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Lee Nyquist Garners Endorsement From AFT-NH In NH Senate District 9 Primary Race

New Boston — Today the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-NH) announced their endorsement of  Town Moderator, attorney, and community leader Lee Nyquist. AFT-NH has previously endorsed Nyquist in the 2012 and 2014 elections. 

aft sqaure“Lee Nyquist is a tenacious advocate for public education in New Hampshire, is firmly committed to upholding collective bargaining rights for working people, and has dedicated many years to advancing the interests of working families in New Hampshire,” said AFT-NH President Doug Ley. “As a federation representing nearly 4,000 teachers, school support staff, police, higher education faculty, and town employees, AFT-NH is proud to add its support to Lee Nyquist as the candidate best prepared to defeat the extremist Andy Sanborn in November.”

“When I graduated from Harvard, I was the first in my family to attend college, and this was the result of the first class education I received in public school,” said Lee Nyquist. “The education I received as a child is what put me on the path to living the American dream. In Concord I will use my nearly four decades of experience as a trial attorney to advocate on behalf of the children and working families in our communities.”

Nyquist is currently in a contested primary against businesswoman Jeanne Dietsch who recently made headlines on the NHLN for burning the AFP’s Right to Work Pledge.

The winner of the primary with then go on to face Senator Andy Sanborn who referred to raising the minimum wage as a “war on employers.”  Sanborn also voted against the medicaid expansion and is a strong proponent of Right to Work legislation.

“Andy Sanborn wants District 9 voters to believe he’s a bipartisan compromiser. But based on his voting record, he’s the most extreme member of the New Hampshire Senate – and votes don’t lie,” wrote Molly Cowan, chair of Strong Local Economies NH during the 2014 election cycle. “When we scored and graded every senator on local economy votes in our Local Economy Report Card, Sanborn earned an F grade and a score of just 27% – far below every other senator, Republican or Democrat.”

The Local Economy Report Card, released in September of 2014, found Sanborn voted against helping unemployed people start small businesses, against expanding access to affordable health coverage for 50,000 uninsured New Hampshire residents, and against multiple bills aimed at combating the corruption of the political process by big money that stacks the deck in favor of out-of-state big business interests at the expense of local, home-grown small businesses, among other things.

AFT-NH’s endorsement comes on the heels of an excellent week for the Nyquist campaign, during which he announced receiving endorsements from a majority of the Democratic Representatives who represent towns throughout Senate District 9 and four town Selectboard chairs. Lee has also received the endorsement of Executive Councilor Chris Pappas who represents Bedford. Nyquist’s diligent advocacy for all New Hampshire families and civil consensus-building approach to politics is striking a chord with the electorate, as his campaign continues to build momentum throughout the district.

Jay Kahn Receives Two Big Education Endorsements In NH Senate District 10 Race

Jay KahnJay Kahn, Democratic candidate for the New Hampshire State Senate in District 10, is a higher education administrative professional for 43 years, 28 of them spent in the Monadnock region at Keene State College.  For that reason, he feels extra proud to announce his candidacy has earned the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire (AFT-NH) and the recommendation of the National Education Association of New Hampshire (NEA-NH).

The American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire is the largest affiliate of NH AFL-CIO and represents a broad cross-section of teachers, paraprofessionals, police, public employees, and higher education faculty.  Like AFT on the national level, AFT-NH champions “fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education, healthcare and public services for our students, their families and our communities.”

According to AFT-NH President Douglas Ley, Jay Kahn is the strongest candidate in the Democratic primary for State Senate District 10.  “Jay Kahn is the candidate best poised to carry forward the work of retiring Senator Molly Kelly, continuing her tradition of firm advocacy for working people and working families in New Hampshire.”

NEA-New Hampshire, the state’s largest public sector union, announced their recommendation of Jay Kahn for Senate District 10 today. A recommendation is the fullest and most complete level of support NEA-NH can give a candidate.

“I am honored to earn the recommendation of NEA-NH for the state senate seat in District 10.  Over my 43 years in higher education, I have dedicated myself to working with faculty and staff to transform the lives of students.  Now I pledge to stand together with NEA and businesses across the state to fortify the pipeline of qualified students into our NH workforce,” said Kahn.  “Retaining high school and college graduates in the state is crucial to our workforce and economic goals.  This includes retaining and attracting teachers and support staff, and giving them the support needed to inspire students and develop creative approaches to teaching and learning.” 

