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The Colbert Report Highlights The FREE KEENE Robin Hoods

Last night the Colbert Report covered something that we in New Hampshire have been talking about at length for years, the Free Staters, specifically Free Keene. The Colbert Report focused on the Free Keene Robin Hooders and their harassment of parking attendants.  The NH Labor News was one of the first to break the story about the harassment of Keene police officers in our story, “Free Keene from ‘Free-Keene': A Story Of Harassment In The … Continue reading

Striking New England Workers, and the American Economy

  By Carol Driscoll As a person who grew up in New England in a union household, I was very stirred to learn that on October 17 nearly 2,000 New England telecommunication workers—members of the IBEW and CWA—walked off their jobs in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, in a protest against unfair labor practices. They struck against FairPoint Communications, based in North Carolina and owned by five Wall Street hedge funds. At the expiration of … Continue reading

TV Ads Tell FairPoint: Respect New England Workers

Striking Employees Say They Want To Get Back to Work Augusta, Maine — The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers released four new television ads featuring FairPoint Communications employees and retirees calling on the company to return to the bargaining table and give workers a “fair deal.” The spots will run in the Boston, Manchester, N.H., and Portland, Maine, media markets. In one ad, 15-year employee Marc Jutras describes the struggles his family has faced since … Continue reading

In A New Book Teacher’s Advocate Defends Teachers

Total Teaching: Your Passion Makes It Happen By Dr. Tom Staszewski From the first-year teacher to the most experienced veteran, this book will provide an inspiring message that yes, indeed…teaching is the most noble profession. It serves as an acknowledgement of the importance of teachers and recognizes that ‘teaching is the profession that has created all other professions.’ This book provides real-life tools, tips and strategies to have a successful school year and to persevere … Continue reading

Why We Organize: The Fight For $15

Every workers deserves respect.   We work hard, and only ask to be paid fairly.  For many low-wage workers, work is more like slavery. They work hours on end, making scraps and living in poverty.  For hundreds of thousands of workers in the greater Los Angeles area, living on California’s (higher than average) minimum wage is just not enough to survive.  Workers in LA have come together with local union organizers to Fight for $15. … Continue reading

Workers Rally To Ask Congress To Stop Delaying America’s Mail

A boisterous crowd gathered in downtown Manchester on a blustery Friday evening to urge lawmakers not to decimate the U.S. Postal Service. This rally was part of a National Day of Action to stop the closing of 82 mail processing plants starting in January. The deconstructing of the Postal Service network continues despite the fact that on this same day the U.S. Postal Service reported a $1.4 Billion operational profit for the year. The incredible … Continue reading

Senate Democrats Need To Move Quickly To Approve A New Member To The NLRB

Well the elections are over and the now, just ten days after all the votes were counted, it is obvious that we are headed for another two years of monumental gridlock. The Republicans in the Senate used their minority power to filibuster major Presidential nominees forcing Harry Reid to take the “nuclear option,” changing the rules of the filibuster to a simple majority vote. This rule change means if all the Senate Democrats voted together, … Continue reading

What would YOU do with $707 billion?

Goldman Sachs just weighed in with their predictions for next year’s economy. They expect “only a modest growth in business investment”… but a whopping increase in the amount of money corporations will spend buying back their own stock. (Corporations buy back their own stock to increase per-share prices.  Many CEOs get paid more, if the price of their company’s stock rises.  And most CEOs receive at least some of their compensation as stock or stock … Continue reading

Highlighted Posts

Do You Frequent A Place That Is Rife With Sexual Harassment? The Answer Will Surprise You

Do you support an industry that objectifies women, opening them up to unwanted sexual advances and harassment? The obvious answer is no, but according to a new report from Restaurant Employment Opportunity Centers United (ROC United) you would be wrong.

Will Senator Sanders Run? After This Speech, I Hope So!

There is a war out there and whether you know it or not, you are a part of it. This is a war between a few ultra-wealthy families and the rest of us living here in America.

Watch Scott Brown Dance Around The Minimum Wage Yet Again

Janice Kelble, an APWU member and resident of Franklin, asked Brown where he stands on raising the minimum wage. “Speaking of struggling working Americans, what’s your position on increasing the federal minimum wage after all these years?” she asked.

LABOR DAY 2014– An American Holiday We Should Celebrate by Raising the Minimum Wage (Not Wall Street Profits)

Labor Day isn’t just “the end of summer.” What many Americans forget: Labor Day honors the sacrifices and accomplishments of our Labor Movement. Yep, that’s right. Here in America, we have a national holiday honoring the Labor Movement. Just like Presidents Day, Veterans Day and Christmas Day. (But I betcha Fox News won’t be covering “the war on Labor Day.”)

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