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BREAKING: In Wake of Guardian Expose, Corporate Sponsor of Senator Jeb Bradley’s ALEC Model Bill Drops Membership

Visa was corporate sponsor of Senator Jeb Bradley’s ALEC model bill this past year to abolish paper paychecks in New Hampshire (since defeated) 

in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008.(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008.(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Concord, NH – In the wake of a major Guardian expose this week about corporate-funded bill factory the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the corporate sponsor of Senator Jeb Bradley’s ALEC model bill to abolish paper paychecks in New Hampshire has dropped its ALEC corporate membership.

In the 2013 session Senator Bradley sponsored SB 100, which would have abolished paper paycheck options in New Hampshire and pushed employees without bank accounts over to payroll cards with few to no consumer protections. Payroll cards act as a form of debit cards, often carrying a brand such as Visa or Mastercard, and are used as such – right down to the fees for withdrawals, payments and balance checks. Corporations like Visa have been eager to transition workers from paychecks to payroll cards to collect more fees from the transactions, including transaction fees charged at local businesses who accept the cards for payment. At ALEC meetings in 2010 and 2011, Visa introduced model bills and resolutions on payroll cards that would hurt workers and small businesses – similar to legislation that was then introduced in New Hampshire.

This week Visa dropped its corporate membership in ALEC, just one year after Visa’s Vice President of State Relations, Paul Russinoff, received ALEC’s “Private Sector Member of the Year” award. Visa joins a list of 60 corporate members who have dropped ALEC membership – and financial support – in the past two years in the wake of growing awareness and controversy over ALEC’s activities. According to The Guardian expose, “in the first six months of this year [ALEC] suffered a hole in its budget of more than a third of its projected income.”

“We applaud Visa’s decision to stop financially supporting ALEC, and we call on New Hampshire legislators to also stop enabling the corporate corruption of our legislative process,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress. “We knew that ALEC was bad news for New Hampshire families and small businesses, but The Guardian expose highlights that ALEC is worse than we thought. New Hampshire legislators should have no part in advancing a special interest agenda that attacks working families, the environment, and the very foundations of our democracy.”

More about Sen. Bradley’s ALEC Model bill:

At ALEC’s August 2010 meeting, Visa proposed a bill called the “Electronic Pay Free Choice Act” that would allow employers to pay workers with fee-laden payroll debit cards. And at an ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force meeting in 2011, a lobbyist from Visa brought forward a resolution in support of payroll cards that called in part for fewer consumer protections around them.

New Hampshire’s SB 100 would have been purposefully harmful to employees, creating additional fees and expenses for them to collect and use their paycheck, and specifically avoiding sharing that information upfront. Senator Jeb Bradley was the prime sponsor of the ALEC model bill in the past two sessions. Rep. Gary Daniels, a long-time ALEC member and current ALEC State Co-Chair, is a member of the ALEC task force that approved the resolution. Daniels wrote the minority blurb in support of SB 100 and spoke in its favor on the House floor.

Previous press release about New Hampshire, ALEC, and The Guardian expose below. 

NH Senate Play Parliamentary Politics With Your Paycheck

Last week we reported on how the NH House killed two bills (SB 100, SB 153) that were directly targeted at the NH Public Workers.   In a sneaky parliamentary trick the Senate added both these bills as amendments.

“The Senate voted on 13-11 party line votes to add to these measures bills that would let employers issue payroll cards – not a paper check – to their employees, and to require all union bargaining contracts to get a vote of approval from the Legislative Fiscal Committee.”
(Kevin Landrigan — Nashua Telegraph)

SB 100 is a bill that would remove the option for workers to receive a paper paycheck and in turn would deliver your paycheck on a rechargeable debit card.  The problem with this is that the debit card has fees associated with it. This means that you are going to have to pay to collect your own money.

“SB 100 would have been purposefully harmful to employees, creating additional fees and expenses for them to collect and use their paycheck, and specifically avoiding sharing that information upfront”
(Zandra Rice-Hawkins — Granite State Progress)

Last week the House killed SB 100 in a 253-93 vote.  The language of SB 100 has been added “to a House bill barring employers from using credit histories in hiring decisions”

SB 153 is the even more contentious anti-union legislation.  This bill would allow the budget oversight committee to either approve or deny any union contract with state employees.  This was an attempt by the Senate President to insert the legislature into the collective bargaining process.

