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Residents Gather In Nashua For A Community Conversation On Race and Justice

More than 180 residents from throughout the City of Nashua converged on the Dion Center at Rivier University on Thursday evening to participate in what many termed as “the first ever” Community Conversation on Race and Justice.   Full partnership and participation by Nashua Police Department Administration, specifically Chief Andrew Lavoie, with Southern New Hampshire Outreach for Black Unity, Nashua Cultural Connections Committee, and Rivier University along with several Community Activists worked together for the past several months to plan this proactive event designed to create relationships between and among Nashua’s law enforcement professionals at all levels and city residents.

With a particular interest in reaching out to Nashua’s minority populations,  publicity flyers were distributed throughout the City in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.   The Community Conversation was planned to take place at 15 tables, set up to accommodate 10 participants at each table, with a planning member/facilitator, at least one Nashua police officer, and a person to scibe the table talk at each grouping,  It became apparent early on that many more participants showed up than had been expected, and fortunately Rivier faculty on site were able to locate additional chairs to accommodate the “sell out” crowd.

Throughout the 90 minutes allotted for “talk time” the room was electric with excitement  and  engagement as individuals told their stories and asked their questions and forged new relationships with those around them.   At the end-of-session wrap-up time the prevailing theme was that this was a wonderful place to start, and several individuals wanted to know when the next opportunities for similar events would be announced.

The planning committee had already strategized that this would not be a “stand-alone” event and will be meeting next month to process the event and develop an action plan for the future.

Great things can happen when communities come together to initiate, strengthen, and build relationships with all of the diverse populations of a metropolis such as Nashua.    We look forward to building upon this event and to utilize lessons learned and community responses and contributions to move us all forward……together.

Senator Shaheen on 2-Month Extension Of Highway Trust Fund

 (Washington, DC) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) released the following statement today on the Senate’s vote to authorize a two-month extension of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF):

“Our highways and bridges face a backlog of more than $800 billion in investment needs, including nearly half a trillion dollars in critical repair work. In New Hampshire alone, we have 775 bridges that are either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, and 37% of state roads are rated as being in poor condition. We need to pass a long-term highway authorization bill to tackle these problems responsibly, and I’m disappointed that instead the Senate has kicked the can down the road on providing long-term funding. Our country and our economy deserve better, and I hope that when this issue comes before us again in two months, we will put our roads and bridges above politics and get this done.”

She also made remarks on the floor calling for long-term infrastructure funding yesterday: https://youtu.be/huAZlE-Cq7A.

Senator Shaheen has long been a proponent of a long-term reauthorization of the Highway Trust Fund. As a co-chair of the bi-partisan Former Governor’s Caucus, she led a letter with Senator Angus King (I-ME) and Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) from the caucus earlier this month calling on their colleagues in the Senate to commit to fully funding national infrastructure and avoid the kind of short-term fix that passed today.

Every Child Matters Grills #FITN Candidates On Working Family Issues

“I think minimum wage is a classic example of a policy that is best carried out in the states,” Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina recently told MacKenzie Flessas at WMUR-ABC TV’s “Conversation with the Candidate” in New Hampshire.


“To me, a national minimum wage does not make a lot of sense,” the former corporate CEO said in response to a question that began with the observation that, “In New Hampshire, someone who earns minimum wage earns less than $300 per week.”

MacKenzie is ECM’s New Hampshire field director. She and other ECM staff have also elicited replies during sessions of the TV campaign series from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Some highlights are provided here, and the full questions and remarks can be found at WMUR’s website.

ECM was able to ask former Florida Governor Jeb Bush a question today during taping of a program that will be broadcast Friday evening, May 29.

Senator Graham told ECM state director Mary Lou Beaver during one WMUR studio conversation that he has been a leading Republican champion in Congress for early childhood programs because, “by the time you are five years old, 90 percent of your mental development is there.” Graham promised that if he runs for president and wins, he will partner with states to assure adequate nutritional support for kids. But he warned that more ambitious plans to help children– “to give them a chance to compete in the twenty-first century” –will require entitlement reform.

Former Governor Perry told Beaver that he would “repeal Obamacare” and allow states to be laboratories of innovation for health care, suggesting health savings accounts, allowing insurance to be sold across state lines and tort reform as hopeful ideas. That was in response to a question from ECM about how to ensure that low-income children and their parents in New Hampshire would not lose health care access if the Affordable Care Act had to be replaced.

