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Public Pension Negotiators Eye Differences….

More Press on Retirement…

“House and Senate lawmakers met for the first of what promises to be many meetings to change the state’s public pension system. Both chambers have passed slightly different plans that cut pension benefits for teachers, municipal workers, firefighters and police. NHPR’s Dan Gorenstein reports after this initial meeting both sides are confident compromise is within their reach.
The House and the Senate have the exact same goal: cut how much employers- that’s cities and towns- have to pay in pension costs.”

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State retirement negotiators struggle to find common ground…

News on State Retirements…

“CONCORD – Legislative negotiators failed to settle on precise changes that will make public employees work longer and contribute more to their pensions but agreed on a starting date Monday.
House and Senate leaders working to reform the $6 billion New Hampshire Retirement System decided higher employee contributions, once endorsed, will begin July 1. “


Another Article is from the Concord Monitor

“Public employees will likely have at least four months to review the Legislature’s reforms to the state’s retirement system before deciding whether to retire, according to an agreement reached by House and Senate members during a committee of conference yesterday.

Facing each other from opposite tables, members of both houses sat down to hammer out the difference between their two bills as the Republican-led Legislature seeks to reform the state’s retirement system.”


Broad-brush attack on unions doesn’t add up….From Concord Monitor

Someone who speaks the truth about Right To Work and the economy….

“In Gary Daniels’s column, “Right-to-work will boost economy” (Monitor Forum, April 30), he contends that a right-to-work law will benefit New Hampshire. Someone needs to paint the whole picture about unions, and I think I can because I’ve been on both sides of the issue.”

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News on Public Sector Retirements…..

This was in the Sunday edition of the Concord Monitor.

“With their state pension benefits at risk, public employees are rushing to retire before the Legislature can act.

The number of public employees who plan to retire this June is five times higher than the number of employees who retired last June. The number of police officers and firefighters set to retire this year is more than double the number who retired in any of the last three years.”


Right To Work, Letter….

A great letter to the editor from Webster.

I have followed closely the work of this Legislature and have to admit I am confused by its decisions so far.

Legislators said they would help grow the economy and create jobs. But their plan for New Hampshire’s economy seems to be to cut services for our most vulnerable citizens, interfere with contract negotiations between employees and employers and destroy the retirement system I’ve paid into throughout my career. How does that grow the economy or create jobs?

Read the entire letter

Special Election in Hillsborough District 4

Do you live in Hillsborough District 4? Do you live in Wilton, Temple, Mont Vernon, New Boston or Lyndeborough? There will be a special election for the seat vacated by Rep Robert Mead (now Speaker’s chief of staff) on May 17th. The New Hampshire AFL-CIO has endorsed Jennifer Daler in this race. If you would like to help with Daler’s campaign please contact the NH AFL-CIO office more information. Absentee ballots are available now.

For more information on Jennifer, you can find her on Facebook
at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jennifer-Daler-for-NH-House/119858478063048

New District Meeting for SD 8 (Claremont)

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO has organized another district meeting. This meeting will be in Claremont for those who live in Senate District 8.
The meeting will be at Claremont Senior Center, 5 Acer Heights Road, Claremont
On Monday May 16th

Members are asked to arrive at 6pm for a briefing and discussion prior to the Senators arrival at 7pm.

For more information please contact the NH AFL-CIO office.

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State Senator Jim Forsythe (District 4) is holding a meeting….

If you live in Senate District 4 be sure to go to the constituent meeting with your State Senator Jim Forsythe. He wants to hear from you. Go to the meeting, ask him questions, and tell him what you think.

Alton: Thursday, May 19th, 6:30 p.m., Alton Town Hall
For more information, contact Senator Forsythe at 271-3096, or james.forsythe@leg.state.nh.us

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