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Through Rain, Sleet, and Snow The Mail Must Go Through, So Why Is Congress Trying To Destroy The USPS?

Letter Carrier in the Snow (image by Mark Turnauckas FLIKR)

(image by Mark Turnauckas FLIKR)

As Letter Carriers put their health and safety at risk each day in this especially brutal winter we can take solace in the fact we have enabled the Postal Service to  continue its financial turnaround. 2015 Fiscal Year Quarter 1 reports released Friday confirmed what all Letter Carriers know our business is booming . All types of letter mail continue to grow and parcel delivery is skyrocketing allowing the USPS to make a $1.1 Billion operating profit just this quarter. This will be the third consecutive year with a sizeable operational profit.

As Letter Carriers walk house to house in blustery winds on treacherous snow and ice to deliver America its mail many in Congress sit in their warm offices saying they have to reform or dismantle the worlds best Postal Service. They don’t consider Clerks and Mail Handlers driving in snowstorms through the middle of the night to move the mail.  Their anti government ideology blinds them as they ignore the facts. Those people could not do a Letter Carriers job for a day especially in this hell of a winter. As a news commentator stated this week ” the only vehicles on the road were Plows, Police and Postal Trucks”

They want to sell off the USPS as there is profit to be made by the wealthy in their climate controlled boardrooms.  Anti government zealots use Fed Ex and UPS as examples of what the USPS should become. They fail to mention both Fed Ex and UPS have increased prices 5-10% this year and still charge fuel surcharges even though gasoline prices have plummeted.

While politicians are cashing their campaign contributions from Fed Ex and UPS they also seem to disregard the fact that the Postal Service delivers to every address in America every day. Those private companies often  drop off their unprofitable and difficult deliveries at the nearby post office to have a USPS Letter Carrier deliver the last mile.

Instead of looking at “fixing” the Postal Service these financial statements should send Congress searching into ways that other segments of the U.S. economy can emulate what the Postal Service exceptionally well. The USPS is a  highly unionized and diverse work force  providing an essential service to hundreds of millions of people regardless of their economic status. The Postal Service provides a public service through harsh weather conditions and turns a billion dollar profit.


(Image by Rebecca Flickr CC)

(Image by Rebecca Flickr CC)

If Congress wants to truly wants to represent its constituents it would vote to rescind the unprecedented $5.5 Billion annual retiree prepayment obligation that  the USPS is expected to pay for future retirees . That alone would allow the Postal Service to accelerate this already impressive turnaround. Debating outdated ideas like cutting back mail delivery do not advance the best interest of the American Public.

This brutal winter has shown again the employees of the USPS are remarkable. Without  $1 of taxpayer money the USPS delivers an essential service to every address in America every day and turns a substantial profit.

WMUR TV Fabricates A Story Promoting Scott Brown, Attacking Billy Shaheen

Say goodbye to news coverage with integrity on WMUR TV.

Many NHLN readers already think WMUR TV has been biased toward Republican candidates and causes for years – but they have reached a new low.

This past weekend, WMUR TV decided to try to gain some ratings points by completely misrepresenting a quote from Senate candidate Scott Brown. Instead of just bending the facts to make a mediocre story more appealing, WMUR completely twisted them to build a news angle that didn’t actually exist.

Here’s what really happened: Last Wednesday, Scott Brown visited the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. He met many voters, both supporters and opponents, as you would expect in any public campaign stop. Among the people he met was Manchester resident Wayne Alterisio. Wayne is a popular figure in the city and is the NH State Association of Letter Carrier State President.  Wayne and I have been friends for decades.

I don’t remember when I first told Wayne that Scott Brown and I went to high school together in Wakefield, MA. Actually, Scott and I were pretty good friends until Scott went off to college. We sort of lost touch after that. However, Wayne never forgot that Scott and I had once been good friends.

Last Wednesday, while Wayne was eating his breakfast in the Red Arrow Diner, Scott Brown walked in and they engaged in a conversation.

As Wayne told me later, Wayne greeted the candidate cordially, “Hi Senator Brown … I know a very good friend of yours, Bill Brickley.Wayne and Senator Brown then had a discussion on the Minimum Wage as that is a significant issue for many working class families.  As Senator Brown was ending their conversation, Brown said, “Say hi to Billy for me.

