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SB 3 Is Only About One Thing: Voter Suppression

Voter intimidation leads voter suppression and that leads to people losing their voice in our democracy.

The New Hampshire House is now considering a bill, SB 3, that was forced through the Senate, straight down party lines, would make it harder for people to vote.

For years the Republican Party has been pushing to “strengthen” our voting laws. By “strengthening” I mean they are trying to block typically Democratic voters from being able to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.

Research shows that in higher turnout elections Democrats do better. So Republicans will do anything to keep the voter turn out small in an effort to gain a political advantage.

First they passed the restrictive Voter ID law requiring every voter have a valid New Hampshire ID in order to vote.

Now they are working to change the “domicile” language to protect New Hampshire elections from they myth of voter fraud.

Much of this voter fraud debate has stemmed from the false accusations by Donald Trump, and echoed by Governor Chris Sununu, that “busloads” of voters are being brought into New Hampshire from Massachusetts to sway our elections. Trump, Sununu, and the entire NH Republican Party are using the sheer number of same-day voter registrations as the basis for their claim of voter fraud.

SB 3 requires new voters to show proof of their “domicile” by providing supporting documentation like a utility bill with their name and address on it.

This alone is difficult for college students who live in the dormitories, as their mailbox is not specific to where they reside on campus.

Does this minor detail enough to confuse a college student about their eligibility to vote? Is this enough to keep them from voting entirely?

Proponents of the bill say that all you need to do is sign the form and then return to the town hall with proper documentation within 10 days. If you fail to do this, you could be subject to fines or possible jail time. The town may even send someone to you home to verify your address. At one point the Senate wanted to send armed police officers to your house if you filed a domicile affidavit.

So why are so many people against this bill?

For starters, the GOP are attempting to solve a problem that does not exist. They are spreading wild accusations that out of staters coming to NH on Election Day to vote. Over the last decade there has only been 2 cases of voter fraud out of thousands and thousands of ballots cast.

They are trying to suppress the vote through intimidation and threat of jail time for those who register to vote on Election Day. Our domicile laws are pretty straight forward now: If you are domiciled in New Hampshire on Election Day you can vote in local elections. This means that students at UNH can claim NH as their domicile and vote in NH elections.

Republicans continue to say that they one want people to vote who “have a stake in the community.”   Are Republicans trying to say that a college student who lives in NH, attends school in NH, and works in NH for more than nine months of the year, does not have a stake in the community?

Both parties should be working on expanding access to the polls not restricting it. We should make it easier for people to register to vote by tying voter registrations to driver’s licenses and allowing people to register to vote online.   This alone could reduces long lines at polling places and is much easier to track that paper copies.

But because Republicans really only want to rig the system for their own gain, they refuse to make online registration available.

Intimidating voters and attempting to suppress the vote is the foundation of SB 3 and that is why our elected representatives must reject this harmful piece of legislation.

Sanders Wins Big in New Hampshire Presidential Primary

CONCORD, N.H. – Bernie Sanders won Tuesday’s New Hampshire Democratic Party presidential primary in a double-digit landslide over Hillary Clinton.
“Together, we have sent a message that will echo from Wall Street to Washington and from Maine to California that the government of this great nation belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super PACs,” Sanders told supporters crowded into a high school gymnasium.
Sanders’ big victory in the first state to hold a presidential primary defied pundits’ predictions last summer of a Clinton coronation. “Nine months ago, we began our campaign here in the Granite State,” Sanders said. “We had no campaign organization and we had no money. And we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the United States of America, a team that defeated Barack Obama here in the Democratic primary in 2008.
“And tonight, through a record-breaking voter turnout, we won because we harnessed the energy and the excitement that the Democratic Party will need to succeed in November.”
The New Hampshire primary results came eight days after another come-from-behind finish for Sanders in precinct caucuses in Iowa, where the one-time distant underdog fought Clinton to a virtual tie.
“Tonight,” Sanders said at Concord High School, “we served notice to the political and economic establishment of this country that the American people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining American democracy and a rigged economy in which ordinary Americans work longer hours for lower wages while almost all new income and wealth goes to the top 1 percent.”
Before speaking to supporters, Sanders and his wife, Jane, watched the returns on television sets set up in the corners of a school gymnasium. While he was waiting to deliver his speech, the senator also played basketball with his children and grandchildren.

