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Republicans Ram Through Unconstitutional School Voucher Bill

The House of Representatives voted today to pass SB 193, legislation establishing a school voucher program allowing parents to use Education Trust Fund dollars to subsidize tuition to private schools including religious institutions.

House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) released the following statement after the vote:

“Simply put, this bill is an unconstitutional attempt to weaken confidence in public education and reduce funding to public schools.”

“Because funding for this program will come directly from the Education Trust Fund, the total amount distributed to school districts throughout the state will be reduced.  To participate in the program, parents of children with disabilities must waive their right to special education and related services.”

“This legislation was written to deliberately circumvent the New Hampshire Constitution, which clearly and distinctly prohibits the use of tax dollars for religious education.  The pass-through scheme concocted by this bill is an embarrassment to the founders of this great state.”

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“Governor Sununu’s SB193 school voucher bill is an irresponsible, fundamentally unfair bill that violates our obligation to treat all students equally. It means private and religious schools that are under no obligation to follow state or federal education standards would receive our taxpayer dollars. It means students with disabilities would be subject to schools that are ill-equipped to take on their unique challenges. It means that parents of transgender students would have to give their taxpayer money to schools that ban their children.

The bill promises additional revenue to make up for the losses public schools would inevitably incur, but we’ve yet to see where this money will come from. Will Sununu and the Republicans raise our taxes just to give more money to private and religious schools or will they take money away from crucial services that so many depend on? SB193 is a key part of Governor Sununu & Commissioner Frank Edelblut’s attempt to overhaul the New Hampshire education system, moving the focus away from public schools. They should focus instead on growing and strengthening our public schools to make sure every student has a chance to succeed.”

AFT-NH’s President Doug Ley released the following after yesterday’s vote:

“Despite a powerful speech by Rep. Robert Elliott denouncing the bill as in clear violation of Article 6 of the NH Constitution which explicitly bars spending public monies on religious or sectarian schools, a majority composed almost entirely of House Republicans took a major step towards dismantling the State’s commitment to funding public education. By siphoning public tax revenues into private schools SB193 erodes the State’s commitment to maintaining and providing a quality public education to all children and sets up a separate system of funding for private schools. With all assessment and accountability left in the hands of a private agency that also handles transferring public monies to private schools via “Education Savings Accounts,” the incentive to rake in more revenue by ignoring any serious assessment or accountability is clear. It is a case of the fox guarding the henhouse and ultimately, local taxpayers will bear the additional costs.

“SB193 now moves to the Finance Committee, which must somehow figure a way to fund the program without local property tax increases or raising additional State revenues. As one member of the Finance Committee noted on the House floor, SB193 is a jumble of half-baked financial schemes and unanswered financial questions which will pose great challenges for the committee. There is no clear timeline, though the committee will need to report the bill to the House no later than March 2018.”

The NHDP Fires Back At The O’Connor Campaign, O’Connor Responds With More Accusations

The plot thickens.  

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is now squarely in the middle of the potential lawsuit bonanza from the Shawn O’Connor campaign.

First it was a lawsuit against Carol Shea-Porter where he alleged she is running a “whisper campaign” against him.   He release multiple statements accusing Shea-Porter but all of the people who came forward in support of O’Connor all confirmed hearing rumors but none could connect it to the Shea-Porter campaign.

Apparently he also tried to use the same tactics to attack the NH Democratic Party and Chairman Buckley for not intervening.  Today Attorney William Christie representing the NHDP responded to those claims.

“Over the past two weeks Congressional Candidate Shawn O’Connor has made public statements regarding his opponent in the Democratic Primary for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.  Among other things, Mr. O’Connor has told the public he asked the New Hampshire Democratic Party (“NHDP”) to mediate a resolution to the allegations he has raised.  This characterization of Mr. O’Connor’s communications with NHDP is inaccurate. 

In early March 2016, Mr. O’Connor threatened to file a lawsuit against NHDP citing vague allegations that he had been defamed by NHDP employees.  Despite several requests by NHDP, Mr. O’Connor refused to provide any specifics regarding his complaints.  Throughout the process, Mr. O’Connor has made inappropriate and troubling demands including a suggestion that NHDP or some other third party should pay Mr. O’Connor money to withdraw from the congressional race.  

