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Unions Matter: “Solidarity Means Something”

By Steven Weiner for Unions Matters As a union member who cares for the rights of working people, both here in the USA and abroad, I deplore the fact that the so-called “fast-track” bill was signed into law paving the way for approval of a new trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific … Continue reading

Chris Christie Flees To New Hampshire To Avoid His Major Problems In New Jersey

This week, Chris Christie announced his candidacy for President. Unfortunately, with a historic nine credit downgrades, and near last in the nation for job growth, things aren’t going so great back home in New Jersey and his constituents are not so happy about it. Let’s recap:  Yahoo: Christie spent more than 40% … Continue reading

How Bad Would Chris Christie Be For Federal Workers As President?

Government Exec just posted a new article on how bad Governor Chris Christie would be for federal workers if he is elected as President. As governor, Christie has fought tenaciously — and quite publicly — to modify the pension system for state employees. He highlighted those reforms in his announcement … Continue reading

Granite Staters Cannot Afford Another Six Years Of Kelly Ayotte

New Kelly Ayotte Campaign Video Tries To Hide Record Of Putting DC And Wall Street Special Interests Before New Hampshire  Ayotte Brags About Miserable Record On Issues Including Working Families & The Economy, Education, And the Environment Concord, N.H. – Kelly Ayotte is launching her vulnerable campaign stunningly early and … Continue reading

Leo W Gerard: Obamacare Reconciliation

The Supreme Court last week ensured millions of Americans retained their health insurance. Those who kept their coverage sighed with relief. Democrats cheered. Republicans reacted with vitriol and recrimination. Even the GOP dissenters on the Supreme Court couldn’t stop themselves from responding with bitter sarcasm. Weirdly too, with language like … Continue reading

Unions Speak Out Against Supreme Court’s Decision To Hear Friedrichs v. CTA

Joint Statement on Public Service Workers on Supreme Court Grant of Cert in Friedrichs v. CTA Lawsuit Seeks to Curtail Freedom of Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses, First-Responders to Stick Together and Advocate for Better Public Services, Better Communities WASHINGTON—NEA President Lily Eskelsen García, AFT President Randi Weingarten, CTA President Eric C. … Continue reading

Labor Praises The Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Decision And Recognizes That There Is More To Be Done

For over thirty years organized labor and the LGBT have been walking hand-in-hand to push for equality. Last year I wrote a labor history story called “Labor of Love: How The American Labor Movement Is Securing LBGT Equality” which focused on the role that labor unions played in pushing for … Continue reading

Tamara’s Tale: Transgender Veteran Fights for Equal Rights at Work (VIDEO)

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) just released this powerful new video about one transgendered woman’s fight against workplace discrimination. Since she was very young, Tamara Lusardi has been familiar with a life of service. She is a self-described “Air Force brat” who grew up to serve in the … Continue reading

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Scott Walker, A Horrible Governor And Based On What He Has Done To Wisconsin, Should Not Be President

Now, Gov. Walker has taken his anti-worker, pro-business agenda on the road and one of his first stops is New Hampshire, where he was immediately met by hundreds of protestors. Labor leaders from across New England demanded an apology from Gov. Walker for his comments at the CPAC convention.

Same question, different problem: WHERE did the money come from?

It’s not just the questions about the Federal Elections Commission investigation and where the money came from. It’s actually worse than that. It’s what happened afterward – because like so much else in government these days, it involves political fundraising.

Republicans Are Not The Only One Who Want To Protect Their Freedoms

Former NH Speaker Bill O’Brien is taking his extreme agenda on the road to South Carolina this week. Speaking at the South Carolina Freedom Summit, O’Brien openly mocked his own party and their choice for a Presidential nominee.

Progressive Senators Speak Out Against Provisions Of The Job Killing Trans-Pacific Partnership

Yesterday was a huge day in the US Senate as progressive legislators took to the Senate floor to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). A group of eight Senators spoke out in opposition to the TPP and specifically the “fast tracking” of the TPP.
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