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Shawn O’Connor Begins To Build His Campaign On Strong Progressive Values

Shawn O’Connor  Claims To Be “The Pragmatic Progressive New Hampshire Needs.”

shawn o'connor

Shawn O’Connor

Painting himself as a true outsider and riding the economic, populist movement of Senator Bernie Sanders, businessman Shawn O’Connor is laying the ground work for very competitive race for NH’s First Congressional District.

This week, O’Connor released a new web video, “Shawn O’Connor – The Pragmatic Progressive New Hampshire Needs,” highlighting his progressive agenda if elected.

Like Senator Sanders, who O’Connor endorsed in early January, is pushing a strong and progressive economic agenda founded on raising the minimum wage, taking on Wall Street, and strengthening the rights of workers.

“I am proud to endorse Bernie Sanders because he will steadfastly fight each day to raise the incomes of over half of America’s workers by passing a $15 minimum wage, a true liveable wage,” said O’Connor. “And I am endorsing Senator Sanders because only he can take on Wall Street and break up the banks that are once again too big to fail and threaten the world economy.” 

In September of 2015, O’Connor signed a binding pledge, which he has denoted as “The People’s Pledge,” to accept only the minimum wage salary of $15,080 for his service in Congress until this legislation is enacted. A Citizens’ Commission will distribute the remaining $158,920 of Shawn’s salary to New Hampshire charities. O’Connor also pledged to pay all his campaign staff $15 or more per hour.

“Shawn is exactly the action-oriented, ethical leader for which the people of the First Congressional District have been clamoring,” said State Senator David Watters of Dover.

In the video, Sue Chretien, a retired Manchester teacher, says “I don’t think that Washington is working.”  O’Connor vows to be the change that Granite Staters want and need in Washington to help rebuild the middle class.

Check out his new video below.


Federal Workers Deserve A Raise, Democrats Propose A 5.3% Increase

AFGE Workers want a raisePushing back against the Republican’s austerity budgets, Democrats introduce a 5.3% increase for federal workers.

Federal employees deserve catch-up contribution to counter years of lost wages

WASHINGTON — For a number of years now politicians in Washington have been forcing their austerity budgets on the hard working men and women that make up the federal workforce.  Federal workers have already given back $182 billion dollars in forced concessions through pay freezes, pay cuts, and increases to their retirement plans.

Nationally the economy keeps moving forward and the cost of living continues to rise yet federal workers are stuck in reverse.

“It’s time to raise wages for all working families in this country, and the federal government should serve as the model for all other employers to follow. This is why AFGE strongly supports the ‘Federal Adjustment of Income Rates Act’ introduced by Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia. This legislation will provide federal workers with a 5.3% pay raise next year,” said American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr.

The bill introduced in the House in mid-January already has 81 cosponsors, all of whom are Democrats.

“AFGE has led the call for a 5.3% pay raise and I’m incredibly grateful for the strong support our proposal has received. Federal employees have gone far too long without a decent wage increase, resulting in a 6.5% drop in their standard of living since the start of the decade,” added Cox. 

Nationally the cost of living has risen over 21% in the last ten years but most federal workers have only seen a couple of precent increase in their wages.  Federal workers have faced same economic struggles as every other American during the last 10 years.

“Federal employees are just like other workers – they are struggling to keep up with house and car payments, student loan debt, and rising costs for prescriptions and groceries and other essentials,” said Cox. “We are not asking for any special treatment, just a catch-up contribution to start making up for the $182 billion that federal employees personally sacrificed to help get our nation through the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

During the last six years Congress, mostly Republicans, have been using federal workers as their own personal piggy banks.  They take money that should have gone to the workers and repurposed it for their own benefit.  They force pay cuts on the workers and give more tax breaks and subsidies to corporations who are making record profits or to billionaires who are not paying their fair share of taxes as it is.

“As a result of six years of low to no pay raises, the purchasing power of federal paychecks has declined substantially. The women and men who keep this country running deserve a standard of living that keeps up with inflation and rising wages, which is why this catch-up contribution is long overdue. Congress must pass this legislation,” said Cox. 

