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Nashua Firefighters Donate Over 370 New Coats To Nashua Children

As part of Operation Warm, the Nashua Firefighters Union raised nearly $17,000 to purchase new winter coats for deserving
children in the Nashua area.

Nashua Firefighters Union Coats Operation Warm

Nashua Firefighters Union Coats Operation Warm

Nashua, NH – The Nashua Firefighters Union (International Association of Firefighters Local 789) will be delivering more than 370 new, American-made coats to needy children in the Nashua area.

“Operation Warm” is a national program created by the International Association of Firefighters to ensure that every child has a warm coat for the cold winter months.  IAFF locals in hundreds of cities and towns are raising money to buy new winter coats for children in their own communities. 

“Operation Warm is just another way that our members give back to the city we so proudly serve,” said John McAllister, President of the Nashua Firefighters Union. “We look forward to seeing the children’s smiling faces as we hand them their own new winter coats.”

In their second year of the program, the Nashua Firefighters Union raised nearly $17,000 – helping the union to purchase 372 coats that will be delivered to local children this week. 

“This would not have been possible without the generous donations from local businesses and community groups. We look forward to continuing to expand Nashua’s Operation Warm until every child has a warm winter coat,” added McAllister.  

Nashua Firefighters plan to buy 450 coats next year, and are already hard at work to raise the funds needed.  If you would like more information on Operation Warm or to pledge your support towards next year’s drive contact John McAllister at (603) 888-4200 or by email at president@iaff789.org

Hooksett Firefighters To Distribute 80 Coats For Kids As Part Of “Operation Warm”

Image from Operation Warm

Image from Operation Warm

HOOKSETT, New Hampshire – Nearly 80 children from low-income families will be outfitted with brand-new USA made winter coats thanks to Hooksett Permanent Firefighters. Firefighters have partnered with Operation Warm, a national, non-profit organization that has provided new coats to 1.5 million children in need. Firefighters fundraise in order to personally fit each child, help select their favorite color, and write their name in the interior tag of their new coat, which reads, “Made Just for You.”

The coat celebration is scheduled for Saturday, November 22nd at The Hooksett Fire Station #1.  Firefighters worked closely with the Hooksett family services department to select children qualifying for support programs such as free and reduced meals. “A new coat allows families to stretch limited financial resources to other basic necessities like food and shelter,” explained Michael Benoit of the Hooksett Firefighters Local #3264, “our children and schools benefit from this program in more ways than one.”

Thanks to support from many local businesses, firefighters will provide new coats for nearly 80 children. “As firefighters, we go into homes and witness the living conditions faced by low-income kids,” explains Benoit, “this is a program that strengthens communities and the overall well-being of children.”

Operation Warm has brought 20% of its manufacturing back to the USA, an effort which supports over 200, fair paying jobs. Coats distributed by firefighters in Hooksett will be 100% American-made. “This is so much more than a coat,” said Rich Lalley, Executive Director of Operation Warm. “Beyond warmth and dignity for children, producing coats in the USA puts Americans back to work and back on their feet.”

In 2012, Operation Warm and the International Association of Firefighters launched a partnership that spans the US and Canada. Working together for two years, IAFF Firefighters have served over 50,000 less-fortunate children in 39 states.

Media is welcome to attend.
Hooksett Fire Department
Station #1, 1 Riverside Street
Hooksett, NH 03106
Saturday November 22nd 10am-1PM

DONATE: www.operationwarm.org/hooksett3264

For More Information: Firefighters for Operation Warm

This Thanksgiving (and every Thanksgiving) Unions Are Giving Back

The “union-avoidance” industry isn’t taking the election results lying down.  The Andrew Breitbarts of the world are already busy spinning the Hostess Brands liquidation and Wednesday’s planned protest in Los Angeles.  (If you’re wondering: there may be delays on surface streets around LAX – but the protest is not expected to impact any air travel.)

In these days leading up to Thanksgiving, you’re probably going to hear a lot of other anti-union stories in the media.  (The union-busters have a lot of money to spend on PR.)

What you’re probably not going to hear is how union members nationwide are celebrating the holiday.  A quick sampling:

  • In Palm Beach, Florida, labor unions are part of “The Big Heart Brigade”.  Last Thanksgiving, the Brigade fed 100,000 people – and they are hoping to feed even more, this year.   “Several local unions have already donated time and funds to help, including Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (UA) Local 630, Ironworkers Local 402, Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 728, Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 3181 and Machinists (IAM) Local 971.”
  • Feed The Community Day

    Near Los Angeles, ILWU Local 13 is holding their 15th annual “Feed the Community Day”.  They will be distributing 1,500 turkey baskets with all the trimmings to help feed low-income families in surrounding communities.

  • Throughout the country, IAFF Locals are giving coats to kids through “Operation Warm”. IAFF Local 157 is distributing more than 2,000 coats to needy children in Oklahoma City, OK.  IAFF Local 215 is giving away almost 1,000 coats in Milwaukee, WI.  In New Jersey, IAFF Local 2657 is donating 350 coats.  In Pennsylvania, IAFF Local 10 plans to give a new coat to every single child who attends George Washington Elementary School, after firefighters noticed that most students didn’t have anything warmer than a hooded sweatshirt (87% of the school’s families live at or below the poverty line).
  • And of course, Hurricane Sandy relief efforts will continue through the holiday.  Nationwide, union members are contributing to various Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds.  Union members in the hardest-hit areas will continue to do what they have been doing for weeks: cleaning up, fixing up, and taking care of the people around them.

This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for our union brothers and sisters.  Our union family is not just standing behind us in our workplaces – unions are giving back to our communities, making things better for families in need.



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