Scott Brown’s Die Young and Broke Campaign Launch (A Statement By Granite State Progress)

Scott Brown in 2010
Image by Wiki Commons
Scott Brown in 2010 Image by Wiki Commons

Scott Brown in 2010
Image by Wiki Commons

Brown wants New Hampshire families to forgo benefits he used himself

CONCORD, NH – Scott Brown will formally announce his campaign bid for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire tonight with a hypocritical ‘Die Young and Broke’ campaign theme – otherwise advertised as Live Free or Log On. Statement from Granite State Progress Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins:

“Scott Brown had no problem logging on when he was collecting health care from the federal government for his own family. Brown even told his hometown paper the Boston Globe that he was keeping his younger daughter on his health plan through age 26, a popular provision available to all families thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Yet, Brown is encouraging Granite State families to forgo health care coverage with a misleading campaign slogan. He might as well be saying die young and broke from lack of health care coverage or medical bankruptcy because that’s what he’s endorsing.”

“Scott Brown’s failed Massachusetts talking points don’t jive with the real benefits tens of thousands of Granite Staters are experiencing thanks to Obamacare. Like Scott Brown’s daughter, 10,000 New Hampshire young adults have remained on their parent’s health insurance plan thanks to the Affordable Care Act. In the last month New Hampshire exceeded expectations for marketplace enrollment and passed Medicaid expansion with a bi-partisan coalition because true Granite Staters know that access to quality, affordable health care coverage means living free from a lifetime of health care problems or escalating medical debt.”

Scott Brown’s campaign also released a press release earlier this week that stated that health care premiums in New Hampshire have risen 90%. WMUR debunked the number, reporting that the flawed figure was based on the opinion of a single New Hampshire broker and that New Hampshire premiums will actually decrease by 8% this year.

“Perhaps Scott Brown’s formal campaign launch will mean that he’ll finally invest in a campaign researcher instead of just the staff he hired to pick out popular New Hampshire venues for his staged photo ops,” Rice Hawkins said.



Boston Globe: Brown says daughter, 23, insured under health law, May 1, 2012

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, How the Health Care Law is Making a Difference for the People of New Hampshire, Updated August 1, 2013

Scott Brown: Study Showing Rising Insurance Premiums a Sad Reminder of Obamacare’s Consequences

WMUR: Hear the one about NH health insurance rates going up 90 percent? April 9, 2014

Kuster Rejects Extreme Ryan Budget

Ann kuster head shot LG

Calls for Both Parties to Work Together to Pass Common Sense Budget 

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – This afternoon, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) released the following statement on her vote to reject Chairman Paul Ryan’s proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 budget, and calls on Democrats and Republicans to come together to pass a common sense budget that protects the interests of New Hampshire’s middle class:

“Since taking office, I have called on both Democrats and Republicans to work together to pass a common sense budget plan that will cut wasteful spending while also protecting our seniors and middle class families. We must work together to create a smart budget proposal that will help grow our economy and support job creation throughout the nation. This is in the best interest of all our constituents, regardless of their party or where they’re from.

“That’s why I was extremely disappointed by Chairman Paul Ryan’s unflinchingly extreme budget, which would only protect the interests of millionaires and special interests. Among other things, his irresponsible proposal would slash funding for Pell grants, forcing our children to go deeper into debt just to attend college;  it proposes recklessly turning Medicare into a voucher program, which would prove devastating for our nation’s seniors; and it would cut nutrition assistance for low-income families by an astounding $125 billion dollars. This budget proposal lets down the hardworking American families who rely on us to develop a responsible plan for Congressional spending, and I was proud to vote against it this afternoon.

“Moving forward, I call on Democrats and Republicans to come together to develop a  budget proposal that makes sense for our constituents, so we can move our nation forward, protect our middle class, and support the job creation our country needs to revitalize the economy. I look forward to working with members of both parties to realize that goal.”

