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ICYMI: Forrester Joins Edelblut in Pledging to Pass “Right to Work”

Concord, N.H.—State Senator and candidate for governor Jeanie Forrester made her fealty to the ultra-conservative Koch brothers official Monday, signing the 2016 Americans for Prosperity Pledge.

By signing, candidates pledge to “work tirelessly to… Pass a Right to Work Law in New Hampshire.” The Pledge also includes commitments to pursue right-wing economics and oppose all forms of the Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire, including Medicaid expansion, a program that has extended health benefits to nearly 50,000 Granite Staters.

In signing the pledge, Forrester joins state Representative Frank Edelblut as the first two candidates for governor to have signed the 2016 Pledge. Chris Sununu has signed the Pledge in the past, while Ted Gatsas has stayed silent on whether he’ll pledge allegiance to the Koch brothers.

“Jeanie Forrester’s pledge to support the Koch brothers extreme far-right agenda should put to rest any questions about whose interests she’d serve as governor,” said NHDP Press Secretary Evan Lukaske. “She now has officially declared that her priority will be to do the bidding of out-of-state billionaires and to strip health care from nearly 50,000 Granite Staters. Any notion that she’d fight for middle-class families just went out the window.”

Headquartered in Virginia and funded by the ultra-conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch, Americans For Prosperity is an out-of-state special interest group that supports right-wing candidates and far-right ideology. AFP is known for spreading misinformation about climate science and promoting failed and debunked trickle-down economic policies. Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski previously served as their executive director.

NH Democratic Party Launches New Web Video: Dysfunction v. Results

New Video Contrasts Kelly Ayotte’s Ineffectual Senate With Governor Maggie Hassan’s Record of Delivering Results

Concord, N.H. — As Kelly Ayotte starts her two month paid vacation from the Senate, leaving critical work undone, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has released a new web video entitled “Dysfunction Versus Results” to highlight the contrasts between Kelly Ayotte’s ineffectual Senate and Governor Maggie Hassan’s record of working across the aisle to deliver results for hard working Granite State families.

While Kelly Ayotte’s Republican Senate, which is on pace this year to work the fewest days of any Senate in 60 years, is taking a seven week paid vacation without addressing Zika, passing appropriations measures to keep the government open, or filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court, Maggie Hassan has a record of working across party lines and delivering results for the people of New Hampshire. Some of the items included in this new video are the Governor’s work to: establish drug courts statewide, reauthorize the state’s Medicaid expansion, sign a ten-year transportation plan to improve New Hampshire’s infrastructure, help launch an initiative to curb veterans’ homelessness, strengthen penalties for human trafficking, and cut small business taxes.

“When it comes to Kelly Ayotte and Maggie Hassan, the choice facing New Hampshire voters is clear: dysfunction versus results, special interests versus hard working families, and gridlock versus progress,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “This web video is the next step in our efforts to hold Kelly Ayotte accountable for her record of failing to do her job get results for New Hampshire while highlighting the great work that Maggie Hassan has done as Governor and will continue in the U.S. Senate.”

New England Protesters Call Out Donald Trump’s Outsourcing Record and Divisive Rhetoric

Concord, N.H. — Donald Trump’s visit to New England concluded with a stop in Manchester yesterday. Protesters were on hand at every turn to stand against his divisive rhetoric and his businesses outsourcing jobs overseas, despite his claims of favoring American workers.

“Donald Trump’s claims of being for American jobs are utterly disingenuous,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “His companies employ low-wage workers in China, Bangladesh and Honduras, among others, because it means more money in his pockets. It is has been clear that throughout his career and his presidential campaign, he is only out for himself.”

Protesters also sounded the alarm on Trump’s racist and insulting rhetoric on Latinos and Muslims. At the Manchester event, Trump joked that a “Mexican plane” was flying overhead, “ready to attack,” and suggested that he was “looking into” banning TSA workers from wearing hijabs.

Highlights of the protests

New Hampshire



Eagle Tribune: Trump talks trade in NH visit

Trump and his trade remarks came under fire from the Clinton campaign and Democratic leaders, including New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley.

