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How Obamacare Saved One Steelworkers Family

Labor has a long history of fighting to the health of their workers.  What about the children of their workers?  Do they fight for them? ABSOLUTELY. Here is the best part, that union who is fighting for their workers health, their children’s health, is also fighting for your child’s health.  Don’t believe me, I will prove it.

Labor unions have been fighting for the Affordable Care Act since it has been introduced.  Why, because healthcare is one of the biggest fights in a contract.
There are three major items that are discussed in a collective bargaining agreement.

1. Pay.

2. Vacation and Sick time.

3. Healthcare benefits and costs.


There are many other items that are discussed in creating a mutually agreed upon contract, however these three are the reasons that most unions and management end up in impasse.  For example, the most recent strike between Verizon and IBEW/CWA workers came down to the amount of money that workers would have to pay for health insurance and the pay cut they would have to endure.


Now the United Steel Workers are bringing the Affordable Care Act to the front of the Presidential race.  Both sides are talking about the ACA but the majority of Americans do not understand what the ACA will do.  This new video from USW tell the story of one families struggles and how the ACA has saved their family and most importantly guaranteed insurance coverage for their son.

My name is Karrie Turner. I’m a proud Steelworker wife – married to the love of my life, Craig, and a mommy to three young boys: Travis, Trenton and Tucker.

I’m writing to share my story and to ask you to please keep fighting for me and my family.

As a member of USW Local 7248, Craig works hard every day. In October 2005, when our first-born Travis was just 9 months old, our world was turned upside down. Our baby was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer.

Luckily, Travis’s father, a United Steel Worker, had health insurance as part of his negotiated contract.  The problem came when Travis endured multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy.   Travis had reached the one million dollar cap with their insurance.  Travis’s condition also prohibited him from every getting insurance in the future.


That all changed when the President signed the Affordable Care Act.  With the passage of the ACA, Travis could no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.  Now Travis and his family will never have to worry about getting insurance coverage again.

This is just one more reason to support President Obama this election.  It is for the millions of people like Travis who would never be able to get insurance are now protected.  Mitt Romney has already stated that he would repeal the ACA. This has become a priority of Romney/Ryan campaign.


Karrie Turner said:

I’m not a political person, or a union official or wealthy campaign donor. I’m just a mom.  And as a mom, I’ll do everything in my power to protect my kids.  President Obama fought for my son. Now, my family is fighting for him.

Your vote can help protect children like Travis.   Will you use your vote to protect children or protect ‘corporate people’? 


Tomorrow, Get Out And Vote

As all of you are painfully aware there is a primary vote tomorrow.  There will be Republican and Democratic primaries.  This primary has become very controversial.  We have the five people running for Governor.  The Governor race has been a very hot topic and I think many people have already made up their mind when it comes to that.  The media has boiled the Democratic Candidates to Jackie vs Maggie.  They also have made the entire race based around Maggie taking the ‘No Tax Pledge’ and Jackie refusing by saying ‘we need to have a grown up conversation about revenue’.

As for the Republican side, both Ovide and Kevin Smith are going around pushing the same GOP Platform that proceeded to drive our national economy in to recession.  They both have plans to cut taxes, and cut the budget, and miraculously this will create jobs.  They are also saying that we need a Right To Work (for less) bill to create more jobs.  All of which are wrong.  Both of these candidates will be bad for the middle class families in New Hampshire.

The NH House races has also taken very nasty turn.  The New Hampshire Liberty Caucus and Americans For Prosperity have sent out mailers to Granite Staters telling them not to vote for candidates who oppose Right To Work (for less) legislation.  I have even heard rumors from a few sources that people were ‘lit dropping’ this information all over southern NH and the seacoast.  They are specifically targeting the 40 Republicans who are currently elected as State Rep who are also running in primaries this week.

It does not matter which side of the aisle you favor, the fact is that we need people from both sides to oppose Right To Work (for less) in order to block any future attempts by Bill O’Brien and his followers.

If you plan to pull a Republican ballot for the primary, take a minute to see who stood with middle class families over the last two years. Check to see who voted against Right To Work.  We need to ensure that they make it through the primary.

We know that the house will never completely go to one side or the other so it is important to have allies on both sides.

