Oppose “Right to Work” In NH

Below is a list of previous posts specifically on “Right To Work”.  They talk about the impact to businesses, the community, workers and explain the ins-and-outs of the somewhat confusing “Right to Work” law.

Proponents say the law is about jobs and having the right to work, but in reality it is about outside special interest groups forcing their will on the businesses in New Hampshire.  We do not need a D.C. lobbying group telling us here in New Hampshire what we need.

There are two that I would like to really highlight on this list:

  1. Wisconsin loses 10,000 jobs the year after forcing Right To Work through the legislature.
  2. From 2011: Business’ against Right To Work in New Hampshire

Do not be fooled by this so-called “Right To Work” law, it is an attack on working people and the middle class.

More information on “Right to Work” from the NH AFL-CIO available here.

The Facts On “Right To Work” from NH AFL-CIO Blog Post

Lower Wages

Less Investment in Education

Unions Improve Living Standards. “Right to Work” Laws Don’t

Higher Workplace Fatality Rates

Full list of NH Labor News posts on Right to Work: