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Dan Innis Emerges – As A Right-Wing Legislator From A Moderate District.

A person familiar with the man whose data-driven approach animated his work at UNH’s Paul School of Business could have been forgiven for being surprised by the approach taken by the Dan Innis since his election to the New Hampshire Senate in November. HIs approach to chairing the Commerce Committee in a packed Representatives’ Hall provides an example. In the face of data, anecdote, and personal testimonials, Innis seemed deaf to any criticism of controversial right-to-work legislation being heard by the committee. Impatient with testimony from over 100 labor leaders, small businessmen, and economists and eager to defend the endorsements of SB 11 by lobbyists and national right-wing activists, Innis seemed, not only to have his mind made up, but unwilling to listen to any facts that might change it.

Chairman Innis also used his new position to encourage his fellow senators to put any concerns which might have arisen during the four hours of public testimony that they had just heard out of their minds. With gavel in hand, Chairman Innis shut down debate among his colleagues after a mere hour and got the result he wanted. The committee recommended that the full Senate pass the Koch Bros. number one legislative priority for the states. Republican orthodoxy and right-wing ideology had overcome the opposition of a vast majority of attendees at the Senate hearing, with Sen. Innis’s support.

Sen. Innis’s unlikely emergence as a right-wing champion hasn’t been limited to his work as a committee chair. He also put his support behind legislation that allows anyone to carry a concealed weapon by sponsoring SB12. This bill, which was opposed by police chiefs and public safety advocates throughout the state, passed the Senate days after a freshman GOP legislator inadvertently dropped a gun on the floor during a House hearing on the measure.

A glance over the legislation Innis has sponsored this year further demonstrates that the hotelier and academic would NOT serve as a moderate Republican in the mode of Nancy Stiles, his GOP predecessor in District 24, but rather as an ideological, Tea Party legislator. Another example is a bill he is sponsoring entitled SB44, an act prohibiting the state from requiring implementation of Common Core standards. Common Core, a set of educational goals and measurements developed by state and local governments to make comparisons between school results clearer and to designed to measure both student learning and critical thinking skills, has become a favorite target of right-wingers from Glenn Beck (who wrote a sci-fi novel suggesting an enslaved future thanks to Common Core) to legislators and activists who fear that Common Core teaching leads to homosexuality.

These may merely be the efforts of a freshman legislator to court his party’s far-right base, but in a year with a new governor who seems equally susceptible to trends among the national right-wing, his votes have consequences. Seacoast voters would be well advised to ignore the Dan Innis who has carefully cultivated a reputation as a reasonable community leader and pay close attention the Dan Innis who is voting in Concord. They might not recognize him, but they should recognize the impact of the right-wing voting record he is compiling.

New Report Highlights 17 Bad Actors Waging Aggressive Anti-Solar Campaigns

Manchester, NH – With solar power on the rise around the country, a national network fossil fuel and utility-backed organizations have joined forces to put the brakes on this fast growing pollution-free energy resource.  Trade groups and think tanks backed by deep pocketed anti-clean energy ideologues and fossil interests are bankrolling campaigns, promoting model legislation and media campaigns to provide cover for anti-solar campaigns across the country, said a new report released today by Environment New Hampshire Research & Policy Center. 

“Pollution-free solar energy represents New Hampshire’s most abundant energy resource,” said Michelle McCarthy, Campaign Organizer with Environment New Hampshire.  “For our climate and our environment, we can’t allow special interest forces in the fossil fuel industry to pull the plug on the bright potential of solar power.”  

The report, Blocking the Sun, documents 17 fossil fuel backed groups and electric utilities running some of the most aggressive campaigns to slow the growth of solar energy in 12 states. 

Of the findings, the report documents how the Koch brothers have provided funding to the national fight against solar by funneling tens of millions of dollars through a network of opaque nonprofits; the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) provides utility and fossil fuel interests with access to state legislatures, and its anti-net metering policy resolution has inspired legislation in a set of states; utilities in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, West Virginia, California and Illinois have undertaken extensive campaigns to revoke renewable energy policy or impose new charges on their solar customers.