The most important thing to remember is to GET OUT AND VOTE.  Your vote is very important and especially important in these small state elections.  Your vote matters and your vote makes a difference.

The Quarter Billionaire’s $9 Jobs

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Fairly early in Mitt’s speech last night he said this:

But today, four years from the excitement of the last election, for the first time, the majority of Americans now doubt that our children will have a better future.

It is not what we were promised.


It’s not just what we wanted. It’s not just what we expected.

It’s what Americans deserved.

You deserved it because during these years, you worked harder than ever before. You deserved it because when it cost more to fill up your car, you cut out movie nights and put in longer hours. Or when you lost that job that paid $22.50 an hour with benefits, you took two jobs at 9 bucks an hour and fewer benefits. You did it because your family depended on you. You did it because you’re an American and you don’t quit. You did it because it was what you had to do.

But driving home late from that second job, or standing there watching the gas pump hit 50 dollars and still going, when the realtor told you that to sell your house you’d have to take a big loss, in those moments you knew that this just wasn’t right.

But what could you do? Except work harder, do with less, try to stay optimistic. Hug your kids a little longer; maybe spend a little more time praying that tomorrow would be a better day. [my emphasis]

The passage is fundamentally important to the logic of the speech–and indeed, Mitt’s entire campaign–both because it pretends Mitt understands the struggles of average people and because it suggests Obama failed to deliver on Hope and Change.

And at the core of the passage are $9 jobs that don’t pay enough to live on.

Which is funny, because just a few hours earlier, the Founder of Staples, Thomas Stemberg, bragged about Mitt’s role in this:

The truth is Mitt was not a typical investor. He was a true partner. Where some saw an unproven new business, he saw a store that could save people money. He recognized that efficiency creates consumer value. He never looked at Staples as merely a financial investment. He saw the engine of prosperity it could become.

Today Staples employs nearly 90,000 people. It has over 2,000 stores. Over 50 distribution centers.

The average self-reported hourly wage of a Staples EasyTech Associate is $8.89. The average self-reported hourly wage of a Staples Sales Associate is $8.54.

Those jobs Mitt talked about as a symbol of America’s failed promise, the ones that don’t pay a living wage? That’s what Mitt’s campaign boasted about last night as his idea of an “engine of prosperity.”

And it was an engine of prosperity, for Mitt, for Stemberg. Mitt’s worth at least $250 million. Stemberg is reportedly worth $202 million. And they got that money by running an engine of prosperity that relies on workers who are Mitt’s own example of the failure of the American dream. “This just wasn’t right,” Mitt said himself. (Not to mention that some of the steel jobs Mitt destroyed probably were $22.50 an hour jobs, with benefits.)

And look at the solution Mitt imagines for these Americans in the dead-end jobs he created. Not joining a union, the historically proven way to improve dead-end jobs. But work harder, cut back on expenses.


And, vote for Mitt Romney, the guy who destroyed those $22.50 an hour jobs and replaced them with $9 an hour ones.

The RNC spent a lot of time this week appealing to small business owners. Indeed, those small business owners are the customers whose prosperity Stemberg imagines Staples serving.

But to a large and increasing number of American people, Mitt’s actually arguing that he should be President so he can solve the problem he got phenomenally rich by causing in the first place.

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Romney Ryan Campaign Turns NH Voters Away While Busing In Others From Out Of State


Being the “First in the Nation” primary state many people consider politics to be New Hampshire’s unofficial sport.  Granite Staters are well-informed when it comes to candidates. I myself like to listen to both sides before I make a decision on who I will vote for.  This is why New Hampshire has so many registered “Independent” voters.  However at a local Romney Ryan campaign stop New Hampshire voters were turned away in favor of busloads of Massachusetts residents.

Like many of the campaign stops in the Granite State, candidates like to give away tickets to the event.  They usually send you to their website to register, and hope you will also “support” their campaign at the same time.  This was no different for the Romney Ryan campaign.