WMUR did not have their own camera crew following Senator Brown, so who knows where they got their information about what was said that day. But incredibly, in their coverage of the Red Arrow Diner visit, WMUR cited Senator Brown’s “Say hi to Billy” comment as a reference to Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s husband, William “Billy” Shaheen.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of people in New Hampshire named “Billy.” So what reason would WMUR TV have, to think that Senator Brown’s “Say Hi to Billy” comment referred to Senator Shaheen’s husband?

WMUR then built an entire segment around the comment. WMUR Political Director Josh McElveen was the reporter (or should I say creator?) of the story, making it even more egregious. The almost 3 minute piece has been widely circulated, both when it was originally shown and then when it was highlighted on weekend news recaps.

The only thing worse than a fake news story is a widespread fake news story.

WMUR did not see that the real new story in the conversation between Wayne and Senator Brown was growing income inequality and the stagnant Minimum Wage.

Evidently there isn’t much appetite for that. Instead, WMUR took a one-sentence remembrance, completely out of context, and pushed it to attack Senator Shaheen and her husband Billy.

It’s easy to connect this pro-Scott Brown coverage to the $74,545 that the Scott Brown campaign has paid WMUR this week for just one particular ad that is to be shown 148 times. I would imagine this saturation is already conveying Senator Brown’s message sufficiently. Feeling the need to manufacture fake anti-Shaheen “news” angles seems to me to hint at overkill.

Incidentally, WMUR is in a bitter dispute with its own 13 IBEW photographers, as the company continues to deny them pension benefits that are afforded to other WMUR employees. Since 2005, these 13 union employees have been singled out and denied pension benefits. This is unconscionable when you consider the fact that WMUR parent corporation Hearst has made $10 billion in revenue. They are the only 13 employees at the station denied these benefits.   This may be the reason that WMUR had to rely on a NECN video crew to get a news feed of Senator Brown’s Red Arrow visit that took place one mile from WMUR studios.

WMUR TV owes an apology for this fabrication.

The first victim of this malicious lie is NH Letter Carrier State President Wayne Alterisio. Wayne was falsely accused of being there on the instruction of Billy Shaheen. Wayne should be commended for being cordial to Senator Brown and for bringing up the minimum wage issue. Minimum Wage is directly related to the income inequality that has become one of our nation’s biggest problems. Though they disagreed on that subject, it was a respectful conversation.

Also due an apology is the campaign of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. She had absolutely nothing to do with Wayne choosing to have breakfast at the Red Arrow.

The biggest apology should go to the viewers and advertisers of WMUR.  Though the station portrays itself as a credible news organization, the actions related to this story show otherwise. Viewers and advertisers expect WMUR to report the news factually – and not act like tabloid journalism by completely fabricating news.  This wasn’t an accident or a typo. This was clear fabrication and WMUR TV must be held responsible.

The USPS Teams Up With Staples: Taking Good Union Jobs And Turing Them Into Part-Time, Low Wage Jobs

Image by Nicholas Eckhart Flikr

Image by Nicholas Eckhart Flikr

The US MAIL IS NOT FOR SALE. The manufactured crisis that is being used to destroy the postal service is taking a new turn this spring. As ongoing efforts to eliminate Saturday mail delivery have come to a standstill in our deadlocked Congress. The USPS is moving forward with a plan to place postal counters, without postal employees in 8o Staples stores. In time they want to expand this misguided plan to over 1500 stores nationwide.

These Staples stores will be manned strictly by non-union Staples employees. This is the right-wing dream scenario of turning thousands of solid middle class union jobs into part-time/low wage jobs. Would you rather have a trusted postal worker, who is sworn to protect the mail,  handling your transaction or would you rather roll the dice on the credibility of a  low wage staples worker?  Its one step closer to dismantling the worlds best Postal Service, and one more affront on the war on workers.

The Postal Service is kicking the door open to privatize retail operations,” APWU President Mark Dimondstein said. Staples is not a Mom-and-Pop operation, he pointed out, and, “If we don’t stop this program, we will soon get a letter from the Postal Service telling us management plans to contract out all of retail,”

A few weeks ago Staples announced its planning to close over 200 stores nationwide. This news did not deter USPS plans to pursue this contracting out program. This proves, more than ever,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein, “that it’s a bad idea to turn public services over to a private company that can close stores at will, with no public input and no public comment.

It’s easy to envision a scenario where a local post office is closed and its services placed in a nearby Staples store. Then without warning that Staples closes. Why would the Postal Service theoretically place its customers in that dire situation?

Instead of pursuing this misguided union busting partnership with Staples the USPS would be better off by working with Congress to provide banking services at the local Post Office. This would provide a valuable public service for millions of Americans, while at the same time providing a new revenue stream for the USPS.

