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About NH Labor News

The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers. We are proud union members who are working to preserve the middle class. The NHLN talks mostly about news and politics from NH. We also talk about national issues that effect working men and women here in the Granite State.

Tomorrow, Get Out And Vote

As all of you are painfully aware there is a primary vote tomorrow.  There will be Republican and Democratic primaries.  This primary has become very controversial.  We have the five people running for Governor.  The Governor race has been a very hot topic and I think many people have already made up their mind when it comes to that.  The media has boiled the Democratic Candidates to Jackie vs Maggie.  They also have made the entire race based around Maggie taking the ‘No Tax Pledge’ and Jackie refusing by saying ‘we need to have a grown up conversation about revenue’.

As for the Republican side, both Ovide and Kevin Smith are going around pushing the same GOP Platform that proceeded to drive our national economy in to recession.  They both have plans to cut taxes, and cut the budget, and miraculously this will create jobs.  They are also saying that we need a Right To Work (for less) bill to create more jobs.  All of which are wrong.  Both of these candidates will be bad for the middle class families in New Hampshire.

The NH House races has also taken very nasty turn.  The New Hampshire Liberty Caucus and Americans For Prosperity have sent out mailers to Granite Staters telling them not to vote for candidates who oppose Right To Work (for less) legislation.  I have even heard rumors from a few sources that people were ‘lit dropping’ this information all over southern NH and the seacoast.  They are specifically targeting the 40 Republicans who are currently elected as State Rep who are also running in primaries this week.

It does not matter which side of the aisle you favor, the fact is that we need people from both sides to oppose Right To Work (for less) in order to block any future attempts by Bill O’Brien and his followers.

If you plan to pull a Republican ballot for the primary, take a minute to see who stood with middle class families over the last two years. Check to see who voted against Right To Work.  We need to ensure that they make it through the primary.

We know that the house will never completely go to one side or the other so it is important to have allies on both sides.

The most important thing to remember is to GET OUT AND VOTE.  Your vote is very important and especially important in these small state elections.  Your vote matters and your vote makes a difference.

Romney/Ryan Plan Will Put Federal Workers On The Streets

The conventions are over and it is official it will be President Obama and VP Joe Biden squaring off against Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan.   The center of this debate is the ‘debt problem’.   How do we solve this problem? What happens next? Raise taxes or cut taxes? Reduce the size of government, what does that really mean?

For Federal Employees this election could not be more important.  I know both sides always say “this is the most important”, so let me rephrase it for you.  Vote like your job and your retirement depend on it, because they do!

Federal Employees have been the target of many of the attacks from the right over the last few years.  They make false claims that Federal Employees make more than private sector employees.  Mitt Romney help to spread these lies on the campaign trail. He said,  “I don’t think government workers should be paid a better deal than taxpayers who are paying for them”(Govexec). The truth is there is nobody to compare them to. For example how many non-governmental air traffic controllers do you know?  Do they work at the busy airports or some small rural airport? How can you possibly compare their salaries?  Like I said there are many positions in the Federal Government that have no comparison.

Now the GOP Platform is going directly after the Federal Workers.  They say flat out they want to reduce the “Federal payroll of at least 10%”.  Then for those left, they will go right for your wallets with “adjustments of the pays scales and benefits”.  The worst part is they will do it with a smile and say “we recognize the dedication of Federal workers and the difficulty in their thankless task”.

The GOP Platform want to quickly remove nearly 65,000 workers in the Department of Homeland Security.  They want to risk our national security by removing the workers in the Transportation Security Administration.  The GOP Platform states: “We call for the private sector to take over the airport screening”.   Please correct me if I am wrong but prior to 9-11-01 the airport screening was done by private companies?

According to the TSA.GOV Blog these are the top three catchs in 2011:

3) Over 1,200 firearms were discovered at TSA checkpoints across the nation in 2011. Many guns are found loaded with rounds in the chamber.

2) A loaded .380 pistol  was found strapped to passenger’s ankle with the body scanner at Detroit (DTW).

1) Small chunks of C4 explosives were found in passenger’s checked luggage in Yuma (YUM).


Now the Romney/Ryan plan is to cut the Federal Workforce by 10% and a three year pay freeze.

“Ryan unveiled a budget plan for fiscal 2013 that would cut the federal workforce by 10 percent, extend the federal pay freeze through 2015 and increase employee contributions to their retirement plans”. (Govexec.com)

Paul Ryan is also advocating for a “5% increase in retirement” contributions.  Couple this with an additional three year pay freeze it turns into a pay cut of thousands of dollars.

Then again this is only a problem for those who still have a job.  Romney to NBC News that he would work to combine or eliminate many of the departments of the Federal Government.  Romney did not explain which department he would target but he hinted:

Things like Housing and Urban Development, which my dad was head of, that might not be around later. But I’m not going to actually go through these one by one.

