans.”

The truth about Medicare and the Ryan plan – Cabinet.com: “Republicans and Democrats have been all over TV and radio, and giving speeches all over the country talking about the Ryan plan for Medicare. The Ryan plan turns Medicare into a voucher plan. Democrats say a voucher plan is an awful idea, leaving senior citizens financially vulnerable when they are most likely to need medical care. Republicans insist that it will give people more choices, as they can shop around for a plan. To complicate matters, Republicans also claim that Democrats cut billions from Medicare in the Affordable Care Act. First, they claimed Democrats cut $500 billion, and now they have upped the claim to $716 billion. All this leaves senior citizens, their families and those who will someday be senior citizens wondering what exactly are the facts.”

Re-elect Tim Copeland | SeacoastOnline.com: I had the pleasure of working with Tim for the past two years. There is no secret the leadership of the NH House bordered on dysfunctional. The O’Brien followers acted more like a cult than state representatives; blindly following bad leadership is like confirming this is how we do business.

Tim stood with Matt and me against bullying, bad behavior, name calling and influencing peddling by special interest groups. It takes courage to stand against a majority that is being misled; we were all called names by members who I thought could be certifiable, most were energetic freshman that thought they were saving the world from evil doers.

From Lowell on Scott Brown
‘The Fighter’ bails on Brown | The Column Blog: ““I can’t support Scott Brown,” Ward said. “I just can’t do it.”
Within 30 minutes, Ward either did some Googling or someone close to him reminded him about where Brown stood on some hot-button political topics.
“I found out Scott (Brown) is anti-union and I’m a Teamster guy,” said Ward. “I found out he’s also against gay marriage and I say if you love someone you should have the same rights no matter who you are.””

More News about the workers in PA who were forced to take time off work and attend a Romney event.
From the LA Times
Employees who contacted Blomquist and others in the industry contend that the August event is the latest example of the lengths Murray is willing to go to back his political priorities. In the days just after the rally, about seven or eight mine workers, supposedly independent of one another, emailed and called Blomquist to tell him about the circumstances surrounding the rally. The radio host, known as Bloomdaddy, said once he began talking about the issue on the air, he was contacted by other current and former Murray employees, bringing the number of those sharing the same concerns to 15 to 20 people.
The wife of an hourly employee at the Century mine said in an interview with the Washington Bureau the event was mandatory, and that workers were told to arrive at 8 a.m. to a local school, where they registered to attend the rally and then waited much of the day to be bused to the mine. The schedule ate into her husband’s free time, which bothered him, she said. She said she did not want to be identified for fear her husband would lose his job.

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