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Postal Workers Take Case To Save USPS To The Nation’s Largest Stamp Collection Trade Show

You’ve Got Mail Today, Will You Have it Tomorrow? 

Postal Workers, Supporters Urge 250,000 Stamp Collectors At NYC Trade Show to Join Campaign to Support USPS 

NEW YORK – The mail always seems to get through somehow, but how do you get a crucial message about mail through to the public?

Start with the world’s largest stamp show.

Members of the American Postal Workers will reach out to stamp collectors at the upcoming World Stamp Show in New York City this week to issue a warning: The future of the public Postal Service is threatened by a congressionally-manufactured financial crisis and efforts to privatize the 240-year old national treasure.

“We can’t wait to talk with stamp collectors, who understand as well as anyone how a strong Postal Service connects our country,” said Dennis O’Neil, a retired postal employee. “They can be a key constituency in efforts to protect our public Post Office.”

More than 250,000 people are expected to attend the eight-day World Stamp Show, which begins on Sat., May 28, and runs through Sat., June 4, at the Jacob Javits Center at 655 W. 34th St. in New York City. The show is held in the U.S. once every 10 years.

For the first time, the American Postal Workers Union – with more than 200,000 members at the heart of the world’s largest postal system – will have an official presence at the show. APWU members will distribute informational handouts and souvenir items, joined by supporters of an advocacy group, A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.

The Grand Alliance includes more than 130 national and local senior advocacy coalitions, civil rights organizations, labor unions, environmental groups, and other groups concerned about the future of the U.S. Postal Service.

Priorities of the Grand Alliance include:

·      Standing up for postal standards, including door-to-door mail delivery six days a week.  USPS management is currently pursuing a failed and self-defeating strategy of downsizing and service cuts, including a nationwide downgrade of delivery standards in 2015.

·      Restore standards to July 2012 levels: According to news accounts, the USPS is not even meeting its own lower standards, with late mail having a significant impact on small businesses, senior citizens, consumers awaiting mail-order medicines, and other postal patrons.

·      Addressing a costly, inappropriate retiree health benefits pre-funding mandate, which will solve a manufactured “financial crisis” at USPS; A 2006 law created an artificial financial burden for the Postal Service with an unreasonable requirement to pay in advance for retiree health benefits. This mandate, which costs billions each year, does not exist for any other public agency or private company.

·      Adoption of a permanent moratorium on plant closings and consolidations.  Postal management can save money and enhance productivity and efficiency by using existing personnel and resources, instead of continuing to outsource key functions – including its retail operations – to for-profit companies like Staples, which are not accountable to the people.

·      Expanded services – including longer office hours, enhanced package delivery, low-cost digital access and postal banking.

·      A full and functioning Postal Board of Governors, acting as champions of the public postal service:  At present, there is only one confirmed member of the Board; eight seats remain to be filled.

“We’re at a pivotal point,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “We can allow privatizers to destroy our beloved U.S. Postal Service and leave millions of businesses and residents with second-class service – or none at all – or we can boost service, expand hours, take advantage of the booming ecommerce sector, and offer new services, such as postal banking.  

“We believe the public, starting with these stamp collectors, will favor a stronger USPS.”

The American Postal Workers Union represents 200,000 employees of the United States Postal Service, and is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. For more information on APWU, visit www.apwu.org.

United Auto Workers Endorse Clinton For President

Hillary Clinton released the following statement after earning the endorsement of the United Auto Workers. Clinton now has the endorsement of 26 national labor unions or labor alliances representing more than 13 million employees:

“I am honored to have received the endorsement of the United Auto Workers and their over one million active and retired members. Every day, the UAW shows us that we can and we will ‘Make it in America.’ The U.S. auto industry has come roaring back from the great recession and just posted its best year ever—because the U.S. auto industry has the world’s best, hardest-working, most innovative and most creative workforce.

“We need to keep going—and we need a President who will always stand with working families. Today, about one in five cars built in North America come from Mexico—double the share in 2004. That’s why auto workers need more than tough talk on trade. They need a President who knows how to compete and win for American workers. I have said for years that I want to see NAFTA renegotiated to give American workers a level playing field. And we need to take on new challenges, like weak auto ‘rules of origin’ standards that provide a backdoor for Chinese steel and other products into the U.S. We’re going to throw the book at China and stop them from cheating American workers.

