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Joyce Craig Says ‘Mayor Gatsas Is Failing Our Students’

Mayor Ted Gatsas (Image By Marc Nozell)

Today, the Union Leader reported through the anonymous whistleblowing of public school teachers that Manchester public schools don’t have enough math textbooks or workbooks for students. The story revealed that Manchester hasn’t had an elementary math curriculum in the city for three years, and teachers are defaulting to old, out-of-date textbooks. Teachers are being forced to reach into their own pockets to pay for school materials. As Chairman of the School Board, Mayor Gatsas has direct oversight of the school district and is not addressing critical issues in our schools that directly impact student success.

From the Mark Hayward at the Union Leader:

When Manchester schools started earlier this month, it marked the third year without a common, district-wide program for teaching mathematics in elementary schools, a situation that is drawing criticism from school officials, teachers and parents.
Critics, some who asked to speak anonymously for fear of reprisal from fellow teachers, say children in the city’s 14 elementary schools don’t get the same textbook or workbook — or even any book — that provides the tangible, step-by-step continuity that is helpful to mathematics instruction.

Without a district-wide curriculum, teachers cobble together lessons from various sources, meaning no conformity for lesson plans and teaching material in the district.

…Teachers use math workbooks left over from previous years, the teacher wrote.

They also download material from websites such as teacherspayteachers at their own expense (one 3rd-grade workbook bundle goes for $72). Lesson plans cost less for individual topics. For example, a lesson plan about sums costs $7. The district provides some materials.

…At another elementary school, a veteran teacher said teachers collaborate, but it comes down to whatever a teacher decides is best for her class. The teacher did not want her school or name published, fearing repercussions. Manchester students come from such diverse backgrounds, she said, that she’s not sure one curriculum would work for all.

“I wish we did have some kind of a book or program we all could use,” she said, “but on the other hand, I don’t know what it would be.”

She uses the teacherspayteachers website for some lessons. Her school, she said, has an active parent-teacher group that provides stipends that cover the lesson. Other schools don’t.

“There are a lot of teachers buying a lot of things,” she said. She said teachers also use their own printers at home to print out the lessons.

A teacher of more than 20 years, she relies on her experience.

“You’re pulling pieces of what you used to use, a game, a book,” she said. “For a new teacher, I don’t know what they’re doing.”

After the article published, Manchester Mayoral candidate, Joyce Craig issued this statement:

“As Chairman of the School Board, Mayor Gatsas is failing our students with his mismanagement of resources and lack of oversight of the school district. Textbooks and curriculums are a basic necessity for a quality education. Mayor Gatsas lets problems go unaddressed and shows he is not focused on leading discussions to improve student achievement.

My 13-year-old daughter is learning algebra, but she doesn’t even have an algebra textbook. There are hundreds of kids with the same problem. We can and must do better, and we can’t let Mayor Gatsas continue to shortchange our children’s education. We need fresh leadership that takes a proactive approach to solving our city’s problems and our families can’t afford more of Mayor Gatsas’ inaction.

My vision of Manchester is one where students and teachers have the resources they need to learn and succeed. As mayor, I will set goals and review results with the school board and community on a regular basis to ensure we are focused on improving student achievement.”

Joyce Craig will face off against Manchester’s current Mayor, Ted Gatsas, in the citywide elections on Nov. 7th.

Emily’s List Puts Gov. Sununu And NH Legislature ‘On Notice’ For Attacks On Women’s Rights

Since Governor Chris Sununu took office the New Hampshire State Legislature has been pushing their ideological right wing agenda.  With the help of Governor Sununu, some of their crazy bills have actually become law.

The legislature attempted to ram through a number of bills attacking women’s reproductive rights.  Most notably was SB66, the “fetal personhood” bill, that passed along party lines. Before Sununu signed the bill it was determined that the bill was fundamentally flawed giving pregnant women “impunity to commit murder.”

“SB 66 would include the term ‘fetus’ in the definition of ‘another’ for the purpose of first and second degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, and causing or aiding suicide.  This would not apply to women seeking medical procedures or abortions.” (Rewire, 3/21/17)

Anti-women Republicans in the Legislature also pushed a repeal of the state’s “buffer zone law,” a bill to publicly report women who sought an abortion, and an outright ban on abortions after 21 weeks with no exceptions.

These actions have prompted EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, put Republicans in New Hampshire’s General Court “On Notice” for the upcoming 2018 election. “On Notice” is a list of incumbent Republicans and legislative chambers at all levels of government being called out by EMILY’s List for their anti-woman and anti-family records. EMILY’s List is targeting these seats and chambers in its 2018 electoral efforts.

“Republicans in the New Hampshire Legislature have amassed a shameful record of voting to turn back the clock on women’s rights,” said EMILY’s List Executive Director Emily Cain. “These legislators have recklessly passed legislation that limits the reproductive rights of women, have attempted to repeal the existing law that provides buffer zones to protect women, and have attempted to put in place an abortion ban after just over 21 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest. That is why EMILY’s List is recruiting an historic number of strong, pro-choice Democratic women leaders  in 2018 to hold these Republican legislators accountable for their out-of-touch agenda.”

Aside from the “fetal personhood” legislation that Governor Sununu signed, he also campaigned on his support of anti-abortion legislation and a “pro-life” agenda.

Sununu also failed to condemn, then candidate Donald Trump, after the Access Hollywood tapes became public.

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu is not revoking his endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and says party members need to stand behind the nominee, despite the release of a videotape in which Trump is heard bragging about groping and otherwise sexually assaulting women.” [Union Leader, 10/10/16]

For these reasons Emily’s List has also put Governor Chis Sununu “On Notice.”

“Governor Chris Sununu has amassed a shameful record of turning his back on women’s rights and shortchanging New Hampshire  families,” said EMILY’s List Executive Director Emily Cain. “Sununu approved a reckless bill that could put New Hampshire on the path to recognizing ‘personhood,’ refused to disavow Donald Trump time after time, and stood up for anti-choice legislation. That is why EMILY’s List is putting Sununu ‘On Notice’ and targeting this seat, because New Hampshire women deserve far better than failed leadership from this governor.”

With nearly 18,000 women reaching out to EMILY’s List interested in running for office, the organization has tripled the size of its state and local campaign staff in order to provide candidates with the resources they need to run and win.

The 2018 launch of this state-level “On Notice” program includes three governors, legislative bodies in ten states, three secretaries of state and a state attorney general, and is the largest ever in the organization’s 32-year history. It follows the announcement of EMILY’s List’s top congressional and Senate targets in July. A full list of state-level Republican targets can be found here.

Joyce Craig Campaign Announces Organizing Team

Democrats now have seven staffers leading grassroots efforts in Manchester

MANCHESTER – Today, the Joyce Craig for Manchester campaign announced the hiring of three organizers. Blake Tyler, Steve Muzzey, and Cayla Eck will lead the Craig campaign’s outreach to voters in every ward of Manchester.

“I’m proud of the work our campaign has done to talk to voters early and have conversations about the direction we want for Manchester”, said Joyce Craig. “Residents are telling us it’s time for a change at City Hall and we’re working hard to earn every vote.”

“We are investing in our organizing team early to empower local volunteers and activists to engage with their neighbors about the importance of this race and Joyce’s vision for Manchester”, said campaign manager, Craig Brown. “Joyce Craig has the energy to address our challenges and move Manchester forward and we’re not taking any vote for granted.”

Blake Tyler is a Manchester native and graduate of Central High School. He was previously an organizer in the Nashua area for the New Hampshire Democratic Coordinated Campaign in 2016.

Steve Muzzey is a Concord native and graduate of UNH. He last worked as an organizer for Kevin Cavanaugh’s successful State Senate special election campaign and managed Tom Sherman’s campaign for State Senate in 2016.

Cayla Eck is from Keene and is a graduate of Tulane University. She’s previously worked in the special education department at Keene Middle School and was an organizing fellow on the New Hampshire Democratic Coordinated Campaign in 2016.

Blake and Steve started with the campaign in early August and Cayla will join the team on September 2nd. The organizers work full-time and hold volunteer phone banks and canvasses every day of the week.

Joyce Craig was born and raised in Manchester and is a graduate of Memorial High School and the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Business Administration. Joyce knows first-hand the challenges that Manchester residents face and that our city cannot reach its full potential without new leadership in City Hall. In 2015, Joyce Craig fell short to Mayor Ted Gatsas by just 64 votes in her first city-wide election.


