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Nation-wide People Come Out In Support Of Walmart Workers! (IMAGES)

I wanted share a few of the early images that are surfacing as the ‘Black Friday Boycott’ has begun.   There is no way of knowing how many people actually walked out or protested outside of their local Walmart but here are a few of the best images I have found so far. (Special thanks to all the sites where I borrowed images from)

From Occupy NH member MA






Other images from New Hampshire.  Occupy New Hampshire Seacoast had a handfull of protesters at the Somersworth Walmart.  See all of their uploaded images on their Facebook page

Protest against Walmart in Hyattsville, MD

One of many images from the South Central Federation of Labor 

Employee Walk-Outs in at Least Seven States (so far): Occupy Supports WalMart Workers.  Images from a post by Occupy Washington D.C


OLB-San Diego were out last night on I-15 with their new lighted letters.

Overpass Light Brigade – Portland Airport took out the message Burma Shave style last night.

Portland, OR

Framington, MA

Occupy Austin and OLB-Austin out tonight. Check out their angry smiley Wally icon!


#OWS One Year Later, Will You Join Me In Celebrating?

Occupy Wall Street invites you, the 99%, down to the Financial District for three days of education, celebration and resistance.

On #s17 Follow the Money, All Roads Lead to Wall Street

Last September 17th, as part of a wave of global protest, people from across the country raced to the heart of New York’s financial district to occupy Wall Street. In the face of big banks foreclosing on our homes, killing our jobs, buying up our democracy, and turning our environment into just another toxic asset, you showed up, and we became the 99%.

On September 15-17th, join us in this fight for our world – this fight for our lives.

For years, people all over the world have been crippled by the corporate greed of the 1%. They built their bonuses out of stolen pensions of teachers, civil servants, and our neighbors. We pay for their welfare. They bet and borrow against our future. We drown in debt. So who is really in debt to whom? Now our elected representatives want us to embrace austerity–work harder for less, retire later (if at all), and say goodbye to our fundamental labor protections. They’re betting on our obedience. They’re betting wrong.

Join us for three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice with permitted convergences and assemblies, concerts, and mass civil disobedience.

Here’s what we have planned. Get creative with us—help organize.

For every crumbling aspect of our society, the cause of the ruin can be traced back to corporate greed. Follow the money. All roads lead to Wall Street. And in the days and weeks before (and long after) September 17th, we will be here, demanding a system that puts the health of our communities over the profits of the 1%. We are the 99%.

(NHLN Note: Video contains foul language)


Can’t join us in NYC? It’s just as important that we Occupy Main Street. Pick a local target that embodies corporate greed—occupy your state Capitol building like the people of Wisconsin, or a chamber of commerce conference as they did in D.C. Take inspiration from revolutionary occupations worldwide, from the railroads of India to the rivers of the Amazon to the streets of Spain. Wall Street has occupied our entire planet. What do you have to say about that?

There are more of us than them and they know it,

Occupy Wall Street

We are the 99%
Bring your friends.
9.15-17.12 | Financial District, NYC
Occupy Wall Street

We have a group of union members from NH heading down to Manhatten late Sunday night. If you are interested in meeting up with us let me know.

The Wealthy Have Stolen Our Democracy by One Angry American

The wealthy elite and their corporate proxies have stolen our democracy. We live in a country where the middle class is being squeezed to the point of extinction. The top 1% has increased their wealth by 275% in the past few decades while the rest of us are going downhill. With this extreme new money coming their way they have bought most politicians and have now destroyed our democracy. They have replaced it with a plutocracy. We are all to blame.

While Americans spend their time glued to TV sets the GOP and some corporate owned Democrats have given the wealthy all the tax breaks they could ask for. From 2008-2010 General Electric, Dupont, Verizon, Boeing, Wells Fargo and Dupont to name just a few  paid $0 in US taxes. Corporate owned media spins it that our corporations and wealthy are over taxed while the facts show they are misleading us.

Since the monumental mistake of electing Ronald Reagan President the middle class has given away everything previous generations fought for. The vibrant union movement of the early 20th century has been replaced by apathy. The Gilded Age, which concentrated wealth in a few hands much like today was the triggering economic catalyst, which gave the union movement energy that, served America so well until the Reagan election. Reagan broke the Professional Air Traffic Controller Organization (PATCO) strike and fired them, early in his Presidency and that began the anti-union mantra we have heard by the corporate media for the last 30 years.