“As President, I will stand with the United Auto Workers in protecting workers’ fundamental right to organize and bargain collectively, including in their fight to organize the VW plant in Chattanooga. And we need to make sure that the jobs of the future, including in clean energy and clean transportation, are good union jobs that can’t be outsourced. If I am fortunate enough to be elected President, organized labor will always have a champion in the White House and a seat at the table—because when unions are strong, families are strong, and when families are strong, America is strong.”

Governor Hassan And NH DOT Accept Federal Transportation Infrastructure Funds

$200 Million Agreement will Allow New Hampshire to Complete I-93, Fix 23 Red List Bridges, Pave Nearly 1,100 Additional Miles of State Roads

CONCORD – Continuing her efforts to build a stronger, more modern transportation infrastructure that will help New Hampshire’s people and businesses grow and thrive, Governor Maggie Hassan and New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) Commissioner Victoria Sheehan accepted $200 million in federal funds from a Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan from the United States Department of Transportation at an event today overlooking an Interstate 93 construction project. 

The long-term, low interest federal loan – which is backed by the bipartisan transportation funding plan that Governor Hassan signed in 2014, Senate Bill 367 – will allow the State to complete the remaining construction of Interstate 93, fix 23 Red List bridges across the state and pave nearly 1,100 additional miles of State roads.

“A solid, modern transportation infrastructure is critical to the success of our people and businesses, and this loan agreement with the federal government will build on our bipartisan progress over the last three years by allowing us to complete the expansion of Interstate 93, fix nearly two dozen Red List bridges across the state and pave approximately 1,100 additional miles,” Governor Hassan said.

Because the additional paving will help NHDOT pave approximately 40 percent of the State’s rural roads, New Hampshire qualified for the rural interest rate on the TIFIA loan, which is one half of the Treasury rate or 1.09 percent. During the first nine years of the TIFIA loan, NHDOT will pay only interest, saving approximately $20 million in taxpayer funds as opposed to financing through capital markets, which will allow NHDOT to invest the majority of the revenue from Senate Bill 367 in other parts of the state. 

“This is a fiscally responsible, low-interest loan agreement that will save New Hampshire taxpayers $20 million while also allowing us to reinvest in critical road and bridge projects in every corner of the state,” Governor Hassan said. “I want to thank Commissioner Sheehan and our hard-working employees at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, as well as our Congressional delegation and the Executive Council for their efforts to make this agreement possible.” 

“In transportation many times the expansion of major facilities comes at the expense of investing in existing infrastructure”, said NHDOT Commissioner Sheehan.  “TIFIA is allowing us to do both.  Due to the low interest rate and structure of the debt service, this loan will allow us to complete I-93, replace nearly two dozen ‘Red List’ bridges and pave over 1,100 miles across New Hampshire.  We are the first state to use TIFIA in this manner, with the 1.09 percent interest rate resulting in approximately $20 million in financing savings.”

The 23 Red List bridges that will be fixed through this agreement are in communities across the state, such as: Tamworth, Acworth, Conway, Ossipee, Lancaster, Allenstown, Troy, Warner, Shelburne, Pelham, Claremont, Deerfield, Swanzey, Nottingham, Thornton, Woodstock, Littleton, New Boston and Marlow. 

“Safe, reliable transportation infrastructure is critical to the economic well-being of the Granite State,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen. “Many of our citizens, communities and businesses rely on Interstate 93 and on rural roads and bridges, and it’s our job as elected officials to ensure they are maintained. I’m glad to see that years of hard work will benefit the reconstruction of I-93, a critical thoroughfare for our state, and allow us to direct funds towards our rural roads and bridges in need of repair. This will have a lasting impact for New Hampshire.”

“A robust and well maintained transportation network is essential to the health, safety and economic well-being of the Granite State,” said Congresswoman Annie Kuster, who worked for nearly two years to ensure these federal funds for New Hampshire.  “From the completion of the I-93 expansion project to the restoration of rural roads and bridges, these TIFIA funds will have a deep impact all across the state for years to come.  I am proud to have worked from the start with the N.H. Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and Governor Hassan to bring the TIFIA program to New Hampshire, and I look forward to continuing our work together in support of our transportation system and the Granite State economy.”  