Governor Kasich said that he supports keeping the Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-wage working families, but he declined to endorse expanding or strengthening the program when asked. Kasich pointed instead toward education, including online programs, to help people get jobs that would pay more.

ECM will continue to ask candidates questions about policies that affect kids as part of our 2-year effort to put children at the center of campaign discussion during the presidential election process. In New Hampshire, Save the Children Action Network, a sponsor of the “Conversation with the Candidate” series, is a key partner in the effort to highlight early childhood issues.

We’ll continue to let you know what the candidates say!

Hillary Clinton Visits New Hampshire

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came back to New Hampshire today “to earn each and every vote” — but it was almost impossible for the average voter to get anywhere close to her.

New Hampshire Stampers were at both of the “public” events the Clinton campaign held today, hoping to talk with the candidate and discuss the issue of #MoneyInPolitics.

We have done this successfully with other presidential candidates, including Gov. Martin O’Malley, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Bernie Sanders — all of whom have endorsed a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.  We will keep trying with those politicians we have not been able to pin down on the subject, including the two dozen or so candidates we were kept away from at the #NHGOP #FITN Summit.

New Hampshire Stampers first tried to meet Secretary Clinton outside this morning’s “small business” event at Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton — but met Secret Service and other security officials, instead.

We were able to get somewhat closer to the campaign’s “grassroots organizing” event this afternoon.  But again, it wasn’t possible for us to ask the Secretary to clarify her position on #MoneyInPolitics and what types of reforms she would support.  People who had not been cleared to attend the event were herded away from the entrance to the store, before Secretary Clinton arrived.  She said “hi” to a few people and then went into the event.

The campaign’s tight control over these events is beginning to draw criticism.

Rather than being able to ask Secretary Clinton to clarify her position on campaign finance reforms, New Hampshire Stampers were relegated to watching a tightly-scripted performance on CSpan.

Cross-posted on the StampStampede.org blog.


The Stamp Stampede is tens of thousands of Americans legally stamping messages on our nation’s currency to #GetMoneyOut of Politics. As more and more stamped money spreads, so will the movement to amend the Constitution and overturn Citizens United.

You can get your own stamp online at www.stampstampede.org. Or, if you’re a member of CWA, you can get a stamp from your LPAT coordinator. The average stamped bill is seen by 875 people – which makes stamping a highly-effective way to get the message out about how money in politics is corrupting our government.

It’s time to #GetMoneyOut of politics and take back our government.

NH Senate Votes To End Medicaid Expansion And Leave 40,000 Stranded Without Insurance

Today, the New Hampshire Senate voted straight down party lines against continuing the state’s partisan Medicaid expansion.

New Hampshire Senate Republicans including Jeb Bradley have praised the state’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion program, saying “the indications are that it’s working exactly as we intended. It’s reducing emergency room visits, and reducing what I call the ‘hidden tax’ of uncompensated care.”

Yet despite touting the program’s benefits for New Hampshire’s people, businesses and economy, the Senate Finance Committee voted yesterday along party lines against continuing the bipartisan plan.

“Just yesterday, Republican Senators on the Finance Committee touted the success of our bipartisan Medicaid expansion plan,” said Senator Woodburn. “This isn’t a partisan issue. New Hampshire’s business community, including the Business and Industry Association, has called on us to continue the state’s successful expansion program because it’s reducing heath care cost-shifting onto our families and businesses, strengthening the health of our workforce, and boosting our economy.”

Experts have pointed out that the uncertainty caused by the legislature’s inaction will affect insurance companies’ decisions and could lead to increased rates for all Granite Staters in the private market. The New Hampshire Hospital Association today released a new report showing a 22% drop in emergency room visits by uninsured patients during the first nine months of expansion and reinforcing once again that the state’s bipartisan expansion plan is working.

“Senate Republicans including Jeb Bradley have made clear that the state’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion plan is working and should be continued,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “There’s simply no excuse for why members of both parties can’t come together now to maintain our commitment to New Hampshire’s people, businesses, and economy by continuing the state’s successful expansion plan.”

The legislature’s failure to act now to protect Medicaid expansion could lead to increased rates for all Granite Staters on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Jennifer Patterson of the state’s Insurance Department recently told the AP, “The decisions that (insurance companies) make and any uncertainties that result from what’s going on in the legislative process, all of that gets played out in the rate development, and that is reflected across the entire private market.”