Reagan changed the national conversation in ways that have destroyed our country. Reagan started the dangerous  mixing of religion and politics which never happened in our society previously. Suddenly the “God Bless America” nonsense was considered acceptable for politicians to sprout incessantly. Really, God Bless America? What does God think of the other people in the world?

The United States Armed Forces send working class kids overseas to fight battles that only benefit corporate interests. How does the $2 Billion a week we spend on the war nobody wants in Afghanistan  help the middle class? Poor working class kids sign up for the military because often it’s their only hope for a job. Then they give up their lives and limbs to preserve an economic system that just benefits the wealthy?

Now we have a sense of hopelessness that is quite new in our history. With NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements shipping our jobs overseas the possibility exists that manufacturing jobs may never come back under the current economic policies.

The anti union and conservative rampage has left America workers with little or no alternative but to cave in to corporate America. They ship our middle class jobs overseas daily to increase corporate profits. Union busting king Mitt Romney has taken the Reagan revolution to a new extreme. Romney as a CEO shipped jobs overseas to benefit his wealthy board members, then says he is a “job creator” Reagan actually believed in federal unions while Romney is proudly campaigning to dismantle them.

It took longer than expected for a counter movement to rise up considering the growing economic inequality in our country.  Well almost a year ago it started at Zucotti Park. The energy and enthusiasm of the Occupy Wall Street movement is what the Labor movement needs as we confront the many challenges we are now facing. OWS has had its struggles since being evicted and have had a difficult time getting the corporate media to give them fair press coverage. The media always plays up the few people in the crowd that get arrested but they somehow ignore the thousands of people marching for economic justice. That does not diminish the fact they are fighting the battles against the entrenched corporate and government alliance that has sold out ordinary working people for the benefit of the privileged few.

Private wealth controls public power like never in our history. This is shown by the fact that a majority of Super Pac money comes from just 47 people. We are supposed to pretend this is a democracy?

Bringing Labor and Occupiers Together in New Hampshire

Below was a message posted on the NH Labor News Facebook Page (if you have not liked us yet now is your chance).  

Before you read her message, I would like to say something about the Occupy(NH) movement.  I know there are people in labor especially here in NH who are trying to steer clear of the Occupiers. Why? They are very similar to the labor organizers of the past. The only difference is that they are not holding official union logo signs.  Here is the truth, we are all fighting the same thing.  Labor has been fighting the financial inequality issue since people started to form unions. I understand that there is a very small section of the Occupy NH that may be anti-union but that is not different that picketing and the TEA Partiers picketing across the street from us.

Remember that some of the biggest supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement was the unions in New York City.  Pilots, Doormen, and Laborers stood side by side with these protester. I know many Union members who have adopted the Occupy movement. They are teachers, letter carriers, tin knockers, and iron workers.  They know that together we can make more noise than if we scream at other.

Now Occupy NH is looking for a little help from Labor.  They want Us to teach them about why we formed unions and how we continue to protect our workers every day.  If you would like to be a part of this contact me at NHLabor@Gmail.com.

Katie Said:
“Hello! Looking for someone who’d like to work with two gentleman who are working on a teach-in for an Occupy group, coming up this weekend in central NH. Research ideas? Topics? I was doing research on the mills and the union movement there. This is for a group that (unlike most Occupies) has some anti-union sentiments, so we want to focus on the basics —

1. What was work and life like before unions? Cottage industries to the mill floor — the dehumanization of the industrial age

2. Movement to growing urban centers — living and working conditions, the growth of child labor and woman labor, the company store/housing model (the capitalist taking what was paid in wages back in up-charged services)

3. The labor movement — the eight-hour day, the concept of leisure and the push for decent working conditions

4. The pull-back — move of the mills to the south then overseas to easily exploitable markets — the capitalists/owner class never changed their model to fit the times, only looked for new markets

5. The final push-back — how workers are now coming together and results can happen — like Wisconsin.


Other thoughts? Research ideas? I want to use graphics to illustrate what will be large topics simply skimmed (each could be a thesis study in and of itself!).

