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Executive Councilors To Hold Public Hearings On Proposed 10 Year Transportation Plan

This is your chance to tell the Executive Council loud and clear that New Hampshire must expand passenger rail service.

The condition of our roads and bridges has been a red hot topic over the past few years.  Overall New Hampshire has hundreds of “red” listed bridges which means they are in dire need of repairs. Tens of thousands of miles of roads that new to be repaved.

What roads should the state prioritize in their 1o year infrastructure plan?

What about new projects like expanding the Everett Turnpike or widening Route 3 through Concord?What new projects should the prioritize in their next 10 year plan?

And the million dollar question: Will the State finally get on board with expanding commuter rail service to New Hampshire?  If so, how far should the rail line go? Nashua? Manchester? Concord?

Past reports showed that expanded rail service would create over 5,000 new permanent jobs boosting our local economy.

Over the next two months Executive Councilors will be holding in-district meetings to hear directly from the people on what they State should prioritize in their 10 year transportation plan.  This is your chance to tell your elected representative that you support expanded rail.

They are asking to hear from you and now is your chance to tell them exactly how you feel.  Below is a printable PDF of all the scheduled public hearings and the Executive Councilor for that district.

Be sure to share this message and invite all your friends and family to attend.  It is time we make our voices loud and clear. We want RAIL!

( For more information on the benefits of expanding rail, click here)

GACIT Public Notice and Schedule

The Union Leader Blasts Andru Volinsky While We Applaud Him For Standing Strong Against Edelblut

This morning, the Union Leader took aim at Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky for his actions during the confirmation hearing of Frank Edelblut for NH Commissioner of Education.

Embarrassing: Andru Volinsky off to a bad start:

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky must have thought he was back in the courtroom, or a high school production of “A Few Good Men.”

The Concord Democrat, best known as the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the Claremont Education Lawsuit, treated the council chambers like his personal stage on Tuesday during the public hearing on Frank Edelblut’s nomination to head the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Volinsky tried to make the case that Edelblut was unqualified for the post because he has never worked inside the education bureaucracy. His grandstanding drew the ire of his fellow councilors, as Volinsky threatened to take more than an hour.

I am sorry, but at what point did being elected to the Executive Council, by the people of New Hampshire, mean that you must rubber stamp all of the Governor’s appointments?

Councilor Volinsky showed everyone that he is not going to roll over while the Governor tries to repay his fellow Republican Gubernatorial contender with a position he is completely unqualified to hold.

Utilizing the skills he acquired as a courtroom lawyer, Volinsky shredded Edelblut for having no experience as an educator and no experience as a school administrator.  Edelblut tried to say that his experience home schooling his seven children has provided him the experience needed to be Commissioner of Education.  The two have no connection at all.  It’s like saying, “I taught myself how to fly and have no license but I am now qualified to run the pilot training program for American Airlines.”

Volinsky showed his true commitment to strengthening New Hampshire’s public schools, something he cares deeply about and has fought for as a litigator for many years.  As the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the landmark Claremont Decision, Volinsky fought to ensure that all schools received adequate funding from the State.

Last year, Volinsky won another case against the state over school funding. The state ruled that the ‘Cap On Adequacy Grants To Public Schools was unconstitutional and awarded Seacoast area schools nearly $12 million dollars as a result of the state’s failure to provide mandated funding. 

We applaud, Councilor Andru Volinsky for doing exactly what the people elected him to do and ensuring that the unfit and unqualified Frank Edelblut does not become Commissioner of Education.

The Sierra Club Of NH Endorses 83 “Environmental Champions” In 2016 Elections


CONCORD, NH—Today, the New Hampshire Chapter of the Sierra Club has released its list of carefully selected candidate endorsements for Governor, Executive Council, State Senate and State House of Representatives. The Chapter endorsements include 65 NH State Representatives, 14 State Senators, 3 Executive Councilors and a Gubernatorial candidates. Of the total 83 endorsed candidates, each has expressed concern for the New Hampshire environment supporting action on climate solutions, public land protections, and the impacts of pollution on human health.

“New Hampshire Sierra Club is pleased to announce the official endorsements for election of these Environmental Champions,” said Jim Allmendinger, the Political Committee Co-Chair for the New Hampshire Sierra Club.

