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Democratic Leader on GOP Candidates Addressing the NH State House: I’m not Impressed

The top Democrat in the NH House calls out GOP Primary candidates for failing to represent the people that elected them. 

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, Republican presidential candidates John Kasich, Chris Christie, and Marco Rubio are scheduled to address the New Hampshire State House. Democratic House Leader Steve Shurtleff released the following statement in response:

“Today, we are joined by three presidential candidates. As we get closer to the First-in-the-Nation primary, how someone campaigns and governs in their current job can tell you a lot and from what I’ve seen from Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and John Kasich, I’m not impressed.

“As representatives, we are elected by our constituents to show up and vote. But Senator Rubio of Florida has one of the worst voting records in the Senate and has even said that the votes he misses in Washington don’t matter. So Rubio continues to miss foreign policy hearings, votes to fund the government, and even votes on national security. Even as he’s here in New Hampshire, he’s missing a hearing on the Iran Deal in the Senate. When it comes to a President, I’d prefer someone who shows up to his current job.

“One of our biggest responsibilities  as elected officials is making sure we support law enforcement officials, but Chris Christie isn’t telling it like it is when it comes to his commitment to public safety. Christie slashed the benefits of hard-working men and women in the law enforcement community in New Jersey and has refused to meet with them. While campaigning here in New Hampshire, Christie called a police officer a “pig” in response to criticism. And perhaps most telling is that his administration created a public safety disaster on the George Washington Bridge, the busiest in the world, just to get back at a political enemy. Chris Christie has a big mouth, but his actions as governor speak louder – and he’s got New Jersey’s failed economic record and the Bridge-gate scandal to show for it.

“Former Lehman Brothers managing director John Kasich spends his time campaigning in New Hampshire threatening workers. In 2015, John Kasich visited the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and said that the Base Realignment and Closure process keeps shipyard workers “on their toes.” Kasich has also threatened Granite Stater seniors, first by touting his plan while in congress to cut and privatize their Social Security benefits even to those close to retirement, and then by dismissing a senior concerned by the cuts. It’s clear Kasich’s priorities are completely out of line with the things that are important to Granite Staters.

“We’ve seen a lot of presidential candidates over the past few months, but I remain unimpressed with today’s guests. Candidates with failed records, absenteeism, and policies that actively harm the people they represent are bad for New Hampshire and bad for the country.”

Sanders Takes A Commanding Lead In NH Poll With Nearly Unheard Of Favorability Rating

The latest poll from the UNH Survey Center show Bernie Sanders with a 60-33% lead over Hillary Clinton and enjoys a 91% favorability rating.

In a new poll, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is pulling away from Hillary Clinton in the homestretch to the Granite State’s first-in-the-nation primary on Feb. 9.

“Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has increased his lead over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. Sanders’ popularity among Democratic Primary voters continues to increase and a majority say he has the personal characteristics and qualities that a President should have. Just over half of Democratic Primary voters say they have definitely decided who they will support,” work Andrew Smith in the UNH Poll.

The results of the poll show that if the Democratic Primary was held today, 60% of likely Democratic voters would support Sanders, 33% would support Secretary Hillary Clinton and 1% for Gov Martin O’Malley.

1-19-15 poll“This poll suggests that our campaign has real momentum and that the American people want to go beyond establishment politics and establishment economics. But it’s just a poll and we take nothing for granted,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ national campaign manager.

These results confirm what other polls have also shown, that Sanders is leading Clinton in new and younger voters.  Sanders “strongest support comes from voters under 35 (81%), voters who have not previously voted in a primary (76%), and voters living in the northernmost parts of the state (74%)…. Clinton’s strongest support comes from voters who are 50 and older (41%).”

“During the next three weeks in New Hampshire we will be contacting tens of thousands of people and do all that we can to see a large voter turnout on Election Day,” added Julia Barnes, the director of Sanders’ campaign in New Hampshire.

Support for Sanders continues to grow as more people hear his plans to fix our broken economy and take on the corrupt campaign finance system that holds it in place,” campaign manager Jeff Weaver said. “Our campaign is focused every day on organizing to harness that energy.”