“We know Jay is looking out for students and families from his focus on creating more paid internships to encourage students to stay in NH, and a public higher education tuition freeze for two years, so prospective students can better budget,” said Scott McGilvray, NEA-NH President. 

Jeanne Dietsch Releases List Of Endorsers In NH Senate District 9 Race

Elected officials and community leaders praise Dietsch’s experience, vision for building NH’s future 

Peterborough, NH—The campaign of Jeanne Dietsch, Democratic candidate for the New Hampshire State Senate in District 9, released a partial list of campaign endorsers today. The list includes a range of state and local elected officials, residents serving on town boards and committees, candidates for public office, and other community leaders.

“Jeanne will be a strong voice for progressive values in Concord. Because she can speak as a successful global tech entrepreneur, she’ll be able to challenge the lobbyists who advance a regressive ‘trickle down’ economic agenda and she’ll make a powerful case for investing in New Hampshire’s future,” said NH State Rep. Dick Ames (D-Jaffrey).

“Jeanne understands the give and take aspects of politics, has the ability to find common ground, brings people to consensus and gets things done,” stated Barbara Miller, Chair of the Peterborough Select Board. 

“As a retired teacher and member of the teachers’ association, I support Jeanne because I know she’ll fight for good schools and for keeping the state’s promises to our students and our teachers. She’ll work to restore teachers’ freedom to actually teach, give our youth a top-notch education, restore state aid to schools to help lower property taxes, and honor the commitments the state has made to retired educators. I’ve known Jeanne for over 20 years, and I know she’ll be there for us,” wrote Greg Scerbinski, economics teacher at Conval High School for 34 years and former Conval Education Association president, (Peterborough).

“Jeanne has led creation and implementation of our community’s economic vitality strategy with fantastic vision and energy. This includes a positive connection for Peterborough in the global economy,” said James Kelly, Peterborough Master Plan Steering Committee

Jeanne’s background as a successful small business owner and her work on local economic development issues are winning over voters and endorsers on both sides of the aisle, important in a district like District 9 where a candidate needs to earn Republican votes to win in November.

One of these endorsers is Ed Juengst, a current member of the Peterborough Select Board. Said Juengst:

“I have generally been a Republican my whole life but now see in Jeanne a Democrat that I can fully trust to do what she says and believe in without reservation. Jeanne is a true leader who I strongly believe we need in our legislature now.”


Dietsch made news last week when she spoke out against the Americans for Prosperity “Pledge” by burning their pledge on the steps of Peterborough’s historic Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Hall on Grove Street.  By signing the pledge, candidates submit their allegiance to AFP and will vote to repeal Medicaid, pass Right to Work, cut taxes and oppose any tax increases.

The partial list of Dietsch endorsers includes: 

Current state elected officials:

NH State Rep. Dick Ames (D-Jaffrey)

NH State Rep. Ivy Vann (D-Peterborough)

NH State Rep. Peter Leishman (D-Peterborough)

NH State Rep. Marjorie Porter (D-Hillsborough)

Current and former Peterborough select board members:

Chair Barbara Miller (who endorsed Andy Sanborn in 2014)

Tyler Ward

Ed Juengst

Joe Byk (former)

Elizabeth M. Thomas (former)

Other local community leaders:

Lisa Beaudoin (D-Temple), candidate for NH State Representative (endorsed Andy Sanborn in 2014)

Greg Scerbinski, retired economics teacher (taught at Conval High School for 34 years) and former Conval Education Association president, Peterborough

James Kelly, Master Plan Steering Committee, Peterborough

Charles Whitten, Peterborough Economic Development Authority


EMILY’s List Launches New Effort Focused on Flipping the NH Senate Through Electing Democratic Women

Focus 2020 EL“Focus 2020” program highlights New Hampshire as top target state for Democrats to control legislative chamber in advance of the 2020 elections 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, launched “Focus 2020,” a program designed to elect pro-choice Democratic women to governors’ seats and state legislative chambers in the 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020 elections. Through electing more Democratic women to legislative and gubernatorial offices, EMILY’s List aims to impact redistricting in 2021 and fight back against the Republicans’ anti-woman efforts to roll back women’s access to health care that we’ve seen in state legislatures in recent years.