“Solar has the chance to become a leading technology,” said Rachel Cross of Frontier Group, report co-author. “It’s ready, it’s more accessible every year, and it’s a solution for a world that needs to quit burning carbon. Allowing electric companies and fossil fuel interests to stand in the way of that kind of progress defies common sense.”

In mid-2016, there were at least 84 ongoing policy actions in U.S. states that could impact the growth of solar energy, including through limitations to net metering or new charges to make rooftop solar power less economically viable.  

“In New Hampshire, we were fortunate to have a bipartisan group of legislators who realized the very real threat to the future of non-polluting solar energy by hitting the so called ‘cap’ allocated to our four electric utilities,” said. Representative Bob Backus of Manchester. “Legislation resulted which while, unfortunately not eliminating the cap entirely, increased it to permit the NH PUC to undertake a proceeding, now underway, to set new net metering rates.”

The report urges state decision makers to recognize and resist utility and fossil fuel industry influence that seeks to undermine solar energy and to instead encourage the growth of solar.

“Solar energy is important to my family by assuring that we leave a healthier planet for our grandchildren by drastically reducing the use of fossil fuels one house at a time,” said Lester Cuff, a solar homeowner in Stratham, NH. “Since installing solar panels in 2012, we have been a residential power plant. The panels have generated to date, 36.3 megawatt hours, which is equivalent to lighting the Eiffel Tower for 15 nights. Our carbon offset to date is equivalent to planting 656 trees. Our family and the State of New Hampshire will receive accumulative economic and environmental benefits for at least 25 years.” 

“Solar is finally catching on and providing tremendous benefits, reducing pollution, saving consumers and businesses money, and revitalizing local economies,” said McCarthy. “Now, more than ever, states must lead the charge on a transition to solar power and renewable energy. ” 

Read the full report here.

Ayotte’s Big Oil Cash & Votes Against Climate Action Featured In Statewide Sierra Club Ad Campaign

Sierra Club slams Ayotte in six figure digital ad buy targeting millennials

Washington, DC – The Sierra Club launched a six figure statewide digital ad buy, in New Hampshire today targeting millennial voters in the Granite State. The ad – entitled “Campaign Lifehacks with Kelly Ayotte” – focuses on the half million dollars in oil and gas company cash which Kelly Ayotte has taken for her campaign while voting against climate action and for big oil tax breaks.

“Granite Staters know that the climate crisis is accelerating and that we must act to stop it. But Kelly Ayotte has voted to thwart climate action in the U.S. Senate while preserving massive tax giveaways to the oil and gas industry sought by the Koch Brothers and other fossil fuel interests” said Sierra Club Political Director Khalid Pitts. “We can’t afford to send a climate disaster like Kelly Ayotte back to the U.S. Senate–New Hampshire needs a real climate and clean energy champion like Governor Maggie Hassan to stand up to the Koch Brothers and Big Oil by standing up for our communities.”

The ad will run from Tuesday, October 25 to Election Day on digital channels across New Hampshire. More information about the ad can be found at ayottenotfornh.com

Further announcements of additional ads holding Kelly Ayotte accountable for her record will be forthcoming in the days ahead.

On Earth Day, A Reminder of U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Big Oil and Dirty Energy Support

 Oil and Gas Contributions to Ayotte Put Her in Top 10 of All U.S. Senators 

Concord, NH – According to Open Secrets, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte is one of the top ten recipients of oil and gas contributions in the U.S. Senate this cycle. Ayotte has received $142,025 in funds from oil and gas thus far. Donations include those from Koch PAC, the largest oil and gas campaign contributor in the nation — even surpassing ExxonMobil — as well as ExxonMobil itself and Chevron.

The Koch network in particular is investing heavily in Kelly Ayotte: Koch Industries is listed as Ayotte’s 12th largest contributor over her political career. In the last six months alone, Ayotte has received $10,800 from billionaire conservative and oil refining magnate David Koch and his wife Julia, in addition to the Koch’s hosting a $10,000 a plate fundraiser for her in Manhattan. Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity has already spent more than $1 million attacking Ayotte’s campaign opponent, Governor Maggie Hassan.

