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Voter Suppression Is Real!

If you think the elections are over then you would be wrong.  In New Hampshire they are currently holding numerous recounts throughout the state.  While the overall media opinion is that New Hampshire voting went smoothly.  There were a few issues with the new Voter ID law and long lines.

The biggest story comes from Merrimack. The entire town voted in one polling station.  Over 18,000 registered voters in Merrimack were force to go to the town high school to cast their ballot. This could be the largest polling station in the country. There were long lines at the polls but the traffic getting to the polls actually kept people from the polls.  The town has a significate traffic problem on a normal day now add in thousands of people trying to go to a school with only two entrance roads.  The town ended up keeping the polls open till after 8pm due to the traffic on the roads. It is unknown how many if any were turned away or neglected to go because the polls were supposed to be closed.

The good thing is that all 15,000 people who cast their ballot in Merrimack had their ballot counted.  This is not the case in some places.

In Maricopa Arizona thousands of people exercised their Constitutional Right to vote and yet their vote has still not been counted.  Listen to the dramatic story of this first time voter who was forced to file a ‘provisional’ ballot.

UNITE HERE has been on the ground in Arizona since the election season started.  They were working to turn out voters.  They registered 34,000 new voters like Faez.  Now the state is refusing to count their votes.

UNITE HERE and other community members are standing up for these voters.  Working to ensure that they get their voice heard this election.  They will be hosting a rally tomorrow at the Maricopa County Recorders Office.

Holding up our rights is paramount to what we in the labor movement have fighting for since the beginning.  Ensuring that our collective voice is heard is what labor is all about. Now we have to hold the government accountable to ensure that all voters get their voice heard too.  Our right to vote is guaranteed by the Constitution and nothing the Maricopa Country Recorder does will ever take that away.

Still waiting for a reason to get involved in this year’s voter canvasses?

According to the most recent UNH Granite State Poll:

The NH House of Representatives is up for grabs. Right now, 35% of poll respondents expect to vote for Republican House candidates; 39% expect to vote for Democrats.  Another 21% are undecided.

Voters still do not know much about the gubernatorial candidates.

·         47% of poll respondents don’t know enough about Ovide Lamontagne to say whether their opinion of him is “favorable”, “unfavorable” or “neutral”.

·         73% of poll respondents don’t know enough about Kevin Smith to have an opinion.

·         72% of respondents don’t know enough about Maggie Hassan.

·         74% don’t know enough about Jackie Cilley.

·         83% don’t know enough about Bill Kennedy.


This knowledge gap persists even among union households.

·         25% of union households don’t know enough about Ovide Lamontagne to have an opinion (and more than a third of union households view Lamontagne favorably).

·         62% of union families don’t know enough about Kevin Smith to have an opinion.

·         56% don’t know enough about Maggie Hassan to say whether they view her favorably or not.

·         58% don’t know enough about Jackie Cilley.

·         77% of union households don’t know enough about Bill Kennedy to have an opinion.


By November, voters may have forgotten this Legislature’s chicanery.   The summer break has been good for the Legislature’s favorability ratings.

·         In April, only 40% of NH residents believed that the State Legislature was doing a good job. Now that the Legislature has been in recess for a couple of months, their favorability rating is up to 45%.

·         The recess has been good for Speaker O’Brien’s reputation, too.  In April, his favorability rating was 15%; now it is 18%.

Read the poll results here and here.


The New Hampshire AFL-CIO is conducting “Labor Walks” throughout the state.  Here are the dates and times of the their local canvasses. 

Sat. October 6                        Labor to Labor Walk – Rochester

9a.m.- 1 p.m.                           IBEW 104 Hall, 312 U.S. Route 4, Barrington, NH 03825

October 9,10,11                      Phone Banks
5p.m. – 8:30p.m.                   NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

TEAMSTERS 633 Office          53 Goffstown Road, Manchester, NH 03105
9am -1pm

October 16, 17, 18                   Phone Banks
5p.m- 8:30p.m.                       NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Trnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sat. October 20                       Labor to Labor Walks — Nashua
9am-1pm                                   Nashua Teachers Union 7C Taggart Dr. Nashua, NH

*October 23,24,25,26            GOTV PHONE BANKS
5-8:30p.m.                               NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sat. October 27                       Get Out The Vote Walks – Manchester
9a.m. – 1 p.m.                          NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

Sun. October 28                      Get Out The Vote Walk —  Nashua
1p.m. – 4 p.m.                          TBA

*Oct 29, 30, 31  Nov. 1 and 2        Get Out The Vote Phone Banks
5p.m. – 8:30pm                       NH AFL-CIO 161 Londonderry Tnpk, Hooksett, NH

For more information or to volunteer call: 603-623-7302

If these times do not work for you, consider walking for the Obama for American campaign.  They are walking all the time.  More details here 

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