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The NH AFL-CIO Labor 2012 Create A New Music Video Called ‘Romnesia’

If fun, its campy, and it is all true.

The NH AFL-CIO and union members from many organizations throughout the state have been working out of the NH AFL-CIO office.  They have been stuffing envelopes and making phone calls to ensure that union members what a ‘President Romney’ would be like.

While Mitt Romney’s flip-flops are becoming more and more widely known, the people working on the Labor 2012 campaign in New Hampshire, took a break to have a little fun with ‘Romnesia’.

The song written and sung by local musician and union member Chris Howe.   You can see Howe’s band The Paulies all around southern New Hampshire.  Check them out on Facebook as well.

(the video was uploaded by Chris Howe and no official endorsement has come from the NH AFL-CIO office)

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