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In Honor of Teachers

A great Op/Ed about Teachers from the New York Times.

In Honor of Teachers – NYTimes.com: “Since it’s back-to-school season across the country, I wanted to celebrate a group that is often maligned: teachers. Like so many others, it was a teacher who changed the direction of my life, and to whom I’m forever indebted.

A Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll released this week found that 76 percent of Americans believed that high-achieving high school students should later be recruited to become teachers, and 67 percent of respondents said that they would like to have a child of their own take up teaching in the public schools as a career.

But how do we expect to entice the best and brightest to become teachers when we keep tearing the profession down? We take the people who so desperately want to make a difference that they enter a field where they know that they’ll be overworked and underpaid, and we scapegoat them as the cause of a societywide failure.”

New Hampshire Labor News Network Sunday News

More news on the LGC Scandal from Seacoast Online.

CONCORD — It was just weeks ago when the Department of Labor notified the Local Government Center that “we are watching,” while DOL lawyer Martin Jenkins said, “we’re not breathing down their neck.”
That changed last week when DOL administrator Ellery Hathorn wrote to the LGC with a demand for a detailed accounting of the LGC public employees’ compensation program and an imminent deadline to produce it.

The State Senate will be attempting to override the Governor’s Veto of SB 88 (deadly force bill).  This bill is be opposed by the Governor as well as most of our Brothers in Blue.  Concord Monitor

“Law enforcement has been adamant in their opposition to this bill,” Manning said. “They’re the experts in public safety, and they’re the ones we should be listening to.”

The sunday political round up from Kevin Landrigan. He explains a lot about the Senate override bills coming up this week, as well as many other state issues like “Kimball Resigning”.  Senate Veto vote on tap this week

It looks as if Gov. John Lynch will score some victories – but not all he wants – with the state Senate when it meets Wednesday to take up six of his vetoes.
The Republican-led Legislature broke Lynch’s unbeaten streak earlier this spring, overriding vetoes on three measures, including the mandate that a minor girl notify a parent before having an abortion. 

 Tom Fahey’s sunday round up of local and national politics. This week he talks about SB 88, SB 129 (Voter ID), SB 154 (repeal of RGGI).  He also mentions the NH AFL-CIO will be doing a demonstration at the State House Wed Sept 7th (Click here for information

“THE AFL-CIO plans a demonstration at the State House Tuesday evening to dramatize job losses and underemployment.
“This fall, the working people of New Hampshire need their legislators to focus on finding common-sense solutions to the jobs crisis instead of the political attacks that characterized the last session,” AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie said in announcing plans for the event.”

This just announced: Senator to participate in Labor Day Breakfast.

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire Sen.Jeanne Shaheen will be among those attending the annual AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast.
Shaheen plans to deliver remarks at Monday’s breakfast in Manchester.
The breakfast is held to honor workers and this year an emphasis will be put on public workers who helped keep people safe during Tropical Storm Irene.

High Praise given to Police and Firefighers in Manchester after T.S. Irene. This article also includes a run down of the politics in Manchester from Beth Hall. Talks about Mayor Gatas and the 2012-2013 Budget requests and MHT PFF president calling him to “Fix this years Budget First”. Union Leader

“High praise went to city police, firefighters, highway workers and other staff for their efficient handling of the havoc the storm wrought”.

In case you missed it before, here is Mark MacKenzie (Pres of NH AFL-CIO) Labor Day Message. read the entire “Working Families: The real NH advantage”

“Labor Day is traditionally a day that conjures up images of cookouts, extra time with our families and a day off of work. But it’s also a day to recognize the dignity of work and the people who do it — our teachers and construction workers, our firefighters and small business owners, our scientists and manufacturing workers.”

From the Keene Sentinel a message from Democratic Leader Ray Buckley. 

Labor Day has commemorated the contributions of America’s working men and women for over a century. But this year, working men and women are under attack, and remembering the meaning behind this day is more important than ever.

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