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The NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast: Governor John Lynch

Sept 3 2012,

Governor John Lynch

The NH AFL-CIO hosted their annual Labor Day Breakfast at the St George Greek Orthodox Church in Manchester NH.  The place was filled with many big hitters in New Hampshire including the current NH Governor John Lynch.  Governor Lynch was a savior to the labor community this past two years.  His veto of Right to Work for less legislation was only the first of many steps to protect New Hampshire from the extreme actions of the New Hampshire House.

Even as he is in the final stretch of his final term as Governor of New Hampshire, he still and always will oppose Right To Work for less.

It was Governor Lynch’s great leadership that help to pass a new minimum wage law in NH. He also raised a high school drop out age and effectively lowered the number of dropouts in NH to 1% overall.


Governor John Lynch and Jackie Cilley

Governor Lynch will be greatly missed.  I only pray that we can elect a Governor who will work to protect the rights of workers not tear them down.  We need to elect a Governor who opposed Right to Work for less. One who believes that public service workers are important and have value.

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