Jeb Bush Calls For Overturning Citizens United To Stop Super PAC Spending

When asked about the NED pipeline at the VFW Town Hall in Hudson, Bush responded:  "There's a trade-off in this, which is how public policy works. The trade-off is how do you balance the economic interests of working-class families with environmental considerations? And those are best sorted out at the state level, not in Washington, DC," said Bush. After the town hall, Bush told News 9 that he won't be taking sides. "Governor of Florida Jeb Bush at VFW in Hudson, New Hampshire, July 8th, 2015 by Michael Vadon a 09" by Michael Vadon - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

“Governor of Florida Jeb Bush at VFW in Hudson, New Hampshire, July 8th, 2015 by Michael Vadon a 09” by Michael Vadon – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

NH Rebellion claims a victory as more candidates adopt #FightBigMoney agenda before First-in-the-Nation Primary

In New Hampshire campaign stops today, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush added his voice to the national movement to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, a victory for the anti-big money grassroots group NH Rebellion.  In an interview with CNN, later repeated at other events, Bush said “I would turn that [ruling] on its head if I could.”

NH RebellionNH Rebellion Executive Director Dan Weeks welcomed Bush’s shift, even after the former governor raised over $100 million in unlimited contributions to his affiliated Super PACs.  “I am glad Governor Bush has come to agree with the majority of Americans that Citizens United needs to be overturned to end the disgrace of unlimited Super PAC spending in campaigns,” Weeks said.  “Ironic though it is coming from the #1 beneficiary of Super PAC money, Bush’s evolution shows that voters in both parties are finally being heard when they say, overwhelmingly, that our current campaign finance system is corrupt.”

In addition to overturning Citizens United, Bush has called for complete disclosure of campaign donations and for eliminating the dollar-limit restrictions on contributions to candidates’ campaigns.

“Full transparency would certainly be better than the current system, which allows high-dollar political spenders to hide their identities through shady c4 organizations,” Weeks said. “But disclosure doesn’t fix the real problem:  Americans aren’t just angry that we don’t know who is buying our politicians, we’re angry that our politicians are being bought, period.

Weeks noted that, during the course of the New Hampshire primary, several Republican and Democratic candidates have shifted their positions on campaign finance reform.  “There has been a lot of movement in the right direction, as candidates have seen thousands of Granite Staters take to the streets as part of the NH Rebellion, and answered countless questions in diners and town halls,” he said. “Last month, we issued a preliminary candidates scorecard showing how far the candidates have come since we began the marches and birddogging, and it’s encouraging to see the continued movement since.”

Weeks noted that the leading GOP candidate in New Hampshire, Donald Trump, had already endorsed a ban on Super PACs and expressed support for small donor citizen-funded elections, although he had yet to release specifics. “Trump has been speaking about the problem since day one of his campaign – easy enough for a billionaire who doesn’t need outside support.  But just talking about the need for campaign finance reform isn’t enough.  Voters deserve to have some idea of how he plans to fix the system,” Weeks said.

Just yesterday, the NH Rebellion concluded its We the People Convention to #FightBigMoney bringing together over 700 activists from across the political spectrum to hear from issue experts, elected officials and celebrities including actor Sam Waterston, comedian Jimmy Tingle and best-selling author Marianne Williamson.  The Convention included presentations by conservative political consultant John Pudner and former Bush administration official Richard Painter, as well as remarks by GOP presidential candidate Gov. Jim Gilmore and surrogates for the Kasich, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders campaigns.

In the press release sent earlier today, Weeks predicted that the outcome of tomorrow’s First-in-the-Nation Presidential Primary will be driven largely by citizens’ concerns about campaign finance corruption and the candidates’ positions on the issue.  