Lisa Guertin, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire, told the AP, “It has huge implications on the prices people pay.”

“Today’s vote against continuing the successful Medicaid expansion we enacted just last summer is short-sighted, partisan, and disappointing,” said Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern. “This expanded coverage was the result of widespread support in the business and healthcare communities, a bipartisan law, and several 3-2 votes on the Executive Council.  By all accounts it has been tremendously successful, with a big drop in uninsured patient visits in New Hampshire’s Emergency Rooms.”

Van Ostern continued, “This past Sunday, I spoke with a woman whose sister now has coverage through the NH Medicaid expansion we enacted. Her voice broke when she said thank you, and she said policy makers in Concord need to know that their votes affect real people’s lives. She deserves better than today’s vote.”

“Playing chicken with the healthcare coverage of 40,000 New Hampshire citizens — and the families and employers who rely on them — is bad public policy. Our people and our economy can’t afford this uncertainty,” added Van Ostern.

“Not only do Senate Republicans lack any plan to protect coverage for the tens of thousands of Granite Staters who have gotten covered thanks to the state’s successful expansion plan, but their failure to act now could lead to increased rates for all Granite Staters in the private market,” added Buckley.

New AFL-CIO Report Highlights Reasons Why TPP Is Not the Answer to Trade Issues with China

Read the report here

(Washington, DC) – On a conference call today, AFL-CIO Policy Director and Special Counsel Damon Silvers and Roosevelt Institute Senior Economist Adam Hersh described the reasons why the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not the solution to improving China’s trade policies.

The U.S.-China Economic Relationship: The TPP is Not the Answer,” report explains why the TPP will have no effect on the way China sets its trade policy. It debunks claims that failure to pass TPP will allow China to set the rules of international trade.

“From what we know about the TPP, it’s a low-standards agreement from the perspective of working people.  It would solidify a model of globalization that drives wages and public interest policies down, it wouldn’t address job killing currency manipulation, and it could allow China to reap the benefits of the agreement without joining,” said Silvers. “It would undermine efforts to raise wages in China and to revive U.S. manufacturing. Congress must reject the notion that ‘TPP at any cost’ is worth it.  A corporate-driven TPP cedes important American values and hurts working families in the process.”

“The argument that TPP can counterbalance China’s rising economic power in the region holds no water,” said Hersh.  “In fact, Chinese policymakers are eager to see TPP completed for the opportunity to expand their economic footprint across Asia.”

A digitized replay of the call is available from today at 12:30 pm to 5/21/15 at 12:30 pm EST.

Telephone:   (USA) (800) 475-6701     (International) (320) 365-3844        Access Code: 360686

Read the report here.

Senator Andrew Hosmer Comments on Senate Raid of Dedicated Funds

Senate Finance Republicans Vote to Take $2.22 million from Renewable Energy Fund

CONCORD – Today, Sen. Andrew Hosmer (D-Laconia), member of the Senate Finance Committee, released the following comments regarding the Senate Finance Committee’s vote to take $2.22 million out of the Renewable Energy Fund and use it to fund the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management:

“Just last week the Senate Finance Committee voted to restore the Renewable Energy Fund after the House Republicans raided it to fund their reckless budget,” said Senator Hosmer. “Today, without the benefit of a public hearing, Senate Republicans voted to reverse course and raid $2.22 million from the same fund for the next budget and then permanently raid $1.5 million in each future year.”

Along a party-line 4-2 vote, the Senate Finance Committee voted to take $2.22 million from the Renewable Energy Fund and use it to fund the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Both the House-passed version and the Governor’s proposed budget addressed a decrease in funding for Homeland Security and Emergency Management through assessments on utilities and on property, life and casualty insurance policies.

“Today’s vote shows that the Senate Republicans’ rhetoric doesn’t match their actions.  All session long, Senate Republicans have been claiming responsibility for protecting dedicated funds, including a press release just last week where Senators Forrester and Little patted themselves on the back for protecting the integrity of dedicated funds,” continued Sen. Hosmer. “While funding the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is very worthy and a high priority for us all, the Governor and House had a much more responsible way to do so. I sincerely urge my Senate colleagues to protect the Renewable Energy Fund, which is vital to the ability of NH’s small businesses to be successful.”