There is a growing need for a postal banking system. With over 25% of the American public without bank accounts the demand is abundant. Currently they are being forced to pay exorbitant fees to non traditional banking services just to accomplish routine banking tasks.  These 68  million “unbanked” citizens paid over $89 billion in fees and interest in 2012, on average 10% of their income. The USPS is the only entity positioned in a way to provide these services.

The situation is especially acute in economically disadvantaged areas where banks have moved out leaving behind these shady businesses that profit off the misery of the poor. It is quite clear that establishing postal banking services is an idea whose time has come.

It’s not surprising to see in a country that is obsessed with money and power, that Congress would not take action on any legislation, like postal banking, that would help mitigate the exploitation of those in difficult economic situations.  Power rules in DC the marginalized are always further marginalized.

At a time when the USPS is making an operational profit you would expect them to look to build on that success. Instead, astonishingly,  they are looking at ways to dismantle the most efficient and popular agency of the US Government. The time is now to get involved and stop the next step of the sell off.

Please take part in the National Day of Action and join us at the  STOP STAPLES PROTEST – Thursday April 24th at the Staples on Ft Eddy Rd in  Concord from 4-6 PM


Congressman Darrell Issa Still Wants To Gut The USPS And ‘Applauds’ The Destruction of CANADA POST

Congressman ISSA (photo credit Congressman Issa on Flickr)Congressman Darrell Issa continues to astound informed observers of the Postal Service with his misguided comments. Mr Issa “applauded” Canada Post for planning to” phase out expensive to the door delivery “of mail over five years.  He seemed to have no problem equating the US Postal Service with Canada Post. Not taking into consideration that Canada Post lost over a hundred million dollars this year delivering mail while the US Postal Service had an operational profit of $600 million.

Mr Issa also seemed to neglect to mention the fact that Canada Post was raising rates from 63 cents to 85 cents for letter mail. Imagine his reaction if the USPS wanted to raise rates by over 30%.  Most likely his  Government Oversight Committee would hold special hearings around the clock.

Also this “modernization” enabled Canada to become the first G7 country to eliminate home delivery of mail. Being a public servant you would expect Mr Issa to value service to the public not be “applauding” dramatic regression of services.

Mr Issa gushed “The Canadian Government is supportive of its (Canada Post) decision to modernize.” Modernize?  The US Postal Service is the best Postal Service in the world. There is no disputing that. USPS boasts the lowest rates in the world without a penny of tax payer money while delivering over 40% of the world mail.  US Mail is delivered with reliability and a level of public trust that is the envy of other Postal Services and businesses worldwide.

If Mr Issa  wants to look at Canada and find ways for our country to “Modernize” maybe he should look at their very popular and efficient National Health Care System.

Mr Issa seems absurdly focused at working to decimate the Postal Service. I am hopeful that the over $40,000 he gets from Postal Service rival UPS is not a higher priority than the needs of the millions of people who rely on daily delivery of their mail.

Mr Issa, should be applauding his own countries Postal Service rather than working to decimate it.




Is The Congressional Budget Committee Really Out To Destroy The Post Office?

United States Postal Service fleet; U.S.A.Some on the Congressional Budget Committee seem to be misguided on what their task is by seriously considering a proposal to eliminate Saturday mail delivery. The Postal Service has reported an operating profit of $600 Million for Fiscal Year 2013. Its first profit since 2008. Parcel revenue soared to an all time record high of $12.5 Billion. Increasing 8% over last year. So you would think that this is a time to increase service not to decrease it. The USPS is growing to the point that some parts of the country have instituted a limited 7 day’s a week parcel service. Its time to grow the service not shrink it.

This week the Congressional Budget Committee is considering sneaking in a poison pill that would in all probability kill the Postal Service over time and eliminate thousands of jobs immediately. This Budget Committee was set up to mitigate the harmful effects of the Federal Shutdown and sequestration on jobs and public services.   Instead  incredibly they are  exacerbating the problem on both fronts by reducing arguably the most popular and effective part of the Federal Government.

Letter Carrier US Postal Service Though the Postal Service makes an operating profit it is under constant attack by some members of Congress because it provides a popular government service delivered by unionized workers. Government Services and unions are the top targets of the privation zeal of the right-wing. Ideology trumps common sense with these politicians. Somehow they never mention that the worlds best Postal Service does not use ONE CENT of tax payer money

This committee is also attacking the entire Federal workforce by taking $20 billion out of government workers paychecks by increasing workers share of retirement costs.

