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AFT-NH Hosts “Working Women Speak Out” (Videos)

This election is extremely important to working women and their families.  Ensuring that we elect representatives who support women in the workplace was what the Working Women Speak Out event was focused on. Issues facing working women are the same issues effected every Granite Stater this election.  AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler said, “Women’s issues are shaping up to be the second biggest issue of this election.” Working women are facing enormous challenges in our … Continue reading

Frank Guinta Says He Wants To Make Cuts To Social Security, Repeal ACA And Block Student Loan Refinancing Legislation

Former Congressman Frank Guinta affirmed that he still plans to cut seniors’ benefits in an interview with the Concord Monitor last week, saying that “Republicans are going to want” to adopt a benefit-cutting measure, Chained CPI, in the next Congress. “New Hampshire seniors beware: Frank Guinta has a plan to cut your earned benefits,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly. “Instead of ending tax breaks for Big Oil and huge corporations, Guinta would balance the budget … Continue reading

Head Of The Federal Reserve, Janet Yellin, Takes On Income Inequality

Diagnosis unmatched by prescription Janet Yellin, who chairs the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, delivered an unusual and important speech two days ago about the growing gap between the richest Americans and everyone else. Speaking at a conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Yellin  offered “Perspectives on Inequality and Opportunity from the Survey of Consumer Finances.”  She said, It is no secret that the past few decades of widening inequality … Continue reading

NH CD01: A Clear Choice For Granite Staters

This election, voters in New Hampshire’s in the First Congressional District once again have a choice between two candidates that we know very well: Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta. The two candidates have faced each other in the same race for the last three election cycles. Carol is a true fighter for the middle class: pushing for stronger labor laws, a higher minimum wage, and access to healthcare for all Americans. Frank is a self … Continue reading

NH Jackson Jefferson Celebration: President Clinton Rallies NH Democrats Ahead Of Elections

  Are you ready? Are you ready to vote? These words covered signs throughout the Center of New Hampshire conference center last night as the New Hampshire Democrats hosted their annual Jackson Jefferson Celebration. NH Democratic Committee Chair Ray Buckley opened the night with a simple question, “Are you ready to vote?” Buckley continued, “Are you ready to reelect Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter? Are you ready to reelect Congresswoman Annie Kuster? Are you ready to reelect … Continue reading

Massachusetts and New Hampshire AFLCIO Presidents Speak Out Against Outsourcers Scott Brown And Mitt Romney

As Outsourcing Champion Mitt Romney Campaigns With Scott Brown, Massachusetts and New Hampshire Labor Leaders Speak Out on Brown’s Outsourcing Record Manchester, NH – Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman and New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark Mackenzie spoke out against Scott Brown’s outsourcing record today as he campaigned alongside outsourcing champion Mitt Romney. Like Romney, Scott Brown has a record of profiting off companies that ship American jobs overseas. In the Senate, Brown voted to protect … Continue reading

Marilinda Garcia Says Marriage Equality Does Not Matter to Millennial Voters

So-Called “Millennial” Candidate Marilinda Garcia Says Marriage Equality Does Not Matter to Millennial Voters Despite Polling, Evidence to the Contrary Garcia, a 31-year old candidate for Congress, voted against marriage equality, voted to repeal marriage equality, and voted to keep gay couples from adopting *** Also: Video of Garcia’s extreme House floor remarks on marriage equality ***  Concord, NH –Congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia (NH-02) says same-sex marriage and other issues of equality for gay and … Continue reading

Protect Our Vital Public Services! Vote Yes On The Nashua Charter Amendment!

Written by Gary Hoffman On November 4th, the voters of Nashua will have an opportunity to vote on a charter amendment that would change the formula used to calculate the City’s 20 year-old spending cap.  In case you were unaware, a spending cap limits what an entity (in our case, a city) can spend in a given period of time.   One problem with Nashua’s spending cap is that it has not been adjusted to meet … Continue reading

Highlighted Posts

Do You Frequent A Place That Is Rife With Sexual Harassment? The Answer Will Surprise You

Do you support an industry that objectifies women, opening them up to unwanted sexual advances and harassment? The obvious answer is no, but according to a new report from Restaurant Employment Opportunity Centers United (ROC United) you would be wrong.

Will Senator Sanders Run? After This Speech, I Hope So!

There is a war out there and whether you know it or not, you are a part of it. This is a war between a few ultra-wealthy families and the rest of us living here in America.

Watch Scott Brown Dance Around The Minimum Wage Yet Again

Janice Kelble, an APWU member and resident of Franklin, asked Brown where he stands on raising the minimum wage. “Speaking of struggling working Americans, what’s your position on increasing the federal minimum wage after all these years?” she asked.

LABOR DAY 2014– An American Holiday We Should Celebrate by Raising the Minimum Wage (Not Wall Street Profits)

Labor Day isn’t just “the end of summer.” What many Americans forget: Labor Day honors the sacrifices and accomplishments of our Labor Movement. Yep, that’s right. Here in America, we have a national holiday honoring the Labor Movement. Just like Presidents Day, Veterans Day and Christmas Day. (But I betcha Fox News won’t be covering “the war on Labor Day.”)

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