Ayotte Refuses To Sign Hassan’s ‘People’s Pledge’ To Limit Campaign Spending

Earlier today Governor Hassan today signed a strengthened New Hampshire People’s Pledge limiting outside spending in the race for NH’s US Senate Seat against Kelly Ayotte. Later this afternoon, Kelly Ayotte refused to sign the New People’s Pledge. 

New Hampshire has a strong tradition of voluntary campaign spending caps – and accompanying penalties – that is written into state law (see RSA 664:5-a, b and RSA 664:21), and the strengthened New Hampshire People’s Pledge continues this tradition by committing each campaign to a $15 million spending cap. The $15 million cap represents a reduction in campaign spending from the highest spending New Hampshire Senate campaign in 2014.

Despite the fact that $5 million in outside spending has already benefited Senator Ayotte this cycle, Governor Hassan made clear that she wants the campaigns to work together to reach an agreement on a strengthened pledge.   

In a letter to Senator Ayotte (full letter available here and full strengthened pledge below), Governor Hassan wrote: 

“Granite Staters know that it’s not just the outside spending, but the amount of spending on campaigns that should be reined in. We would be happy to meet with you or your campaign to discuss this proposal further and find a way to move forward on this pledge together.”

“This campaign should be about how we can keep New Hampshire moving in the right direction by bringing people together to help hard-working Granite Staters get ahead and stay ahead. I hope that you will join me and that we can lead the way with this groundbreaking agreement to curb campaign spending.” 

In addition to adding a $15 million spending cap for each campaign, the strengthened New Hampshire People’s Pledge also restores the preamble of the 2012 pledge from which the language of Senator Ayotte’s proposal was drawn. The preamble clarifies the purpose of the pledge – including the intent to exclude dark money “issue advertisements” – while adding a new commitment to ensuring that money does not control politics in New Hampshire.

Ayotte Refuses to Sign Strengthened New Hampshire People’s Pledge 

Maggie for NH Campaign Manager Marc Goldberg released the following statement after Senator Ayotte made clear that she does not intend to sign the strengthened New Hampshire People’s Pledge:

“It’s extremely disappointing that Senator Ayotte has indicated that she has no intention of signing the strengthened New Hampshire’s People Pledge, though unfortunately it’s hardly surprising given Ayotte’s staunch opposition to meaningful campaign finance reform and overturning the backward Citizens United decision. Not to mention that as Senator Ayotte feigns interest in reining in outside spending, her dark money allies announced tens of thousands of dollars in additional spending on her behalf.”   

“Take it or leave it offers and an unwillingness to even have discussions may be how they do things in Washington – which is why Washington is so badly broken – but it’s not how we do things in New Hampshire. Here in New Hampshire, Governor Hassan has consistently shown that we know how to work together to find common ground to make progress for our families and small businesses.”

“Governor Hassan has fought for years to take real action to overturn Citizens United and rein in money in politics. The strengthened New Hampshire People’s Pledge that Governor Hassan signed includes a common-sense cap on spending that recognizes what all Granite Staters know to be true: that it’s not just outside spending, but the total amount of spending on campaigns that needs to be reined in.”

A Peek Inside Kelly Ayotte’s Valentines Mailbox Courtesy Of The NHDP

Concord, N.H. – The New Hampshire Democratic Party has exclusively obtained the content’s of Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Valentines Mailbox.

Here’s a look at who’s sending her love this February 14th:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
You vote how we say,
So we love you!
Yours, The Koch Brothers

Kelly Ayotte voted with the Koch Brothers nearly 90% of the time her first four years in the Senate, she’s received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from them and their employees and she’s benefited from millions of dollars in ads from their dark money groups.

Dear Kelly,
We’ve been fans ever since you first voted to let us keep our special tax loopholes. But now that you’ve also voted to allow us to keep spending unlimited political money without disclosing it, we want to take our relationship to the next level.
Will you be our Valentine?
Love, Big Oil

Last week, Ayotte voted against a measure that would have required big oil companies to disclose their political spending. She has also voted multiple times to protect tax breaks for big oil companies, opposing legislation that would have closed over $20 billion in tax loopholes for the five largest oil companies.

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks again for sticking to our secret campaign pledge! Enjoy these chocolates!
Love, The NRA

To fulfill a secret campaign pledge made to the NRA, Kelly Ayotte opposed a measure to prevent known and suspected terrorists from buying guns and explosives. She also opposed a common-sense bipartisan effort to strengthen criminal background checks for gun purchases.

