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Maura Sullivan Announces Massive Quarterly Campaign Fundraising

This week, Maura Sullivan, a Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional district in NH, announced that she has raised over $430,000 in in her first quarter.

Sullivan, is a Marine Corps & Iraq War veteran who worked in the Obama Administration as the Assistant VA Secretary.  After leaving the VA, Sullivan and her fiancé Marc moved to Portsmouth to put down roots and raise a family.

“I am thankful that so many Granite Staters joined with people from my days in the Marine Corps and the Obama Administration to become part of a campaign to help the country live up to its promise, and that starts with Congress. In my entire life, which I have committed to serving this country, I have never seen a greater threat to our nation, and to our democracy, than the moment we are in right now. We have to come together, rise above the chaos and bitterness that define our politics, and recommit our ourselves to a government that works tirelessly each day for the people they represent.”

While grateful for the overwhelming support for the campaign, Maura is most excited about the energy of the campaign on the ground being reflected in a surge of grassroots contributions received from Granite Staters, which make up 20% of the campaign’s contributions and average about $15.  Overall, over half of the campaign’s contributions are under $250.

Maura has been serving the country most of her adult life and that service took her to a range of places — to Iraq, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula in the Marines, and to the Obama Administration, first at American battlefields and cemeteries throughout Europe, then the VA and the Pentagon. The people with whom she served and worked live throughout the United States and Maura is proud to have the support of friends made in each chapter of her life.

Heading into the campaign season, Maura is excited to build on this early momentum by earning every opportunity to show the people of New Hampshire that she will work hard for them in Congress.

About Maura Sullivan

Maura Sullivan has dedicated her life to serving our country and fighting for the people and causes she believes in. Maura began her service when she attended college at Northwestern on an ROTC scholarship and joined the United States Marine Corps. Rising to the rank of Captain in the Marines, Maura spent two years stationed in East Asia before deploying to Fallujah, Iraq. While inspired by the brave and selfless young Americans with whom she served, Maura was struck by how servicemembers, particularly women, were paying the consequences for poor decisions made by out-of-touch leadership in Washington.

After returning home, attending graduate school, and working as a New England manager for a food and beverage company, Maura joined the Obama Administration: first as a Commissioner on the American Battle Monuments Commission, where she represented the Administration at memorials to fallen U.S. servicemembers across the globe; as an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Veterans Affairs, addressing the VA’s 2014 crisis and working on reforms to begin restoring veterans’ access to quality health care; as a senior advisor to the Secretary of the Navy, working on gender integration in the Navy and Marines, as well as family, mental health, and LGBT policy reforms; and as an advisor to the Secretary of Defense, focusing on communications strategy while also working to improve policies on maternity leave and child care.  Maura is running for Congress because our country faces a crisis of leadership that is putting our national and economic security at risk.

Van Ostern Breaks Records Fundraising

Van Ostern Is The First Non-Incumbent Democrat Ever To
Raise More Than $850,000
At This Point In The Race

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, Democrat Colin Van Ostern voluntarily reported more than 4,300 contributions totaling a record-setting $850,000+ raised. At this point in the race, this is the largest filing ever for a non-incumbent Democrat.  

“I’m proud of the nearly 4,300 contributions from thousands of supporters who have donated to our campaign to keep New Hampshire moving forward,” said Colin Van Ostern, Democratic candidate for Governor. “Our record-breaking fundraising report shows that our grassroots campaign will have the resources we need to win in November. Together, we can build a stronger economy for everyone — not just those at the top.”

Unlike other candidates, Van Ostern isn’t self-funding his campaign. Instead, he’s relying upon his broad grassroots support with 71 percent of contributions being $100 or less and 73 percent of total contributions coming from Granite Staters. Van Ostern has more than a half million dollars cash-on-hand.

With a full majority of New Hampshire Democratic state lawmakers, the backing of some of the state’s largest progressive organizations, and thousands of grassroots activists, Van Ostern has the support and resources he’ll need to win in November.