Powerful New Coalition Aims To Advance Bold Wall Street Reform Agenda

Labor organizations and community groups representing 25 million Americans unite behind tough agenda: closing Wall Street tax loopholes, making banks smaller and simpler, curbing predatory lending, and more 

Senator Elizabeth Warren (image by Ninian Reid FLIKR)

Senator Elizabeth Warren (image by Ninian Reid FLIKR)

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) today headlined an event in Washington, DC, where membership organizations, policy experts and elected leaders launched a new campaign for bold reforms to overhaul the country’s broken financial system. The Take on Wall Street coalition represents approximately 25 million Americans, including members of labor organizations like the AFL-CIO, AFT and CWA; grassroots community organizing networks like People’s Action and the Center for Popular Democracy; and others, including faith based organizations, MoveOn.org and the Working Families Party.  

As the 2016 campaign season has demonstrated, Americans across the political spectrum remain angry and frustrated with Wall Street and the Big Banks, which they see as both drivers and beneficiaries of a rigged system.  Wall Street billionaires continue to rake in outrageous profits through business practices that hurt working families—families that are still struggling to recover from the crisis Wall Street greed and recklessness precipitated eight years ago. Poll after poll demonstrates that most Americans strongly favor financial reform to support a fair economy.  

The Take on Wall Street campaign will advance a set of ambitious policy goals for a more equitable and inclusive economy.  The coalition members aim to convert the anger about Wall Street’s growing political and economic dominance into concrete, bold and lasting legislative gains at the state, local, and federal levels. 

“Hardworking men and women across the country want a fighting chance to build a real future for themselves and for their children,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said. “I’m glad to stand alongside the Take on Wall Street coalition to push for changes to make our financial markets safer and to create an economy that works for all our families. These are tough fights, but I know that if we get out there and stand together, we can win.” 

At the launch event, Take on Wall Street unveiled a five-point agenda to rebalance the economy so it is no longer rigged against working Americans: 

1.    Close the carried interest loophole which permits private equity and hedge fund managers pay a lower tax rate than most working Americans.

2.    Introduce a Wall Street speculation tax on sales of derivatives, stocks, bonds, and other financial products that would raise billions of dollars, bring banks closer to paying their fair of taxes, and stop some forms of destructive high-frequency trading outright.

3.    Make banks simpler, smaller and safer. End ‘too big to fail,’ and reinstitute the Glass Stegall separation between commercial and investment banks.

4.    Close the CEO bonus loophole, which permits corporations to pay less in taxes the more they pay their executives.

5.    End Predatory Lending and expand access to fair safe financial services by supporting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and expanding access to fair and equitable banking through Postal Banking. 

This is a rare moment in history to achieve fundamental change. This campaign is about rewriting the economic rules. The proposals at the heart of this campaign will drastically improve the way financial services function and mean more money in the pockets of working families, and hundreds of billions of dollars to boost our economy,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. 

“Finance has become the master of the economy, rather than a tool to serve it. And the outsized influence of the financial industry defends and extends rules that reward the already extremely wealthy but leave everyone else behind,” said Lisa Donner, Executive Director of Americans for Financial Reform, a broad-based coalition that was formed to work for financial reform and create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. “This campaign is about moving people into action to demand change that will unrig the game and build a financial system that works for working people.” 

“Predatory lenders and tax-avoiding corporations work in concert to extract wealth from my community, leaving my customers, the lifeblood of my business, trapped in a perpetual cycle of debt and absorbing a larger share of our mutual tax responsibility. We must usher in a set of rules that reins in predatory lending, holds corporations accountable to pay their fair share in taxes, and returns the wealth of communities to the hands of local consumers,” said David Borris, owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Chicago and member of the Main Street Alliance Executive Committee.   

In coming weeks, the campaign will host a tele-town hall with leading champions of reform, and launch a wave of direct actions and media events to call attention to some of the worst Wall Street practices that call out for reform, with particular emphasis on closing the carried interest loophole, which campaign leaders describe as a particularly glaring example of the corrupting influence of Wall Street campaign and lobbying dollars.  

Campaign partner organizations say that they will continue to press elected officials, regulators, and candidates at all levels of government throughout the summer and into the fall. The coalition will focus on naming the executives, legislators, and big banks and financial companies who continue to put our economy in jeopardy – while also shining a light on those champions who are taking action to make Wall Street accountable to working families.  