The poll also shows that Sanders has an unprecedented favorability rating of 91% in New Hampshire. 1-19-15 poll 2

Sanders will visit New Hampshire on Thursday. He was campaigning Tuesday in Iowa, where polls show him in a very tight contest with Clinton in the run-up to the Feb. 1 precinct caucuses.

Martin O’Malley Releases A 21st Century Workers Bill Of Rights

O’Malley releases his 11 point Workers Bill of Rights

MANCHESTER, NH – Today, Governor Martin O’Malley proposed a bill of rights for American workers to build on President Obama’s legacy by bringing fairness to the economy and giving families back their right to achieve the American Dream.

The worker’s bill of rights is a comprehensive proposal filled with specific actions that would put more money into the pockets of working people and ensure that no one who works for a living has to live paycheck to paycheck or struggle to scrape by.


As O’Malley wrote on Medium, “As I’ve traveled across the country, it’s clear that we have come a long way since the Wall Street crash of 2008, when millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes, and life savings. Thanks to President Obama’s leadership, America is creating jobs again — and has for a record 70 months in a row. 

“Yet we still have urgent work to do to build on that legacy and protect it from Republican attacks — especially when it comes to America’s middle class and the working people who, too often, have been shut out of the recovery.

“That’s why today I’m proposing a ‘21st Century Workers Bill of Rights‘ to restore fairness to the economy and give working families back their right to achieve the American Dream.”

Specifically, O’Malley proposed the following 11 bold and progressive reforms. They include giving workers:

  • The right to balance work and family through paid leave (O’Malley supports the FAMILY Act);
  • The right to work a predictable weekly schedule;
  • The right to full-time work;
  • The right to overtime pay for overtime work;
  • The right to earn a living wage;
  • The right to bargain collectively;
  • The right to retire in dignity, not poverty;
  • The right to equal pay for equal work;
  • The right to affordable health care;
  • The right to quality, debt-free education;
  • The right to fair trade deals, not corporate-driven ones that the public cannot read before Congress votes on them.

This plan is yet another way Governor O’Malley has led the Democratic field throughout the campaign in putting forward a series of ambitiousbold and progressive comprehensive policy proposals to take on our nation’s toughest challenges, based on his long record of getting results.

A detailed description of O’Malley’s plan is below the image.

'21st Century Workers Bill of Rights'

An American Worker’s Bill Of Rights For The 21st Century

Our country has come a long way since the Wall Street crash of 2008, when millions of families lost their jobs, homes, and life savings. Thanks to President Obama’s leadership, America is creating jobs again—and has for a record 70 months in a row. Yet urgent work remains to protect and build on President Obama’s legacy, by growing America’s middle class and taking action to make wages go up again for all Americans. 

As president, Governor O’Malley will fight for American workers, protecting their fundamental rights in order to rebuild the American Dream:

“Our economy is not money, it is people – all of our people.” – Martin O’Malley

1.     The Right To Balance Work And Family. Governor O’Malley strongly supports the FAMILY Act to ensure that all parents—men and women, gay or straight, married or single—are able to take at least 12 weeks of leave, with pay, in order to care for newborn children or other loved ones. He will also set a goal of guaranteeing that no family, especially low- and middle-income families, has to pay more than 10 percent of their income on safe, affordable childcare in a given year. To begin to meet this goal, he will dramatically expand and federal childcare tax credits, on a sliding scale based on need.

2.     The Right To A Predictable Weekly Schedule. Governor O’Malley will lobby for, pass, and implement the Schedules That Work Act to give workers more control over their schedules, while still meeting the needs of employers. Erratic and constantly changing schedules leave many workers—especially in growing low-wage industries—unable to plan ahead to make ends meet. People who work hard should be able to earn a decent living while caring for their families. 