Also, if you’d like to join with the two doing the teach-in, I’m sure they’d welcome you. Please let me know, the sooner the better.

We’d also like to make this something that can move around and be used often to groups.”

NH Labor News 3/1: PFF-NH Pres Lang Talks of New Firefighter Rule, Budget Surplus Sparks Debate, Occupy NH Clash With AFP, and more….

The New Hampshire Labor News Daily Clips 3/1/12

‘Fireman’s Rule’ needs a rewrite | Concord Monitor: “David Lang, president of the Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire fears that the court’s decision could lead people to delay or decide against calling for help in an emergency. We share that fear.”

LGC to fight release of meeting minutes in N.H. high court | SeacoastOnline.com: “The statewide firefighters union is scheduled to appear before the N.H. Supreme Court on March 13 in an effort to obtain unredacted minutes from the Local Government Center.

The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire seeks unredacted minutes from LGC meetings, during which topics of discussion included health insurance rates and the LGC’s “strategic plan,” which is currently under fire in a pending legal complaint by the Bureau of Securities Regulation.”

State ends 2011 with surplus | Concord Monitor: “A report released yesterday shows the state of New Hampshire ended the 2011 fiscal year $17.7 million in the black, as the governor and legislative leaders clash over what to do with the leftover money.

Last month, the Republican-controlled House passed a bill that would move the surplus into the state’s rainy day fund, which currently sits at $9.3 million.

Democratic Gov. John Lynch argues the surplus should instead be used to balance the budget for fiscal year 2012, which he said could be accomplished if a dispute is resolved with the state’s hospitals over how much they owe under the state’s Medicaid Enhancement Tax.”

Bradley: Reform school funding | SeacoastOnline.com: “The House and Senate have gone back and forth on the wording of the amendment. The House version gives the Legislature “authority and full discretion” to define reasonable standards for elementary and secondary public education, to establish reasonable standards of accountability, and to mitigate local disparities in educational opportunities and fiscal capacity.

Bradley said the Senate has amended CACR 12 to give the Legislature “full power and authority and the responsibility” to do all of those things. “That is the key ingredient, if you will, that I think Gov. (John) Lynch insisted on to win his support,” Bradley said.”

Welcome to N.H., Mr. President – Fosters: “On Thursday, President Barack Obama will visit Nashua as he continues to campaign for reelection and promote his plan for improving the American economy.

I want to be among the first to welcome President Obama to our great state.

Granite Staters, like all Americans, want to see the country’s economic engine roaring. They want to see new jobs being created, not new reports of rising unemployment numbers. And so, we look forward to hearing what the President has to say about how we can get American working again.”

The Americans For Prosperity a well know Koch Brothers funded PAC is hosting a rally in Downtown Nashua today. Members from Occupy NH will also be holding a rally at the same time, same place in response to AFP trying to steal their “Occupy” brand. For more information click here

John DiStaso’s Granite Status: “A COUNTER RALLY:
After President Barack Obama leaves Nashua today, the conservative groups We the People and Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire plan to hold an “Occupy Jobs Now” rally at Norton’s Diner on Main Street in Nashua. It’s scheduled for 5:30 p.m.

Local business owners and workers are scheduled to attend. GOP candidates for governor Smith and Ovide Lamontagne have confirmed they will also attend.”

“Occupy New Hampshire” criticized the two conservative groups for co-opting their “brand,” saying, “This is yet another dirty tactic by the 1 percent to use and exploit the rest of us for their own political gain.”

What Have Unions Done For Me Lately?: “Private working citizens may ask themselves “What has a public union ever done for us?” Weekends off, a minimum wage, the eight-hour work day and overtime compensation are just a few examples of what organized labor has fought for and won for more than a century. Here at UMass Boston, the Labor Studies program and the Labor Resource Center (LRC) continues to keep the fight alive for workers.

“Many students in the Labor Studies program are leaders – either stewards, presidents, treasurers or even just organizers in their union,” he said. “That allows [them] to analyze as well as learn and participate, so that [they] can effectively serve the working and middle class.”

Workers’ unions may be out of mind for most students but we depend on unions every day, from those who fix our roads to those who serve our food. Currently, the university relies on Ironworkers Local 7 to build the new Integrated Science Complex.”

This is a video created by the NH Labor News in partnership with many of the local unions in New Hampshire.  This video focuses on the effort put forth by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-NH) .