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for always having our backs.

It’s so great to know we can rely on you to protect our interests in Washington.

…Also wanted to make sure that our latest checks had arrived.

<3 ,The Big Banks


Wall Street is Ayotte’s top campaign contributor, having donated more to her campaign than any other industry. So it’s no wonder Ayotte has voted repeatedly to roll back Wall Street reforms and even voted to continue taxpayer subsidies for corporate compensation for millionaires, like those on Wall Street.

Governor Hassan Announces Partnership to Enhance High-Speed Broadband in New Hampshire Schools

 CONCORD – As part of her efforts to ensure a strong K-12 public school system that helps students develop the skills and innovative thinking needed for success in the 21st century, Governor Maggie Hassan and New Hampshire Department of Education (DOE) Commissioner Virginia Barry announced a new partnership – the New Hampshire School Connectivity Initiative (NHSCI) – aimed at enhancing access to high-speed broadband at New Hampshire’s K-12 public schools.


“Ensuring that our students have the skills and innovative thinking needed for good jobs in the 21st century economy is critical to New Hampshire’s future, and access to high-speed broadband is a critical tool in preparing our young people for success,” Governor Hassan said. “Broadband is an essential component of a modern economy’s infrastructure, and by expanding access to broadband in K-12 public schools throughout New Hampshire, the New Hampshire School Connectivity Initiative will open doors for our students and broaden educational opportunities across all curriculum, including critical STEM areas, helping to better prepare them for future success.”


Led by DOE’s Office of Educational Technology, NHSCI is a collaboration between DOE, the New Hampshire Department of Information Technology, the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, and the University of New Hampshire.


In order to meet K-12 connectivity goals and ensure that all New Hampshire public school students have the opportunity to engage in digital learning, NHSCI will facilitate statewide K-12 fiber network discussions with school districts, service providers, and partner organizations; maximize discounted communication services provided to schools and libraries across the state through Federal Communication Commission’s E-Rate funding program; and continue efforts to analyze and strengthen a comprehensive K-12 connectivity report.


The initiative has also signed an agreement with EducationSuperHighway, a nonprofit organization that supports increased broadband connectivity in public schools and will provide its services free of charge to NHSCI to help New Hampshire’s K-12 schools and districts connect to scalable high-speed broadband.


“Improving connectivity to schools and libraries across the state will enhance e-learning and online content, which can provide more personalized learning opportunities for students,” said Commissioner of Education, Virginia M. Barry, Ph.D. “Broadband can also facilitate the flow of information, helping teachers, parents, schools and other organizations to make better decisions tied to each student’s needs and abilities.”


Ayotte Calls On Maggie Hassan To Take The People’s Pledge – No I am Not Joking

Kelly Ayotte 3 (Gage Skidmore)Senator Ayotte makes a mockery of the Campaign Finance Reform movement by calling on Governor Hassan to sign the “People’s Pledge”

After voting to block a bill to reverse the disastrous Citizens United decision Senator Ayotte is now calling for her Democratic opponent to take the “people’s pledge” to keep third party spending out of the race for NH’s U.S. Senate seat. (Full text of the People’s Pledge below.)

In her press release Ayotte said:

“… I believe New Hampshire voters deserve a campaign that focuses on the issues they care about most,” Kelly wrote. “I also believe that we owe it to the people of New Hampshire to have an honest discussion of our respective records and stand behind the ads run on our behalf. But excessive spending by third party special interest groups threatens to drown out New Hampshire voices in our race and undermine the meaningful debate that our citizens expect and deserve.”

It is ironic that she would be calling on Hassan to take the People’s Pledge after she routinely rejects attempts to reverse the overwhelming amount of money pouring into our elections from unknown billionaires and unnamed corporations.