“New Hampshire, and the United States, deserve a president who will fight for workers and their families, not a fraud who will do anything to get ahead and cares only about himself,” Buckley said. “Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president of the United States, and voters across America will make that quite clear come November.“




Portland Press Herald: Trump takes aim at Clinton during raucous rally in Bangor

[Maine Attorney General Janet Mills] said Trump and his companies represent the outsourcing of jobs that has hurt manufacturing in Maine and other states. None of the products he touts or wears is made in the United States, she said.

“Donald Trump has nothing in common with the working men and women of Maine and no interest in helping them,” Mills said. “He has lined his pockets with cheap foreign labor at the expense of Maine workers and American workers. The ‘King of Debt,’ so-called, who says wages are too high, will be no help to the people of Maine.”



CBS-Boston: Donald Trump’s Private Boston Fundraiser Target of Protestors

A group of about 100 protesters that included Congressman Michael Capuano and Ayanna Pressley held signs and chanted across the street from the hotel in Post Office Square more than an hour before Trump’s arrival.

NECN: Protesters Gather Outside Trump’s Closed Fundraiser in Boston

“Donald Trump needs to know that his disastrous message on the economy and is bigoted hate speech is not welcome in Boston, it’s not welcome in Massachusetts and that’s what people here want to let him know,” said Dan Hoffer of the Service Employees International Union Local 888.

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano was among those protesting the real estate mogul outside the Langham.

“This is his welcome to Boston,” the Democrat said of Trump.

Sanders Supporters Attempt To Change Super Delegates Votes Through NH Democratic Convention

NH Convention 2016

Democrats line the street leading up to Bedford High School where the NH Democratic Party held their convention today.

An attempt by Bernie Sanders supporters, to change the New Hampshire Democratic Party platform regarding super delegates, failed at today’s NH Democratic Party Convention.

As the Democratic National Committee rules allow, super delegates freely choose whom they will support, regardless of whom the voters of their state voted for in the primary.

Secretary Clinton collected hundreds of super delegates before many of the primary votes were cast. Most of NH’s super delegates became outspoken surrogates Hillary throughout the primary.

After Sanders beat Clinton, 60%-38% in the NH Primary, voters began to call for the super delegates to change their position and support the candidate that the voters overwhelmingly supported.

At today’s convention, delegates were given the final copy of the party platform that included a resolution to pursue changes to super delegates in the 2020 primary. To many of the delegates this was not enough, but the convention rules, once adopted, would not allow for any amendments to the state party platform from the delegates on the floor.

Prior to the adoption of the convention rules, NH State Representative Peter Bixby offered up his own rule changes. The change was pretty basic, allow delegates to amend the resolutions, or the party platform, from the floor.

If this rule change would have passed, the New Hampshire Democratic Party could have passed a resolution similar to the one passed in Maine, which would have forced more super delegates to cast their vote for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention next month.

Both rules changes failed to get the required votes (140-293, 175-297). Unlike the convention in Nevada where a similar resolution was defeated by a voice vote, NH delegates cast their votes in a standing count.

Though Sanders supporters did not get the result they wanted, they process was done professionally. Rep. Bixby even commended Michael Rollo, the rules committee chair, for the way he handled the proposed amendment and the voting process.

After this amendment to the rules failed, the proposed resolutions and party platform were adopted by the convention body without any discussion.

The only question left is what are Sanders and his supporters going to do now?

Will Sanders go to the National Convention and endorse Hillary Clinton? Will he succeed in changing the National Party Platform to remove super delegates from future primary contests? Will those Democrats who supported Sanders in his campaign come together with Clinton supporters to ensure that Donald Trump does not become president?

Lastly, what will happen to all of the Sanders supporters who supported his strong progressive democratic policy ideas but do not call themselves Democrats? What will they do in the general election between Trump and Clinton? Will they keep pushing the Clinton campaign to take a stronger position on Wall Street reform and money in politics? Or will they end up supporting Donald Trump, the man who epitomizes everything that Sanders stood against?

The Sanders campaign scooped up nearly 40% of the overall Democratic voters in his run for the President. Without their support, Hillary Clinton will not be elected, and we will forced to endure four years of Donald Trump.