Like I said before, Federal Employees need to vote like your job depends on it, because it does!

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 195 and 481 and IBEW Local 2222 endorse Jackie Cilley for governor

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 195 and 481 and IBEW Local 2222 endorse Jackie Cilley for governor

With these endorsements, the number of unions backing Jackie climbs to 12

BARRINGTON – Jackie Cilley today thanked the hardworking members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Locals 195 and 481 and of IBEW Local 2222 for their endorsement of her candidacy for Governor of New Hampshire With them our number of labor endorsements climbs to 12.

“Jackie Cilley understands the role that union workers play in creating a vital middle-class and their importance as the consumers needed to keep small businesses afloat.” said IATSE’s Joyce Cardoza. “She has been an advocate for workers since her first days in the House and we believe she can help us build a stronger middle class as we move out of the recession

NHLN Labor and Election Coverage for 9/9/12: SUPER PACs Go After State Reps Who Oppose RTW in NH House, Guinta and Porter Debate on 9/17, Private Prison Bad For NH, VT Sen Sanders Speaks in NH, NH GOV News, Chicago Teachers on The Verge of Strike,

Speaker say private prison may not fit NH | New Hampshire NEWS02: “Caroline Isaacs, program director at the American Friends Service Committee in Tucson, wrote a report titled “Private Prisons, the Public’s Problem: A Quality Assessment of Arizona’s Private Prisons.” She spoke to a small gathering at the Nashua Unitarian Church last week, one stop during a three-day visit to the state.

“This is a very big decision in New Hampshire,’’ Isaacs told the group. “The biggest thing (in Arizona) was the promise to save money with private prisons. However, this has not proven to be the case in Arizona. We found we were losing money on our private contracts and paying more to those operators than we would to hold (inmates) in a state equivalent unit.””

Sanders “confronts” critics of Social Security at St. Anselm’s College: ““The American people should not be fooled by the misinformation that will be spread at these ‘grassroots’ gatherings backed by some of the most powerful Wall Street, insurance, and corporate CEOs in the country,” Sanders said. “The goal of these ‘town meetings’ is to convince the people of New Hampshire and the rest of America that the only effective way to address the deficit crisis is to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. Don’t believe it!””

Garry Rayno’s State House Dome: A smorgasbord for NH voters | New Hampshire NEWS0604: “READY FOR TUESDAY: Gardner says he does not expect the state’s new photo identification law to creat any problems during Tuesday’s primary. The law requires voters to show photo identification or fill out a challenged-voter affidavit to vote.

During Tuesday’s primary, voters will be asked for a photo ID, but they can still vote even if they don’t produce one.

Voters will, however, need a photo ID in the November general election or they will have to fill out the affidavit.

Gardner said his office held 10 regional meetings attended by about 2,000 election officials, and Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan has held an additional six or so meetings.”

Chicago Teachers May Strike, Teach Political Lesson | New Hampshire Public Radio: “Twenty-five thousand Chicago teachers are planning to walk off the job Monday if they don’t have a contract by midnight Sunday. As the Democrats look to unions to help them get out the vote, a strike by Chicago teachers might just put a crimp in those plans.

On Friday during rush hour, a handful of parents and students stood on a bridge over the Eisenhower Expressway, holding signs that read, “Honk if you support teachers.” Among them is Rhoda Gutierrez, who has two children in a Chicago public elementary school.”

Guinta accepts Manchester Chamber Debate, so Shea-Porter accepts BIA Debate

Today, Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter, Candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District, released the following statement about the proposed NH Business & Industry Association (BIA) Debate with Congressman Frank Guinta.

“Congressman Guinta refuses to debate in front of small business owners at the local Chambers of Commerce anywhere near the seacoast, home to thousands of business owners, but since Frank Guinta finally just decided 48 hours ago to accept the debate offer that was sent June 22 from the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Carol Shea-Porter accepts the BIA debate offer, with gratitude to BIA for helping to highlight Guinta’s refusal, and we hope they will now urge Congressman Guinta to debate in front of business members on the seacoast.”

Shea-Porter accepts invite to Sept. 17 candidates forum | New Hampshire NEWS06: “Former U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter has accepted an invitation from the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association to participate in a Sept. 17 candidates forum at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

The association is sponsoring the forum with the New Hampshire Union Leader, New Hampshire Public Radio and New Hampshire Public Television. The Institute of Politics is at Saint Anselm College.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus is going after current state reps who opposed Right To Work legislation this term as being anti-liberty.