“Ayotte said she supports reform in Washington, especially federal tax reform, but said she doesn’t support campaign finance reform efforts that seek to change the U.S. Constitution.”
[Union Leader, 1/7/15

(Ayotte) I think that on terms of campaign finance, one thing that I need to understand is that, if you look at Citizens United, it’s decided under the first amendment of the constitution. And I’ll be honest, the constitution’s important to me, as I know it is to all of you. And so, if we’re going to look at amending the constitution, I think that’s very, very tricky and can be very dangerous. And so I worry when I see proposals that are amending the first amendment of the constitution, because I’m not sure we’re going to get it as even as half as good as the people that drafted the constitution, and so I can’t support that. “ [American Bridge, Youtube, 6/12/15]

Just today, Ayotte doubled down on her opposition to reversing Citizens United in an interview with Fosters Daily Democrat.

“I’m certainly open at looking at ways to address the issue as long as they’re even handed and as long as they’re not rewriting the Constitution.”

Previously she’d said that reversing Citizens United would be “absurd” and called for more dark money groups like the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity. And last week, she voted against a measure that would have required big oil companies to disclose their political spending. 

 The Americans for Prosperity spent well over a million dollars on ads in 2015 attempting to discredit Governor Hassan all to benefit Ayotte in the upcoming election. 

“Kelly Ayotte’s attempts to erase her record of siding with special interests over the people of New Hampshire are so transparent as to be laughable,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Not only has she consistently opposed efforts to reform our campaign finance system and overturn Citizens United but she’s happily accepted millions in special interest money and has a record of voting with the Koch Brothers nearly 90% of the time.”


Full text of the People’s Pledge: 

The Candidates on behalf of their respective campaigns hereby agree to the following:

  • In the event that a third party organization airs any independent expenditure broadcast (including radio), cable, satellite, or online advertising in support of a named, referenced (including by title) or otherwise identified Candidate, that Candidate’s campaign shall, within three (3) days of discovery of the advertisement buy’s total cost, duration, and source, pay 50% of the cost of that advertising buy to a charity of the opposing Candidate’s choice.
  • In the event that a third party organization airs any independent expenditure broadcast (including radio), cable, satellite, or online advertising in opposition to a named, referenced (including by title) or otherwise identified Candidate, the opposing Candidate’s campaign shall, within three (3) days of discovery of the advertisement buy’s total cost, duration, and source, pay 50% of the cost of that advertising buy to a charity of the opposed Candidate’s choice.
  • In the event that a third party organization airs any broadcast (including radio), cable, or satellite advertising that promotes or supports a named, referenced (including by title) or otherwise identified Candidate, that Candidate’s campaign shall, within three (3) days of discovery of the advertisement buy’s total cost, duration, and source, pay 50% of the cost of that advertising buy to a charity of the opposing Candidate’s choice.
  • In the event that a third party organization airs any broadcast (including radio), cable, or satellite advertising that attacks or opposes a named, referenced (including by title) or otherwise identified Candidate, the opposing Candidate’s campaign shall, within three (3) days of discovery of the advertisement buy’s total cost, duration, and source, pay 50% of the cost of that advertising buy to a charity of the opposed Candidate’s choice.
  • The Candidates and their campaigns agree that neither they nor anyone acting on their behalf shall coordinate with any third party on any paid advertising for the duration of the 2016 election cycle. In the event that either Candidate or their campaign or anyone acting on their behalf coordinates any paid advertisement with a third party organization that Candidate’s campaign shall pay 50% of the cost of the ad buy to a charity of the opposing Candidate’s choice.
  • The Candidates and their campaigns agree to continue to work together to limit the influence of third party advertisements and to close any loopholes (including coverage of sham ads) that arise in this agreement during the course of the campaign.

Sununu Brags About Efforts To Block Healthcare To 40,000 Granite Staters

Concord, N.H.—Most people wouldn’t brag about their efforts to deny healthcare to poor people. But most people aren’t Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu. 

In an interview on “Girard at Large”, Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu doubled down on his efforts to block Medicaid expansion, bragging, “The legislature is taking up the expanded Medicaid issue, and as a lot of people know I fought for it to not even come to the table two years ago. Because, again, it is one of those things that once you do you cannot undo very easily.” 

Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire has delivered quality, affordable healthcare to nearly 40,000 hardworking Granite Staters with income levels are just above federal poverty line. Sununu was the only Executive Councilor to oppose New Hampshire’s successful bipartisan Medicaid expansion in 2013, and voted to reject its contract again in 2014. Both of Chris Sununu’s moves failed. 