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter Votes Against The RYAN Budget

Carol Shea Porter Official Photo

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) released the following statement on the House Republican Ryan Budget, which she voted against today.

“Granite Staters roundly rejected Paul Ryan and his budget in the last election, but instead of working across the aisle on real solutions, Ryan and Washington Republicans doubled down on some of their worst ideas, like turning Medicare into a voucher program, giving millionaires a tax break while raising taxes on the middle class, cutting student aid, Meals on Wheels, and medical research, slashing Medicaid and jeopardizing nursing home care, going after funding that helps children, and undermining investments in job creation.

“Paul Ryan’s priorities are out of touch with average Americans. Instead of strengthening and protecting Medicare, the Ryan budget takes the opposite approach. As AARP said about the Ryan Budget, ‘Removing the Medicare guarantee of affordable health coverage for older Americans by implementing a premium support system and asking seniors and future retirees to pay more is not the right direction.’

“Granite Staters want Congress to invest in the economy, education, manufacturing, and infrastructure. But according to the Economic Policy Institute, the Ryan budget would decrease GDP by 0.9 percent and cost our economy 1.1 million jobs in fiscal year 2015. In New Hampshire, over 1,500 fewer college students would receive financial aid in the form of Pell Grants. Three hundred forty children would be kicked out of Head Start programs. Almost 3,000 fewer Granite Staters would receive Training and Employment services.

“Under the Ryan budget, CEOs and corporations will continue to reap rewards, but the middle class and the most vulnerable will be asked to do more.  If you refuse to close tax loopholes for the rich, while also cutting programs that help the middle class, you negate your claim of responsibly balancing the budget.

“Congress passed a budget through 2015 that alleviates some of the harmful cuts to programs that help seniors, children, and families in New Hampshire. While it was not a perfect bill, it was a responsible step. Instead of building on the bipartisan budget, it’s disappointing to see Congressman Ryan return to the same partisan approach to budgeting that’s a major source of gridlock in Congress.”

Tonight: Rep. Kuster Hears from NH Seniors

Rep Annie Kuster in US House

 Congresswoman Annie Kuster to Host ‘Telephone Town Hall’ to Hear from New Hampshire Seniors

 On the call, Congresswoman Kuster will discuss her work to protect Social Security and Medicare

Rep Annie Kuster in US HouseWASHINGTON, D.C. – Tonight, March 25th, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) will host a live telephone town hall to hear directly from New Hampshire seniors about the importance of protecting Social Security and Medicare. Seniors from throughout the district will participate in the call, and will also discuss other issues that are important to seniors in the Granite State.

During the call, Congresswoman Kuster will take questions from her constituents, and will discuss her own legislative efforts to protect the programs that New Hampshire seniors rely on like Social Security and Medicare.  Among other topics, the Congresswoman will discuss her opposition to using chained CPI to calculate Social Security, a move which could significantly reduce benefits for our seniors; how closing the Medicare Part D Donut hole has saved New Hampshire seniors thousands of dollars in prescription drug costs; and her ideas to create additional savings for our seniors by allowing the government to negotiate for cheaper prescription drugs for Medicare recipients.

Senators Fight to Protect Medicare for Seniors

Senator Warren (image by Department of Labor)
Senator Warren (image by Department of Labor)

Senator Warren (image by Department of Labor)

WASHINGTON D.C. -U.S. Senators Mark Pryor (AR), Sherrod Brown (OH), Jeanne Shaheen (NH) Jeff Merkley (OR), Al Franken (MN), Brian Schatz (HI), Tom Udall (NM), and Elizabeth Warren (MA) today introduced the Medicare Protection Act, legislation expressing strong opposition to changes in Medicare that would reduce or eliminate guaranteed benefits or raise the eligibility age for hard-working seniors. Today, more than 46 million Americans rely on Medicare.

