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Leo W Gerard: More Free Stuff for Corporations

Republicans and the rich guys who imposed 35 years of stagnant wages on American workers now offer a prescription for easing this pain! Their solution for robber-baron-level income inequality is not the obvious: Give workers raises. They don’t want to increase the minimum wage, which would eventually push up pay … Continue reading

What You Should Know About That Completed TPP “Trade” Deal

Special Guest Post from Dave Johnson of Campaign For America’s Future.   Countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) say they have reached a deal. So here it comes. Monday morning it was announced that a “Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Is Reached,” presented as much as a foreign policy success as … Continue reading

Maggie Hassan Announces Her Run For US Senate Against Kelly Ayotte

Maggie Hassan Pledges to Take Her Bipartisan Approach, Common Sense, and Commitment to Problem-Solving to the U.S. Senate Concord – Pledging to take her bipartisan approach, common sense, and commitment to problem-solving and results to the Senate, Governor Maggie Hassan today announced her candidacy to represent New Hampshire in the … Continue reading

Verizon Borrows Money To Pay Stockholders And Executives While Demanding Givebacks From Unions

Verizon as a case study of what’s wrong with our economy, part 5 It’s a math problem, instantly recognizable by anybody who’s tried to balance a family budget lately. But it’s also a morality problem. Here’s the thing: Verizon reports annual income of $54,287 per employee. BUT This past February, … Continue reading

Community Activists and Union Members Urge Nashua Board To Reconsider Privatization Vote

Last night over 150 people came out in support of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees union who are urging the Nashua Board of Education to reverse their decision to end the contract with the current custodians to opt for a private contractor. Prior to the meeting, … Continue reading

The Political Left & Right Agree On One Thing, Ending Money In Politics

80% of Republicans, 83% of Democrats disagree that “corporations and unions may spend unlimited amounts on political causes.” The New Hampshire Rebellion is praising a newly released Bloomberg poll that shows, 78% disagree with the Supreme Court ruling on the Citizens United case allowing “corporations and unions” to spend unlimited … Continue reading

American Family Voices Campaign To Unite Progressives On Economic Agenda

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Rep. Raul Grijalva, progressive movement advocates, and business leaders make the argument for a progressive economic agenda.   Washington, D.C. — Today, American Family Voices is launching a new campaign uniting progressive politicians, movement advocates, and socially conscious business … Continue reading

Here We Go Again, Another Government Shutdown.

Are we really going to do this again? In 2013, we as a country endured the 16 day government shutdown that cost taxpayers $24 billion dollars.  Tea Party extremists led by Senator Ted Cruz shutdown the government in a feeble attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. “No party or … Continue reading

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Scott Walker, A Horrible Governor And Based On What He Has Done To Wisconsin, Should Not Be President

Now, Gov. Walker has taken his anti-worker, pro-business agenda on the road and one of his first stops is New Hampshire, where he was immediately met by hundreds of protestors. Labor leaders from across New England demanded an apology from Gov. Walker for his comments at the CPAC convention.

CWA Launches Radio Ads in Seven Regions Slamming Verizon’s Failure to Develop FiOS Broadband Service

Ads Come as Thousands Rallied Last Saturday to Reject Verizon’s Demands to Eliminate Job Security, Slash Pensions, Increase Health Care Costs With Days Remaining Before Contract Expiration, CWA and IBEW Demand Good Jobs, Verizon Commitment to Good Service

Jeb Bush Enrages Granite Staters With Talk Of "Phasing Out" Medicare

Granite Staters Respond to Jeb Bush’s New Plan to “Phase Out” Medicare Speaking at an Americans for Prosperity event yesterday, Jeb Bush enraged people when he said “we need to figure out a way to phase out” Medicare for future enrollees.

As A Progressive I am Leaning Toward Senator Sanders And Here Is Why

I am also deeply concerned that Congress is moving us in the wrong direction. They are opposing every idea we put forward that is a time tested solution to fixing our broken economy and lifting the wages of millions of hungry families. I find myself being drawn to Senator Bernie Sanders more and more.