Senator Shaheen Releases New Ad Focusing On Work To Expand Childcare Tax Credits

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Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 3.06.37 PMManchester – On Tuesday, Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign released a new television ad titled, “Keep Up,” which discusses how the Senator is working to help reduce child care costs for New Hampshire families. The 30 second ad begins airing Tuesday, highlighting that many New Hampshire families would save thousands of dollars as a direct result of new legislation from Senator Shaheen.

“Child care costs are a significant expense and challenge for families across New Hampshire and Jeanne Shaheen is working to provide people with some relief,” said Campaign Manager Mike Vlacich.  “The costs of childcare are hindering opportunity for too many Granite Staters, who have bills to pay, kids to send to college, and money to save for retirement. That is why she’s leading the fight to expand the childcare tax credit with commonsense legislation that increases the amount of eligible childcare expenses families can receive the tax credit for. New Hampshire families come first for Jeanne Shaheen. They always have and they always will.”

According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, childcare costs for families with working mothers paying for care have risen more than 70 percent since 1985.  The average cost of child care for a young child in New Hampshire is more than $11,000 per year.

 “It’s hard to keep up with kids; even harder to keep up with rising costs, like childcare,” Senator Shaheen says in the ad. “I’m working to change that. My bill would increase tax credits for childcare and could save families thousands of dollars. Savings could more than double for some.”

The Helping Working Families Afford Childcare Act, introduced by Senator Shaheen, expands access to the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit by increasing the amount of eligible expenses families can receive a tax credit for. Senator Shaheen’s legislation would double the tax credits working families can currently receive and indexes them for inflation to guarantee the new limits don’t lose value over time.

“Families these days are slammed with so many expenses,” Shaheen also says in the ad. “This could really make a difference.”

The NH AFL-CIO Make Endorsement Announcement for U.S. Senate, NH Governor, Congress


New Hampshire AFL-CIO endorses Shaheen, Hassan, Shea-Porter and Kuster in November elections

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO announced its top slate of candidates for the 2014 elections today, pledging to support the reelection bids of Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, and Congresswomen Shea-Porter and Kuster. The state’s largest labor federation is prepared to roll out an aggressive field campaign to turn out voters in support of these working family champions.

“As our economy recovers, we need leaders who will commit to creating economic opportunity for New Hampshire families,” said New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie. “Governor Hassan has worked across party lines to support job creation for middle class families. Our representatives in Congress successfully protected thousands of jobs at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard from furloughs under sequestration. This is the kind of bold leadership that will ensure that New Hampshire’s economic recovery will translate into more opportunities for working families.”

“Working people know how critical this election is. In the last year, we’ve seen what can happen in New Hampshire when we work together to solve big problems. Yet too many people are still struggling and living paycheck to paycheck. We need to protect the leaders who care about the struggles of working people, deliver on their promises to us, and are willing to work together to expand opportunity for all.”

The Professional Firefighters Of NH Endorse Dan Innis In The CD1 GOP Primary


PFF - INNISBEDFORD – Today, members of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire gathered to make the recommendation of Dan Innis in the first Congressional District Republican primary. The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire believe that Mr. Innis is the best choice in the first Congressional District Republican primary, and recommend that Republican members vote for him in the State Primary on September 9th. No endorsement has been made in this district’s General Election race in November.

“Dan Innis has made it clear that he values working families in New Hampshire. The professional fire fighters in Bedford, and throughout this district, are hopeful to have this candidate be the nominee in September, because we believe he cares strongly for public safety,” said Jeff Humphrey, President of the Bedford IAFF Local #3639.

“The PFFNH believes that Mr. Innis is the candidate in this primary who understands that fire fighters need support and resources to do our jobs of insuring we keep the public safe. He is the candidate who values public safety. We are proud to endorse Dan Innis in the first Congressional District Republican Primary,” stated David Lang, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire.

“Fire fighters risk their lives with every call and we need to make sure that we keep our promises to them” said Dan Innis. “I am proud to have earned the support of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire. In Congress I will work closely with them to make sure that fire fighters have the resources and the support that they need to continue to protect our communities.”

The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, headquartered in Concord, NH represents more than 2,000 active and retired fire fighters and paramedics from 43 locals across the state.  More information is available at Follow us on twitter @pffnh

Alliance for Retired Americans Endorses Jeanne Shaheen on 79th Anniversary of Social Security Act



Senator Shaheen, New Hampshire Seniors Also Call For Passage of Bipartisan Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act To Lower Prescription Costs

MANCHESTER – Today, on the 79th anniversary of the Social Security Act, the Alliance for Retired Americans endorsed New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen for reelection citing her work protecting Social Security and Medicare. At the event, Senator Shaheen was joined by New Hampshire seniors who together called for the passage of the bipartisan Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act, which will lower the cost of prescription drugs by providing access to safe, less expensive medication in Canada.

