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America Votes Coalition And NH Democrats Praise Win in Special House Election

Coalition members engaged members and voters in today’s
House election in Wolfeboro

ConcordNH – America Votes New Hampshire is a permanent progressive coalition including some of New Hampshire’s most powerful advocacy organizations working together to increase issue majorities and secure public policy advancements for working families across the state. Tonight, the coalition celebrates the special election win by Edith DesMarais in the New Hampshire House District Carroll 6 special election. The election saw extremely high turnout, around twenty-six percent, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive voter education and communication. 

“Our partners represent a broad economic and social justice agenda,” said Paula Hodges, America Votes NH State Director. “They fight for good jobs, quality healthcare, a clean environment, a strong public education system, voting rights and civil and human rights.  We are proud to have supported Representative-elect DesMarais, who supports these values and worked very diligently in her campaign to secure her position in the House to move New Hampshire forward.”

The America Votes coalition reached out to an estimated total of 1,969 members and voters in the district via phonebanks, canvasses, direct mail, and digital outreach.

Founded in 2003, America Votes-New Hampshire and coalition partners have played a major role in identifying voters and engaging them in civic participation based on their top issue concerns. Partner organizations who participated in the special election programs this May include America Votes New HampshireGranite State ProgressLegislative Majority PAC (The Independent Expenditure arm of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee ), Let America Vote, and SEA/SEIU Local 1984.

The NH Democratic Party also praised the win in Wolfeboro citing grassroots organizing and the rejection of the Sununu / Trump agenda.

New Hampshire House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff issued the following statement:

“We are pleased to see that Democrats are showing up, working hard, and turning out with a renewed sense of purpose. As Democrats, we will continue to fight for every seat in every district of the state. We congratulate and welcome Representative-elect Edie DesMarais to the New Hampshire House.”

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

“This is an important night for Democrats in New Hampshire and across the country. With hard work at the grassroots level and a positive message about Democratic ideals, we took back a seat previously held by a Republican. Democrats showed tonight that, in 2017 and beyond, we will reject the reckless and irresponsible policies of Donald Trump and Chris Sununu. It is only appropriate that New Hampshire, the home of the first in the nation primary, would deliver the first seat in the country to flip from red to blue in a working class town like Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.”

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“To rebuild the Democratic party, we need to win from the school board to the Senate. No seat is too small, and to be competitive we have to get back to the basics of grassroots organizing as a party. Last night, two Democratic women won upset victories in down-ballot races where Trump won by a large margin, and held on to a key Democratic seat in New York. They did it by talking to every voter. As President Trump and Republicans across the nation push budgets and policies that help the rich get richer at the expense of the rest of America, Democrats are focused on lifting people up and on the issues that matter to working families. As we saw last night, the Democratic Party continues to turn this moment into a movement and this movement into votes.”


NH Democrats File Ethics Complaint Over Governor’s Tweet Promoting Sununu Family Owned Ski Resort

NHDP files Executive Branch Ethics Committee Complaint against Governor Sununu

Concord, N.H. – Yesterday, The New Hampshire Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Executive Branch Ethics Committee concerning Governor Sununu’s use of his official Twitter account to promote his family business.

In a Tweet from the Governor’s official account, as opposed to his personal one, Sununu mentioned and promoted Waterville Valley. This free advertising from the platform of the governor is a privilege not given to any other ski resort, and could have led to increased revenue for the business. 

The Executive Branch ethics code mandates that “no executive branch official…use his or her position within the state to secure privileges or advantages for himself…or advantages for others.” Since taking office, Governor Sununu has filed a Financial Interest form, indicating financial interest in Waterville Valley that is relevant to his position as governor. Sununu’s family is also reported to have a stake in the company, maintaining positions on the Board of Directors, with a spokeswoman refusing to reveal which family members serve on the board. 

“Using an official platform to promote a family business is precisely what the ethics code attempts to prevent.” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Whether it’s Governor Sununu promoting Waterville Valley, Donald Trump defending his daughter’s products against Nordstrom, or Kellyanne Conway hawking Ivanka Trump’s wares from the White House press room, promotion of a business from a position of power is a serious abuse.” 

Buckey continued, “Governor Sununu has been coy about his business dealings in the past. Giving his family business free advertising isn’t exactly the way to dispel concerns about his conflicts of interest. This violation would be a good opportunity for Governor Sununu and Waterville Valley to disclose more information about the company’s funding and remaining Sununu connections.”