Garry Rayno’s State House Dome: A smorgasbord for NH voters | New Hampshire NEWS0604: “Rep. Lee Quandt, R-Exeter, who is exploring a run for House speaker to unseat Speaker William O’Brien, called the group “domestic terrorists” who want to beat all the Republicans they don’t agree with.

“Republican groups calling themselves Republican this or Republican that are going to bring down the Republican Party,” Quandt said. “People are walking away from it.”

While the Liberty Caucus is targeting the group, the Citizens for a Better New Hampshire, another PAC, will spend $33,000 helping the six targeted Republicans along with 17 other Republicans with direct mail pieces.

The 23 Republican House members supported by the group all voted against the right-to-work legislation pushed by O’Brien and others.”

This state election has been on the back burner – NashuaTelegraph.com: “DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY

Maggie Hassan: 47 percent.

Jackie Cilley: 44 percent.

Bill Kennedy: 9 percent.

Hassan came into this race with the perfect Lynch predigree to win this one going away.

She’d quickly risen up the ladder in the Democratic majority in the state Senate, carried plenty of water for Lynch’s cautious agenda and had already proved herself to be a capable fundraiser.

But Hassan ran into a pit bull opponent in Cilley, who parlayed organized labor dissatisfaction with Hassan over retirement reform into key endorsements from powerful public employee labor unions.”

Head or heart? The Dems’ choice for governor | New Hampshire OPINION01: “In choosing a nominee for governor, New Hampshire Democrats must decide whether to go with their heads or their hearts. If it is their heads, Maggie Hassan will win the nomination. If their hearts, Jackie Cilley.

Both Hassan and Cilley are liberals who want a larger, more active state government. Both despise the Tea Party, which they delight in denouncing, and both talk passionately about undoing what they view as the last two years of radical spending cuts perpetrated by extremist Republicans in the Legislature. And both support same-sex marriage and oppose the death penalty.”

Campaign 2012: Cilley, Hassan clashing | Concord Monitor: “The Democratic primary race for governor has focused on the pledge against a sales or income tax because it clearly divides the candidates. Maggie Hassan took it while Jackie Cilley refused to and then ran a political ad calling pledge-takers zombies.

But their voting records in the state Senate, where Hassan served six years and Cilley four, offer some interesting contrasts too. They differed on capping high-interest loans, a smoking ban in restaurants, a self-defense bill and penalties for employers who violate labor laws.”

NH House Democratic Leader Terie Norelli new president of national legislative group: “New Hampshire House Democratic Leader Terie Norelli is the new president of a national legislative group.

Norelli became president of the National Conference of State Legislatures last month. She succeeds Kansas Senate President Stephen Morris, a Republican.

NCSL is a bipartisan organization that serves the nation’s nearly 7,400 state lawmakers. Leadership alternates between the parties each year.

Norelli, who’s from Portsmouth, said it’s important to have a bipartisan group like NCSL because the political tone in the country has become divisive.

Norelli is serving her eighth term in the House. She served two terms as speaker — the only Democrat in nearly 100 years and only the second woman to hold the post.”

Letters: Mitt Romney Distorts the Facts – Nashua, NH Patch: “Before the ACA, the government overpaid private insurance companies that participated in Medicare Advantage, and these overpayments went to profit, not care. Many of these companies pay their CEOs obscenely high salaries, and offer millions more as “golden parachutes” when executives are shown the door. This sounds like corporate welfare to me, and it is one level of waste I’m glad has been eliminated by the ACA.

Mitt Romney distorts the facts when he says that the ACA cuts $700 billion from Medicare. He leaves out one important detail: The cuts come from corporate profits, not from our benefits and care. Medicare Advantage is actually working better since the ACA was passed. Premiums are 16 percent lower and enrollment has increased by 17 percent. Benefits have not been curtailed.”

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Congressman Guinta Deceives Voters Once Again

Congressman Guinta has been no friend to workers over the past two years in office.  He has pushed for anti-union legislation and now intends to stick it to workers in their retirement. His dishonesty knows no bounds.  For this reason Congressman Guinta was named one of the 10 most corrupt politicians in Washington.

“Rep. Frank Guinta of New Hampshire fudged the numbers and cooked the books to buy a seat in Congress.

Beginning in 2009, Rep. Guinta made several shady loans to his campaign committee, claiming the money was his own despite an income that seemed to preclude that possibility.”

Now Congressman Guinta is using he unique skills to deceive voters once again.

The Ryan plan, which Guinta has supported from the beginning, wants to make drastic changes to Medicare and Social Security. One of the key changes to Social Security is the age in which people are eligible to receive benefits.  Many in the GOP are pushing for a higher age requirements.  The current plan allows seniors to receive full benefits at age 67.  They Ryan Plan wants to move that requirement to 70 with possible increases later.

