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NH CD01: A Clear Choice For Granite Staters

Carol Shea Porter - Frank Guinta

Carol Shea Porter - Frank GuintaThis election, voters in New Hampshire’s in the First Congressional District once again have a choice between two candidates that we know very well: Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta.

The two candidates have faced each other in the same race for the last three election cycles.

Carol is a true fighter for the middle class: pushing for stronger labor laws, a higher minimum wage, and access to healthcare for all Americans.

Frank is a self proclaimed “Tea Partier” who opposes any increase in the minimum wage, wants to “reduce government regulations” that help protect our environment, and would take away a woman’s right to choose.

Carol has the endorsement of workers organizations like the NH AFL-CIO, the State Employees Association, The American Federation of Teachers -NH, and the National Education Association of New Hampshire. Carol has also been endorsed by Planned Parenthood for her opposition to the attacks on women’s rights, the Human Rights Campaign for protecting the rights of the LBGT community, and the Sierra Club for her work protecting the environment.

On the other hand, Frank has been endorsed by the Koch brothers funded Americans For Prosperity and the Association of Builders and Contractors. Frank and the ABC held up construction of the Manchester Jobs Corps building because they were opposed to a federal agreement that would have protected construction workers and ensured that they were paid a fair wage.

Carol has voted time and time against proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare – programs that Americans have paid in to, their entire working lives. Vote after vote, Carol has defended the promises of retirement security that Americans have relied on since 1935. Protecting Social Security is one of the cornerstones of Carol’s service in Congress, and that’s why she has been endorsed by the New Hampshire Alliance For Retired Americans.

Frank, on the other hand, supports Paul Ryan’s plan to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Carol has defended the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard from threats to close it. She was also very vocal in her opposition to last October’s 16-day government shutdown.

There is no doubt that Frank would have voted with the extremists in Congress to shut our government down. And Frank has already promised he would join the faction that keeps forcing the House to waste resources voting on Obamacare (at least 60 times so far).

Once again, Granite Staters in the First District have a very clear choice between candidates.

  • If you want a fighter for the middle class who opposes corporate PAC money, vote for Carol Shea-Porter.
  • If you want someone in Washington who will vote for his corporate funders and against the middle class, then Frank Guinta fits the bill.

Myself, I will be voting to re-elect Congresswoman Shea-Porter.

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s Speech From The Jackson Jefferson Celebration 2014

CSP at JJ2014

Carol Shea-Porter addresses the crowd at the Jackson Jefferson Celebration

If this election is about fairness, and I believe it is, NH and America should practice self-defense and vote for Democrats.  It’s the Democratic Party that actually sees the middle class and is working to move the middle class in NH and America forward.  The Dems have a plan to jumpstart the middle class.  We are working to create jobs and make it in America, and we want to raise the minimum wage. We know that when women succeed, America succeeds, so we have a women’s economic agenda- Paycheck Fairness Act, the Healthy Families Act, which assures men and women have sick leave, and increases access to affordable childcare.

If this election is about education, and I believe it is, Americans should practice self-defense and vote for Democrats.  Democrats believe that education is the key to prosperity.  Therefore we passed legislation to take the middle men out of government school loans, increased Pell Grant money, and reduced the interest rates for loans when we were in the house. No, Republicans are event blocking the Bank on Students Emergency Loans Refinancing Act.

If this election is about Social Security and Medicare, and I believe it is, then Americans should practice self-defense and vote for Democrats.  Democrats know that seniors helped build and defend this country and that they earned their benefits and we should not cut benefits or voucherize Medicare while keeping subsidies for big oil and gas and the wealthiest.

If this election is about the  need for campaign finance reform, and I believe it is, then Americans should practice self defense and vote for Democrats.  Democrats have legislation demanding full disclosure by donors and have other bills to clean up the undue influence of these shadowy groups that have pounced since Citizens United.