New Hampshire Gets its First All-Democratic, All-Female Congressional Delegation Today

Washington, D.C. – Today, as the 115th United States Congress convenes, New Hampshire has reason to celebrate as its first all-Democratic, all-female congressional delegation takes office.

“New Hampshire voters are in capable, experienced hands with this history-making delegation. Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Annie Kuster, and Carol Shea-Porter will be the strong, steady leaders we need in uncertain times, and they will fight hard for New Hampshire families,” said NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley.

In particular, Senator Maggie Hassan makes history as only the second woman in American history to serve as both Governor and U.S. Senator for her state. The first was her colleague and New Hampshire’s own Jeanne Shaheen.

U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) extended her congratulations to Senator Maggie Hassan, who was sworn in as New Hampshire’s junior senator this afternoon. Senators Shaheen and Hassan are the only women to serve as both Governors and U.S. Senators. As is tradition for the senior senator, Senator Shaheen escorted Senator Hassan to the Senate floor for her swearing-in, which was conducted by Vice President Joe Biden.

“I offer my congratulations to Senator Hassan, who has served New Hampshire with distinction as Governor and state senator, and I look forward to working with her every day in the U.S. Senate on behalf of the Granite State,” said Senator Shaheen. “I also want to recognize Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter, who make up the other half of Team New Hampshire. Today is truly an historic day as the first all-female, all-Democrat delegation gets to work. The 115th Congress has many important issues to address, and we will be fierce advocates day in and day out for the best interests of New Hampshire and the United States.”



Frank Guinta Violates FEC Regulations Yet Again, Triggers New FEC Complaint

The New Hampshire Democratic Party Files
FEC Complaint Against Frank Guinta

Concord, N.H. – On Monday, the New Hampshire Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding Mr. Guinta’s violation of the terms of a Conciliation Agreement he had signed with the FEC just last year, and violation of federal law against using campaign funds for personal use. 

Guinta Is A Damned Liar

Front page editorial from Joseph McQuaid, Publisher of the Union Leader.

In the original FEC ruling, the FEC determined the money Guinta “loaned to his campaign,” was actually his parents money thus making the donation an illegal campaign contribution.

For years, Guinta lied to the people of New Hampshire about where they money came from. He repeatedly claimed he forgot about a savings account with over $350,000 in it. Later he claimed the money was a “family pot” that he was free to use.  The people of New Hampshire did not believe him and the FEC proved through their investigation, that he was lying.

The FEC and Guinta entered an agreement that the Guinta campaign would have to refund the $355,000 dollars to his parents and pay a minimal fine of $15,000.

According to the NHDP’s new complaint, the NHDP is alleging that the Guinta campaign gave some of the money intended to be returned to Guinta’s parents, to himself.

Former State GOP Chair, Fergus Cullen, was the first to highlight that Guinta put the money into an account within his control and listed the money deposited as an asset in his FEC disclosure statement.

“We think it’s important for the voters of New Hampshire to know that Frank Guinta continues to engage in this type of behavior, which is in violation of the law, and a violation of the agreement that he voluntarily entered into,” said former NHDP Chair Kathy Sullivan. 

Noting his vantage point as a former member of Congress, Paul Hodes stressed that “it’s really rule number one” for candidates not to mix campaign and personal funds.

The disturbing nature of these violations is the flagrant disregard for the law over several years and campaign cycles. “This is a pattern,” added NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley. “Frank Guinta and his campaign spokespeople have lied over the past four cycles. Why does anyone believe that the people of New Hampshire can trust anything that Frank Guinta says?”

Please see below for a copy of the complaint filed on Monday.

Link to Dan Tuohy’s Granite Status: Guinta’s most recent financial disclosure raises questions as noted in the complaint.



New England Protesters Call Out Donald Trump’s Outsourcing Record and Divisive Rhetoric

Concord, N.H. — Donald Trump’s visit to New England concluded with a stop in Manchester yesterday. Protesters were on hand at every turn to stand against his divisive rhetoric and his businesses outsourcing jobs overseas, despite his claims of favoring American workers.

“Donald Trump’s claims of being for American jobs are utterly disingenuous,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “His companies employ low-wage workers in China, Bangladesh and Honduras, among others, because it means more money in his pockets. It is has been clear that throughout his career and his presidential campaign, he is only out for himself.”

