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United Auto Workers Rally Against Mitt Romney and His Lies About The Auto Industry

Today workers from multiple unions gathered around Sen Jeanne Shaheen, Sen John Kerry, and UAW President Bob King to talk about why we need re-elect Barack Obama. Many of the workers were United Auto Workers (UAW) whose jobs were saved by the ‘auto industry bailout’.  That stimulus money helped more that “23,000 jobs here in the Granite State”.  Sen Shaheen continued to  say that the auto rescue has let to a “17% increase in car sales here in NH”.    When people are buying new cars this means that workers are getting paid and that money continues to spread throughout our towns and communities. Second to speak is long time friend of NH, Sen John Kerry. He talked about portraying Mitt Romney in the debate practice with President Obama.  Sen Kerry even jested that he became so good at being Mitt Romney that he even “closed a couple of factories, sent the jobs overseas, and then left the debate practices with his dog strapped to the roof of his car”. Sen Kerry continued by saying “Mitt Romney is not telling the truth“.  The lie that is being spread around in states like Ohio is that Jeep is going to move it production facilities overseas.  Sen Kerry stated “the head of the company (Jeep) has told him that he is not telling the truth”. Mitt Romney is continuing to lie his way into office.  Making statements are false or misleading.  He commonly refers to his record as Governor of Massachusetts.  Sen Kerry tells the truth about a Romney Massachusetts.  Currently Romney is loosing Massachusetts by 20 points.  Sen Kerry asked “what does it tell you that the man who governed our state can’t win his own state?”  Kerry continued, “the people who know him the best, trust him the least“. Here are some of Romney’s shining moments as Governor by Sen Kerry

  • He lost 45,000 manufacturing jobs
  • He left a 1 billion dollar deficit
  • Raised 700 million dollars in taxes and fees on the middle class while he gave 278 of the wealthiest families a “great big tax cut”
  • He cut education and turned his back on infrastructure investments

Rounding out ‘the big three’ of the event was UAW President Bob King.  President King praised President Obama for making the tough decision to bail out the auto industry.  President Obama understood there were more than 1 million jobs at risk. King quickly shifted on to Mitt Romney.  Going right at him for being a ‘flip-flopper’, by reminding every one of Romney’s famous “let Detroit go bankrupt”.  In the last debate Romney is claiming he “would not have done anything to hurt the auto industry”.  King explained that what Mitt Romney is doing in Ohio is hurting the auto industry.  “Romney is trying to use fear” to win this election.  King explained that twice Chrysler, the Jeep parent company, corrected Mitt Romney for his inaccurate statements. What was Mitt Romney’s response to the CEO of Chrysler calling him a liar? “He doubled down on the lie”.  King explained that in Ohio they double the advertising on the ‘lie’ and even had robo-calls to workers.  Romney’s lies are hurting the American Auto Industry brand, which lowers sales and in turn hurts workers and those connected to the auto industry. While Romney was saying no to all those auto loans, King asked, “do you know who personally benefited the most from the Delphi loans. Who can in with the vulture capitalist?”    Mitt Romney! “Romney made at least $15 Million and maybe $115 million dollars by moving jobs to China, taking pensions away from workers.  This guy has not created jobs in America. This guy made his fortune off the misfortune of others” We need everyone to get out and vote tomorrow. We need everyone to vote to re-elect President Barack Obama!

* * * *

Below is the video of the speeches as recorded by NHLN writer Matt Murray

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