If this election is about the need for research and development, and I believe it is, then Americans need to practice self-defense and vote for Democrats.  Republicans slashed funding for the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control, quite clearly a bad move.  They took money from vital research, it’s the research which gives Americans great hope and victories over disease.

If this election is about climate change, and I believe it is, then American need to practice self-defense and vote for Democrats.  Democrats believe in science.  We believe we can invest in renewable energy and change direction.

If this election is about our future, and I believe it is, then Americans need to practice self-defense and vote for Democrats.  Democrats believe that we are strongest when we stand together and work together to solve our problems.

Democrats believe in the American Dream. We believe in wealth creation.  That’s in our DNA.  It’s a good thing.  It keeps people working, builds communities, allows us to invest.  Democrats also believe in what has made our great country succeed.

Our country can and must remain a land of opportunity and fairness, where when you work hard and play by the rules, you can raise your family, send your kids to college, save for retirement, and have a little left over for pizza on Friday night.

As Guinta Denies Climate Change, SIERRA CLUB Endorses Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

Sierra Club Logo

Sierra Clib Logo

Nation’s Largest Grassroots Conservation Organization Praises Shea-Porter’s Consistent Record of Protecting the Environment and Public Health 

Porstmouth, NH – Today, the New Hampshire Chapter of the Sierra Club announced its endorsement of Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter in the election for 1st New Hampshire Congressional District.

“Carol Shea-Porter has been a champion for the people of New Hampshire and the natural beauty we all love,” said Jim Allendinger. Strafford resident and Chapter Political Committee Co-Chair. “She has worked tirelessly to invest in renewable energy that would create jobs right here in New Hampshire while continuing the fight to ensure that our public lands and national treasures are safe from dangerous drilling practices. We are proud to endorse her in her bid for re-election.”

Representative Carol Shea-Porter’s role on the House Natural Resources Committee stands in sharp relief with the stances taken by her opponent Frank Guinta. Congresswoman Shea-Porter has voted for strong reforms in land conservation, stewardship of federal natural resources, the creation of clean energy jobs, and voted to protect national public treasures from dangerous gas and oil exploitation. Guinta has stated he’s for drastically cutting funds from environmental programs, voted to reduce funding to protect America’s endangered species and refuses to accept the science behind climate disruption.

In a Republican Primary debate Frank Guinta was asked if he believed in man made climate change, to which he responded flat out “no” (video here and below).

Frank Guinta relies on significant financial support from the oil-billionaire Koch brothers, who insist that Republican candidates deny the truth about climate change in order to advance their Big Oil agenda. But before he converted to singing the Koch brothers’ tune, he signed two climate change agreements during his time as Mayor of Manchester.

“The choice in this election couldn’t be clearer,” said Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. “Granite Staters have the opportunity to re-elect a visionary environmental leader in Rep. Carol Shea-Porter. As a co-sponsor of the bill which made our cars more fuel efficient, she’s saved consumers money while taking a big step to cut back on climate disruption causing carbon pollution. Her work protecting public lands from destructive drilling process while working to create more than 2 million new acres of wilderness and parks only serves to reinforce that John Muir’s legacy of environmental stewardship lives on today in the halls of Congress.”

“I am honored to once again earn the Sierra Club’s endorsement,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “As a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, I’ve been proud to  work to protect our land, air, and water, and to vote for a clean energy future.”

The Sierra Club Political Committee’s coordinated program, Victory Corps, has deployed Sierra Club staff and volunteers to 13 House and Senate races around the country. Victory Corps has targeted critical environmental and conservation champions fighting for re-election or working to represent their district in congress; including critical battleground fights like the New Hampshire 1st.

Shaheen Campaigns with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, NH AFL-CIO President in Hooksett

Image from Facebook
Image from Facebook

Image from Facebook

Manchester – This evening Senator Jeanne Shaheen campaigned with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie, and more than a hundred supporters from the labor community at an event in Hooksett, where the three discussed how Shaheen’s record standing up for New Hampshire working families contrasts with Scott Brown’s record of supporting out-of state corporate interests and companies that outsource jobs.