3.     The Right To Full-Time Work. Governor O’Malley will launch a new, national campaign to promote full-time employment, including supporting policies like the San Francisco Retail Workers Bill of Rights that give part-time workers the choice to take on additional hours before employers hire additional part-time workers. Millions of part-time workers want to work more hours but do not have the option of going to full-time work.

4.     The Right To Overtime Pay For Overtime Work. Governor O’Malley will ensure that people who work more are paid more. He supports the Obama Administration’s proposal to update restore access to overtime pay to millions of workers—and will fully enact these new overtime rules as president.

5.     The Right To Earn A Living Wage. Governor O’Malley will fight to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, indexed to inflation, while supporting efforts to make local minimum wages “living wages.”  

6.     The Right To Bargain Collectively For Better Wages. Governor O’Malley will champion legislation to make it easier for workers to gain union representation by modernizing the organizing process, bolstering the enforcement power of the NLRB, and creating tougher penalties for employers who violate the law and stand in the way of democracy in their workplace. To fight wage theft and unfair labor practices, he will partner with worker centers and alt-labor organizations to enforce our workplace standards to the fullest extent of the law.

7.     The Right To Retire In Dignity, Not Poverty. Governor O’Malley has a plan to expand, not cut or merely “enhance,” Social Security benefits, while adjusting the benefits formula to help middle-class and lower-income Americans the most. His retirement plan will also dramatically expand access to employer-based retirement plans, while protecting seniors from risks to their financial security—including by fully implementing the Obama Administration’s proposed fiduciary rule

8.     The Right To Equal Pay For Equal Work. Governor O’Malley will make closing the gender pay gap one of the most important goals of the federal government. He will fight to finally enact the Paycheck Fairness Act, holding employers who do discriminate in pay accountable and preventing retaliation against women who speak up. He will also work to make pay data publicly available by sex, race, and ethnicity, so that all employees can see that they’re making a fair wage for their job.

9.     The Right To Affordable Health Care. Governor O’Malley has set a national goal of ensuring access to quality and affordable health care for all. By implementing “all payer” reforms, he will overhaul our health care system to pay for the value, rather than the volume, of care—while expanding insurance coverage, bringing down prescription drug prices, investing in research, and providing better long-term care.

10.  The Right To A Quality Education And Debt-Free College. Governor O’Malley will fight to make a quality education available to every child in America, by investing to make pre-K universal, equitably funding schools, setting high standards for all students, making teaching America’s most respected profession, and preparing all students for college and a good-paying job. His higher education plan will give every student in America the opportunity to go to college debt-free, within five years.

11.  The Right To Read Trade Deals Before Our Congress Votes On Them. Governor O’Malley will only support free trade agreements that establish strong and enforceable rules for fair competition and create opportunity for American workers. He will reject trade agreements like the TPP that are written by corporate lobbyists behind closed doors, and ensure that all workers are able to read trade deals before they are rubber-stamped by Congress.

Collective Action has the Power to Defeat Racist Rhetoric in 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.34.08 AM

Ian Haney-Lopez releases new report outlining strategies for
collective action against racist rhetoric in politics

(Washington, DC) – Today, the AFL-CIO and University of California Berkeley Law Professor Ian Haney-Lopez, in partnership with Demos and the University of California-Berkley Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, released a new report offering a response to the increase in racist and offensive rhetoric throughout the election season so far.

In the report, entitled “Race and Economic Jeopardy For All: A Framing Paper for Defeating Dog Whistle Politics,” Haney-Lopez addresses the connection between dog whistle politics and the increasingly successful right-wing attacks on the government and unions, and offers a frame for the labor movement to mobilize and defeat dog whistling.

Dog whistle politics and manipulated hostility towards people of color already have a strong presence in the 2016 election. Recently, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released a video shaming the use of such rhetoric, specifically shining a light on Donald Trump’s campaign.

“The report comes at a crucial time in American politics when right-wing politicians are inciting fear in voters with the use of dog-whistle politics,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “This language damages the ability to achieve the policies our country’s working families so desperately need.”

