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Kelly Ayotte Tries To Undo Support Of Radical Extremist GOP Frontrunner

CNN’s John King Reports On Kelly Ayotte’s Latest Political Contortions As She Tries To Undo Her Early Embrace Of Trump

Ayotte’s Allies Now Reportedly Pressing GOP Activists To Switch Allegiance From Trump 

Concord, N.H. — After Kelly Ayotte called Trump’s entrance into the presidential race a “positive development” and even met privately with Trump in New Hampshire following his announcement, CNN’s John King reports that Ayotte is now politically contorting herself once again to try to undo her early embrace of Trump. 

According to King, an “increasingly anxious” Kelly Ayotte now fears that Donald Trump carrying the banner for the Republican party into next year’s election would spell doom for her own campaign. King added that “there’s an effort underway by key Ayotte allies to press GOP activists in the state who back Trump to apply the all politics is local rule and perhaps think again.” 

Despite Ayotte’s recent political posturing, when it comes to actual policy positions Ayotte and Trump have a lot in common. NH1’s Kevin Landrigan reported, “Candidate for Senate Kelly Ayotte back in 2010 offered her support for amending the Constitution to get rid of birthright citizenship,” years before Donald Trump came under fire for advocating the very same position.

“Once again, Kelly Ayotte is resorting to blatantly political contortions to try to save her political career as she tries to undo the damage she caused by helping lend legitimacy to Trump’s campaign,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “It’s no surprise that Ayotte is now trying to run away from her early embrace of Trump and their shared position on ending birthright citizenship. This is just another example of Kelly Ayotte doing and saying anything to rewrite her record and save her own political career.”

Mark Connolly Announces Campaign For NH Governor

Cites Vision of New Hampshire as Center of Education, Innovation, and Job Creation 

Mark ConnollyMANCHESTER, NH – Today, business owner and former Deputy Secretary of State Mark Connolly announced his campaign for Governor of New Hampshire with events in Hanover, Manchester, and New Castle. A Democrat and a Seacoast business owner with three decades of experience in the public and private sectors, Connolly laid out his vision for New Hampshire’s future, which centers on his plans for education, innovation, and job creation.

“We’re facing critical decisions about our state’s future, and we need a pragmatic, progressive, and independent leader to help build on the progress achieved by Governors Lynch and Hassan,” said Connolly. “That’s why I’m running for Governor of New Hampshire.”

“I believe we’re at our best when we put aside our differences, come together, and turn difficult challenges into exciting opportunities. My vision for this state is clear: we must provide our kids with a world-class education, foster a culture of innovation to re-position our state as a 21st-century economic and business leader and create quality jobs that ensure the next generation of Granite Staters can build careers and raise families of their own right here in New Hampshire.”

“Throughout constant transformations and reinventions, we’ve never lost hold of the fundamental values that we hold dear in the Granite State—freedom, liberty, and the promise that, if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll be given the opportunity to succeed.” 

“I’m running for Governor because I believe in the promise of New Hampshire, and I hope you’ll join me in seeing it through.” 

A number of prominent Granite Staters joined Connolly at events in Manchester and New Castle to offer their support and praise his vision for guiding New Hampshire into the 21st century economy.

Longtime State Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester) said, “I’ve known Mark Connolly since he was a young man growing up in Bedford, and there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll make an excellent Governor.  Mark has spent his career fighting for the people. He’s tough, he’s smart, and he knows how to get the job done. The people of New Hampshire will have a great champion with Mark Connolly in the Governor’s office.” 

Ben Kelley, a Concord entrepreneur and business leader, praised Connolly’s ability to bring the public and private sectors together to spur economic growth: “I support Mark Connolly for Governor of New Hampshire because I know he’s the kind of leader our state needs to spark our innovation economy—someone who knows how to bring people together to create jobs, jump-start key initiatives like passenger rail, and bring more growing businesses to our state. As a public servant and a businessman, Mark has always fought to stand up for the people of New Hampshire, and I know he’ll do the same as Governor.”