Stop The Hate Project Condemns Trump’s “Both Sides” Comments

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Responds and Condemns President Trump For Again Blaming “Both Sides” For Violence In Charlottesville

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law issued the following statement Tuesday after President Trump once again sought to diminish the role white supremacist marchers played in a violent protest in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend:

“The President’s statements today rubbed salt into the wounds of millions of Americans still reeling from the national tragedy that unfolded in Charlottesville.  By repeating his totally off base and offensive view that ‘both sides’ are to blame for the death and destruction that occurred last weekend, the President once again revealed his hostility towards race relations in our country.  His comments embolden the racially-motivated and hate-fueled forces who seek to divide our country.  Moreover, his comments threaten to further embolden the growing alt-right and white supremacist movement in our country. This is an affront to the generations who marched for racial equality and economic justice, as those who marched with the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. did 54 years ago this month.

“As the President continues his efforts to divide the nation and stoke fear, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law will continue to fight for the civil rights of racial minorities who are targeted by this administration.”

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a Communities Against Hate partner, leads the Stop Hate Project.  The Stop Hate Project works to strengthen the capacity of community leaders, local government, law enforcement, and organizations around the country to combat hate by connecting these groups with legal and social services resources and creating new ones in response to identified needs.  The Project’s resource and reporting hotline for hate incidents, 1-844-9-NO-HATE (1-844-966-4283), connects people and organizations combating hate with the resources and support they need.

IronWorker And Congressional Candidate Randy ‘IronStache’ Bryce Rallies The Crowd At Netroots Nation

This morning, Randy “IronStache” Bryce spoke to the progressive crowd at Netroots Nation. Netroots Nation is the largest gatherings of progressive Democrats in the country with over 3,000 attendees this year in Atlanta.

Bryce opened his remarks by saying, “I am here to repeal and replace Speaker Paul Ryan.”

With over twenty years of working as an IronWorker in Wisconsin, Bryce has always been an outspoken advocate for working families.  As the political director for the Ironworkers local 8 in Wisconsin, Bryce has been on the front lines in the attacks on working people from the Republican Legislature and the anti-worker Governor, Scott Walker.

After announcing his run for Congress, Bryce launched his first, powerful campaign video that has already surpassed over 500,000 views in just over a month.

Bryce told the audience at Netroots Nation, this campaign “is not about me, it is about all of you” and referred to the GOP in Washington as “Banana-Republicans” for their failure to hold town halls or speak to the people they claim to represent.

The people of Wisconsin do not seem to be happy with Speaker Ryan’s “repeal and replace” plan for healthcare and have made public calls for him to hold a town hall to hear them.

Slate magazine reported that Ryan is afraid to hold a town hall “due to the fear of protestors.”

In one early campaign appearance, Bryce called out Speaker Ryan for not holding “an in-district town hall for 600 days.”  Politifact Wisconsin corrected Bryce when they fact-checked his statement and found that “Ryan has gone more than 650 days without holding” a traditional town hall within the district.

Bryce made his position on healthcare completely clear by saying, “Medicare For All should be the number one priority for this country.”  Bryce praised his union supplied healthcare which helped he battle and ultimately beat cancer, but now will forever have a “pre-existing condition” that would block him from getting healthcare under Speaker Ryan’s new healthcare plan.

Lastly, Bryce talked about the recent bombing on a Muslim Mosque in Minnesota.  He called the bombers, “cowards” and “should be convicted of hate crimes.”

He also talked about how as an Ironworker he has build many walls, but if he was called to build Trump’s border wall, he would tell him to “stuff it! I will not going to build some stupid border wall.” Bryce said we should not be spending money on a border wall if we are not willing to spend the money to ensure that all Americans have healthcare.

You can find out more about Randy Bryce’s campaign to repeal and replace Paul Ryan from his website.

Trump Calls NH A “Drug Infested Den,” NH Elected Officials Respond

Concord, N.H. – The Washington Post reports that, on a call with the Mexican President, the President of the United States, Donald Trump said that he “won New Hampshire because it’s a drug infested den.”

New Hampshire was ranked number one in the country for economic opportunity and number two overall in the country by US News. The Annie E. Casey Foundation ranks New Hampshire the best state in the US to raise children. Trump didn’t win New Hampshire, losing it by 2,732 votes in the general election to Hillary Clinton.