EMILY’s List has targeted the New Hampshire state Senate and potential upcoming governors’ races as part of the Focus 2020 program. This November, Democrats need to pick up three seats in the chamber to flip it from red to blue, and EMILY’s List has endorsed two candidates for state Senate this cycle: Peggy Gilmour and Alexis Simpson.

“The path to taking back control of the New Hampshire state Senate runs through EMILY’s List women,” said Lucinda Guinn, vice president of campaigns for EMILY’s List. “Peggy and Alexis are champions for New Hampshire women and families who will stand up to New Hampshire Republicans’ anti-woman agenda and will ensure that women’s voices are heard in the redistricting process. Through electing these women we will ensure that New Hampshire’s state legislative districts are truly representative of all New Hampshire families.” 

Peggy Gilmour is running to represent New Hampshire’s 12th Senate District and Alexis Simpson is running to represent the 23rd Senate District. 

In addition to New Hampshire, the EMILY’s List Focus 2020 program will work to flip and make gains in state legislatures and win key gubernatorial seats in a total of 14 states: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. In 2016 alone, we are fighting to flip eight state legislative chambers in seven states.  

Legislative Committee Fails To Act On Governor Hassan’s “Gateway To Work” Program

Republicans Block The Proposal That Is Strongly Supported by New Hampshire’s Business Community 

CONCORD –Today, the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee failed to act on Governor Hassan’s Gateway to Work proposal, which would have strengthened workforce development in our state and has strong support from the NH Business and Industry Association. An attempt to remove the proposal from the table was defeated by the Republican majority on the Fiscal Committee.

Announced in Governor Hassan’s State of the State Address earlier this year, Gateway to Work will use repurposed existing federal funds to help New Hampshire’s citizens succeed in the workforce through strengthening job training, creating new apprenticeship opportunities, helping remove the barriers that cause too many citizens to fail in the workplace, and helping young people in the Granite State get a leg up on their futures.

“As we educate our young people and build the highly skilled workforce of the future, innovative businesses looking to grow here in New Hampshire need more workers now,” Governor Hassan said at the Gateway to Work kickoff event in March. “We have an opportunity to better use the talent of our own people right here in New Hampshire, helping our businesses thrive while closing the opportunity gap for New Hampshire’s children and families.”

“Through Gateway to Work, we can provide more of the workers our businesses need to thrive,” Governor Hassan said. “We can help give more of our families the opportunity to work their way to self-sufficiency and into the middle class. And we will do so using only existing federal funds, while achieving long-term savings for taxpayers by moving people off of public assistance,” added Hassan.  

The New Hampshire business community has continued to say that New Hampshire does not have enough skilled workers to fill the open jobs currently available now.  Recently the Washington Post highlighted New Hampshire’s growing need for skilled manufacturing workers as the majority of the workforce heads into retirement.

“While New Hampshire’s 2.8 percent unemployment rate is largely a good thing — it’s one of the nation’s lowest — it also means the labor pool is shallow. It’s created a squeeze for manufacturing companies in particular for two reasons: The industry’s workforce is aging at a faster than average rate, while fewer young workers have the proper skills — or interest — to fill the void of retiring workers,” wrote the Washington Post.

Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement after the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee failed to act on Governor Hassan’s Gateway to Work proposal:

“New Hampshire’s continued economic growth depends on our ability to meet the workforce needs of our businesses. As we work to retain existing businesses and attract new ones, the number one concern that I consistently hear from employers is their need for skilled workers.

“Gateway to Work has strong support from the business community because it would move people off of public assistance into sustainable careers, saving taxpayer dollars and providing innovative businesses with the workers they need to grow and thrive. With a strengthening economy and an unemployment rate that is among the lowest in the nation, the business community is desperate for workers. I am disappointed by the Fiscal Committee’s repeated delays with transferring the existing federal funds to launch Gateway to Work, and I am concerned that Republicans on the committee are allowing politics to prevent us from moving forward with this common-sense initiative to fill jobs at growing companies and help close the opportunity gap for New Hampshire’s children and families.”