“That Chris Sununu continues to gloat over his failed efforts to block Medicaid expansion for nearly 40,000 low-income Granite Staters is sickening,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Evan Lukaske. “And the only regret Chris Sununu seems to have is that he won’t be able to ‘easily’ strip the elderly, sick and disabled of their health care if he’s elected to the corner office. New Hampshire deserves better.”

New Hampshire Voters Express Concern for Growing Economic Inequality

Voting Booth (NicoleKlauss FLIKR)

Voting Booth (NicoleKlauss FLIKR)

Exit poll: Democratic voters supported candidates who addressed family friendly workplace policies

Concord, NH. – An exit poll conducted for the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy showed that income inequality was the most important issue (22 percent) for Democratic primary voters.

The exit poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, surveyed 397 Democratic primary voters and 412 Republican primary voters to gauge how voters assessed each candidate’s position on a variety of issues. The data shows that Democratic voters focused heavily on each candidate’s stance on family friendly workplace policies. 

Voters in the Democratic primary ranked the candidate’s position on the following issues as somewhat or very important – funding paid family and medical leave (78 percent), increasing the minimum wage (76 percent), paid sick days (74 percent), and ensuring access to quality, affordable child care (67 percent). 

“We know that New Hampshire families care about policies that will help them be better able to provide for their families and ensure their loved ones are well cared for,” said Amanda Sears, director of the New Hampshire Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy. “Voters want to be able to care for a sick child without risking their livelihood and need a wage that allows them to put food on the table; there are concrete policies that resolve these issues and help stabilize our economy. Voters are pushing for tangible change on these issues at both the national and state level.” 

The New Hampshire Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy has built tremendous support over the previous months and has collected more than 17,000 signatures in support of candidates who will fight for hardworking families and help communities thrive. The Campaign encouraged candidates from both parties to detail their plans and support for fair workplace policies.

Those signatures mirrored the responses of many in the poll. Democratic primary voters held consistent beliefs regarding the importance of the issues polled – minimum wage, affordable child care, paid family and medical leave, and paid sick days – regardless of whether they voted for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

While Republican voters focused less on the issues outlined above, 33 percent designated jobs and the economy as the most important issue in selecting a candidate, issues that are closely linked to family friendly workplace policies. Research indicates that when employees have access to earned sick days and higher wages, they are more likely to stay in the workforce, are more productive in their jobs and are more loyal to their employer. This saves companies millions in rehiring and retraining costs and contributes to a sustainable economy.

“It’s abundantly clear from these polling results that New Hampshire voters – like voters across the country – are frustrated with our nation’s growing income inequality. This exit poll reflects what we’ve been hearing in cities and states across our nation – citizens want officials who will support policies that will benefit both families and the economy,” said Lisa Guide, Associate Director of the Rockefeller Family Fund, who is funding an effort to bring mandatory paid sick leave to New Hampshire. Currently, there are 26 sick leave laws in the country, mostly enacted in the past few years.

The lack of work-family policies places a significant burden on families, particularly women and mothers. Across the country, more than 70 percent of employers offer no paid maternity leave. The U.S. lags far behind other countries in this regard, and families pay the price. Furthermore, the vast majority of families have both parents in the labor force, making access to child care a necessity. For many families with young children, child care costs now exceed rent for the largest monthly expenditure at nearly $1,000 per child per month for full time care.

Over the past several months, the New Hampshire effort has built momentum for these policies and demonstrated broad support. Leading up to both the Republican and Democratic debates, campaign leaders wrote open letters to the candidates, urging them to address their stance on policies like affordable child care and earned sick days. The Campaign pressed candidates to answer tough questions related to family friendly policies and captured their responses on video. Campaign advocates also drove a “Family Van” throughout New Hampshire to meet community members and candidates on the campaign trail and to call attention to the imminent need for policies that work for America’s families.

The Campaign will continue to advocate for family friendly workplace policies at the state level in the coming months.

To learn more about the New Hampshire Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy, visit http://www.familyfriendlyeconomy.org/ 

Republicans In The NH Senate Kill Two Bills Designed To Help Working Families

2015-03-26 Senate Passes SB136 3

Senate Passes SB136 (2015-03-26). Image by Marc Nozell Flickr CC

The NH Senate Republicans strike back against working families.