The National Education Association of NH Recommends Van Ostern For Governor

NEA-NH Button 201X201Today, the National Education Association-New Hampshire (NEA-NH), the state’s largest educator and public employee union, strongly recommended Colin Van Ostern for Governor of New Hampshire.

“Colin Van Ostern has a proven record that New Hampshire educators and families can trust,” said Megan Tuttle, NEA-NH Vice President and Pembroke teacher. “From working to lower tuition costs to championing full-day kindergarten, Colin Van Ostern is an advocate for educators and students, alike. As our next Governor, Colin will continue moving New Hampshire forward, so that everyone has a chance to succeed – not just those at the top.” 

“We’re honored to receive the endorsement of NEA-NH that represents 17,000 hardworking New Hampshire educators,” said Pat Devney, campaign manager for Colin Van Ostern. “As Governor, Colin will fight to lower tuition costs, expand full-day Kindergarten, and work to ensure that New Hampshire offers a world-class education. We must continue to move New Hampshire forward and we’re proud to earn the support of eight local labor unions in that effort.” 

Van Ostern has previous picked up the endorsement of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2320, and the Teamsters Union Local 633.

Many in the labor movement remember how as Executive Councilor, Van Ostern took a stand against Fairpoint Communications showing his support to the thousands of workers who were on strike.  Van Ostern blocked the renewal of Fairpoint’s multi-million dollar contract with the State of New Hampshire and refused to renew it until the strike was settled.

Governor Maggie Hassan Files For US Senate

Maggie Files (Image by Laconia Democrats)

Image by Laconia Democrats

Joined by Hundreds of Supporters, Governor Hassan Officially Files to Represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate

CONCORD – Joined by hundreds of supporters, Governor Maggie Hassan officially filed today to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate, vowing to stand up against special interests, to solve problems to get results for New Hampshire’s families and small businesses and to keep working to build a more innovative economic future where everyone has an opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead.

“I am running for Senate because I want to ensure that all of our people are included in our shared success, that we have a thriving middle class and that parents can once again feel confident that the next generation will have a brighter future than the last,” said Governor Maggie Hassan.

“Here in New Hampshire, we’ve shown that it’s possible to bring people together across party lines to lay the foundation for a new generation of innovative economic growth. We’ve made progress by working together – Democrats, Republicans and independents – to solve problems and get things done for hard-working Granite Staters, and it is long past time for Washington to take the same approach. I will always fight for New Hampshire’s priorities, and I will work to bring people together to build an economic future where everyone has the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead,” added Governor Hassan.

As Governor, Maggie Hassan has worked to bring together members of both parties to build a stronger, more innovative New Hampshire where education and small businesses drive job creation. Working across party lines, Governor Hassan enacted two fiscally responsible, balanced budgets that invest in critical economic priorities while holding the line against a sales or income tax. The Governor expanded the research & development tax credit, cut taxes for small businesses and created a business-friendly environment that has New Hampshire’s unemployment rate at its lowest rate in 15 years and one of the lowest in the nation.

Governor Hassan also successfully froze tuition at state universities for the first time in 25 years and lowered tuition at community colleges, invested in fixing New Hampshire’s roads and bridges, and secured the passage and reauthorization of a bipartisan Medicaid Expansion plan that is providing nearly 50,000 Granite Staters with the health and economic security that comes with quality, affordable health insurance.

As Senator, Maggie Hassan will bring her bipartisan approach, common sense and commitment to problem solving to Washington to take on corporate special interests and get results for hard-working New Hampshire families and small businesses. She will fight for critical issues for New Hampshire families and small businesses such as encouraging business innovation, making college more affordable and reducing the burden of student loan debt, safeguarding Social Security and Medicare for New Hampshire’s seniors, and protecting every woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. She will also continue to focus on combating the heroin and opioid crisis and keeping our communities safe and secure.

Most importantly, just as she has as Governor, Maggie Hassan will be a Senator who will always put New Hampshire families and small businesses first.