Recently, Van Ostern was the first candidate to voluntarily commit to disclosing his campaign finances in June, instead of August, citing the need for transparency in the lead-up to the September primary. After initially resisting, some other candidates agreed to the new timeline.

Is Maggie Hassan Fundraising With A Koch Brothers Lobbyist?

This morning, this headline came across my desk: Hassan Raises Money with Koch Lobbyist

After seeing this, and reading the article, I was still not convinced that our Maggie would be taking money from a Koch brothers lobbyist.  So I decided to dig a little deeper.

The entire article is based on the fact that Maggie attended a fundraiser hosted in part by David A Castagnetti. The Free Beacon connected the fact that Castagnetti’s lobbying firm lobbied for Koch Industries from 2007-2013.  The also say that Castagnetti was named as the Koch Industries’ lobbyist, but offer no proof of the claim.

The fact is that lobbying firms like Mehlman, Vogel and Castagnetti, are major players in Washington and lobby for dozens of groups every year.  In 2011, Mehlman, Vogel and Castagnetti, lobbied for nearly sixty different corporations, including Koch Industries.  More recently Castagnetti’s firm has lobbied for Everytown For Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise.   

Another fact that the Free Beacon conveniently omitted is that Castagnetti has been Chief of Staff to Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont),  Rep. Norman Mineta (D-Calif.) and Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).  Casagnetti describes himself as a “Democrat who understands how to talk to business.”

Castagnetti also has a long history of working with, and for, prominent democrats.  This includes fundraising.  Open Secrets notes that in this cycle Castagnetti has given $80,000 in campaign donations and $75,000 of that to democrats.

Let me just recap this a little more accurately than the Free Beacon.

Maggie Hassan attended a fundraiser, hosted by proven and prominent democrat, who also happens to one of top lobbyist in Washington D.C., and has lobbied on behalf of hundreds of different groups from Adobe to Yahoo.

If anything this highlights the convoluted nature of our political lobbying system and how it is intertwined with campaign fundraising.

In Off Year Elections, The Plutocrats In Congress Can Get Back To Doing What They Do Best, Raising $$$

Plutocracy Businessman Without A Face Money

By Jim Fucella, 
A New Hampshire Letter Carrier.

An off election year gives our leaders in Washington a chance to get back to the business of running a Plutocracy. Not being bogged down by passing legislation that benefits the country like they would in a Democracy, they can do what they do best, raise money for the next election. This gives the rest of us a chance to reflect on our situation.

Personally I got a cell phone not long ago. It’s the size of a pack of cigarettes but it can do incredible things. It can give me directions to any place. I point it at the sky and it tells me what planet or star I’m looking at. I can play chess and get news from any place on the planet. It knows where I am at all times and can even give me a satellite picture of my position and a street view. It can take pictures and videos. It gives me weather reports with live radar. It has a compass and can tell me how many steps I’ve walked that day. And of course it can make a telephone call. So I was wondering why the hell I have to carry a scanner the size of a clock radio to scan a package.

I was also wondering about when a carrier goes into management and reflects back on the days when they had to work. They always seem to have a distorted memory that they were the best carrier that ever lived.

The military spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for a drone. I was wondering how some idiot landed a $35.00 drone on the White House lawn.

It seems kind of odd that we have smart bombs but dumb members of Congress.

The US Government of the 40’s beat the NAZIS and Japanese. Why is it that the US Government today is bogged down by 30,000 punks in the desert.

In the 60’s President Kennedy declared that we would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. Why is it now that President Obama would be hard pressed to say that the average high school student could find the moon in the night sky.

Soon the money will start flowing into New Hampshire for the 2016 elections. A full year of big money trying to keep our Congress one of the most dysfunctional organizations in the country. Hopefully most Americans will tune out the lies and focus on the facts.

