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FEC Documents Confirm Frank Guinta Continues To Be A “Damned Liar”

Guinta’s Mother and Sister Directly Contradict His Lies

FEC Voted 6-0 Against Guinta, Including All Three Republican Commissioners

UNION LEADER Editorial Image

UNION LEADER Editorial Image

Concord, N.H. – Today, documents released by the Federal Elections Commission confirmed that Frank Guinta continues to be a “damned liar.” All six FEC commissioners (including three Republicans) voted against Guinta.

Among the trove of documents released today by the FEC was the “Second General Counsel’s Report” from February 11, 2014, which confirmed that Virginia Guinta (Frank’s mother) and Christine Guinta (Frank’s sister) directly contradicted Frank’s lies:

Virginia Guinta confirmed her understanding that the loans would be repaid. Such an understanding is inconsistent with the proposition that Rep. Guinta and his parents understood that Rep. Guinta had a legal or equitable right to dispose of the funds as he wished… Similarly, Christine Guinta Raymond, Rep. Guinta’s sister, represented that she was unaware such a family pot existed, let alone that she or either of her brothers enjoyed a legal or equitable right to access those funds (“Second General Counsel’s Report, page 10).

“The FEC documents released today overwhelmingly confirm what we already knew, that Frank Guinta has been lying to the people of New Hampshire for five years,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Even Guinta’s own mother and sister made clear that the funds in question were not Frank’s, and that he did not have any ‘equitable interest’ to them. Furthermore, the documents show that Guinta’s scheme stretches all the way back to his mayoral elections. It is now clearer than ever that Guinta can’t regain the public’s trust and must resign.”

See below for key quotes from the FEC’s “Second General Counsel’s Report” on Frank Guinta’s lies:

We conducted an investigation to determine whether the funds Rep. Guinta contributed were the personal funds of the candidate. Substantial credible evidence indicates they were not. (Pages 1-2)

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to obtain voluntarily more than a partial production of the records we sought. (Page 4)

They cite as examples checks that his parents wrote payable to Rep. Guinta between 2001 and 2010 totaling at least $57,050 to pay for a variety of Rep. Guinta’s personal expenses, such as his mayoral campaign, his credit card bills, and his mortgages on two properties. (Page 6)

Our investigation uncovered no evidence supporting the Respondent’s theory that Rep. Guinta nonetheless held legal title to or an equitable interest in those funds. To the contrary, it remains undisputed that the funds in question were drawn from a bank account held in the names of Rep. Guinta’s parents, there is no documentary support for the proposition that. Rep. Guinta had a contractual or equitable right of access to those funds, and the accounts of witnesses with personal knowledge suggest that no such arrangement existed. (Page 8)

Rep. Guinta stated in his affidavit that he had a “specific commitment and pledge [ ] from [his] parents” that he would have access to the funds for his personal use. Rep. Guinta Aff. II 10.Respondents assert that the funds in the family pot were “regularly available” to Rep. Guinta and his siblings, and that “they regularly used the shared family resources for personal expenses.” RTB Resp. at 2-3. We are not aware of any document, however, reflecting the existence of any such alleged agreement or understanding between Rep. Guinta and his parents about his right to access funds in his parents’ accounts. Further, the available contemporaneous evidence tends to conflict with the claim that an agreement concerning family assets held in common existed, and statements of witnesses who would have personal knowledge of such an agreement conflict with the claim that Rep. Guinta and his siblings were equitably entitled to funds in a family pot of accounts held in his parents’ names. (Page 9)

WMUR TV Fabricates A Story Promoting Scott Brown, Attacking Billy Shaheen

Say goodbye to news coverage with integrity on WMUR TV.

Many NHLN readers already think WMUR TV has been biased toward Republican candidates and causes for years – but they have reached a new low.

This past weekend, WMUR TV decided to try to gain some ratings points by completely misrepresenting a quote from Senate candidate Scott Brown. Instead of just bending the facts to make a mediocre story more appealing, WMUR completely twisted them to build a news angle that didn’t actually exist.

