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The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

Granite State Rumblings: Enhancing Public Education With Family Engagement

As the kids get ready to head off to school, our early education settings and elementary schools are doing more to engage the entire family in the educational process of their learners. They have come to realize that raising our next generation is a shared responsibility. When families, communities, early learning centers and schools work together, students are more successful and the entire community benefits.

The U.S. Departments of Education and Health Human Services have issued a new Family Engagement Policy Statement.

“Implementing effective family engagement practices to promote positive child outcomes will require bold leadership and dedication from all institutions where children learn,” write the Secretaries of the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services In a joint letter sharing their new family engagement policy statement.

Released in May 2016, the policy statement outlines family engagement recommendations for birth-through-eight early childhood systems and programs. It emphasizes that family engagement is not optional for children’s healthy intellectual, physical, and social-emotional development and academic success. It describes family engagement in early learning programs and elementary schools and its value as “support[ing] families as they teach, nurture, and advocate for their children. In turn, family engagement supports and improves the early learning programs in which children are cared for and taught.”

The Departments identify ten common principles of effective family engagement and include examples of what each looks like in practice.


Practice Highlights

Create continuity and consistency for children and families.

Promote a vision for family engagement that is consistent across systems and programs.

Value respectful and trusting relationships between families and professional.

Value families’ experiences and strengths and provide opportunities for shared learning.


Encourage two-way communication by welcoming information from families on all aspects of the child’s life and development, including their culture, traditions, and home language.


Develop goal-oriented relationships with families that are linked to children’s development and learning.

Work with families to identify specific strategies that support children’s development and learning at home and in the classroom and community.

Engage families around children’s health, mental health, and social and emotional well-being.

Ensure programs and families know about child development related to health, mental health, and social and emotional well-being and have access to the tools they need to promote child well-being at home and in the classroom.

Ensure that all family engagement opportunities are culturally and linguistically responsive.

Ensure that the environment, curricula and all family engagement opportunities respect, reflect, and embrace families’ cultures, are devoid of bias, and are linguistically accessible.

Build staff capacity to implement family engagement practice principles.

Prioritize professional development that support staff to view parents as capable, competent partners.

Support families’ connections and capabilities.

Provide opportunities for families to build upon their knowledge and skills; advocate; share experiences and expertise; and take on leadership and advocacy roles.

Systemically embed effective family engagement strategies within early childhood systems and programs.

Align, integrate and coordinate family engagement strategies in all aspects of programming.

Develop strong relationships with community partners that support families.

Establish formal partnerships with community partners, such as after-school programs, social service agencies, adult education programs, one stop career centers, medical homes, public housing authorities, and libraries, to promote family wellness and adult learning, and enhance children’s learning and family stability.

Continuously learn and improve.

Measure effectiveness.

To implement family engagement practices across birth-through-eight systems, the statement recommends actions at the state and local levels. Highlights of steps states can take include:

  • Plan for and prioritize family engagement, including developing statewide early childhood and early elementary school policies on family engagement.
  • Communicate consistent messages that support strong family engagement, including modeling cultural responsiveness in all state outreach to families.
  • Invest and allocate, including establishing or enhancing statewide technical assistance on family engagement in early childhood systems and programs; and establishing community parenting and family engagement hubs that bring educators and families together to access information and engage in shared learning.
  • Establish policies, procedures, and practices that support family engagement, beginning with reviewing and prioritizing policies that are most effective in supporting family engagement. The statement offers several examples of policies to consider, including using federal funds from the Every Student Succeeds Act to support the implementation of more robust, research-based parent and family engagement practices in school districts.

At the local-level, recommendations cover the following topics:

  • Providing Access to Families and Invite Them to Participate in Learning Activities
  • Creating Family Friendly Environment
  • Supporting Family Connections
  • Developing Family and Professional Relationships Linked to Learning, Development, and Wellness
  • Providing Two-Way Communication
  • Supporting Families as Decision Makers
  • Establishing Supportive Transitions to New Learning Settings
  • Providing Family Supports
  • Providing Voluntary Home Visits
  • Establishing Formal Relationships with Community Partners
  • Making Data about Children’s Progress Accessible and Understandable to Parents
  • Establishing workforce capacity building that supports family engagement

Click here to read the Policy Statement on Family Engagement from the Early Years to the Early Grades.