Protesters also sounded the alarm on Trump’s racist and insulting rhetoric on Latinos and Muslims. At the Manchester event, Trump joked that a “Mexican plane” was flying overhead, “ready to attack,” and suggested that he was “looking into” banning TSA workers from wearing hijabs.

Highlights of the protests

New Hampshire



Eagle Tribune: Trump talks trade in NH visit

Trump and his trade remarks came under fire from the Clinton campaign and Democratic leaders, including New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley.

“New Hampshire, and the United States, deserve a president who will fight for workers and their families, not a fraud who will do anything to get ahead and cares only about himself,” Buckley said. “Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president of the United States, and voters across America will make that quite clear come November.“




Portland Press Herald: Trump takes aim at Clinton during raucous rally in Bangor

[Maine Attorney General Janet Mills] said Trump and his companies represent the outsourcing of jobs that has hurt manufacturing in Maine and other states. None of the products he touts or wears is made in the United States, she said.

“Donald Trump has nothing in common with the working men and women of Maine and no interest in helping them,” Mills said. “He has lined his pockets with cheap foreign labor at the expense of Maine workers and American workers. The ‘King of Debt,’ so-called, who says wages are too high, will be no help to the people of Maine.”



CBS-Boston: Donald Trump’s Private Boston Fundraiser Target of Protestors

A group of about 100 protesters that included Congressman Michael Capuano and Ayanna Pressley held signs and chanted across the street from the hotel in Post Office Square more than an hour before Trump’s arrival.

NECN: Protesters Gather Outside Trump’s Closed Fundraiser in Boston

“Donald Trump needs to know that his disastrous message on the economy and is bigoted hate speech is not welcome in Boston, it’s not welcome in Massachusetts and that’s what people here want to let him know,” said Dan Hoffer of the Service Employees International Union Local 888.

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano was among those protesting the real estate mogul outside the Langham.

“This is his welcome to Boston,” the Democrat said of Trump.

Sanders Supporters Attempt To Change Super Delegates Votes Through NH Democratic Convention

NH Convention 2016

Democrats line the street leading up to Bedford High School where the NH Democratic Party held their convention today.

An attempt by Bernie Sanders supporters, to change the New Hampshire Democratic Party platform regarding super delegates, failed at today’s NH Democratic Party Convention.

As the Democratic National Committee rules allow, super delegates freely choose whom they will support, regardless of whom the voters of their state voted for in the primary.

Secretary Clinton collected hundreds of super delegates before many of the primary votes were cast. Most of NH’s super delegates became outspoken surrogates Hillary throughout the primary.

After Sanders beat Clinton, 60%-38% in the NH Primary, voters began to call for the super delegates to change their position and support the candidate that the voters overwhelmingly supported.

At today’s convention, delegates were given the final copy of the party platform that included a resolution to pursue changes to super delegates in the 2020 primary. To many of the delegates this was not enough, but the convention rules, once adopted, would not allow for any amendments to the state party platform from the delegates on the floor.

Prior to the adoption of the convention rules, NH State Representative Peter Bixby offered up his own rule changes. The change was pretty basic, allow delegates to amend the resolutions, or the party platform, from the floor.

If this rule change would have passed, the New Hampshire Democratic Party could have passed a resolution similar to the one passed in Maine, which would have forced more super delegates to cast their vote for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention next month.

Both rules changes failed to get the required votes (140-293, 175-297). Unlike the convention in Nevada where a similar resolution was defeated by a voice vote, NH delegates cast their votes in a standing count.

Though Sanders supporters did not get the result they wanted, they process was done professionally. Rep. Bixby even commended Michael Rollo, the rules committee chair, for the way he handled the proposed amendment and the voting process.

After this amendment to the rules failed, the proposed resolutions and party platform were adopted by the convention body without any discussion.

The only question left is what are Sanders and his supporters going to do now?

Will Sanders go to the National Convention and endorse Hillary Clinton? Will he succeed in changing the National Party Platform to remove super delegates from future primary contests? Will those Democrats who supported Sanders in his campaign come together with Clinton supporters to ensure that Donald Trump does not become president?

Lastly, what will happen to all of the Sanders supporters who supported his strong progressive democratic policy ideas but do not call themselves Democrats? What will they do in the general election between Trump and Clinton? Will they keep pushing the Clinton campaign to take a stronger position on Wall Street reform and money in politics? Or will they end up supporting Donald Trump, the man who epitomizes everything that Sanders stood against?