“We’ve seen an irresponsible few in Washington try to balance the budget on the backs of our seniors by recklessly voting to turn Medicare into a voucher system and raise the eligibility age for benefits,” Pryor said. “I refuse to let that happen. That’s why I’m proud to lead the charge on the Medicare Protection Act, a responsible solution that will protect the health, safety, and financial security of nearly 600,000 seniors in my state alone.”

“Seniors cannot afford cuts to their Medicare benefits,” Brown said. “As the cost of living continues to rise, the budgets of many are already stretched to the breaking point. Instead of privatizing Medicare, we should focus on ensuring the health and wellness of our country’s seniors. The Medicare Protection Act would protect Medicare as we know it so that we aren’t reducing the deficit on the backs of our seniors.”

“I want to make sure that Medicare can continue to provide New Hampshire seniors with the care they need,” Shaheen said. “Preserving Medicare is crucial to the health and financial security of our seniors.”

“Raising the Medicare eligibility age would be absolutely disastrous. In my town halls, I hear from a lot of Oregonians who are in their early 60s and are praying they make it to 65 to receive their Medicare benefits. If anything, we should be lowering the eligibility age. Medicare is an important lifeline for our seniors, and must be protected from hostile attacks to privatize it or weaken it,” said Merkley.

“About 700,000 Minnesota seniors rely on Medicare to cover most of their health care costs,” said Franken. “It not only keeps them healthy and out of poverty, but also brings peace of mind to their families who don’t have to worry about whether they can afford to see a doctor. I disagree with those who want to turn Medicare into a voucher program, slash benefits, and tell seniors that they’re out on their own. This legislation will help protect this important program that millions of Americans depend upon.”

“Since the program’s creation, Medicare has been a vital lifeline for our seniors, ensuring access to health care for people who need it the most,” Schatz said. “Yet time and time again, changes to the Medicare program are wrongfully used as a bargaining chip. This bill will help us protect seniors’ Medicare benefits. In Hawai‘i, generations take care of each other and it is our responsibility in Congress to make sure benefits are there for America’s seniors.”

“Our seniors rely on Medicare, they paid into Medicare, and they deserve to know they can count on Medicare when the need it,” Tom Udall said. “I have been proud to fight for Medicare, and will continue to push for measures like this that will keep this program strong.”

“Millions of seniors rely on Medicare to pay for critical health care services, and we should not cut these essential benefits for people who need them most,” said Warren. “Cutting benefits will not stop people from getting sick, it will only shift more of the cost of health care onto our seniors. We should be focused on bringing down the costs of health care, not slashing benefits for people who need care. I’m pleased to support the Medicare Protection Act, which will help protect older Americans from irresponsible benefits cuts and efforts to turn Medicare into a voucher program.”

The Medicare Protection Act would amend the Congressional Budget Act to define any provision included in reconciliation legislation that makes changes to Medicare to reduce or eliminate guaranteed benefits or restrict eligibility criteria as extraneous and an inappropriate use of the reconciliation process. The bill would also express the sense of the Senate that 1) the Medicare eligibility age should not be increased and 2) the Medicare program should not be privatized or turned into a voucher system.
Full text of legislation

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on President Obama’s 2015 Budget Proposal


“I believe this is the defining challenge of our time: Making sure our economy works for every working American.” – President Barack Obama, State of the Union, January 28, 2014

Yes it is. Through a budget with fairer taxes and a commitment to making real investments in America, the President is beginning to put muscle behind those words.

Our nation needs Washington to engage in a broader conversation about full employment and raising wages. And President Obama’s proposals to invest in jobs, raise the minimum wage, expand the EITC, close tax loopholes for the wealthy and provide access to universal pre-kindergarten are good starting points to seriously address inequality.

However, we cannot afford cuts to Medicare beneficiaries or elimination of a separate program for workers who lose their jobs due to trade. Furthermore, to best address income inequality we must ensure that all workers – union or not – have the power to collectively bargain with their employers to get their fair share of the wealth they help create.

