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As Guinta Denies Climate Change, SIERRA CLUB Endorses Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

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Nation’s Largest Grassroots Conservation Organization Praises Shea-Porter’s Consistent Record of Protecting the Environment and Public Health 

Porstmouth, NH – Today, the New Hampshire Chapter of the Sierra Club announced its endorsement of Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter in the election for 1st New Hampshire Congressional District.

“Carol Shea-Porter has been a champion for the people of New Hampshire and the natural beauty we all love,” said Jim Allendinger. Strafford resident and Chapter Political Committee Co-Chair. “She has worked tirelessly to invest in renewable energy that would create jobs right here in New Hampshire while continuing the fight to ensure that our public lands and national treasures are safe from dangerous drilling practices. We are proud to endorse her in her bid for re-election.”

Representative Carol Shea-Porter’s role on the House Natural Resources Committee stands in sharp relief with the stances taken by her opponent Frank Guinta. Congresswoman Shea-Porter has voted for strong reforms in land conservation, stewardship of federal natural resources, the creation of clean energy jobs, and voted to protect national public treasures from dangerous gas and oil exploitation. Guinta has stated he’s for drastically cutting funds from environmental programs, voted to reduce funding to protect America’s endangered species and refuses to accept the science behind climate disruption.

In a Republican Primary debate Frank Guinta was asked if he believed in man made climate change, to which he responded flat out “no” (video here and below).

Frank Guinta relies on significant financial support from the oil-billionaire Koch brothers, who insist that Republican candidates deny the truth about climate change in order to advance their Big Oil agenda. But before he converted to singing the Koch brothers’ tune, he signed two climate change agreements during his time as Mayor of Manchester.

“The choice in this election couldn’t be clearer,” said Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. “Granite Staters have the opportunity to re-elect a visionary environmental leader in Rep. Carol Shea-Porter. As a co-sponsor of the bill which made our cars more fuel efficient, she’s saved consumers money while taking a big step to cut back on climate disruption causing carbon pollution. Her work protecting public lands from destructive drilling process while working to create more than 2 million new acres of wilderness and parks only serves to reinforce that John Muir’s legacy of environmental stewardship lives on today in the halls of Congress.”

“I am honored to once again earn the Sierra Club’s endorsement,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “As a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, I’ve been proud to  work to protect our land, air, and water, and to vote for a clean energy future.”

The Sierra Club Political Committee’s coordinated program, Victory Corps, has deployed Sierra Club staff and volunteers to 13 House and Senate races around the country. Victory Corps has targeted critical environmental and conservation champions fighting for re-election or working to represent their district in congress; including critical battleground fights like the New Hampshire 1st.

Oh, Ovide: Video from 2010 Contrasts Ovide’s “Agnostic” Views on Climate Change

Ovide Lamontagne tells Granite State Debate viewers he’s “agnostic” on climate change; Video from 2010 US Senate race says otherwise

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ovide Lamontagne has spent most of his campaign trying to hide his extreme record as a tobacco lobbyist, deny his support to block grant Medicare and put our seniors at risk, and downplay his position of putting politicians between a woman and her doctor. Tonight he added climate change denial to his long list of shifting and hidden policies. 1

Ovide told Granite State Debate viewers that he’s “agnostic” on whether climate change exists. Granite State Progress released a video tonight entitled “Ovide Lamontagne: Climate Change Denier” showing the candidate at an August 2010 US Senate Primary debate expressing strong opinions on the matter.

Ovide Lamontagne: Climate Change Denier


Transcript: Debate moderator Nancy Stiles: “Ovide, do you believe that man-made global warming has been proven without a doubt?” Ovide Lamontagne: “No.”


“Ovide has spent most of his campaign trying to hide his extreme record as a tobacco lobbyist despite public evidence to the contrary, deny his desire to block grant Medicare and put our seniors at risk even though it’s on his own website, and downplay his position of putting politicians between a woman and her doctor while receiving endorsements from groups that support that very position,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Director of Granite State Progress. “Tonight he added running from his own record as a climate change denier. Ovide also tried to tell voters that he doesn’t support teaching creationism at the same time he said he would allow creationism to be taught in public schools. Ovide Lamontagne is fast becoming a Mitt Romney flip-flopper replica in his constant quest for higher office.”

“Ovide Lamontagne’s extreme policies would take New Hampshire in a radically different direction.”


1 The Lobby NH 10/18/2012; New England College Debate 10/4/2012; Ovide 2012, http://www.ovide2012.com/news/entry/new-hampshire-needs-to-invest-in-its-own-exceptionalism; Keene Sentinel 10/22/2012

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