“Big money in politics has been the ‘silent story’ of this presidential election – and it’s becoming less silent by the day,” Weeks said. “The American people are way ahead of the political establishment in their condemnation of how our government is being corrupted by the political spending of billionaires and special interest groups.”  

NH Rebellion Scores Candidates Of Promise To Reform Campaign Finance

Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

On #FITN Primary Eve, reform groups release new ranking of presidential candidates on “root issue” of campaign reform

Leading presidential candidates made fighting big money a centerpiece of their campaign in response to voter demand

NH Rebellion Executive Director Dan Weeks predicts that the outcome of tomorrow’s First-in-the-Nation Presidential Primary will be driven largely by citizens’ concerns about campaign finance corruption and the candidates’ responses, as revealed by a new Candidates Scorecard just released by the #FightBigMoney coalition of state and national reform groups. The groups include NH Rebellion’s parent organization, Open Democracy, founded by the legendary “Granny D.”

Gov Jim Gillmore Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

Gov Jim Gillmore
Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

The #FightBigMoney Scorecard ranks candidates on their official campaign finance reform positions, after hundreds of town hall encounters and sit-down meetings with NH Rebellion activists, and gives leading grades of A- and B+ to Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sec. Hillary Clinton, respectively. Separate tracking of candidate statements on NH Rebellion’s QuestionR.us platform shows several Republican candidates – notably Donald Trump, Gov. John Kasich, and Gov. Jim Gilmore – are also supporting major reforms, although the absence of official position papers brings their #FightBigMoney score to D- or worse. 

All five campaigns attended or sent surrogates to NH Rebellion’s We the People Convention in Veterans Park this past weekend.

“Big money in politics has been the ‘silent story’ of this presidential election – and it’s becoming less silent by the day,” Weeks said. “The American people are way ahead of the political establishment in their condemnation of how our government is being corrupted by the political spending of billionaires and special interest groups.”  

new poll of Iowa caucus-goers showed that campaign finance was one of the top issues people used to decide which presidential candidate to support.  It was the single most important issue for one-quarter of Democratic caucus voters and among the top three issues for 64% of them.

“In 2014, New Hampshire voters were stunned by the impact of out-of-state special interest money being thrown at our elections.  All kinds of records were broken.  Total spending by campaigns and outside groups added up to more than $106 million – just here in New Hampshire – and it was one of the nastiest election seasons we have ever seen,” Weeks said.

“Going into this primary, we were expecting to see a similar level of spending,” he said. “But it looks like it’s actually going to be even worse.”

According to a recent Bloomberg analysis of political spending on broadcast advertising, by this point in 2012, $2 million had been spent in New Hampshire on broadcast advertising.  This election, it’s over $100 million – a fifty-fold increase over the last presidential primary, with a lot of that money coming from ‘outside spending’ groups that don’t have to disclose their donors. 

“The money coming at New Hampshire feels like a fire hose.  They’ve spent more just on broadcast advertising than they spent on everything, during the 2014 elections,” Weeks said.  “All the phone calls, the mail, the advertisements, it’s just overwhelming – and it’s all because of the money that’s being poured into New Hampshire by special interests trying to influence our elections.  Granite State voters have every reason to be angry.  Our elections have been hijacked by special interest donors.”

“This is one issue that just about everybody agrees on, regardless of party affiliation,” he said.  “Poll after poll shows that voters agree – in overwhelming numbers – that we need to fix our campaign finance system.  The political establishment and some of the media haven’t focused on it yet, but this issue is driving many voters’ decisions.”  

Sen. Cory Booker and actor Sam Waterson Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

Sen. Cory Booker and actor Sam Waterston
Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

NH Rebellion just finished its We the People Convention in Manchester, which brought together hundreds of activists, experts and some well-known voices to talk about the subject.  “Best-selling author Marianne Williamson calls this ‘the greatest moral issue of our generation.’  Actor Sam Waterston says campaign finance is ‘central to the way democracy works.’  For three days, speaker after speaker – from both political parties – talked about this issue and this election as a turning point in American history,” Weeks said.  “We need to fix the problem, and get our country back to having a government ‘of the People’ rather than ‘of the political donors.’” 