“We need to protect and strengthen vital programs like Social Security and Medicare so Granite Staters who have worked hard their whole lives can retire with dignity,” said Senator Shaheen.  “I’m proud to have stood against radical attempts to force cuts to Social Security and end Medicare as we know it, and I am working to cut prescription drug prices by allowing people to safely buy cheaper medication from Canada.  I’ll never stop fighting to make a difference for New Hampshire’s seniors.”

The Alliance for Retired Americans, which has more than 13,000 members in New Hampshire, mobilizes seniors and community activists to stand up for the issues that matter to seniors most, like protecting Medicare and Social Security, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

“Folks, there is a clear choice in this election,” said Rich Fiesta, National Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans. “Jeanne Shaheen has always voted to protect Social Security and Medicare.  That is why, on behalf of the Alliance for Retired Americans and our 13,000 members here in New Hampshire, I am proud to endorse Jeanne Shaheen for re-election to the United States Senate. Jeanne Shaheen knows seniors, she cares about seniors, and most importantly, she will vote for seniors!”

In the Senate, Jeanne Shaheen is working to cut prescription drug prices and is an original cosponsor of the Medicare Protection Act, which would stop Republicans in Washington from turning Medicare into a voucher system or raising the eligibility age for benefits. As Governor, Jeanne Shaheen created a prescription drug program that saved New Hampshire seniors more than $3 million.

Jeanne Shaheen is a cosponsor of the bipartisan Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act, along with Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar. The bill aims to cut prescription drug prices by allowing people to safely buy cheaper medication from Canada. In 2012, average prescription drug prices were twice as expensive in the United States as they were in Canada, with high costs leading some Americans to skip doses or pass on filling important prescriptions altogether. Drugs imported under this bill would be the same dosage, form, and potency as drugs in the U.S., but at a significant discount to U.S. consumers.

“I cannot think of a better champion for our senior safety net than Senator Jeanne Shaheen,” said Lucy Edwards, President of the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans. “We know we can count on her to support Social Security and Medicare. We also know that her deep understanding of our state’s economy and culture, and her ability to bring people together will be an enormous asset to us as we move into a challenging future.”

Governor Hassan Releases New Ad “Problem Solver”

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Hassan Campaign Launches First TV Ad Highlighting Governor Hassan’s Work to Solve Long-Standing Challenges and Get Results for New Hampshire’s People, Businesses and Economy

MANCHESTER—Today, Governor Maggie Hassan’s re-election campaign released its first television ad, “Problem Solver,” highlighting Governor Hassan’s work to solve problems the New Hampshire way – bringing people together across party lines to address long-standing challenges and get things done for New Hampshire’s people, businesses, and economy.

The 30-second ad began airing on New Hampshire television stations today.

“Over the past year and a half, Governor Hassan has helped put New Hampshire back on the right track by restoring the traditions of hard work, collaboration and common sense problem solving in Concord,” said campaign manager Marc Goldberg. “In contrast to the dysfunction and gridlock in Washington, D.C., Governor Hassan has a proven record of working with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to find common ground and get things done to expand middle class opportunity, help innovative businesses create jobs and keep our economy moving in the right direction, without an income or sales tax.”

Since taking office, Governor Maggie Hassan worked across party lines to balance the budget, froze in-state tuition at our colleges and universities, brokered agreements to end expensive lawsuits that threatened our state’s finances and bond rating, reached a bipartisan compromise to expand health care to 50,000 working people, and worked with both parties and the business community to develop a plan to fix our roads and bridges, including finishing the completion of I-93.

The Governor will continue working with both parties to encourage high-tech startups, strengthen our workforce, and continue to invest in priorities like education and health care.

“For me, reaching out across party lines to get results is just common sense, and that keeps New Hampshire working for all of us,” says Governor Hassan in the new ad.

To watch the ad, please click HERE.

Shaheen Breaks Gridlock To Help New Hampshire Veterans (VIDEO)

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Jeanne Shaheen Worked With Republicans For New Law
So New Hampshire Veterans Can Get Health Care Close To Home
Jeanne Shaheen Is Making A Difference For New Hampshire

Manchester, NH – Congressional approval of a major veterans reform bill that allows New Hampshire veterans to get health care close to home is the subject of the new television ad from Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign, “Breakthrough.” New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, along with Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte, introduced and fought for the language in the bill that allows New Hampshire veterans to get health care outside the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

New Hampshire veterans in need of health care will no longer have to travel hours for treatment at one of the VA hospitals in Boston or White River Junction in Vermont, and instead will have the option of receiving their care locally from a non-VA provider.