Senator Maggie Hassan responded quickly via twitter to the Trump’s comments:

[Trump’s] comments about New Hampshire are disgusting. As he knows, NH and states across America have a substance misuse crisis. To date, [Trump] has proposed policies that would severely set back our efforts to combat this devastating epidemic. Instead of insulting people in the throes of addiction, [Trump] needs to work across party lines to actually stem the tide of this crisis.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen followed up with a few tweets of her own.

“[Trump] owes NH an apology & then should follow through on his promise to Granite Staters to help end this crisis. It’s absolutely unacceptable for the President to be talking about NH in this way – a gross misrepresentation of NH & the epidemic.”

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter released a short statement via Facebook.

“No, Mr. President, you’re wrong about New Hampshire – but you have failed to help us fight the opioid crisis. We need recovery facilities NOW. Stop attacking health care and make the investments you promised.”

Congresswoman Annie Kuster called the comments “appauling” in her response to Trump.

“I’m appalled by President Trump’s ignorant and insulting comments about New Hampshire,” said Congresswoman Kuster. “At a time when we need to be working together to address the opioid epidemic, Mr. Trump is making disparaging remarks about New Hampshire to foreign leaders while promoting policies at home that will hurt our response to the substance misuse crisis, including efforts to roll back access to healthcare for thousands of Granite Staters. I’ve found willing partners in both Republicans and Democrats who want to work together to address the opioid crisis that’s impacting communities throughout the country. Mr. Trump’s comments underscore how little he appreciates the gravity of this issue and the need to work together collaboratively on real solutions. President Trump should immediately apologize to all Granite Staters.”

The New Hampshire Democratic Party called on Governor Chris Sununu to condemn Trump’s statement about the people of New Hampshire.

“Governor Sununu must immediately and fiercely condemn President Trump’s comments. It’s never a guarantee that Governor Sununu will disagree with Trump. On so many issues, Sununu and Trump have been in lockstep, from the Muslim Ban to Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords to their matching lies about voter fraud,” said NH Democratic Party Chair, Ray Buckley.

“Rather than name-call, President Trump should deliver proper aid to combat the opioid crisis. He hasn’t, instead slashing funds for recovery, treatment, and combatting the inflow of opioids. Sununu said he was ‘incredibly encouraged’ by Trump’s budget. Let’s hear Sununu and Republican leaders across the state put politics aside and defend New Hampshire. Comments like this could harm New Hampshire’s ability to attract business and tourism,” Buckley added.

The Senate Democratic leader also condemned the comments and called on Trump and Governor Sununu to do more to combat the opioid epidemic.

“All New Hampshire leaders need to condemn, not condone, President Trump’s remarks in the strongest terms. I call on Governor Sununu and NH Republican legislative leaders to stand up for those suffering from addiction and the tireless advocates and front-line services providers,” said Senate Democratic Leader, Jeff Woodburn.  “While we need to do more to combat addiction, the President owes them and the entire state an apology for his tactless and insulting characterization of our state.”

House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) released the following statement in response toPresident Trump’s characterization of New Hampshire as a “drug-infested den”:

“President Trump’s characterization of New Hampshire is another example of his penchant to promote himself through a misinformed belittling of others.”

“Like many states across the nation, New Hampshire is grappling with an opioid crisis that stakeholders are working tirelessly to address.  The comprehensive approach that we have developed, which includes the utilization of drug courts, treatment for addicts who are incarcerated, and the expansion of Medicaid, is working.  Leadership and support from the federal government will be essential for this success to continue.

“As insulting as the President’s words are, his deliberate efforts to sabotage our health care system are most concerning.  As states have explained to the President, his actions are causing a disruption and cost spike that significantly harms the ability to provide services to people who need them.”

“President Trump can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.  His efforts to disrupt our country’s health care system since becoming president have only exacerbated the problem.”

“It is past time for the president to stop posturing, show some leadership, and work with states to provide the coordination and resources needed to address this nationwide crisis.”

“P.S. – I could not be more happy that New Hampshire’s electoral votes were won by Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.”

The Democratic National Committee called the comments “disgusting”

“Donald Trump’s latest comments calling the state of New Hampshire a ‘drug infested den’ are nothing short of disgusting and make clear that he looks at the opioid epidemic as a political advantage, rather than a national crisis that demands the attention and care of our president,” saidElizabeth Renda, DNC Northeast Press Secretary. “Perhaps instead of insulting the men and women battling these life threatening addictions, Donald Trump should focus on actually developing policies that will help Americans overcome this epidemic. Trump’s disparaging comments to a foreign leader are deeply beneath the decency and dignity of the office of the president. Granite Staters are still waiting for Trump to deliver on his promises to address the opioid crisis, and they will not forget the president’s words about their home.”