5-20-15 AFT-NH Legislative Update: Restoring Budget Cuts In The Senate

AFT NH Legislative Update

The Senate has had several hearings and meetings regarding their work on the state budget. When they held a public hearing several hundred citizens of New Hampshire showed up and spoke. Many expressed concern over the lack of funding in the House budget and its many cuts to programs needed by our most vulnerable citizens.

The Senate seems to have worked through much of what they want to do even before convening the Finance Committee meetings.  They have started with many noncontroversial items.

Again, I must repeat that we know that in New Hampshire we have few revenue sources and we have a regressive tax system, meaning that citizens who have the least to spare pay the most. To read more on this click here. AFT-NH supports incremental, common-sense reforms designed to make NH’s existing tax system fairer and to produce the revenue needed to preserve the public services essential to NH’s residents, businesses, and visitors.  All of this is vital to our shared economic success.

Once I know more on what the Senate is recommending I will send out an update.

This past Thursday the full Senate passed HB 507: relative to teacher personally identifiable data. This bill adds provisions relating to the protection of teacher personally identifiable data and adds in language that no school shall record in any way a school classroom for any purpose without school board approval after a public hearing, and without written consent of the teacher and the parent or legal guardian of each affected student. AFT-NH is very pleased that both chambers have passed this bill and we ask that the governor signs this bill into law.

The full Senate will be voting on HB 323: relative to the administration of the statewide assessment program. AFT-NH believes that this will allow for some district flexibility with regards to state wide assessment. We have seen an over-emphasis on high stake testing across the country and think New Hampshire is moving in the right direction.

AFT-NH believes that assessments should support teaching and learning, and that they should be aligned with curriculum rather than narrow it.  Assessments should be focused on measuring growth and continuous development of students instead of arbitrary targets unconnected to how students learn. Assessments should be diverse, authentic, test for multiple indicators of student performance and provide information leading to appropriate interventions that help students, teachers and schools improve, not sanctions that undermine them.  Development and implementation of such tests must be age appropriate for the students, and teachers need to have appropriate computers to administer such assessments.

Further, AFT-NH believes that assessments should support teaching and learning. They must contribute to school and classroom environments that nurture growth, collaboration, curiosity and invention—essential elements of a 21st-century education that have too often been sacrificed in favor of test prep and testing. We know that collaboration with educators is necessary to ensure that high-quality instruction and content are given their proper emphasis.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at lhainey@aft-nh.org.

In Solidarity,
Laura Hainey
AFT-NH President

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Wednesday, May 20

Senate FINANCE, Room 103, SH
Sen. Forrester (C), Sen. Little (VC), Sen. Morse, Sen. Reagan, Sen. D’Allesandro, Sen. Hosmer

Thursday, May 21

10 am Senate in Session

10:00 a.m. Continued public hearing on CACR 5, relating to legal actions. Providing that taxpayers have standing to bring actions against the government.

Friday, May 22

In recognition of your support, the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Association cordially invites you to the 23rd Annual New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Ceremony. The ceremony will be held on Friday, May 22, 2015, beginning promptly at 10:00 a.m., on the Memorial Site in front of the Legislative Office Building. The ceremony will proceed rain or shine. Refreshments will be served immediately the ceremony. Please do not hesitate to contact Major Kevin Jordan of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department at 602-271-3128 if you have any questions.

Thursday, May 23

Senate FINANCE, Room 103, SH
Sen. Forrester (C), Sen. Little (VC), Sen. Morse, Sen. Reagan, Sen. D’Allesandro, Sen. Hosmer

Tuesday, May 26

10:00 a.m. Subcommittee work session on retained bills
HB 527, establishing guidelines for school districts relative to the use of school resource officers,
HB 538-FN-L, relative to the implementation of new statewide education annual assessments,
HB 581-FN, requiring schools to continue the education of a child during the child’s suspension or expulsion, and
HB 243, changing the definitions of “focus school” and “priority school” in the school performance and accountability law.
1:00 p.m. Continued subcommittee work session on retained bills
HB 218-FN, relative to additional funding for third grade proficiency in mathematics,
HB 549-FN-A-L, allowing school building aid grants for certain authorized projects,
HB 242, relative to the statewide improvement and assessment program, and
HB 231, relative to applications for school building aid.

Monday, June 1

1:15 p.m. Regular meeting.