“Jeanne Shaheen is a tireless fighter for New Hampshire veterans and she gets things done for us. This has been a long time coming; she helped break the gridlock in Washington to deliver a tremendous victory for New Hampshire veterans,” said Barry Conway of Hampton, Airman First Class, US Air Force, Commandant of the New Hampshire Veterans Home and Chair Emeritus of the State Veterans Advisory Committee. Conway is a member of the Veterans for Shaheen Leadership Committee.

Language Senator Shaheen had included in the Veterans’ Access to Care Through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act – also known as Sanders-McCain – would allow veterans in New Hampshire to receive health care services from certain non-VA medical facilities if they live more than twenty miles from the nearest full service VA hospital, because New Hampshire doesn’t have a full service VA hospital.  The bill passed the U.S House of Representatives, and U.S. Senate, last week.

“This is something that people promised us for years but Jeanne Shaheen delivered,” says George Fleming of Barrington, a USMC and Vietnam Veteran, in the ad. “It’s going to make a world of difference. She gets the job done for New Hampshire.”

“Being able to get health care outside the VA is a huge step for veterans,” adds Charlie Mooskian of Pelham, US Navy veteran and Past Commander of VFW District 6.

Jeanne Shaheen is a tireless advocate for keeping our nation’s commitment to veterans. The first piece of legislation she introduced when she got to the U.S. Senate was the bipartisan Veterans Health Equity Act to improve VA care in New Hampshire by opening a full service hospital or providing New Hampshire’s veterans with an equivalent level of health services.  She has introduced legislation to encourage companies to hire veterans and supported 2011 legislation that provided tax credits to businesses that hired unemployed veterans.  She broke through years of red tape to get veterans clinics and health centers open in Manchester and Keene with two more on the way in Berlin, and Colebrook.

Guinta Attempts To Blame Shea-Porter For GOP Obstructionism In Washington

Frank Guinta (Image by Mark Nassal)

Frank Guinta’s Failed Attempt To Blame Shea-Porter for Tea Party Chaos

Guinta Snipes At Shea-Porter As Tea Party Wreaks Havoc In DC

Frank Guinta (Image by Mark Nassal)

Frank Guinta 2010 (Image by Mark Nassal)

MANCHESTER, NH — On Thursday afternoon, former Congressman Frank Guinta sent an email to supporters with subject line “They’re Leaving?” slamming Carol Shea-Porter for “packing her bags for a five week summer vacation.” The only problem (besides the fact that Speaker Boehner, not Shea-Porter, sets the schedule)? Guinta’s email was sent hours after it was announced that members of Congress would remain in Washington indefinitely after a Tea Party insurrection engineered by “Acting Speaker of the House” and Guinta mentor Ted Cruz killed a bill to address the border crisis.

“The Congresswoman had planned to tour a factory this afternoon and discuss jobs and the economy with New Hampshire workers,” said Shea-Porter campaign spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly. “Unfortunately, due to the lack of leadership from Frank Guinta’s extremist Tea Party allies, she will have to reschedule.  It is disappointing, but not surprising, that former Congressman Guinta refuses to acknowledge the dysfunction that his own party is causing in Washington.”

guinta time

The vote on the border bill was cancelled in a last-minute shock. The failures comes after more than a year of House Republicans refusing to hold a vote on the bipartisan immigration reform bill passed by the Senate with votes from New Hampshire Senators Shaheen and Ayotte. There is wide agreement that if House Republican Speaker Boehner allowed a vote on the Senate bill, it would pass with bipartisan support, but he refuses due to the 2010 Tea Partiers who have hijacked his Republican caucus.

The Professional Fire Fighters Of NH Back Dan Feltes For NH Senate



CONCORD – Today the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire endorsed Dan Feltes for State Senate in District 15, the towns of Concord, Hopkinton, Henniker, and Warner. Members from the Concord Local #1045 and Concord Officers Local #3195 came out to support this endorsement. The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire represent over 2,000 active and retired fire fighters and paramedics from 43 locals across the state.

feltes3“We know that Dan will be a fighter for our issues here in the district and throughout the state. The Senate needs leaders who will look out for middle class families, and Dan is that candidate,” stated Mark Hebert, President of Concord Officers local #3195.

“Dan Feltes understands what it takes for working families across this state to thrive, and we know he will never turn his back on fire fighters, or on doing what is best for public safety. His priorities and experiences will serve us well in the New Hampshire Senate,” stated Jim Duckworth, President of Concord Local #1045.

“I’m honored to gain the support of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire.  We share the same values when it comes to believing that in order to move New Hampshire forward, we cannot afford to leave anyone behind. I will always fight to put working families first and be a dedicated voice for strong public safety,” said Dan Feltes.

