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Spanish, Portuguese and Nepalese Voter Information Offered By League of Women Voters NH

League of Women VotersConcord, NH–Spanish, Portuguese and Nepalese versions of the League of Women Voters NH voter education materials are now available on the League’s website: http://www.lwvnh.org/elections.html  The voter education materials provide complete, easy to read information on how to register to vote and the procedures for voting in New Hampshire. The League gives permission for anyone to download the material and copy it for distribution.

“New Hampshire’s procedures regarding registering to vote and voting are more complicated than in other states. Citizens who speak English as a second language may find it easier to understand the process if it’s presented in their original language,” said Liz Tentarelli, president of the League in New Hampshire.

“We also think it’s important to be inclusive,” said Gwen Mikailov, Voter Service Chair. “Besides making it easier for people to understand, we hope new citizens, in particular, will be encouraged to vote.”

The League has offered a Spanish translation of its voting materials for a few years. All of the translations are provided by volunteers. The new Portuguese translation was done by Germano Martins who is a member of SEA/SEIU1984, Board of Directors. He was born in Brazil and is a long time resident of NH. The Nepalese translation was provided by Rajesh Koirala, an interpreter, certified Nepali-English-Nepali translator, author of the Nepali language “Aksharica” magazine and co-author of the bi-lingual “Handbook for Living in the United States.” He is a resident of Manchester.

NH League Of Women Voters Newsletter: Registering To Vote In The NH Primary

League of Women VotersProtecting our right to vote is crucial to a healthy democracy. For generations the League of Women Voters have been working to protect our rights as voters and stop legislation aimed at taking our most fundamental right away.

The NH League of Women Voters just released their January newsletter and it is full of great information about registering to vote in the NH Primary as well as upcoming legislation that either protects or attempts to limit your voting rights.

Below is one excerpt from this months newsletter from the President of the NH League of Women Voters.

Presidential Primaries – February 9

The wait is nearly over. The secretary of state announced that Tuesday, February 9, is the date for New Hampshire’s “first in the nation” presidential primary voting.

If you are fleeing NH for warmer climes, or if for health or work reasons you are unable to get to the polls on February 9, you can request your absentee ballot, now through Feb. 8. Pick up an application at your town or city clerk’s office or download an application from the state’s website: http://sos.nh.gov/ElectForms.aspx

When you receive your absentee ballot, plan to fill it out and deliver or mail it back so it reaches your town clerk’s office by 5 pm on election day. A family member with ID can hand-deliver your ballot to your town clerk. You are not allowed to hand-deliver your own absentee ballot on election day.

Primary tidbits:

On this year’s primary ballots for President, there are 30 Republicans and 27 Democrats listed.

As of Sept. 2015, there were 872,171 registered voters with nearly 381,000 “undeclared.” They can vote in either primary on Feb. 9. Registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats by about 32,000.
Helping others vote:
● Share your knowledge of voting with others who may be new to NH or just deciding to vote for the first time.
● Remind them that they can register to vote at their town/city clerk’s office through January 30, or they can register on election day itself.
● If people are worried about not having a photo ID or they leave it at home on election day, remind them that they can still vote by signing an affidavit at the polling place. A poll worker will take their photo and attach it to the affidavit for verification. Their ballot will be counted with all the others.
● Remind your friends 65 and over that an expired driver’s license or passport “counts” as voter ID.
● Suggest that people who don’t know where they should vote should call their town/city clerk in advance to find out.
● Refer people to our Elections page of LWVNH.org, for fliers and brochures that explain voting in NH.

– Liz Tentarelli, President

Check out the League of Women’s Voters -NH recently printed Newsletter

Support Our Local Community Non-Profits: The NH Labor News’s Suggestions For #GivingTuesday

giving_tuesday_logostackedToday is Tuesday, December 1st, 2015.  Not only is it my birthday – Thank You – but it is #GivingTuesday.  #GivingTuesday is a relatively new tradition following #BlackFriday, #SmallBusinessSaturday, and #CyberMonday.

#GivingTuesday is intended to inspire you to give something back this holiday season.  There are millions of great organization out there doing amazing work on a variety of issues.  These organization tend to be very lean because as non-profits they do not have a boatload of funds to fuel their agenda.

Donations to a Non-Profit are also tax deductible. Double bonus.  Unfortunately the NH Labor News is not a non-profit charity so if you choose to make a donation to us you cannot write it off on your taxes.

To help narrow down the monstrous list of possible places you can donate to I have compiled a short list of NH based non-profits, with links to their websites.  I have worked with each and every one of these groups on different campaigns over the last six-years.  (In no particular order.)