Mary Rauh, former Chair of the New Hampshire Women’s Fund and Co-Chair of President Barack Obama’s New Hampshire campaign said, “I support Mark Connolly first and foremost because I trust him to fight hard for the issues that matter most to New Hampshire women and families. Mark will be a leader in fighting for equal pay, protecting a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, and ensuring every family in our state has the opportunity to succeed. When women and families succeed, everyone benefits—and that’s something I know Mark will make a top priority.” 

Maxine Morse, a beloved philanthropist, advocate for mental health and education, and close ally of former Governor John Lynch, said, “Mark Connolly has the experience, the track record, and the passion for public service we need in our next Governor. Like John Lynch, Mark understands how to lead our state and to ensure that government serves the people. With decades of experience in both public service and the private sector, Mark is the candidate who can truly deliver on his promise to build a better future for the Granite State.”

Mark Connolly is a New Hampshire native and a former State Representative who has served for over 30 years as a business and community leader. From 2002–2010, he served as New Hampshire’s top financial watchdog. Mark currently resides in New Castle.

LTE: Chris Williams Leaves A Trail Of Job Losses In His Wake

Chris Williams tell us that Nashua’s mayoral election is about Moving Nashua Forward.

Fair enough. It’s a race between a candidate who’s done that (former mayor and current alderman-at large Jim Donchess) and a candidate who hasn’t (Chris Williams).

When Williams claims that working for the Chamber of Commerce qualifies him to be mayor, he overlooks his enthusiastic cheerleading for the sale of Verizon landlines to FairPoint.

There was plenty of evidence that the sale was a bad idea that made sense only for Verizon and a handful of FairPoint top executives.

At public hearings, witness after witness testified that it was irresponsible for the NH Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to let a small North Carolina company take on $1.7 billion in debt to buy a company six times its size. Apparently that wasn’t a concern for Williams.

Telecommunications expert Susan Baldwin, who analyzed the sale for the PUC’s Office of the Consumer Advocate, concluded that “although serious problems exist with Verizon NH’s present operations, acquisition by FairPoint would be yet worse for New Hampshire’s consumers.”

The FairPoint bankruptcy, the long strike provoked by hedge fund investors, and the loss of hundreds of good jobs have proved Baldwin right.

Chris Williams’ record doesn’t show the judgment needed to Move Nashua Forward.

Dexter Arnold
UAW 1981

Suddenly Sen Ayotte Supports Working Pregnant Women But What About All Working Moms?

It is official Governor Maggie Hassan announced she is challenging Senator Kelly Ayotte for her seat in the US Senate. Let the games begin!

Senator Ayotte is coming out swinging with her first online ad entitled “Workplace Fairness,” that focuses on her new legislative proposal, co-sponsored by Senator Shaheen, which would help to end workplace discrimination for pregnant women.

I don’t say this often but I actually agree with Sen. Ayotte that something needs to be done to protect pregnant workers from workplace discrimination and provide pregnant women alternative work during their pregnancy, however I have been pushing for this type of legislation for years now.

Senators Shaheen and Ayotte introduced this legislative in June of this year after the Supreme Court ruled that UPS discriminated against Peggy Young by not offering her light duty work after her doctor instructed her not to lift heavy things due to her pregnancy.

Here is the kicker, this new legislation is actually old legislation submitted in a new legislative term. The bill, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, was actually submitted in September of 2012 and again in May of 2013.

In her new video, Sen Ayotte fails to mention that she refused to support the very same bill not once but twice when it was previously introduced since Ayotte has been in Washington.

Why the change of heart? What is different about this bill now?

It is not so much that the bill has changed it is that Sen. Ayotte is facing a strong progressive candidate in Maggie Hassan.

Suddenly as the campaign ramps up Sen. Ayotte supports the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, but what happens after that expectant mother delivers her baby?