During the primary season, NH Rebellion members have attended hundreds of events asking each presidential candidate “What specific reforms will you advance to end the corrupting influence of money in politics?”  Candidates’ replies are available at www.QuestionR.us.   

The group also sent each campaign a formal questionnaire, asking for support of six solutions to restore democracy detailed in the group’s We the People Pledge and members have met with several of the presidential candidates and campaigns.   

“This is an issue that’s important to almost everybody, but too many voters don’t know where the candidates actually stand on the different solutions,” Weeks said.  “When they walk into the voting booth tomorrow, we want voters to be able to make the best choice they can, based on real information about the candidates’ support for various types of reforms.”

Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

Image courtesy of NH Rebellion

The “We the People Pledge” describes six proposed campaign finance reforms, and is available at http://www.nhrebellion.org/pledge 

High resolution photos and video are available on request.

The NH Rebellion is best-known for its cold-weather “Walks for Democracy.” To date, more than 2,000 activists have walked a total of 30,000 miles to bring attention to the corrupting influence of large campaign contributions.  The movement was inspired by the efforts of the legendary New Hampshire reformer Doris “Granny D” Haddock, who walked across America beginning in 1999 in support of campaign finance reform.

Former NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous Endorses Sanders


MANCHESTER, N.H. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders Friday picked up the endorsement of former NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous.

“Bernie Sanders has been principled, courageous and consistent in fighting the evils that Dr. King referred to as the ‘giant triplets’ of racism, militarism and greed,” Jealous said. “Bernie Sanders has the courage to confront the institutionalized bias that stains our nation. Bernie Sanders is the type of leader we can trust to fight for the future of all our nation’s children as if they were his very own. It is for all these reasons that I am proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for president of these United States.”

Jealous was the youngest-ever president of the century-old NAACP, serving from 2008 to 2013. He’s credited with leading the storied civil rights group back to prominence.

“I think the proposals that we have brought forth in this campaign are proposals that will go a very, very long way to improving the lives of people of color in this nation,” Sanders said. The senator cited raising the minimum wage, ensuring pay equity for women, creating millions of decent paying jobs, Medicare for all and tuition-free public colleges and universities among the plans he’s put forward that would directly impact communities of color.

Jealous will travel to South Carolina on Saturday for a series of campaign stops and events

Huff Post: “Hillary Clinton refuses to rule out any and all benefit cuts to Social Security”

PCCC: “It is an absolute must for a Democratic nominee who claims to be progressive to take Social Security cuts off the table.”

PCCC & Social Security Works Launch Online Ad Buy in NH

Today, after Sec. Hillary Clinton’s campaign made clear for the first time that she will not commit to never cut Social Security, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Social Security Works have launched an online ad buy in New Hampshire to increase pressure on Clinton to make that explicit promise before Tuesday’s primary.

Minutes ago, the Clinton campaign told the Huffington Post, “She has no plans to cut benefits.” The Huffington Post accurately reported, “Hillary Clinton refuses to rule out any and all benefit cuts to Social Security.”

The PCCC and Social Security Works in response announced an online ad buy statewide across New Hampshire today. The Facebook and Google ads will target likely Democratic voters, including Clinton’s supporters.

Stephanie Taylor, Co-founder of the PCCC issued the following statement:

“Hillary Clinton says she has ‘no plans’ to cut Social Security — but George W. Bush had ‘no plans’ to invade Iraq. That is not a promise, and our grandparents and veterans need a promise.

“It is an absolute must for a Democratic nominee who claims to be progressive to say clearly and unequivocally that they will never cut Social Security benefits. Bernie Sanders has made that commitment. Hillary Clinton should make that commitment before the New Hampshire primary so Democrats can focus on expanding benefits.”

Statement from Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works:

“The American people stand united against cuts to Social Security benefits, all Americans. Ninety-four percent of Americans stand against benefit cuts. We need Hillary Clinton to promise to never cut Social Security benefits, no cuts, no buts, now or ever.”