“When it comes to jobs and the economy, Scott Brown and I have two very different records,” said Shaheen. “I believe we need to increase the minimum wage because it’s what’s right for New Hampshire families, but Scott Brown opposes the increase. I know we need to once and for all end giveaways for Big Oil, Wall Street and companies that ship jobs overseas, but time and again Scott Brown voted to protect those special breaks. And I want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to support New Hampshire small businesses across our state, but Scott Brown voted against them when he was representing Massachusetts. The difference is clear: I have never stopped fighting to make a difference for the families and businesses that make up the backbone of our state’s economy, and I never will.”

“Jeanne Shaheen has a long record working to create good paying jobs and has always fought to ensure hardworking people get the fair shot they deserve,” said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. “When he was Massachusetts’ senator, Scott Brown voted against unemployment benefits. He voted to water down Wall Street reform. And he helped big corporations ship American jobs overseas. When you see his record up close like we did, you see he’s not someone who has spent his career standing up for working people. Jeanne Shaheen has.”

“Outsourcing is the type of business practice that lines the pockets of millionaires like Scott Brown but is devastating for communities here in New Hampshire,” said Mark Mackenzie, President of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. “When jobs are shipped overseas, families suffer, unemployment increases, and communities are decimated. The fact that Scott Brown personally profited from this practice is wrong, and we need to reelect our Senator, Jeanne Shaheen, who we know will always stand up for working families here in New Hampshire.”

Jeanne Shaheen has spent her career fighting for good paying jobs here in New Hampshire. Shaheen led the fight to pass the bipartisan Small Business Jobs Act, which has helped countless New Hampshire businesses expand and create new jobs. Shaheen also cosponsored the bipartisan Travel Promotion Act, which invested in New Hampshire’s tourism industry, the second largest in the state, supporting nearly 70,000 jobs. Shaheen is currently fighting to increase the minimum wage because she believes no one in New Hampshire should have to work full time and still live in poverty.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown opposes increasing the minimum wage and voted to support tax loopholes for Big Oil, Wall Street and companies that offshore American jobs.  Since losing in Massachusetts, Brown has made over a quarter million dollars as a board member of a company that touts outsourcing American jobs to China and Mexico as part of its business plan. Legal documents dated just two days before Brown entered the U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire bear his signature endorsing the company’s outsourcing strategy.

Hassan Campaign Launches New TV Ad Highlighting Failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s Record of Bad Management

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 8.29.17 PM

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 8.29.17 PMUnder Havenstein’s Watch, SAIC Overcharged Taxpayers for a Project Meant to Train First Responders; On Another Taxpayer-Funded Project, SAIC Went $500 Million Over Budget Due to Massive Fraud

MANCHESTER—Governor Maggie Hassan’s re-election campaign launched a new television ad, “Massive,” highlighting failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s record of bad management. Under Havenstein’s watch, SAIC overcharged taxpayers for a project meant to train first responders, and on another taxpayer-funded project, SAIC went $500 million over budget due to massive fraud.

“Granite Staters face a clear choice between Governor Hassan’s record of bipartisan leadership that’s building an innovation economy for the future, and failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s record of bad management that ran SAIC into a ditch,” said Hassan Campaign Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs. “Voters deserve to know the facts about what happened under failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s watch at SAIC, and that includes wasteful spending and massive fraud that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Not to mention that Havenstein implemented a failed strategy, the company shed thousands of jobs, and it’s stock value plummeted over 30 percent.”

“Governor Hassan has worked across party lines to responsibly balance the budget without a sales or income tax and put New Hampshire’s economy back on the right track. Granite Staters can’t afford to let Havenstein do to the state what he did to SAIC,” said Jacobs.

Havenstein’s record of bad management includes failing to stop “systemic fraud” that “cheated the government out of millions of dollars” in taxpayer money for a project meant to train emergency personnel to respond to a terrorist attack. The AP reported that the scheme was “well-known among high-level executives.”