The Sanders campaign scooped up nearly 40% of the overall Democratic voters in his run for the President. Without their support, Hillary Clinton will not be elected, and we will forced to endure four years of Donald Trump.

Trump / Ayotte / Sununu Ticket Would Be A Disaster For Granite Staters

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley held a press call to highlight the far-right positions and unelectability of a Trump/Sununu/Ayotte Republican ticket. As Donald Trump continues to win primaries in early states and lead in the polls elsewhere, Chairman Buckley discussed what his ascendency will mean for Chris Sununu, Kelly Ayotte, and Granite Staters come November.  

Below are excerpts from his remarks as prepared for delivery:

“Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President would not only be a disaster for Granite Staters who want to keep their affordable health care or the right to make their own health care decisions, and for those of us who want their politicians to act on climate change or at least simply acknowledge it’s happening – but it would also be a complete disaster for New Hampshire Republicans like Kelly Ayotte and Chris Sununu who want to be elected in November.”   

“Establishment Republicans are lining up to denounce Trump—including Chris Sununu’s own father—but Ayotte and Sununu have remained silent. It’s clear they’re willing to hitch their wagons to a candidate running on fear, anger and hatred.”

“On women’s right to make their own decisions and have access to health care, Trump believes ‘Planned Parenthood should absolutely be de-funded,’ Ayotte has voted six times to defund Planned Parenthood, and Sununu cast the deciding vote to strip Planned Parenthood’s funding here in New Hampshire. Now just today an article came out on NH1 where Chris doubles down on defunding Planned Parenthood and at the same time, calls himself ‘pro-choice.’  Well, I have news for him: you don’t get to strip healthcare from thousands of Granite State women and call yourself pro-choice.”

“On affordable health care for Granite Staters, Trump – like every other Republican running for President, wants to repeal the Medicaid expansion – just as Kelly Ayotte voted to repeal New Hampshire’s successful Medicaid expansion and Chris Sununu bragged about his efforts to kill Medicaid expansion, saying ‘I fought to make sure it didn’t even come to the table.’”

“The Union Leader blasted Republicans’ silence on Trump this week saying, ‘Trump threatens to destroy all before him.’ But it’s not just Democrats and Ed boards saying this. Former NHGOP chair Fergus Cullen said, ‘If Donald Trump is the nominee, Kelly Ayotte might as well resign because it’s all over.’ And Sununu’s father knows he’s in trouble too: ‘Here in New Hampshire, if Donald Trump is the nominee, we will not get a Republican governor. We will lose the New Hampshire state Senate, and we could lose the New Hampshire state House… and we could lose Sen. [Kelly] Ayotte.’”

“Donald Trump would be a disaster for America and for the Granite State, but he’s also a disaster for Kelly Ayotte and Chris Sununu’s electoral chances.  They would rather keep their agreements with Trump’s extreme policies out of public view, but it’s looking more and more every day like they won’t have that chance.”

Trump/Sununu: The GOP’s losing ticket of 2016

Concord, N.H. – Donald Trump’s victory in tonight’s South Carolina GOP Primary put him one step closer to sharing the top of the ticket with GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu. Unfortunately for Sununu, he and Trump share several far-right positions that are out-of-touch with mainstream Granite Staters and will lead to losses in November.


  • Trump/Sununu: Full repeal of the ACA. Trump maintained Friday that he will “repeal all of Obamacare.” Meanwhile, Chris Sununu bragged about his efforts to kill Medicaid expansion, saying “I fought to make sure it didn’t even come to the table.”
  • The Mainstream:plurality of New Hampshire voters supports the ACA, including the 47,000 low-income Granite Staters who received quality healthcare from Medicaid Expansion. Even the Republican led New Hampshire General Court is poised to reauthorize Medicaid expansion.

Women’s Rights

  • Trump/Sununu: Trump believes “Planned Parenthood should absolutely be de-funded,” but Sununu has already walked the walk, casting the deciding vote to strip Planned Parenthood funding in New Hampshire
  • The Mainstream: Exit polls from 2012 show that 71 percent of New Hampshire voters supported a woman’s right to choose. Even among GOP primary voters in New Hampshire, a plurality of 49 percent identify as pro-choice. 