Kelly Ayotte Introduced Sham Paid Leave Bill That Rips Off Workers

Image by Gage Skidmore

Image by Gage Skidmore

Concord, N.H. — Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is continuing its week-long lead up to Women’s Equality Day by reminding New Hampshire voters of Kelly Ayotte’s record of empty words and sham legislation on paid leave, an issue of vital importance to women in the workforce and working families generally. 

The United States is dead last among developed nations when it comes to paid maternity and family leave. And not only does paid parental leave improve health outcomes for both mothers and their children, but it also carries strong economic benefits, especially for women who experience less job turnover and higher wages when given the opportunity to take paid parental leave. 

During her first campaign in 2010, Ayotte said that she “certainly” thinks guaranteed paid leave is “an issue that should be addressed by employers rather than mandated by the government.” 

Then she followed that up in the Senate by working with her party boss Mitch McConnell to introduce a sham paid leave bill that would actually force workers to choose between overtime pay and taking leave time. Experts have called this proposal an “empty promise” that “would give workers less flexibility and less pay.” Others have pointed out it’s a “Trojan horse” that means “ripping off workers.” 

“Working women in New Hampshire deserve paid parental leave, but Kelly Ayotte has only responded with empty words and sham legislation that would make things worse for working families,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “As we look towards Women’s Equality Day on Friday, we know New Hampshire voters will reject Kelly Ayotte’s party-and-special-interests-first approach and replace her with Maggie Hassan, a steadfast champion for working families and gender equality.”


Top Small Business Democrats in Congress Back Clinton’s New Plan

Woman Working Business

The two top Democrats on the House and Senate Small Business Committees both released statements praising Hillary Clinton’s newly released small business plan. Hillary Clinton is proposing a comprehensive, job-creating package of reforms and innovations to make it easier to start, grow and sustain a small business. 

“Supporting small businesses is fundamental to growing the economy and creating good paying jobs,” Senate Small Business Committee Ranking Member Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) said. “As a former small business owner and the current ranking Democrat on the Senate Small Business Committee, I’m pleased to see Secretary Clinton’s comprehensive plan to strengthen and grow small businesses by simplifying the tax code, providing access to credit and unshackling the next generation of entrepreneurs from student debt. Hillary Clinton’s plan shows she will be a true Small Business President.” 

“Hillary Clinton has been a fighter for all Americans and this extends to Main Street small business owners,” House Small Business Committee Ranking Member Nydia M. Valazquez (D-NY) said. “She knows entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of our economy. Her small business plan will empower more Americans to pursue dreams of launching their own business, while creating good jobs locally and ensuring our nation remains globally competitive. By contrast, Donald Trump has a history in the private sector of repeatedly shortchanging small firms that did work for his company.  The choice in this election could not be clearer: Hillary Clinton has the experience and vision to strengthen our small business sector and boost entrepreneurship.”

The new proposals reflect what Clinton has heard since one of her first events of the campaign at an Iowa bike shop and across nearly 100 visits to small businesses since. Over a year ago, Hillary Clinton pledged that she would be the “small business president” if elected. Small businesses create around two-thirds of all new American jobs.

Clinton’s plans are aimed at making it easier to start, grow and sustain a small business in America. Her proposals will streamline the process of starting a small business; improve access to financing for small businesses; provide tax relief and simplification for small businesses; incentivize more health care benefits for small businesses and their employees; ensure the federal government is more responsive to small businesses; and, make it easier to fight back when small businesses get cheated.

Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine both grew up in small business-owning families. Clinton’s father ran a small drapery business in suburban Chicago where she grew up, and Kaine’s father ran a small ironworking business in Kansas City where he grew up. Kaine will discuss the new plan during a roundtable with small business owners this morning in Lakewood, Colorado, and Clinton will discuss it on a nationwide conference call with small business owners from all across the country this afternoon.

