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CNN Allow Man Convicted Of Election Fraud To Spread Lies About Busloads Of Out-of-state Voters In NH

Screenshot from CNN video

There is a major problem in the 24 hour news media world.  They need to actually start reporting news and stop letting random people spew baseless accusations, and outright lies on cable television.

Take for example the recent CNN interview with Trump supporters.  The interview was intended to be about how Trump supporters feel about how Trump is doing now that he is President.  However, it did not go that way at all.

CNN explains the interview (VIDEO available at this link):

Despite President Donald Trump’s lack of evidence for his claim that millions of votes were cast illegally in last year’s election, some of his supporters are standing by the conspiracy theory.

A CNN “New Day” panel featured a handful of die-hard Trump backers to assess their views on his performance more than two months into his presidency.

One New Hampshire Trump voter, William Baer, said he saw “busloads of people” coming into New Hampshire to vote illegally. He did not provide specific details or evidence, but said he thought they were either undocumented immigrants or US citizens coming from other states.

When further pressed by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Baer said he can’t cite the busloads he’s seen and where he’s seen them, but said he saw them on television.

Josh Youssef, another New Hampshire voter on the panel, said he wouldn’t characterize it as “busloads and busloads” of people, but rather said he saw cars with out-of-state license plates full of people coming to vote, though he couldn’t provide any more details about them.

By allowing both of these men to outright lie about this, completely fabricated story of “busloads of people” from out of state voting in New Hampshire, on television just continues to provide validity to this outright lie.  The other thing that CNN either did not know, or forgot to mention, is that Josh Youssef was actually convicted of “election fraud” for his actions during the 2012 elections.

Miscellany Blue reported on this in 2013:

“The state determined that Youssef violated RSA 666:6 “by creating a blog that lead viewers to believe that it was in fact Ed Mosca’s blog or gave the false impression that Ed Mosca endorsed” his campaign.”

Lies like the magical busload of out of state voters is fueling the NH Legislature to push for new legislation like SB 3 that would strip people of their legal right to vote.

“Republican State Sen. Regina Birdsell, who represents Derry, Windham, and Hampstead, argued that voter law must be re-examined, especially strengthening residency requirements. “Our same-day registration laws have been opened up to the point that it’s basically a highway between Massachusetts and our polling places as far as I’m concerned,” Birdsell said.” (Eagle Tribune, December 4, 2016)

Granite State Progress, a New Hampshire based advocacy group,  is calling on Governor Chris Sununu and Republican State Senate and House leaders to stop feeding Trump and Birdsell’s claims of magic buses of voters by denouncing SB 3.

“Governor Sununu is enabling Trump to make these baseless claims, while Senate Republicans passed SB 3 based on this same damaging rhetoric even though Senate President Chuck Morse readily admits there is no problem. Politicians shouldn’t pass bills that jeopardize fundamental voting rights because of propaganda or the rants of sore losers,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress. “Sununu and Republican leaders in the Senate and House can prove they respect the integrity of New Hampshire’s elections by once and for all making it clear President Trump is off-base and that there is absolutely no wide-spread voter fraud here. Promoting SB 3 amounts to nothing more than feeding the hype and is a thinly veiled political attempt to target real Granite State voters who might vote differently than these politicians want.”

We all know that the only reason Republicans are pushing SB 3 and other voter suppression bills to make it harder for people to vote, lowering the overall vote count in the hopes of giving them an edge in elections.

We need our media outlets, like CNN, to spend less time talking with “so-called experts” and more time doing real investigative journalism. We need them to do more research on the people they are putting on screen and doing more to ensure their lies are not allowed to make it to air.

Sunday: CNN Spotlighting Union Struggle to Save the Middle Class

Oscar-nominated Film Maker Takes Viewers “Inside” the Life of LIUNA Worker

The final installment of Inside Man, airing this Sunday at 10 pm eastern on CNN, will focus on the real lives of those helping tow the line for America’s middle class. Supersize Me star Morgan Spurlock, the series host, will interview long-time construction organizer Chaz Rynkiewicz about some of the challenges facing organized labor across the country.