This has been a very hot button issue with senior citizens, and many of the people in the “baby boomer” generation who are nearing retirement.  While Guinta has already voted for the Ryan plan his stance on raising the age limits are still unclear.

However, senior citizens in Exeter had a rare chance to press him to reveal his position on raising the retirement age for Social Security. Congressman Guinta was asked to just say yes or no, but he would not.

By saying “it should be on the table”, to me is the same saying “yes”.  It is a slimy and sneaky way of not letting your true position be know to voters.  Even in his own press releases the Congressman contradicts himself:

Granite State seniors can always count on me to be in their corner.  I will make sure there will be no changes to Medicare for anyone who is currently receiving benefits, or for those who are nearing retirement age.  The same is true for Social Security.

If any of that statement was true then he should have said “NO” when asked the question about raising the age requirement. This is not the first time Congressman Guinta has tried to hide his postions.  Congressman Guinta did the same thing when he began warning Granite Staters about the ‘Defense Cuts’ he voted for (NHLN write up).

Carol Shea-Porter, Candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District, released the following statement:

“I was not surprised that Congressman Guinta would not give a straight answer. His primary opponents did not hesitate to answer, nor did I. It’s very sad and very telling that the man who wants to vote on these issues refused to tell the people what he thinks.”

People are beginning to take notice of Guinta’s inactions.  “Congressman Frank Guinta is ducking open town halls with his constituents, plain and simple,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. “His strategy is to quietly host supporter-filled events, then pretend that he’s being accessible to constituents. Frank Guinta is a congressman and all of his constituents should be able to attend a town hall with enough public notice to participate. Congressman Guinta is using DC-style campaign tactics unbecoming of Granite State traditions.”

People want to talk to their congressman and want to know where he stands on the issues that matter to them.  They want to know that he will not turn Medicare into a voucher program that will not pay their bills.  They want to know if they are going to have to work into their seventies before receiving Social Security benefits.

For me the answer is simple, I want a Representative who is open and honest. I want a Representative who will meet with public regularly to talk about issues.  I want a Representative who will stand up for seniors and workers in Congress.



NHLN Election News Coverage 9/8/12: OBAMA In NH, Romney In NH, LTE for Jackie Cilley, Kuster Tops Bass in Fundraising, Candidate Profiles, and more

Great images from Paul Shea at Strawbery Banke of President Obama, Joe Biden, Sen Shaheen, Ann Kuster, and more.

Obama supporters brim with optimism at Strawbery Banke | SeacoastOnline.com: ““He needs to finish the job he began on turning around the economy,” he said. “I also agree on his principals of allowing people to make choices on marriage and other things. I feel safe with him. The other side is scary to me.”

Elizabeth said she would vote for Obama if she could. She and her brother said missing school for the day was worth it.

“We definitely need to go forward with the president’s plans,” said Pat Dunnell of Manchester who was accompanied by her husband Bud.”

Obama keeps up push to get voters on board | New Hampshire NEWS06: “President Barack Obama brought his “Moving Forward” message to Strawbery Banke Museum Friday, less than 24 hours after accepting the Democratic nomination for President in North Carolina.

The campaign speech given by Obama in New Hampshire and heard by about 6,000 people at the museum was not much different from the one heard by millions of Americans during the Democratic National Convention Thursday night. It included a plea to New Hampshire voters for their support.”

Obama, Biden rally in Portsmouth the day after DNC – NashuaTelegraph.com: ““I am not just asking for your vote,” Obama said. “I am asking the entire country to rally around a set of goals for our country.”
Obama cited the August report that found private-sectors job had grown for the 30th straight month, but at a mild rate.
“That’s not good enough; we know it’s not good enough,” Obama said. “We need to fill good jobs faster. We need to come out of this crisis stronger than when we went in.””

An Open Letter to Democratic and Undeclared Voters: “Ten reasons to support Jackie Cilley for Governor on September 11.

Jackie Cilley and her Democratic primary opponent both have strong records on equality, women’s and children’s issues and the environment. Their differences are the reason I am supporting Jackie.”

Kuster tops Bass in fundraising | Concord Monitor: “”Annie is grateful for the thousands of Granite Staters who have poured their time and resources into this campaign because they know we need a commonsense approach in Congress that’s focused on creating jobs, growing the economy, and protecting seniors and the middle class rather than big corporate interests,” Kuster spokesman Rob Friedlander said in a statement.”

Political Standing For Sept. 7, 2012 » WMUR Political Scoop: “Sunday, 10 a.m., CloseUP: Are you sitting down, because get this,  for the first time in at least a decade, the Union Leader’s John DiStaso joins a special CloseUP post-gubernatorial debate panel. Joining DiStaso and host Josh McElveen are the other debate panelists for the week, NHPR’s Josh Rogers and the Nashua Telegraph’s Kevin Landrigan. Then, in a different segment, I come on to talk about the national political conventions and primary day predictions.