Here’s what really happened: Last Wednesday, Scott Brown visited the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. He met many voters, both supporters and opponents, as you would expect in any public campaign stop. Among the people he met was Manchester resident Wayne Alterisio. Wayne is a popular figure in the city and is the NH State Association of Letter Carrier State President.  Wayne and I have been friends for decades.

I don’t remember when I first told Wayne that Scott Brown and I went to high school together in Wakefield, MA. Actually, Scott and I were pretty good friends until Scott went off to college. We sort of lost touch after that. However, Wayne never forgot that Scott and I had once been good friends.

Last Wednesday, while Wayne was eating his breakfast in the Red Arrow Diner, Scott Brown walked in and they engaged in a conversation.

As Wayne told me later, Wayne greeted the candidate cordially, “Hi Senator Brown … I know a very good friend of yours, Bill Brickley.Wayne and Senator Brown then had a discussion on the Minimum Wage as that is a significant issue for many working class families.  As Senator Brown was ending their conversation, Brown said, “Say hi to Billy for me.

WMUR did not have their own camera crew following Senator Brown, so who knows where they got their information about what was said that day. But incredibly, in their coverage of the Red Arrow Diner visit, WMUR cited Senator Brown’s “Say hi to Billy” comment as a reference to Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s husband, William “Billy” Shaheen.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of people in New Hampshire named “Billy.” So what reason would WMUR TV have, to think that Senator Brown’s “Say Hi to Billy” comment referred to Senator Shaheen’s husband?

WMUR then built an entire segment around the comment. WMUR Political Director Josh McElveen was the reporter (or should I say creator?) of the story, making it even more egregious. The almost 3 minute piece has been widely circulated, both when it was originally shown and then when it was highlighted on weekend news recaps.

The only thing worse than a fake news story is a widespread fake news story.

WMUR did not see that the real new story in the conversation between Wayne and Senator Brown was growing income inequality and the stagnant Minimum Wage.

Evidently there isn’t much appetite for that. Instead, WMUR took a one-sentence remembrance, completely out of context, and pushed it to attack Senator Shaheen and her husband Billy.

It’s easy to connect this pro-Scott Brown coverage to the $74,545 that the Scott Brown campaign has paid WMUR this week for just one particular ad that is to be shown 148 times. I would imagine this saturation is already conveying Senator Brown’s message sufficiently. Feeling the need to manufacture fake anti-Shaheen “news” angles seems to me to hint at overkill.

Incidentally, WMUR is in a bitter dispute with its own 13 IBEW photographers, as the company continues to deny them pension benefits that are afforded to other WMUR employees. Since 2005, these 13 union employees have been singled out and denied pension benefits. This is unconscionable when you consider the fact that WMUR parent corporation Hearst has made $10 billion in revenue. They are the only 13 employees at the station denied these benefits.   This may be the reason that WMUR had to rely on a NECN video crew to get a news feed of Senator Brown’s Red Arrow visit that took place one mile from WMUR studios.

WMUR TV owes an apology for this fabrication.

The first victim of this malicious lie is NH Letter Carrier State President Wayne Alterisio. Wayne was falsely accused of being there on the instruction of Billy Shaheen. Wayne should be commended for being cordial to Senator Brown and for bringing up the minimum wage issue. Minimum Wage is directly related to the income inequality that has become one of our nation’s biggest problems. Though they disagreed on that subject, it was a respectful conversation.

Also due an apology is the campaign of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. She had absolutely nothing to do with Wayne choosing to have breakfast at the Red Arrow.

The biggest apology should go to the viewers and advertisers of WMUR.  Though the station portrays itself as a credible news organization, the actions related to this story show otherwise. Viewers and advertisers expect WMUR to report the news factually – and not act like tabloid journalism by completely fabricating news.  This wasn’t an accident or a typo. This was clear fabrication and WMUR TV must be held responsible.