NHDP has refused to respond to these demands.  Mr. O’Connor has now renewed his threat to sue NHDP.  If Mr. O’Connor files suit, NHDP will reply in the proper forum and we fully anticipate this controversy will be resolved in NHDP’s favor.”

After this statement was released by the NHDP, O’Connor quickly released his own statement, full of more outrageous accusations, claiming all of the allegations from the NHDP are false.

“I was dismayed by the spurious and completely false allegations made against me by Attorney Bob Christie of Shaheen & Gordon in a statement released today by the New Hampshire Democratic Party,” said O’Connor.

As O’Connor did in previous statements, he included a rundown of accusations but fails to include any specifics like, who was spreading these rumors about him, just more nameless accusations.

On February 19, 2016, I contacted NHDP Chairman Buckley with a list of 10 detailed, demonstrably false allegations that had been disseminated by NHDP staffers and members of Carol Shea-Porter’s campaign team and asked Chairman Buckley to help end the dissemination of these untruthful statements…

On March 2, 2016, my attorney sent a detailed, 8-page letter to Chairman Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Carol Shea-Porter and the Shea-Porter campaign outlining, again, in great detail the numerous false allegations being spread by NHDP staffers and the Shea-Porter campaign…

(At time of publication I contacted the O’Connor campaign requesting copies of the above letters and received no response.)

Again he reiterates his plan to sue the NHDP while affirming that he can back up his statement but will not release that information until the “appropriate time.”

We consider Mr. Christie’s accusations on behalf of the NHDP today defamation per se and will pursue our legal rights against the party. We have substantial correspondence and documentation supporting this and all the other statements made in this release which we will make public at the appropriate time.

Lastly he is accusing the NHDP of “taking sides” in the primary by refusing to get involved in this He-said She-said dispute between O’Connor and Shea-Porter.

Finally, we have long contested that the NHDP has been violating Section E(1), specifically Subsections E(1)(j) and E(1)(h) of the state party’s constitution (on which I relied in entering the party’s primary). These sections of the party constitution require that the NHDP remain neutral in party primaries. Today’s completely unprovoked attack on me serves as further proof that the party is supporting Ms. Shea-Porter and violating its own constitution. This is both undemocratic and un-Democratic.”

Just to clarify (and I am not a lawyer) but this statement says that the NH Democratic Party’s attorney is protecting the NHDP and it’s Chair, Ray Buckley.  Nothing in their statement says they are defending Carol Shea-Porter.  Furthermore, they are trying to stay out of this entire outrageous dispute being pushed by Shawn O’Connor and are therefor trying to stay completely neutral.  Forcing them to defend you, Mr O’Connor, would mean they have taken sides as well.

I guess Mr. O’Connor is finding it hard than he thought it would be to move to NH and buy himself a Congressional seat, so he is going to sue his opponents until there is nobody left to run against him.

The NH Union Leader also covered this story but did not include O’Connor’s statement.

Related Reading: Guest Editorial: Why Shawn O’Connor is a Liability to Democrats

A Peek Inside Kelly Ayotte’s Valentines Mailbox Courtesy Of The NHDP

Concord, N.H. – The New Hampshire Democratic Party has exclusively obtained the content’s of Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Valentines Mailbox.

Here’s a look at who’s sending her love this February 14th:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
You vote how we say,
So we love you!
Yours, The Koch Brothers

Kelly Ayotte voted with the Koch Brothers nearly 90% of the time her first four years in the Senate, she’s received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from them and their employees and she’s benefited from millions of dollars in ads from their dark money groups.

Dear Kelly,
We’ve been fans ever since you first voted to let us keep our special tax loopholes. But now that you’ve also voted to allow us to keep spending unlimited political money without disclosing it, we want to take our relationship to the next level.
Will you be our Valentine?
Love, Big Oil

Last week, Ayotte voted against a measure that would have required big oil companies to disclose their political spending. She has also voted multiple times to protect tax breaks for big oil companies, opposing legislation that would have closed over $20 billion in tax loopholes for the five largest oil companies.

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks again for sticking to our secret campaign pledge! Enjoy these chocolates!
Love, The NRA

To fulfill a secret campaign pledge made to the NRA, Kelly Ayotte opposed a measure to prevent known and suspected terrorists from buying guns and explosives. She also opposed a common-sense bipartisan effort to strengthen criminal background checks for gun purchases.