Current partners in the campaign include:  

  • Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action
  • American Family Voices
  • American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • American Postal Workers Union
  • Americans Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO
  • Americans for Financial Reform
  • Campaign for America’s Future
  • Catholic Alliance for the Common Good
  • Center for Popular Democracy
  • Citizen Action NY
  • Communications Workers of America
  • Consumer Action
  • Courage Campaign
  • Daily Kos
  • Democracy for America
  • Economic Policy Institute
  • Friends of the Earth
  • HedgeClippers
  • Institute for Policy Studies, Global Economy Project
  • International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, & Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW)
  • The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
  • Media Voices for Children
  • MoveOn
  • National Education Association
  • NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
  • NYC Communities for Change
  • The Other 98%
  • People for the American Way
  • People’s Action Institute
  • Presente
  • Public Citizen
  • Rootsaction
  • Service Employees International Union
  • Strong Economy for All Coalition
  • The Nation
  • The Rootstrikers at Demand Progress
  • Working America
  • Working Families Party

Governor Hassan Proclaims Clean Water Week in New Hampshire

 CONCORD – In order to highlight the importance of clean water to public health, public safety and New Hampshire’s economy, Governor Maggie Hassan today proclaimed Clean Water Week in New Hampshire. The Governor issued the proclamation during a ceremony at the State House with the New Hampshire Water Pollution Control Association to recognize students for their participation in a poster competition promoting Clean Water Week in the Granite State.

“Ensuring that all of our residents and visitors have access to safe, clean drinking water is critical to public health, the well-being of our families, vibrant communities and a thriving economy,” Governor Hassan said. “During Clean Water Week – and every week – we must continue working aggressively to address water contamination, ensure clean drinking water for all of our citizens, and protect the beautiful natural resources that make our state a unique place to live, work, visit and raise a family.” 

To help ensure that Granite Staters have access to clean, safe drinking water, Governor Hassan recently signed bipartisan legislation to create the New Hampshire Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund, which ensures that funds from the MtBE decision are used to remove MtBE contamination. 

Governor Hassan and state officials also continue to work aggressively to address water contaminated by perfluorochemicals (PFCs) around the Saint-Gobain facility in Merrimack, near the former location of Textiles Coated International in Amherst and at Pease Air Force Base. She has pushed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct a review of the best available science regarding PFCs and establish a lifetime health advisory for states to assess the safety of drinking water. The Governor has also worked with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and the Department of Health and Human Services to expand well testing, delivery of bottled water and assistance with blood testing as appropriate, and to start an investigation into the potential presence of these chemicals elsewhere in the state. 

The full text of the Governor’s proclamation is attached and below: 


MAY 15 – 21, 2016 

WHEREAS, New Hampshire residents have a strong commitment to protecting our state’s environment and consider our ocean, lakes, streams, and groundwater among the most precious of our resources; and

WHEREAS, With the support of New Hampshire residents and through several different water protection programs, the Department of Environmental Services endeavors to keep New Hampshire’s water clean for aesthetic, recreational, ecological, and drinking purposes; and

WHEREAS, Other guardians of New Hampshire’s waters are the New Hampshire Water Pollution Control Association and the New England Water Environmental Association comprised of government officials and wastewater treatment plant professionals concerned with the abatement and control of water pollution; and

WHEREAS, Since the passage of the 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control (Clean Water Act), substantial progress has been made in protecting and enhancing water quality due to the concerted efforts of the government, the private sector, and the public, including the construction and expansion of more than 80 publicly owned wastewater treatment plants throughout New Hampshire; and 

WHEREAS, Clean water is critical to public health, public safety, and our economy; and

WHEREAS, Significant water pollution challenges still lie ahead in the effort to protect New Hampshire’s water resources from pollution; 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MARGARET WOOD HASSAN, GOVERNOR of the State of New Hampshire, do hereby proclaim MAY 15 – 21, 2016, as CLEAN WATER WEEK in the State of New Hampshire and invite the people of New Hampshire to observe this week by remembering how critical clean, fresh water is to all of us and to act responsibly in their use of this shared resource.

Given this 18th day of May, in the year of Our Lord two thousand and sixteen, and the independence of the United States of America, two hundred and forty.

