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As A Progressive I am Leaning Toward Senator Sanders And Here Is Why

As a devoted progressive I am still torn by who to support in the Democratic Primary. I know that during the Clinton administration, Americans did very well. The middle class grew, we reduced poverty, and even the bankers were happy as Wall Street soared. I am also deeply concerned that … Continue reading

Jeb Bush Enrages Granite Staters With Talk Of “Phasing Out” Medicare

Granite Staters Respond to Jeb Bush’s New Plan to “Phase Out” Medicare  Speaking at an Americans for Prosperity event yesterday, Jeb Bush enraged people when he said “we need to figure out a way to phase out” Medicare for future enrollees. If you did not see the video, here it … Continue reading

Jeb Bush Essentially Says To Federal Workers, Screw You!

Can we all stop pretending that Jeb Bush is a “moderate” rather than the far-right wing extremist he really is? “He [Jeb Bush] championed tax cuts that chiefly benefited business and the wealthy, trimmed the state’s payroll, stripped job protection from thousands of mid-level civil servants, gained more power over … Continue reading

The Consumer Federal Protection Bureau Needs To Be Stronger On Title Loan Abuses

In Birthday Message to CFPB, Granite State Organizing Project and United Valley Interfaith Project, Call for Strong Action against Car Title Lending Abuses Five years after the enactment of the law that created it, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is working on rules to curb the abuses of the car … Continue reading

NH Labor Leaders Speak Out Against Jeb Bush’s Outrageous Comments About Working Longer Hours

NH AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett on Jeb Bush’s economy: “A disaster for anyone not named Bush”  On July 8th, Jeb Bush made national headlines and nearly blew up Facebook with his comments that “people should work longer hours.” (Read the full NH Labor News coverage here.) Today, Glenn Brackett the newly … Continue reading

Jeb Bush Shows He Is Complete Out Of Touch With Real Working Families

I am sure you have already seen this but I feel that I cannot let Jeb Bush’s comments go by without taking a few minutes to talk about them. In a recent interview with the Union Leader, Jeb said, “people should work longer hours.” Are you kidding me? This is … Continue reading

No Governor Jindal, Marriage Equality Is Not An “Assault On Your Religious Freedoms”

Every time some Republican politician claims we are “attacking his religious freedom” I want to vomit.  Take for example Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal who was quoted in the Telegraph editorial Court ruling a political favor. Jindal said, “Marriage between a man and a woman was estab­lished by God, and no earth­ly … Continue reading

Stories From The NH Primary: A New Web Series You Need To Check Out

If you follow New Hampshire’s First In The Nation primary like I do then, I think you would enjoy this new web series from Kevin Bowe aptly named, Stories from the NH Primary. . This informative project is going behind the scenes and taking a closer look at some of the ways Granite … Continue reading

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Scott Walker, A Horrible Governor And Based On What He Has Done To Wisconsin, Should Not Be President

Now, Gov. Walker has taken his anti-worker, pro-business agenda on the road and one of his first stops is New Hampshire, where he was immediately met by hundreds of protestors. Labor leaders from across New England demanded an apology from Gov. Walker for his comments at the CPAC convention.

Same question, different problem: WHERE did the money come from?

It’s not just the questions about the Federal Elections Commission investigation and where the money came from. It’s actually worse than that. It’s what happened afterward – because like so much else in government these days, it involves political fundraising.

Jeb Bush Essentially Says To Federal Workers, Screw You!

Can we all stop pretending that Jeb Bush is a “moderate” rather than the far-right wing extremist he really is?

Progressive Senators Speak Out Against Provisions Of The Job Killing Trans-Pacific Partnership

Yesterday was a huge day in the US Senate as progressive legislators took to the Senate floor to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). A group of eight Senators spoke out in opposition to the TPP and specifically the “fast tracking” of the TPP.
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