“Conservatives and their billionaire backers are exploiting racial anxiety to win support for policies that overwhelmingly favor the very rich. Race today is about all of us–the economic future of each of our families, and also, who we are as Americans,” said Haney-Lopez.

“In this election cycle, we’ve seen presidential candidates unabashedly using racist dog whistles to divide and spread distrust among working people, and the only winners are those already benefiting from record inequality,” said Demos President Heather McGhee. “Ian Haney-Lopez’s agenda-setting new report makes clear that a strong and inclusive labor movement is America’s best hope for true cross-racial solidarity.”

As the demographics of working people continue the shift to include more women and people of color, the labor movement must continue to fight back against such divisive language that inhibits shared progress.  

The report can be accessed online.

Bernie Sanders Makes Stops In Massachusetts and New Hampshire This Weekend

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday returns to Massachusetts. The Democratic Party presidential candidate will hold rallies in Amherst and Worcester. Sanders will discuss a wide range of issues, including getting big money out of politics, combating climate change and making college affordable.

Saturday, January 2

1 p.m. Future to Believe In Rally with Bernie Sanders, Fine Arts Center, UMass Amherst, 151 Presidents Dr., Amherst

Information for the public: Doors open at noon. This event is free and open to the public, but RSVPs are strongly encouraged.

5 p.m. Future to Believe In Rally with Bernie Sanders, North High School, 140 Harrington Way, Worcester

Information for the public: Doors open at 4 p.m. This event is free and open to the public, but RSVPs are strongly encouraged.

On Sunday begins a two-day swing through New Hampshire. A meeting with seniors in Londonderry kicks off the trip, which also includes stops in Plaistow, Newmarket and Manchester. 

Sunday, January 3

10:30 a.m. Roundtable Discussion with Seniors, Londonderry Senior Center, 535 Mammoth Road, Londonderry.

Information for the public: This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served.

Noon Plaistow Town Hall, Timberlane Performing Arts Center, 40 Greenough Road, Plaistow.

Information for the public: Doors open at 11 a.m. This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served.

3 p.m. Newmarket Town Hall, Rockingham Ballroom, 22 Ash Swamp Road, Newmarket.

Information for the public: Doors open at 2 p.m. This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served.

Monday, January 4

6:30 p.m. Manchester Town Hall, Manchester Community College, 1066 Front Street, Manchester.

Information for the public: Doors open at 5:30 p.m. This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served.

North America’s Building Trades Unions Officially Endorse Hillary Clinton For President

Sean McGarvey, President of the North American Building Trades Union (Image from NABTU)

Sean McGarvey, President of the North American Building Trades Union at their convention in 2013 (Image from NABTU)

North America’s Building Trades formally endorsed Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President this morning specifically citing her newly released infrastructure plan.

“Today, North America’s Building Trades are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President,” said Sean McGarvey, the organization’s president.  “In these times of international strife and uncertainty, our nation needs a leader with the toughness, strength, intelligence and experience to successfully steer the United States through tumultuous waters.  Here at home, we trust that Secretary Clinton will always do what’s best for America’s working families.”

The Building Trades’ endorsement closely follows the release of Secretary Clinton’s infrastructure plan, Building Tomorrow’s Economy Today. The comprehensive five-year, $275 billion plan would allocate $250 billion to direct public investment and place $25 billion in a national infrastructure bank dedicated to maintaining the country’s competitive advantage in the 21st century economy. The infrastructure plan, which supports an additional $225 billion in financing through the infrastructure bank, would result in up to $500 billion in critical infrastructure investments over the next five years. The Building Trades and “Hardhats for Hillary” will advocate for successful implementation of this proposal in all 50 states so that voters are educated on the choice before them. Together, we can put America back to work.

“Secretary Clinton’s work on behalf of Building Trades workers and their families is unquestioned,” said McGarvey.  “Her infrastructure plan is further proof that she understands that the state of our nation’s infrastructure is a bellwether for the health of the American economy and for the economic prospects of American workers.  We commend Secretary Clinton for putting forth a robust, yet entirely practical plan. She acknowledges, in stark contrast to the other candidates in this presidential race, that this is a national problem which requires a bold, national, and realistic solution, not a pie-in-the-sky dream or a piecemeal approach.”