“Watching my father run a small business in Chicago, and working side by side with small business leaders throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand how small business owners lift up their communities — but I’ve also seen the daily struggles they face. This is why I am putting forward a plan that will make it easier for people to create a business and for existing business owners to grow and hire,” said Hillary Clinton. “Whether it’s our efforts to streamline regulation and cut red tape so existing small businesses can hire more or our plans for new tax incentives that help new small businesses get off the ground, this plan is a comprehensive look at what small businesses need to succeed.  It’s clear that small businesses are the engine of our economy and strengthening them is key to making an economy that works for every American, not just those at the top.”

Clinton’s new plan would:

  • Streamline the process of starting a small business. It takes longer to start a business in the U.S. than it does in other countries like Canada or Denmark — often because of unnecessary red tape and licensing requirements at the state and local level. Hillary Clinton will offer state and local governments a deal – new federal incentives if they streamline unnecessary licensing and make it less costly to start a small business.
  • Improve access to financing for small businesses. Small business loans comprised just 29 percent of total bank loans in 2012, as compared with 51 percent in 1995. Clinton will work to boost small business lending by streamlining regulation and cutting red tape for community banks and credit unions, which are the backbone of small business lending in America — while also defending the new rules on Wall Street. Clinton’s plan also would allow entrepreneurs to defer student loan payments with no interest while they get their ventures off the ground.
  • Provide new tax relief and simplification for small businesses. Hillary will create a new standard deduction for small businesses—like the one available to individual filers—so they get tax relief without filing as many forms documenting their overhead costs, potentially including transportation, computer and phone use, maintaining an office and more. She will simplify the rules so small businesses can track and file their taxes as easily as filling out a checkbook or printing a bank statement. And the new plan would quadruple the start-up tax deduction to significantly lower the cost of starting a business.
  • Incentivize health care benefits for small businesses and their employees. Clinton would simplify and expand the healthcare tax credit for small employers in the Affordable Care Act, so that even more employers can provide quality, affordable healthcare to their workers. She will make sure that small businesses with up to 50 employees can be eligible for the credit, and she will simplify complex phase-out and eligibility rules so that it’s easier for many more small businesses to get the credit and cover their workers.
  • Ensure the federal government is more responsive to small businesses. Clinton will push the federal agencies to make government more user friendly and treat small businesses like the customer, including by guaranteeing a 24-hour response time to small business with questions about federal regulations and access to capital programs.
  • Make it easier to fight back when small businesses get cheated.  Clinton will stop large companies from using expensive litigation hurdles to deny small businesses their right to a remedy when they’re denied payment for services—and give small businesses recourse to take on predatory behavior.

The full comprehensive proposal is available here.

Kelly Ayotte Strikes Out for Working Families

Image by Gage Skidmore

Image by Gage Skidmore

CONCORD – As Kelly Ayotte launches a new ad today attempting to mislead Granite Staters, it’s clear she can’t rewrite her record of going to bat for her party leaders and special interest backers, rather than New Hampshire families and small businesses.

Senator Ayotte has voted multiple times to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Ayotte has sided with the Koch Brothers in voting to turn Medicare into a voucher program, and voted against protecting Social Security from privatization and benefit cuts. And Ayotte has consistently worked against New Hampshire’s students, voting for deep cuts to Pell Grants while voting against allowing students to refinance their student loans.

Ayotte has also voted against a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United, and has already benefited from over $24 million in outside spending this election cycle.

“Time and again, Kelly Ayotte has put her party leaders and special interest backers ahead of Granite State families and small businesses, voting for tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, working to undermine Medicare and Social Security and voting to make college more expensive for students,” said Maggie for NH Communications Director Aaron Jacobs. “And Ayotte’s special interest backers know that she goes to bat for them, which is why they have spent over $24 million to prop up her struggling campaign. As she tries to mislead Granite Staters, Kelly Ayotte can’t rewrite her record of striking out for working families.”

New Hampshire Women Are Speaking Out Against Kelly Ayotte

Women across New Hampshire are speaking out against Kelly Ayotte and her long record of voting to restrict their health care access. From her votes to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal the Affordable Care Act to her lack of her support for equal pay legislation, multiple women have written letters to the editor to denounce Kelly Ayotte and her terrible record of not standing up for women in the Granite State.