Neither group has endorsed a candidate for president.

Facts on Social Security:

  • Two thirds of American seniors rely on Social Security for most of their income.
  • The average benefit received by women in 2014 was $13,016—just $1,346 over the federal poverty limit for an individual.
  • The average Social Security benefit is just $16,092 a year, less for African Americans and Latinos. This barely clears the poverty line.
  • 94% of Americans oppose cuts to Social Security, and vast majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans support expansion.


See all the ads

Thousands of people have also signed a petition in the last 24 hours calling on Sec. Clinton to promise never to cut Social Security: ExpandSocialSecurity.org.

See the initial challenge to Sec. Clinton by PCCC on Fox & Friends Feb 2nd



Hillary Clinton Releases New Ad “Real Progress Now”

Manchester — With the New Hampshire primary just a week away, Hillary for America is airing a new ad highlighting that families in New Hampshire need a President who will be able to make progress on  their first day in office and encouraging Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The ad, “Real Progress Now,” makes the case that Hillary Clinton is the one candidate who will make a real difference in people’s lives and that the people of New Hampshire “can’t wait” to achieve those results.

The ad encourages Granite Staters to vote on February 9th. The new 30-second spot is part of the campaign’s ongoing buy in New Hampshire and will run alongside previously released ads.


Below is the script of “Real Progress Now:”

“The American people can’t afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world. The grandmother that has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent, can’t wait. A single mom who desperately needs a raise, can’t wait. A student with a mountain of debt can’t wait. We can make real progress right now for people and families that need it.”

Rights And Democracy, A People Powered Organization, Endorses Bernie Sanders

Rights & Democracy is a fast-growing grassroots organization building engaged leadership teams across New Hampshire and Vermont — and they are ready for the political revolution

CONCORD, NH – Rights & Democracy, a regional grassroots community-based organization with members in Vermont and New Hampshire, is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for President.

“For decades, Sanders has stood with our communities and grassroots organizations working for positive change, pushed for livable wages, and joined us at picket lines to stand up for working families. Now we are standing with him, because we are part of the political revolution,” says Michelle Salvador of Worcester, Vermont. Salvador is a state employee, union leader, and the chair of the Rights and Democracy Board of Directors.

Janice Kelble of Franklin, New Hampshire, a longtime postal worker and founder of Rights & Democracy, says: “Senator Sanders stands up to the powerful corporate interests in this country that have corrupted our political system. His agenda is one that will benefit our communities and our country.”  

Rights & Democracy is a new, fast-growing, people-powered organization that started in Vermont and grew into New Hampshire last year. Within a few short months they successfully championed same day voter registration in Vermont and passed a bill for paid sick leave through the Vermont House. They are now pushing across both states to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage, raise workers’ rights standards, and create green jobs while taking bold action on climate change.

“We need the kind of political revolution Sanders has been calling for on a state and local level,” says founding Director James Haslam, who formerly served as the long time Executive Director of the Vermont Workers’ Center. “His agenda addresses the biggest concerns in our communities: reducing inequality, getting money out of politics, ensuring universal access to early and higher education, leading the fight for clean power, and taking powerful fossil fuel interests head on.”

Rights & Democracy is the first grassroots organization in the Northeast to endorse Senator Sanders. The group will join with other progressives to celebrate the endorsement at the Bernie Sanders 2016 Healthcare Rally in Salem, New Hampshire, on Saturday (advisory forthcoming).

Rights & Democracy spokespeople are available for interviews in New Hampshire and Vermont.

The DNC Sanctions Additional Democratic Debate In New Hampshire

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and NHDP Chair Buckley
on the Addition of a Democratic Debate in New Hampshire

Today, the DNC released the addition of a Democratic presidential debate between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement:

“I’m pleased to share exciting news on behalf of our two candidates. As with our previous debates, town halls and forums, voters will have several more opportunities to see them share their vision for how to build on 7 years of progress and keep America moving forward. Our Democratic candidates have asked the DNC to sanction and manage additional debates in our primary schedule, including one this week in New Hampshire ahead of the First in the Nation primary, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Having our candidates in agreement on their desire to add debates to our sanctioned schedule, the DNC has sanctioned an MSNBC debate on February 4th at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

“The candidates have also agreed to participate in three newly scheduled DNC sanctioned debates to be held in addition to the February 11th PBS News Hour, and March 9th Univision debates already planned. The first of these new debates is confirmed to take place in Flint, Michigan on March 6th, with the remaining two taking place in April and May with times and locations to be determined. We will continue to work closely with both campaigns as we finalize the remaining details.

