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ICYMI: New NEC Poll Shows Kuster Ahead By Six

New England College released new polling today showing Annie Kuster leading New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District race by six points:

In New Hampshire’s second district, the poll shows signs of a potential change.  Incumbent Charlie Bass trails democratic challenger Annie Kuster.  The NEC poll of 511 respondents indicates Kuster has 47% support, with Congressman Bass collecting 41% support. 1% of those polled chose another candidate and 11% say they remain undecided.  The margin of error in the second district poll is 4.33%.

“Although the number of undecided voters remains high going into the campaign’s final weekend, this poll shows Annie Kuster is in a strong position to win the race over Congressman Bass,” says Tafoya.  “With the enthusiasm we see among democrats and among women, and given the lead Kuster has among independents, this poll shows it will be tough for Congressman Bass to be re-elected next week.”

Full article is available here.


The Kuster campaign today released its eighth ad of the general election campaign.

The new ad, “Priorities,” underscores Annie’s commitment to putting politics aside to do what’s right for hardworking middle class families in New Hampshire.

The ad specifically highlights Annie’s support for freezing Congressional pay until the budget is balanced, giving tax breaks to middle class families, and eliminating tax breaks for big oil and gas companies.

The full script of the ad is below and the ad can be viewed HERE.


KUSTER: Middle class families are really struggling. You know, this economy has been tough for everyone.  Congress is living by their own set of rules that’s totally different than what we deal with everyday in our own families.  My position is: freeze the pay of members of Congress until they produce a balanced budget.  Tax breaks to middle class families, not tax cuts to big oil and gas companies.  My priorities are the families right here in New Hampshire.  I’m Annie Kuster, and I approve this message.


Remember What Happened after Katrina

Remember this mobile billboard, used in protests after Hurricane Katrina?

Grover Norquist and his allies are still trying to “shrink government.”

  • Ovide LaMontagne wants to “shrink government.”
  • House Speaker William O’Brien wants to “shrink government.”
  • Charlie Bass wants to “shrink government.”
  • Frank Guinta wants to “shrink government.”
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to “shrink government.”

But where would we be now – a year after Hurricane Irene – without a government that could repair roads and replace bridges?

How long would it have taken to get electricity restored, after Irene, without all the state employees and municipal workers who worked 12-hour shifts every single day for weeks, to get the roads open so the linemen could do their jobs?

Those residents trapped by the rising Saco River – what might have happened to them, if there had been no emergency workers to rescue them?

Our government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

When President Lincoln was speaking at Gettysburg, he wasn’t talking about just the top 1%.  He wasn’t talking about the 53% of people that Mitt Romney believes are worthy of his attention.  (Remember the $50,000-a-head fundraiser video?  The full transcript is available here.)

President Lincoln was talking about all the people.  A government for all the people.

That’s your choice, this election year.  Candidates who want to “shrink government” versus candidates who –like President Lincoln – believe in a government for all people.

As Hurricane Sandy’s winds swirl across the eastern United States, think about the difference between our government’s response to Hurricane Katrina and to Hurricane Irene.

Think about what type of government you want to have, the next time a hurricane hits.


Photo by Rob Goodspeed



NHLN Election News: Kuster Wraps Up “Standing Up For Seniors” Tour

CONCORD, N.H. – As Congressional candidate Annie Kuster wraps up her district-wide “Standing Up For Seniors” tour, the Kuster campaign today released a list of more than 200 seniors supporting Annie’s candidacy in the Second District.

The list includes senior supporters from Nashua and Windham to Bath and Jaffery, highlighting Annie’s strong support among Granite State seniors who know that Annie will protect the Medicare and Social Security benefits they’ve spent their lives earning.

“I paid into Medicare all my working life, and now as a senior I rely on it for my healthcare,” said Cynthia Chase, a State Representative from Keene. “I’m supporting Annie because she has a plan to protect Medicare, and I know that if she says she’s going to do something, she’ll get it done.”

Charlie Balban, President of the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans, added, “Ann McLane Kuster’s strong commitment to protect Medicare from privatization and benefit cuts demonstrates her commitment to improving the quality of life for older Americans. Her stances on providing more affordable health care for older Americans, as well as strengthening retirement and pension security make her a candidate our members can get behind.”

Jane Brickett of Lancaster noted, “I have voted for Congressmen Bass six times but I just cannot support someone who repeatedly votes to end Medicare as we know it. That’s not how we treat people in New Hampshire. I know that Annie will protect Medicare and Social Security for seniors like me and my children and grandchildren. That’s why she has my vote in November.”

On the final day of her district-wide “Standing Up For Seniors” tour, Annie Kuster said, “I am grateful to have the support of seniors all across New Hampshire who recognize how high the stakes are in this election. Congressman Bass has consistently supported a budget that would end Medicare’s guaranteed benefits and force seniors to pay thousands more out of pocket each year. Instead of asking seniors to pay more so millionaires can pay less, I will protect and strengthen Medicare so that seniors and future generations will have reliable health care.”

This week, Kuster held events with seniors in Nashua, Salem, Concord, and Peterborough.

Ann Kusters Tells Attendees “WE BUILT THAT”

The Second Congressional District in New Hampshire has been a highly contested district  over the last few elections.  Congressman Charlie Bass has been in and out of Congress a few times and once again faces Ann Kuster for the CD2 seat.

Ann Kuster and NH Letter Carriers from the Union Night at the Fishercats

Ann Kuster narrowly lost the 2010 election by 3,500 votes.  Speaking at the NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast, Annie Kuster started off by thanking the unions and their leaders who helped her campaign in 2010, and are still helping today.  Kuster said, “I want to thank my good friend Dave Lang (President of the Professional Firefighters of NH) for taking a chance on me three years ago, and Joe Casey (President of the NH Building Trades Council), the Building Trades Rock”.   Kuster continued, “We build that, we build  America together”.

Kuster made reference to here current campaign ads (http://youtu.be/HwarEHeIJQk, and http://youtu.be/BpylpJIx1UY) and revealed that the next ad will feature American Postal Workers Union Legislative Coordinator Janice Kelble.

“We are going to fight for the middle class and we are going to fight for the values we share” said Kuster.  She reminded everyone that she only lost the CD2 seat by “3551 votes”.

“If everyone here gets 20 votes we take back that seat, and we win Carol’s seat, we take back the US House of Representatives, and we re-elect President Barack Obama”.

Watch the entire 2 minute speech by Ann Kuster below.
(view on youtube http://youtu.be/jtXqLvv3-gA)

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