Letter: Ayotte doesn’t represent me–– Keene Sentinel

From her time as attorney general of New Hampshire and throughout her term in the U.S. Senate, Kelly Ayotte has systematically worked to restrict the reproductive rights of American citizens.

She has voted six times to defund Planned Parenthood in an attempt to block the people of New Hampshire from accessing STD testing, cancer screenings, contraception and abortion services.

Recent polling indicates that 66 percentage of Granite Staters are opposed to this agenda. Yet, Sen. Ayotte continues to pursue legislation that is out of step with the majority of New Hampshire voters.

Women deserve the right to make their own decisions about their bodies, their health care and their families. Sen. Ayotte has actively pushed for policies that would take that right away. Is this who you want representing you?

-Inga Hansen, Keene

Letter: Not Happy With Representation- Nashua Telegraph 

I will not be voting for Kelly Ayotte because since she was elected to U.S. Senate, she has not had my interests in mind.

Kelly Ayotte has brought the DC Republican leadership’s anti-abortion agenda to New Hampshire. She defied Granite Staters to vote six times to defund Planned Parenthood and block millions of women from getting birth control, cancer screenings and STI testing at Planned Parenthood health centers.

In New Hampshire, Ayotte is alone in this fight. 66 percent of Granite Staters are opposed to this — including New Hampshire Republicans. Even the Republican-controlled Executive Council and the Republican-controlled legislature opposed Ayotte’s defunding agenda. Yet she keeps going.

It’s important for women and families in New Hampshire to know this. It’s why I’m voting for Maggie Hassan. She’ll truly represent Granite Staters in the Senate.

-Sabrina Straub

Letter: Sen. Ayotte is no advocate for women, Seacoast Online

To the Editor:

Kelly Ayotte claims that she is an advocate for women, but the truth is she’s completely out of touch with the everyday lives of women in New Hampshire.

Here in the real world, outside of the D.C. beltway, we rely on Planned Parenthood for low-cost preventative health care; we continue to make 79 cents for every dollar men earn; and we appreciate that for the first time in history our health insurance doesn’t cost more than a man’s just because of our gender — thank you, Affordable Care Act.

As senator, Kelly Ayotte has ignored the voices of New Hampshire’s women by voting to restrict access to family planning, keep our wages unequal, and return to a time when insurance companies could claim being a woman is a preexisting condition.

Kelly Ayotte’s misguided priorities are clear. She’d rather cozy up Mike Pence and keep her D.C. pals happy than serve the needs of the women who live in her community and elected her to be their champion. She had her chance to prove she’s an advocate and failed us all miserably. We deserve a senator who will listen to us over her Washington party bosses.

-Denisha Dobbs, Portsmouth

International Association of Iron Workers Local 7 Endorse Mark Connolly For Governor

Today, the International Association of Iron Workers Local 7 union endorsed Democratic candidate Mark Connolly in the open race for Governor, praising his championship of fairness and workers’ rights.

“New Hampshire workers need a real champion in the Governor’s office, and that’s why Iron Workers Local 7 is endorsing Mark Connolly,” said Local 7 Business Agent Steve Burk. “Mark will fight to raise wages for working people by passing a Prevailing Wage law to keep more of our hard-earned tax dollars in the local economy, not in the pockets of shady fly-by-night contractors. He’ll fight to prevent employers from misclassifying their workers as ‘independent contractors’ to avoid paying workers’ comp.” 

“And, with Mark Connolly in the corner office, we’ll have a Governor with the toughness and tenacity to take on the special interests and lobbyists who are getting rich while working men and women struggle to get by. Mark has a track record of doing just that, and Ironworkers Local 7 is proud to support his campaign.” 

“This endorsement by the Iron Workers is a true honor, and, as Governor, I will work every day to continue earning their support,” said Connolly. “New Hampshire government should always strive to put hardworking people first, and the Iron Workers bring unmatched skill and craftsmanship to our state’s infrastructure, cities, and workforce. I look forward to our partnership.”

