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Public Employees: Speak Up Knowing You Are Protected!

Written by Terri D. Donovan, Esq., Director of Collective Bargaining and Field Services American Federation of Teachers-NH All of a sudden there are many meetings in our cities, towns and school districts consumed with budget hearings and deliberative sessions where funding decisions will be made about our schools and vital public services. You read the headlines. The loud voices to slash budgets seem to be heard above all. Will you sit on the sidelines or … Continue reading

MLK Day Message: the Power of the People can be Stronger than the Power of Money (InZane Times)

I was honored once again to be invited to offer the “community update” at Southern New Hampshire Outreach for Black Unity’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Breakfast.  Here’s what I said on January 19 at the Alpine Grove in Hollis: Honor and pleasure to be invited back. Thanks to Irving, Linda, Ray, and Governor Hassan. And congratulations to OBU for the 31st annual breakfast. I want to begin by saying a few words about inequality, and … Continue reading

Labor Unions And Financial Reform Groups Push For “Postal Banking” With New Coalition

Expanding Low-Cost Financial Services through the United States Postal Service is a Way to Put More Money into the Pockets of Low-Wage Workers and to Provide Banking to Americans in Rural and Urban Areas with Few Banking Options United for a Fair Economy, One of the Coalition’s Founding Members, Releases New Report On Martin Luther King’s Birthday, that Shows that Nearly 100 Million Poor and Working Class Americans Pay $89 Billion Each Year to Payday … Continue reading

She Works Full Time For A Government Contractor, Earns Poverty Wages, And Then Became Homeless

Privatization leads the race to the bottom. Report after report continues to show that workers and taxpayer lose when government jobs are contracted out to the lowest bidder. Last year In The Public Interest released a biting report on the effects of privatizing public jobs. “By slashing labor costs, a company may be able to show a city or state cost savings on paper,” the ITPI report states. “However, low wages often mean that the number … Continue reading

One Person, One Vote – The 1965 Struggle Goes On

This article was first published in the Concord Monitor, January 15, 2015 When President Lyndon Johnson reached Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by phone on January 15, 1965, it wasn’t to offer birthday greetings. The president wanted to strategize about voting rights. The two leaders were at the peak of their popularity. King had recently returned from Oslo with the Nobel Peace Prize and was gearing up a voting rights campaign centered in Selma, … Continue reading

Unlikely Pair Team Up To End The Corruption Of Money In Politics

By Andrew Hemingway  and Daniel Weeks When it comes to politics, we generally disagree. Take health care. One of us, a progressive, believes health care is a basic human right and government should see to it that everyone is covered when markets do not. The other of us, a conservative, believes government has a troubling tendency to get in the way and markets are capable of providing coverage when left to their own devices. (As … Continue reading

Progressive NH State Rep To Propose Minimum Wage Increase To $14.25 And Eliminating The “Tipped Minimum Wage”

Representative Jackie Cilley to introduce far-reaching minimum wage legislation Fmr. State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate returns to Concord to pursue middle-class agenda (Barrington, NH) After a four-year absence from the New Hampshire General Court, newly-returned Barrington representative Jackie Cilley announced that her first piece of legislation – and her chief priority in the coming session – is to give New Hampshire’s struggling workers a raise with an increased minimum wage paired with the elimination of … Continue reading

FairPoint Is Failing Our Communities

Since October 17 — more than 60 days ago — workers from FairPoint Communications have been out on strike. Nearly 2,000 workers spread across three states have chosen to stand up to a company that is putting profits before the people of New England. Rather than come to a fair agreement with their employees, FairPoint executives have continued to insist on $700 million in devastating cuts. The workers have made compromises — offering a health … Continue reading

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Do You Frequent A Place That Is Rife With Sexual Harassment? The Answer Will Surprise You

Do you support an industry that objectifies women, opening them up to unwanted sexual advances and harassment? The obvious answer is no, but according to a new report from Restaurant Employment Opportunity Centers United (ROC United) you would be wrong.

In A New Book Teacher’s Advocate Defends Teachers

From the first-year teacher to the most experienced veteran, this book will provide an inspiring message that yes, indeed…teaching is the most noble profession. It serves as an acknowledgement of the importance of teachers and recognizes that ‘teaching is the profession that has created all other professions.’ This book provides real-life tools, tips and strategies to have a successful school year and to persevere beyond the challenges associated with the profession.

What would YOU do with $707 billion?

Goldman Sachs just weighed in with their predictions for next year’s economy. They expect “only a modest growth in business investment”… but a whopping increase in the amount of money corporations will spend buying back their own stock. (Corporations buy back their own stock to increase per-share prices. Many CEOs get paid more, if the price of their company’s stock rises. And most CEOs receive at least some of their compensation as stock or stock options. Either way, increasing the stock price increases how much $$$ the CEO takes home.)

My Question To The Walton Family: How Much Is Enough?

How much money is enough? Do you stop being a greedy capitalist when you no longer care what anything costs? Do you stop when you become one of the named people on the “Richest People In America” lists? Do you stop when your company make $8.5 million dollars a day in dividends alone? Some people would say, “Never! I will never stop until I own everything!”

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