“These candidates are our best hope for preserving clean air and clean water; protecting the wild places of New Hampshire, and promoting a sustainable clean energy future,” continued Allmendinger. “The incumbents worked hard to defend against the radical climate change denying conservative agenda that threatened to dismantle smart, popular energy programs and other successful state programs. The new candidates showed their support for key environmental issues facing the state, using creative problem solving techniques that will move New Hampshire toward a more progressive clean energy future.”

“New Hampshire Sierra Club endorsed these candidates based on responses to an in-depth questionnaire, voting record, and history of environmental involvement. The New Hampshire Sierra Club endorsement list will be distributed to the Sierra Club Members in the state online and in the mail. Members will be encouraged to volunteer and support the various campaigns in a vigorous state-wide member to member outreach program.”

Full list of endorsements here.

Dan Weeks Reports Record Small Donations And Early Fundraising In Voluntary Disclosure

Reformer-turned-candidate voluntarily limits and discloses campaign contributions, urges opponent to do the same 

Nashua, NH – Executive Council candidate and government reform advocate Dan Weeks announced Thursday that his campaign raised 657 individual donations totaling $107,323 from March through June, while rejecting corporate contributions and capping all donations far below the legal limit. 

The report, which also showed a majority of campaign contributions were made in amounts of $50 or less and 78% in amounts of $100 or less, was delivered as a voluntary end-of-quarter disclosure to the NH Secretary of State; candidates are not required to disclose their finances until late August, just days before the September 13th primary. Both the number of donations and total amount raised are records for the first 100 days of a NH Executive Council campaign, according to past election reports filed with the Secretary of State.

Report Summary, March-June 2016 (campaign to-date)

Donation Size

Donations Count

Percent of Donations

$50 or less



$100 or less



$250 or less



$500 or less



Total Donations



Total Amount



“When I launched my campaign this spring, I asked the voters of District 5 to join me in practicing a different kind of politics, free from undue influence of big money contributors,” Weeks said. “Although we have a long way to go to transform our broken political system, I am honored that thousands of my fellow citizens have stepped forward already – as small donors, ballot petition signers, or volunteers – to make this a people-powered campaign. I believe today’s fundraising report, showing record small donations and not a dime in corporate support, is evidence that voters value democracy and want candidates who practice it in their campaigns.”

Weeks, who stepped down in March as Executive Director of the nonpartisan government watchdog group Open Democracy, has long advocated for increased transparency and campaign finance reform. Among his reform proposals, reiterated in a letter to Secretary of State Bill Gardner today, are capping contributions to state candidates at $1,000 for the primary and general elections by removing the political committee loophole (whereby candidates may accept up to $5,000 per contributor prior to filing their candidacy); prohibiting direct corporate contributions to campaigns; requiring all state candidates with receipts over $500 to file their fundraising reports online on a minimum quarterly basis; and enacting citizen funded elections via voucher or matching funds for qualifying candidates who voluntarily accept only small donations. Weeks has sought to voluntarily model these reforms in his campaign. 

“Strengthening democracy and stopping big money politics has been the central focus of my professional life since attending high school here in District 5 and meeting Granny D,” Weeks said. “Although more work needs to be done at the legislative level to increase disclosure and implement citizen-funded elections, I believe that candidates can and must ‘walk the talk’ by voluntarily capping and disclosing their donations, and saying no to corporate support. That’s what I have done, and will continue to do, throughout my campaign. I urge my opponent to do the same.”

Granite Staters Rejoice As Planned Parenthood Funding Is Restored.

Image courtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Image courtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Thousands of Granite Staters are rejoicing today as the New Hampshire Executive Council voted 3-2 to restore funding to Planned Parenthood.

Going into the vote, Councilors Colin Van Ostern and Chris Pappas were firmly supporting restoring the funding as they also voted against defunding Planned Parenthood last year. On the other side, Councilors David Wheeler and Joe Kenny were staunchly against it.

This left Councilor Chris Sununu to cast the truly deciding vote.

Ahead of the vote, more than 1,500 voters signed a petition urging the Executive Council to fund Planned Parenthood and a crowd of Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund supporters watched as the vote took place.

To the surprise of many, Chris Sununu voted “yes” to approving the contract, restoring funding to Planned Parenthood.