Lee Nyquist Garners Endorsement From AFT-NH In NH Senate District 9 Primary Race

New Boston — Today the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-NH) announced their endorsement of  Town Moderator, attorney, and community leader Lee Nyquist. AFT-NH has previously endorsed Nyquist in the 2012 and 2014 elections. 

aft sqaure“Lee Nyquist is a tenacious advocate for public education in New Hampshire, is firmly committed to upholding collective bargaining rights for working people, and has dedicated many years to advancing the interests of working families in New Hampshire,” said AFT-NH President Doug Ley. “As a federation representing nearly 4,000 teachers, school support staff, police, higher education faculty, and town employees, AFT-NH is proud to add its support to Lee Nyquist as the candidate best prepared to defeat the extremist Andy Sanborn in November.”

“When I graduated from Harvard, I was the first in my family to attend college, and this was the result of the first class education I received in public school,” said Lee Nyquist. “The education I received as a child is what put me on the path to living the American dream. In Concord I will use my nearly four decades of experience as a trial attorney to advocate on behalf of the children and working families in our communities.”

Nyquist is currently in a contested primary against businesswoman Jeanne Dietsch who recently made headlines on the NHLN for burning the AFP’s Right to Work Pledge.

The winner of the primary with then go on to face Senator Andy Sanborn who referred to raising the minimum wage as a “war on employers.”  Sanborn also voted against the medicaid expansion and is a strong proponent of Right to Work legislation.

“Andy Sanborn wants District 9 voters to believe he’s a bipartisan compromiser. But based on his voting record, he’s the most extreme member of the New Hampshire Senate – and votes don’t lie,” wrote Molly Cowan, chair of Strong Local Economies NH during the 2014 election cycle. “When we scored and graded every senator on local economy votes in our Local Economy Report Card, Sanborn earned an F grade and a score of just 27% – far below every other senator, Republican or Democrat.”

The Local Economy Report Card, released in September of 2014, found Sanborn voted against helping unemployed people start small businesses, against expanding access to affordable health coverage for 50,000 uninsured New Hampshire residents, and against multiple bills aimed at combating the corruption of the political process by big money that stacks the deck in favor of out-of-state big business interests at the expense of local, home-grown small businesses, among other things.

AFT-NH’s endorsement comes on the heels of an excellent week for the Nyquist campaign, during which he announced receiving endorsements from a majority of the Democratic Representatives who represent towns throughout Senate District 9 and four town Selectboard chairs. Lee has also received the endorsement of Executive Councilor Chris Pappas who represents Bedford. Nyquist’s diligent advocacy for all New Hampshire families and civil consensus-building approach to politics is striking a chord with the electorate, as his campaign continues to build momentum throughout the district.

Jay Kahn Receives Two Big Education Endorsements In NH Senate District 10 Race

Jay KahnJay Kahn, Democratic candidate for the New Hampshire State Senate in District 10, is a higher education administrative professional for 43 years, 28 of them spent in the Monadnock region at Keene State College.  For that reason, he feels extra proud to announce his candidacy has earned the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire (AFT-NH) and the recommendation of the National Education Association of New Hampshire (NEA-NH).

The American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire is the largest affiliate of NH AFL-CIO and represents a broad cross-section of teachers, paraprofessionals, police, public employees, and higher education faculty.  Like AFT on the national level, AFT-NH champions “fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education, healthcare and public services for our students, their families and our communities.”

According to AFT-NH President Douglas Ley, Jay Kahn is the strongest candidate in the Democratic primary for State Senate District 10.  “Jay Kahn is the candidate best poised to carry forward the work of retiring Senator Molly Kelly, continuing her tradition of firm advocacy for working people and working families in New Hampshire.”

NEA-New Hampshire, the state’s largest public sector union, announced their recommendation of Jay Kahn for Senate District 10 today. A recommendation is the fullest and most complete level of support NEA-NH can give a candidate.

“I am honored to earn the recommendation of NEA-NH for the state senate seat in District 10.  Over my 43 years in higher education, I have dedicated myself to working with faculty and staff to transform the lives of students.  Now I pledge to stand together with NEA and businesses across the state to fortify the pipeline of qualified students into our NH workforce,” said Kahn.  “Retaining high school and college graduates in the state is crucial to our workforce and economic goals.  This includes retaining and attracting teachers and support staff, and giving them the support needed to inspire students and develop creative approaches to teaching and learning.” 