The NH Labor News Needs Your Support

NH Labor News QuotedAnother year has passed and as we begin the First in the Nation primary the New Hampshire Labor News is hard at work combating the anti-worker messaging stream that the Republicans are pushing in house parties and town halls in every corner of our state.

Every day I sift through hundreds of emails, news articles, blog posts and Facebook updates to help keep you informed about what is going on in that place where labor and politics collide.

Much of what I have learned about how the Internet works and how to shape our message, I have learned at conventions like Netroots Nation. Netroots Nation is an annual convention that brings in progressives from across the country to discuss, strategize, and continually improve our message. It is also an opportunity to meet and build relationships with fellow progressives to help our message spread even farther.

This is why I need you help!

Netroots Nation is not a free event, and the hotel costs alone will be close to $1,000 dollars. This is why I am asking you to help me win a scholarship to attend Netroots Nation for free thanks to generous donations from organizations like the AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers, CWA, and Democracy for America.

All you need to do is click this link and vote for me.

I want to thank all of those who have already taken the 30 seconds to vote for me, but we still have more work to do.

As I write this, I am currently in 9th place and only the top five will receive a full ride scholarship to Netroots Nation. The scholarship contest is a test of your social reach. How effective is your messaging and how engaging are your social media followers. With hundreds of dedicated email followers and thousands of social media followers, I would easily be in the top five if everyone took 30 seconds to vote.

This is why it is so important for you to vote in this contest!

I also want to say that, I adore all of the fans of the NH Labor News. Every day I post articles and messages and I watch as YOU push that information to the far reaches of the Internet. It is YOU that makes what I do worthwhile.

Just like the work you advocating for working families, all of the work I do for the NH Labor News is voluntary. Once a year, I ask for your help to send me to Netroots Nation and to help offset the cost of running the NH Labor News. 

Use this PayPal button to make a donation
to help keep the NH Labor News running .

Every donation helps, and I am grateful for all the donations I have received in the past.

This year all of my fundraising efforts are going to pay for a much needed new computer. I have been using the same white Macbook for the better part of a decade and it has finally come to the point where I need to get a new one.

Will YOU help me get a new computer by
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Lastly, I would like to remind you that Advertising on the NH Labor News is always available. We can work out a price that works for you and your organization and is the right type of advertising for your company or campaign.

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As always, keep spreading the message. Together we can fight back against the attacks on working families!

In Solidarity,


Creator and Editor of the NH Labor News

Kelly Ayotte Travels to NYC for Another Fundraiser with Anti-Wall St. Reform Mega Donor Paul Singer

Fundraiser Comes Less than Two Weeks after Ayotte Voted for Wall Street-Supported Attack on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, A Top Target of Singer’s

Concord, N.H. – Vice Presidential wannabe Kelly Ayotte travelled to New York City today for another Wall Street fundraiser co-hosted by anti-Wall Street reform GOP mega donor Paul Singer, whose hedge fund company Elliott Management is Ayotte’s top all-time donor with nearly $100k in contributions.

The fundraiser comes less than two weeks after Ayotte voted for “a Wall Street-supported amendment attacking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” (CFPB). The CFPB has received more than 2,000 consumer complaints from New Hampshire residents since December 2011.

Singer, a “vocal opponent” of  the Wall Street reform bill that created the CFPB, has also held other fundraisers for Senate candidates, including Ayotte, who oppose Wall Street reform.

“Kelly Ayotte has consistently proven that she will always put her special interest donors first while making New Hampshire consumers pay the price. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is critical for protecting the financial well being of our citizens from the worst practices of Wall Street, yet Ayotte is now taking even more money from Wall Street mega donors trying to bring the CFPB down,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.

“While Ayotte’s staunch opposition to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may be popular with her Wall Street mega donors, New Hampshire voters will not forget that Ayotte sold us out to protect her Wall Street cronies,” added Buckley.


Paul Singer’s Hedge Fund Company Elliott Management Is Ayotte’s Top All-Time Donor With Nearly $100k In Contributions. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Ayotte had received $95,442 from Elliott Management over her career as a federal candidate. No other entity has contributed more to Ayotte. [Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 3/30/15].