At the same time, Ayotte finished the 113th legislative session with a 100% score from Americans for Prosperity on selected “Energy and the Environment” bills, and has an 83% lifetime score from the Koch-funded group. In 2012, Kelly Ayotte voted against repealing $24 billion in tax breaks for the five largest oil companies operating in the United States; the same bill Ayotte opposed would have instead promoted renewable energy and alternative fuels. 

“Kelly Ayotte and her dirty energy friends want to keep our country dependent on fossil fuels instead of growing a clean energy economy that increases jobs and protects our environment,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress. “On Earth Day, and every day, our elected officials should look for opportunities to provide stewardship and vision to protect our natural resources, rather than cozying up to polluters. There is no doubt that dirty energy contributes significantly to climate change. Politicians should address that problem head-on instead of looking to Big Oil for handouts.”


Koch Donations: Open Secrets, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, Donors – Career, Accessed 4.21.16 Donations include Koch Industries’ PACs, individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families.; FEC, Friends of Kelly Ayotte, Filing thru 3.31.16; The CT Mirror, Koch brother hosting fundraiser for Blumenthal rival, 10.19.15; WMUR, Updated New Hampshire Primary Source: Record first-in-nation primary turnout confirmed; 542,459 votes cast, 2.20.16; Americans for Prosperity, Scorecard: Sen. Kelly Ayotte, 113th (2013-2014) Score on Energy and Environment (100%), Accessed 4.21.16; Americans for Prosperity, Scorecard: Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Lifetime Score on Energy and Environment (83%), Accessed 4.21.16; Senate Vote 63, 3.29.12

Is Pam Tucker The Koch Brothers Next Marilinda Garcia

Koch brothers grooming another New Hampshire candidate for Congress,
this time Pam Tucker

The Koch brothers are grooming a candidate for Congress in New Hampshire.

Koch BrothersNo – it’s not former state representative and failed congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia. Now it’s State Representative Pam Tucker.

Tucker, who recently threw her hat into the ring in New Hampshire’s 1stcongressional district GOP primary, was a handpicked candidate by the Koch-linked vetting firm Aegis Strategic.

According to an expose by Mother Jones, the firm, “handpick[s] local, state, and federal candidates who share the Kochs’ free-market, limited-government agenda, and groom them to win elections.”

If you don’t remember, Marilinda Garcia was Aegis Strategic’s first client last cycle before her embarrassing loss in New Hampshire’s 2nd district.

Now the Koch brothers are moving on to Pam Tucker as their next candidate to continue pushing their corporate special interest agenda ahead of New Hampshire’s hardworking families and small businesses.

“After failing to secure a win last cycle, the Koch brothers are now grooming another candidate for Congress in New Hampshire, this time it’s State Representative Pam Tucker,” said Bryan Lesswing at the DCCC. “Now that Pam Tucker is pledging allegiance to the Koch brothers, she is going to have to explain to Granite Staters why she wants to push their corporate special interest agenda ahead of New Hampshire’s hardworking families and small businesses.”

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, The Case To Push Right To Work Nationally

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

Another day, another attack on working families.

The Supreme Court is about to hear a case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association that could overturn a nearly forty-year decision that allows unions to negotiate “fair-share” fees for non-union members who benefit from the union’s contract.

“We are disappointed that at a time when big corporations and the wealthy few are rewriting the rules in their favor, knocking American families and our entire economy off-balance, the Supreme Court has chosen to take a case that threatens the fundamental promise of America—that if you work hard and play by the rules you should be able to provide for your family and live a decent life,” wrote NEA President Lily Eskelsen García, AFT President Randi Weingarten, CTA President Eric C. Heins, AFSCME President Lee Saunders, and SEIU President Mary Kay Henry in joint statement.

For decades corporations have been trying to bust our unions in an effort to suppress workers and pocket more of the fruits of our labor. Twenty-five states have already passed, so-called Right To Work laws, that make it illegal for unions and employers to negotiate a fair share clause’s in their contracts.

Nearly forty years ago the right for unions to charge a fair share fee was challenged in the Supreme Court. In the case, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, the court upheld the union’s right to negotiate a fee from non-members who benefit from the contract.