These same members of this budget committee seem to have no issues with spending billions of dollars every year on a F-35 fighter jet program that literally can’t get off the ground. Yet seem hell-bent on reducing a cost neutral public service that unites our entire country.

The Postal Service financial report is only made gloomy due to an unprecedented retiree health care mandate. The mandate requires the Postal Service to fully fund retiree health care benefits decades in advance, was responsible of 100% of FY 2013 losses and 80% of losses implemented in 2007. This mandate has manufactured a postal crisis that is being used by some politicians to dismantle it.

Apparently the elimination of Saturday delivery will be tied to a trigger that can easily be manipulated by congress and result in disaster for millions of Americans who rely on the Postal Service. These same phony triggers were included in Michigan’s notorious anti union legislation Public Act 4. That destructive law was fortunately repealed by voters last month. We must prevent this Budget Committee from making a similar mistake.

Congress expects to unveil its 2014 budget plan on Friday so the time is short to let members of congress know that eliminating Saturday mail delivery is not an option that makes economic sense. It’s a false choice that the Postal Service must shrink to survive.


Senator Carper introduces legislation to virtually end the USPS

Democratic Senator Tom Carper has moved the Postal Service one big step closer to extinction this weekend by introducing his new Postal Reform Act S 1486. Mr Carper a long time ally of wealthy corporate interests intends to drive the stake into the heart of the worlds best Postal Service. His bill on many levels closely resembles Congressman Issa’s HR 2748 which passed out of a House committee 10 days ago on a party line vote, with only GOP support.

Carper’s S 1486 will allow the elimination of Saturday delivery in just one year. That itself will put the USPS in a death spiral. Cutting service is clearly not the way to compete in a 21st economy. Cutting 16% of the USPS services to save at most 3% of the budget doesn’t seem to be a rational strategy. Saving any money itself is in question as studies have shown that losing Saturday delivery would reduce mail volume by 7.7% that itself would result in a revenue loss of $5.3 Billion far exceeding the money projected to be saved by cutting a day of delivery.

Other aspects of this bill that would harm the American public is that this bill requires the Postal Service to change your mode of delivery to the deivery mode “that is most cost – effective and in the best long-term interest of the Postal Service” This may save the Postal Service some delivery time but to force elderly people into a situation where it will be difficult for them to retrieve their mail in the harsh winter or sweltering summer is not a matter that a civilized society should put a price on.

This Senate bill also removes safeguards for rural customers that have been in place to guarantee them reasonable access to a post office. There will be no limit on how far you must travel to get to your “local” post office. I guess for Mr Carper being a Senator from Delaware that issue does not resonate with him.

S 1486  makes it easy for the Postal Service to sell historic buildings. This was previously forbidden in past postal reform bills. As we all know the conservatives love the idea of selling off Postal Service assets, it is a long-held dream of the right wing. Key Romney advisor Kevin Hassett outlines the plan: “The Postal Service owns or operates 33,000 facilities nationwide, and owns 219,000 vehicles. If we were to auction it off to private investors, the bids would likely be enormous. FedEx and UPS, for example, have a combined market capitalization of almost $100 billion. Given that, how much might a private bidder offer for the right to start a business with the Postal Service’s footprint? The $100 billion mark might be a good first guess” At least they are not hiding their motives.

S 1486 in tandem with HR 2748 if enacted will seem to put an end to a great American institution for purely ideological reasons. The wealthy could never allow a highly unionized and efficient government institution ( USPS does not use a dime of tax money) like the Postal Service be allowed to thrive. In 2006 Bush inserted a poison pill requiring the USPS to prefund retiree health care costs 75 years into the future over a 10 year period. This resulted in this manufactured crisis that corporate owned politicians seem more than happy to capitalize on to increase profits for their wealthy campaign contributors.

The only losers are ordinary American people whose very popular postal service, with an 83% approval rating, has to be dismantled to be “saved”.


NHLN  Note:
Read the Union Response to this proposed legislation.
Read the LTE in response to this post.

This Elections Is Too Important To Be A Bystander

In 4 weeks and 6 days we have an election that will be critical to the future of the Labor Movement. What are you doing to help Union friendly candidates get elected?