Sununu said in a statement after the vote that he originally voted against funding of Planned Parenthood last year because they “under investigation.” He said that now that Planned Parenthood has been cleared of any wrongdoing, “they should be treated like any other organization that comes before the council.”

Image curtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Image curtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

“Today’s vote is a victory for women in New Hampshire,” said Jennifer Frizzell, Vice President of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund. “Restored funding to PPNNE will increase Granite Staters’ access to birth control, cancer screenings, and STI testing and treatment. We are pleased that a bipartisan majority of the Council listened to their constituents and the majority of New Hampshire voters and chose to reverse course from last year’s vote. Blocking access to health care at Planned Parenthood threatened the wellbeing of Granite State citizens.”

“Finally, after nearly a year of New Hampshire women having less access to birth control, cancer screenings, and annual exams, today’s vote was a big win for the people of our state,” said Executive Councilor and Democratic candidate for Governor, Colin Van Ostern. “I’m proud of the thousands across New Hampshire who brought the grassroots pressure needed to flip this vote, and I promise to keep fighting — and to keep winning — for better access to health care for women and families every day.”

“Today’s vote was a victory for the thousands of women and men who receive care at Planned Parenthood health centers across the state,” said Executive Councilor Chris Pappas. “I’m hopeful we’ve put the divisive politics of the past behind us and will keep ideology out of the Council chamber on women’s health.”

“We must always promote health and economic security in our communities, and I will continue to speak up for the thousands Granite Staters who depend on basic access to life-saving health care,” added Pappas.

“Today’s vote is a critically important step forward for the health and economic well-being of thousands of Granite Staters,” said Governor Maggie Hassan.

“The fundamental right of women to access health care is essential to the economic security and vitality of our families, and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England provides critical primary and preventive health care services to thousands of New Hampshire women, including cancer screenings, birth control and STD testing. This contract reflects our bipartisan agreement with the legislature to fund these critical family planning services through the budget this biennium, and I am pleased by today’s vote to support access to these critical health services for women and families across the state,” added Hassan.

Image courtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Image courtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund

“It’s troubling that women’s access to reproductive health care is still the subject of ideological and political attacks, and we must not let up in our fight to ensure that women and families have access to the important health services that are essential to the economic security and vitality of our families,” Hassan concluded.

“This is an important victory for the women and families of New Hampshire,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen. “Despite threats and intimidation, Planned Parenthood of New England provides critical health care services to almost 13,000 women in the Granite State. Many of these women rely on the full range of health services offered at Planned Parenthood to get the care they need. Women in every part of our state deserve access to affordable reproductive health services and vital preventive care. After last year’s destructive vote to defund Planned Parenthood, I’m very relieved that the New Hampshire Executive Council has voted to right a wrong and prioritize women’s health.”

Some of the Democratic candidates for Executive Council used this opportunity to highlight the differences between themselves and their Executive Councilor opponents.

“Quality, affordable health care is the building block of a successful life and should never be subject to partisan politics,” said Dan Weeks, former Executive Director of Open Democracy and Democratic candidate for Executive Council in District 5. “I congratulate Republican Councilor Chris Sununu on joining Democratic Councilors Chris Pappas and Colin Van Ostern to return our state to its longstanding bipartisan tradition of investing in women’s health, even as my opponent Councilor Wheeler decided to again prioritize his personal ideology over the needs and wishes of his constituents. If I am elected Councilor in District 5, I will ensure that New Hampshire continues the vital tradition of supporting women’s health.”

“If our goal is protecting women’s health, reducing abortions and teenage pregnancies, and saving taxpayer money, this contract is a no-brainer,” Weeks said. “My opponent espouses a ‘pro-life’ and ‘fiscally-conservative’ position but his actions do not appear to bear it out, nor do they represent the wishes of his constituents. I urge Councilor Wheeler to stop playing politics with women’s health through his rejection of routine Planned Parenthood contracts and other gender-equity reforms.”

“Women shouldn’t have to beg those in power to place their needs before partisan political considerations,” said Beth Roth, candidate for Executive Council in District 3 seeking to succeed Chris Sununu. “Councilor Sununu made a reckless, foolish choice last year in voting down the Planned Parenthood contract. He made critical health care services inaccessible to thousands of women in New Hampshire.”