Monday, 7pm, WMUR, Primary Election Preview: A special 30-minute show will go over the candidates running on primary day and discuss the dynamics of the races.

Tuesday, 10pm, Primary Election Night: Coverage begins at 7 p.m. with cut-ins at the top of every hour and a crawl on the bottom of the screen when results begin coming in. Candidate speeches and major news will be aired on WMUR.com LIVE. Then, from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. we’ll have full coverage of the results, along with a look toward the general election.”

Candidate Profile: Lee C. Nyquist – Bedford, NH Patch: “I have served as the president of the Manchester Bar Association and the New Hampshire Association for Justice. Additionally, I have brought representatives of business and labor together in my role as the chair of the New Hampshire Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council, to which Governor Lynch appointed me in 2005. I have also been a member of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Advisory Board since 2008.”

Letter: I’d like to change tone in the House | Concord Monitor: “As a Democrat, I support collective-bargaining rights for public as well as private employees. I oppose “right-to-work” laws aimed at lowering wages. In a knowledge-and-skills-based economy, education is the key to economic growth and good jobs – so it is incomprehensible to me that the House tried to eliminate public kindergarten altogether and cut funding for the state university system by 50 percent.

As an attorney representing New Hampshire businesses, I support incentives for innovation, more targeted workforce training and more starter housing for working families. If elected, I will not vote for an income or sales tax in the coming session, because it’s not clear to me that we need one. But neither will I take “the Pledge” to vote against any broad-based tax forever and regardless of circumstances, because I just can’t see that far down the road. For more, please visit Moffett4StateRep.com.”

Letter: Here’s where I stand, voters | Concord Monitor: ” applaud the Monitor for its Meet the Candidates series. As a candidate for the House from Merrimack County District 6 (Bradford and Henniker), I’d like to expand on some of my responses.

Right-to-work legislation as it has been discussed is thinly disguised union-busting. As a contract negotiator, I have seen how school boards and teachers can arrive at responsible solutions that are sensitive to the needs of students, parents, teachers and voters. I have also realized that the costs of that process must be shared by those who benefit.”

Letter: Let me represent you, Concord | Concord Monitor: “Jane J. Hunt, Concord”
Wants to help the students and families who are struggling to get by and trying to get an education at the same time.

NHLN Note: The Romney Plan still lacks any real substance. No real plans just vague statements.

Romney Victory Rally Under the Friday Night Lights – Nashua, NH Patch: “Romney outlined an abbreviated five-point plan for economic recovery if elected, which he urged his supporters to share with their friends if they ask why they’re voting for Romney in November:

1. Take advantage of US  energy resource including  coal, oil, and gas, and double the federal licensing and permitting on federal lands and waters, something the president “cut in half,” Romney said.

2. Open new trade markets and “crack down on cheaters when they cheat.”

3. “Fix our schools, and put our kids first,” Romney said.

4. Cut spending, balance the budget “and get America back on track.”

5. Be a champion of small business.””

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NH Labor News 9/8/12: Merrimack Ask For Volunteers To Cover For Workers, Legislature Should Not Run Courts, Teachers Strike In Chicago, Citizens United In NH, Palermo Pizza, and more

NHLN Note: Merrimack Police look for volunteers to do jobs around Police Station. Is this due to lack of funding for local police stations? It is horrible to ask people to volunteer to do work like answer phones and data entry, it should be a paid position and the town should be ashamed to ask people to volunteer for it.

Merrimack police seeking 10 people to head new Citizens Volunteer program – NashuaTelegraph.com: “The next Citizens Academy will be in January. Applications will be accepted beginning in November. Doyle said those interested should keep an eye on the department’s website at www.merrimackpd.org and Facebook page for information.
The chief has a number of ideas on how participants can help Merrimack police. This includes being located in the station, taking down information in the lobby, answering phones, working in the records department and helping when there are natural disasters, including directing traffic.
“These are things that those folks, the volunteers, would certainly be able to do and free up law enforcement officers to do things they need to do,” Doyle said. “It’s really going to give us a lot more flexibility insofar as our ability to serve the community as extensively as we can.””

Legislature should not run the courts | Concord Monitor: “The court is not a state agency. It is a branch of government. By the language of the New Hampshire Constitution, the legislative branch is political; the judicial branch is not. We value an independent political branch, and we value an independent judicial branch. Everyone, nevertheless, should be concerned about a legislative takeover of the courts because political control of the judiciary is just not in the public interest.

Part 1, Article 37 of the New Hampshire Constitution provides that the branches “ought to be kept as separate from, and independent of, each other, as the nature of a free government will admit, or is as consistent with that chain of connection that binds the whole fabric of the constitution in one indissoluble bond of union and amity.” CACR 26 would end that separation, erode that independence and weaken that connection.”