After the vote, Sen. Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester), member of the Fiscal Committee, released the following statement: 

“I am frustrated and disappointed that the Joint Fiscal Committee played politics with our state’s economy today by voting against transferring TANF dollars to fund the innovative Gateway to Work program.  This program that has strong support from New Hampshire’s business community would have gone a long way towards strengthening our economy by providing potential employees with the skills and services they need to successfully gain employment.”  

“We hear constantly that with an improving economy, the most significant challenge our employers face today is finding skilled workers who are able to take jobs when offered. Gateway to Work targets potential employees who have barriers to employment such as reliable child care and transportation and helps lower those barriers to get them into the workforce. Every day that we delay implementation of this program, we leave both our unemployed constituents and our businesses behind.  We should be doing all we can to help Granite Staters escape poverty and move off of public assistance and towards self-sufficiency, and the vote by the Fiscal Committee today is a step in the wrong direction.” 

“Today’s action by the Republican majority forces our unemployed constituents to stay on public assistance programs instead of finding good employment and leaves our businesses without the workers they need to thrive and expand our economy.”

Representative Mary Jane Wallner (D-Concord) issued the following statement after the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee failed to act on Governor Hassan’s Gateway to Work proposal:

“I am extremely disappointed that Republicans continue to obstruct the implementation of the Gateway to Work initiative. It is a common sense program critical to New Hampshire’s future and should be approved as quickly as possible.

The Gateway to Work initiative would help workers, businesses, and the economy as a whole by investing in job training, apprenticeship opportunities and other supports for hard-working Granite Staters. There is no reason to delay an initiative that benefits everyone: Gateway to Work would help workers to get good-paying jobs, help businesses utilize a skilled workforce, and reduce government spending by moving people off public assistance and into stable careers. Republicans need to stop playing politics with our state’s future and approve Gateway to Work.”

By continuing to block programs like the “Gateway to Work,”  Republicans in Concord are showing that they are less interested in doing what is best for working people and businesses in New Hampshire and more interested in chasing wild conspiracy theories from doctored videos and sticking to their partisan opposition to Governor Hassan.

Republicans routinely complain about having too many people “living off the system” on public assistance and yet oppose one of the strongest proposals to help people “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” by providing them with the skills necessary to find a lasting career that will help lift them out of poverty.

NH Building Trades Announces Endorsement of Joe Casey for State Senate District 6

 Joe CaseyManchester — The New Hampshire Building and Construction Trades Council announced its endorsement of Joe Casey for State Senate District 6 today. The New Hampshire Building Trades includes 16 New Hampshire labor unions in the construction industry, representing more than 2,000 working men and women across the Granite State.

 “We happily endorse Joe Casey for State Senate District 6,” said New Hampshire Building Trades President Steve Burk. “We aren’t just endorsing Joe because he is a former President of the NH Building Trades. We’re endorsing him because we know first-hand there’s no greater champion for New Hampshire’s working families than Joe Casey. We’re excited to see Joe take his blue-collar, common sense approach to the State Senate. Here’s the bottom line: Joe knows what we need to do in New Hampshire to give the middle class a fighting chance again. As a labor leader, Joe fought to give health insurance and a living wage to hundreds of New Hampshire families, and he built and ran a state-of-the-art training center at IBEW Local 490 to give the next generation of workers the skills they need to succeed. We know he understands the needs of New Hampshire workers, and that he will do everything he can to raise wages and improve working conditions for all workers, whether they belong to a union or not.”

“This endorsement is personal, and deeply important to me,” said Mr. Casey. “Leading the Building Trades was one of the most rewarding things I ever did in my career, and I’m proud of the work they are doing today to secure good-paying jobs for New Hampshire construction workers. I’ll work tirelessly in the Senate to make meaningful progress for all working families in New Hampshire.”


NEA-NH Recommends Joe Casey for State Senate-District 6

CONCORD – NEA-New Hampshire announced their recommendation of Joe Casey for State Senate District 6 today.  NEA-New Hampshire is the largest public sector union representing represents 17,000 Granite State educators, including 500 members in the towns of Alton, Barnstead, Gilmanton, Farmington, New Durham, and the city of Rochester which compose District 6.

