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Merrimack County Democrats Announce Candidacy for NH House of Representatives

Bow, NH, June 9, 2014 – Last week, three Merrimack County Democrats announced their candidacy for the NH House of Representatives in District 23.  Anne Baier and Dennis D’Ovidio of Bow and Bob Martel of Dunbarton each filed their intent to run for office with the NH Secretary of State.

Baier and D’Ovidio are first time candidates, but neither is a newcomer to public service. Baier, a 27 year resident of Bow has served on the local School Board for 11 years, actively participating in the negotiation of teacher and support staff contracts; and has been a Trustee of the Concord Community Music School for six years.

“My collaborative nature, my experience in business operations and contract negotiation, will help me find common ground for the good of our State and communities and allow me to represent the voters of Bow and Dunbarton in a bipartisan way,” said Baier.

She and her husband, Dr. Clete Baier, have six children and two grandchildren.

D’Ovidio has lived in New Hampshire 40 years and has resided in Bow for 14.  He worked at the Laconia State School for nine years prior to working at NH State Hospital where he managed a multi- million dollar budget for over 20 years. All told, he devoted 34 years to state service. Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor in the Human Service department at NH Technical Institute in Concord.

“I am running to help preserve the American way of life and the democratic process; to give back to the community for the privilege of living in a democracy; to advocate for policies that support families; and the working women and men of NH and local business enterprises,” said D’Ovidio.

D’Ovidio and his wife, Beth, have four children and five grandchildren. D’Ovidio has provided “Grandpa Day Care” for each of the grandchildren at least one day a week since they were infants.

Martel has previously run for office and is currently a member of the NH Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation.

399 Days Without Action on American Jobs Act

Today marks Day 399 of the Senate filibuster of President Obama’s American Jobs Act.

What’s a “filibuster”?  It’s a procedural method used by a minority of Senators to prevent a vote on proposed legislation.  In this case, Republican Senators have been blocking a vote on the American Jobs Act since October 2011.

The American Jobs Act would provide $132.6 million for highways, transit, rail and aviation here in New Hampshire.

It would provide $120.9 million in funding to pay for teachers, police and fire fighters, right here in New Hampshire.

More than $70 million in funding for public school construction, here in the Granite State.  Another $8.7 million to modernize facilities in the Community College System of New Hampshire.

Read more about how the American Jobs Act could benefit New Hampshire here.

Tomorrow will be Day 400.  It takes a two-third vote of the Senate to end a filibuster — and that’s not likely to happen if Senate Republicans continue to care more about party loyalty than they care about our nation’s economy.

One of those Senate Republicans represents us, here in New Hampshire — and you can call her to ask that she help end the filibuster on S.1660, so the Senate can finally vote on the bill.  Sen. Kelly Ayotte has offices in Manchester (603-622-7979), Nashua (603-880-3335), Berlin (603-752-7702) and Portsmouth (603-436-7161).


NH Democrats Jackson Jefferson Celebration

Submitted by Matt Murray

Last night I had the privilage of attending the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s  2011 Jefferson Jackson Celebration.  This annual event honors those who have done so much for the Democratic Party, especially over the last year.  For Democrats this has been especially hard year.  The 2010 elections brought in a huge wave of Radical Tea Partiers and Free Staters who have solidified behind their Speaker Bill O’Brien.  In spite of the constant barrage of Anti-Union, Anti-Family, Anti-Women, and Anti-Gay legislation coming from the GOP these faithful Democrats have stood strong.

This year the NHDP handed out many awards including a Grass Roots Activism Award to my personal friend and fellow Union Activist, Lew Henry (USPS). Some of the other award recipients include State Senator Sylvia Larsen, Ambassador Richard Swett,  and the entire Democratic Party Representatives in the State House.  There were many others and I am sorry if I did not mention you personally by name.

After the awards presentations NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen gave a rousing speech about ensuring that we work together to regain control of our State Legislature and send Bill O’Brien back to Massachusetts.  She talked about perserving workers rights and protecting the health of NH women through programs like Planned Parenthood.  She talked about the need to create good jobs, like the ones at the new Berlin Prison, to help get NH back to work.


Gov. Deval Patrick

The celebrations keynote speaker was Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.  Gov. Patrick is a true leader.  He has shown how by working with Labor Unions in MA. they corrected budget problems and the MA Retirement System.  He has shown by working with State Legislature, Massachusetts can provide affordable health care for all of the Commonwealth.  In MA., over 90% of adults and 99% of children are covered by the State’s Health Care program.  Gov. Patrick jested that a certain GOP Primary Candidate thought that state run health care was great for Massachusetts however it is not good for the other 49 states.  He continued by talking about how MA. is creating new “green” jobs while continuing to invest in public schools.  His education program has made MA one of the “Top Five States” for education.  He also poked a little fun at the NH GOP by saying: “In Massachusetts you can Marry whoever it is you love”.   (On a personal note, Gov Patrick is one of the best speakers I have ever had the privilege of seeing in person.)

All of the speakers and award recipients talked about the importance of the 2012 elections. (paraphrasing) We all must come together to show that the People of this country are more important than Corporations.  We need to get out there and show our support for our President, and take back Congress and the NH Legislature from the Radical Right.

NATCA member Matt Murray, Gov. Deval Patrick,
and NATCA member Patrick Sullivan
Matt Murray and
Former Mayor of Lebanon Karen Liot-Hill
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