“We know Jay is looking out for students and families from his focus on creating more paid internships to encourage students to stay in NH, and a public higher education tuition freeze for two years, so prospective students can better budget,” said Scott McGilvray, NEA-NH President. 

AFGE Applauds Ruling Affirming Bathroom Rights for Transgender Workers

We the People LBGTGSA ruling: Federal employees have right
to use bathroom of their identified gender

WASHINGTON – The largest union of federal government employees is applauding the federal government’s announcement that transgender federal workers must be able to use restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

The American Federation of Government Employees said the Aug. 18 memo from the General Services Administration affirms recent decisions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other agencies that discrimination based on general identity is illegal under the same laws that prohibit discrimination based on sex.

“The federal government has torn down another wall of bigotry by rejecting discrimination against employees based on their gender identity,” AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. said. “Every person should be able to go to the bathroom that corresponds to their gender – and it’s up to each person to make that determination.”

The new regulation applies to all facilities that GSA owns, leases, or manages on behalf of federal agencies. GSA currently owns and leases nearly 400 million square feet of space in 9,600 buildings nationwide, including office buildings, courthouses, post offices, and laboratories.

One of AFGE’s own members, Tamara Lusardi, faced discrimination at work after transitioning from male to female, including not being able to use the women’s bathroom. Lusardi’s discrimination case against the Army went to the EEOC, which in April 2015 issued a landmark ruling that the Army had discriminated against Lusardi on the basis of sex, which is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“Today’s move by the GSA means that federal employees will no longer be harassed or intimidated from using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender,” said Augusta Y. Thomas, AFGE’s National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices. “This is one more step along the path to having a discrimination-free workplace.”

Suggested reading: NH Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Is Wrong To Suggest We Reverse Transgender Protections

Ayotte Is Still Failing To Do Her Job, Doubles Down On No Hearings For Garland

On a right-wing radio station this morning, host Keith Hanson pressed Sen. Ayotte on why she continues to refuse to hold even hearings for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Linds Jakows issued the following statement in response: 

“Sen. Ayotte’s continued blockade of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is reckless and goes against the wishes of over two-thirds of Granite Staters. Yet instead of doing her job by following the Constitutional process of hearings and a vote, she’d prefer the Supreme Court seats be filled by Donald Trump, who she’s still voting for even after his attacks on women, veterans, and immigrants.”

Transcript below from WNTK Radio this morning at 8:40 AM. 


Radio host: I wanted to talk about the Garland issue. The last thing I want to do is see Obama appoint yet another activist, liberal judge. Why not allow the hearings?

Ayotte: we’re in a situation that’s somewhat unique. We have a 4-4 court, the court has shifted, this is going to impact our constitutional rights for decades. we have divided gov…we should let the voters have a voice. To me, that’s a very important question, and when you have this situation, where it’s going to fundamentally impact people’s constitutional rights, you gotta let the people weigh in with the next presidency of which direction the country is going to take.


Radio: it’s seems like there’s a painting in the corner when it’s an outright refusal, it gives ammunition to the left. Why not at least go through the motions?

Ayotte: So you’re saying I should go through the motions, and you say that’s a more honest approach than letting the people weigh in? I don’t know if I agree with that. That’s certainly not something I would do.

Here is what Ayotte does not seem to be able to grasp: The people have already weighed in on who they want to pick the next Supreme Court Justice and his name is President Barack Obama.  He overwhelmingly won the 2012 election and that is who the American people decided should appoint the next Justice when the time comes and that time is today.

Ayotte’s obstructionism is unprecedented. Never before has nominee to the Supreme Court been held up for this long.  Merrick Garland deserves a hearing and a confirmation vote.  Garland was confirmed for his current position in the DC Circuit by the Republican controlled Senate in 1997 by a vote of 76-23.

If Garland was good enough to be confirmed by the Republican controlled Senate in 1997, why is he not even good enough to hold confirmation hearings for now?

Ayotte needs to stop playing partisan politics with Garlands nomination and just Do Her Job.

Action at Ayotte Do your Job 2

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