State Rep. Linda DiSilvestro (D-Manchester) said, “the proposed committee will politicize the negotiation process.”

Sb 153 was also killed by the House in a 191-135 vote. SB 153 was added “to a House bill barring businesses from demanding employees’ social media account passwords”

Neither of these bills have any support in the House. However the GOP led Senate believe these bills are important enough to resurrect them and attach them to a bill that must pass.  This is dirty politics.  This attempt to pass legislation that has already been killed by the House means it has no chance of actually sticking to the budget after the bill is reviewed by the ‘committee of conference’.

This partisan attack on workers by the Senate has not gone unnoticed and will not be tolerated.

Right To Work (for less) Does Not Create Jobs, Look At This Oklahoma Video

Ever state since 2001 that has tried to push Right To Work for less legislation has said, ‘look what it did in Oklahoma’.

The proof is in the pudding as they say.  In this short video, Fred Morgan a former Oklahoma Legislator cannot name one company who has moved to Oklahoma because of their newly enacted Right To Work (for less) law.

Just one more example of the continual lies that are surrounding Right To Work for less.

  • Right To Work does not create jobs
  • Right To Work does lower workers pay
  • Right To Work weakens collective bargaining
  • Right To Work mean workers are less likely to get healthcare or retirement benefits.

Right to Work is the right to work for less. 

New Hampshire Union Members Celebrate Enormous Electoral Wins

For weeks now union members have been canvassing New Hampshire as part of the Labor 2012 campaign.  After making thousands of phone calls and spending every free moment knocking on doors, all of our hard work paid off!

With our help New Hampshire cast it’s four electoral votes for President Obama as part of his reelection last night. This is great news for New Hampshire and the rest of the Nation.

Here in New Hampshire many of the union locals are more excited about the other races.  We banded together to defeat Ovide ‘Scott Walker on Steroids’ Lamontagne in electing Maggie Hassan as our next Governor.  She has already assured us that she will veto any anti-worker legislation including Right To Work for less.  Ensuring that we have a labor friendly Governor was the most important part of  preserving collective bargaining in New Hampshire.  While Right To Work has already been proposed for next years session, we can rest assured it will not pass.

We also celebrated huge victories in our Congressional candidates.  Annie Kuster defeated Congressman Charlie Bass (NH-02).  We worked with Annie, who received the endorsement from almost every labor organization in the state.  Congressman Bass voted to turn Medicare into a Voucher system and gut Social Security.  While Annie campaigned on preserving the middle class and protecting our workers.

The big win did not come until after 2 am last night.  CNN was the first to call the NH-01 race for Carol Shea-Porter.  As the results were coming in, the results were all over the road.  Carol was up, then she was down.  Carol Shea-Porter will be returning to her seat in Washington DC, and removing one of the most anti-union legislators in Washington, Congressman Frank Guinta.   Congressman Guinta, who was backed by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC),  pushed legislation to end project labor agreements and prevailing wage laws.

With Annie and Carol in our corner we can get back to rebuilding the middle class while we rebuild New Hampshire’s infrastructure. We will also have two amazing advocates for protecting all of our rights as workers in Washington.

New Hampshire workers almost received the biggest surprise of all.  Shortly after the polls closed it was reported that NH Speaker Bill O’Brien had lost the largest of the two towns in his district.  O’Brien was the one leading the anti-worker charge in the NH House with attacks on collective bargaining, and Right To Work.   After hours of waiting the results finally came in after midnight that Bill O’Brien retained his seat by 25 votes.  While we never expected O’Brien to loose his seat, it would have made all of our victories just a little sweeter.

The next legislative session will be very different in New Hampshire.  We are still awaiting final results on the breakdown of the NH House, we know that the GOP has lost their 3:1 majority.  Even after all the gerrymandering in the NH Senate districts the Democrats picked up seats.  Now the NH Senate is split with a slight GOP favor at 13-11

Now we start looking to the next legislative session where we can fight to repeal the Voter ID law and other extreme legislation that was passed over the past two years.