Ultimately,this is a turning point away from harmful austerity policy towards a future of shared prosperity. And it’s a future working people will fight for. We applaud the president.

Excuse me, Mr. Donohue, WHO is “Taking from the Young”?!!


grandfatherNo.  Just…no.

As a parent, I am absolutely revolted by Tom Donohue’s apparent attempt to incite a political war between the generations.

Yes, I understand that as America’s top business lobbyist, he would prefer the federal government to cut spending on Social Security and Medicare.

And yes, if the federal government spends less money taking care of our senior citizens, there will be more money available for corporate handouts.

But from my own perspective, the federal government already spends enough money on corporate handouts.  The average American family is now paying $6,000 a year in subsidies to big business.

Yet, based on yesterday’s speech, it looks to me like Mr. Donohue is willing to pit children against their grandparents, in order to get even more.

wealth share 1983-2010Mr. Donohue: it’s not our senior citizens who are “taking” wealth away from the next generation.

Look at what’s happened to the distribution of wealth since Ronald Reagan was President. 

Sixty percent of households LOST wealth… while those at the top of the economic ladder gained massively.

Look at what’s happened to annual income since Ronald Reagan was President.

income gains 1986-2008All the growth went to the richest 10%, while incomes for the bottom 90% declined.

The pattern holds true even during the current economic “recovery”.  According to economist Emmanuel Saez, “The top 1% captured 95% of the income gains.”

So yes, Mr. Donohue, it looks like this next generation will end up with a lot less than their grandparents had.

But no, Mr. Donohue.  It’s not our senior citizens who are “taking” that wealth away.

And you’re not going to start an inter-generational political war, to distract us from what’s really going on.

New Hampshire Citizens To Rally Against Cuts To Social Security At Sen. Ayotte’s Office

NH Citizens Alliance

Below is a message from Olivia Zink, Director of the NH Citizens Alliance

NH Citizens Alliance

Have you ever seen a movie, thought it was awful, and then been horrified to learn there was actually going to be a sequel?

That’s how we feel about yet another looming fight over our country’s budget. “The Budget Battle: The Sequel No One Wants” is not a movie anybody wants to see.

But some Republicans are insisting we watch it. Their hostage-taking has forced a sequel of the same manufactured debt crisis. Right now, Republicans on the Budget Committee—like committee Chair Paul Ryan—are trying to get Democrats to keep the sequester in place and agree to even more austerity pain by cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Senator Kelly Ayotte is on the Budget Committee. Tell her to oppose any plan that includes benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Stop the cuts to Social Security by reducing the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA).

Who: Advocates for Social Security and Medicare
What: Rally and message delivery
Where: Nashua office of Senator Kelly Ayotte
144 Main Street, Nashua
When: Tuesday December 3, 12:00 noon

You can make a difference. Senator Ayotte is on the powerful Senate Conferees Committee who will vote on December 13th . Let make sure she hears from NH voters loud and clear that NH voters do not wants CUTS our Social Security.

Thank you for helping us send a powerful and personal message to all members of Congress: Let’s get to work on creating the sequel to the budget battle that working people, not extremist lawmakers and their corporate funders, want to see.

Affordable Care Act Saved New Hampshire Seniors $9.6 Million at the Pharmacy in 2013

CSP Official Photo

Carol Shea Porter Official PhotoThis year, 11,962 New Hampshire seniors saved over $800 each because the Affordable Care Act closes the prescription drug “donut hole”

MANCHESTER, NH – New Hampshire seniors with Medicare prescription drug coverage saved $9,658,317, or an average of $807 per beneficiary, during the first 10 months of 2013, according to new data released today by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

“In New Hampshire, 11,962 Medicare beneficiaries saved an average of $807 each this year thanks to the Affordable Care Act,” Shea-Porter announced. “This proves that we can strengthen Medicare and save people money at the same time. That’s good news for the health and economic well-being of Granite Staters.”