Following reports that President Trump called New Hampshire a “drug-infested den”, Manchester City Democrats Chair Ryan Mahoney called on Mayor Ted Gatsas to condemn the President’s remarks.

“The Manchester Democrats join the chorus of outraged Granite Staters calling on President Trump to apologize for his disgusting and insulting remarks about New Hampshire and call on Mayor Gatsas to condemn the President’s comments. If Ted Gatsas won’t stand up for Manchester against outrageous attacks on our people, how can the people of Manchester trust him with anything?”

“Mayor Gatsas welcomed Donald Trump to Manchester while he was running for President and has stood by President Trump despite numerous shocking and offensive statements that Trump has made. Does Ted Gatsas still stand with Trump? And would Ted Gatsas welcome President Trump back in Manchester?”

“Manchester deserves a strong mayor that will immediately stand up for our city and our people when attacked, not the weak leadership we see under Mayor Gatsas. After 8 years of failed leadership, it’s time for new voices to lead and a new mayor at City Hall.”

Trump Bans Transgender Individuals From Serving In Armed Forces

(DoD Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. James K. McCann)

Once again, Donald Trump shows us that he is no friend to the LGBT community.  Taking to twitter this morning, Trump announced a new policy banning Transgender individuals from serving in the military.

He said: “After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

This horrible new policy announcement puts the thousands of LBGTQ service members in very precarious position.  This takes us back to the days of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” where Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender individuals we forced to hide their identity.

Since 2016, transgender service members have been allowed to serve openly in the Armed Forces. However, that order did not allow transgender people to enlist until the conclusion of a one-year implementation period that was supposed to end at the beginning of July. However, in June, service chiefs requested a six month delay to study the issue further.

Currently, the U.S. military has 15,000 transgender individuals serving, making it the largest employer of transgender individuals in the nation. Thus far, the Defense Department has not issued a statement on Trump’s tweets. Questions remain regarding how Trump’s discriminatory ban will be enforced.

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who in 2006 as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, fought to overturn “don’t ask, don’t tell,” fired back at Trump with her statement.

“This morning’s tweets from the President are a disgraceful slap in the face to the thousands of transgender troops who are actively serving our country, and to all transgender Americans who aspire to serve. These troops are patriots who deserve to be appreciated for their service, not used as political props by their Commander in Chief. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I will fight to prevent President Trump’s ugly rhetoric against our troops from becoming reality, and to make sure these troops know that Americans appreciate their service and sacrifice.”

“If you are a trans service member affected by Trump’s outrageous announcement that he is barring transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, please contact us,” said Devon Chaffee, Executive Director of ACLU-NH. “You and your service to our country deserve better than a Commander-in-Chief who rejects your basic humanity.”

Though some claimed that Trump was a “friend” to the LBGTQ community, it was clear that his support of North Carolina’s HB2, aka the bathroom bill, showed that he does not support the rights of trans individuals.  Now with Vice President Mike Pence by his side, Trump will most likely push even more anti-LBGTQ policies based on their warped ideological views.

“As an Iraq war veteran and member of the LGBTQ community who was personally impacted by ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ I am appalled at Donald Trump’s announcement this morning banning transgender people from serving in the military,” said Jason Lindsay, Executive Director of Pride Fund to End Gun Violence. “This is blatant discrimination, full-stop, and a colossal step backwards for our country.”

“Trump vowed to protect the LGBTQ community during his campaign, but his methodical dismantling of LGBTQ protections and rights shows his true intentions. This morning’s announcement is a direct attack on the transgender community. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only way we can protect our community is to elect pro-equality Democrats at the state and federal levels—which is exactly what Pride Fund has done, and will continue to do,” said Lindsay.

In New Hampshire, Freedom New Hampshire has been pushing to expand transgender protections and codify new anti-discrimination laws against trans individuals.

Linds Jakows, campaign manager for Freedom New Hampshire called Trump’s tweets an “open attack” on the LBGTQ individuals serving in our nations Armed Forces.