NHLN Election News Coverage 9/1/12: Bass Violates FCC Regs, Cilley will Tackle Hard Choices, Hassan Gains Momentum, Ryan Lies About Janesville Plant, and more

Ann Kuster Campaign highlights Charlie Bass’s Campaign is violating FCC Regulations
CONCORD, N.H. – The Kuster campaign today sent a formal letter to WMUR stating that as a result of FCC violations, the Bass Victory Committee is no longer entitled to lowest unit charge for the station. The Communications Act of 1934 stipulates that candidate campaigns are allowed to place their advertisements at what is called a lowest unit charge, a rate that is generally much lower than the rate charged to non-candidate commercials. In order to qualify for the lowest unit charge rate, candidate campaigns are required to follow certain rules laid out in the law. In this case, Congressman Bass’s campaign is in violation of a rule which states that within 45 days of the Primary Election, candidates must include “a clearly identifiable photographic or similar image of the candidate” for a period of no less than four seconds at the end of advertisements. Congressman Bass’s ad, “Not Working for Us,” fails to meet this basic requirement and includes no photograph or other image of the candidate for any duration at the end of the advertisement. According to the law, if a campaign fails to follow the rules, they are no longer entitled to the lowest unit charge. “Congressman Bass’s unwillingness to abide by these basic guidelines once again demonstrates his belief that he plays by a different set of rules than everyone else,” said Rob Friedlander, Communications Director for Annie Kuster. Kuster_Letter WMUR (PDF)

Cilley willing to tackle hard N.H. challenges | SeacoastOnline.com: “For years, we have extolled the “New Hampshire Way” as being low taxes. Even mentioning the subject of a broad-based tax has been the “third rail” for anyone of either party running for office. Everyone “takes the pledge.” A recent letter to the editor by Dave Lang, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, prompted me to add my voice to his. It is time that we have every option on the table, that we do not tie the hands of our elected representatives before they even have a chance to tackle the issues we face.

Jackie Cilley has had the courage to resist “the pledge” and I salute her for it. We need to rethink running this state on property taxes. It isn’t working.”

Hassan Gaining Momentum, NH Dems Say – Bedford, NH Patch: “Forty-three responses were collected.

Nearly two thirds (66 percent) of those responding to the survey said Hassan is best poised to win the general election. Twenty-nine percent picked Cilley, and 5 percent chose Kennedy.

When we asked that same question of our Democratic influentials in late July, Hassan received only 51 percent of the vote, compared to Cilley’s 42 percent.”

How to Fix Election ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ [VIDEO] – Hampton-North Hampton, NH Patch: “Frank Guinta is part of the problem in Washington, not the solution. His votes against women’s rights, against job programs, against the popular Affordable Care Act even after it became the law of the land, against middle class tax cuts and for tax breaks for the super wealthy show that the shrinking middle class are of little concern to him. ”

Ex-Janesville GM plant employee: Paul Ryan ‘ought to be ashamed of himself’ – Lean Forward: “Unique in their unanimity, for once, mainstream and more opinionated media outlets have been calling out Paul Ryan for the multiple distortions in his speech to the Republican National Convention Wednesday night. One assertion has received a little more attention than the rest: Ryan’s charge that Obama is to blame for the closing of the GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. One problem: the plant closed all but a few last operations on December 23, 2008 – and Obama was inaugurated as President in January 2009.” Video from the ED Show

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Political Standing For Aug. 31, 2012 » WMUR Political Scoop: “Sunday, 10 a.m., CloseUP: As we head into the final week of campaigning ahead of the state primary, WMUR’s Josh McElveen hosts a reporter roundtable with the Nashua Telegraph’s Kevin Landrigan, NHPR’s Josh Rogers and myself. Then, he runs interviews this week with Kelly Ayotte and Ann Romney that the station conducted via satellite from the RNC.”

A MUST READ: FactCheck.org : Ryan’s VP Spin: “Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention contained several false claims and misleading statements. Delegates cheered as the vice presidential nominee:”

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NHLN Election News Coverage 8/31/12: Hassan Makes Statement on Medicare, LTE- GOP Platform Removes Choice for Women, Paul Ryan Lies at RNC, and much more

Maggie Hassan’s Statement on Federal Government Approving Medicaid Managed Care Plan 

MANCHESTER, NH – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement today on the federal government approving the state’s Medicaid Managed Care plan.