The Republican Presidential campaign issued tickets online to New Hampshire voters, then sent an email late last night cancelling tickets for New Hampshire voters less than 12 hours before the event began. The following is a copy of an email received by one local voter around 11:00 pm last night:

From: “Eventbrite” <orders@eventbrite.com>
Date: August 19, 2012 11:14:59 PM EDT
To: [email]
Subject: Order CANCELED for Victory Town Hall with Mitt Romney Paul Ryan and the GOP Team
Reply-To: trupp@mittromney.com

The most appalling part of this email was that right now is that the cancellation message was that it appears that it was only sent to registered Democrats.  A well-known Occupy NH member, and registered undeclared voter, gained entry without problem.


Some Granite Staters had not seen the campaign email before departing for the event this morning, and were notified of the cancellation only after waiting in line and presenting their printed tickets at the event door around 8:00 a.m. Romney staff promptly escorted blackballed individuals offsite; meanwhile several buses bearing Massachusetts license plates were seen unloading passengers at the event location.


“I woke up this morning excited to participate in the Romney event, only to find that I had an email from the Romney staff rescinding my ticket,” said Mark King of Nashua. “I am disappointed that I couldn’t participate in the democratic process.”


So as Nashua resident Mark King was being escorted off the premises, busloads of Massachusetts residents filled the venue in Goffstown.  There are always accusations from the NH GOP that the NH Democratic Party are busing in people from Massachusetts.  “Republicans charge that we bring in folks from out-of-state, but today I saw Massachusetts plate after Massachusetts plate,” said Eva Castillo, a local Manchester volunteer and activist. “They couldn’t fill their rally with local people so they bused them in from out-of-state.”


At a time when people are screaming that our democratic process is broken, the Romney Ryan campaign turned away people who wanted to keep an open mind and hear what all of the candidates had to say. “I got a ticket for myself, my husband and my son,” said Eileen Lee of Goffstown. “I got an email this morning that cancelled my ticket. I was disappointed. I like to hear what both sides have to say. It’s not the election yet, and I would have liked to hear what Paul Ryan had to say. Isn’t this a town meeting forum?”


Isn’t the goal of an election to take voters away from your opponent in order to win the election.  New Hampshire is dubbed as a swing state because of the fact that it could go either way this November.  It is unfortunate to see that the Romney Ryan campaign is already playing partisan politics before they are even elected.  After this who will really believe that Romney and Ryan are really willing to sit down with the other side to discuss and work out the issues.  If this is any indication of how they will be as President (and VP) then we would be in for four years of “My Way Or The Highway” from President Romney.


The Most Dangerous Thing Of All Is An Uninformed Voter: A Breakdown Of The Newest UNH Survey

Well the newest Granite State Survey is out! You can see the full results here.  Unless you live under a rock you have probably seen most of the results about the race for NH Governor.  In case you did not here are the big results:

  • Ovide Lamontagne is the only candidate who is known to a majority of the people surveyed (53%).  However only 29% of those who knew him thought favorably of him.
  • Both Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley were mostly unknown by people
  • In a matchup between Maggie Hassan and Ovide Lamontagne,  Maggie would win 33% to 31%.  The kicker is that 35% were still undecided.
  • In a matchup between Maggie and Kevin Smith, Maggie again takes the win with 31% to 29%. Again 39% were undecided.
  • Ovide Lamontagne vs. Jackie Cilley, Ovide takes the win 35% to 31%, with 33% undecided
  • Jackie Cilley vs Kevin Smith, Jackie wins with 31% to 28% with 39% undecided

So while this may not be good news for all the candidates the is much to say about it.  Both Maggie and Jackie say a net gain in the poll. This means of the people that know about the candidate they were either neutral or thought favorable of the candidate.

On to my favorite and most frustrating part of the poll, Union Households.  This is a simple question: Are you or does someone in you home belong to a union?  The reason this is my favorite and most frustrating is because it shows that we are getting the message out there, but not enough.

The major unions in the state have already said they do not want Ovide or Smith because they are strong supporters of Right To Work for less.  In the polling 34% were in favor of Ovide, 36% opposed Ovide and 25% were undecided.  Both favorable and unfavorable went up in this survey, it still means we need to do a better job of telling people why we cannot let Ovide win the election.  The same hold true for Kevin Smith, 14% favorable and 18% unfavorable.

For the Dems Maggie Hassan holds 22% favorable rating to 18% unfavorable in union households.  While Jackie Cilley has a 29% favorable rating to 9% unfavorable.  Both Maggie and Jackie have received numerous endorsements from NH unions.  So when it comes to union households the endorsements seem to be working.