Recess In Chicago? Strike Threat Draws National Eyes | New Hampshire Public Radio: “The Chicago Public Schools system is teetering on the edge of a strike, just a week into the school year. Teachers say they’ll walk out Monday morning if tense weekend negotiations don’t bring a contract. It would be the first Chicago teachers strike in 25 years.

At Parker Elementary School on Chicago’s South Side, students are jumping double Dutch and hula-hooping. This is the first time many of the kids on this playground have ever had recess. The playtime is part of an extended school day pushed for by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.”

Attorney General says it’s legal: | New Hampshire NEWS0602: “Circuit courts that have addressed the issue since the Citizens United case “have, to date, found all such (state) laws to be unconstitutional,” Mavrogeorge wrote.

In an interview, Deputy Attorney General Ann Rice said, “After the Citizens United decision, courts have interpreted that decision as saying that political contributions, if they are to an independent expenditure PAC, one that is not affiliated with a particular campaign, that you (a state law) can’t limit the contributions.”

The Attorney General’s opinion does not apply to those who contribute to candidate committees.”

Jay Leno Stands Up For His Employees

Network: Leno took 50% pay cut to reduce ‘Tonight Show’ layoffs – CNN.com: “ay Leno took one for the team, in the form of a $15 million pay cut, to protect the staff of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” from further cuts.
An NBC Universal representative confirmed Friday that the host took a 50% pay reduction.
The representative also confirmed that Leno extended his contract until September 2014.
A source with direct knowledge of the situation told CNN last month that 20 to 25 employees of “The Tonight Show” were let go and that Leno made the salary concession to prevent even more staff reductions.”

AFSCME | Ohio Official Backs Down in Effort to Limit Early Voting:  It’s unclear at this point how Husted’s reversal will affect the fates of Montgomery County Board of Elections officials Dennis Lieberman and Tom Ritchie, who were fired last week after opposing the SOS’s tactics to make it harder for mostly Democratic voters to cast their votes in November.

Judge Peter Economus set the September 13 hearing to address Husted’s refusal to comply with the court’s ruling that Ohio must allow early voting on the three days leading up to the general election.

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Workers are still on strike against Palermo Pizza and held an event in WI. Watch and share this video about it.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Endorse President Obama

Obama Is Only Candidate Who Will Fight to Preserve and Expand the Middle Class, Fight for Economic Opportunity for All Americans

Los Angeles—Declaring that President Obama is the only candidate who will fight to preserve and expand the middle class, close the inequality gap and ensure everyone has a “fair shot” at success, the 1.5 million strong American Federation of Teachers announced today its endorsement of President Obama and Vice President Biden for re-election.

Biden spoke to the AFT Executive Council by telephone following the unanimous endorsement vote. While speaking to the Council, Biden reaffirmed the Obama administration’s commitment to building a strong economy and a strong public school system.

“This election is a choice, not a referendum,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten. “It’s a choice between very different economic visions for our country, and at stake is the simple yet powerful notion that everyone deserves a fair chance to achieve the American dream.”

Today’s announcement kicks off an aggressive grass-roots effort by AFT members to engage their fellow members and their families in broad-based efforts aimed at re-electing Obama. AFT President Weingarten will travel to Colorado on February 9 to meet with members and kick off the AFT’s election efforts in the state.

“AFT members work hard every single day to make a difference in our communities and in the lives of the people and children we serve,” said Weingarten. “While we have not agreed with every decision President Obama has made, he shares our deep commitment to rebuilding the middle class and ensuring everyone has an opportunity to achieve the American dream.”

Kathleen Hofmann, a music teacher in Cincinnati, is one of thousands of members committed to getting her family and co-workers engaged in this election. “I know how much elections matter to our ability to provide a quality education to our students and rebuild the middle class,” said Hofmann. “I’m supporting President Obama because he is the only candidate willing to stand up for the rest of us and fight for economic fairness in our country.”

The endorsement was voted on by the AFT’s Executive Council following months of surveys, meetings, online forums and conversations with thousands of AFT members who made it clear that they support the re-election of Obama.

NHLN Election News 9/7/12: Jackie Gets Endorsement From LGBT Org, Eagle Tribune Endorse Maggie, POTUS Speech Reactions, and much more

New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition PAC and State Leaders endorses Jackie

 The state’s LGBT advocacy group and the organization responsible for the passage of our marriage equality law back’s Jackie Cilley in her race for governor

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition PAC and leaders in the LGBT community from around the state announced today that they are backing Jackie Cilley’s candidacy for governor. NHFTM, the state’s LGBT advocacy group was key player in the successful effort to recognize the right of people to marry who they love regardless of gender.