Margaret Wood Hassan


New Hampshire Senate Republicans Blocking Rail Funding Once Again

(Image by Loco Steve FLIKR CC)

(Image by Loco Steve FLIKR CC)

Concord, NH – Today, Senate Republicans blocked the restoration of the $4 million funding for environmental and engineering assessment work, the next phase in bringing commuter rail to New Hampshire. After the vote, Sen. Bette Lasky (D-Nashua) offered the following comments:

“We talk a lot in the Senate about what our workers and businesses need to thrive and grow here in New Hampshire. And while our businesses have many needs, commuter rail addresses two of their most basic problems: a modern, safe, transportation infrastructure and the retention of a highly educated workforce,” said Sen. Lasky. “I’m disappointed that Senate Republicans have once again blocked this funding. In addition, the people of New Hampshire continue to be frustrated by the lack of effort by the Republicans in the legislature to find a consensus way forward on commuter rail when the economic benefits have been shown to be undeniable.”

“The fact that this next phase would not cost the state a penny makes the opposition to this proposal even more unbelievable. We have more than enough toll credits to complete this work, without sacrificing other projects, and the funding proposed for this project cannot be used for any other project within the 10-Year Transportation Improvement Plan. There is no logical reason to oppose this funding except for those who are ideologically opposed to bringing commuter rail and the economic boost it will provide to New Hampshire.”

Federal transit funds would make up 80% of the $4 million needed for the project, with the state’s 20% share being covered by excess toll credits.

“I, along with my Senate Democratic colleagues and the more than 74% of New Hampshire citizens, continue to be frustrated by the refusal of our Republican colleagues to act on commuter rail. But even though the Senate has once again blocked this common sense solution to move this project forward, we will continue fighting to make commuter rail a reality in the Granite State,” Laskey concluded.

“I am disappointed that the amendment to leverage federal funds for the environmental and engineering work necessary to bring commuter rail from Boston to Nashua and Manchester was eliminated. Commuter rail would help improve access to the entire region, provide new housing and transportation opportunities, spur economic development and create jobs. The business community continues to call on us to take action on this and we must keep working together with members from both parties, local communities, the federal government, our businesses and the State of Massachusetts to come to an agreement to make this vital project a reality,” said Governor Maggie Hassan.  

Dan Weeks Calls Partisan Obstruction Of Judicial Appointments Unacceptable At State And Federal Level

Dan Weeks 4Executive Council candidate pledges to vet all state nominees based on qualifications, not political litmus tests

NASHUA, NH – Executive Council candidate Dan Weeks will join dozens of concerned citizens today at noon at the Nashua office of Sen. Kelly Ayotte to call for an end to partisan obstruction of judicial nominees in the US Senate and the NH Executive Council.

As a longtime good-government reformer with a history of cross-partisan collaboration, Weeks noted that over 50 days have passed since Chief Judge Merrick Garland was nominated to the US Supreme Court and still Senate Republicans are refusing to fulfill their constitutional duty to consider the president’s appointment. Court observes predict that numerous pressing matters will go unresolved on the Supreme Court this year as a result.

“This brand of partisan obstruction of the appointment process is unacceptable not only in Washington, but also right here in New Hampshire on the Executive Council,” Weeks said. “Granite Staters expect their elected officials to fulfill their Constitutional mandate and do the job we elected them do. In the case of Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland, that means giving him a hearing and an up-or-down vote.”

Weeks noted that every Supreme Court nominee since 1875 has received a hearing or a vote, until today. Declaring the last year of the President’s four-year term “off limits” for nominations, especially on our nation’s highest court, disenfranchises the millions of voters who elected the sitting president and sets a dangerous precedent for Republican Executive Councilors in New Hampshire.

“The refusal last year of my opponent, Councilor Wheeler, and his fellow Republicans to approve the governor’s appointment of Dorothy Graham to the State Superior Court last November – simply because she did her job as a public defender – is a troubling case in point.” Weeks said. The Executive Council’s rejection of Dorothy Graham on a party-line vote, even after she received universal support from members of law enforcement at her public hearing, was a first in recent memory, according to NHPR.