Secretary Hillary Clinton released the following statement upon receiving the endorsement of the North America’s Building Trades Unions.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of North America’s Building Trades (NABTU). 

“The members of the Building Trades have helped build the American middle class—by training apprentices, protecting workers’ rights, and supporting good-paying jobs and pathways to careers in the construction industry. Along the way, they have helped build our mighty American economy—keeping the lights on and traffic moving, helping businesses get goods to customers and workers get to their jobs, supporting safe power generation, sending skyscrapers soaring above our cities, and maintaining the pipes beneath our streets.

“As President, I will stand with America’s Building Trades against efforts to roll back prevailing wage statutes and undermine project labor agreements. I will fight to protect workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively, stay safe on the job, maintain their health benefits and retire with dignity. And I will support high-quality apprenticeship programs modeled after successful efforts promoted by the Building Trades and their contractor partners that give young people, women, African-Americans, Latinos and veterans ladders of opportunity to a career in the trades and a pathway to the middle class for their families. 

“I know the members of the Building Trades and “Hardhats for Hillary” will join me in our advocacy to rebuild and expand America’s infrastructure to maintain our position as the world’s economic superpower. I have an ambitious, five-year plan to invest in our infrastructure, from rebuilding roads and bridges to modernizing our energy system, and put Americans to work building the future we deserve. My plan will make our economy more productive and competitive across the board. It will cut costs for families and businesses, and spur more private investment. It will boost wages up and down the supply chain and throughout the economy. Because to build a strong economy for the future, we need to start by building strong infrastructure today.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of North America’s Building Trades and together, we’re going to rebuild the country we love and put Americans back to work.”

NEXTGEN Climate New Hampshire: Republican Presidential Candidates Refuse To Accept Climate Science

(Image curtesy of NextGen Climate)

(Image curtesy of NextGen Climate)

There no question that climate change has become the subject of highly charged, intensely partisan fighting in recent years. That hasn’t always been the case—it used to be an issue of settled science and healthy, bipartisan conversations

It’s not really clear what changed or why. The influence of deep-pocketed oil interests on the Republican Party?  The Oscar-winning warnings raised by former Democratic Vice President Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth? Simple stubbornness along party lines? 

It’s anyone’s guess.

But regardless of how we landed in this political situation, the evidence of man-made climate change continues to mount, and our planet continues to suffer the consequences. 

Meanwhile, most of the current Republican candidates for President have doubled down on their refusal to act to combat climate change’s harmful effects—many even deny that it’s a problem in the first place. And though some Republicans have managed to admit that the climate is changing and that humans may play a role, those willing to do so definitively and wholeheartedly are a rare breed.

It’s time to end the politicization of our environment.  Science isn’t a partisan question, and the ideological blame game draws energy and focus away from the real fights: protecting our planet, promoting energy independence, and creating American jobs. Let’s give Republicans an opportunity to back down from these dangerous stances—and let’s all get to work.

If, by 2030, we can get to the point where 50 percent of our energy comes from clean sources, we can win those fights. Meeting that benchmark will not only help to cut our greenhouse emissions—it would also help create over 1 million good-paying American jobs in the process. Just retrofitting our existing infrastructure alone will grow the national GDP by $145 billion dollars, and families will have up to $400 more in disposable income.

These are not Republican or Democratic programs; they’re simply American aspirations. This “50 by 30” goal is ambitious, but it’s absolutely achievable…provided our political leaders are willing to cooperate and act boldly, together. United, we can harness the same scientific know-how and technological prowess that helped to make us the country we are today. That effort could make the difference in saving the world.