“I look forward to Maggie Hassan continuing her tireless advocacy on behalf of the people of New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate next year,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “We’ve seen great successes as a state during her tenure as Governor, and to continue moving forward we need Maggie in the Senate to bring people together to get things done the Granite State way and fight the special interests who have rigged the system against middle class families.

“Since going to Washington, Kelly Ayotte has stood in lockstep with special interests including Big Oil, Wall Street and the Koch Brothers to protect their interests at the expense of Granite State families on critical issues like college affordability, retirement security, and women’s health,” added Buckley. 

Buckley concluded by stating, “New Hampshire deserves better; we need Senator Maggie Hassan.”

Planned Parenthood for Maggie Hassan for SenatePlanned Parenthood Action Fund members were cheering on Maggie Hassan today as she filed to run for US Senate. Hassan has a clear record of supporting women’s access to a full range of health care services, including leading efforts to successfully expand Medicaid, signing into law a bill that protects safety of patients while accessing health centers, voting to expand emergency contraception for Granite State women, and voting to block efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. 

Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire provided thousands of breast exams and thousands with birth control, administered nearly 20,000 STI tests, over 1,000 Pap tests, and engaged in sex education and outreach to nearly 2,000 individuals in 2015 alone. Both Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Action Fund have endorsed Maggie Hassan for US Senate.

“Maggie Hassan is a champion for women’s health, and has never wavered in her support for women to make their own choices about their private health care decisions, including abortion,” said Kayla McCarthy, Advocacy & Organizing Manager of Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund It is clear to us, and to the thousands of Planned Parenthood supporters in New Hampshire that Maggie Hassan will work hard to ensure the life saving services that Planned Parenthood of Northern New England provides remain affordable, high quality, and inclusive. New Hampshire wants a leader who will fight for reproductive health care and rights, not someone who will continue to try and take us backwards.”

Former Gov. Sununu Continues to Fret About Trump/Sununu Ticket

Trump Sununu Campaign SignGov. Sununu tells MSNBC Trump could hurt downballot;
Chris Sununu still backs Trump

Concord, N.H. – For all the talk of Republican Party unity in the Granite State, there is one senior Republican who is clear eyed and candid about the disastrous effects of a Trump candidacy on New Hampshire’s downballot Republicans—including his own son’s.

This morning, former Governor John H. Sununu, father of gubernatorial candidate and Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, speaking about Trump’s effect on other Republicans, told MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, “I have a son running for governor. I am concerned about the downballot.”

But Chris Sununu and the GOP field for governor don’t share Gov. John Sununu’s concern. Not only has Chris Sununu touted his support for Trump on multiple occasions, but he shares Trump’s beliefs that Planned Parenthood should be defunded, that the Granite State shouldn’t have a minimum wage and that climate change is a hoax. The rest of the Republican field for governor, consisting of Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, State Senator Jeanie Forrester and State Representative Frank Edelblut, also supports Trump.

Meanwhile, John H. Sununu has been warning about Trump dragging down Republicans for months.

He told Bloomberg News back in January, “up here in New Hampshire, if Donald Trump is the nominee we will not get a Republican governor. We will lose the New Hampshire state Senate, and we could lose the New Hampshire state House… and we could lose Sen. [Kelly] Ayotte.”

In March, he joined the anti-Trump Our Principles Super PAC, saying “Frankly, at this point we want anyone but Trump.” And he’s made no secret of his disdain for the Republican presidential nominee, calling Trump a loser and a phony.

“I rarely agree with John Sununu, but in this case father might know best: Donald Trump’s candidacy will be disastrous for the Republican gubernatorial candidates and for Granite Staters,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “From supporting Trump to vowing to defund Planned Parenthood to opposing the minimum wage, the race to the right in the Republican primary is fully underway.”


THE ECONOMIST Hammers Ayotte On Failure To Support SCOTUS Hearings

Over 60% of Granite Staters Support SCOTUS Hearings and Vote On Nominee

Current Eight-Justice Court is “Sowing Legal Confusion”


Concord, N.H. — A new poll from Franklin Pierce University shows that 63% of Granite Staters believe the Senate should hold hearings and a vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee before the next presidential election, including 51% of Granite Staters who believe strongly that the Senate should hold hearings and vote.