“This is a clear and open attack on the brave individuals serving in our Armed Forces. Like all service members, those who are transgender go to work everyday, putting their lives on the line to defend our nation and the freedoms and values we hold dear. They should be treated with the same dignity and respect that all of our nation’s military members deserve,” Jakows stated.

“Today’s announcement sends an especially concerning message for transgender Granite Staters. Currently, New Hampshire is the only state in New England that does not explicitly protect transgender residents or visitors from discrimination in housing, employment or public services.

“Freedom New Hampshire is closely monitoring the situation, and remains committed to protecting all New Hampshire’s transgender residents and visitors from discrimination in housing, employment and public services,” Jakows concluded.

Another organization fighting for the rights of trans people is Rights & Democracy who had already planned an event in Manchester to show support for transgender individuals and continue to push for strong anti-discrimination laws.

“More than ever before, transgender nondiscrimination protections in New Hampshire are vital to the health and well being of our communities statewide,” they wrote on their Facebook Event page.

After today’s announcement showing our support for transgendered individuals is more important than ever.

Join Rights and Democracy’s event in Manchester July 29th.

Joyce Craig Garners Endorsement Of Manchester Firefighter Unions

Manchester, NH – Today in front of Manchester Fire’s Station 8, the Queen City’s two firefighter unions weighed into the contentious race for Mayor with their endorsement of former Alderman Joyce Craig.

“Manchester is in desperate need of a new vision for our city and its fire department. Over Mayor Gatsas’ tenure, staffing at the department has been reduced while the city has experienced a continuous increase in call volume and hazardous situations. As a 31 year veteran of the department, I am increasingly alarmed by the dangers and long term effects our firefighters face as they perform their mission to protect life and property. Simply stated we need a change and it must originate from the top,” said James Michael, President of the Manchester Association of Fire Supervisors, IAFF Local 3820. 

“Our members pride themselves on their effective and efficient answering of every call, to every home and every business in need. We see firsthand the lack of efficiency and effectiveness in running our city, most recently through Mayor Ted Gatsas’ tall tale of saving Station 9 in his underfunded budget. As a lifelong resident of our city, I can say that smoke and mirrors does not result in a clear vision for our community. It is time that a change come to City Hall, and today we announce that Joyce is our choice as the next Mayor of Manchester,” said Jeff Duval, President of the Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 856.

“I am proud to receive the support of the Manchester Association of Fire Supervisors and the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association. Our firefighters risk their lives to respond to an increasing amount of emergency calls and hazardous situations with outstanding professionalism and dedication. I also want to thank our firefighters for their leadership and service implementing the Safe Station program. They have opened their doors to more than 2,000 people seeking help for substance use disorder. I look forward to working with our public safety officials to address our challenges and move Manchester forward,” said Joyce Craig, Candidate for Mayor of Manchester.

Joyce Craig is running against the current Mayor of Manchester, Ted Gatsas.  This election rematch is shaping up to be a very tight race.

The firefighters have not held anything back when talking about the failed leadership of Mayor Gatsas.  In his campaign announcement, Gatsas proclaimed he “saved a fire station from closing,” The firefighters quickly tamped that out in their statement.

“The people of Manchester are tired of Teddy’s tall tales. Mayor Gatsas’ claim to having ‘saved a fire station from closing’ skirts the fact that the Mayor’s proposed budget underfunded the Manchester Fire Department from the start. Chief Goonan and his administration warned the Board of Mayor and Aldermen repeatedly that restricting his budget would result in station closures,” said the Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association and the Manchester Association of Fire Supervisors in a joint statement.

“Not until the final warning came and sufficient plans were presented did the Board act to keep Station 9 open in an emergency meeting. Mayor Gatsas’ careless delays and ignoring public safety professionals’ warnings put lives at risk, and now he wants the credit for fixing a problem he created. Enough is enough,” the firefighters added.

Be sure to follow the NH Labor News for more updates on the Manchester Mayoral Race.

Kevin Cavanaugh wins NH Sen. special election

Manchester, N.H. - In today's state Senate District 16 special election, Manchester Ward 1 Alderman Kevin Cavanaugh defeated former state Senator David Boutin 4746-3814 (55%-44%). Cavanaugh's win is the first time New Hampshire Democrats have won a state senate special election win since February 1984. Senator-elect Cavanaugh is only the second Democrat since 1976 to win Senate District 16.