NHDP Launches “Granite Staters Against Rubio” Petition and Online Ad Buy

Marco Rubio (Gage Skidmore FLIKR CC)

Marco Rubio (Gage Skidmore FLIKR CC)

Petition offers new tagline: “Retro Rubio: An Old American Century”

CONCORD, N.H. – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, in partnership with the New Hampshire Young Democrats launched a petition against Marco Rubio’s old ideas and failed policies. The petition offers a more honest tagline for Sen. Rubio – Retro Rubio: An Old American Century. Signers of the petition will become a part of “Granite Staters Against Rubio,” a group of activists committed to revealing the truth about Rubio – that his old, out-of-date ideas aren’t welcome in New Hampshire, no matter who his favorite musical artist is.

The petition is accompanied by a series of Twitter ads, launching today, that remind New Hampshire voters about Rubio’s backwards policies on women’s health, tax cuts for the rich, and refusal to support common sense economic solutions that would help middle class families and young people just starting out.  

“Retro Rubio is trying to fool Granite Staters into thinking he’s a new and different politician. But the truth is he’s just the same type of Grand Old Party politician you’ve seen a million times before,” said Lizzy Price, NHDP Communications Director. “Like so many in the Grand Old Party, Rubio refuses to support policies that advance women’s equality, a middle class agenda, and LGBT rights. Like so many in the Grand Old Party, he wants to take us back to a time when ‘trickle down economics’ was hurting countless middle class and working families across the country. He is clinging so hard to his backwards agenda that he has stayed silent following the shooting at Planned Parenthood, refusing to condemn the Grand Old Party’s dangerous policies and rhetoric that have done nothing but incite fear and violence. As long as Retro Rubio clings to his archaic agenda, he’ll never get the support of Granite Staters and he’ll just keep hurting this country.”

Full petition below: 

Tell Retro Rubio You Want a President for the Future

Dear Friend,

You’ve heard it before. Young candidate tries to gain favor with young voters by talking about “new” policies, and casually mentioning they like the same music you do. Does it work? Only if those policies aren’t actually failed, recycled policies of the past. But Marco Rubio is hoping you ignore his outdated policies. He’s counting on young people to take his rhetoric at face value. Retro Rubio may try and spin us on a “New American Century,” but the truth is his policies are nothing but old-school policies of the past.

Take Rubio’s tax policy that gives an “absolutely gargantuan tax cut to the rich.” It also slashes the corporate tax rate, eliminates the capital gains tax while raising taxes on some of the middle class, all while its author claims it expands the economy. Does this sound familiar? It should. Rubio’s plan is just another reiteration of a failed trickle down tax policy that Republicans have been pushing since the 1980s.

Even worse, Rubio doesn’t support common sense economic solutions that would help us get ahead. He opposes President Obama’s forward looking plan to make community college debt-free and voted against plans to let students refinance their student loans so we have less debt once we graduate. He claims that raising the minimum wage – a proposal that helps countless young people in New Hampshire – is “silly” and calls the debate over the Paycheck Fairness Act, which helps women secure equal pay was “wasting time.”

Marco Rubio’s also wants to repeal Obamacare and take us back to the days when insurance companies could deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or women could be charged more for coverage based on their gender. If Retro Rubio got his way, 90,000 Granite Staters who gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act could see their coverage taken away. By the way, Obamacare repeal is hardly a “new” idea. Every single Republican candidate for President also wants to time warp to the days before Obamacare.

When it comes to the progress we’ve made on equality, Retro Rubio would take us back in time too. He wants to take away a woman’s constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion, and funding for Planned Parenthood. Our LGBT neighbors would also see progress reversed under Retro Rubio. He doesn’t support same sex marriage or a person’s right to not be discriminated against at work  based on who they love.

Granite Staters want a forward-thinking leader that is focused on building on the progress we’ve made over the last 6 years with new ideas. A leader who will continue to fight for New Hampshire’s middle class – to build an economy that works for everyone, to make college more affordable, to make sure Granite Staters have continued access to quality health care, and that all families are given equal opportunities.

Marco Rubio’s plans are more retro than forward-thinking. He should change his tagline to “Retro Rubio: An Old American Century.”

Sign our petition today to make sure Marco Rubio knows that his out-dated plans aren’t welcome in New Hampshire, no matter who his favorite musical artist is.