“Now that he’s felt political pressure from people in his district and around the state, he made the political calculation it is expedient to approve the contract. I applaud the fact he found it in his heart to reinstate these services, but NH women have the right to expect better from their Councilor. This kind of power politics has no place in a body such as the Executive Council, and underscores the reason I chose to seek the seat Councilor Sununu is vacating. We need people on the Executive Council who are serious about governance and understand what real New Hampshire women and families are going through,” Roth concluded.

Van Ostern Highlights That Texas Is Not The Only State Fending Off Attacks On Women’s Health

Dont Take Away My Breast Exams - Image by Charlotte Cooper FLIKR CC

Don’t Take Away My Breast Exams – Image by Charlotte Cooper FLIKR CC

Anti-Choice Legislators In New Hampshire Have Attempted To Pass Similar “Trap Laws” To Those Rejected By The Supreme Court Today 

Van Ostern Applauds U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Whole Woman’s Health, Says New Hampshire Shouldn’t Interfere With Family Planning

CONCORD, N.H. – Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States made a ruling in the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt that challenged a Texas law designed to restrict a woman’s right to choose.  Legislators in Texas attempted to pass restrictive legislation that would have forced many women’s health centers to close down.  

More commonly known as Trap Laws, this type of  legislation specifically targets clinic doctors and the clinics themselves. In Texas, they mandated that doctors in a clinic that provided abortion services have admitting privileges at a local hospital.  Hospital executives then refuse to give doctors admitting privileges thereby forcing the clinic to shut down.

Colin Van Ostern for Governor campaign event in Concord, New Hampshire on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Copyright 2016 Rob Strong

Colin Van Ostern for Governor campaign event in Concord, New Hampshire on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.
Copyright 2016 Rob Strong

Executive Councilor and Democratic candidate for Governor, Colin Van Ostern praised the Supreme Court’s ruling and spoke out against the attacks by Republicans in the NH Executive Council who are attempting to close women’s health centers in New Hampshire by defund Planned Parenthood. 

“Today, the U.S. Supreme Court reminded us once again that a woman’s right to her own health care decisions should be left to her and her health care provider, without politicians getting in the way,” said Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern. “On Wednesday, New Hampshire’s Executive Council now has the chance to follow the Supreme Court’s lead by restoring state funding for birth control, cancer screenings, and annual exams that was shut off last summer by Chris Sununu and two other men despite its broad bipartisan support. It’s time to right this wrong and restore these funds.”

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire Executive Council will consider whether to restore funding for essential and lifesaving health services for 13,000 families.

Van Ostern has pledged to vote to restore funding for these critical health services made available through Planned Parenthood and other providers. In 2015, he was recognized for his leadership on women’s health issues by NARAL Pro-Choice NH and was named the state’s “Champion for Choice.”

Most recently, Van Ostern and Councilor Chris Pappas sent a letter to the three Republican Councilors urging them to reconsider their opposition to women’s health services.

Mark Connolly, also a candidate for Governor, sent an open letter to Councilor Sununu urging him to support the upcoming Planned Parenthood contract.

While the vote in the Executive Council tomorrow is specifically about funding Planned Parenthood health centers, it is only one of the many attacks on women’s health and reproductive rights in New Hampshire.

In recent years, an extreme group of New Hampshire legislators have repeatedly introduced legislation that mirrors the unconstitutional provisions in the Texas law struck down today, including burdensome clinic regulations, waiting periods and admitting privilege requirements. There were sixteen (16) bills filed in the 2016 legislative session to restrict access to safe, legal abortion and other reproductive care. All of these bills faced bipartisan defeat in either the New Hampshire House or Senate.

Jennifer Frizzell, Vice President of NH Planned Parenthood Action Fund, praised the Supreme Court decision while highlighting how legislators right here in New Hampshire are passing legislation similar to HB2 in Texas to restrict women’s access to safe, legal abortions.

“Today is a great day for women’s health. The Supreme Court has made it clear that politicians cannot pass laws which block access to safe, legal abortion,” said Frizzell. “An extreme group of New Hampshire legislators has been attempting to punish women and doctors for receiving or providing essential medical care by introducing legislation we now know to be unconstitutional.”

“We will continue to fight restrictions on safe, legal abortion on behalf of our patients in New Hampshire,” Frizzell added.