Sen Ayotte has repeatedly said that paid sick leave is “an issue that should be addressed by employers rather than mandated by the government.”

What is the difference between supporting pregnant women in the workplace and supporting parents in the workplace? If you support Pregnancy Fairness why not paid sick leave.

Ayotte did introduce her own paid leave bill with Mitch McConnell earlier this year, but her bill was nothing but an election year stunt that would force workers to choose between overtime pay and leave time.

Let us not forget that Sen. Ayotte has a terrible record supporting women and women’s health.

  • Ayotte opposes the paycheck fairness act
  • Ayotte supports repealing the Affordable Care Act which made it law that new mothers have the right to pump breast milk at work in a safe place, and that employers cannot fire or discriminate against nursing moms.
  • Ayotte supports the misguided Hobby Lobby decision.
  • Ayotte has voted multiple times to allow employers to deny women access to contraception.
  • Ayotte introduced a sham birth control bill that would increase costs for women and is opposed by the American Congress of OB-GYNs.
  • Ayotte has voted repeatedly to defund Planned Parenthood and other family planning centers, which provide critical health services including breast exams.

I don’t have to tell you – but I am going to anyway – Senator Ayotte’s new challenger, Governor Hassan, has been a staunch supporter of working women and women’s health.

Hassan signed into law a Paycheck Fairness bill, expanded Medicaid to give more Granite Staters access to quality healthcare, and in her first term worked to restore the devastating cuts to Planned Parenthood.

Gov. Hassan continues to fight the Republican led Executive Council’s cuts to Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire.

“The council’s vote to defund Planned Parenthood will hurt the health and economic well-being of thousands of Granite Staters. Moving forward, I will continue to fight to ensure that women and families have access to the important health services that are essential to the economic security and vitality of our families,” said Hassan.

Despite what Sen. Ayotte is saying in her poll-tested advertising, she is not the champion for women she claims to be. She is the same old partisan hack who has fueled the continued gridlock in Washington.

Manchester Mayoral Race: To Debate Or Not To Debate, That Is The Question

The Manchester Mayoral race is heating up and the candidates are coming out swinging.

For those who may not have been following the race up to this point, let me quickly bring you up to speed.

There are three main competitors, Mayor Ted Gatsas, former Alderman Patrick Arnold, and Alderman Joyce Craig.

“As Mayor I have worked hard to build a better Manchester and I am proud of all that we have accomplished,” said Mayor Gatsas at his campaign kickoff

“I’m running for mayor of Manchester because the people of our city deserve better than the status quo and business as usual at City Hall. Over the last several years especially, our city has suffered from the timidity and ineffectiveness of the current administration. Drug activity and violent crime remain out of control. Opportunities for progress continue to be squandered. Taxpayers continue to seek a better return for their tax dollars,” said Arnold in his campaign announcement.

“I’m running for mayor because it’s time Manchester reaches its full potential,” said Alderman Joyce Craig. “Unfortunately, over the past six years our city’s growth has stalled under Mayor Gatsas’s poor leadership. Our schools are in worse shape, the drug epidemic is escalating, our roads are deteriorating and our infrastructure is outdated, yet the Mayor has put forth no concrete plans on how to tackle these problems. It is time our city has a mayor who will work with all partners to solve these citywide problems. I’m running for mayor to be the leader to move our city forward together and once again make Manchester a city that attracts families and businesses.”

I think we can all agree that Manchester needs a change in leadership and that Mayor Gatsas must go. He vetoed the Manchester Education Association’s contract, which would have given Manchester teachers their first raise in years.

Arnold called Mayor Gatsas’ recent veto of a proposed teachers’ contract “absurd” and urged Gatsas to step aside. “Mayor Gatsas, work with those elected by the voters, or step aside for someone who will,” Arnold said at the packed school board meeting.