Special Note: Some of the groups listed below have sent out emails stating that if you act today, #GivingTuesday, your donation will automatically be matched by an anonymous contributor.  If you miss the double matching, it is ok, they will still be happy to receive your donation.

Granite State Progress: An all encompassing organization that monitors the NH Legislature.  Led the fight against ALEC in our state house, transparency in our legislative process, higher minimum wage, blocking Right To Work and more. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

The NH Citizens Alliance: A champion of low-wage workers, women’s rights and all Granite Staters.  Pushing for equal pay, higher minimum wage, paid sick time and more. They have also launched a new campaign #StandWithWomen to guarantee full and fair opportunities for women to succeed and take care of their families. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

The AFSC- New Hampshire: For 40 years Arnie Alpert has been fighting Right To Work in the NH Legislature. This Quaker organization is dedicated to helping working families as well has making the world a better place.  Fighting for social and economic justice and bringing back the founding principles of our democracy. If you have not already you must sign up for their State House Watch! (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

MIRA: The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) is the largest organization in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees. Eva Castillo is the NH director and together with help from the NH Labor News and other community activists we hosted a welcoming vigil for refugee children last year. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

League of Women Voters: The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

The NHFPI: the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute (NHFPI) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring, developing, and promoting public policies that foster economic opportunity and prosperity for all New Hampshire residents, with an emphasis on low- and moderate-income families and individuals. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England: PP offers low-cost or even free healthcare to thousands of Granite State women. Preventative medicine is the best medicine.   (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

Every Child Matters Education Fund of NH: ECMEF is a non-partisan, non-profit focused on improving the lives of our future generation by ensuring they get a quality education.  They lobby for early childhood education and expanding public school.  Along with education, ECM pushes back against cuts to programs designed to help combat poverty. ECMEF-NH Director MaryLou Beaver is also a feature commentator on the NH Labor News with her weekly Granite State Rumblings update.  (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

Second Wind Foundation for Pulmonary Fibrosis: A charity organization to help people suffering with the little known, life threatening disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis.  The organization was started when my good friend Ron Geoffroy’s wife, Marylou, was diagnosed with PF. After her passing, Ron continues to lead the organization and help others who are suffering with PF. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

Whether you give $5 or $500 dollars, every dollar is appreciated.  

Please make a contribution to any or all of these great groups and let them know that Matt from the NH Labor News sent you

Election Bill Creating Poll Tax, Residency Requirements Passes House Election Law Committee

SB179 would penalize New Hampshire voters
rather than improve elections

Concord, NH – Today the House Election Law Committee passed an elections bill along party lines (11-8) that creates unnecessary hurdles for New Hampshire voters by instituting an arbitrary vehicle registration “poll tax” and a 30-day residency requirement. The key features of SB 179, which also passed along party lines in the state Senate earlier this month (14-10), are likely unconstitutional at both the state and federal level.

The House Election Law Committee amended SB 179 to require voters to obtain a driver’s license and register their car in New Hampshire – a change that has no clear connection to maintaining the integrity of elections. New Hampshire’s constitution clearly states that “all elections are to be free,” and this amendment acts as a poll tax by charging engaged Granite Staters vehicle registration fees in order to vote.

Furthermore, SB 179 falls short of meeting the standards set in the United States Supreme Court case Dunn vs. Blumstein, which permitted up to a 30-day registration requirement in states that need it for administrative purposes. Given that New Hampshire is a same-day registration state, there is no compelling argument that the state’s election administration officials need the additional time.

“The sponsors of this legislation claim these restrictions will somehow stop voter fraud, but the proposed changes would penalize New Hampshire voters rather than help our elections,” explained League of Women Voters New Hampshire Election Law Specialist Joan Flood Ashwell. “There are many ways for voters to confirm their identity without forcing them to pay vehicle registration fees, and there are many ways to ensure they live in our state without a 30-day residency requirement. We can’t deny eligible voters the right to vote here in New Hampshire.”

Despite all evidence to the contrary, politicians continue to push restrictive election laws based on a false narrative of ‘phantom’ voters. New Hampshire attorney general investigations and a national Washington Post investigation** found that in-person voter impersonation and registration fraud is virtually non-existent.

America Votes-New Hampshire State Director Paula Hodges said, “SB 179 is one of more than a dozen dangerous bills proposed by radical lawmakers that would deter voters and undermine New Hampshire’s long-held tradition of streamlining voting. The various proposed bills range from eliminating same-day registration, to creating new inter-state cross-check programs that could purge thousands of eligible voters from the rolls. It’s clear these politicians are trying to influence elections by discouraging voters, and that’s wrong.”

“We urge the governor to veto SB 179 should it pass both chambers this year,” Hodges added.

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