“We have a responsibility to spend taxpayer dollars wisely and to be open to innovations that can save money. That also means ensuring that we are getting what we pay for – high-quality health care for the children, seniors and people with disabilities being helped through Medicaid. As Governor, I will issue by Executive Order a commission of consumers and financial and health care experts, to directly advise me on the state’s transition to Medicaid Managed Care.”

“A well-operated Medicaid Managed Care program can and should save money and allow New Hampshire to maintain important investments in health care. But financial savings cannot come at the expense of quality, accessible care. The transition schedule is ambitious, and the change will affect the lives and health care of thousands of New Hampshire citizens. As Governor, I will be directly involved in making sure that the transition to Medicaid Managed Care is done right, and that is working for taxpayers and people.”

Hassan announced plans for the Medicaid Managed Care Oversight Commission at a Children’s Alliance Forum in June.

LETTERS: GOP Platform Removes Choice for Women – Nashua, NH Patch: “Being a white middle-aged male, I am the last person that women would want weighing in on their reproductive rights – I would think they have had quite enough of that. I do however have two daughters and I am thinking of their future. The choice could not be clearer for me and my daughters agree.

I support the President’s plan of going forward with the health care plan where 47 million women across the country can now get important preventive health care with no co-pay or deductible. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act helps women fight for equal pay for equal work, and President Obama has defended a woman’s right to choose.”

LETTERS: Paul Ryan Speech at RNC = The Big Lie – Nashua, NH Patch: “Last night’s acceptance speech by Rep. Paul Ryan was a truly breathtaking display of brazen dishonesty. Paul Ryan looked America in the eye and without a hint a shame, lied to our face.

Ryan lied about President Obama’s auto-industry rescue, blaming the administration for a plant closing orchestrated by President Bush. Ryan lied about Medicare, falsely accusing Obama of undermining the system, when he in fact strengthened it. Ryan lied about the debt downgrade, falsely blaming the president for a downgrade caused by Ryan and congressional Republicans.”

The truth about Medicare and the Ryan plan – Cabinet.com: “Republicans and Democrats have been all over TV and radio, and giving speeches all over the country talking about the Ryan plan for Medicare. The Ryan plan turns Medicare into a voucher plan. Democrats say a voucher plan is an awful idea, leaving senior citizens financially vulnerable when they are most likely to need medical care. Republicans insist that it will give people more choices, as they can shop around for a plan. To complicate matters, Republicans also claim that Democrats cut billions from Medicare in the Affordable Care Act. First, they claimed Democrats cut $500 billion, and now they have upped the claim to $716 billion. All this leaves senior citizens, their families and those who will someday be senior citizens wondering what exactly are the facts.”

Re-elect Tim Copeland | SeacoastOnline.com: I had the pleasure of working with Tim for the past two years. There is no secret the leadership of the NH House bordered on dysfunctional. The O’Brien followers acted more like a cult than state representatives; blindly following bad leadership is like confirming this is how we do business.

Tim stood with Matt and me against bullying, bad behavior, name calling and influencing peddling by special interest groups. It takes courage to stand against a majority that is being misled; we were all called names by members who I thought could be certifiable, most were energetic freshman that thought they were saving the world from evil doers.

From Lowell on Scott Brown
‘The Fighter’ bails on Brown | The Column Blog: ““I can’t support Scott Brown,” Ward said. “I just can’t do it.”
Within 30 minutes, Ward either did some Googling or someone close to him reminded him about where Brown stood on some hot-button political topics.
“I found out Scott (Brown) is anti-union and I’m a Teamster guy,” said Ward. “I found out he’s also against gay marriage and I say if you love someone you should have the same rights no matter who you are.””