For me the biggest thing I found about this survey is that people do not really know who they are voting for yet.  The number of undecided responses in this poll show that not even half of the people knew the candidates.  Overall this is good news for both Jackie and Maggie.  There is not a lot of time left before the primaries but with three months till the general there is plenty of time to get out there and campaign.

The most dangerous thing of all is an uninformed voter!


My Response to NH Union Leader Editorial About Maggie Hassan and “Women’s Rights”

I do not usually comment not the “women’s rights” issues but this one angered me.  My anger does not have anything to do with women and their rights.  The NH Union Leader is distorting the facts to continue the NH House’s extreme agenda.

Here is the link to the entire Editorial

Below is an excerpt from the editorial an my comments (which are also posted on the NH Union Leader Website).

Denying women access to “basic health care” would indeed be an awful thing. Voters will be relieved to know that no one tried to do that. A bill, rejected in the Senate, would have let employers who have religious objections to contraception opt out of paying for it. In March, the House passed a different bill that would, as Reuters reported, “exempt religious institutions from having to include contraceptive coverage in health insurance plans.”

Neither bill was an attempt to “take away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.” Birth control would still be legal and accessible. A one-month pack of birth control pills costs as little as $9 at Walmart. The difference would be that those who object to contraception on religious grounds would not be forced by law to pay for someone else’s use of it.

For people who are all about protecting your rights, you sure want to know a lot about your Employee’s Health. Under the privacy act you do not have to tell your employer anything about your medical situation unless there is a medical requirement to perform your job. So they should not even have knowledge of women seeing a doctor or being prescribed any birth control.

Second, if the employer pays for health insurance they again would SHOULD NEVER have any knowledge of what the insurance company is paying for benefits. It would violate all privacy between the insurance company and the employee/client.

There is no possible way for an employer to know what the medical insurance payments would be going to.

As an employer who provided health care, your obligation is to pay the insurance company a set fee. Lets say $100 a month. That is it. You pay $100 a month wether I, as the employee, use that health insurance or not. The company has no connection to the Doctor or the Pharmacy where medications are given.

Thank goodness the NH Senate was sane enough to reject these bills. Bills like this would lead to more invasions of privacy and would lead to insurance companies and businesses being allowed to pick and choose what health care they will pay for. You as my employer (or as my elected representative) do not get to make medical decisions for me. I have a Medical Doctor for that.



Ovide Tells You In His Own Words How He Plans To Rip Apart New Hampshire’s Middle Class

You asked for it! Ovide supplied it.

This week Ovide Lamontagne released an Op/Ed in the NH Union Leader titled “Ovide Lamontagne: Candidates should answer your questions, so here goes“.  The big thing is there is nothing new in this editorial however since he wants to highlight his points, I thought I would also highlight some of the “NOvide 2012” points too.

— School funding: I support and have fought for a constitutional amendment to allow the Legislature to delegate educational policy making and funding to local communities while targeting state aid for education. Failing to do so leaves us on the path to a broad-based tax and limits real education reform. We should work to decentralize the delivery of education through site-based management, giving control to local leaders. I will continue to support reforms that encourage school choice.

Yes Ovide is pushing school vouchers.  He wants to be able to allow people to attend any school they want while taking the taxes from your town.  He wants your hard earned money to pay for private religious schools.  Strike 1.

— The structure of government: I would seek to amend the influence of the executive branch in two ways. First, the time has come to reform the appointment process to ensure that a new governor is allowed to appoint the heads of major state agencies upon taking office. Second, I support a constitutional amendment authorizing a budget line-item veto, providing the governor with a check to keep spending low and our budget balanced. I would seek to make the executive branch weaker by calling on the Legislature to stop delegating rule-making authority to unelected bureaucrats at state agencies, and instead pass complete bills that do not require rulemaking.