This weekend, The Economist also highlighted the legal confusion that an eight-Justice court is leaving across the country. The Economist editorial board wrote that “Whether the divide manifests as 4-4 splits or a tendency to hear fewer cases in which those splits seem likely, a Supreme Court with eight judges is not a court that can live up to its name.” 

See below for excerpts of The Economist editorial or click here:

…Twice since Mr Scalia’s death the Supreme Court has performed the judicial equivalent of throwing up its hands. In a small case concerning banking rules and in an important one challenging the future of public-sector unions, the justices issued one-sentence per curiam(“by the court”) rulings: “The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided court.” A tie in the high court means that the ruling in the court below stands. But these non-rulings do not bind other lower courts, and the judgment has no value as a precedent. A tie, in short, leaves everything as it was and as it would have been had the justices never agreed to hear the case in the first place. 

That’s a lot of wasted ink, paper, time and breath. And now it seems the justices may be keen to reduce future futile efforts as they contemplate a year or more with a missing colleague. Only 12 cases are now on the docket for the October 2016 term, and grants are lagging below the average of recent years. The slow pace is especially notable because it marks a slowdown from an already highly attenuated docket. Seventy years ago, the justices decided 200 or more cases a year; that number declined to about 150 in the 1980s and then plummeted into the 80s and, in recent years, the 70s…

What’s wrong with eight justices? The main worry is that tied votes sow legal confusion. When the judges are split down the middle, they cannot resolve rival views on controversial issues—from affirmative action and public unions to gay rights, birth control and abortion. By letting lower-court decisions stand but not requiring other courts to abide by the ruling, the stage is set for odd state-by-state or district-by-district distinctions when it comes to the meaning of laws or the constitution…So if the justices divide 4-4 in Zubik v Burwell, women across most of America will have access to birth control through their employer’s health coverage, while women in seven midwestern states will not. 

…it is hard to see how a denuded court is appealing in the medium or long term. A patchwork of legal realities may have been fitting for America under the Articles of Confederation, before the country had a political system that turned it into a union, but America’s constitutional design is not consonant with confusion about what the law means on controversial questions. Whether the divide manifests as 4-4 splits or a tendency to hear fewer cases in which those splits seem likely, a Supreme Court with eight judges is not a court that can live up to its name.

Granite State Republicans Continue To Vow Support Trump Even Though It Will Cost Them The Election

Donald Trump (Image by Gage Skidmore CC FLIKR)

Donald Trump (Image by Gage Skidmore CC FLIKR)

Republicans worst nightmare has come true. Donald Trump has won their nomination for President.

Former New Hampshire Republican leaders have been warning that a Trump led ticket would be disaster for Republicans all the way down the ticket.

“Here in New Hampshire, if Donald Trump is the nominee, we will not get a Republican governor. We will lose the New Hampshire state Senate, and we could lose the New Hampshire state House… and we could lose Sen. [Kelly] Ayotte.”
Former GOP Gov. John H Sununu

“I think they’re very concerned if they’re up for reelection . . . Clearly Trump at this time is not going to carry swing states. I’m thinking of New Hampshire, for example.”
Former New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg

“If Donald Trump is the nominee, Kelly Ayotte might as well resign because it’s all over.”
Former NHGOP Chair Fergus Cullen

Even with strong warnings from former party leaders, Republican candidates are still refusing to reject Trump and his racist, fascist, misogynistic rhetoric.

Senator Kelly Ayotte says she will support Trump’s nomination by voting for him but will not endorse him. Pledging to vote for him is in the eyes of everyday voters, the same as endorsing him.

Aaron Jacobs, Communications Director from Maggie for NH blasted Ayotte in a recent statement for her vowing to vote in support of Trump.

“While Kelly Ayotte just today made her support for Donald Trump official, they’ve long been in agreement when it comes to critical issues such as their desire to defund Planned Parenthood, undermine Roe v. Wade, and obstruct the Supreme Court confirmation process. And all Granite Staters should be concerned that Ayotte has announced her support for Trump despite national security experts and members of both parties have condemned his foreign policy positions as dangerous to our country’s vital interests. The people of New Hampshire will soundly reject the Trump-Ayotte ticket in November.”