Today, Republicans in the NH Senate voted to send two new bills to an “interim study” or in laymen’s terms killing the bills for the rest of this session.  Both bills were killed by Republicans straight down party lines with one exception.

SB 479 would have created a tax credit for businesses who implement employee profit sharing. This bill would encourage more New Hampshire companies to give back to their workers through profit sharing. Corporations like Market Basket proudly give back to their workers through profit sharing creating a very loyal and dedicated workforce that gets extra benefits from their hard work. 

“Once again, the Senate has turned its back on hard working New Hampshire families. Even though our economy continues to improve and jobs are coming back to the state, incomes are not rising for our workers. This legislation was an innovative way to encourage businesses to share their profits with their employees,” said Senator David Pierce. “I’m very disappointed that my Republican colleagues again chose to reward bigger corporate profits rather than increasing workers wages. Just last year, we came to a compromise to cut corporate taxes for those at the top, yet today we rejected a common sense approach to help increase wages for those in the middle.” 

Senate Bill 479 creates a tax credit against the business taxes for companies that implement employee profit-sharing. Under this legislation, the tax credit would be available for each qualified employee of up to 15 percent of the compensation paid as profits in which employees share. There would also be a cap of 10 percent of the employee’s wages. 

“Profit-sharing gives everyone a stake in a company’s success, boosts productivity, and puts more money directly into employee’s pockets. This legislation is good for workers and good for businesses. Employee-profit sharing is a practice we should be encouraging in our state and rewarding businesses for implementing a profit-sharing plan supports both our workers and businesses.”

SB 511 would have established a refund of a portion of state education property taxes for child and dependent care expenses. 22 states have already adopted a similar supplement to the Federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. If SB 511 had become law, families who claim the Federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit would be eligible for a property tax refund of 50% of the federal amount. 

Republican Senator Gerald Little (R-Weare) was the only Republican to stand up for working families and voted to support SB 511.

“Once again, the Senate has chosen to maintain the status quo rather than do something to help hard-working Granite State families. Child care is one of the largest costs for families in New Hampshire and SB 511 would have helped reduce that cost,” said Senator Andrew Hosmer (D-Laconia). “If we can afford to give businesses tax breaks like we did last year, we can certainly afford to help our hard working families.” 

“Not only would this legislation help reduce the cost of child care for our families, but it helps New Hampshire’s businesses retain good employees who might otherwise have to choose between working and taking care of their children and encourages our economy to grow. New Hampshire’s working families need state government to be responsive to the rising costs of child care services and I’m disappointed that the Republican majority voted against reducing the cost of affordable child care for Granite Staters.”

Republicans are always claiming they want to reduce taxes for working families and for local businesses but when push comes to shove they fold like a cheap suit.

Chris Sununu Says Climate Change Not Real, Just Look at the Snow

Image by John Lodder CC FLICKR

Image by John Lodder CC FLICKR

Sununu denies what 97% of climate scientists agree, climate change is real and humans are driving it

Concord, N.H. – Chris Sununu continues to take his cues from New Hampshire’s primary winner Donald Trump, pushing policies that are out of touch – not only with Granite Staters but with reality and science.

In an interview with the New York Times, Chris Sununu was insistent “that there is no scientific consensus about the reality of human-caused climate change. He notes that he runs a ski resort, and that the skiing in New Hampshire has been great for the last five years.” 

But in the words of Jeb Bush, Chris Sununu is clearly “not a scientist.” 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is real and that humans are driving it, and just two weeks ago, news broke that 2015 was the hottest year on record, breaking the previous record set in 2014. 

“When the GOP Circus left town this morning, it seems like they accidentally left someone behind,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party spokeswoman Holly Shulman. “Chris Sununu is simply denying reality – and is sounding more like Donald Trump or a Senator from Oklahoma than someone who is running for governor in New Hampshire.” 

Not only is climate change a looming threat, but it is a threat in New Hampshire specifically where it means increased risk of flooding, more extreme weather events, and is a danger to New Hampshire’s wildlife and economy.

“Granite Staters need a leader who will address climate change – not an idealogue who will just pretend it’s not happening,” said Shulman.

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