For generations unions have protected workers and help to counterbalance the corporate race to the bottom. In free-bargaining states, workers on average, make $1553 dollars more annually.

“It’s abundantly clear that right to work laws are negatively correlated with workers’ wages,” said Elise Gould, Senior Economist with the Economic Policy Institute.

This case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, is just another example of the extreme right wing pushing their anti-worker agenda on all workers. The case has been pushed by the Center for Individual Rights with strong support from wealthy businessmen and ultra-libertarians Charles and David Koch.

“The list of foundations and donor-advised funds supporting the Center for Individual Rights reads like a who’s who of the right’s organized opposition to labor,” wrote Adele M. Stan in the American Prospect.

The Center for Individual Rights (CIR) is also known for taking cases to the Supreme Court to overturn rulings on Immigration, Affirmative Action, and the Voting Rights Act. CIR quickly gained support from anti-worker groups including “the Cato Institute, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund, and the Mackinac Center, a major force behind the 2012 anti-union legislation enacted in Michigan,” who filed amicus briefs to the Supreme Court on behalf of the plaintiff, Friedrichs.

The AFL-CIO and AFSCME also filed amicus briefs opposing this corporate funded attack on workers rights. Along with the AFL-CIO and AFSCME more than 70, civil and human rights groups, including the NAACP, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the National Women’s Law Center, and GLAD, filed their own amicus brief opposing this attack on workers.

“For nearly 40 years, unions have bargained to further opportunity for women, people of color, and LGBT workers,” said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “At a time of increasing inequality, and when the odds are increasingly in favor of the wealthy and against the American worker, we urge the Court to adhere to its own precedent and reaffirm Abood so that unions representing all public sector workers, both members and non-members, may continue to effectively bargain for vital workplace benefits and protections.”

When workers stand together, we win. These attacks on our rights and freedoms have not gone unnoticed and will not stop us from continuing to organize to make the lives of working people better.

Is Maggie Hassan Fundraising With A Koch Brothers Lobbyist?

This morning, this headline came across my desk: Hassan Raises Money with Koch Lobbyist

After seeing this, and reading the article, I was still not convinced that our Maggie would be taking money from a Koch brothers lobbyist.  So I decided to dig a little deeper.

The entire article is based on the fact that Maggie attended a fundraiser hosted in part by David A Castagnetti. The Free Beacon connected the fact that Castagnetti’s lobbying firm lobbied for Koch Industries from 2007-2013.  The also say that Castagnetti was named as the Koch Industries’ lobbyist, but offer no proof of the claim.

The fact is that lobbying firms like Mehlman, Vogel and Castagnetti, are major players in Washington and lobby for dozens of groups every year.  In 2011, Mehlman, Vogel and Castagnetti, lobbied for nearly sixty different corporations, including Koch Industries.  More recently Castagnetti’s firm has lobbied for Everytown For Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise.   

Another fact that the Free Beacon conveniently omitted is that Castagnetti has been Chief of Staff to Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont),  Rep. Norman Mineta (D-Calif.) and Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).  Casagnetti describes himself as a “Democrat who understands how to talk to business.”

Castagnetti also has a long history of working with, and for, prominent democrats.  This includes fundraising.  Open Secrets notes that in this cycle Castagnetti has given $80,000 in campaign donations and $75,000 of that to democrats.

Let me just recap this a little more accurately than the Free Beacon.

Maggie Hassan attended a fundraiser, hosted by proven and prominent democrat, who also happens to one of top lobbyist in Washington D.C., and has lobbied on behalf of hundreds of different groups from Adobe to Yahoo.

If anything this highlights the convoluted nature of our political lobbying system and how it is intertwined with campaign fundraising.

Kelly Ayotte Tries To Solve the Koch Brothers’ Problems Nearly 90% Of The Time

Concord, N.H. – As No Labels hosts its “Problem Solver” convention in New Hampshire today, it’s important to remember that instead of working to get results for New Hampshire’s families and small businesses, Kelly Ayotte tries to solve the Koch Brothers’ problems nearly 90% of the time.