“Our debates have set viewership records because of our candidates’ ideas, energy, and the strength of their vision to build on the progress we’ve made over the last seven years. We look forward to seeing them continuing to share Democrats’ vision for the country.”

The following is a statement from New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley: 

“We’re thrilled to be a co-host of the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Debate this week. It’s been an exciting campaign here in the Granite State already and we couldn’t be more excited to have another chance to host the candidates before our First-in-the-Nation primary.

“I’m pleased that the two campaigns, NBC, and the party were able to reach this agreement. I want to thank DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her work brokering this compromise. There are many who deserve credit for this agreement and the New Hampshire Democratic Party is pleased to have had a role in the effort that will benefit our candidates, our party, and, most of all, the voters of New Hampshire and across the country. We’re excited to help co-host this debate because we know that whoever our Democratic nominee is will win in November along with Democrats up and down the ballot.”

“We have incredible Democratic candidates running for president and Wednesday’s CNN town hall along with Thursday’s scheduled MSNBC Debate and Friday’s historic NHDP McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Celebration broadcast live on NH1 News and C-Span just days before the New Hampshire Primary provide three great opportunities for voters in New Hampshire and around the country to hear our candidates’ plans to build on the progress we’ve made over the last seven years.”

IBEW Local 1228 Endorse Bernie Sanders Citing Opposition To Hearst Corp’s Anti-Union Agenda

Members encourage everyone to vote for Bernie Sanders

Members of IBEW Local 1228 voted to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders in his campaign for President in the Democratic primary at their last Local Union meeting, citing his continued commitment to fighting corporate greed. 

“Bernie has consistently fought for working families and for the right of workers in all occupations to form and join unions. It’s time for union families to mobilize across the country and help him restore the middle class. Like our forefathers who rejected Colonial rule against great odds, this is our time to stand up to power and greed,” saidLocal 1228 Business Manager Fletcher Fischer.

IBEW Local 1228 has represented workers in the broadcast news and sports industries throughout New England since 1941.

Fletcher Fischer and Senator Bernie Sanders

Fletcher Fischer and Senator Bernie Sanders

“Bernie has a lifetime commitment to fighting corporate greed. He has stood with members of this Local Union since 1979, from our strike at Vermont PBS to our current struggle with the Hearst Corporation in New Hampshire. Hearst is trying to steal pensions from eleven WMUR workers while reaping billions in profits. This is such an obscene example of corporate greed”, said Fischer.

In December, members of IBEW Local 1228 stood outside of WMUR studios in an informational picket prior to Sanders arrival. The union wanted Sanders to sit down with the station manager Jeff Bartlett and schedule more timely negotiations in an effort to resolve their dispute before the WMUR Democratic Debate in mid-December.

Bernie Sanders meets with members of the IBEW local 1228 on Dec 4 2015

Bernie Sanders meets with members of the IBEW local 1228 on Dec 4 2015

Sanders did meet with Bartlett, and during that meeting Bartlett agreed to set up more timely negotiations.  However WMUR/Hearst recanted and refused to move up their negotiations.  The failure of WMUR/Hearst  to schedule more timely negotiations prompted action by the DNC to pull WMUR’s sponsorship of the debate.

The members of Local 1228 are calling on everyone to join them in voting for Bernie Sanders on Feb 9th.

“I am encouraging all of our members throughout New England to ask their family, friends and neighbors to support Bernie. He is the spark of the political revolution that will put the power back in the hands of the people and make the middle class thrive once again,” added Fischer.

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