National News

Occupy Takes Aim at ALEC Today in 70 US Cities | Truthout: “The Occupy movement, since its inception in September 2011, has been against corporate greed. And in 70 cities across the country, it’s found one target that best shows the rampant corporate control of our judicial system that Occupiers see as a central grievance: the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC brings legislators and corporations together in a “public-private partnership” to draft model legislation that Occupy groups say serves the interests of the 1 percent.

Today, legislators and companies including Pfizer, Bank of America and Wal-Mart, that benefit from ALEC’s power in the legislative system will be the target of demonstrations, direct actions and various public shows of anger across the country under the banner of Shut Down the Corporations.”

A Civil Right to Unionize – NYTimes.com: “FROM the 1940s to the 1970s, organized labor helped build a middle-class democracy in the United States. The postwar period was as successful as it was because of unions, which helped enact progressive social legislation from the Civil Rights Act to Medicare. Since then, union representation of American workers has fallen, in tandem with the percentage of income going to the middle class. Broadly shared prosperity has been replaced by winner-take-all plutocracy.”

This is great video about how Facebook is using IBEW workers to build their new data center in South Carolina.

Breaking: AFP, Koch Brothers Attempt to Buy NH’s Occupy Movement Ahead of Obama’s Visit


Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Media contact:
Zandra Rice Hawkins, (603) 892-2150

AFP, Koch Brothers Attempt to Buy NH’s Occupy Movement Ahead of Obama’s VisitIf you can’t beat ’em, co-opt them
CONCORD, NH – Failed NH Congressional candidate Jennifer Horn and Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity have a new venture: leading the Occupy NH movement.

In a media advisory released today, Horn’s We The People and Americans for Prosperity-NH announced they are hosting an “Occupy Jobs Now” Rally in Nashua immediately after President Obama speaks to a crowd there Thursday.

Organizers of the Occupy NH movement were caught off-guard by the announcement.

“We had a General Assembly just this past weekend and never once has Jennifer Horn or Corey Lewandowski ever been a part of those meetings or discussions,” said Mark Provost of Manchester, who has been involved in Occupy actions all over the state. “Americans for Prosperity is a Koch brothers funded corporate interest group that puts special interests over middle class families.”

“This is yet another dirty tactic by the 1% to use and exploit the rest of us for their own political gain,” Provost said. “The highly successful Occupy the NH Primary event our state hosted focused on people and policies, not politics. That is what we will continue to do.”

For further comment, Mark Provost can be reached at (603) 540-3845. Occupy NH can be found online at www.OccupyNH.org or on Facebook under “OccupyNH”.

Granite State Progress is a progressive advocacy organization that addresses issues of immediate state and local concern. Granite State Progress works as a communications hub for the progressive community to provide a strong, credible voice in advancing progressive solutions to critical community problems.

The actual press release:
February 28 , 201 2
Jennifer Horn

We The People and Americans for Prosperity-NH to Host
“Occupy Jobs Now” Rally

Rally Will Immediately Follow President Obama’s Remarks in New Hampshire

WINDHAM – We The People and Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire will host a rally on Thursday to coincide with President Obama’s appearance in the state to discuss the economy. The event titled the “Occupy Jobs Now” Rally will take place at Norton’s Diner, 233 Main Street in Nashua at 5:30PM.

“We The People is dedicated to preserving freedom, limited government and unlimited opportunity in America. Barack Obama ‘s failed policies crush all three. We must send a loud, clear message that NH rejects his “change” and demands a return to fiscal sanity,” stated Jennifer Horn, President of We The People.

“While President Obama is occupied touting the alleged success of his economic policies, we will be hosting a discussion with New Hampshire business owners and unemployed workers whom the President’s policies have bailed on instead of bailing out,” said Corey Lewandowski, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire. “The ‘Occupy Jobs Now’ Rally will give the people of New Hampshire a forum to discuss the President’s failed policies as well as solutions to get us back on the path to prosperity.”

The Occupy Jobs Now Rally will include remarks from local business owners who are struggling under the Obama Administration policies and New Hampshire workers who are underemployed. Republican gubernatorial candidates Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith have also been invited to attend.