More News about the workers in PA who were forced to take time off work and attend a Romney event.
From the LA Times
Employees who contacted Blomquist and others in the industry contend that the August event is the latest example of the lengths Murray is willing to go to back his political priorities. In the days just after the rally, about seven or eight mine workers, supposedly independent of one another, emailed and called Blomquist to tell him about the circumstances surrounding the rally. The radio host, known as Bloomdaddy, said once he began talking about the issue on the air, he was contacted by other current and former Murray employees, bringing the number of those sharing the same concerns to 15 to 20 people.
The wife of an hourly employee at the Century mine said in an interview with the Washington Bureau the event was mandatory, and that workers were told to arrive at 8 a.m. to a local school, where they registered to attend the rally and then waited much of the day to be bused to the mine. The schedule ate into her husband’s free time, which bothered him, she said. She said she did not want to be identified for fear her husband would lose his job.

The Truth Is Starting To Come Out About Concord Fact Check

In a recent letter to the editor at the Nashua Telegraph the website ConcordFactCheck.com was called out for being a spin machine for the NH GOP.

Concord Fact Check not worthy of name – NashuaTelegraph.com: “I recently noticed a “Concord Fact Check” site claims my earlier letter about House Speaker William O’Brien’s overstatement of GOP accomplishments was “egregiously inaccurate.” (June 21: “Speaker overstates GOP improvements”)

Actually, the site flagrantly spins rather than checks the relevant facts.”

While I am glad to see this make the mainstream media, I thought I would refresh your memories of some of the lies and propaganda spin that Concord Fact Check has put out before.

I have been watching this site since it first came out.  I noticed a few things right away. Their messaging fell right in line with the NH GOP press statements.  While that is fine, the problem with this is that they are hiding under the pretense of being a ‘Fact Checker’.

Below are three posts that I put out in a effort to bring attention to their lies.

Concord Fact Check is Truly Full of LIES!!!

One last thing to consider when you are looking for facts about the bills in Concord.

(ConcordFactCheck.com is ) Paid For By the House Republican Victory PAC – Stephen B. Stepanek, Treasurer

This entire website that is supposed to be an honest look is bought and paid for by the Republican Party Pac.  This website is as fair and balanced as FOX NEWS!

More Lies from Concord Fact Check On NH Budget and Job Cuts

I recently posted about how ConcordFactCheck.com is a GOP funded website designed to be a Non-Partisan look at the bills coming out of the Legislature.  Once again they have distorted the truth.  Their recent post “Fact Check: NHDP Job Loss Claims Fabricated, Hypocritical“ talks about an Editorial from the Fosters Daily Democrat that the New Hampshire Democratic Party is fabricating the job losses caused they the State Budget.  Lets take a look at what they are calling Facts and the Fosters editorial.

“Among the missives delivered by Al Gore’s Internet last week was one castigating the Republican Party for killing more than 1,500 jobs.

This “reckless” disregard came about because of cuts to the state budget, claimed spokesman Harrell Kirstein.”

Concord Fact Check uses Hyper-Partisan Rhetoric to Tuition Hikes Caused by This Years Budget Cuts

Once again Concord Fact Check (CFC)  has spun the truth into a partisan attack on local politicians.  In a new “Fact Check”, or as I like to refer to it as “Propaganda Pushing Machine”, the took on the issue of student debt.  Their post is called: Student Debt, Education Cuts Result of Prior Legislature, Fiscal Mismanagement The title alone tells you that they are blaming the Democratic controlled Legislature for the students in New Hampshire being ranked highest in student loans and tuition costs for public universities.