This is too important to become a bystander. The union busting GOP  are counting on you to be disillusioned with President Obama and politics in general. They have been using that strategy since gaining control of Congress in 2010. Mitch McConnell Republican leader in the Senate stated in October 2010 “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one term president”

The Republican strategy of government gridlock has had disastrous consequences for our country. Last summer we had the Republican manufactured debt ceiling controversy. Republicans never seemed to mention their icon Ronald Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times during his presidency. Instead they blamed it all on Obama in an arrogant political maneuver. This resulted in the United States form of government to be a laughingstock to the rest of the world. It lowered the US credit rating and more perilously have placed this country near a fiscal cliff with  possible  sequestration in January 2013.

The Republican party has blocked every jobs bill the past two years. In the Senate they have used the filibuster to stymie debate every time jobs legislation is introduced. They then run on the jobs issue.  It’s maddening and they use this type of strategy to not only hurt Obama but to reinforce their message that government can not accomplish anything and especially not  create jobs. This constant anti government mantra has a demoralizing effect on the electorate. They are convinced that the electorate will be  so disengaged they can get  away with anything and sell day for night. How can this type of politics not get you enraged?

This extreme anti union wing of the Republican Party has been bashing unions every chance they get. They want public sector unions to lose the right to collectively bargain. They are pushing for a National  Right to Work for Less bill. They plain and simple hate unions. So how the hell can this be an election where you don’t get involved?

Many in our Labor Movement are angry that the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) was never introduced. It seemed that it would have been a top priority for this administration but in the few months that they had a super majority in the Senate it was never acted upon. This is a reason many in the Labor movement didn’t get active in the mid term elections and look what chaos and hardship that has brought. Lets be real here. Sitting on our the sideline  watching Republicans getting elected is going to do us more harm than the benefits EFCA would have brought us.

Get involved in any way you are comfortable with. Write postcards, knock on doors, spread the word to your work or social network, hold signs at a visibility or make phone calls. The AFL-CIO has a very effective LABOR 2012 program if you are interested give them a call at 603-623-7302.  The time is now





A Vote For Carol Shea-Porter Is A Vote To Save The America’s Postal Service

We all know that the fate of the Postal Service resides in the hands of Congress. The manner in which Postal Reform is crafted will shape our future. Everything from our current job structure to our retirement is on the table. The stakes have never been higher for employees of the Postal Service.

The Republican controlled House of Representatives addressed postal Reform in the form of HR 2309. Also called the Postal Reform Act of 2011 that was introduced by Daryl Issa, (R-CA). This bill would basically destroy the Postal Service it’s that simple. It would create a commission that would eliminate tens of thousands of post offices and other facilities and the jobs that go with them. Incredulously it would create a five-person commission. This solvency authority has the power to nullify any existing collective bargaining agreement and “reject, modify or terminate” any clause of a labor contract in the name of cost savings.

So rather than addressing the 50-75 Billion dollars that the USPS has overpaid into the Civil Service Retirement Fund this bill takes its aim right at our pay, our benefits, our retirement, and our survival. This draconian bill only has 2 co-sponsors; obviously it’s an extreme piece of legislation that was crafted by the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee amazingly passed HR 2309 out of committee by a 22-18 vote. As I write this it has yet to come to the full House of Representatives for a vote. You ask who the hell would support such anti- worker legislation. New Hampshire’s own Frank Guinta is on that committee and he supports this bill. He called it “vital legislation”. (Seriously he really did). He also called it “the only serious proposal to save the postal service” in a letter in which he sent me, and I am sure many of you who contacted him on Postal issues received a similar letter.

Mr. Guinta is running against Carol Shea Porter. Carol is a long time friend of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service. What follows is Shea Porters view of the current situation the USPS is in:

However, the U.S. Postal Service is now in desperate trouble. It doesn’t receive taxpayer money, and has been running large deficits since 2007. Something must be done to preserve the world’s greatest postal system, and proposals are in Congress right now. Can the post office be saved? Yes. Should it be? Absolutely! As the ad on TV says, Congress created the problem and they can fix it.
How did the U.S. Postal Service get into this mess? The Recession, which hurt businesses and decreased the volume of mail, certainly hurt, but that is temporary, and it is not the biggest reason for the red ink. Some blame the internet, but the internet has also created business for the post office because people order online and because the Post Office transports mail for what they call “the last mile” for private carriers. The biggest problem is the law that Congress passed in 2006, forcing the U.S. Postal Service to pre-fund their future retiree health benefits 75 years in advance. No other public agency is required to do that, and private industry does not have that standard either.
If the U.S. Postal Service were not required to do that, they would have made a modest profit over the past four years, despite the Recession and other challenges. But because of this unreasonable law, the profits have been eaten up, and the Postal Service management has been hacking away at our postal system to save money. They need to remember that there is a 1.3 trillion-dollar mailing industry that supports around 8 million private-sector jobs and relies on a great postal service. Of course the Postal Service should work to update its current business model, but they should not end Saturday delivery, which hurts businesses who rely on quick package delivery, and people who need fast prescription delivery. The six-day delivery keeps the Postal Service competitive and convenient.