Jackie Cilley is a strong, outspoken advocate for the GLBT community and is a leader in advocating for equality on the Senate floor and in her personal life.  Her passion for social justice and standing up for the little guy makes us proud to be Granite Staters. Brian Rater.

“From my first run for elective office in 2004, I’ve been clear that the government has no right to tell people who they can and cannot love and marry and that all our families deserve to be supported and accepted,” Cilley said, thanking NHFTM for their support. “We have too many challenges as a state to divide our citizens based on old prejudices.”

Eagle Tribune Endorses Maggie Hassan for Governor 

“Hassan stands out as the clear leader in the Democratic field.”

MANCHESTER, NH – The Eagle Tribune today endorsed Maggie Hassan in the Democratic Primary for Governor saying she “stands out as the clear leader in the Democratic field.”  The Eagle Tribune joins the Keene Sentinel and Nashua Telegraph endorsing Hassan for the Democratic Primary for Governor.

The Eagle Tribune writes: “On the Democratic Party ballot, we favor Maggie Hassan of Exeter. Hassan, a lawyer, has served as Majority Leader of the state Senate. She has the leadership experience needed in a chief executive that her Democratic opponents, former state Sen. Jackie Cilley of Barrington and businessman Bill Kennedy of Danbury, do not…. Hassan stands out as the clear leader in the Democratic field.”

President Obama: My path leads to a better place – BostonHerald.com: “Obama also highlighted Democratic values’ persistence in contrast to what he indicated was Romney’s quick fix snake oil.

“On every issue, the choice you face won’t be just between two candidates or two parties. It will be a choice between two different paths for America,” he said.

“A choice between two fundamentally -different visions for the future.”

The seasoned incumbent did try to recapture some of the magic.

“But know this, America. Our problems can be solved. Our challenges can be met. The path we -offer may be harder, but it leaders to a better place. I am asking you to choose the future.””

Differences clear in GOP gubernatorial debate – NashuaTelegraph.com: “Both candidates expressed support for Right-to-Work legislation and said social issues, including same-sex marriage, should take back seat.

“We should keep the main thing the main thing, and the main thing is the jobs and economy issues,” Smith said.

“I think the legislative leadership will be ready for new leadership in the corner office to set a pro-business, pro-jobs agenda in the state of New Hampshire,” Lamontagne said”

Moderate Republicans targeted by GOP group | Concord Monitor: “Lockwood supports gay marriage, opposes letting employers drop insurance coverage for birth control and did not support the recent right-to-work legislation as it was written.

Asked today how she’s responding to the group’s efforts to oust her, Lockwood said, “I’m ignoring it.”

Lockwood said the Republican Liberty Caucus isn’t the only group targeting her in this primary. Voters in her district have also heard from Americans for Prosperity and two-out-of state groups, one of them and advocate of right-to-work legislation.”

Analysis: Lamontagne and Smith drop gloves as GOP candidates for governor debate – NashuaTelegraph.com: “But while Lamontagne was quick to point to areas of the state budget where he differed with the Republican leadership, Smith spoke strongly for controversial House Speaker William O’Brien and other Republican leaders who have become the face of the party’s most conservative wing.
“What Bill O’Brien had to do was reduce a $900 million budget deficit,” Smith said. “They made the tough choices and they ought to be commended for doing right by the taxpayer.”
With five days left until the primary, Smith spent much of the debate drawing contrasts with Lamontagne. Smith targeted his opponent’s vague policy proposals and tried to paint Lamontagne as an political insider more concerned with compromise than leadership. But, with polls showing more support for and familiarity with Lamontagne, Smith’s attacks may have come too little, too late.”

Candidates differ on Right to Work | SeacoastOnline.com: “Right to Work

Resident Mary Smyk brought up the issue of Right-to-Work legislation and whether a new employee should be forced to join a union at their place of employment.

“Right to Work is for a worker to say, ‘I would rather have a relationship with my employer rather than my union,'” Abrami said. “I think there is a role for unions in this country and they have been a good check and balance over the years, but who is checking the unions?… If a union is good, it will keep members happy.”

“Being on the Labor Committee, I didn’t know what it meant, but I’ve received letters and emails from people not making tons of money who resented that their paychecks included that fee for the union,” Ward said.

“It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not just about the unions, it’s about setting the bar for wages across the board, setting the bar for health care and for safety in the workplace,” Copeland said. “Has it worked for the places that have it right now? The answer is no. Only two states have a higher per capita income than N.H.. Only three states have a lower unemployment than our state… It’s all unfounded rhetoric, not based on facts.””

Stratham state reps. debate civility under O’Brien in N.H. House | SeacoastOnline.com: “The topic of civility in the Statehouse and the leadership of current House Speaker Bill O’Brien generated heated debate in a candidates forum Wednesday night.”