“If elected to the Council, I will take the responsibility of vetting judicial nominations seriously and reject the partisan obstructionism we see today. Moreover, I will work to protect the rights of Granite Staters to publicly vet our judicial nominees, and will urge the governor to appoint highly-qualified individuals who reflect the character and diversity of our state,” Weeks concluded.

Filmmakers Release Sneak Peak Of “Bern” – The Bernie Sanders Documentary

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Screen Shot BernFilm Includes Rare Footage and Interviews of
Bernie Sanders from 1960’s to 1990’s

AUSTIN, Texas – Featuring rarely-seen archival footage of Bernie Sanders, The Bernie Sanders Documentary “Bern” examines the people, places and events that shaped the man who has inspired such widespread grassroots support in the 2016 presidential election.  The film traces Sanders’ personal and political evolution from a student activist at the University of Chicago to his four terms as mayor of Burlington, VT and on through his careers in the U.S. House and Senate, and gives viewers a chance to get to know Bernie Sanders the man, so they can learn about Bernie Sanders, the candidate.  The website for the film is: https://www.BernTheMovie.com.

“We started this project simply as voters wanting to learn more about a candidate, but it quickly became something much larger.  The more we investigated, the more we realized a very interesting story was taking shape and that the only way to tell it right was to take a closer look at Bernie’s history and figure out why he has connected so strongly with so many people,” says Executive Producer Jay Matthew.

The project was created by Matthew along with Executive Producer Chris Blankenship and Director/Producer Miriam Paredes to capture what they see as a pivotal time in this country’s history, one that touches on issues of economic disenfranchisement, class conflict, social inequity and the shifting value we place on community and individual freedom.

In keeping with the project’s mission to highlight the power of community, the film will be distributed free online.  The first installment will premiere on May 27, 2016, ten days before the California, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and Washington DC primaries.  The second installment, which will document the run-up to the election in November and its aftermath, is scheduled to premiere February 27, 2017, regardless of the outcome of the election because, as EP Matthew explained, “We believe that what Bernie Sanders is doing for the political and social landscape of America will go far beyond the 2016 race.”

The sneak peek is available at https://www.BernTheMovie.com

On Small Business Week, NH Small Business Leaders Call Maggie Hassan The Best Choice For Senate

Image from Hassan Campaign (All Rights Reserved)

Image from Hassan Campaign (All Rights Reserved)

Maggie Will Continue Working to Support Job-Creating Small Businesses, Encourage Innovation, and Expand Economic Opportunity for all Granite Staters

CONCORD – During small business week, New Hampshire small business leaders say Governor Maggie Hassan’s bipartisan leadership to support job-creating small businesses and encourage innovation makes her the best choice to represent New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate.  

“Small businesses are the backbone of our state’s economy, and as Governor, I have always fought to support job-creating small businesses, encourage innovation, and expand opportunity for all Granite Staters,” said Governor Maggie Hassan. “Unfortunately, Washington has given in to corporate special interests that rig the system for themselves and against the middle class, and I’m running for United States Senate to fight to ensure that Washington does better for all of New Hampshire’s families and small businesses.”

As Governor, Maggie fought to enact two fiscally responsible, bipartisan budgets that protected critical economic priorities while holding the line against an income or sales tax, and she has made the tough choices to consistently manage the state budget to a surplus. She froze in-state tuition at New Hampshire universities for the first time in 25 years and reduced tuition at community colleges, cut taxes for research & development and small businesses and developed the award-winning “Live Free and Start” initiative to support start-up companies and help them access capital, enabling them to launch and grow. She signed a bipartisan transportation funding bill that invests in road and bridge projects across the state, including finishing the expansion of I-93, and she has also supported job training programs to help ensure that our workers are ready for good jobs in the changing global economy.

In the Senate, Maggie will continue fighting for the priorities that will support small businesses, encourage innovation, and expand opportunity for working families: fixing our roads and bridges; making college more affordable so all hard-working Granite Staters have the skills they need to get ahead and stay ahead; and eliminating tax breaks for Big Oil and outsourcers so we can provide tax credits for small businesses that create jobs here and cut taxes for middle class families.

See below for what a few New Hampshire small business owners have to say about why they support Maggie for Senate:

Executive Councilor Chris Pappas, Puritan Backroom, Manchester – “As both an Executive Councilor and a small business owner, I know Governor Hassan has a deep commitment to helping small businesses thrive. Governor Hassan understands that small businesses are essential to a flourishing economy throughout New Hampshire, and she has fought to ensure that businesses owners have the support we need to innovate and grow. I know that Governor Hassan will continue to be a strong advocate for our small businesses in the United States Senate, and I am proud to support her.”