WHO: We The People and Americans for Prosperity (AFP) New Hampshire

WHAT: “Occupy Jobs Now” Rally

WHEN: Thursday, March 1 at 5:30PM

WHERE: Norton’s Diner, 233 Main Street, Nashua, NH


Occupy NH General Assembly in Nashua!!!

February 8, 2012
State Wide Occupy NH General Assembly
Date: February 18, 2012 12:00-3:00 pm
Location: Unitarian Universalist Church 58 Lowell St. Nashua, NH 03064
Members of Occupy Nashua will host a state wide General Assembly on Sunday, February 18th in Nashua. The General Assembly will include members from other Occupy movements and individuals from across the state. Updates on community actions and information on future actions and events will be made available. Following the General Assembly, teach-in sessions are scheduled. Topics of the teach-in sessions include information on NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Other topics may include information on Occupy Foreclosures. This event is open to the public. Food will be provided and all are welcome to attend. For more information go to: www.occupyNH.org

Thank You Occupy NH for the Video from the Lobby Day!!!

Videos of House Labor Committee recorded by Occupy NH Live Stream.  Since USTREAM is a free service to broadcast live events through mobile devices there will be ads, as well as quality may not be the greatest.  However it will give you a chance to see and hear some of the people who spoke at the Public Hearing.

Opening of Collective Bargaining statements by Rep Lambert, Rep Manuse, and Rep Jasper (30 mins)

President of the NH PFF Dave Lang (3 mins)

Continues (5 mins)

More Testimony against HB1645 including the Republican Teacher who is president of Manchester Education Association (15 mins)

Occupy Wall Street comes up with 9 Demands from the 99%

Occupy Wall Street has been criticized for not having a solid message or demands for what they want to change.  That is all changing.  Just released is the “9 Demands of the 99%“.  This site has eight demands and lets You fill in the 9th demand.   I have included the first eight demands. Please click the link above to fill in your own message!

A message from Working America:
Americans across the country have spoken up. We’re sick and tired of a country that only works for the 1%. It’s time to bring the corporate agenda to an end, and it starts with these demands—common-sense policies that would restore the balance for the 99%.
What do you think we need to do to make America work for the other 99%? It’s up to you to make the ninth demand. It’s your opportunity to say what you think will get our country working again.

Support Communities, not Wall Street

  1. Tax Wall Street for gambling with our money. Pass the financial speculation tax.
  2. Support education. Put teachers back in classrooms and ease the crippling burden of student debt.
  3. Keep working families in their homes. Pass a mortgage relief plan that puts the needs of homeowners above the greed of mortgage bankers.
  4. End too big to fail. Rein in the big banks NOW and hold the people who caused the financial crisis accountable.

America Wants to Work

  1. Fair share of taxes from the 1%. End the Bush tax cuts for the 1% and close corporate tax loopholes.
  2. Businesses should invest in jobs. Corporations must stop sitting on their profits and start hiring again here in America.
  3. Extend unemployment insurance. Millions of Americans are still out of work, and unemployment insurance is a vital lifeline.

Restore Democracy

  1. End corporate control of our democracy. Abolish “corporate personhood” and restore full voting rights to real people.

Busted! Memo Shows Boehner Aides Pitch Million Dollar Anti-OWS Attack Campaign to Bankers

Over the past few months we have talked about the Occupy Wall Street events and how they relate to labor throughout the U.S.  Now it is coming out that the Republican Party is afraid of the OWS movement and fears it will lead to a re-election of President Obama.  A well known lobbying group connected to Speaker Boehner send out a memo to the American Banking Association, explaining how that need to stop OWS or they will loose support in Washington from both sides.  Ultimately leading to a financial loss.

I encourage you all to read the article first and get an explanation as to what they are trying to accomplish and then read the Letter to ABA.  

OpEdNews – Article: Busted! Memo Shows Boehner Aides Pitch Million Dollar Anti-OWS Attack Campaign to Bankers: “On Saturday morning, November 19, Chris Hayes, broke the story on his weekend show, Up With Chris Hayes, that the Washington D.C. lobbying firm of Clark, Lytle, Geduldig and Cranford (CLGC), sent an unsolicited memorandum to the American Banker’s Association outlining a plan to neutralize any impact the Occupy Wall Street movement might have upon the upcoming 2012 elections. “

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