Democratic Gov. candidate Jackie Cilley responds to revelations about NH House Majority DJ Bettencourt

Jackie Cilley
Courtesy Photo

Dem. Gov. Candidate Jackie Cilley: Where does GOP stand on former Romney aide resignation amid allegations of academic fraud?
Cilley, Adjunct Professor at UNH and former state senator, calls on her GOP opponents to make clear their ties with House Majortity Leader DJ Bettencourt

(Barrington, NH) In the wake of revelations that DJ Bettencourt, NH House Majority Leader and former special aide to Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, deceived the public about graduating from law school and about an internship credit, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley demands to know where GOP candidates Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith stand.
Bettencourt, the highest-ranking elected official to endorse Mitt Romney in New Hampshire’s crucial first-in-the-nation primary, announced his resignation this week prior to these allegations being made public.
“I call upon the GOP and their Gubernatorial candidates to let us know whether they continue to stand with DJ Bettencourt and the House leadership,” said Jackie Cilley, Democratic candidate governor.  “Ovide and Kevin have repeatedly said they stand with Speaker Bill O’Brien and his out-of-touch agenda.  Now that they can see the full level of his unethical and immoral behavior, what will they say? If they can’t denounce him now then they should reconsider running for our highest office.”
Cilley, a former state senator and a long-term adjunct faculty at UNH’s Whittemore School of Business and Economics, added “As a long-standing member of the UNH community who has always demanded honesty and integrity from my own students,” stated Cilley, “I hope the UNH Law School will get to the bottom of this quickly and take appropriate actions, including expulsion if these allegations prove true.  The reputation of our University System should be protected against such corrupt political influences.”
Critics have attacked Bettencourt and Speaker Bill O’Brien for a poisoned climate in Concord and driving an extremist agenda closely tied to national right-wing interests and the Tea Party. Bettencourt has also drawn criticism for calling New Hampshire’s Catholic bishop a “pedophile pimp” and for exaggerated mileage reimbursements.  This week, in what appears to have been an effort to shield Bettencourt from disclosure of his law school status, O’Brien announced that Bettencourt would be leaving the House to take, the New Hampshire Legal Rights Foundation.
GOP majority leader, DJ Bettencourt, has acknowledged falsifying an internship with attorney and House colleague Rep. Brandon Giuda. Bettencourt needed the credits from the internship to graduate from the University of New Hampshire School of Law. On Saturday, May 19, Bettencourt marched with his class, but according to his statements to the press, “held an empty tube” because even with the falsified internship  he did not have enough credits to graduate.  Despite that, he posted to his Facebook page that he had, indeed, graduated, prompting Giuda to contact the Law School to inquire about the internship status.
ABOUT JACKIE: Jackie Cilley, who served in both New Hampshire’s House and Senate representing Barrington, built a successful business and taught more than 2500 New Hampshire students over her 20 years as a highly respected business professor with UNH’s Whittemore School for Business and Economics. A Berlin native, Sen. Cilley earned a BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from the Whittemore School.  Jackie and her husband Bruce have lived in Barrington for more than 20 years.  They have five sons, 12 grandchildren, and two dogs.

Scandalous Update on the Real Reason DJ Bettencourt Is Resigning From His State Rep Postion!

Very early this morning I released a post titled, “Breaking News: REP Bettencourt To Resign on June 6th“.  While everything I said in that post was and still is accurate new more shocking information has just come out as to the real reasons why DJ Bettencourt is resigning his position.  

While Mr Bettencourt’s statement says that he is resigning because:

DJ Bettencourt
Image from Queerty.com

“I’m getting married next week and I am at a point in my life where my family should and needs to be my first priority. It is also critical that I am able to focus my full attention on my role as Executive Director of the New Hampshire Legal Rights Foundation.”

“House rep says Bettencourt resigning over fabricated internship reports”(UL)

The truth of the matter has come out! According to the news report from the NH Union Leader “Mr Bettencourt agreed to resign after he admitted fabricating reports for a law school internship, according to the House Republican who was mentoring him”. The House Republican who was mentoring Mr Bettencourt was none other that Chichester Attorney and State Rep Brandon Guida.  Guida allowed Bettencourt to complete his mandatory internship with his law firm.  The Union Leader report further details that “Guida said Bettencourt only showed up at his office for one day, “where he did approximately one hour of legal work.”  He (Guida) later discovered that Bettencourt had submitted “extremely detailed” reports about that internship, including court hearings he supposedly attended, cases he worked on and interviews with clients.”