LETTER: Combat Veterans Are Furious Because Scott Brown Is Disingenuous About Afghanistan Service


letters to the editor

Boston, MA—As Scott Brown launches a “Veterans for Brown” group, Massachusetts veterans are reaching out to New Hampshire veterans to inform them that Brown continues to exaggerate and misrepresent his “service” in Afghanistan.  Since Brown declared that he “served in Afghanistan” while debating Elizabeth Warren in 2012, the truth has come out regarding Brown’s actual military record—that he never served in combat in Afghanistan, as his statement suggests.

“Scott Brown’s shameless self-promotion of his ‘service’ overseas is offensive to veterans everywhere. He alleges that he served in combat, but the truth is, he avoided it entirely,” said Bill Dooling. “Scott Brown only requested to perform his two week National Guard training in Afghanistan so he could use it to score political points to help his campaign. In reality, Brown’s trip to Afghanistan was nothing more than a publicity stunt – that’s why he leaked it to the press himself. It’s an insult to combat veterans that Brown keeps trying to paint himself with the same brush and uses his alleged ‘service’ in the way he has.”

“There is nothing that Scott Brown won’t do or say for Scott Brown—even if it means passing off his ‘service in Afghanistan’ as something that it most definitely was not,” said John Hurley. “Brown could not have been more ostentatious the way he turned a normal two-week training period into a complete media circus. He simply did not serve in combat, and the way he explains his service is meant to mislead voters and veterans. Even the Boston Globe editorialized against Brown, saying he was wrong to state that he ‘served in Afghanistan.’ It makes me sick.”

“I don’t know a single non-combat veteran who would try and pass himself off as a combat vet the way that Scott Brown does on a regular basis,” said Doug Clifford. “The guy requested to go to Afghanistan for training—which is highly irregular. Then he leaked it to the press. He’s made a mockery of the seriousness of entering a combat zone so that he could gain a political advantage in Massachusetts. He needs to be called out, so that New Hampshire veterans know exactly who they are dealing with if they choose to support Scott Brown.”


Bill Dooling Vietnam Veteran ( Pleiku,1968-69) 1Lt. US Army (Ret)

Doug Clifford, Sgt. U.S. Air Force, Vietnam service, September, 1968 – September, 1969

John Hurley, 1LT, U.S. Army, Vietnam veteran (Mekong Delta, 1967-1968)

The NH State Employee’s Association (SEIU 1984) Announce The Endorsement Of Jennifer Daler For NH Executive Council District 5

Jennifer Daler

Jennifer DalerThe SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Board of Directors announced its endorsement of Jennifer Daler in the race for the open Executive Council seat in District 5. Daler lives in Temple and is running to represent Executive Council District 5, which includes 33 communities, extending along the state’s southern border, from Richmond and Swanzey in the west to Nashua and Hudson in the east, and as far north as Hillsborough and Dunbarton.  The Executive Council seat opened up when Debora Pignatelli announced she would not be seeking re-election.

After interviewing and reviewing records of the candidates, the organization’s Political Education Committee selected Daler, a former state representative, as the candidate who will best represent the district’s constituents and SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members.  Originally elected to the state House of Representatives in 2006, Daler’s special election win in 2011 became a pivotal point in helping turn the tide against the attacks on working families of the Bill O’Brien-led legislature.

“We believe Jen’s experience in the House will serve her well on the Executive Council, as she understands the value of civility and the importance of working together,” said Ken Roos, chair of the committee. “In addition, we know she is committed to making the best use of our tax dollars and keeping our economy moving in the right direction.”

While serving in the House, Daler worked hard for our most vulnerable citizens, serving on the Health and Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee.  Daler fought for working people across the state by voting against the right to work for less bill, which drives wages and benefits lower for those families that work hard and struggle to keep their homes.

“In 2011, at a critical time for our state, Jen prevailed in a tough House district despite facing crushing attacks for her stand against right to work for less,” Roos said. “She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and we’re confident she’ll always put our families ahead of partisan politics.”

The five-member Executive Council is a critical body for SEA members and their families.  The council votes on all state expenditures over $10,000, approves all appointments of civil commissions, judges and commissioners and directors in state government. Each council district represents around 250,000 voters and is elected every two years.

Committee members said Daler is the candidate that best represents the organization’s electoral vision for the state – the Granite Strong Vision. This vision is comprised of ten points SEA/SEIU 1984 has identified as essential for the success of the state’s working families. The points are:

  • Good full-time jobs
  • Robust small and large business environment
  • Quality, affordable and accessible health care
  • Quality, affordable public education from early childhood through post-secondary
  • Clean air and water
  • Public safety
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Strong consumer protections
  • Worker rights and protections
  • Strong safety net for our most vulnerable