“For six years the Mayor has bullied his way through these School Board meetings to the detriment of our students, teachers, and taxpayers,” said Alderman Craig. “During his tenure, we have lost teachers, our class sizes are still high, we lost the sending towns of Auburn, Hooksett, and Candia, and now our school year begins in a few weeks and teachers will return to their classrooms without a contract in place for the third year in a row.”

Both Arnold and Alderman Craig have received strong support from the people of Manchester. Local 7 Ironworkers, the Manchester City Firefighters, and six of the Manchester School Board members have endorsed Arnold. On the other side, IBEW 490, IBEW 2320, Senator Donna Soucy, and Senator Lou D’Allesandro have endorsed Alderman Craig.

Before we get to the general election, one of these three candidates will be eliminated in the city-wide primary on September 15th. We all know it is nearly impossible to unseat an incumbent in the primary so the primary race really boils down to Arnold and Alderman Craig.

Recently a new controversy has emerged as Arnold called on the Democratic Party to organize debates between himself and Alderman Craig. “Let’s discuss the challenges we face as a city. Let’s debate what works and what doesn’t,” Arnold said.

The Union Leader reported that Arnold publically called for debates at the annual Manchester City Democrats meeting. Ted Siefer also reported on Alderman Craig’s resistance to debating at the time.

She said she was willing to participate in debates “at some time probably, but right now I’m speaking to voters directly,” she told me. “I feel there will be plenty of time to engage in politics, and right now my focus is my work as an alderman and hearing directly from voters and the issues concerning them.”

Many attempts have been made to hold a debate but Arnold is now accusing Alderman Craig of refusing to debate. “Manchester deserves debates. Manchester voters deserve to see and hear the differences between the candidates, and ask them questions. Timid candidates can come up with any excuse to hide from their records and the voters. Manchester deserves better.”

I reached out to Alderman Craig and she responded by stating that she is open to a debate and that a primary debate should include all candidates, including Mayor Gatsas, and to her knowledge no other pre-primary debates have been scheduled with all candidates. Alderman Craig also highlighted the upcoming education forum hosted by the Manchester Education Association on September 9th.

Alderman Craig also repeated the line that she is focused on “communicating with voters” as she has in previous statements to the Union Leader.

Where is the truth in all of this? Is Alderman Craig refusing to debate Arnold? Is Alderman Craig correct by stating she would debate but none have been scheduled?

Unfortunately I cannot answer any of these questions for you. I do think that the Manchester Democrats should have organized some type of debates between these candidates.   I also think that Alderman Craig should accept Arnold’s call to debate on Manchester Public Television. What better way to get your message out to the people than to show them who you are, what you stand for, and that you can handle yourself in a debate, before you have to face off against Mayor Gatsas.

I guess you could say the ball is Alderman Craig’s court. What will she do?


You can get more information about where to vote from here, or to request an absentee ballot, here.

The Nashua Labor Coalition Endorses Michael O’Brien For Alderman-At-Large In June 23rd Special Election

O’Brien is the voice that working families need in City Hall

(Nashua, NH) The Nashua Labor Coalition, a chapter of the NH AFL-CIO that brings together a variety of labor unions, community organizations, and community activists, endorsed Michael O’Brien for Alderman-at-Large in the upcoming city wide special election on June 23rd.

“As a State Representative for four terms, Michael O’Brien has stood up for working families by opposing harmful legislation like so-called ‘Right To Work’ and has fought to protect our collective bargaining rights,” said Deb Howes, Chair of the Nashua Labor Coalition and member of the Nashua Teachers Union (AFT 1044).  “We know that as an Alderman, Michael will continue to put working families first.”

For over 34 years Michael O’Brien has dedicated his life to protecting the city of Nashua as a member of the Nashua Fire and Rescue.

“We are pleased that Deputy Chief O’Brien has chosen to continue to serve Nashua after his retirement in the coming weeks. When elected, he will be a strong voice for public safety and for growth of the middle class here in Nashua,” said John McAllister, President of the Nashua Firefighters Association IAFF Local #789.