Boutin had won his last re-election bid in 2014 by 12-point margin and his 2010 special election bid by a 16-point margin. Before tonight, Boutin had never lost in his four state Senate elections. Cavanaugh will serve as the 10th Democrat in the 24-seat New Hampshire state Senate. He will fill the seat of the late first-term Senator Scott McGilvray, who passed away in March of this year. Senate District 16 is made up of the towns of Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett, and Manchester Wards 1, 2 & 12.

New Hampshire Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn issued the following statement:

"Tonight is a great win for Democratic values in New Hampshire. Senator-elect Cavanaugh's victory is a result of hard work and cutting through the noise to deliver a positive message about rewarding work and standing up for working families. We're proud to welcome a strong advocate for education, workers rights, and the opioid fight. Cavanaugh will soon bring his lifelong experience as a working class father of three to Concord and we couldn't be more excited to have him."

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement:

"The groundswell of Democratic energy in 2017 just overcame its toughest challenge yet. Congratulations to Senator-elect Kevin Cavanaugh for a great victory tonight. This win is proof that our movement can compete against any candidate in any district. Cavanaugh's win puts us a step closer to reclaiming the state Senate in 2018, and it marks New Hampshire Democrats' third special election victory in three months.

This loss is a stunning repudiation of the reckless Trump-Sununu agenda. It should serve as a huge wakeup call to New Hampshire Republicans, Governor Sununu, and Mayor Gatsas. They poured everything they had into this race and still came up short. The NHGOP's efforts to suppress the vote only served to energize the Democratic base. This should teach Republicans to back away from fear-mongering, bullying rhetoric that is not just eroding our political discourse but hemorrhaging Republican votes in the state."

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:
“Congratulations to Kevin Cavanaugh for his victory in today’s special election in New Hampshire’s 16th District. When we invest, we win. That's what we did here in New Hampshire and that's what we will continue to do in races up and down the ballot.
The values of the Democratic Party are the values of the American people, and we must continue to win elections in order to protect those values. As Kevin prepares to serve the people of New Hampshire, I know he’ll fight for what’s right and help build a brighter future for all the hardworking families in the Granite State.”

Statement from Jennifer Frizzell, VP of Public Policy, Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund:

“Kevin Cavanaugh’s historic win is a clear signal to the New Hampshire legislature that voters are sick and tired of elected officials playing politics with women’s health. Kevin won because he is a champion for women’s health, and Senate District 16 voters wanted a strong advocate to preserve reproductive health and rights. As a State Senator, we know that women and families in District 16, and across New Hampshire, will have a strong voice and advocate in Kevin Cavanaugh, and we look forward to working with him, and the rest of the New Hampshire Senate, to protect access to care.”

Planned Parenthood Action Fund PAC Proudly Endorses Kevin Cavanaugh for State Senate

Granite State’s Largest Women’s Health Organization Cites Cavanaugh’s Strong Commitment to Women’s Health and Access to Care

CONCORD, NH – Today, Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund PAC proudly endorses Kevin Cavanaugh, candidate for State Senate, District 16. The special election, following the death of first term Democratic state Senator Scott McGilvray, will take place July 25, 2017. Senate District 16 includes the towns of Dunbarton, Bow, Hooksett, Candia and Wards 1, 2 and 12 in Manchester.

Kevin’s priorities include working to ensure that all Granite Staters have access to affordable, quality health care, including speaking out strongly to support Medicaid expansion. As a State Senator, he will fight for ensuring that Planned Parenthood remains a place for women, men, and young people to seek quality, affordable care in the Granite State.

“Kevin Cavanaugh has pledged to be a champion for women’s health, and Senate District 16 deserves to have a strong advocate to preserve reproductive health and rights,” said Jennifer Frizzell, Chair, Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund PAC. “As a community leader in our state’s largest city, Cavanaugh recognizes the importance of safeguarding access to quality reproductive health care services. As a State Senator, we know that women and families in District 16, and across New Hampshire, will have a strong voice and advocate in Kevin Cavanaugh.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood NH Action Fund PAC,” said Kevin Cavanaugh.  “I’m proud to fully support the work that Planned Parenthood does in advancing reproductive rights and protecting access to quality, affordable health care services for the 11,000 women, men, and young people of the Granite State who depend on this care. The work that Planned Parenthood does in our community is essential in keeping us healthy and safe.  As a State Senator,  I look forward to supporting Planned Parenthood patients, and I will always fight to protect access to care.”

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