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for always having our backs.

It’s so great to know we can rely on you to protect our interests in Washington.

…Also wanted to make sure that our latest checks had arrived.

<3 ,The Big Banks


Wall Street is Ayotte’s top campaign contributor, having donated more to her campaign than any other industry. So it’s no wonder Ayotte has voted repeatedly to roll back Wall Street reforms and even voted to continue taxpayer subsidies for corporate compensation for millionaires, like those on Wall Street.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Launches “Sununu’s GOP” Accountability Campaign

CONCORD – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching “Sununu’s GOP”, a campaign to hold Chris Sununu accountable for the out of touch candidates and policies he supports –  as Republican candidates for president continue to tout their anti-women, anti-middle class, and anti-LGBT policies across the Granite State.

Over the next few weeks, Democrats plan to highlight with events, advertising, and social media “Sununu’s GOP” – drawing attention to the outrageous policies spouted by national Republicans that Chris Sununu endorses.

Holly Shulman, former New Hampshire Democratic Party and Obama 2012 New Hampshire communications director will lead this effort that will reach beyond the Primary and lay the groundwork for the 2016 campaign against Chris Sununu.

”From John Kasich’s anti-jobs policy to shut the Portsmouth shipyard, to Rubio’s opposition to abortion without exception, to all of the GOP candidates’ calls to defund Planned Parenthood, to Trump’s insults of women and immigrants, to everyone from Ted Cruz to Mike Huckabee supporting local government officials who deny LGBT couples the right to marry, Chris Sununu is standing by these policies that are out of touch and out of date with Granite Staters,“ said Holly Shulman, New Hampshire Democratic Party spokeswoman.

“Once the Republican Primary is over, Chris Sununu will still be here – and Granite Staters won’t have forgotten his support for the policies and candidates that would rip up the progress we have made. And whoever emerges from the Republican presidential primary will be Chris Sununu’s pick for president.“ 

“This is Chris Sununu’s GOP – and Elephants and Independents won’t forget.”

NHDP Calls on Kelly Ayotte and Jennifer Horn to Denounce Sexist Comments by NH GOP Elected Officials

Concord, N.H.—Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party called on New Hampshire Republican Party boss Kelly Ayotte and NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn to denounce the recent disturbing and sexist public comments made by Republican State Representatives regarding breastfeeding. 

In response to a State Representative’s Facebook post regarding an indecent exposure bill under consideration in the legislature, Republican State Representative Josh Moore actually condoned sexual assault, saying that if a woman shows her nipple in public, she “should have no problem with a mans inclantion [sic] to stare at it and grab it.”

Republican Representative Al Baldassaro took a different tactic in his response, personally insulting his fellow lawmaker, telling her “your nipple would be the last one I would want to see.” 

After these disgusting comments drew scorn and criticism from across the nation, Baldarasso doubled down on his virulent misogyny. He replied, “I am not a shamed of a dam thing, you sit there, hold your breath and wait for my apologie [sic].”  

“Kelly Ayotte and Jennifer Horn should immediately condemn these sexist comments and make clear that this disturbing and sexually violent rhetoric has no place in New Hampshire’s public discourse,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “This rhetoric is not only offensive to women but an embarrassment to the state. Women across the Granite State deserve to know that New Hampshire’s political leaders won’t stand idly by and allow them to be insulted and degraded by elected members of their own organization.”

Kelly Ayotte Tries To Undo Support Of Radical Extremist GOP Frontrunner

CNN’s John King Reports On Kelly Ayotte’s Latest Political Contortions As She Tries To Undo Her Early Embrace Of Trump

Ayotte’s Allies Now Reportedly Pressing GOP Activists To Switch Allegiance From Trump 

Concord, N.H. — After Kelly Ayotte called Trump’s entrance into the presidential race a “positive development” and even met privately with Trump in New Hampshire following his announcement, CNN’s John King reports that Ayotte is now politically contorting herself once again to try to undo her early embrace of Trump. 