Wednesday, June 3

10 am House in Session

Thursday, June 4

10 am House in Session

Frank Guinta is “Politically Radioactive” for Kelly Ayotte, Presidential Hopefuls

NHGOP Stands By Guinta as Two More Editorial Boards Calling for his Resignation 

The Problem Kelly Ayotte Created Isn’t Going Away for Her – or the Presidential Hopefuls She’s Auditioning For

Concord, N.H. – As Frank Guinta thanked New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn and the NHGOP executive committee for their “continued support and confidence” in him, the Concord Monitor and Foster’s editorial boards became the latest New Hampshire papers to call on Frank Guinta to resign.

Meanwhile, the problem that Kelly Ayotte created by propping Guinta up throughout his years of lies isn’t going away for her – or the presidential hopefuls she’s been auditioning for across the country.

The Washington Post, which described Guinta as “politically radioactive,” reported that the problem is quickly spreading to Jeb Bush and Rick Perry, among others, who have donated time and money to Guinta’s campaigns.

See coverage roundup below:

WMUR: Guinta ‘humbled’ by NHGOP executive committee ‘support’

Rep. Frank Guinta said Tuesday he was humbled by what he viewed as the state Republican Party executive committee’s “continued support and confidence” in him in the wake of his settlement with the Federal Election Commission over campaign contributions that came from a bank account in his parents’ names.

… Guinta, in his first comment since the committee’s meeting, told WMUR.com in a statement, “I appreciate the executive committee for providing me the opportunity to speak with them, answer their questions and allay any of their concerns. I am humbled by their continued support and confidence in my ability to represent the constituents of the first congressional district and I look forward to continuing my work on behalf of the Granite State.” [Full story]

Washington Post: Scandal-plagued Frank Guinta reaped thousands from GOP presidential candidates

… So it’s no surprise that an otherwise rank-and-file congressman has earned outsized support and attention from potential Republican presidential contenders.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, business executives Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina — even Republicans who took a pass on the race like former ambassador John Bolton — have donated thousands of dollars or spent time campaigning for Guinta.

“I’ve talked to most, I think just about all of the potential presidential candidates either over the phone or in person,” Guinta said in an interview with The Washington Post in March. “I’m happy to give advice and guidance as potential candidates inquire.”

At the time, he credited Bush for his support and said that other potential presidential candidates had offered to help. “We’ll certainly take up those offers to help,” he said.

But now, Guinta is politically radioactive.

… Among presidential contenders, Bush has been most generous by far. He donated $5,200 through his super PAC, Right to Rise, in February. The donations to Guinta were announced on the same day he gave four-figure sums to other Republican lawmakers from New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. He’s made dozens of donations to other GOP politicians in the months since. Bush also headlined a fundraiser for Guinta during a whirlwind tour of New Hampshire in March.

Bush also personally donated $1,000 to Guinta’s campaign last October. Filings with the Federal Elections Commission show that Bush listed himself as a “self-employed” giver from Coral Gables, Fla. when he made the donation on Oct. 14.

Trump also personally donated $1,000, according to campaign finance records. Perry’s RICKPAC gave Guinta $2,500 on Oct. 15. And a super PAC for Bolton, who announced last week that he won’t run for president, forked over $5,000 last September.

… Asked whether they are standing by Guinta, aides to Bush, Perry and Fiorina didn’t return requests for comment on Tuesday. A spokesman for Trump said their camp only learned about his troubles from the Post, but said: “We wish him well.”

But Bush is scheduled to visit New Hampshire on Wednesday and Thursday. Perry, Fiorina and others will be here soon. Given the rough-and-tumble nature of New Hampshire politics, no doubt they’ll be asked soon about Guinta. [Full story]

Concord Monitor Editorial: To best serve the state, Guinta must step down

It’s time to go, Frank. Politically, you’re a dead man walking. We apologize for what might seem like piling on, but we would be doing 1st District residents a disservice if we didn’t join the bipartisan chorus calling on you to resign.

We’ve been no fan of Congressman Guinta’s performance in Washington. When he came to the Monitor to meet with editors before his 2010 election, he presented himself as a mayor who attributed his success to his bipartisanship. Once in Washington, he was anything but bipartisan. In fact, he became known for his consistently extreme conservative positions. Being wrong, however consistently, does not disqualify a politician from holding office. Being dishonest does.