Granite Staters Against Rubio

Hillary Clinton Receives Endorsement Of Eight NH Mayors

hillary clinton (WisPolitics.com FLIKR)

Hillary Clinton (WisPolitics.com FLIKR)

New Hampshire Mayors Endorse Hillary Clinton, Citing Her Commitment to Strengthening Our Economy and Investing in Infrastructure 

Manchester – Eight New Hampshire mayors and mayors elect endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president this morning, citing her new infrastructure investment plan. Each elected official spoke about the importance of having a partner in the White House who will work with cities and towns to grow their local economies and support New Hampshire families. Specifically, the leaders applauded Clinton’s comprehensive infrastructure investment agenda, which was released earlier today.

“As a mayor, I know how critical things like dependable and updated roads and bridges are to growing our local economy,” said Rochester Mayor TJ Jean. “Hillary has the experience and determination to harness public and private capital to achieve her goals. Goals that include: fixing and expanding our roads and bridges, expanding public transit options, investing in a national freight program, and ensuring that everyone has broadband internet access. These goals are achievable, we just need a leader who has the fight in her to get it done. Hillary is that candidate, and I endorse her for President of the United States.”

“The infrastructure plan that Hillary released is just the latest example of her commitment to fighting to improve the lives of people in New Hampshire,” said Concord Mayor Jim Bouley.  “In Concord, families are often directly and economically impacted by the quality of our infrastructure. Whether it’s the small businesses on Main Street who will benefit from the expanded roadway or the small farmers who need their roads to be repaired in order to move their crops, New Hampshire businesses and families need a fighter who will make infrastructure a priority. Hillary Clinton has a plan—and that is just one reason that I enthusiastically endorse her as the Democratic nominee for President.” 

“Over the years, Hillary Clinton has continued to impress me. Her commitment to addressing the issues that keep Granite State families up at night is evident in everything she does,” said Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard. “Hillary’s comprehensive infrastructure plan is a $275 billion dollar investment in the future of our country. It would be a surge for local businesses, and a signal that she believes our economy has room to grow substantially. If she were to succeed, her plan would improve the lives of New Hampshire families every single day. I am proud to support Hillary for President, because as a mayor, there would be no greater ally in the Oval Office than Hillary Clinton.”

 “In Keene, we depend heavily on our roads because we are somewhat isolated and rural,” said Keene Mayor Kendall Lane. “Infrastructure is a major economic factor for small businesses, farmers, and manufacturers—and for years, the federal government has been underinvesting in our country’s future.  By announcing a $275 billion dollar infrastructure plan—with specific goals, including allocating $25 billion for a national infrastructure bank—Hillary has shown that she is more forward-looking than any person running for President. I support Hillary Clinton for President and believe that she is going to be an ally to state and local governments that need a fighter.” 

“Leadership is not only being able to identify the areas that need improvement, but being able to come up with comprehensive policy proposals that tackle the big issues,” said Portsmouth Mayor Bob Lister. “Hillary Clinton has shown that she is serious about getting things done. She’s a fighter. And whether it’s the substance abuse epidemic or the high levels of student debt, Hillary has shown that she is working for Granite Staters. This is the latest evidence that she hears us, and is working for us. I am devoted to seeing her as our next President.”

“As I campaigned to succeed Mayor Lister in Portsmouth, I heard from families that believe we can do more. By working with the state and federal government, they believe that our local economy can find ways to continue to expand and grow,” said Portsmouth Mayor-Elect Jack Blalock. “But we cannot do that if our infrastructure is a limiting factor. Hillary knows that, which is why she has put together such an ambitious, well-thought-out plan that will create more than $1 million jobs, improve safety, grow our economy, and cut red tape—all while combating climate change. The families of Portsmouth have great hope for the future of our city. And I do too. Which is why I believe we need Hillary Clinton in the White House.” 

“Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive infrastructure investment plan will help us here in Nashua,” said Nashua Mayor-Elect Jim Donchess. “Whether it’s her commitment to the future of passenger rail, her goal of fixing and expanding our roads and bridges, her plan to allocate $25 billion for an infrastructure bank, or her commitment to help solve our heroin crisis, Hillary Clinton is committed to improving our economy and keeping families in southern New Hampshire safe. Hillary’s infrastructure bank could help pay for the capital improvements necessary to bring passenger rail to Nashua…Hillary’s support for Medicaid Expansion will enable people in Nashua to continue to get treatment and achieve recovery from the scourge of heroin addiction – something we definitely need here in Nashua.  As the former and future mayor of New Hampshire’s second largest city, I urge my fellow Nashuans to support Hillary in the race for president. Hillary has shown she is a serious candidate with a vision–and the experience to get things done. I endorse her as my choice to be the Democratic candidate for President.”

“Hillary Clinton is by far the most experienced candidate running for President,” said Rochester Mayor-Elect Caroline McCarley. “I have no doubt she would provide strong leadership for our country at home and abroad, something we desperately need in these challenging times.”

Iron Workers Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

 (image Keith Kissel FLIKR)

(image Keith Kissel FLIKR)

Washington, D.C. – The General Executive Council (GEC) of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers voted unanimously Friday, November 20 to endorse Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Clinton now has the support of nearly 11 million union members across 14 different national unions who have endorsed her campaign.

“As President, I will fight every day to protect and expand workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively, to maintain prevailing wage and labor standards, and to retire with dignity after years of hard work. Because when workers are strong, families are strong—and when families are strong, America is strong,” said Secretary Hillary Clinton. 

The GEC reviewed the qualifications of each candidate for president while coming to its decision.  While the council felt that several other candidates align with ironworker values, none compare to Secretary Clinton when it comes to putting those beliefs into practice.  Clinton’s record of looking out for the jobs that union members rely on was the largest factor in the council’s decision.  Her support for workers’ rights, infrastructure investment and economic opportunity lines up with the union’s priorities for the next administration.  Secretary Clinton’s unmatched experience in government will enable her to deliver on her promises in ways the other candidates cannot.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Ironworkers,” said Clinton

Secretary Clinton’s readiness to take on the global challenges, threats and opportunities faced by our country also played a role in the union’s decision.  The Secretary was tested as soon as she entered the U.S. Senate by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  Then-Senator Clinton sponsored legislation to provide for the ironworkers and others who sacrificed their health rescuing victims and clearing rubble on “the Pile” in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia.

Between her time in the Senate and her service as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has more post-9/11 defense and foreign policy experience than all other serious presidential candidates, Republican and Democratic, combined.

“The Ironworkers have helped build the mighty American middle class for decades—oftentimes literally, creating good-paying jobs and careers with every bridge and building they work on. They have stood strong against repeated attacks on workers’ rights, as Republicans and their allies have sought to roll back the hard-won progress we’ve achieved for workers and their families. And in our country’s hour of need, after the barbaric attacks of 9/11, they worked tirelessly on ‘the Pile,’ putting in overtime to dismantle tons of wreckage—and, later, to build the soaring Freedom Tower,” stated Clinton

“I have always stood with organized labor, and I will be proud to stand with the Ironworkers as President. As a Senator, I fought to secure critical health care benefits for the brave first and second responders at Ground Zero, and urge Congress to reauthorize the Zadroga Act without delay,” concluded Clinton.

With many jobs connected to the energy and manufacturing sectors, ironworkers are directly affected by new regulations on greenhouse gases and other environmental issues.  In the union’s assessment, other candidates for president have either unconstructively denied climate change or shown a cavalier attitude towards jobs lost due to environmental regulation.  The union expects Clinton to take a balanced approach, protecting the public from pollution while keeping Americans at work building the economy.

The GEC encourages all union ironworkers to register to vote and bring their families to the polls in 2016.  Besides the president, voters across the United States will choose 12 governors, 34 senators, and countless state and local officials.  With right to work legislation on the march in states throughout the country, 2016 is a vital year for ironworkers to make their voices heard.

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