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Manchester Mayoral Candidate Joyce Craig Launches ‘12 Wards in 12 Days’

Manchester, NH – Today, Joyce Craig, candidate for Mayor of Manchester, announced the launch of her ‘12 Wards in 12 Days’ tour to kick off her grassroots campaign. Joyce will meet voters in their neighborhoods, listen to their concerns, and share her ideas on how to make Manchester a better and safer place to work and live.

From Thursday, June 22 to Tuesday, July 3, Joyce Craig will participate in events and campaign activities in each of the 12 wards.

“I’m excited to work hard for every vote”, said Craig. “I want to reach people where they are; in every ward, to discuss real solutions to Manchester’s challenges. I want voters to know that I’ll work tirelessly to make Manchester a better place to live and work. Manchester has so much potential, but unless we address our struggling schools, the opioid crisis, and our deteriorating infrastructure, we’re not going to be able to move this city forward.”

The Craig campaign will launch ’12 Wards in 12 Days’ with a house party in Ward 6 on Thursday June 22 at 6pm. On Friday, Joyce will make stops in Ward 11 and will make stops and canvass in Wards 5 and 8 over the weekend. For more information or to RSVP please email craig@joycecraig.org.

The campaign will advise public events ahead of each day.

Ted Gatsas To Seek Fifth Term As Mayor Of Manchester, Democratic Challenger Joyce Craig Responds

Manchester, NH – Today, in response to the announcement that Ted Gatsas will seek a fifth term for mayor, Joyce Craig, candidate for Mayor of Manchester, released the following statement.

“Manchester has great potential, but we need new leadership in the Mayor’s office to make real progress for our city”, said Joyce Craig.

“For eight years, Mayor Gatsas has let our city stumble from crisis to crisis. Drugs and violent crime continue to harm our city, millions of dollars of critical funding for schools has been mismanaged or lost, and city hall lacks a plan to grow an economy that works for all Manchester families.

Manchester needs a new Mayor with the vision, experience, and energy to address our challenges and provide a positive direction for our city. As an Alderman, I led bipartisan efforts to lower the tax rate while putting more police officers on the streets, improving our roads, and investing in our schools. As Mayor, I will make smarter decisions with taxpayer funds and work to make Manchester an outstanding place to raise a family, own a business and live a safe and prosperous life”, said Craig.

The Craig for Mayor Campaign also announced that later this month Joyce will kick off her “12 Wards in 12 Days” listening tour across the city. Joyce will participate in events in all 12 city wards in 12 days to hear from residents and business owners about their concerns and ideas, and to share her vision for Manchester’s future.

Joyce Craig Announces Campaign for Mayor of Manchester

MANCHESTER – Citing a need for new leadership in City Hall to address the many challenges facing Manchester, Joyce Craig today announced her campaign for Mayor of Manchester. 

“I’m running for Mayor because I love Manchester, and I know that we can and must do better to make our city a place where people want to live, work and raise their children,” said Joyce. “For eight years, under Mayor Gatsas, we’ve seen our city stumble from crisis to crisis.  We need a new Mayor with vision and energy. As an Alderman, I led bipartisan efforts to lower the tax rate while putting more police officers on the streets, improving our roads and investing in our schools. As Mayor, I will make smarter decisions with your hard earned money and work to bring pride and optimism back to the City of Manchester. Our city has great potential, but to get there we need new leadership, and that change must begin in the Mayor’s office.”

Born and raised in Manchester, Joyce is a former school board member and alderman, property owner and parent of children attending Manchester public schools who has seen first-hand the challenges our citizens face every day.  Joyce knows that Manchester cannot reach its full potential without the leadership in City Hall to address the many issues facing the city – including drugs and crime, the quality of our schools, our roads and infrastructure, and the need for a long term plan to promote economic development and job creation. 

Joyce and her husband, Attorney Michael Craig, have three children, William, Sarah and Kathryn. Joyce is a graduate of Manchester public schools and earned her degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire. Joyce worked as a marketing director in Boston for 15 years where she developed strategic plans and managed multimillion dollar budgets. She is now a self-employed property manager. Joyce is also an avid runner, who has completed 13 marathons and is currently training for her 10th consecutive Boston Marathon. 

Joyce Craig: Gatsas Cares More About Debate Rules than Manchester’s Future

MANCHESTER – This afternoon, Alderman Joyce Craig issued the following statement on yesterday’s mayoral debate.

“Yesterday, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce hosted a Mayoral debate where Ted Gatsas and I had the opportunity to address business and community leaders about the many issues facing Manchester – from the out of control heroin problem to our failing schools,” said Craig.

“Instead of talking about his record as Mayor or the issues important to our community, Mayor Gatsas accused me of violating debate rules by writing on a pad of paper provided by the Chamber to each candidate for use during the debate. After six years as Mayor, it is clear that Ted Gatsas has no interest in talking about his failed record or his lack of vision for Manchester’s future.