“We strongly recommend Joe Casey for State Senate District 6.  Joe has had a long career in labor, protecting and creating good-paying jobs, and will bring highly desirable leadership and perspective to our state legislature,” said NEA-New Hampshire President Scott McGilvray.

“Towns all across the Granite State need leaders they can depend on to make the right decisions so that our kids leave school with an education they can build a family and career on. Joe Casey is committed to improving working conditions and resources for our educators and students, making college more accessible, and revitalizing our public institutions.”

“As a father of four, I know firsthand the invaluable work teachers do every day to make sure our children succeed,” said Mr. Casey after learning of his recommendation. “The support of NEA-New Hampshire is deeply important to me because I am committed to making sure our kids receive the best education they can by listening to and working with our educators every step of the way.”

Labor Leader Joe Casey Launches Bid For New Hampshire State Senate Seat

Joe CaseyRochester, NH – Joe Casey, a respected and well-known community leader here in Rochester, announced his plans to seek the open District 6 seat being vacated by Senator Sam Cataldo.

“I am running for the State Senate to make real difference for working families and small businesses in the Granite State. We need to create good jobs by fixing our crumbling roads and bridges, building new clean energy projects like solar, wind, hydro, and improving our education system,” said Casey. “Whether as an advocate for workers, a coach, or as a construction worker and labor leader, I’ve spent my life working hard, fighting for what I believe in, and helping others. In the Senate, I will work to do the same for District 6 residents, and all of New Hampshire.”

Joe has been a passionate advocate for New Hampshire’s working men and women for decades. As a labor leader, Joe partnered with the National Electrical Contractors Association to build New Hampshire’s biggest and most successful state-of-the-art apprenticeship training center for aspiring electrical workers. Thanks to Joe’s leadership, hundreds of local young people have learned a high-skilled, good-paying trade, and are able to provide for their families. Understanding that the Granite State economy is driven by working families, and that a skilled workforce is necessary for our communities to thrive in the 21st century, Joe will focus on building a strong economy that lasts for New Hampshire, along with the specific concerns of his soon-to-be constituents.

“I look forward to continuing to listen to the residents of Alton, Barnstead, Farmington, Gilmanton, New Durham, and Rochester about the issues that concern them the most,” continued Casey. “But at this point, it’s imperative that our next State Senator must work in a bipartisan manner to combat this horrible heroin and opioid crisis, support job-creating businesses and their workers, help to make sure that all hard-working Granite Staters have the skills and education they need to get ahead and stay ahead, fighting for quality education for our children, and prioritizing rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges. ”

Joe Casey was born and raised in Dover, and has lived in Rochester for 13 years. His family has a long history of public service, with his father serving as the state’s Commissioner of Labor. Joe has served on the NH Personnel Appeals Board, Job Training Grant Committee, NH Electricians Board, and Governor Hassan’s Energy Transition Team. He lives in Rochester with his wife Belinda. They have four children.

About District 6

District 6 is comprised of six cities and towns in Strafford and Belknap Counties in the eastern part of New Hampshire. Closely divided politically, it was won by Governor Hassan in her 2012 campaign by six points. With a strong advocate for working people on the Democratic ticket, this seat will be hotly contested as a strong pickup opportunity for the Democratic caucus.

Democrats file for New Hampshire State Senate

An impressive roster of 25 Democrats filed for their candidacies at the Secretary of State’s Office

CONCORD – Twenty-five Democratic State Senate candidates filed their candidacies with the Secretary of State this afternoon.

“This year’s exceptionally strong roster of candidates has us all very optimistic about this November’s elections,” said Senator Jeff Woodburn, the Senate’s Democratic Leader. “Our candidates represent all Granite Staters. They are small business owners, educators, community advocates, and highly-accomplished legislators who want to get things done for Granite Staters. Increased excitement on the Democratic side of the aisle, combined with several Republican retirements this cycle, points to common-sense returning to Concord come November.”

Eight candidates are current Senators running for re-election, four are current State Representatives, and one is a former Senator. The balance of the field is made up of several more prominent and respected citizens who have made an impact on their communities over the years. There are two expected primaries in the field; in District 9, Jeanne Dietsch and Lee Nyquist will seek the nomination, and in District 10, Jay Kahn and Rep. Kris Roberts will seek the nomination. All look forward to serving their friends and neighbors as their Senators in Concord.