Mark Kelley, White Mountain Lumber, Berlin – “A strong economy in the North Country is critical for our people and our entire state, and Governor Hassan has worked tirelessly to ensure our small businesses are getting ahead. Governor Hassan has made critical investments in businesses development, infrastructure, and transportation which have helped spur our economy and create jobs. The Governor has been committed to fighting for small businesses and economic development in the North Country and across our entire state, and I know she will continue to make our voices heard and get results in the United States Senate.”

Adria Bagshaw, The WH Bagshaw Company, Nashua – “I’m proud to support Maggie Hassan for U.S. Senate because she understands the issues that are important to small businesses like mine. Washington could use her common-sense, collaborative approach, and New Hampshire could use a Senator like Maggie Hassan who understands the importance of investing in business priorities like our infrastructure and education system while holding the line against a sales or income tax.”

Mary Collins, former State Director of the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center, of Wolfeboro – “Maggie Hassan knows what it takes to help our small businesses thrive and grow, and even more importantly, she has a proven record of delivering results. From strengthening investments in higher education and job training programs, to passing legislation to fix highways, roads and bridges, to making it easier for start-up companies to launch and grow, Maggie has shown that she can work across party lines to get results for small businesses. Now, we need her to take her bipartisan approach to the U.S. Senate where she will always fight to support small businesses and get things done.”

Mary Jo Brown, Brown & Company Design, Portsmouth – “Governor Hassan’s record of supporting higher education shows she understands the needs of small businesses here in New Hampshire. She’s also committed to ensuring equal pay for equal work which would give working families, and our economy as a whole, a much-needed boost. That’s why I’m proud to join her campaign for Senate. I know she’ll bring her Granite State priorities and collaborative approach to Washington to deliver real results.”

Presidential Proclamation — Workers Memorial Day, 2016

Image from Whitehouse.gov

Image from Whitehouse.gov



The story of America is the story of its workers. With faith in one another and hope for what their country could be, generations of laborers fought, sacrificed, and organized for the rights and protections that workers across our Nation have today — including requirements to protect their health and safety. Today, we honor this legacy by reflecting on those who have lost their lives in the workplace, and we reaffirm our dedication to ensuring that people can work knowing the fullest measure of stability, security, and opportunity.

In 1969 and 1970, two pieces of legislation of enormous consequence forever changed the lives of workers across our Nation. Passed by a Democratic Congress and signed by a Republican President, the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act — which required Federal inspections of coal mines, established processes and protections for ensuring the health and safety of coal miners, and was later amended to cover all miners — and the Occupational Safety and Health Act — which created new standards for worker protections in industries across America — represented milestone achievements for a cause borne out of decades of toil and struggle. Spurred by working men and women of every origin and background, the movement for worker safety was inspired by a simple notion: that those who contribute so much to the economy and spirit of our country should have every chance to share in its promise.

Since I took office, my Administration has advanced protections for America’s workers. In 2014, I signed an Executive Order aimed at cracking down on Federal contractors who violate our labor laws, and in the time since, we have enhanced our rigorous processes for companies contracting with the Federal Government while working to enforce and raise standards for employers throughout our economy. We have implemented rules that cut the amount of coal dust inhaled by coal miners, and we have taken steps to protect more workers from diseases caused by exposure to silica and other harmful substances. And we will enhance our efforts to support workers injured on the job, because if you are hurt at the workplace after giving your all, you should still be able to keep food on the table.

The history of America’s workers reminds us that, far from being inevitable, the progress each generation has known has been the result of the courage, determination, and solidarity demonstrated by the last. This Workers Memorial Day, as we join in solemn remembrance of those who lost their lives undertaking their labor, let us carry forward the vision of just and safe working conditions for all of America’s workers. If we stay true to that essential mission, we can deliver to our children and grandchildren a future of ever greater possibility and security.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim April 28, 2016, as Workers Memorial Day. I call upon all Americans to participate in ceremonies and activities in memory of those killed or injured due to unsafe working conditions.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-seventh day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and fortieth.


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