According to King, an “increasingly anxious” Kelly Ayotte now fears that Donald Trump carrying the banner for the Republican party into next year’s election would spell doom for her own campaign. King added that “there’s an effort underway by key Ayotte allies to press GOP activists in the state who back Trump to apply the all politics is local rule and perhaps think again.” 

Despite Ayotte’s recent political posturing, when it comes to actual policy positions Ayotte and Trump have a lot in common. NH1’s Kevin Landrigan reported, “Candidate for Senate Kelly Ayotte back in 2010 offered her support for amending the Constitution to get rid of birthright citizenship,” years before Donald Trump came under fire for advocating the very same position.

“Once again, Kelly Ayotte is resorting to blatantly political contortions to try to save her political career as she tries to undo the damage she caused by helping lend legitimacy to Trump’s campaign,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “It’s no surprise that Ayotte is now trying to run away from her early embrace of Trump and their shared position on ending birthright citizenship. This is just another example of Kelly Ayotte doing and saying anything to rewrite her record and save her own political career.”

Carly Fiorina: Not just a failure for HP

Carly Fiorina siding with the GOP and its reckless attacks on women

The parade of Republican presidential candidates continues today in the Granite State with Carly Fiorina, ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard, a colossal failure” in the business world. Fiorina is speaking to women in New Hampshire today, but much like her business career, her policies would be a colossal failure to women here in the Granite State and around the country.


Economic Equality

Let’s start with economics. Today, even in 2015, women aren’t ensured equal pay. What does Fiorina think? She doesn’t support legislation requiring equal pay for women. Let’s just remember that when she was fired from HP, she enjoyed a $42 million golden parachute. If only women fighting for equal pay were so lucky. But she’s not alone:

  • Marco Rubio downplayed the importance of equal pay and said the Paycheck Fairness Act was about “wasting time,” and “scoring political points.”
  • Jeb Bush stated that he did not know what the Paycheck Fairness Act was when he was asked about it.
  • Chris Christie even vetoed equal pay legislation calling it “senseless bureaucracy.”
  • Rand Paul compared the Paycheck Fairness Act to the Soviet Politburo.


Paid Family Leave

Now for a family favorite – making sure families have time to care for a newborn or a sick relative, without fear of losing their job or salary. Under Carly Fiorina, that fear could be alive and well. Carly “$42 million dollar golden parachute” Fiorina opposes a paid family leave guarantee, putting control in the hands of corporations. Not a lot of hope there, given that only 12 percent of American workers in the private sector have access to such policies through their employer. 

On this, Carly Fiorina is right there with the rest of the GOP. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan, who famously agreed to run for the post only if he could spend weekends with his family, opposes paid leave. Lucky him.

  • Marco Rubio introduced a plan to make paid family leave optional, leaving the U.S. as “the only developed country with no guarantee.” He also voted against an amendment to allow Americans to earn paid sick time, and has said he doesn’t think mothers of newborns deserve paid leave.
  • Jeb Bush opposed federal paid maternity leave and while governor of Florida, refused to extend unemployment insurance benefits to fathers and mothers taking time off after the birth or adoption of a child.
  • John Kasich, while in Congress, voted against the Family and Medical Leave Act, twice.
  • And Rand Paul has simply refused to discuss policies about maternity and family leave.


Women’s Health 

And when it comes to supporting a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, Fiorina is not on board with that either. She has called for overturning Roe v. Wade, which would backtrack women’s rights to the 1960’s. But that’s not all. She backed a measure that would have required women who were raped to file a police report before obtaining an abortion, even after GOP women in Congress said the bill was too extreme. She even thinks the Texas law that puts women in danger by restricting their access to a safe and legal abortion (that’s right, the same law that the U.S. Supreme Court will pick apart in the coming months) was “not particularly extreme.”

In sum, Carly Fiorina may try to get women on her side in New Hampshire, but the truth is that GOP policies leave women with fewer opportunities to get ahead and fewer options to take care of their families’ health and their own health. And thankfully for those women, Democrats support equal pay, paid family leave, and a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions without a politician standing in the way.

Ayotte Fact Check: Opposing Efforts To Help Working Families

Kelly Ayotte (Gage Skidmore Flickr CC)

Kelly Ayotte (Gage Skidmore Flickr CC)

Concord, N.H. – As part of the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s “Ayotte Fact Check” accountability project, we will be highlighting a different area of Kelly Ayotte’s true Washington record every day this week.