On another taxpayer-funded project, the company went $500 million over budget due to massive fraud that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Havenstein has attempted to duck responsibility for his bad management, even though he waited until after federal prosecutors announced charges before holding anyone at SAIC accountable.

To watch the ad, click HERE.

Governor Hassan Highlights the Clear Choice on Expanding Opportunity and Building a Stronger Workforce at NHTI in Concord

Maggie Hassan

The Governor Restored Funding that Allowed Community Colleges to Reduce Tuition, Havenstein Would Take Us Back to the Bill O’Brien Cuts that Undermined Higher Education

CONCORD—Governor Maggie Hassan visited NHTI, Concord’s Community College, to highlight the clear choice between her bipartisan leadership to expand opportunity and build a stronger workforce, and failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s Koch agenda that would take the state back to the Bill O’Brien cuts that undermined higher education and critical economic priorities.

The Governor was joined by State Senate candidate Dan Feltes and ClassCo Co-Founder and President David Luneau, to highlight her work to restore funding for higher education that allowed community colleges to reduce tuition. ClassCo is a technology, product design and development, and marketing company focused on the needs of the public safety and telecommunications communities.

“As the founder of a high-tech company right here in Concord, I know firsthand the importance of a strong workforce,” said ClassCo Co-Founder and President David Luneau. “My business relies on people being able to afford tuition so they can develop the skills and innovative thinking they need to succeed in the 21st century economy. Governor Hassan understands the needs of small businesses like mine, and that’s why she made freezing college tuition such a key priority.”

“It’s great to be at NHTI as we discuss our efforts to expand opportunity and build a stronger workforce that can fill the jobs that our innovative businesses are creating here in New Hampshire,” said Governor Maggie Hassan. “Our community colleges are developing innovative programs to provide our citizens with the skills they need to secure high-quality jobs, and that’s why I fought to restore funding that allowed our community colleges to reduce tuition. But my opponent’s Koch Brothers agenda and fiscally irresponsible ‘plan’ could make costs rise again at our community colleges, reversing our efforts to strengthen our workforce and putting a strain on students and families.”

Governor Hassan is fighting to expand opportunity and build a stronger workforce by freezing in-state tuition at our universities and reducing tuition at community colleges, working to modernize STEM education in our public schools, and promoting innovative options for higher education across the state.

Walt Havenstein, on the other hand, is pushing a Koch Brothers “plan” that would blow a $90 million hole in our budget, taking us back to the devastating Bill O’Brien cuts that undermined higher education and critical economic priorities.

Guinta Unable to Defend Extreme Tea Party Record at North Conway Debate

Carol Shea-Porter_Official.2010-300x288

While Shea-Porter Highlights Successful Work for Middle Class,
Guinta Launches Partisan Attacks

NORTH CONWAY—Unable to defend his destructive “yes” votes for slash-and-burn sequestration cuts, the extreme Ryan Republican Budget, and the even-more-radical Tea Party budget, Frank Guinta launched partisan attacks at yesterday morning’s North Conway debate.

“Frank Guinta’s desperation came across loud and clear in North Conway this morning. This debate was more about what Guinta refused to admit about his own record than what he did say,” said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly.

Guinta refused to engage with the issues. He ducked the subject of campaign finance reform, the day after his FEC filing proved he’s accepting large amounts of Koch Brothers money. He doubled down on his support for giving tax breaks to the wealthy and refused to address his votes for sequestration cuts and extreme budgets that slashed funding for the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, infrastructure, education, job training, first responders, border security, and other programs.

Instead of offering his own proposals, Guinta launched attacks and tried to reassign blame. In contrast, Shea-Porter offered detailed solutions that build on her record of fighting on behalf of New Hampshire’s middle class families.

“Carol talked about her successful bipartisan work to achieve results in Congress, and asked voters to judge the candidates on their voting record and what they’ve accomplished for the people of New Hampshire. By that criteria, there’s one clear choice in this election—Carol,” said Connolly.