However our future looks brighter already.

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler Asks “ARE YOU READY”

Sept 3 2012,


AFL-CIO Sec Liz Shuler and NHLN Blogger Matt Murray

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO hosted their annual Labor Day Breakfast at the St George Greek Orthodox Church in Manchester.  The event focused on turning the page on the anti-worker agenda and working to elect candidates who support labor.

This message could not be more true here in New Hampshire.  With a tyrannical leader in the NH House, and anti-worker Representatives in Congress.   This message was echoed by the AFL-CIO national Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler.

“It is good to be with people who appreciate what Labor Day is what it is ment to be,  to appreciate work, to appreciate who really builds it” said Shuler. “We thank you for everything you do”.

Shuler’s message was clear.  We need everyone to help spread the message. “Labor Day is the unofficial start….when we lace up our walking shoes and begin to canvass our neighborhoods” said Shuler.

Shuler also thank the people of NH who have fighting this anti-worker regiem for nearly two years now.  Shuler said “I love you and appreciate you for what  you have been doing”.   However the fight is not over.

Shuler continued by talking about the upcoming Governor elections.  She talked about “NOvide (NO-Vide)” which has been a common way for people to say “No Ovide”.  And it does not stop with the Governor elections.

“This is the first year the Republican Platform has officially included Right To Work (for less)” stated Shuler.

The message was not all gloom and doom about the elections.  Shuler tossed in a little comedic jab by referring to Clint Eastwood.  Pointing at the empty chair next to her she said “I am glad he could join us today”.

Shuler’s rallying cry to “restore democracy” rang loud and true.  Her message was clear, if you do not like what is going on now, they you have the power to change it.  “Lace up those walking shoes” and get out there.  Talk to your neighbors, talk to your members, talk to anyone who will listen.  This is the most important election for labor in the last 75 years.

“ARE YOU READY” Shuler asked.  I am are you?

AFL-CIO Sec Liz Shuler’s entire speech, recorded from the crowd by NHLN Blogger Matt Murray. (view on YouTube http://youtu.be/qm3m1-wjmCE)

Congressman Guinta’s Anti-PLA Amendments Win Him An Award From Associated Builders and Contractors

Do you ever wonder what it takes to buy legislation? I would say at least $20,000.  For that $20,000 you also get a nice trophy and are named ‘Legislator of the Year’.  Lets take a little trip down memory lane.

Last February there were many discussions about government appropriations.  Much of the discussion surrounded H.R. 1, the “Full Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011”. HR 1 was full of all sorts of amendments from both sides of the aisle.  Actually there were 583 amendments offered on this bill.  One of those amendments was offered by New Hampshire’s own, Congressman Frank Guinta.

 “Amendment No. 166—Rep. Guinta (R-NH):  The amendment would prohibit the use of funds made available by this Act to be used to enter into, after the date of enactment of this Act, a government contract that requires a project labor agreement.” from GOP.GOV

With this short amendment Congressman Guita to a huge swing at all of the building trade unions.  In a letter to his colleagues Guinta said :

“In short, PLA mandates and PLA preferences are designed to discourage competition from qualified contractors.” (Letter)

This is simply not true.  Project Labor Agreements do not disqualify non-union contractors. It mandates worker protections and fair wages. PLA’s also help the local economy by hiring local workers to perform jobs.  Using local union halls to find skilled workers. PLAs are good for the taxpayers too.  Francis Callahan President of the Massachusetts Building Trades Council told the Lowell Sun:

“Project-labor agreements do not raise costs. He cites the $80 million Taunton courthouse, which was built ahead of schedule and $6 million under budget, as an example.”

So why would our Congressman push to stop Project Labor Agreements when it will help the workers and the taxpayers? One reason could be campaign donations.  According to OpenSecrets.Org, Congressman Guinta has received over $102,000 in donations from the construction industry.  Guinta has also received $20,000 dollars from Associated Builders and Contractors.

Congressmen Guinta’s anti-union amendment and support on other PLA related bills has earned him Legislator of the Year by the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC).

