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American Federation of Teachers Aids In Healing After NEWTOWN Tragedy

I just wanted to take a minute to share a few links from the American Federation of Teachers.  AFT has been instrumental in helping after the tragedy in Newtown CT.

Today I would like to highlight three links that you can use as well to help deal with this tragedy.  The first is the AFT Resource page on dealing with incidences of school violence.  Nobody wants to see violence in our schools but it is inevitable.  Extreme actions like Newtown are extremely rare.  However schools, teachers, and parents have to deal with other violent issues in schools that range from bullying to rape.  Use this resource page from AFT to help find ways to better safeguard our children is school.

Along the same lines, AFT has create a page to help educators cope with traumatic events.   From page:

“Administrators and educators need to be prepared to deal with any crisis that might arise; such preparation will better equip them to respond to students’ emotional needs in the wake of a crisis. These resources may be of help to you in helping your students cope with fear and trauma.”

This page gives tools to help educators learn how to respond to traumatic events, and preventive measures to stop these events before they happen.

Lastly, a very special page. The AFT Connecticut has created a place where you can leave a message of support for students, teachers, staff and the community of Newtown.  That is right, you can send a personal message of support the families in Newtown.   The messages are being collected and distributed to the AFT locals around Newtown.

We will be presenting these messages to our locals, Newtown Federation of Teachers, Local 1727, Newtown Federation of Custodians Local 3924 and Newtown Federation of Education Personnel Local 3785. (AFT-CT)

Please take a moment to send you message of support to these fellow union members who, through no fault of their own, have just endured one of the most tragic events in a decade.



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