Tim Copeland for state rep | SeacoastOnline.com: “I have been pleased and grateful to have known Tim Copeland for approximately the last 10 years. I have seen him as a very dedicated, diligent, enthusiastic and hard working individual. He has worked tirelessly for Stratham residents, the local community and New Hampshire state employees. I know this as I live in Stratham and am employed by N.H. Health and Human Services. Tim has rallied for state employees, standing up for workers rights when other elected officials worked to take them away.”

LETTER: Guinta Does Opposite of What he Says – Merrimack, NH Patch: “No changes to Medicare or Social Security for current seniors! Is Rep. Guinta so out of touch that he thinks if he bribes current seniors with leaving their popular benefits alone, they will not care about throwing their relatives, their children or their grandchildren under the bus to be at the mercy of the insurance companies when they reach retirement age? He voted twice to turn Medicare into a voucher system. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has stated this would add over $6,000 a year to seniors’ medical insurance costs – if they could even get insurance at all.

If his proposed voucher system is such a good idea, why not start it on day one of a Republican administration, instead of waiting 10 years? The answer: to try and buy votes from seniors who will not be affected by this draconian change.”

My turn: Radicals have unfairly demonized O’Brien | Concord Monitor: “O’Brien knows better than his liberal critics. He knows that the best way to restore liberty and prosperity in New Hampshire is to take power away from government bureaucrats and return it to you; to take money away from unnecessary or failing programs and return it to you; and to remove all legal impediments standing between you and the good life and let you achieve whatever you choose to work for.

These are not radical ideas; these are the ideas that led our nation to the greatest prosperity the world has ever known. And they will again if O’Brien is able to continue his work.”

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The NH Labor News for 9/7/12: American Airlines Union Busting, NH Says No More NCLB, LiUNA Says Recovery Is Working,

Labor Tension Rising at American Airlines, As Bankruptcy Judge OKs Union Busting – Working In These Times: “With the stroke of a pen, federal Judge Sean L. Lane this week stripped away the contract rights of about 10,000 men and women who work as unionized pilots for American Airlines.

Judge Lane acted against the pilots’ union on September 4–just hours after the end of the Labor Day holiday–as part of the bankruptcy proceeding of AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines and American Eagle. Fort Worth, Texas-based AMR filed for bankruptcy in November last year, saying it needed $1.25 billion in concessions from its 88,000 employees, most of whom are union members.”

N.H. Sends Off No Child Left Behind Waiver Request | New Hampshire Public Radio: “As expected the state Department of Education today formally asked the federal government for a waiver from the No Child Left Behind law. The state’s request is 96 pages long, it’s a full document, but NHPR’s Brady Carlson sat down with reporter Sam Evans-Brown talk about what it contains.”

Lynch urges feds to OK NH waiver from school law – Boston.com: “New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch is urging federal education officials to approve a waiver freeing the state from some provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act.

In submitting the waiver request, Lynch wrote Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Thursday that New Hampshire school districts are increasingly hampered by inflexible provisions in the law. Lynch said the waiver would allow New Hampshire to use a new, more flexible accountability system.”

Unions Hope Democratic National Convention Draws Attention To Plight Of North Carolina Workers: “But compared to her counterparts at unionized hotels, Hembree was losing out — and didn’t even know by how much. In Washington, D.C., where many of the larger hotels are unionized, hotel workers earn an average of $14.79 an hour, roughly $5 more than those in North Carolina. Housekeepers in heavily unionized Las Vegas earn $28,550 a year. Charlotte’s residents earn about $18,780. Hembree says she thought unionization was a stigma in the South, so she did not question how her earnings could increase if she were in one.

“If I were given that option [of a union], I probably would have taken it,” she says.”

Economic Recovery Kicking in for Hundreds of Thousands of Working Men and Women in Construction 

Real Gains in Jobs Building America Underscore the Need to Continue Moving Forward With Investment in Our Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure

LIUNA 9/7/2012

Today’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a 34,000 increase in the number of construction jobs from July to August as the unemployment rate in the sector dipped from 12.3 percent to 11.3 percent. And the number of jobless construction workers between August 2011 and August 2012 decreased by 231,000.

Terry O’Sullivan, General President of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – made the following statement.

Today’s jobs report shows that economic recovery is beginning to kick in for workers in one of the industries hardest hit by the Recession. For hundreds of thousands of working men and women in construction, August 2012 was a month of hope compared with August 2011. This progress underscores the need to continue with and strengthen the kinds of policies championed by the Obama Administration – investing in the crumbling basics of our country, such as our roads, bridges and transit systems, and matching workers who desperately need jobs to work that needs to be done.

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