This one is very confusing.  He wants to be elected Governor while at the same time seeks to reduce the power of the executive branch.  He also wants to give his TEA Party ally,  Bill O’Brien, and the extremist in the Legislature more power.  He wants to make it that the Legislature has all the rulemaking power.  We definitely do not need the Tea Party extremists to have more power.  Strike 2

— State pension plans: Despite significant efforts to reform the state pension program, we face a systemic problem. We must transition away from defined-benefit plans. With my own law firm and then during my time as chairman of the board of St. Mary’s Bank, we successfully transitioned from a defined-benefit plan to a defined-contribution plan. As governor, I will seek to do the same for all new state employees.

This is only step one in the Ovide anti-worker plan.  He first wants to take away your pension.  That is if he does not give your job away first.  He also wants to “Privatize” the State Department of Transportation.  (See also our NHLN Post on Privatization of the DOT)

He has already made his anti-worker agenda very clear when he stated “Scott Walker on steroids”.  For those who work for public agencies, Ovide will be coming directly for you.    He will not stop at the Department of Transportation either.  How long before all the prisons are privatized?  I wonder what else he can privatize?



Hassan Launches Statewide TV Advertising on Education and Women’s Health Care Tomorrow

Hassan is the First Gubernatorial Candidate to Advertise on Broadcast and Cable

MANCHESTER – Building on her growing momentum, Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan will launch two television advertisements this week, focusing on her record on education and women’s health care.

Hassan becomes the first gubernatorial candidate to advertise on broadcast and cable television. She was recently endorsed by former President Bill Clinton and over the weekend started her statewide Ice Cream Social Tour, with hundreds of voters turning out to see her.

“These advertisements highlight the important stakes in this election, and the very different approach that Maggie Hassan offers as compared to the extreme agenda of Ovide Lamontagne, Kevin Smith and the current legislature,” said Matt Burgess, Hassan’s campaign manager.  “This advertising helps us expand our reach so more voters can get to know Maggie and her plans to move New Hampshire forward.”

Those efforts to reach out to voters will continue with ice cream socials this week in in Manchester at the Puritan Backroom this Thursday August 9th and in Derry at the Marion Gerrish Community Center on Sunday August 12th, Burgess said.   For more dates please see maggiehassan.com/events.

The Hassan campaign will begin airing two television ads titled “School” and “Forward” on WMUR and cable systems across the state on Tuesday.  The ads feature Hassan speaking directly to New Hampshire voters about her record on education, establishing statewide kindergarten and protecting women’s access to basic health care and birth control.

Hassan has been a strong supporter of New Hampshire’s public schools and improving education for all children. As a State Senator and as Senate Majority Leader, Maggie Hassan helped passed laws that increased state funding for local schools, made kindergarten available to every child in New Hampshire, and cut the state’s high school dropout rate in half. Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith have a very different approach. As chairman of the board of education, Lamontagne blocked New Hampshire schools from receiving millions in federal funds and opposed public kindergarten. Both Lamontagne and Smith support a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to reduce funding for local schools and supported a new law that is diverting millions of taxpayer dollars from public to private schools.

Hassan supports women’s health care and reproductive choice. As a State Senator, she worked to pass a law that made emergency contraception available without a prescription and opposed legislation that would have limited reproductive choice for women. Ovide Lamontagne supports a Human Life Amendment that would ban all abortions, even in the case of rape and incest, and would even make some forms of birth control and fertility treatments illegal.

The media buy is approximately $70,000.   The ads are available at www.maggiehassan.com/tvads.

The Ads:

“School” – LINK

Maggie Hassan:            My mom was a schoolteacher. My dad fought in World War II.  They told us you study hard and you stand up for what you believe in.  I’ll stand up to anyone who wants to cut education.  As a leader in the Senate, I passed laws to lower dropout rates and to establish statewide kindergarten.  As your Governor, I’ll stand up for what matters to your family, because it matters to my family too.


“Forward” – LINK

Maggie Hassan:            When extremists in the legislature tried to deny women’s access for basic health care and allow insurance plans to drop coverage for birth control, I stood up to them.  As a leader in the Senate, I passed new laws to protect women’s access to health care birth control.  As Governor, I won’t let anyone take away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.  I’m Maggie Hassan and that’s where I stand.