NH Jackson Jefferson Celebration: President Clinton Rallies NH Democrats Ahead Of Elections




Are you ready? Are you ready to vote?

These words covered signs throughout the Center of New Hampshire conference center last night as the New Hampshire Democrats hosted their annual Jackson Jefferson Celebration.

NH Democratic Committee Chair Ray Buckley opened the night with a simple question, “Are you ready to vote?” Buckley continued, “Are you ready to reelect Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter? Are you ready to reelect Congresswoman Annie Kuster? Are you ready to reelect Governor Maggie Hassan? Are you ready to reelect Senator Jeanne Shaheen?”

The standing ovations for each of the candidates proved that the crowd is ready. Ready to get out and vote for Democrats this election. Ensuring that New Hampshire Democrats get out and vote is vitally important.

“Four years ago New Hampshire Democrats stayed home and New Hampshire elected Bill O’Brien as Speaker of the House,” said Buckley.

In 2010, Bill O’Brien was elected Speaker after the Tea Party wave overcame the New Hampshire House. As Speaker, O’Brien slashed the New Hampshire budget, cutting funding to Children In Needs programs, defunded Planned Parenthood and attempted to push through a complete repeal of collective bargaining. “Bill O’Brien is counting on NH Democrats staying home,” said Buckley. If NH Democrats stay home this year Bill O’Brien will become Speaker of the House again.

The President of the Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire, Dave Lang, was honored with the Kathy Sullivan Courage Award for his decade long fight against the Local Government Center. Lang fought the LGC who were found to be misusing public healthcare funds and taking millions of dollars from taxpayers.

“I accept this award on behalf of the 2000 professional firefighters and paramedics who are out there every day working to make all the bad stuff go away,” said Lang. Referring to the massive budget cuts and anti-worker legislation pushed by the NH GOP in the Legislature Lang said, “This November it is up to you to stop the bad things from happening.”

After the awards were given, the candidates got their chance to speak.

Congresswoman Annie Kuster was first to take the stage. She opened by saying, “You all look beautiful.” Kuster focused on her work in Washington to protect small business, veteran’s benefits, expanding Social Security, and protecting women’s reproductive rights. She highlighted how her opponent, Marilinda Garcia, opposes many of these principles.

“(Garcia) opposes equal pay for equal work,” said Kuster. “(Garcia) voted to repeal the Violence Against Women Act. Marilinda is just a Michelle Bachmann – Sarah Palin wannabe. Marilinda Garcia is too extreme for New Hampshire.”

Prior to her current term as US Congresswomen, Annie Kuster spent twenty-five years as an adoption attorney. She talked about how important it is protect a women’s right to choose. Marilinda Garcia boasted in her support of the recent Hobby Lobby decision that allows your employer to choose what contraceptives are covered by their company health plan. Garcia voted to defund Planned Parenthood, voted to ban abortions — even cases of rape or incest — and even went as far as to criminalize any physician who performs an abortion.

“This is personal and private,” said Kuster. “We cannot let the government or our employers decide when we want to bear children.”

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter kicked off her speech by saying, “Practice self-defense and vote for Democrats.”

Shea-Porter has been a champion for middle class families through her three terms in Congress. She has worked to protect the 5,000 workers at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and opposes the draconian cuts proposed by the Republican leadership in the US House. She mentions how the GOP cut research for the CDC. “Clearly a bad move,” said Shea-Porter.

Shea-Porter is also pushing to get the dark money out of politics opposing the Citizens United. Shea-Porter clearly stated, “New Hampshire is not for sale.”

IMG_4798Governor Hassan rallied the crowd with one of the best speeches I have ever seen her deliver. She showed her passion for protecting Granite Staters and growing our economy. Hassan said, “We must restore opportunity by restoring and improving the New Hampshire Minimum Wage.”

Hassan criticized her opponent Walt Havenstien’s proposed plan for New Hampshire, “Walt Havenstien’s plan would blow a $90 million dollar hole in the state budget to give tax breaks to big business.”

