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Marilinda Garcia Is A Member Of ALEC, And Why That Is Important To YOU!

Right now State Rep. Marilinda Garcia is attempting to move up the political ranks from State Rep. to US Congresswoman. She has been out on the campaign trail talking about how she wants to fight for the middle class and that she speaks for the “millennial” generation. Other than the fact that Marilinda is still living with her parents at age 32, she is just another politician who has been bought and paid for by … Continue reading

Millennials Play A Key Part In Our Elections. Why Is Fosters Trying To Scare Them?

Republicans and Democrats are actively trying to court “millennials” to vote for them. Of course the Republicans are at a big disadvantage in this fight because they are stigmatized by the fact that many feel the GOP is nothing but a party of old rich white guys. It does not help when you see editorials like this one (Another day older and deeper in debt) from the ultra-conservative editors at Fosters Daily Democrat. They are … Continue reading

Nightmare on Wall Street? Are Stock Buybacks Creating Another ‘Financial Bubble?’

Some blog posts are easy to forget. But the one I wrote last week is beginning to give me nightmares. Here’s why: the stock market keeps hitting record highs. But the so-called “economic recovery” – which started in June 2009 – is just beginning to “trickle down” to us average Americans. And oh, such a sloooooow trickle! “Although the economic recovery officially began in June 2009, the recovery in household income did not begin to … Continue reading

Walt Havenstein’s Campaign Full Of Controversy And Has A Record of Failed Leadership

The battle lines for the corner office are now official. Walt Havenstein was overwhelmingly selected as the GOP candidate for Governor of New Hampshire. Lets start with a few facts about Walt: Walt is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, and served in the US Marines and Marine Corp reserves for a combined 28 years. Walt was the CEO of BAE System, a government defense contractor. Walt was also CEO of Science Applications International … Continue reading

WMUR TV Fabricates A Story Promoting Scott Brown, Attacking Billy Shaheen

Say goodbye to news coverage with integrity on WMUR TV. Many NHLN readers already think WMUR TV has been biased toward Republican candidates and causes for years – but they have reached a new low. This past weekend, WMUR TV decided to try to gain some ratings points by completely misrepresenting a quote from Senate candidate Scott Brown. Instead of just bending the facts to make a mediocre story more appealing, WMUR completely twisted them … Continue reading

Garcia’s Party Line Opposition To The ACA Leaves Unanswered Questions About Her Health Insurance

Marilinda Garcia, the Republican candidate for Congress in the Second District, says she’s adamantly opposed to the Affordable Care Act. But how is she getting her healthcare? Garcia seemed to be stumped when a NHPR reporter question her about her own healthcare. He asked if she got healthcare through the Affordable Care Act exchange. Garcia: “I… that’s my own issue.” NHPR: “So you don’t want to say?” Garcia: “No that’s fine, I don’t need to … Continue reading

Sen. Shaheen Explains How She Is Working To Protect NH Jobs From Outsourcers Like Scott Brown

Ever since Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown announced that he was selling his house in Massachusetts and moving to his second house in New Hampshire, I knew he had big plans to run for the US Senate again.  I never liked Senator Brown when he was elected to the US Senate from Massachusetts, and I like him even less as he attempts to carpetbag his way into a Senate seat from New Hampshire. He is a … Continue reading

How And Why Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter Has Dedicated Her Life To Helping People (VIDEO)

“The America dream is slipping away from the middle class,” said Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter at the annual New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast. “Carol made the commitment to helping people” said Paul O’Connor, President of the Metal Trades Council at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, in his introduction of Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter. There is no better advocate for working families in New Hampshire than Congresswoman Shea-Porter. She has stood up against right-wing attacks on Medicare, Medicaid … Continue reading

Highlighted Posts

The Government Is The Largest Creator Of Low-Wage Jobs

The federal government spends over $500 billion dollars on government contractors alone. For spending all this money, the federal government is “the largest creator of low wages jobs” said Joseph Geevarghes, Deputy Director of Change to Win, a labor coalition and strategic organizing center.

America’s Moral Crisis: A Video Of Rev. Dr. William Barber’s Epic Speech At The AFT Convention

“There is a moral crisis in the country” These are the bold words of Rev. Dr. William Barber who is one of the many faith leaders leading the “Moral Monday’s” campaign in North Carolina. Yesterday Rev. Barber was a keynote speaker at this year’s American Federation of Teachers convention in Los Angeles.

Watch Scott Brown Dance Around The Minimum Wage Yet Again

Janice Kelble, an APWU member and resident of Franklin, asked Brown where he stands on raising the minimum wage. “Speaking of struggling working Americans, what’s your position on increasing the federal minimum wage after all these years?” she asked.

Organize The South To Change A Nation

“The only way to win economic justice in America is to organize the South,” according to MaryBe McMillian, Secretary-Treasurer of the North Carolina AFL-CIO. But I don’t see any of that money headed back to public pension systems.

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