“Congressman Guinta is a great friend of ABC, the merit shop construction industry and a strong ally in Congress,” said 2011 ABC National Chairman Michael J. Uremovich, president of Great Lakes Energy Consultants, LLC, Manhattan, Ill. “We appreciate all the work he has done to help advance the ideals of free enterprise and open competition.”

“Representing New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, Guinta is a member of the House Budget Committee, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, a panel that oversees matters important to ABC and its 23,000 members, including the elimination of government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) and the investigation of burdensome government regulations. In February, Guinta filed an amendment to the continuing resolution legislation that banned funding for federal government construction projects that included PLAs.” (ABC Statement)

We need the legislators we elect to fight for the middle class workers in New Hampshire.  Not legislators who continue to attack our way of life.  This was the case when Carol Shea-Porter was our elected Congressional Representative.  She advocated along with Congressman Hodes and Senator Shaheen for a Project Labor Agreement on the Manchester Jobs Corp building. The Manchester Job Corps building would have been the first project in over a decade to have a mandated PLA from the US Government.  This is the same Job Corps building that the ABC helped to delay to avoid using Project Labor Agreements.  Now the Job Corps Center in NH is once again underway but this time Congressman Guinta got his way. The project moves forward without a PLA.

Guinta has once again began trumpeting the ABC’s anti-union, anti-PLA message by voicing his support for the “Bartlett Amendment” in the National Defense Authorization Act (HR 4310).  The Bartlett Amendment reads:

Amendment prevents federal agencies from requiring contractors to sign an anti-competitive and costly project labor agreement (PLA) as a condition of winning a federal construction contract.

This is almost identical to the Guinta Amendment in HR 1.  The only difference is that the Guinta Amendment failed to pass, and the Bartlett Amendment passed and is now on its way to the Senate.   Hopefully the Senate will not continue this race to the bottom by stripping the Bartlett Amendment from HR 4310.

These are important facts to consider when the time comes to vote for your Congressional Representative.  Congressman Guinta has shown his true colors.  He has spent his time fighting for anti-union lobbyist and pushing anti-worker legislation.   However he did get a very nice trophy.

Do You Know Of Mitt Romney’s Anti-Union Agenda

Mitt Romney Addresses the Associated Builders and Contractors

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center released their new quarterly polling results.  The news was not as good as in April where President Obama lead Romney by 9%.  This time it showed Mitt Romney gaining ground on President Obama here in New Hampshire.

In a hypothetical race between President Barack Obama and Romney, 49% of likely New Hampshire voters say they will vote for Obama, 45% prefer Romney, 4% favor some other candidate, and 3% are undecided.

This means that in three months Mitt Romney has gained nearly 5%. While this is not unexpected since Romney spent almost two weeks here ‘vacationing’ at his Wolfboro mansion.  It was hard to live in New Hampshire and not hear or see something about Mitt in the news.

The results show that many party registered voters are sticking with their candidate.   88% of registered Democrats would vote for President Obama, and likewise 83% of registered Republicans would vote for Romney.  The real tossup is the NH Independents. They are split Obama 49% to Romney 42%.  So there is still a long way to go before the elections.

One of the best parts about the UNH poll is the level of details they provide about the people they polled.  They break it down by party affiliations, what newspaper you read, and union household to name a few.  Being that this is a labor blog I want to focus on the results of the union households.

The survey showed that in non-union households the Presidential race is a coin flip. They are split 47%-47%.  This is not the case when you look at the union households.  In union household, President Obama has 55% to Romney’s 32%.  The problem is that we are slipping.  In April the UNH poll showed President Obama leading Romney 66%-27% in union households.

We need to make sure that our members know who they are voting for.  They need to understand that by voting for Mitt Romney you are voting against your union and most likely your job.  Mitt Romney has been all over New Hampshire talking about Right To Work for less.  He has also said that he would have let the auto industry go bankrupt, rather than work to revive it.   At the Associated Builders and Contractors endorsement he vowed to end Federal Project Labor Agreements.

There is no union industry that a ‘President’ Romney would not try to destroy.  Romney has even gone as far to say he is for the decertification of public sector unions.