“As an Alderman, I know that Michael will continue to push expanding rail service to Nashua and all of Southern New Hampshire,” said Dawn Roy,  Chair of the United Auto Workers Local 2322.  “The New Hampshire Capitol Corridor Project will bring hundreds of new jobs and would be a boost to our local economy.”

“The Nashua Labor Coalition is proud to endorse Michael O’Brien for Alderman-at- Large, and strongly urge all Nashua residents to vote in the special election for Alderman-at-Large on Tuesday, June 23rd, concluded Howes.

More information on Michael O’Brien can be found at www.obrienfornashua.com

Members of the Nashua Labor Coalition include:

Deb Howes
John McAllister
Dawn Roy
Gary Hoffman
Matt Murray
Jim Scurrah
Sylvia Gale
Dexter Arnold
Ed Barnes

The Nashua Labor Coalition is a chapter of NH AFL-CIO. It includes Nashua Area Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Unions, as well as community organizations.

Iron Workers Local 7 Endorse Patrick Arnold for Mayor of Manchester

IronWorkers International Logo

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – This week the Iron Workers Local 7 endorsed former Alderman Patrick Arnold in his bid for mayor of New Hampshire’s largest city.

“We’re proud to endorse Patrick Arnold for Mayor of Manchester,” says Local 7 business agent Steven Burk. “Patrick has a strong record of standing with working families of New Hampshire. As Mayor, he will make job creation and economic growth a priority again in Manchester,” Burk continued.

“I’m proud to have the support of the Iron Workers in our campaign for mayor,” says Arnold. “Like many of us, they know that Manchester deserves better than the status quo. With new leadership, Manchester can again lead in being the best place to live, work and raise a family in New Hampshire,” Arnold continued.

Iron Workers Local 7, which represents nearly 3,000 members, joins the Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 856, and hundreds of former and current elected officials and community activists in endorsing Arnold’s bid for mayor.

Patrick Arnold is a candidate for mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire. Arnold served as a Manchester Alderman from 2009 until 2014. In 2013, he was the Democratic candidate for mayor against Mayor Ted Gatsas, the Republican incumbent. Gatsas held off Arnold’s challenge in 2013 by 943 votes. In March 2014, the Manchester Board of Aldermen unanimously confirmed Arnold’s appointment to the city’s Conduct Committee. An attorney by trade, Arnold earned his law degree at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He and his wife, Kathy, have a daughter, Abigail.

Why We Need More People Like Senator Sanders Running For Office, Even If They Don’t Win

Republicans and Democrats Logos (by DonkeyHotey FLICKR)

(Imageby DonkeyHotey FLICKR)

Can you believe it? We are only half-way through February of 2015, and we are already talking about the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Politics is the un-official sport of the Granite State. We take great pride in holding the First in the Nation Primary. This brings candidates from across the country to our quaint little state to hold town hall style events and press the flesh with local Granite Staters in an attempt to win us over.

As we get closer to the February 2016 primary, a growing number of politicians will come to New Hampshire preaching about what they are going to do once we elect them to the White House.

The Republican side of the primary is a complete free-for-all. There are so many people attempting to get into the race that I have lost count. Many of them have already been hitting the streets of New Hampshire and trying to gain notoriety at the same time. Traditionally if you can win New Hampshire, you can win the party nomination. It worked for Mitt Romney in 2012.

The Republicans are a mess right now. Each candidate is trying to rally their base by showing that they are the farthest to the right of any of the other possible nominees. It is a race to see who can be the most extreme and win over the Tea Party base in New Hampshire.

Senator Bernie Sanders (image by StumpSource on FLIKR)

Senator Bernie Sanders (image by StumpSource on FLIKR)

On the Democratic side, the bench is a little lacking. There is Hillary Clinton, who has not announced that she is running, even though everyone knows she is. There is Senator Bernie Sanders from the great state next door, Vermont. I love Senator Sanders — but let’s face it, nobody thinks he can win the primary or the general election. That is not why he is putting his name in the hat (more on this in a minute). There have also been few Democratic governors, like Martin O’Malley from Maryland, making trips to NH over the last few months. And of course there is Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. She has repeatedly said she is not running yet they are trying to “draft” her into the primary. (Personally, I think that Senator Warren should stay in the Senate and continue her “kick ass and take no prisoners” agenda.)