“With Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party and the Republican Senate’s inability to effectively tackle the problems facing New Hampshire, voters are increasingly aligning with the middle class-oriented, practical approach to governance that Democrats will provide,” added Raymond Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “This Republican majority has dragged its feet on additional funding to end the opioid crisis, rejected federal funds for expanding rail infrastructure for southern New Hampshire, and can’t even get itself together to ban the barbaric practice of conversion therapy for minors. Our Senate candidates stand with the people of New Hampshire in saying that enough is enough; we’re ready to make progress.”

The candidates who filed today include:

●      District 1: Sen. Jeff Woodburn of Whitefield is the current Democratic leader in the Senate and is seeking his third term.

●      District 2: Charlie Chandler is a retired attorney, selectman, and former State Representative who lives in Warren.

●      District 3: John White is a retired Boston Globe reporter. He is very active in his hometown of Wolfeboro.

●      District 4: Sen. David Watters is a former two-term member of the House and a professor at UNH for over 30 years. He and his wife Jan Alberghene live in Dover.

●      District 5: Rep. Martha Hennessey is finishing her second year in the New Hampshire House where she is a dedicated member of the Children and Family Law Committee. She and her husband Steve Severson live in Hanover.

●      District 6: Joe Casey is a longtime advocate for working families and a community leader in Rochester.

●      District 7: Sen. Andrew Hosmer is seeking his third term in the Senate. He runs a family-owned automotive business and lives in Laconia with his wife Donna and their four children.

●      District 8: John Garvey is the John is a Navy veteran, attorney, mediator, author, and educator. John is currently a nationally recognized professor at UNH School of Law, where he directs the Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program.

●      District 9: Jeanne Dietsch is a successful entrepreneur who has run several start-up tech companies, and lives with her husband Bill in Peterborough.

●      District 9: Lee Nyquist is an attorney and Town Moderator in New Boston, where he has lived with his wife Leslie for 25 years.

●      District 10: Jay Kahn is a Keene councilor-at-large and and former vice president for finance and planning at Keene State College.

●      District 10: Rep. Kris Roberts has served six terms in the New Hampshire House representing Keene, and is a former Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps.

●      District 11: Roger Tilton is an investment manager from Milford and the father of two daughters.

●      District 12: Former Sen. Peggy Gilmour served as Senator from District 12 from 2009-2011 and again from 2013-2015. She has lived in Hollis for over 40 years, where she worked in community-based health care and established the first hospice in southern New Hampshire.

●      District 13: Sen. Bette Lasky has served the people of Nashua in the Senate for three terms, and previously for five terms in the New Hampshire House where she was Assistant Majority Leader. She lives in Nashua with her husband Elliot.

●      District 14: Tammy Siekmann is a longtime community leader in Londonderry, and was a coach for the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team.

●      District 15: Sen. Dan Feltes is an attorney who is finishing his first term in the Senate. He lives in Concord with his wife Erin.

●      District 16: Scott McGilvray is an experienced educator, who taught social studies for over 20 years while coaching football at Manchester Memorial High School. Currently serving as President of New Hampshire’s NEA, he lives in Manchester with his wife Patricia.

●      District 17: Nancy Fraher of Chichester, is a retired public school teacher. She is a former chair of the Chichester and SAU 53 School Boards.

●      District 18: Sen. Donna Soucy is serving her second term in the Senate, and is a former Manchester School Board member, Alderman, and State Representative.

●      District 19: Kristi St. Laurent is serving her fourth term as Chair of the Windham Democratic Committee and serves on the Windham Planning Board.

●      District 20: Sen. Lou D’Allesandro has represented District 20 in the Senate since first being elected in 1998. He is a former State Representative and Executive Councilor, and lives in Manchester with his wife Pat.

●      District 21: Sen. Martha Fuller Clark is serving her fifth term in the Senate, and previously served six terms in the House. She and her husband Geoff live in Portsmouth.

●      District 23: Rep. Alexis Simpson is a member of the New Hampshire House where she serves on the Environment and Agriculture Committee, and a former pastor. She, her husband, and their two sons live in Exeter.

●      District 24: Rep. Tom Sherman is a two-term member of the New Hampshire House and distinguished gastroenterologist. Sherman recently sat on the opioid epidemic joint task force and brokered the bipartisan medicaid expansion compromise plan. He lives in Rye with his wife and three sons.