I fully support Governor Kasich’s—I think it’s called ‘Question 2’ in Ohio. Fully support that. In fact, on my website as far back as April I laid out I supported ‘Question 2.’ … I support it 110%.”
~Mitt Romney, this time fully supporting the Ohio anti-union law during an event in Fairfax, Virginia, October 26, 2011 

Romney does not think highly of our teachers either. “Teachers’ union has deadening impact on student achievement. (Mar 2010)” and “Smaller classroom size only matters to teachers’ unions. (Sep 2011)”.

If you are a Federal worker or anyone who contracts with the Federal Government you should be particularly worried.  Romney wants to “make government simpler, smaller, and smarter (Jan 2012)“.  What does this mean to us? More spending cuts, and more government layoffs.  How many people would be out of their jobs, I do not know.  How much money would be cut? It does not matter.  Every dollar that is cut from the federal budget has a rippling effect on the general population.

We need our unions to get out there and educate their members and the public on the effects of a President Romney.

We Must Stop The Attacks On Federal Workers and Their Retirements

By Matt Murray

For the Ferderal Employees there is good, bad, and even worse news.  Today Kellie Lunney reported some important information regarding the changes in the Federal Budget.

First some good news, the members of Congress quickly shot down attempt to enact yet another pay freeze on the Federal Workforce.  At a time when workers pay (after adjusting for inflation) is lower that it was in 1990.  Killing this pay freeze idea was a good move.  However our happiness was short lived.

New pay freeze proposals have emerged. Goldwein says federal workers are much better off if lawmakers can craft a big deficit reduction deal, as opposed to enacting incremental changes that repeatedly hack away at feds’ pay and benefits, keeping them in a chronic state of unrest.

We need for our legislators to start finding ways to balance the budget that does not include taking more from the already strained Federal Workers.  Pay freezes, debt ceiling cuts, and employment insurance the US Congress have taken $105 Billion dollars away from federal workers over a ten year span.

One way or another, we are going to enact some reforms to the [federal] retirement system,” says Marc Goldwein, senior policy director at the bipartisan, nonprofit Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. 

When ever the Government begins to talk about changes to the retirement systems people begin to worry.  Too many times have we seen the private sector and even more recently public sector employees loose their entire retirement with changes to legislation.  Some have seen their pension changed to a 401K while others lost everything.  Here are a couple of the changes that have already passed or are still being proposed.

Obama has recommended increasing the amount all feds contribute to their pensions as part of overall deficit reduction, as have several lawmakers; in February, Congress approved legislation requiring new employees hired after Dec. 31, 2012, and returning feds with less than five years of service to contribute more to their defined benefit plans. And in May, the House passed a bill requiring current feds to pay more toward their pensions.

Other proposals floating around in the name of reducing spending include a high-five average salary calculation for annuities for new hires rather than the current high-three average pay calculation and the elimination of the Federal Employees Retirement System minimum supplement for individuals not subject to mandatory retirement starting in 2013. One bright spot for employees: Initial efforts to extend the federal pay freeze were shot down in Congress. 

The part that seems to be lost on many people is that if you mandate that people pay more for their retirement benefits without giving them a pay raise you are essentially cutting their pay.  For many people in the Federal Government the security of a Federal Retirement is one of the largest benefits to taking the job.  Many of the people who work for the government could make more in the private sector but would loose their retirement and loose their job security.

We need to ensure that our elected officials are working to protect the professionals who work for the Federal Government when trying to balance the budget on the backs of the workforce.

Workers’ Voice announces plans to activate networks of working families with cutting edge technology and old-fashioned energy

NHLN Editor: A new fighter website has launched to help workers fight against legislation and anti-worker campaigns that have been pushing bad legislation across the country. THE WORKERS VOICE is a new PAC and organizing campaign to bring Union and Non-Union workers together. 

At a press briefing Workers’ Voice announced plans to activate and energize networks of working families – both union and non-union – around political campaigns, legislative issues and holding elected officials accountable.

As mega millionaires like Willard Romney, the Koch Brothers and large corporations plan to try and buy the 2012 elections Workers’ Voice will activate and energize networks of working families – both online and offline – to have their voices heard by coming together to organize their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, powered by cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned energy.