Morgan spent the work day with Chaz Rynkiewicz, Local 79 Director of Organizing, finishing up at a worker rally in the heart of the city. Along the way, the two talked about the impact of limiting union membership growth. Sunday’s installment also includes a discussion about the latest efforts in the state to renew the push for worker rights with leaders from “Build Up New York City” (BUNYC).

“We’re so grateful that CNN is reporting such an under-covered story about how the corporate war on worker rights threatens the future of America’s middle class,” LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan says. “We face a middle class crisis, in which LIUNA organizers, along with Build Up New York City, are working to make a real difference.”

Through the Mason Tenders District Council, LIUNA has been an early and strong supporter of BUNYC. The campaign is led by a coalition of labor unions dedicated to strengthening the middle class with safe jobs that offer fair wages, affordable health insurance and a secure retirement. Taking a variety of public awareness actions, the alliance promotes access to comprehensive training in order to prevent accidents and injuries at worksites. For more information, visit buildupnyc.org/about.

The Center for American Progress predicts that increasing union membership would result in higher average incomes for middle-class households, whose share of our nation’s income has declined in correlation to reduced union membership. Average non-union construction employees are only able to earn about 35 percent less than the average union workers, according to the Current Population Survey.


Best known for his Academy Award nominated Supersize Me film, Spurlock marks his return to TV as host and producer with this one hour series. Since its June premiere, Inside Man has delved into a variety of pressing issues, from elder care to gun ownership, now wrapping up with a finale that features the story of the America’s working men and women. So be sure to tune into CNN this Sunday at 10 pm eastern. For more information, visit insideman.blogs.cnn.com.

Related Ariticles:

Center for American Progress: Unions Are Necessary to Rebuilding Our Middle Class

LIUNA: Unions Offer Better Wages, Training and Benefits

The half-million members of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – are on the forefront of the construction industry, a powerhouse of workers who are proud to build America. For the latest news, check out our media kit here.

GOP to Voters: ‘We’re taking the ball and going home’

I'm taking my ball and going homeSay, what?!

The Associated Press is reporting that:

The Republican National Committee, responding to plans by two television networks for programs about Hillary Rodham Clinton, approved a resolution Friday to block CNN and NBC from hosting GOP presidential primary debates.

The unanimous vote affirmed RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’s threat against the networks if they went ahead with programs about Clinton, a possible Democratic presidential contender.

Let’s everybody stop, take a deep breath and count to 10 here.  It’s kind of embarrassing when one of our country’s two major political parties throws a temper tantrum:  “Do it MY WAY or I won’t play ball!”

It’s worth noting that this hoopla is about a television series that hasn’t even started filming yet.

And “Clinton herself has understandably not given her blessing to the show, which could easily end up focusing on things the former Secretary of State would rather not call attention to.”

And up until a few days ago, it looked like the series would be produced by Fox TV Studios (yes, Fox).

But RNC Chairman Reince Priebus didn’t want Clinton to have any additional airtime — positive or not.

So Fox pulled out of the project.  Then the RNC voted to block CNN and NBC.  And now it looks like the whole project is on hold.

The idea that one political party can dictate what gets aired on television should scare the heck out of all of us.  That’s not what America is about.  That’s not what democracy is about.

The ultimate good desired is better reached by free trade in ideas — that the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1919)

Think about the precedent that this is setting.  If the RNC has, in fact, succeeded in stopping this miniseries project, what’s next?  Will the GOP threaten to boycott any media outlet that runs stories about the taking-it-to-the-streets protests by fast food and retail workers?  Will the GOP threaten to boycott any media outlet that runs stories about how Obamacare is actually helping senior citizens?

Think about this, and then get really, really mad.  These days, most voters get their news from television.  What will happen to our democracy if one side succeeds in silencing the other?

On the playground, the threat to “take my ball and go home” only works if the other kids let the bully get his way.

Isn’t it a shame that NBC didn’t tell this particular “kid” to go ahead and go home?  It’s not like everybody in America wants to watch the Republicans in action, anyway.  During last year’s RNC Convention, the fourth episode of Honey Boo Boo topped the ratings.

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