The Koch Brothers’ main political arm, Americans for Prosperity, gives Ayotte an 88% lifetime score (having voted with the Koch Brothers on 55 out of 62 scored votes since going to Washington). Ayotte’s support for the Koch Brothers’ priorities extends to a wide range of issues, including voting in favor of the Koch-backed Ryan budget that would have slashed Pell Grants for New Hampshire students and turned Medicare into a voucher system, while protecting $40 billion in oil tax breaks.

Koch Industries is the fifteenth top contributing donor to Ayotte over her federal career with more than $24k in campaign contributions, and the Kochs’ political operation has already spent more than $1 million this cycle to try to protect Ayotte.

“Kelly Ayotte has worked overtime to solve the Koch Brothers’ problems since going to Washington, but if you don’t happen to be a well-connected Washington lobbyist or special interest then unfortunately you’re out of luck with Ayotte,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “It’s deeply concerning that the Koch Brothers brag that Kelly Ayotte votes with their interests nearly 90% of the time, and New Hampshire’s families and small businesses deserve better.”



Kelly Ayotte Had A Lifetime Score Of 88% On The Americans For Prosperity Legislative Scorecard. Ayotte has voted with AFP on 55 out of 62 scored votes since taking office. [Americans for Prosperity, Accessed 10/12/15]

Koch Industries Was The Fifteenth Top Contributing Donor To Ayotte Over Her Federal Career With More Than $24k In Campaign Contributions. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Koch Industries was the fifteenth top contributing donor to Ayotte over her career as a Federal candidate. Koch Industries has contributed $24,100 to her campaigns. [Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 1012/15]

Aug. 2015: Americans For Prosperity Aired Attack Ad In New Hampshire Which Democrats Said Was An Attempt To Help Ayotte. “The conservative issues group Americans for Prosperity on Monday will begin a more than $1 million, 20-day television advertising buy to criticize Gov. Maggie Hassan… Democrats are calling the ad by the Koch brothers-funded group a ‘completely false’ and ‘dishonest attempt’ by an out-of-state group to ‘meddle in New Hampshire’s budget process’ and help Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte.” [WMUR, 8/6/15]

Ayotte Voted For The AFP-Backed Ryan Budget That Would Protect $40 Billion In Tax Breaks For Oil Companies

Ayotte Voted For FY 2013 Ryan Budget Plan. In May 2012, Ayotte voted in favor of a: “Conrad, D-N.D., motion to proceed to the concurrent resolution that would allow $2.794 trillion in new budget authority for fiscal 2013, not including off-budget accounts.” The motion was rejected 41-48. [CQ,5/16/12; H.Con.Res. 112, Vote 98, 5/16/12]

Ryan Budget Would Protected $40 Billion In Tax Breaks For Oil Companies. “American families have been plagued by higher oil and gasoline prices over the past several years despite a significant increase in domestic oil production and rigs, and decline in consumption. But while high prices threaten the economy and family budgets, they enrich American oil companies with huge profits. Yet it appears that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) proposed FY 2013 budget resolution would retain a decade’s worth of oil tax breaks worth $40 billion.” [Center for American Progress, 3/20/12]

Americans For Prosperity Called Changing Section 199 As It Relates To Oil Producers An “Attack.” “Americans for Prosperity opposes changing these rules only on the oil and gas industries. Changing these provisions to attack a politically unpopular industry is an inappropriate use of the tax code. Section 199 Domestic Production Activities Deduction provides all qualified domestic manufactures with a 9 percent deduction in their taxable income. The oil and gas industry are already singled out under this rule and are only allowed to use a 6 percent deduction. This rule was put in place to support domestic production and it is ironic that the same people who claim to want to ‘reduce our dependence on foreign oil’ would seek to further isolate oil and gas companies from tax deductions design to support domestic production.” [Energy Tax Policy, Americans For Prosperity]

Americans For Prosperity Supported The FY 2013 Ryan Budget. On Americans for Prosperity’s scorecard for the 112th Congress, the group backed the FY 2013 Ryan budget by urging a yes vote on its passage in the House. [Americans for Prosperity, Accessed 10/12/15]

Dear Candidate Clinton: Disclosure isn’t enough

SOLD flagKudos to Hillary Clinton for making stock buybacks into an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign.  Most Americans don’t realize just how much money corporations spend buying back their own stock, rather than creating jobs.  It’s probably the biggest, ugliest secret of our troubled economy.