Senator Elizabeth Warren (image by Ninian Reid FLIKR)

Senator Elizabeth Warren (image by Ninian Reid FLIKR)

Why are people trying to pull Senator Warren into the primary? Why is it so important that Senator Sanders push back against Hillary Clinton in a Presidential primary? It is all about the messaging!

People are so enamored with Senator Warren because she embodies everything that progressive Democrats hold dear. The same is true for Senator Sanders. This is why are they so popular nationwide. Progressive values are what the majority of Americans want, regardless of party affiliation, and progressive values win elections. Just listen to Congressman Mark Pocan from Wisconsin talk about how those who shied away from progressive values ended up losing their seats.

(Watch the video on YouTube)

Some of the progressive values that help to win elections and move America forward:

  • Increasing the minimum wage
  • Ensuring that every American has access to quality healthcare
  • Protecting the rights of workers, including the right to join and form unions
  • Protecting women’s reproductive rights
  • Reducing income inequality and holding the Wall Street Gamblers accountable for what they did to our economy
  • Reducing the tax burden on working families and ensuring that millionaires and billionaires are paying their fair share in taxes
  • Investing in our infrastructure and creating jobs

Polling data confirms that the majority of Americans support Senator Warren and Senator Sanders on these issues. People overwhelmingly agree with these core progressive values.

Again, I do not think Senator Sanders will win the NH primary or the nomination – but he will succeed in forcing both parties to address issues like raising the minimum wage, protecting workers rights, protecting women’s rights, expanding Social Security, and addressing the vast income inequality that is plaguing America. Without him in the race, nobody will be pushing these issues.

Hopefully Hillary, or whoever the Democratic nominee is, will learn a little something from Bernie and Liz before they go head-on with the Republican nominee.

Because if the eventual Democratic nominee hews to a pro-corporate agenda – why even bother getting out to vote?

In a contest between a Republican and a Democrat-In-Name-Only, voters are going to pick the “real” Republican, every time.

Alderman Patrick Arnold Running For Mayor Of Manchester, Announces 2015 Organizing Committee


patrick-arnold-3MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Former Alderman Patrick Arnold confirmed today that he will again run for mayor of Manchester in 2015.  Arnold, who served as an Alderman from 2009 until 2014, was the Democratic candidate for mayor in 2013 against incumbent Republican, Mayor Ted Gatsas.

“I’m running for Mayor because the residents and taxpayers of New Hampshire’s largest city deserve better than the complacency and failed policies of the status quo,” says Arnold. “Crime continues to rise. Our schools continue to struggle. Our city continues to bleed opportunities and resources under the current administration. Manchester can and should be leading in education, job opportunities and economic development. We can and should be the best place to live and raise a family in New Hampshire. Our campaign will continue efforts to bring new ideas and new leadership to City Hall and a new vision to Manchester by building on the grassroots organization that we developed in 2013.”

The Arnold for Mayor campaign also announced its 2015 organizing committee, which will focus on expanding the campaign’s 2013 voter contact program with special emphasis on new voters from 2014. “I’m proud of the support that our campaign has earned among our community’s strongest advocates and activists,” says Arnold.

“Patrick Arnold will be a hard working mayor of all the people,” says Manchester resident and former U.S. Ambassador George Bruno. “I am pleased Patrick is running to lead our city. He will fix the potholes, get a handle on crime, fix our schools, work harmoniously with others, but also provide a needed vision as to where our city is going,” Bruno continued. Bruno is a former chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and served as a U.S. Ambassador in the Clinton administration.