“During his tenure as Mayor, class sizes remain high, we lost over $9 million in tuition revenue after he lost the sending towns of Auburn, Hooksett, and Candia, and young families continue to leave Manchester for safer communities with better schools.

“As Mayor, Ted Gatsas has stood by while heroin abuse and drug-fueled crimes, like prostitution and burglary, have continued to plague our city. Last month, Manchester experienced the highest number of heroin overdoses to date. Despite this alarming trend, Mayor Gatsas failed to convince members of his own party to fund a drug court in Manchester and he refuses to join his Chief of Police and Public Health Director in supporting Medicaid Expansion to provide more options for treatment and recovery.

“For too long, Mayor Ted Gatsas’s misplaced priorities and failed leadership have held our city back. I am running for Mayor because as a former School Board Member, Alderman, marketing executive and mother, I have a record of bringing people together to solve problems, and that is exactly the kind of leadership that Manchester needs.”

Joyce Craig currently serves as the Ward 1 Alderman and is a candidate for mayor of Manchester.

Joyce Craig Announces Public Safety Endorsements

Joyce Craig MayorMANCHESTER – This afternoon, Alderman Joyce Craig announced that the Manchester Association of Fire Supervisors, IAFF Local 3820, and the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 856, have endorsed her campaign for mayor of Manchester.

“Alderman Craig will confront the challenges that face our community with compassion and purpose,” said Jim Michael, President MAFS Local 3820.

 “After 6 years of failed leadership from Mayor Gatsas, we look forward to working with Alderman Craig as mayor and know she shares our passion of making our community the safest city possible,” added Jeff Duval, President, MPFFA Local 856.

“I am honored to have the support of the Manchester Association of Fire Supervisors and the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association,” said Craig.  “I commend our public safety officials for all they do and we must support them in their efforts to keep our city safe.  Emergency calls and crime have increased during the Mayor’s tenure, yet in the past he has taken actions that would have cut our critical public safety forces.  This must stop, and as mayor I look forward to working collaboratively with our public safety officials to ensure we are confronting our challenges and making Manchester a safe and welcoming city for all our families and residents.”

Joyce Craig currently serves as the Ward 1 Alderman and is a candidate for mayor of Manchester.

Joyce Craig Statement on Vote for Teachers Contract

MANCHESTER – This morning, Alderman Joyce Craig released the following statement on her vote for the teachers contract last night.

“Last night, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen again passed the fiscally responsible, bipartisan teachers contract and was again forced to override the Mayor’s misguided veto,” said Craig.  “I voted for this contract, again, because it contains significant healthcare concessions and has creative provisions to improve education in our schools.  Our school year begins today and this contract is good for parents, teachers, students, and taxpayers.  

“Mayor Gatsas attempted to rationalize his second veto by questioning the professional financial assessments of both our city finance director and school district finance director who validated this contract. 

“Our public education is vital to Manchester’s future in so many ways and great schools will spur development and investment.  We have 15,000 students in the Manchester public school system, and we need to ensure they have the resources and support they need to succeed.  During the Mayor’s six-year tenure, the number of teachers in our school district has decreased and many of our classrooms remain too large for our students to receive an adequate education.

“We need to change course and we need a mayor who will protect tax dollars and act in the best interests of our students, parents, and taxpayers. It is easy to vote no, but a true leader must come up with a solution, a compromise, to move our city forward.  This contract was a unique opportunity for our city to save money on rising healthcare costs, and I am proud to vote for it in the best interests of our city.”

Joyce Craig currently serves as the Ward 1 Alderman and is a candidate for mayor of Manchester. 

Joyce Craig Statement on ‘No Confidence’ Vote by Manchester School Committee

Joyce Craig MayorMANCHESTER – Alderman Joyce Craig has released the following statement on the Manchester Board of School Committee’s vote of ‘no confidence’ in Mayor Gatsas:

“Last night, the Board of School Committee overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan vote of ‘no confidence’ in the Mayor’s ability to improve our schools,” said Craig. “For six years the Mayor has bullied his way through these School Board meetings to the detriment of our students, teachers, and taxpayers.  During his tenure, we have lost teachers, our class sizes are still high, we lost the sending towns of Auburn, Hooksett, and Candia, and now our school year begins in a few weeks and teachers will return to their classrooms without a contract in place for the third year in a row.  As the mother of three children in the Manchester public school system, I am nervous about what to expect in the fall. Because of Mayor Gatsas’s veto, I fear class sizes will again be higher than state standards and that our students will suffer as a result.