Roger Tilton To Run For New Hampshire Senate To Unseat Senator Gary Daniels

RHT MainWe have just learned that Roger Tilton of Milford will be announcing his candidacy for New Hampshire Senate, District 11 (Milford, Merrimack, Amherst and Wilton) on June 10th.

Currently, the District 11 Senate seat is held by, Gary Daniels, who is no friend to labor. From his time as chair of the Labor Committee in the NH House and now in the Senate Daniels has repeated voted against raising the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage would lift the wages of over fifty thousand hard working Granite Staters.

Daniels also co-sponsored SB 107, which would have prohibited “collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute to a labor union,” the official description of his so-called Right to Work bill.

Tilton has been a long time supporter of organized labor including a stint as a union organizer. Tilton helped AFTRA organize production workers at KING5, Seattle’s NBC affiliate in the late 80’s. As a former union organizer, Tilton understands the true power unions and collective bargaining.

“The past 40 years have not produced fair gains for the people who put the economy in motion, and without taking steps in the other direction we will not change anything. I know first-hand the immediate and long-term beneficial impact that organizing workers has on their working conditions and standards of living. I will support both those who have organized, and those who need help in doing so,” said Tilton in a recent interview.

Tilton said he opposes so-called Right to Work legislation and any other attacks on workers rights to form unions and collectively bargain.

“So-called ‘right to work’ legislation has been shown to reduce wages, decrease worker safety and protection, and slow regional economic development. ‘Right to Work’ makes sense for big businesses taking big profits out of the local area, but it makes no sense for the people in towns like Wilton, Milford, Amherst, or Merrimack,” added Tilton.

Tilton also plans to announce his own legislation to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour in 2017, with a goal of $15 by 2021.

“Since 1938 the federal minimum wage has been increased 22 times, and our economy has never suffered because of it. Keeping New Hampshire’s minimum wage down has reduced consumer demand, which keeps local businesses from growing. We need a $10 per hour minimum wage right now, and increases to $15 an hour in reasonably short-order,” Tilton explained.

Sen. Daniels has also been a long time supporter of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which has come under serious scrutiny over the last few years. Daniels was first selected as the NH Co-Chair when he was a State Rep a number of years ago and continues to be a NH Co-Chair as a State Senator.

ALEC is well known for allowing corporate sponsors to supply legislators with lavish gifts and vacation getaways and in return the legislator introduces model legislation in their home state that benefits the corporate sponsors.

In 2013, leaked documents showed that corporate special interest lobbying group ALEC asked state chairs, including New Hampshire State Rep Gary Daniels, to sign a pledge stating: “I will act with loyalty and put the interests of the organization first.”

“It is unbelievable that these politicians participate in an organization that asks them to pledge allegiance to corporate special interests over their constituents,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress who first reported on the ALEC pledge in 2013.

“We are being invaded and undermined by big corporate money. ALEC is buying elections in exchange for candidates’ pledges to put outsiders’ interests ahead of the locals. Gary Daniels took that pledge, and we must stop him from selling out New Hampshire,” added Tilton.

In this current legislative session Sen. Daniels introduced legislation interfering with a woman reproductive rights, including repealing NH’s “buffer zone” law around reproductive health care facilities.

Daniels also sponsored legislation to require specific licensing of outpatient facilities that provide abortion services. Other states have used similar legislation to “trap” women’s health clinics and force them to shut down, taking away a woman’s legal right to a safe abortion.

Tilton disagrees with Daniels when it comes to women’s reproductive rights.

“I believe in a woman’s right to make her own reproductive healthcare decisions,” said Tilton. “Senator Daniels sponsored multiple pieces of legislation attacking a woman’s right to choose and attacking women’s healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood, which provides thousands of women with quality healthcare options at little to no cost.”

Tilton will officially announce his candidacy for District 11’s Senate seat on June 10th.

As a Merrimack resident, I look forward to his candidacy and look forward to Tilton tossing Daniels out of office.

Tilton Sign 2014

P.S. Tilton is also a huge proponent of legalizing cannabis in New Hampshire like they did in Washington and Colorado. He believes this could be a strong revenue source for the state.

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