Women’s health and equal pay are on the forefront of the minds of many women voters in the Granite State. Both Ayotte and Trump oppose equal pay for women and want to nominate a Supreme Court Justice to overturn the forty-year decision of Roe v. Wade.


Image from EMILY’s List


Image from EMILY’s List

National women’s rights advocacy group EMILY’s List has routinely highlighted the connections between Trump and Ayotte.

“Kelly Ayotte stepped even further away from New Hampshire women and families today with her confirmed support for Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. She chose her extreme party over the women she was elected to represent by pledging to support a nominee who has called women ‘fat pigs’ and ‘slobs’ and who spews hateful rhetoric every chance he gets,” said EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock.

“Although really, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she’s lining up behind Donald Trump — they both share a radical agenda of wanting to defund Planned Parenthood, opposing meaningful efforts to end gender discrimination in pay, and wanting to take away women’s rights to make their own health care decisions. If New Hampshire women can’t even count on Kelly Ayotte to stand up to Donald Trump, they definitely can’t count on her to stand up for them in the Senate,” added Schriock.

It is not just Ayotte who is vowing to support Trump. Congressman Frank Guinta and Rich Ashooh, who are both vying for the GOP nomination in NH’s 1st Congressional District, have also said they will support the Republican nominee, even if it is Trump.

Ashooh recently told NH1 last month that he wouldn’t commit until Trump had the nomination. With Ted Cruz and John Kasish leaving the race, Ashooh is left with little choice.

Guinta told NHPR in March that he will support the eventual nominee. Carol Shea-Porter, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District, has already called on Frank Guinta to denounce Trump’s deeply offensive statements.

Shea-Porter additionally called on Guinta to return a personal contribution Trump made to Guinta’s re-election campaign earlier last year. Frank Guinta refused to comment to WMUR on whether he’d return the contribution.

“Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, Rich Ashooh and Frank Guinta need to admit to Granite State voters that they pledged to blindly support their nominee, including Donald Trump and his ignorant and dangerous views. We already know where Frank Guinta’s loyalties lie, as he refused to condemn Donald Trump for his hateful and divisive remarks, and he has also refused to return the campaign money he took from Trump earlier last year,” said Shea-Porter. “Rich Ashooh and Frank Guinta have already said that they will commit to supporting the eventual nominee, so now Granite Staters will see whether Ashooh and Guinta will follow through on their promise to Republican voters.”

Trump Sununu Campaign SignTrump’s Presidential campaign is already having an impact on the NH Gubernatorial election.

Last month, Democrats led by New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley unveiled a new campaign sign for the Trump/Sununu ticket, highlighting their shared far-right policies of defunding Planned Parenthood, opposing Medicaid expansion and denying climate change.

“The fact is that Donald Trump’s out of touch views are shared by Chris Sununu and the whole Republican gubernatorial field,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Some Republicans are lining up to denounce Trump because they know how devastating his selection would be for down ballot Republicans. But not Chris Sununu, who said he’ll absolutely support whoever the Republican nominee is, even if it is Trump. I guess we’re not surprised since their policies line up so well.”

With Trump at the top of the ticket this means disaster for the GOP all the way down the ticket. This means that we, as Democrats, have a strong chance of retaining the Governor’s seat and taking back the state House and Senate.

“The Republican party has spoken and chosen the dangerous and offensive Donald Trump to carry their banner into the general election; unfortunately for New Hampshire Republicans, the general electorate won’t make the same mistake,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “That’s why Republican leaders in the Granite State have been warning against his candidacy for months. They know that Trump as their party’s nominee means disaster for Kelly Ayotte, Chris Sununu, Ted Gatsas, Jeanie Forrester, Frank Guinta, and the rest of the New Hampshire Republican ticket who have refused to condemn Trump and his destructive policies.”

The NHDP Fires Back At The O’Connor Campaign, O’Connor Responds With More Accusations

The plot thickens.  

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is now squarely in the middle of the potential lawsuit bonanza from the Shawn O’Connor campaign.