Less than Two Weeks Ago, Ayotte Voted For “A Wall Street-Supported Amendment Attacking The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” That Would Let Republicans Slash Its Funding. According to the Huffington Post, “The amendment, offered by Sens. David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), is a resolution to move the CFPB’s funding away from the Federal Reserve and put it under the direct control of Congress through the appropriations process. This would not only give Republicans an opportunity to slash the bureau’s funding, but to leverage its budgeting control to pressure the agency against cracking down on lenders.  […] Three of the Republicans who voted for the bill are up for re-election in 2016 in swing states, including Toomey and Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio). “ [Huffington Post, 3/20/15]

Ayotte Also Voted Against Confirming Richard Cordray To Be Director Of CFPB. In July 2013, Ayotte voted against confirmation of President Barack Obama’s nomination of Richard Cordray of Ohio to be director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. [CQ; Vote 174, 7/16/13]

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Had Received More Than 2,000 Consumer Complaints From New Hampshire Since December 2011. [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Consumer Complaint Database, Accessed 3/23/15]

Washington Post’s The Fix: Singer Was “A Vocal Opponent” Of Wall Street Reform. “Soon after Congress passed the Dodd-Frank bill — of which he is a vocal opponent — in 2010, he held a fundraiser at his house in Central Park West for seven senate candidates who had opposed the legislation.’” [Washington Post, The Fix 4/4/14]

According To A Fundraiser Invite, Singer Held A Fundraiser At His New York City Home For Ayotte. In February 2010, Ayotte was scheduled to attend a fundraiser hosted by Singer at his home in New York City. Ayotte was listed among the beneficiaries of the fundraiser, along with other Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. [Singer Fundraiser Invite, 2/24/10]

Help A NH Union Member Fight Back Against Breast Cancer

Melissa McMahon

Melissa McMahon

Chances are that you know someone who has faced a battle with breast cancer. In fact 1-8 U.S. women will develop some type of breast cancer in their lifetime.

I know there are a million ways to make a monetary donation for breast cancer awareness. The Susan G Komen foundation is one of the largest breast cancer awareness organizations in the US.

Today I was informed that a local union member from southern New Hampshire will be walking in the Boston 3-day walk for a cure. This is a 60 mile walk to raise money for research and community support.

Melissa McMahon is a member of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS) union. PASS represents the workers who help keep the equipment used by the FAA and air traffic controllers up and running. When asked why she joined PASS she responded:

“I joined PASS because I believe in unions and what they have done for employees to better the working environment,” she said. “Without PASS, I believe the safety and integrity of the NAS (National Airspace System) would be compromised through outsourcing. I take great pride in my work and the service that my fellow coworkers and I provide to keep the flying public safe.”

Melissa has also seen the impact of breast cancer in her personal life. Her mother is a two time survivor of breast cancer. In fact breast cancer runs deep in her family. Her Aunt had it and two of four sisters have also faced breast cancer. She is working to raise money for research so her daughter will not have to face it.

Melissa on left, Mother and Sister

Melissa on left, Mother and Sister Monica

Now Melissa is asking for your help. She and her daughter are raising money for the Boston 3-day walk. In order to participate in the walk, Melissa and her daughter are on a quest to raise $4,600. They are holding several fundraisers, including a bake sale, a dinner at Applebee’s in Nashua on May 21 where 15 percent of all dinner checks will be donated to the walk, a breast cancer benefit at Slade’s Food and Spirits in Nashua on June 2, an event at the Hudson Sam’s Club on June 9, and a motorcycle run on June 23 with the Old Amsterdam Bar and Lounge in Nashua. All money raised will go directly to the walk.

Please consider making a donation to Melissa’s effort here. You can also read more about Melissa on her donation page (link above) or her work as a system specialist on the PASS Blog.

For more information contact Melissa directly.


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