A PerryUndem poll commissioned by Vox found that the majority of Americans oppose restrictions meant to shutter health centers or make it more difficult for women to access abortion, and that 70 percent of Americans don’t want to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund will be hosting a “rally in pink” to urge Councilors to restore funding to Planned Parenthood prior to the Executive Council meeting on June 29th at 9am.
(More details on PPAF’s Facebook Event)

Also take a few seconds to sign the petition urging Executive Councilor to restore funding for Planned Parenthood health centers.


Salem Attorney Files For NH Executive Council From District 3

Roth Filing1Concord — Surrounded by supporters from several communities in District 3, attorney Beth Roth, a Democrat from Salem, officially filed for Executive Council today.

“There are many reasons for running, but first and foremost, I’m running to restore a majority on the Executive Council that puts the people’s interests ahead of politics once and for all: we must start by fully restoring funding for Planned Parenthood,” Roth told her supporters. “If elected, I’d draw on a unique background, both in my professional and personal life, to inform decisions before the Council, including ones that determine our response to the opioid epidemic plaguing our communities and devastating our families.

“My constituents in District 3 would have a listening ear, an ally and an advocate in Concord and in their community. Being of service to others is just who I am. That’s why I chose careers as an attorney, an educator, a mental health counselor, and in nursing, and why I ran for Salem’s Select Board. Anyone who has ever sought my help knows I have their back.”

Roth has demonstrated extensive leadership in shaping and meeting the needs of her community in elected and appointed positions. Elected to two terms on Salem’s Board of Selectmen, Roth was the first woman ever to chair the Board. During her six years of service, she represented the Board on the Town’s Budget Committee and Council on Aging, and initiated its Economic Development Action Committee. She also served on the town’s Planning Board, and is a long-standing member of Salem’s Historic District Commission.

Roth has chaired the board of CLM, Southern New Hampshire’s community mental health center, and currently serves as its vice chair. A small business owner with her own law practice, Roth chairs the Government Affairs Committee of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of the Board of Corporators for Pentucket Bank, and is a member in the Greater Salem Rotary.

Beth and her husband Mark raised their three daughters in Salem, and delight in spending time with their families, which include three sons-in-law and eight grandchildren.

The campaign will hold a meet and greet this evening in Portsmouth to kick off the campaign on the Seacoast. 

For more information about Beth Roth and the campaign, visit www.bethroth4nh.net. 

Communities in Executive Council District 3: Atkinson, Brentwood, Chester, Danville, Derry, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Greenland, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, New Castle, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, Newton, North Hampton, Pelham, Plaistow, Raymond, Rye, Salem, Sandown, Seabrook, South Hampton, Stratham, Windham and the City of Portsmouth.


Andru Volinsky Releases New Video Addressing Questions From Granite Staters About The Executive Council

Last week, Andru Volinsky released a short video, “What Is The NH Executive Council?”  In that video he explained that the “NH Executive Council is the most powerful governmental body that no one knows about.”

Today, Volinsky released a longer, more in depth video of what the Executive Council does and why the Executive Council is important to Granite Staters.

“The Executive Council is responsible for maintaining the vitality of our economy, it sets the course for the judiciary for decades to come, and has a direct impact on our every day lives,” Volinsky states in the video.

The video addresses direct questions from real Granite Stater’s about the role of the Executive Council like appointing state judges, the state’s transportation plan, and approving state contracts like funding for Planned Parenthood.

“I’m Andru Volinsky and I’m running for Executive Council in District Two because I’m fighting for fairness—for our kids, our state’s workers, and our communities,” said Volinsky at the conclusion of the video.

Click here to see the video on YouTube

What Is The NH Executive Council? Andru Volinsky Explains

What is New Hampshire’s Executive Council?

Andru Volinsky full

Andru Volisky, Candidate for NH’s Executive Council for District 2

Unless you a real NH political wonk, you probably do not know much about what the Executive Council’s role is in the New Hampshire government.

Today, Andru Volinsky, a candidate for Executive Council in district 2, released the first in a series of short videos to help people understand what the Executive Council is and why it is so important to elect Executive Councilors who are intent on keeping New Hampshire moving in the right direction.

“While visiting communities and meeting voters across District Two, I’ve realized the Executive Council is the most powerful governmental body that no one knows about. This video is the first in a series that illustrates the impact the Executive Council’s actions have on Granite Staters’ every day lives, from access to health care, transportation, and the judicial system,” said Andru Volinsky.