Today’s focus is Ayotte’s record of opposing efforts to help working families.

“In Washington, Kelly Ayotte has repeatedly voted to put lobbyists and special interests before New Hampshire’s hard-working families, and Granite Staters deserve better,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. “From saying that guaranteed paid leave should be left to the whim of employers to voting against equal pay for women, Ayotte has continually voted directly against the interests of New Hampshire families.”

“Despite Ayotte’s attempts to cover up her record with sham bills that have nice titles but would actually do damage to New Hampshire families, voters will see right through her transparent attempts to save her political career and hold her accountable for her real Washington record,” added Buckley.

See below for the facts on Kelly Ayotte’s record of opposing efforts to help working families:

Ayotte said she “certainly” thinks guaranteed paid leave is “an issue that should be addressed by employers rather than mandated by the government.”

And she followed up those comments by introducing a sham paid leave bill with Mitch McConnell that would actually force workers to choose between overtime pay and leave time, a proposal which experts have called an “empty promise” that “would give workers less flexibility and less pay.” Others have pointed out it’s a “Trojan horse” that means “ripping off workers.”

When asked why she voted against equal pay for women, Ayotte said, “The reason that I voted against that specific bill is that, I looked at it, and there were already existing laws that need to be enforced.”

So instead of supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act, Ayotte introduced a deeply flawed equal pay bill that creates loopholes for employers to prohibit discussion of pay.

For additional facts about Ayotte’s record on women’s economic issues, see here.

Professional Fire Fighters And Others Call For The Removal Of Ad Politicizing Heroin

Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire Logo (Via Facebook)The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire are calling for the conservative group, “Citizens for a Stronger New Hampshire,” to immediately pull their television and digital ads attacking Governor Hassan over the growing heroin epidemic.

“Our members, fire fighters, and paramedics see first-hand the heroin epidemic in this state and witness the effects it has on real people and real families,” said David Lang President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire. “It’s beyond despicable that anyone would try to play politics with New Hampshire’s heroin epidemic by launching a false and offensive attack ad.” 

“Governor Hassan has been a strong leader in combatting substance abuse since she entered office.  She has been on the front lines helping fire fighters, paramedics, and all emergency officials save lives by increasing the availability of Narcan, pushing for more substance abuse treatment options, and working to address the over-prescribing of opioids that can lead to addiction,” Lang continued. “These irresponsible attacks have no place in the effort to combat substance abuse, and I call on this partisan group to immediately take down these reckless attacks.”

House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff also blasted Republicans for passing a budget that “undermines critical priorities” to address public safety issues like the growing heroin epidemic.

“As a former United States Marshal, I’m particularly disturbed by this completely reckless attempt to politicize the most pressing public safety issue facing our state,” said House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff. “Governor Hassan and Democrats in the legislature have made clear that we are deeply concerned that the Republican budget undermines critical priorities for our state, especially efforts to combat the heroin epidemic. It’s time for both sides to finally come together to pass a responsible compromise budget, not launch false and offensive attacks against Governor Hassan.”

The “Citizens for a Stronger NH” have been attacking Governor Hassan in an attempt to weaken her favorability rating as rumors fly that Hassan will run against Senator Kelly Ayotte in 2016.

“It’s truly offensive and reckless that the heroin epidemic is being politicized by Kelly Ayotte’s allies with baseless attacks and accusations not grounded in reality, despite calls from law enforcement to stop playing politics with this critical public health and safety issue,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Ayotte and her allies need to stop meddling in the state budget process and putting partisan politics before the interests of New Hampshire’s people.”

Needle (FLICKR Steven Depolo)

Needle (Image by Steven Depolo FLICKR)

Contrary to the baseless attack ads being pushed throughout the state, Governor Hassan has continually pushed proposals to address the growing heroin epidemic.  The New Hampshire Republican Party has stonewalled Governor Hassan’s multiple attempts to address the issue.

Compromise Budget Proposal 

Governor Hassan has consistently fought for increased resources to address the heroin epidemic while the fiscally irresponsible Republican budget would create a $90 million budget hole, undermining the state’s efforts to combat the heroin crisis.