First it was a lawsuit against Carol Shea-Porter where he alleged she is running a “whisper campaign” against him.   He release multiple statements accusing Shea-Porter but all of the people who came forward in support of O’Connor all confirmed hearing rumors but none could connect it to the Shea-Porter campaign.

Apparently he also tried to use the same tactics to attack the NH Democratic Party and Chairman Buckley for not intervening.  Today Attorney William Christie representing the NHDP responded to those claims.

“Over the past two weeks Congressional Candidate Shawn O’Connor has made public statements regarding his opponent in the Democratic Primary for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.  Among other things, Mr. O’Connor has told the public he asked the New Hampshire Democratic Party (“NHDP”) to mediate a resolution to the allegations he has raised.  This characterization of Mr. O’Connor’s communications with NHDP is inaccurate. 

In early March 2016, Mr. O’Connor threatened to file a lawsuit against NHDP citing vague allegations that he had been defamed by NHDP employees.  Despite several requests by NHDP, Mr. O’Connor refused to provide any specifics regarding his complaints.  Throughout the process, Mr. O’Connor has made inappropriate and troubling demands including a suggestion that NHDP or some other third party should pay Mr. O’Connor money to withdraw from the congressional race.  

NHDP has refused to respond to these demands.  Mr. O’Connor has now renewed his threat to sue NHDP.  If Mr. O’Connor files suit, NHDP will reply in the proper forum and we fully anticipate this controversy will be resolved in NHDP’s favor.”

After this statement was released by the NHDP, O’Connor quickly released his own statement, full of more outrageous accusations, claiming all of the allegations from the NHDP are false.

“I was dismayed by the spurious and completely false allegations made against me by Attorney Bob Christie of Shaheen & Gordon in a statement released today by the New Hampshire Democratic Party,” said O’Connor.

As O’Connor did in previous statements, he included a rundown of accusations but fails to include any specifics like, who was spreading these rumors about him, just more nameless accusations.

On February 19, 2016, I contacted NHDP Chairman Buckley with a list of 10 detailed, demonstrably false allegations that had been disseminated by NHDP staffers and members of Carol Shea-Porter’s campaign team and asked Chairman Buckley to help end the dissemination of these untruthful statements…

On March 2, 2016, my attorney sent a detailed, 8-page letter to Chairman Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Carol Shea-Porter and the Shea-Porter campaign outlining, again, in great detail the numerous false allegations being spread by NHDP staffers and the Shea-Porter campaign…

(At time of publication I contacted the O’Connor campaign requesting copies of the above letters and received no response.)

Again he reiterates his plan to sue the NHDP while affirming that he can back up his statement but will not release that information until the “appropriate time.”

We consider Mr. Christie’s accusations on behalf of the NHDP today defamation per se and will pursue our legal rights against the party. We have substantial correspondence and documentation supporting this and all the other statements made in this release which we will make public at the appropriate time.

Lastly he is accusing the NHDP of “taking sides” in the primary by refusing to get involved in this He-said She-said dispute between O’Connor and Shea-Porter.

Finally, we have long contested that the NHDP has been violating Section E(1), specifically Subsections E(1)(j) and E(1)(h) of the state party’s constitution (on which I relied in entering the party’s primary). These sections of the party constitution require that the NHDP remain neutral in party primaries. Today’s completely unprovoked attack on me serves as further proof that the party is supporting Ms. Shea-Porter and violating its own constitution. This is both undemocratic and un-Democratic.”

Just to clarify (and I am not a lawyer) but this statement says that the NH Democratic Party’s attorney is protecting the NHDP and it’s Chair, Ray Buckley.  Nothing in their statement says they are defending Carol Shea-Porter.  Furthermore, they are trying to stay out of this entire outrageous dispute being pushed by Shawn O’Connor and are therefor trying to stay completely neutral.  Forcing them to defend you, Mr O’Connor, would mean they have taken sides as well.

I guess Mr. O’Connor is finding it hard than he thought it would be to move to NH and buy himself a Congressional seat, so he is going to sue his opponents until there is nobody left to run against him.

The NH Union Leader also covered this story but did not include O’Connor’s statement.

Related Reading: Guest Editorial: Why Shawn O’Connor is a Liability to Democrats

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