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Michigan Tries To Sneak A Right To Work For Less Bill Through

Let me be one of the first to welcome the State of Michigan to the hell I have been living in for the last two years.  The Michigan Legislature just proposed a Right To Work (for less) bill into their legislature.

If you follow the NH Labor News you already know that we are adamantly against any form of Right To Work for less.  We have been fighting against multiple forms of Right To Work and reductions in our collective bargaining rights.  These attacks on our collective bargaining in NH were mostly due to the extreme right wing legislators and their leaders Speaker Bill O’Brien.

Michigan and New Hampshire are nearly identical in public opinion of Right To Work (for less) and collective bargaining.

From Detroit Free Press: “With the election behind us, Lake Research Partners found that voters are overwhelmingly ready for politicians in Lansing to get to work creating jobs and improving education, not changing rules about unions or collective bargaining (83 percent agree, 64 percent strongly agree). The same poll shows that a strong majority of Michigan voters (70 percent) continues to support the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively over wages, benefits, and working conditions, including a majority (55 percent) of those who voted No on Proposal 2.”

This Right To Work proposal seems very strange, given the large number of union workers in Michigan.  The economy in Michigan was completely turned around by the recovery of the American auto industry.   Why would they want to go after the same people that helped to rebuild Michigan’s economy over the last three years?

Here are the facts:

Right To Work for less does not create jobs.

Contrary to what the right wing media may be telling you,  Right To Work has never been proven to create jobs.

Right To Work laws lower wages.

This is a proven fact that people in RTW states make on average $1,500 a year less. They are also less likely to receive healthcare benefits or retirement options.

Right To Work is an attack on collective bargaining.

RTW laws have one real purpose, ‘to weaken the unions’.  They know that if they can somehow weaken the unions workers will have less say in the workplace. They will have less say in their pay, benefits, and overall working conditions.

Right To Work states rank lower in education.

In New Hampshire, the statistics are astounding that Right To Works states fail in comparison on reading levels, math levels, and early childhood education.

Do not be fooled by the right wing media that might be saying that Right To Work is a matter of freedom or way to create jobs, they are lies.

Working America and the AFL-CIO are working to ensure that Michigan does not try to sneak this Right To Work (for less) bill through the legislature in their own ‘lame duck’ session.

If you are in Michigan take one minute and sign this letter to the MI Senate Majority Leader Richardville and tell him to stop the attacks on workers by opposing this so called Right to Work bill.

If you are not a resident of Michigan you can still help.  Use you twitter account to send a message to Sen Richardville.  Click To Tweet to @SenRichardville

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