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Linda Tanner A Real Candidate For Working Families

One of the goals of the NH Labor News is to help Granite Staters get to know the candidates who are running for office in New Hampshire. We focus on candidates who support working families, particularly those candidates who are working to rebuild the middle class and strengthen our rights as workers. This week’s focus is on State Senate District 8 candidate Linda Tanner. Background Information for Rep. Linda Tanner Linda is longtime community activist, … Continue reading

Does Scott Brown Even Know There is a Primary in New Hampshire in Two Weeks?

What was the #1 take-away lesson from the 2010 Massachusetts special election for US Senate? Don’t assume voters are just going to give you the election. The #2 lesson? Voters really don’t like arrogance. One would think that, after beating Martha Coakley to serve as Massachusetts’ Senator for a couple of years, Scott Brown would have learned those lessons. It would be a reasonable assumption. BUT. Over the past month or so, the Brown campaign … Continue reading

Watch Scott Brown Dance Around The Minimum Wage Yet Again

  Dance Magic Dance! That’s all I could think of, after watching a video of Scott Brown dancing his way around questions raised by New Hampshire voters. Brown used to be the junior Senator from Massachusetts, until Elizabeth Warren beat him.  Now he’s up here in New Hampshire, running for Senate again, and recently appeared at a “Town Hall” style gathering in Franklin. Janice Kelble, an APWU member and resident of Franklin, asked Brown where … Continue reading

A Vigil For Tolerance, Acceptance and Welcoming

Over the past several weeks there have been “visitors” to the Exit 6 overpass on Broad Street in Nashua holding signs and trying to gain support from passing motorists. Their Anti-Immigrant messages have been hateful, incendiary and ugly carrying non-welcoming sentiments and expressing strongly worded opposition to our newest community members. Hate is not a message that solves problems. Bigotry and racism demean us all. I think these folks must be “visitors” because Nashua and … Continue reading

Organize The South To Change A Nation

Organize The South “The only way to win economic justice in America is to organize the South,” according to MaryBe McMillian, Secretary-Treasurer of the North Carolina AFL-CIO. During this year’s Netroots Nation, one panel discussion focused on how labor and progressive organizations are building a movement to effect real social change in America. Those of us in the labor movement often think of “organizing” as recruiting new members to join our union ranks. While organizing … Continue reading

The Government Is The Largest Creator Of Low-Wage Jobs

“The government doesn’t create jobs,” said Mitt Romney about one month before he suffered a blistering defeat in the 2012 Presidential election. Of course this out-right lie has been repeated over and over and over. “Government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. As a former Governor, and a (soon to be former) Congressman they should know that the government does create jobs.  The federal government alone spends $3.6 … Continue reading

The NH Union Leader Helps AFP Spread Misinformation About Right To Work (For Less) In NH

Once again the Union Leader’s editorial board is peddling misinformation about unions and “right to work” (for less) legislation (“Protesting information: Picket sign o’ the times”). Let’s clear up a few things. 1) Just whose “rights” is Americans for Prosperity supposedly “protecting”? AFP spins this as a “worker freedom” bill.  But if AFP was really interested in protecting workers, they would be lobbying for workplace safety and better enforcement of wage and hour laws. So, … Continue reading

Teachers, Postal Workers, and Public Employees Cry Out, “The Mail Is Not For Sale”

Last night at their bi-annual convention, the American Federation of Teachers adopted a resolution to support of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) in a national boycott Staples Inc. for their attempt to steal jobs from dedicated postal employee’s and continue the race to the bottom. It resolves “that members of the AFT, along with friends, colleagues and family members, are urged to no longer shop at Staples stores until further notice.” Read the resolution … Continue reading

Highlighted Posts

The NH Union Leader Helps AFP Spread Misinformation About Right To Work (For Less) In NH

Once again the Union Leader’s editorial board is peddling misinformation about unions and “right to work” (for less) legislation (“Protesting information: Picket sign o’ the times”). Let’s clear up a few things......

America’s Moral Crisis: A Video Of Rev. Dr. William Barber’s Epic Speech At The AFT Convention

“There is a moral crisis in the country” These are the bold words of Rev. Dr. William Barber who is one of the many faith leaders leading the “Moral Monday’s” campaign in North Carolina. Yesterday Rev. Barber was a keynote speaker at this year’s American Federation of Teachers convention in Los Angeles.

After SCOTUS Destroyed The Voting Rights Act, Labor Leaders Call On Congress To Protect Voters

The 1960’s were a tumultuous time in America, especially for Americans of color. The battle for civil rights was being played out in city streets across the country. The evening news was full of demonstrations and rallies where people were gathering to fight for equality, and to be allowed their Constitutionally protected right to participate in our democracy.

Public Pensions: Still Waiting to be ‘Made Whole’

Looks like the Justice Department is settling cases with banks responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown. Citigroup is next up: and reported to be paying $7 billion to end Justice Department investigations. But I don’t see any of that money headed back to public pension systems.

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