The Governor’s compromise budget proposal increased funding for substance abuse by $5.7 million, and leading advocates have made clear that “When it comes to combatting New Hampshire’s growing substance abuse epidemic, Gov. Hassan’s proposed budget compromise is clearly better for both sides than the alternative, or in this case, alternatives.” 

Medicaid Expansion

Public health and safety officials have also said that the single most important action the state could take today to combat the heroin epidemic is to reauthorize the successful Medicaid expansion program, and treatment providers have indicated they are waiting to expand programs and facilities until they have certainty that Medicaid expansion will be reauthorized. Yet Republicans have refused to re-authorize expansion due to their own partisan politics.   

Increasing Availability of Narcan

The Governor has fought to expand the availability of Narcan, working with the Department of Safety to increase the number of public safety officials who can administer the emergency treatment, as well as signing legislation allowing family members to obtain prescriptions for Narcan. 

Recommendations to Build on Efforts to Combat Substance Abuse Crisis 

Since entering office, Governor Hassan has made combatting substance abuse a key priority, and in July 2015, the Governor’s Senior Director of Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health released 22 recommendations to further strengthen the state’s efforts.  

Key recommendations, which are already underway, include expanding access to substance abuse treatment and working to prevent overprescribing of opioids that can lead to addiction.


Executive Councilor Chris Sununu Announces His Campaign For Governor

Yesterday it was announced that Executive Councilor Chris Sununu is officially running for Governor of NH.  Sununu told the Concord Monitor:

“As governor, I will work to re-establish an economic climate that will provide dependable, high-paying jobs, and develop pro-growth initiatives to stop the loss of skilled workers and young people to other states,” he said in a statement.

Sununu called for education reform, providing more money for charter schools, performance-based pay for teachers and reinstating school building aid. He also said he would “veto a sales or income tax.”

Many working families and especially women in the Granite State are very familiar with Councilor Sununu.  He recently voted to defund Planned Parenthood leaving thousands of women without access to healthcare.  He has also opposed expanding Medicaid and blocking the expansion of rail service to New Hampshire.

“New Hampshire women should not be forced to seek important health services from an organization that is immersed in scandal and currently being investigated by Congress,” Sununu wrote in a letter to Health and Human Services Commissioner Nick Toumpas. “They deserve more choices and greater access to health care.”

Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern responded to the Councilor Sununu’s announcement:

“Executive Councilor Chris Sununu’s criticisms today of our state, his hits on Governor Hassan, and his pledge to return the state to what it was like in his youth are simply not the path forward to a brighter future for New Hampshire. In the two and a half years I have served next to Chris on the state Executive Council, he has voted to restrict access to basic health care for thousands of New Hampshire women, against key renewable energy projects, against commuter rail to Boston, and against the bipartisan, business-endorsed law that expanded health care to tens of thousands. A brighter future for our state needs leaders who look forward — as Governor Hassan does — not backwards into the past.”

The New Hampshire Republican Party told the Concord Monitor:

“Republicans are pleased that an extremely formidable candidate like Chris Sununu is already declaring his candidacy while qualified candidates like Rep. Frank Edelblut are also considering running,” Chairwoman Jennifer Horn said in a statement. “We expect a positive and productive primary that will produce a strong nominee who will take back the corner office in 2016.”

The New Hampshire Democratic Party also released a statement after the announcement:

“Chris Sununu voted to restrict access to birth control and cancer screenings for thousands of women who rely on local Planned Parenthood health centers and opposed the successful bipartisan expansion of health care to over 41,000 New Hampshire citizens. He’s stood in the way of numerous renewable energy projects that would cut energy costs and create jobs and has done everything he can to stop commuter rail from Boston to central New Hampshire and the jobs that will come with it. He also supported the fiscally irresponsible GOP budget that would create a $90 million hole in our state’s budget.”

“New Hampshire can’t afford another Sununu’s crusade to take us backwards, undermine our economic progress, and hurt women and families – and luckily, after Republicans have lost six straight campaigns for Governor in this state, that’s going to happen again if his father’s hand-picked candidate makes it to next fall.”

It is very early in the campaign so it is still unknown who will be running for Governor.  There are still questions as to whether NH’s current Governor, Maggie Hassan, will run for a third term or whether she will run against Senator Ayotte for U.S. Senate.

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