Over the past couple of years the Executive Council has voted to defund Planned Parenthood, worked to block the Medicaid Expansion, and block efforts to expand rail service to New Hampshire.  These are just of few of the many things the Executive Council deals with.

It is imperative that people understand the power that the Executive Council hold over the state and that we must elect strong leaders to the Council.

The next, full-length Volinsky for Executive Council campaign video will be released live at a Meet and Greet at True Brew Barista & Café in Bicentennial Square on Thursday, May 5th at 5 p.m.

Watch the full video here.

Republicans In The NH Executive Council Put Politics Over People By Defunding Planned Parenthood


Today the Republican led Executive Council in New Hampshire upped their attacks on women and working families. In a 3-2 vote the Executive Council voted to defund Planned Parenthood in the NH.

Jenifer Horn, the NH GOP Chair cited the false and misleading video as justification for defunding an organization that provides many low-income families with much needed healthcare services. Horn wants the Governor to investigate the potential illegal activities by Planned Parenthood.

“This isn’t a matter of being pro-choice or pro-life. It’s about ensuring that public dollars are not being given to a company that may be engaged in criminal activity”

What a bunch of hogwash! This is just another example of the evangelical right pushing their anti-abortion agenda on the rest of us!

First, Planned Parenthood does not use tax money for any abortions services, it is already against the law. Second, fetal tissue is donated, not sold, for life saving research that could lead to the end of Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s, Polio, and countless other chronic diseases. Third, and most importantly, fetal tissue donation does not occur in New Hampshire at all!

These baseless attacks on women’s reproductive rights are just another attempt by the GOP to roll back women’s right to choose.

Governor Maggie Hassan responded to the outrageous demands from the NH GOP in here statement saying, “It is clear that today’s vote is the result of an ideological and political attack against Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, as there have been no allegations or evidence that Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has done anything but follow New Hampshire law and help thousands of women and families access health care.”

“Today the Executive Council put politics before people when they rejected Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s family planning contracts,” said Jennifer Frizzell, Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund. “It’s shameful that three Republican Executive Councilors would perpetuate erroneous, politically-motivated national attacks at the expense of the healthcare needs of their constituents. The vote comes after a relentless, coordinated smear campaign by anti-abortion extremists to dismantle, by any means necessary, Planned Parenthood and the lifesaving services we provide.

“Today’s decision will have a direct impact on New Hampshire women and their families. Without these funds, PPNNE will be forced to cut direct program costs, which could mean shortening health center hours, eliminating staff positions, and reducing patient access to affordable care,” continued Frizzell.

“The three Councilors who voted against PPNNE’s contracts—David Wheeler, Joseph Kenney, and Chris Sununu—are on the wrong side of public opinion, the wrong side of public health, and the wrong side of history,” stated Frizzell.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Lizzy Price blasted Executive Councilor Chris Sununu for risking the health of the women in his own district for political gains.

“By voting to attack women’s health, Chris Sununu proved that he is more concerned with his own political interests and trying to win a primary for higher office than he is with the health and economic wellbeing of New Hampshire women and families,” said Price.

Though Councilors Pappas and Van Ostern were on the losing side of the vote today both men will continue to fight and ensure that women have access to the healthcare services that Planned Parenthood provides.

“Today’s vote is a giant step backward for thousands of women and men who access critical health services through Planned Parenthood clinics,” said Executive Councilor Chris Pappas. “It’s a travesty that deceptive political attacks got in the way of life-saving health care. I am disappointed with the Council’s vote, but I remain committed to ensuring better access to family planning services across New Hampshire. Whether it takes months or years, we need to work to restore these funds because they improve the health and economic security of Granite Staters.”

“Today three men restricted nearly 13,000 women and families’ access to basic preventive health care in New Hampshire,” said Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern. “ No excuse can mask the extreme ideology and partisan politics that is now standing between women and their medical professionals in New Hampshire, and I will not rest until funding for this basic, noncontroversial care like birth control and cancer screenings is restored.”

“We are grateful to Councilors Colin Van Ostern and Chris Pappas for standing up for women’s access to reproductive healthcare,” Frizzell added.

Women deserve better representatives in the Executive Council than David Wheeler, Joseph Kenney, and Chris Sununu, who are pushing their partisan ideological views over the health and well being of thousands of Granite Staters.


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