“For too long our political process has been dominated by too much money, and too much power, concentrated in the hands of too few,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “That is why Workers’ Voice was created — to build an independent voice for the working and middle class who are the 99%.”

“The labor movement was the original social network and Workers’ Voice will be taking our traditional organizing knowledge and applying it to the digital era while making these tools available to all working families,” Trumka continued. “In addition to our traditional emphasis on the economy we will have a voter registration and protection operation that will be unlike anything we have ever done before. This will largely be done outside the union membership and will be dedicated to helping communities of color, seniors, and students exercise their right to participate in the process.

Theresa Brown, a worker from Cooper Tire in Ohio said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a union or not because we’re all fighting corporate greed and it’s time that we stood up and took this country back because we’re tired of it.”

Susan Baskett, who is from Michigan and unemployed said, “Politicians aren’t paying attention to, or doing enough, to put people like me back to work. Workers’ Voice will let us connect with other people in similar situations so we can work together to organize our neighborhoods and communities.”

Michael Podhorzer, AFL-CIO Political Director outlined how Workers’ Voice would merge the digital and field worlds by:

  • Allowing people to use the Workers’ Voice website to activate their networks to join us on email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Allowing people to use the Workers’ Voice website to make their home a phone bank at any time using “click to call” and to send their own customized direct mail postcards.
  • Allow people to use our new relational voter data tools to merge their online networks into the phone bank and canvass persuasion and GOTV universes.

Workers’ Voice announced that the upcoming FEC filing will show a total of $5.4 million raised and previewed their plans to build an online and offline small dollar fundraising program.

Finally, Workers’ Voice announced that Eddie Vale will serve as the Communications Director and Tim Tagaris as the Digital Director.

Workers’ Voice announces plans to activate networks of working families with cutting edge technology and old-fashioned energy

Statement from NH Labor Leaders on Right-to-Work for Less Vote

Statement from New Hampshire Labor Leaders on New Hampshire House Vote on HB 1677

After the New Hampshire House failed to get enough votes to pass a repeat of right-to-work by veto-proof margins, New Hampshire’s labor leaders lambasted Speaker O’Brien for pushing an extreme, unnecessary right-wing agenda over the real needs of Granite Staters for the second year in a row. The vote count (198-139) was essentially unchanged from last year.

“Speaker O’Brien has made absolutely no headway in pushing his pet piece of legislation with legislators and the public over the last year. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans who voted to sustain the governor’s veto of right-to-work have wavered.  Right-to-work is just as wrong today as it was last year, and today’s vote reflects that,” said Mark MacKenzie, president of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO.

“At a time when New Hampshire residents are looking to the Legislature for action on jobs, we cannot spend another year arguing over right-to-work. Poll after poll has shown that Granite Staters are sick of the right-to-work fight and sick of politicians who put personal agendas before their commitment to New Hampshire. The working men and women of this state want jobs, not attacks on workers.”

“Speaker O’Brien is trying to import an economic strategy that will not work for New Hampshire,” said Diana Lacey, president of the State Employees Association. “Businesses are coming to NH and increasing their size because NH already has the right mix of business development support, regulation and most notably, a highly skilled and educated workforce.  Business owners know that making the right decision to invest in workers creates all the difference in the world.  Businesses are not demanding attacks on worker rights and their unions.  It is time for the Legislature to focus on the issues that really matter for good job growth…quality education and innovative business programs.”

Rhonda Wesolowski, president of NEA-NH, pointed out that today’s votes would gut a system that is already fair, transparent and representative. “Yesterday, voters across New Hampshire went to the polls to decide the fate of contracts for teachers, aides and support staff, giving taxpayers the last word on what, for many, is the largest portion of their local tax bills.  The final tally is far less important than the fact that the current collective bargaining system, guaranteeing local control and democratic decision making, works without interference from lawmakers in Concord and has for decades.”

For immediate release
Contact: Nora Frederickson, New Hampshire AFL-CIO, 603-785-4211
              Beth D’Ovidio, SEA, 603-271-3411
               George Strout, NEA-NH, 603-244-7751###
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