So now we know the real reason why Mr Bettencourt is leaving his position as State Rep.  He lied and cheated his way through UNH Law School.  He even went as far as to post on his Facebook Page that he graduated from the UNH Law School.  (You can see the picture on the Union Leader Webpage.)

The Union Leader continues their report: “When he confronted Bettencourt, Giuda said, “he confessed to me that he made up these reports.” And according to Giuda, in a meeting Friday with House Speaker William O’Brien and Giuda, Bettencourt agreed he would report to the law school what he had done and announce that he was resigning because of “some personal problems that he had to deal with.”

Bettencourt did reveal to the Union Leader that he did not officially graduate and that he could not comment on the process of resolving the “dispute” with his falsified documents. 

While I do not agree with much of what Rep Guida says I do agree with his statement in the Union Leader: “D.J. Bettencourt needs to be honest,” he said. “He needs to admit that he’s lied all along, that he falsified these records, that he dishonored the House. He needs to apologize to the House and the citizens of New Hampshire and he needs to step down now.”  

If he was willing to perjure himself to get his law degree it makes you wonder what other lies he has told? Has he fabricated the truth in our State House? Also, how much did House Speaker O’Brien know about all of this before today? I have no idea, but it does make you wonder and I am sure there will be more to come.

Indiana Governor Lies About Right to Work Creating Jobs

It was reported Friday (3/16) in the Indianapolis Star that the “MBC Group denies that it moved to Indiana because of its new Right to Work Law”.  The Indianapolis Star continued:

“Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said this week that the new law is the reason 28 companies are considering moving to Indiana and the reason three companies already have committed to doing so. He said he wouldn’t name any of the companies “until we have their permission to,” making his claims impossible to verify. The only company he has named thus far is MBC.”

 Does this sound familiar? This is the same tired rhetoric that New Hampshire has been hearing for over a year from the House Leadership.  Speaker O’Brien has been saying all along that companies are waiting for New Hampshire to pass a Right to Work law and then they will move here.  Where is the proof?  Where is this list of companies who say they will move here?

I am sick and tired of the lies about companies moving to New Hampshire if they pass a Right to Work law.  They said the same thing in Indiana, and now in Minnesota.  If this were really true, Indiana would have line at the border of companies trying to set up shop in the newly created Right to Work state.  In fact it more proves my point that Right To Work has little to no impact on where a company decides to build their new shop.

I will leave you with this quote from the Indiana AFL-CIO email to their supporters:

“While it’s not shocking, it’s disappointing that our officials would stoop to this level in order to deceive the public which they are supposed to represent. It’s equally disgusting that the administration is clearly pressuring businesses that are applicants for or recipients of state economic development incentives into furthering this deception,.”

Concord Fact Check uses Hyper-Partisan Rhetoric to Tuition Hikes Caused by This Years Budget Cuts

Once again Concord Fact Check (CFC)  has spun the truth into a partisan attack on local politicians.  In a new “Fact Check”, or as I like to refer to it as “Propaganda Pushing Machine”, the took on the issue of student debt.  Their post is called: Student Debt, Education Cuts Result of Prior Legislature, Fiscal Mismanagement.  The title alone tells you that they are blaming the Democratic controlled Legislature for the students in New Hampshire being ranked highest in student loans and tuition costs for public universities.

The CFC’s entire post is in response to a letter to the editor from Peggy Gilmor of Hollis, in which she stated:

“Unfortunately, our state Legislature does not share this vision. A new report from The Project on Student Debt places New Hampshire first in the nation in student debt – not a first we want. And this report uses data before the recent tuition hikes as a result of legislative cuts (8)”.

To credit CFC they were right when they said: “The study Sen. Gilmour refers to looks at student loan debt of the 2010 graduating class“.  In a recent article in the Union Leader, it was announced that college students in New Hampshire rank #1 in student loan debt after graduation.  They looked at students graduating and what they owed in student loans.  CFC is right that some of those debts could be due to costs raised by the previous Legislature, however the article goes on to what is going to happen after this years budget cuts. The Union Leader continues by saying, “The report comes as students face further tuition hikes and reductions in financial aid due to budget cuts enacted this year (5).”