Governor Hassan introduced Senator Shaheen by saying, “Senator Shaheen did not just move here, and she always puts New Hampshire first.”

Image from Jeanne Shaheen on Facebook

Image from Jeanne Shaheen on Facebook

Senator Shaheen wanted everyone to know what is at stake this election. “What kind of future do we want?” asked Shaheen.

In the Senate, Shaheen has pushed for Equal Pay for equal work, allowing students to refinance their student loans and raising the minimum wage. “Students should be able to get a college education without drowning in debt,” said Shaheen.

Senator Shaheen took the golden opportunity to highlight a few of the flaws in her opponent, Scott Brown.

It has become widely known that Scott Brown is a well-paid board member of Kadant INC, a company that is known for outsourcing American jobs. “We do not need to import a senator who will export American jobs,” said Shaheen.

Shaheen also highlighted the massive outpouring of money from Brown’s big oil donors. Last week Brown’s super PAC received a $500,000 donation from an actual Texas oil baron. “Scott Brown has so much big oil money, he should have run for the Senate from Texas,” Shaheen jested.

Scott Brown has been relentless in claiming that Senator Shaheen does want to secure the southern border. To the shock of the crowd Shaheen said, “There is one thing Scott Brown and I agree on.” After a few hems and haws from the crowd Shaheen said, “We need to do more to secure our southern border…with Massachusetts.”

Shaheen closed by saying, “Scott Brown can be the first Senator to run for the Senate in two states and to be defeated by two women.”

The highlight of the night was the keynote address by President William Jefferson Clinton.   He reminisced about running around New Hampshire looking for anyone who wanted to shake is hand. My how times have changed.

As President, Clinton created over 22 million jobs by rejecting trickle down economics. Clinton utilized “demand and growth” economics that expanded the economy from the middle out. His presidency saw a 40% growth throughout the middle class, and a minimum of 21% growth in all other quintiles.

President Clinton praised the work of Gov. Hassan, Sen. Shaheen, Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter. He said, “I am comfortable campaigning for, and taking orders from women…it is just like at home.” It was obvious that President Clinton really enjoys campaigning. He said, “I feel like an old race horse who get brought back to the track every two years, given a smack on the rear just to see if I can win one more race.”

President Clinton focused his speech on how important this election is, and how different this election from previous elections. “This is an unsettled time,” said Clinton. “This is an unsettled time, however this is not 2010. They keep selling the same old ideas. This time the voters are just not buying what they are selling.” Republicans are using negative ad campaigns to win voters. “They want you to cast resentment votes,” said Clinton. “Resentment over the Affordable Care Act and resentment over President Obama. They want you to stop thinking.”

Clinton talked up President Obama’s leadership in the wake of a complete financial disaster. He said that if you look at every major financial crash throughout the world in the last 150 years you will see that it takes on average ten years to recover all the jobs lost. He was proud to say that we regained all the lost jobs from the 2008 financial crash in just over six years. “Since the crash the United States has created more jobs than all of Europe and Japan combined.”

In closing, President Clinton talked about voter turnout, and the importance of getting people to the polls on Election Day. “New Hampshire had the largest percentage drop in voter turnout in 2010 from 2008.” He did not have to say anything else for everyone understand what would happen if Democrats do not vote in this election.


National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Endorses Jeanne Shaheen

Jeanne Shaheen

NCPSSM Highlights Shaheen’s Work Protecting Social Security and Medicare, Brown’s Record Siding With Corporate Interests Over Seniors

Scott Brown Voted For Partisan Budget That Cut Social Security and Medicare But Supported Special Breaks for Big Oil, Wall Street and Companies that Outsource American Jobs

Today, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare endorsed New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen for reelection, citing her efforts to protect Social Security and Medicare and helping ensure that seniors get the secure retirement they deserve. The committee also highlighted Scott Brown’s votes to cut Social Security and Medicare, while supporting special breaks for Big Oil, Wall Street and companies that ship jobs overseas.