NH Labor 2012 Election News 8/5: (Cilley) Facing A Silver Tsunami, Hassan Hold Ice Cream Social, Romney VEEP App, Ohio Voter Protection, and more

Facing the Silver Tsunami – Nashua, NH Patch: “Maybe you’ve heard about the “silver tsunami.” It started last year, when the first of the baby boomers (those born between 1948 and 1964) turned 65. Nationally, the number of people aged 65 and older will double by 2050. Here in New Hampshire, nearly a third of our people will be 65 or older by 2030. Research by the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies suggests that this huge shift in our society means “pledge” budgeting won’t meet our state’s needs, especially when it comes to health care costs. The aging of our population presents us with unprecedented challenges to be sure, but also a wealth of opportunities.”

Despite event’s chill name, ice cream social a forum for Hassan to address serious issues – NashuaTelegraph.com: “During her visit to Nashua, Hassan was critical not only of the two Republican candidates – Kevin Smith, of Londonderry, and Ovide Lamontagne, of Manchester – but also the current Republican-dominated state Legislature.
The Republican Legislature, particularly the House of Representatives under the leadership of Bill O’Brien, has been turning back the clock on progress made in the state Legislature, said Hassan, a former New Hampshire Senate majority leader.
That progress “is being dismantled even as we speak,” Hassan said.”

Hassan – and Ice Cream – Draw Crowd to NCC – Nashua, NH Patch: “More than 100 people turned out today at Nashua Community College for an ice cream social hosted by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan, of Exeter.

Hassan said the goal of the tour is to continue her grassroots outreach to voters – and ice cream lovers – across the state. It includes stops in Portsmouth on Sunday and Dover on Tuesday.   ”

Romney VEEP App and a round up on the week in NH Politics from the NH Patch.

Who’s Romney’s VP Pick? There’s an App for That – Nashua, NH Patch: “Fortunately, there’s a way to make sure you’re among the first who find out when Romney does make his announcement – download the free “Mitt’s VP app” that the Romney campaign unveiled last week.

According to an email from campaign adviser Beth Myers, it’s the only way “to be the first to get the VP scoop.””

This weeks State House Dome By Gary Rayno.

Circumstances led Lamontagne from law to politics – NashuaTelegraph.com: “Two years ago, Ovide Lamontagne lost his U.S. Senate bid by about 1,600 votes.
But compared with his first campaign experience 36 years earlier, that margin seemed a mile wide.”

Mitt Romney Peeps Some Veeps: The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For Aug. 3: “For many years, Americans learned whom their presidential nominees had chosen as their running mates the same, dreary way. The nominee would approach some guy and ask, “Hey, how’s about you be the guy who steps in and does political stuff if, for some reason, I keel over and die?” And then that guy would be all, “Yeah, that sounds OK,” and then they’d find some reporters and tell them about it, and then there would be news stories and trenchant analysis for a couple of weeks, and then people would go on with their lives.

Obviously, this system had its hiccups. Who can forget the New York Post banner headline — “It’s Gephardt!” — hailing the Missouri representative as John Kerry’s running mate on the day Kerry picked John Edwards. Seriously, Dick Gephardt being misidentified as Kerry’s choice is perhaps the most memorable part of Dick Gephardt’s career.”

Ayotte Would Add Youth, Conservatism As VP Choice : NPR: “That New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte is even being considered as Mitt Romney’s running mate is somewhat remarkable. After all, New Hampshire has just four electoral votes, and Ayotte has been a U.S. senator — her first elected office — for less than two years.

But if any senator could be said to possess a refreshing charm, it might be Ayotte, 44, a mother of two young children, who still lives in her hometown of Nashua and is married to a former combat pilot.

Factor in her staunch right-of-center views and her landslide win in 2010 and you can see why Ayotte is now a draw at national conservative events.”

Walter Jones On Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns: ‘I Don’t Think This Will Go Away’: “GOP Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) said Thursday that Mitt Romney’s refusal to release more than two years of tax returns could hurt him in the presidential election.

“I don’t think this will go away,” Jones told The Hill. “And if we’re still talking about this in September, he’s in deep trouble.””

Protecting early voting in Ohio — Barack Obama:
What happened to early voting in Ohio?