… For five years, Guinta ducked and dodged when asked about the money he claimed he had lent to himself. The feds didn’t buy it. He was ordered to repay his parents and pay a $15,000 fine. Guinta remains unrepentant. He mischaracterizes the FEC decision by pretending that he was fined for a mere “reporting error,” not for taking money illegally.

… Guinta’s dissembling demonstrates that he does not deserve the public’s trust. Character matters. By continuing in office, he is robbing 1st District residents of effective representation. He can’t be believed, and he won’t be trusted. For the good of the state and nation, he must step down. [Full editorial]

Foster’s Editorial: Calling on Rep. Guinta to resign

… At this point, Guinta only needs to apologize about one thing: Remaining in office.

… the FEC’s findings and Guinta’s own refusal to admit any wrongdoing — other than a clerical error or an error in judgment — even in the face of a five-year investigation that proved otherwise call into question the congressman’s honesty and integrity.

… What Guinta has woefully failed to do, however, is represent the morals and ethics of his constituents. The FEC findings tell us that our congressman cheated on his way to Washington the first time around. Do the people of New Hampshire want to be represented in Congress by a cheat?

… We join those asking for Guinta’s resignation. It no longer matters what Guinta has done for his constituents because he has lost our trust. And the longer he remains in Washington, the clearer it becomes that Frank Guinta is more concerned with serving himself than serving the voters who sent him there. [Full editorial]

Jim Donchess Announces Endorsement of 22 Current and Former Elected Officials in Nashua

NASHUA – Candidate for Mayor Jim Donchess announced the endorsement of 22 current and former elected officials in Nashua, demonstrating the strong support for his vision to restore accountability and openness to City Hall.

“I’m supporting Jim Donchess because I know he is the only candidate who can bring all sides together in the city of Nashua,” said Board of Public Works Commissioner Paul G. Bergeron. “In his job as Alderman-at-Large Jim has strived to bring people together and ensure that all voices are included in the decision making process. I know that he will bring this consensus building approach to his job as Mayor, and a thoughtful and intelligent perspective to City Hall.”

“Jim has the experience, the leadership and the vision that we need for Nashua,” said Representative Cindy Rosenwald. “He has all of the qualifications to get our city back on track for a robust economy and a vibrant community.”

“In 1987, when I was first elected to the Board of Education, Nashua public schools were first starting public Kindergarten. Jim was Mayor, and he had supported and helped implement public Kindergarten for the city,” said Former Board of Education Member Sue Newman. “This was years before New Hampshire finally mandated public Kindergarten for the entire state. Just as he did in the 1980’s, Jim continues to prioritize education and make sure that all our students have the opportunity to succeed.”

“I feel honored to have the support of so many current and former elected officials in Nashua,” said Donchess. “These people have shown their commitment to our city year after year through their public service and selflessness. I look forward to working with everyone to make Nashua a better place to live.”

Mary Nelson, Former State Senator

Cindy Rosenwald, State Representative, Ward 3

Alan Cohen, State Representative, Ward 3

David Cote, State Representative, Ward 4

Efstathia Booras, State Representative, Ward 6

Dan Hansberry, State Representative, Ward 8

Marty Jack, State Representative, Ward 9

Jan Schmidt, Former State Representative, Ward 1

Suzanne Mercier Vail, Former State Representative, Ward 2

Mariellen MacKay, Former State Representative, Ward 3

Joan Schulze, Former State Representative, Ward 8

Linda Gathright, Former State Representative, Ward 9

Steve Bolton, Former Alderman-At-Large and President, Board of Aldermen

George Pressly, Former Alderman-At-Large

Linda Willett, Former Alderman, Ward 3

Marc Plamondon, Former Alderman, Ward 4

Dottie Oden, Member, Board of Education

Kim Muise, Member, Board of Education

Atlant Schmidt, Former Member, Board of Education

Sue Newman, Former Member, Board of Education

Paul G. Bergeron, Commissioner, Board of Public Works

Joe Taranto, Former Commissioner, Board of Public Works

Donchess is a current Alderman-at-Large who announced his candidacy for Mayor two weeks ago with a supporters’ list of over 550 Nashua residents and a number of local activists and community leaders serving as campaign co-chairs. He also announced the endorsement of Former Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli last week. He previously served as Mayor of Nashua from 1984-1991 when Nashua was ranked “Best Place to Live in America” by Money Magazine.

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