“I will always stand up for our seniors and middle class families here in New Hampshire,” said Shaheen. “I’m proud to have opposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare at every turn because I know we shouldn’t be balancing our budget on the backs of seniors.”

“Scott Brown didn’t just vote to cut Social Security and Medicare, he did so while also supporting billions of dollars in special breaks for Wall Street, Big Oil, and companies that ship jobs overseas. Our seniors deserve better,” Shaheen added.

“Our organization is proud to stand with a true champion of New Hampshire’s seniors,” said Max Richtman, President and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. “While Scott Brown’s record shows he can’t be trusted to protect Social Security and Medicare, Senator Jeanne Shaheen has earned our endorsement because we know she will always fight to protect and strengthen these vital programs.”

Jeanne Shaheen knows that New Hampshire’s seniors deserve to retire with dignity and with the confidence that Social Security and Medicare will be preserved. In the Senate, Shaheen opposed a proposal that would cut to Social Security benefits for seniors, and she is also an original cosponsor of the Medicare Protection Act, which would stop Republicans in Washington from turning the program into a voucher system.

When Scott Brown was in the U.S. Senate, he supported a Republican budget that would have forced deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Brown has also said he is open to partially privatizing Social Security. And unlike Jeanne Shaheen, Brown supports a proposal that would result in Social Security benefit cuts for New Hampshire seniors.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown supported nearly $19 billion in special breaks for Wall Street and more than $20 billion in tax breaks for the country’s largest oil companies, which made more than $90 billion in profits last year.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire AFLCIO Presidents Speak Out Against Outsourcers Scott Brown And Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

As Outsourcing Champion Mitt Romney Campaigns With Scott Brown, Massachusetts and New Hampshire Labor Leaders Speak Out on Brown’s Outsourcing Record

Manchester, NH – Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman and New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark Mackenzie spoke out against Scott Brown’s outsourcing record today as he campaigned alongside outsourcing champion Mitt Romney. Like Romney, Scott Brown has a record of profiting off companies that ship American jobs overseas. In the Senate, Brown voted to protect tax breaks for companies that shipped jobs overseas.

“New Hampshire shouldn’t make the same mistake Massachusetts made, because Scott Brown’s record when he went to Washington proves that he’s not for working families. He’s a guy that works to protect his corporate special interest backers, at the cost of the middle class,” said Steven Tolman, President of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. “Now we know that since losing in Massachusetts, Brown has been making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of a company that made outsourcing part of its business plan. That company, Kadant Inc., even outsourced jobs in Massachusetts, the same state he once served. Scott Brown was wrong for Massachusetts and he’s wrong for New Hampshire.”

“Outsourcing is the type of business practice that lines the pockets of people like Scott Brown and Mitt Romney, but is devastating for communities in a state like New Hampshire,” said Mark Mackenzie, President of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. “When jobs are shipped overseas, families suffer, unemployment rates increase, and entire communities are decimated. The fact that Scott Brown personally profited from this practice is shameful. We can’t trust him and most definitely can’t afford to send his agenda back to the Senate.”

As a Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown voted to protect special tax breaks for companies that offshore American jobs. After leaving the Senate, he made more than a quarter million dollars by serving on the Board of Directors of Kadant, Inc., a company that outsourced American jobs to increase its bottom line. Just two days before he announced his most recent campaign in New Hampshire, Brown signed legal documents endorsing the company’s business strategy, which included establishing cheaper manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is releasing a new web ad ahead of Scott Brown’s campaign stop with fellow Massachusetts politician and notorious outsourcer, Mitt Romney. During Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, it was revealed that Mitt Romney invested millions of dollars in a company that profited off of U.S. Outsourcing. Similarly, Scott Brown has been making hundreds of thousands of dollars off an outsourcing company, even endorsing their business strategy, which included sending jobs to China and Mexico.

To view the web ad on YouTube, click here:

“Scott Brown and Mitt Romney both cashed in off of outsourcing jobs–and that’s just further proof that both are wrong for our economy and wrong for New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.



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