Overall, Medicare beneficiaries in New Hampshire have saved $31,218,777 since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Nationwide, more than 7.3 million seniors and people with disabilities who reached the donut hole in their Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage) plans have saved $8.9 billion on their prescription drugs, an average of $1,209 per person since the Affordable Care Act was enacted.  During the first 10 months of 2013, the nearly 3.4 million people nationwide who reached the donut hole have saved an average of $866 each. These figures are higher than at this same point last year, when 2.8 million beneficiaries had saved $1.8 billion for an average of $677 per beneficiary.

For many people enrolled in Medicare Part D, the Medicare “donut hole” is the gap in the Medicare prescription drug benefits before catastrophic coverage for prescriptions takes effect. Under the discount program in the Affordable Care Act, in 2010, anyone with a Medicare prescription drug plan who reached the prescription drug donut hole got a $250 rebate. In 2011, beneficiaries who landed in the donut hole began receiving discounts on covered brand-name drugs and savings on generic drugs. Next year, Medicare Part D participants who fall into the donut hole will receive savings of about 53 percent on the cost of brand name drugs and 28 percent on the cost of generic drugs. These savings and Medicare coverage will gradually increase until 2020, when the donut hole will be closed.

Today’s report comes on the heels of a letter Congresswoman Shea-Porter sent the Conference Committee on the 2014 Budget stating that seniors’ earned benefits should be defended during budget negotiations. Shea-Porter has strongly defended the role that Medicare and Social Security play in providing a secure retirement for millions of Americans. In February, she wrote to President Obama urging him to reject proposals to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as he works with Congress to address our nation’s fiscal challenges.

The news of continued savings on prescription drugs follows new information showing historically low levels of growth in Medicare spending. For example:

  • CMS recently announced that the Medicare’s Part B premium will not increase in 2014, and that the last five years have been among the slowest periods of average Part B premium growth in the program’s history.
  • The Part B deductible will also not increase, having decreased in 2014.  The Part B premium and deductible for 2014 are 15 percent below what was projected in 2010, the year the Affordable Care Act was enacted.
  • Since enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the life of the Medicare trust fund has been extended by nearly ten years, until 2026.

Granite State Progress PAC Congratulates Latha Mangipudi On Winning Special Election

Latha Mangipudi  Via Facebook Page


GSP PAC sent two mailings to voters in district in support of Mangipudi; encourages Reps, Senators to heed Mangipudi’s example on Medicaid expansion

Latha Mangipudi  Via Facebook Page

Latha Mangipudi Via Facebook Page

CONCORD, NH – Democrat Latha Mangipudi has won the special election for State Representative in Hillsborough District 35 in New Hampshire by a margin of 59%-41%. Statement from Zandra Rice Hawkins, Director of Granite State Progress and Chair of Granite State Progress PAC:

“Latha Mangipudi is a middle class champion for Granite State families and values and we congratulate her on her resounding election win. This special election outcome is only the latest reminder that New Hampshire voters want leaders who will advocate for families and small businesses in our state and leave partisan politics at the door.”

“Currently elected State Senators and Representatives should keep this in mind this month as they decide whether to extend health care coverage to thousands of lower income Granite Staters and strengthen our economy, or to instead play partisan politics with people’s lives. Mangipudi is the first elected official in New Hampshire to have to address this issue on the campaign trail, and she proved she was listening to voters in her district and paying attention to the overwhelming support from hospitals, medical professionals, and health care advocates when she made a strong and public endorsement of Medicaid expansion in the final days of the campaign.”

“State Rep-elect Latha Mangipudi will be a strong advocate for families and small businesses in our state, and we look forward to working with her.”

Granite State Progress PAC sent two mailers to voters in the district. The first piece informed voters that Pete Silva was part of former Speaker Bill O’Brien’s handpicked destructive leadership team, and listed examples of Silva’s votes against middle class families in New Hampshire. It included a link to Silva’s complete voting record from last session, found at

The second GOTV piece reminded voters of the polling location and times with a simple message.