“The closeness of the 2013 mayor’s race left us not deterred, but rather inspired that Manchester’s best days are ahead. Patrick will bring vision, determination, and truly collaborative leadership needed to move our city forward,” says Kathy Staub, at-large member of the Manchester School Board.

Patrick Arnold served as a Manchester Alderman from 2009 until 2014. In 2013, he was the Democratic candidate for mayor against Mayor Ted Gatsas, the Republican incumbent. Gatsas held off Arnold’s challenge in 2013 by 943 votes. In March 2014, the Manchester Board of Aldermen unanimously confirmed Arnold’s appointment to the city’s Conduct Committee. An attorney by trade, Arnold earned his law degree at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He and his wife, Kathy, have a daughter, Abigail.

Arnold for Mayor – 2015 Organizing Committee

George Bruno, former U.S. Ambassador and NH Democratic Party Chairman

Kathy Staub, at-large School Board member

Bob Bossie, former State Senator and Alderman

Kathy Kelley Arnold, former at-large School Board member

Peter Sullivan, former Alderman and State Representative

Jean Jeudy, State Representative

Bill Clayton, former State Representative

Amy Bradley, School Board member

Chris Herbert, State Representative and former School Board member

John O’Keefe, business owner

Remi Francoeur, former Republican activist

Mary Sysyn, former Alderman

Paul Cote

Carl “CJ” Hebert, veterans advocate and activist

Carol Williams, former State Representative and Manchester Transit Authority Commissioner

Maurice Pilotte, former State Representative

Dr. David George, college professor and activist

Jon Hopwood, writer and activist

Dan Bergeron, former School Board member

Steve Dolman, former Alderman and School Board member

Katie Desrochers, School Board member

Roger Beauchamp, former School Board member and State Representative

Shelly Pratte

Ron Boisvert, State Representative

Elizabeth Warren On Obamacare, Government Shutdown And Holding Elected Leaders Accountable

Let me start by saying I love Elizabeth Warren!  She is everything I want to represent working families in Washington.

A couple of days ago Liz went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about the recent election results.  Meyers started right out with the question, did Democrats make a mistake by distancing themselves from President Obama?

Warren responded by saying, “this is about accountability in all directions.”  People need to hold elected leaders accountable for their actions.  Even though the GOP beat everyone over the head with the misleading Obamacare advertisement, the fact is that “millions of people have healthcare for the first time thanks to the Affordable Care Act”.

Some candidates tried to distance themselves from the Affordable Care Act, and that did hurt them.  Senator Jeanne Shaheen stood right up to the GOP and the Americans For Prosperity attacks on her vote for the Affordable Care Act.  She said over and over that “I will never stop fighting for the right of all Americans to have quality, affordable health care.”  This proved to be a winner for Senator Shaheen as she was reelected to represent New Hampshire in the US Senate for another six years.

Warren also said that voters did not hold the correct people accountable for the gridlock in Washington. “It was just over a year ago right now that the Republicans shut down the government. Flushed away $23 billion dollars…Now we are being held accountable for that.”

Now the Republicans took control of the Senate with a new message of bipartisanship. They want to work with the President and the House to get Washington moving again.  The irony of this is that if was the Republicans in the Senate who filibusters dozens of bills and Presidential appointments, forcing the gridlock in Washington.

“We need a government works not just for the rich and powerful but that works for all our families,” stated Warren. “We need to make it clear in elections, whose side your fighting on.”

The only question left, is will Elizabeth Warren consider running for President in 2016, or are we going to have to wait another four years?

View video on YouTube

Just released on Huffington Post Politics, Elizabeth Warren has been given a prominent role in Senate leadership.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) gained a leadership position in the Senate Democratic caucus Thursday, giving the prominent progressive senator a key role in shaping the party’s policy priorities.

Warren’s new role, which was created specifically for her, will be strategic policy adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, helping to craft the party’s policy positions and priorities. She will also serve as a liaison to progressive groups to ensure they have a voice in leadership meetings and discussions, according to a source familiar with the role.


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