 It is a fact that: “Over the past six years, the university’s tuition has risen 35 percent (3)”.  That is an average of just under 6% per year.  While these are still noticeable increases the dramatic cuts to our state universities did not come until 2011. “In terms of percentage, the most dramatic cuts came in New Hampshire, where lawmakers almost halved state appropriations for the University of New Hampshire system (4)”.  That is right HALF of what their previous budgets were.  They were receiving appropriations of about $100 million dollars per year from the state.  This year they received $52 million! While other states were making cuts to their school systems as well, New Hampshire once again lead the Nation: “In a ranking of declines in state funding for public higher education from 2011 to 2012, New Hampshire led all other states with a 48 percent drop, according to report released this summer by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (5)”.  Another milestone we do not want.

The Vice President of Finance David Proulx,  explained a little of what the University of NH was doing in response to the 48% budget cut.

“70 percent of the money to repair the deficit was made from reducing expenses through salary freezes for employees, the elimination of 150 jobs, a hiring freeze, a separation incentive program, and reductions in employee benefits. Another 15 percent was achieved using savings we had built up and the remaining 15 percent was funded from New Hampshire student tuition increases, which was a last resort but necessary to balance the budget (3).”

Thats right a 12% tuition hike on top of removing over 150 jobs.  This means the average student at UNH pays “$24,702” for instate tuition and room and board according to the UNH website (6).  Some people like Speaker Bill O’Brien praised the drastic cuts to UNH system; “House Speaker William O’Brien defended the budget cuts, stressing that excessive public funding and subsidized financial aid helped perpetuate high tuition levels (5)”.  While many including the Governor opposed these cuts. Colin Manning a spokesperson for the Governor’s office said; “We need a well-educated workforce to succeed in the future. That’s why he opposed the cutting the budget for the university system by about 50 percent (5).”

It is ridiculous to think that the current Legislature had nothing to do with the tuition increase on the students who attend the UNH system.  These are real Granite State Families. Hard working families who are trying to ensure their children get a good education at a school that is economical and still close to home.  David Proulx said it best when he said: “To suggest the state funding reduction does not impact New Hampshire families is very wrong (7)”.   After evaluating the real “FACTS”, CFC is Wrong to blame their massive budget cuts on former Legislatures.  If you are going to cut the UNH budget in half, then you have to stand by that “Fact” when people blame you for raising tuition! To quote CFC, “This is an unfortunate example of hyper-partisan rhetoric…. (1)”

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8) http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/opinionletters/940173-263/legislature-failing-to-invest-in-future.html

If you would like more information about Concord Fact Check and the House Republican Party Pac that funds CFC, go hereConcord Fact Check is Truly Full of Lies 

Americans For Prosperity are spreading Lies about Right To Work!

Once again the Koch Funded Americans for Prosperity are spreading the their lies about Right To Work laws.  First they are saying that People are “forced to join unions or be fired”.  As we all know this has been illegal for over 70 years.   These ads have been playing on multiple radio stations in New England over the last few days.  I wonder how much they paid for each one of these ads to run for five days $5,000 per station or $10,000 per station?  I would love to know exactly they paid.  I would guess that they spent at least $30,000 dollars to push their lies.

AFPR-02+Americans For Prosperity+Not Free 11-21-11+S by mhoefer

AFPR-02+Americans For Prosperity+Unfair 11-22-11+S by mhoefer

NHAC+NH Advantage Coalition+Protect 11-23-11+S by mhoefer

AFPR-01+Americans For Prosperity+Stand Up 11-21-11+S by mhoefer

Earlier this year, the Protect New Hampshire Families organization put out their own radio ad about HB 474. Talking about Businesses that oppose Right To Work.  They say the polticans are not listening to their voters
Radio Ad for Protect NH Families Against RTW (nh labor news) by nhlabor

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