“Our city deserves better, and as Mayor I look forward to working collaboratively with the School Board to explore options to improve our city’s education while saving taxpayer dollars.  We have great colleges and universities in Manchester, and I will work to form public/private partnerships and develop programs that can benefit all Manchester students.  We also must rebuild our broken relationships, and I will actively work to reopen the dialogue with our sending towns of Hooksett and Candia and bring these students back to our schools.  And finally, we must be open to opportunities to improve our schools, and I will always put the needs of our students and taxpayers first and will approve this fiscally responsible compromise.

“We have many opportunities to improve our schools, and I will be the leader who will build consensus to move our district forward.  The School Board has lost faith in the Mayor’s ability to advance our city’s education.  The Mayor’s confrontational attitude has also alienated many state officials and our city continually loses out on new opportunities to advance and grow.  We need a problem solver and consensus builder to truly move our city forward, and that is why I am running for mayor of Manchester.”

Joyce Craig currently serves as the Ward 1 Alderman and is a candidate for mayor of Manchester.

Joyce Craig Files To Run For Mayor Of Manchester

 Joyce Craig Mayor

MANCHESTER – This morning, Alderman Joyce Craig filed paperwork at City Hall to run for mayor of Manchester.

“I’m running for mayor because it’s time Manchester reaches its full potential,” said Craig.  “Unfortunately, over the past six years our city’s growth has stalled under Mayor Gatsas’s poor leadership.  Our schools are in worse shape, the drug epidemic is escalating, our roads are deteriorating and our infrastructure is outdated, yet the Mayor has put forth no concrete plans on how to tackle these problems.  It is time our city has a mayor who will work with all partners to solve these citywide problems.  I’m running for mayor to be the leader to move our city forward together and once again make Manchester a city that attracts families and businesses.”

Born and raised in Manchester, Joyce began her public service in 2007. As the mother of three young children, she was concerned by the many challenges facing Manchester’s schools. Joyce ran for and won a seat on the Manchester School Board in 2007 and has served as an Alderman since 2009.  Joyce was joined this morning by her husband, Michael, and their three children, William, Sarah, and Kathryn.

Alderman Patrick Arnold Calls For Mayoral Debate

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – On Saturday, former Alderman and mayoral candidate Patrick Arnold addressed the Manchester Democratic Committee during its annual meeting and election at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

Drawing upon the Democratic tradition of a healthy discourse of ideas, Alderman Arnold called for several debates among the Democratic candidates for mayor this year. “Let’s discuss the challenges we face as a city. Let’s debate what works and what doesn’t,” Arnold said. Following his remarks, Arnold urged party officials to take an active role in organizing such debates.

Describing “obstacles to progress” as the legacy of the current administration, Arnold criticized a complacency with the status quo. “This year’s race for mayor will be about which candidate is likeliest to move us beyond business as usual,” Arnold said. “It’s easy to just talk about failed policies. It’s hard to do the work necessary to change them,” Arnold continued, referencing his own record of challenging Mayor Ted Gatsas’ failed policies in 2013. Arnold reminded the crowd that persuading 472 people is what separated Manchester from new leadership in the 2013 election.

Arnold also noted that a growing number of Manchester residents feel disengaged from local elected leaders. “We need a mayor who goes to every ward in the city and listens to those whose voices are not being heard…. who feel as though they don’t matter. In Manchester, every voice matters,” Arnold continued. Arnold has previously disclosed to party officials that his campaign will be hosting house parties and listening tours in every ward of the city.

We reached out to Alderman Joyce Craig to see if she was planning on debating Arnold she said, “No one has reached out to me about debates.”

“I have been meeting with voters throughout Manchester and have several events planned throughout the city in the coming weeks and months to discuss the critical issues at stake this November.  There will be ample time to engage in politics down the road but right now I’m focused on my work as Alderman and hearing directly from voters on the issues concerning them,” concluded Craig.

We will follow this story and see if a debate is scheduled.   

Manchester State Senator Endorses Joyce Craig for Mayor


MANCHESTER – Today, Joyce Craig announced that State Senator Lou D’Allesandro endorsed her campaign for Mayor of Manchester.

“I have known Joyce Craig for many years and I have the utmost confidence in her ability to bring people together to address the serious problems facing our community. Manchester is a wonderful place and I am proud to call it my home, but we have many obstacles to overcome. As a School Board Member and Alderman, Joyce has demonstrated time and again that she is willing to work hard and do the right thing for the people of this City. After six years, it is clear that we need a new Mayor to move our City forward. I am proud to support Joyce Craig’s campaign for Mayor,” said D’Allesandro.

“I am honored to have Senator Lou D’Allesandro join our campaign to move Manchester forward. Senator D’Allesandro has spent decades fighting for the people of Manchester at City Hall and in the State House and I am proud to have his support. After his many years of service to the people of Manchester, I know that they trust his judgment and I am grateful for all that he will bring to our campaign. I look forward to working with Senator D’Allesandro to move Manchester forward,” said Craig.

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