Climate Change

  • Trump/Sununu: Trump has long maintained that climate change is a hoax, and Sununu agrees. Just two weeks ago, he publicly questioned climate science, and has consistently opposed investment in New Hampshire’s renewable energy industry.
  • The Mainstream: Huge majorities of Granite Staters across the political spectrum support policies that encourage increased production of energy using renewable sources. And a clear majority of New Hampshire voters say humans have caused global warming.

“With tonight’s results in South Carolina, the prospect of a Trump/Sununu ticket is no longer merely possible—it’s probable, and it spells disaster for Chris Sununu and Republicans across the Granite State,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “A Trump campaign run on sexism and fear will drag the entire GOP down and will illuminate Sununu’s far-right ideology for mainstream voters.”

NH AFL-CIO Praises DNC & NHDP’s Decision To Pull WMUR Sponsorship

New Hampshire AFL-CIO President, Glenn Brackett’s statement on DNC & NHDP’s decision to remove WMUR as a co-sponsor of the December 19th Democratic Debate in Manchester:

NH AFL-CIO LogoHooksett – Glenn Brackett, President of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO issued the following statement in support of the Democratic National Committee and the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s decision to remove WMUR as a sponsor of the December 19th Democratic Debate due to WMUR’s refusal to negotiate in good faith with their workers. 

“I am proud of our brothers and sisters of IBEW 1228 for standing up for their rights as WMUR workers. I am grateful to the DNC, New Hampshire Democratic Party, and the Presidential candidates for their decision to stand with New Hampshire workers and hold Hearst Corp. accountable for their refusal to negotiate in good faith with their employees.

I would like to thank DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz and NHDP chair Ray Buckley for their support throughout this endeavor.

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO would also like to thank Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley for the statement he released yesterday calling on WMUR to be removed as a sponsor of this debate. 

Although we regret the Hearst Corporation’s repeated unwillingness to move contract negotiations forward with their employees, the New Hampshire AFL-CIO and its fellow brothers and sisters in organized labor, look forward to the upcoming debate and the opportunity to see three great candidates make their case to New Hampshire, and working men and women across the country.”

Gov Chris Christie Attacks Law Enforcement Critic By Calling Him A “Pig”

(Image by Gage Skidmore FLIKR)

(Image by Gage Skidmore FLIKR)

Yesterday, Pat Colligan, the president of New Jersey’s Police Benevolent Association spelled out, in great detail, the level of distain that Governor Chris Christie has for Law Enforcement Officers in New Jersey.

He certainly doesn’t have our backs. He certainly hasn’t been friendly to our position. Our organization, the New Jersey State PBA, has been around since 1896. We’ve had a relationship with every governor since 1896. We have had no relationship with this governor. Besides the fact that he has never met with us, besides the fact that we represent nine out of ten police officers in the state -law enforcement officers in the state – when he got into office he systematically started degrading the law enforcement profession in New Jersey.”

At an event in New Hampshire, where Chris Christie spends most of his time misleading Granite State voters, he took a question from a member of the media, who referred to Mr. Colligan’s critique of the governor’s record. Governor Christie responded by calling him a “pig.” 

Christie has engaged in this type of behavior for years, verbally attacking middle school teachers, U.S. Navy seals, female Democratic leaders and, really, anyone who criticizes him.

“It is typical of Chris Christie to lash out at others when he is most politically vulnerable, and insecure. The truth is, Governor Christie — no one else — violated his previously-touted pension reform law and failed to make his promised payments. Spreading lies and hurling insults won’t change that. Plus President Colligan went to work today, is faithful to his oath of office, and actually tells it like it is,” said New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie. “That Christie is insulting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us every day, calling them pigs, makes his bullying behavior all that much more disgraceful.” 

“Voters in New Hampshire who are weary of Christie’s volatility and hypocrisy are right to have concerns, because this is the true Chris Christie — a shameless, and embarrassing failure,” Currie added.

“It’s typical of Chris Christie to lash out at people who criticize him – but this time, he actually lashed out at a New Jersey police officer who dared to critique Christie’s relationship with the law enforcement community in his home state. Insulting the police by calling an officer a ‘pig’ and questioning his service is downright shameful, especially for someone actively seeking the position of Commander in Chief,” said Lizzy Price, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director.

“Chris Christie’s track record with his own state’s police officers and his administration’s work to create a public safety nightmare on the busiest bridge in the world to exact revenge on a political foe reveal the truth about what Granite Staters can expect if he were in the White House – nothing good,” added Price. 

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