  • In the 2008 presidential election, more than 93,000 Ohioans utilized early voting in the three days before the election.
  • Earlier this year, Ohio’s GOP-controlled legislature passed an election reform law that cut off early voting three days before the election.
  • More than 300,000 Ohioans signed a petition to secure a referendum on the November 6th ballot in order to repeal this law. Rather than face the referendum, the legislature, at the urging of Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted, decided to repeal the law.
  • However, “in an unusual turn of events,” Ohio Republicans managed to keep a technical provision of the bill that shortens the early voting process and eliminates the last three days of early voting for all citizens except military personnel and their families.”

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Under Barack Obama's leadership, the economy has gone from losing 750,000 jobs a month to adding more than 4.5 million private-sector jobs over 29 consecutive months. Share this chart.


More Of the Same Double Speak From Congressman Guinta

This week in the “Frankly Speaking”  column Congressman Frank Guinta makes a big point that politicians in Washington need to work together to solve issues.  For once I agree with Congressman Guinta.  We need our legislators in Washington to put aside party politics and do what is best for America.

The overall theme of the column is “kicking the can down the road”.  This is part of the general talking points from the GOP side.  They keep saying we need to fix our national debt and reduce taxes at the same time.  While this is pretty much impossible that is what Congressman Guinta is doing.   Last year Guinta voted for the “Budget Control Act of 2011“.  This was the bill that created the “super committee” to find 1.2 Trillion dollars to cut in the Federal Budget or it would trigger automatic defense spending cuts.

However in Congressman Guinta’s column he is now warning us of these “dangerously deep cuts to defense” as if he is shocked that this is happening.  Are we simply supposed to forget that it was you, Congressman Guinta, who voted for this bill.   However he is right. These cuts would be disastrous to our economy and to our nations workforce.  (See also: ‘What Would The Mandatory DOD Budget Cuts Mean For Workers?‘)  I agree we should not let this happen.

To make the problem worse, Congressman Guinta (and Congressman Bass) voted to extend the ‘Bush Era Tax Cuts’.  H.R. 8 which passed the House by 256-171 and would “extend certain tax relief provisions enacted in 2001 and 2003, and to provide for expedited consideration of a bill providing for comprehensive tax reform, and for other purposes”.  By voting for this Congressman Guinta is showing that he does not really want to help the middle class people in New Hampshire.

The White House issued a statement explaining what the tax cut extensions would do to middle class families:

The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 8, which would add to the deficit by extending unaffordable and unneeded tax cuts for the highest-income households, while raising taxes by an average of $1,000 on 25 million working families. H.R. 8 would hurt the economy both by increasing the long-term deficit and also by taking money out of the pockets of the families most likely to spend it in the near term. (Bold added for emphasis) 

So which is it Congressman, do you want to reduce the Deficit or cut taxes, because you cannot do both.  However you were to answer it does not really matter.  You can say anything you want in the newspaper, it is your actions that really matter, right?

Congressman Guinta makes a plea to all legislators:

“Instead of waiting until November, Congress needs to act now. Liberals, conservatives and independents alike agree these matters all carry profound consequences for our economy.”

Strong words.  The irony is that this Op/Ed was published on 8/3/12 while Congressman Guinta voted to for a recess on 8/2/12. So once again I am left asking which is it Congressman are you going to stand up and fix the issues in Washington or leave because you cannot do both.

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Candidate Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement:

“Congressman Frank Guinta is constantly getting caught saying one thing and doing another, but reaching out to voters and press with a tough ‘Congress shouldn’t go home’ op-ed on the same day that he votes to go home is so brazen that it is insulting to the voters and to the media he sent his op-ed to in New Hampshire. Seventy-eight of his Republican colleagues, and all of the Democrats, voted to stay and work on America’s problems. Carol Shea-Porter is running to return integrity and a real New Hampshire work ethic to the NH-01 seat.”

So this election you have a choice.  Do you want to vote for the Guinta who says one thing and does another?  Do you want to continue the same go nowhere politics in Washington that has pushed our economy into a rut for three years?  Do we want to continue providing tax cuts to the filthy rich by extending the ‘Bush Era Tax Cuts’?


Do you want someone who has a history of standing up for the middle class? Someone who believes that we all should be paying our ‘fair share’ when it comes to taxes.  Will you vote for someone who has a true history of working with other legislators in Washington?

The choice is yours?

The time for Kick the Can is over. The time for action is here.” Congressman Guinta 8/3/12



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