Clearly Carol Shea Porter understands the plight of the USPS and how we got to this point. Plus she appreciates what must be done to ensure our long-term viability.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was done with Postal Employees yet. After voting to pretty much eliminate our collective bargaining rights in HR 2309 they attacked our retirement plan with HR 3813. This bill would increase our contributions but decrease our benefits. It would also eliminate the supplemental annuity provision, which augments benefits for employees who retire before they are eligible for Social Security benefits at age 62. Mr. Guinta voted this bill out of committee also. Guinta doesn’t want to just take away our rights and reduce or pay while we are working but also reduce and eliminate our benefits when we retire. Interestingly HR 2309 has a provision where retirement age carriers would be forced into retirement, and then combine that with HR 3813 and its obvious how My Guinta feels about us.

Carol Shea Porter clearly is on the side of ordinary working people and always has been. She was a shining example of how politicians should act during her four years in Congress. The election is now just 10 weeks away and we have much work to do. Though Mr. Guinta has an abysmal voting record he does have the Koch Brothers and many wealthy corporate types on his side. We are going to have to work to show NH voters the truth behind his ads.

Frank Guinta already voted to eliminate our jobs. Now is the time for us to vote to eliminate his job.

Frank Gunita Could Help To Save The USPS But Isn’t: By Bill Brickley

In a different political climate Postal Reform legislation would make its way seamlessly through Congress and be quietly signed into law by the President. Postal legislation has long been a bi partisan issue. That political climate no longer exists mainly because the GOP (Guardians Of the Powerful) are focused on grinding government to a halt and manufacturing controversies to divert voters short attention span. The Senate has passed a flawed Postal Reform bill S1789 and it’s now time for the House of Representatives to act. The problem is postal reform legislation is currently stalled in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The full House has not taken any action on postal reform as Congressman Darrell Issa the head of this very powerful Committee has thwarted any postal legislation other than his draconian HR 2309, that has 2 cosponsors.  Last November his bill passed out of the Committee with only GOP support 22-18.   HR 2309 does not address the pre funding mandate issue instead it exploits the manufactured crisis for advancing an ideological anti worker agenda.

HR2309 would create a non-elected five-person panel that would oversee the closure of thousands of post offices and other facilities. This would result in the loss of thousands of middle class jobs. It would also eliminate Saturday mail delivery within 6 months of passage. Which would compound the USPS financial situation, as it would reduce 4% of USPS costs while losing 17% of postal revenue.  Plus to make this bill even worse it mandates 75% of door to door delivery be consolidated at central delivery points in 2 years and 90% in four years. Imagine the elderly walking to the end of the street to get their mail. It would effectively destroy the USPS.

While at the same time a bi partisan and sensible postal reform bill HR1351 has 229 co sponsors! (Including NH-2 Charlie Bass) lies dormant. Not even being brought up for a vote by the committee. HR 1351 would set the wheels in motion to put the USPS on long-term financial stability.

The GOP members of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee have been the beneficiary of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars from the billionaire conservative Koch Brothers (more info). It could be argued they have bought Issa’s committee as well as Issa himself, who has become the wealthiest politician in America.

This brings us to New Hampshire’s own Frank Guinta who sits on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee and has benefited from the Koch Brothers in an extreme way. Not only did the Koch brothers give Guinta a contribution of $5000 during his 2010 campaign but also their PAC Americans for Prosperity spent over $72,000 attacking Carol Shea Porter during her race with Guinta.  Carol was one of only two members of congress that did not accept corporate PAC or DC Lobby money and was unable to rebuke all the misleading attacks. Those relentless attack ads swayed enough information challenged voters to allow Mr. Guinta to win a seat in congress. Koch Brothers bought and control a seat in congress that was supposed to represent the people of NH Congressional District 1.

The US Postal Service has an 83% favorable rating according to the Pew Research Center, easily the highest among government agencies. This week Gallup released a poll that places Congress at a 17% favorable rating. Appropriately mirror images! While the USPS binds the nation together the Guardians Of the Powerful in Congress want to tear the government apart so the wealthy elite can exploit workers with impunity.

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