But Candidate Clinton doesn’t go far enough.

Her speech yesterday called for more-timely disclosure of buybacks. But just like with #MoneyInPolitics, public disclosure isn’t going to fix the problem.  We need to restore the laws that used to protect us, back when we had a Middle Class.

Disclosure hasn’t solved the problem of our politicians being bought by corporations and the ultra-wealthy.  Everybody knows that the Koch Brothers plan to spend almost a billion dollars buying themselves a president in 2016.  They announced it in the press.  They’re proud of it.  Disclosure isn’t stopping them.  Ever since they made the announcement, they’ve had a steady stream of sycophantic candidates “interviewing” with them, seeking their support.

Anyone who’s watching Big Oil knows that the industry has been busy buying politicians.  Starting with the Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Environment, Jim Inhofe.  Disclosure hasn’t made a difference.  He’s proud of the money he gets from Big Oil: “Whenever the media asked me how much I have received in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry, my unapologetic answer was ‘not enough’.”

Disclosure hasn’t fixed the problem of #MoneyInPolitics.  And it’s not going to fix the problem of stock buybacks, either.

WWYD_707_billionBefore the Securities and Exchange Commission created its “Safe Harbor Rule” in 1982, stock buybacks were almost unheard-of.  Now, they’re one of the top priorities of corporate executives.  Last year, corporations spent more than $556 billion buying back their own stock.  This year, they’re expected to spend $707 billion.

The ugly secret of our “trickle-down” economy: corporations are spending enormous amounts of money consolidating their ownership.   Rather than, say, expanding their businesses, hiring new employees or even paying existing employees a living wage.

(Can’t help but notice the trend of corporations focused on stock buybacks, while their employees need public assistance programs to make ends meet.  Walmart.  McDonalds.  Big Banks.)

Disclosure isn’t going to solve this.  Corporations are proud of their buyback programs.  They announce buybacks in press releases.

Just like the Koch Brothers used the press to announce their intention to buy a president.

Somebody needs to tell Secretary Clinton: the SEC’s 1982 “Safe Harbor Rule” is the regulatory equivalent of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  It enables corporations to do things that are really, really bad for our country.

But unlike Citizens United, the “Safe Harbor Rule” is an administrative regulation. It can be changed or repealed by the administrative agency.

And SEC members are appointed by the President.

Clinton could be pledging to only appoint SEC Commissioners who will repeal the rule.  Instead, she’s just looking for more disclosure.

Clinton deserves a whole lot of credit for raising the issue, and for talking about the impact that stock buybacks are having on our economy.

But it would be even better if she would go one step further, and talk about a solution that would actually fix the problem.


Read more NHLN coverage of stock buybacks here.

Read Marketwatch, “Wall Street’s new drug is the stock buyback” here.

Tonight in New Hampshire: Jeb! Bush’s Big Audition!

Jeb Bush Audition

CONCORD, N.H. – Jeb Bush is back in New Hampshire today, appearing at an event hosted by the Koch brother’s main political arm, Americans for Prosperity. Or rather, auditioning for Koch support. Jeb Bush himself has said that he considers the Koch network an “important part of any coalition to win.”

This certainly isn’t the first time the Kochs have auditioned Bush for the support of their expansive network of donors. And it’s not the first time they’ve worked together, either. In fact, AFP spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat Supreme Court justices that invalidated Jeb Bush’s voucher program in Florida.

Not only that, but Bush and the AFP agree on a number of issues that would put the wealthy and corporations over middle class families here in the Granite State.

“Whether it’s supporting a budget that would favor the wealthy over the middle class, eliminating the Export-Import Bank that would hurt New Hampshire businesses, or opposing the minimum wage increase that would help over 100,000 Granite Staters, Jeb Bush and the Kochs are in lock-step with each other, but out of touch with everyday Granite Staters,” said New Hampshire Democratic Chair Ray Buckley. “This latest audition just proves that Bush would do what he’s done his whole career – elevate the priorities of people like the Koch Brothers over those of middle class families.”

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